Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde

The dumb bunny and the sly fox. The cute police bunny and the hustler fox.

This is one of the most controversial ships I’ve ever shipped sorta liked. I must admit I was one of those people who went, a fox and a rabbit? really? are people gonna ship that too? But after seeing the movie my mind was left in turmoil. The problem is they have so much chemistry and honestly very few Disney pairings could compete with their chemistry (maybe apart from flynzel and Tiana and Naveen) the rest were such mainstream romances, and even though we all agree they’re cute, I personally feel I didn’t see sparks like I see between these two.

 Maybe there’s something about the bad boy but actually a cinnamon roll inside thing Nick has with the innocent, pure hearted, determined girl with big dreams character of Judy that really captures the audience’s interest (like Eugene and Rapunzel) Whatever it is, their relationship really piqued my interest and I was left wanting more. The development of their relationship actually excited me, I mean this scene

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This honestly looks like they’re on a date and are having a moment in the ferris wheel. AND THEN THIS

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THIS WAS INSTANT KILL. We see Judy, who put on a brave face even through her toughest hurdles, even when she almost lost her job, now sobbing into Nick’s shirt. This show’s how much she trusts him and how she’s vulnerable around him. This shows how much he meant to him and the thought of hurting him pained her so much. She’s so relieved to have him back at her side. Also the fact that Nick didn’t run and stayed back to protect Judy all those times as opposed to the normal sly fox image he’s usually given also kinda tugged a few strings in my heart.

The “You know you love me” scene was probably the moment most of us realized we somehow maybe not completely but yet partially ship this, but I gotta say, I don’t see them getting married or having babies. Before y’all start hating on me hear me out. Yes, it bugs me they are different species, yes if they weren’t I’d probably be discussing their children’s occupations, but the fact is they’re not, and because of that, they won’t be able to have kids.

With this in mind I’m not saying they’re ‘just friends’ no I’d like to imagine them as more, yes I think they love each other, just a love where maybe not much lust is involved? I’d like to think of them as those pairs who go everywhere together and do everything together and save each other’s cute furry tails. I also like to imagine Nick going on a few dates with other vixen and Judy getting extremely insecure, jealous and lonely when he does that. She’ll probably tell him he should be working and when he doesn’t listen she’ll get angry and run off on her own to solve some case which is dangerous and our dear Nick will ditch his vixens to save her ass, At the same time I imagine Nick to be very possessive about Judy, and not around other bunnies but other animals as such. Judy is one of the few close friends he has and he doesn’t want to be replaced by anyone on her list. I do imagine a day where Judy’s parents try setting her up with another rabbit so that she can make a million babies but Nick will always show up and scare him away. One day she might even develop a huge crush on some rabbit and start dating him leaving Nick seriously pissed and off mood. But when that rabbit asks her if they could be more serious she’ll realize she has no time for that fur ball in her life, she has her goals and ambitions, and she has Nick. Nick fits perfectly in that picture, Nick helps her see that picture, and she doesn’t want to see a picture without Nick. 

So I don’t really know what kind of relationship I’m actually rooting for, I mean, I can’t put a name on it, but it’s something like this. A lot of fluffy moments yes, but marriage and kids and what not, I’m just gonna keep that out of the equation. Basically I just want these two together for life.

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