Mr Robot - Season 2

New animated pixel art made thanks to the amazong Hexels 2. The last episode of Mr Robot was so amazing, that I had to make another tribute to Elliot Alderson and all his little familly. Hope you’ll like it! Ps: yes, if you haven’t started the season 2, first of all, what are you waiting for?? And secondly, yes, it can be considered as a little spoil, even though it’s really minimalist but well… Sorry if I did spoiled something, but I really needed to make a tribute to this season (so far)

Rio Dreams Part 4

Wrapping this for these two.  Let’s see what happens now that the games are finished.  A special thanks to @lacejill​ for the idea that Kristoff needed to meet Olaf.

Chapter index:  I  Part 1  I  Part 2  I  Part 3  I

“Anna, why are we here?” Kristoff asked looking up in confusion at the entrance to the equestrian fields.

“You’ll see in a minute,” she said turning in front of him and grasping his hand in both of hers.

This was not what Kristoff was expecting.  When they discussed what they would do today, it involved each of them picking something and surprising the other.  Anna’s pick was first and while he had anticipated something out of the ordinary, this was nowhere near to what he would have ever guessed.  It took him awhile to realize she was leading him to the stables.

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you come into your house and see this motherfucker saying nya to your family. what do you do.

Anon 1: No I haven’t– I’ve heard of homestuck but I have no single clue what it’s about;;;

Anon 2: Yes! I love those! they always gives me feels ;v;

@firecat1108​: thank you! regarding Chara looking like Haku, it’s prolly because I did use Haku as my reference. I just really like the feel of the design~ But unlike Haku, Chara is really sinister and apathetic towards the feelings of others (until Frisk came to ruin their already dead life). Plus eyebags.

@igottadorito: soon. I’m just slow cause I get tired from work and commutes.

Anon 3:

Still looks the same.

Anon 4: I LOVE YOU TOO //THROWS SHOUJO SPARKLES. Please love yourself more! My art is just full of rushed trash tbh ;v;

Anon 5: Yesterday yep! but then again I’m always late with asks askldj thank you all for the bday greetings! QvQ

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prompt: andriel and who cooks the best? love your blog!

ty so much <3 <3

  • all in all the short answer is: andrew
  • does he usually want to cook? no
  • do they usually eat takeout or something easy like microwave dinners? yes
  • has andrew solely had a tub of ice cream for dinner before and neil just three apples and half a banana? yes 
  • (did neil only eat half of the banana bc “reasons”? yes.)
  • andrew is the only who actually knows how to cook and has somewhat the patience for it
  • he’s not the kind to pull out measuring cups to be perfect, he’s more of a guesstimate person and tbh the only other person eating his food is fucking neil and neil is used to eating beans out of a can or smthn plus andrew made it so it’s obvs that he has no room to complain (not that he would) and usually is making heart eyes over his helpings to care abt what it’s supposed to taste like
  • neil on the other hand has only perfected one dish: buttered noodles
  • omg.. can you imagine neil being like “andrew, i’m cooking dinner tonight, leave me alone so i wont be tempted to make out with you” 
  • and andrew rolls his eyes so hard neil is kinda scared they’ll fly out of his head but he follows his orders after scooping a cat up in each arm to go sit on the couch
  • and neil is making such a racket in the kitchen and andrew is like ??? wtf?? is he doing?? why did he just turn on the garbage disposal?? wait that’s not the garbage disposal.. that’s him making that noise???
  • bc neil is S T R E S S E D bc its gotta be perfect!!
  • and so after nearly 30 mins of grunting and pulling out all their pans bc he was unsure of which noodles would cook best in what pot shape (neil.. smh u need to chill) he finally calls out “it’s ready”
  • and andrew is trying to be chill but he’s curious about what neil was so worked up about
  • imagine.. andrew walking into the kitchen prepared to see something crazy complicated.. something spectacular.. something that could make neil sound like the fucking garbage disposal.. just to see two plates heaped high with fucking.. buttered noodles..
  • and neil.. fucking neil.. is literally vibrating with excitement and andrew sits down so frigidly bc.. fucking.. buttered noodles and NEIL OMG GRABS THE SALK SHAKER AND IS LIKE “TELL ME WHEN”
  • andrew is so exasperated.. so angry.. but he eats every noodle without a complaint bc.. fucking neil.. 
  • i’m so sorry.. that’s all i have.. im crying though neil what a nerd

@voltrashy I vaguely remember promising to draw your OCs more often and how horrible of me for not doing so. Here’s Malik okbye *runs away*

~ Aurora

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I have a question about 4x08, I hope you don't mind. What did Regina mean when she said "I made him feel like he was crazy and being normal would make things better." I never actually saw her make Henry feel crazy or make him want to be normal. She lied to him about the curse, yes, but the therapy started way before she knew about the book and they never actually talk about it for her to make him try to be normal.

I think that was the very definition of unreliable narration. It wasn’t what she actually tried to do but she believes it anyway. And I’ve mentioned this before but watching that scene, this quote always comes to mind

When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t.” - Louis C.K

I don’t think Regina ever wanted to convince Henry he was crazy. She never wanted to hurt him, but she did. She unintentionally hurt him trying to keep him from the truth. She didn’t realize he felt crazy until he told her in 2x02 that he felt that way and that she made him feel that way by denying the truth from him.

So in Regina’s mind, (as a more well adjusted, conscious and thoughtful of others and her own wrong-doings, person), she made him feel crazy. That’s how he felt, that’s how he told her he felt, and she isn’t going to deny that with justifications or intentions. She accepts the blame for that even if it wasn’t something she intended or wanted to do.

As for wanting him to be normal. I don’t think she wanted him to be normal. Just to accept the normal life that she’d started for them. I do think she wanted that for him, normalcy. But I don’t see that as a mistake on her part. When you look at The Enchanted Forest and that lifestyle, and also the life Regina lived both before and after being queen, it makes sense that normalcy was part of the packaged deal of benefits that came with her lying to him about her real life. She didn’t want him to be normal but she wanted him to be more accepting of a life that was because his wild imagination inched him closer to finding out about the curse.

That fucking scene of BoJack Horseman.

“So… you’re apologizing.”

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

“Okay. I don’t forgive you.”

“Herb. I said I’m sorry.”

“Yeah. And I do not forgive you.”

“Uhh… not sure you get what’s happening here… This could be the LAST TIME tha–”

“NO. I’m not gonna give you closure. You don’t GET THAT. You have to live with the shitty thing that you did for the rest of your life. You have to know that it’s NEVER, EVER going to be okay.”

“…Iiiiii really think we’d both feel better if we just–”


“You have to believe me, I did everything I could…”

“Yeah? Then why didn’t you call me? Huh? Twenty years, you didn’t call me.”

“But… Look. I wanted to but I didn’t know–”

“Do you know what it was like for me? I had nobody. Everybody left. I knew all of those showbiz phonies would turn on me sure, but you?”

“It’s not my fault you got fired!”

“I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE JOB! I did fine. I had a good life. But what I needed then, was a friend… and you abandoned me. And I will never forgive you for that. Now get the fuck out of my house.”

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What do you think of Dan's nails

Look nice, motives for deciding to paint them are questionable (a.k.a yes he did it because y’all wouldn’t shut up about it and probably didn’t really want it himself). Not fair to see his own fandom trying to pressure him into doing stuff like he’s some kind of doll.

At the same time, shouldn’t actually be a big deal, should it? If you care so much maybe you’re still so stuck into the gender stereotypes you say you’re fighting tbh.

All in all: stop treating them like your property and stop making every single thing a Huge Deal it’s exhausting.

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if Leo had a blog, what do you think he would blog about? Do you think he spends a lot of time on it? How many followers would he have?

*grin* hue….huehuehueuhuehueuhueehuuhe * cough hack*

Post from ITeachLoveNotLectures ( Leo’s Blog name xDDDDDDD. yes I;m knockin Giles xDD)


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So I just decided to  show how much Sebastian like it when I pet him. He’s so happy. Now if only Alyn would hold still when I did the same thing to him…. hm.

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Guess which one’s my FAV!!!!!!! ^_^

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Thinkin of Mommy today~<3 Gerbera are her favorite.

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So many lessons. so little time. Ahh the things I want to teach her.


      ImaKnightNotABabySitter replied to  ITeachLoveNotLectures text

          What the hell  do you think you’re doing??? That’s perverse you idiot.

        ITeachLoveNotLectures replied to  ITeachLoveNotLectures text

           CAUGHT YOU!  I knew you’d  come outta hiding if I said something that could be considered lewd. hahaahaha. C’mere Alyn~😍😍😍😍😍

       ImaKnightNotABabySitter replied to ITeachLoveNotLectures text

          TCH!!!  GO to hell! I got training to do! Get back to work and do something productive for society!!!! 

       ITeachLoveNotLectures replied to  ITeachLoveNotLectures text

           Society wants me to love on you

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THERE YOU ARE @wing-spiker (why cant I tag you dfabbrqeber)  xDDDD enjoy~~~~

Also yes I tihnk he spends a fair amout of time on his  blog. especially to draw Alyn out xDDD. and as for Followers? maybe around 300-500? xDD

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no offense but HV is so boring to watch tbh like when i saw them at Hershey Park, i was so anxious bc i was excited to see my babies, i was serisuly in front row so i was bound to make eye contact with one of my soNS WHICH I DID WITH CALUM AND LUKE!!!!!!!!!!! but seriously i don't know what it is but they are sorta boring on stage idk like they don't move around and get the crowd going lol

i think making eye contact with Luke is the best thing int the entire world, i still think about making eye contact with him every day 

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hey katie you got diagnosed with adhd recently right?? (i think it was last year? maybe the year before?) how did you go about getting diagnosed? bc i think i might have adhd but im in my teens and idk how to bring it up with my parents?

Hi hi yes I did! I got diagnosed early last summer. I’m sorry you’re dealing with all that you are that’s making you suspect you have ADHD, but I’m very glad you messaged me, because I hope I can help you out a little bit! 

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