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Why do I feel like sooner or later the team will discover some alien version of JustDance and everyone's free time will debilitate into "YOU GUYS CORAN AND SHIRO ARE PLAYING 'CRAZY IN LOVE' AND I THINK SHIRO MIGHT ACTUALLY WIN THIS TIME??!" Followed by mass hysteria as the team starts to place bets. Bonus: Kolivan is mad at first until he straight up slays them both.

lemme tell u this bagel. I’ve actually sketched out Shiro getting into a dance off at a space bar and Coran joining in. so the future holds that yo.

My theory about Giles, which is true and accurate in all respects but is also only my opinion so don’t you dare disagree with me because I AM ENTITLED TO MY OPINION!



It is my belief that Giles is a robot. You may scoff at this, but that’s only because you’re stupid! I will now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Giles is a robot.

1. We know that there are robot Watchers. Roger Wyndam-Pryce was a robot.
2. Giles failed to listen to Buffy’s concerns about Ted. Some biased Giles stans may try to claim that this was because Giles had no reason to think Ted was evil, but it makes so much more sense when you realize that Giles was also a robot, and covering up for his robot friend Ted!
3. No human being could be hit on the head as often as Giles was and not suffer major brain damage. However, as Giles is a robot, this objection disappears!
4. Giles tried to bond with the Buffybot while Buffy was dead.
5. Most importantly and proving my theory beyond all possibility of argument: GILES NEVER SAYS HE’S NOT A ROBOT. Come on, think about it! Doesn’t everyone who isn’t a robot say so at least once? But Giles never utters those all important words “By the way, I’m not a robot. Just in case you were wondering.”

I trust I have proved my point. I welcome debate if you want to agree with me! Just make sure you don’t disagree with me because disagreement is rude and also this is only my opinion (even though it is TRUE and anyone who can’t see that is dumb!) You can’t disagree with a (TRUE) opinion!