this was drawn based off of a lovely picture @yellowcephalopod did – i wanted to humanize it :’) it’s nothing compared to hers, but hey

cleaned up the sketch and here you go, a slightly less shitty doodle

i am aware that the shirt is unnecessarily long and it bothers the hell out of me but it is too late. i also like that my backgrounds just Fade into the nether because i’m a lazy fuck

spongebob design by @pharaoh-ink, squidward design by gidan-kuroki



Last week I found this adorable post by @plot-twist-i-am-an-android and I just… HOW COULD I NOT DRAW THAT?

And because I wanted to include myself as one of the kids, I included a few of my friends too - 7 to be exact. In the last two images, you can see them in this order: @mhmdogelicious, @thecatyoudontexpect, me, Litty, @ladyofirony, @aquaticactivity, @mayallthebaconburn and @glowfoiry.

(Also Chat, stop hugging the kittens out of the blue like that, or you might kill the poor things.)

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I just realized something (Yes, this was probably something I should have known all along, but my brain does not work that well)...In Eren's little gang we have 1. A super soldier named Ackerman. 2. One titan-crazy brown head and 3. One genius blonde... was that parallel with Levi, Hanji and Erwin (in that order) planned from the start or was it just a coincidence? (I am so sorry for sending so many asks but I can't help myself :_ : )

Also it’s the same as Levi, Isabel and Farlan. I leave it up to you if you think that’s cool or just lazy.

As every person with a older sibling would know: I’m so fucking done with being compared to my brother. He is in many ways better and smarter than I am, but I don’t need to be reminded from my parents that I’m not him. I understand why they think I’m not as good as him, they got the fucking star child and then there was me. And yes I’m brilliant and kind and other things, but you don’t know my brother. He’s too good. I’m thankful he’s always on my side though, unless he truly does think I’ve done wrong. And if I do wrong he tells me because so he believe it to be good for me to hear. He knows I am not him just as well as I do. He knows we are different yet he pushes me, in a respectful kind of way. Because I’m lazy and we both know it. But me not finding energy to do things should not have to be compared with my brother’s accomplishments.
I could go on about childhood and grades and shit, but I did not mean for to be this long. I’m just upset. This time I did bring it up myself, but it was because even if he was once where I am right now, he somehow did it better than I, according to them.
Please do not tell me not to be bothered by this, because I have always been and always will be bothered by it. I am aware and grateful for who I am and my talents, but please do not try to convince me that I am wrong. Because in this I am sure that I am not.

Fairly Out of Context starters pt 2

[pt 1]

  • “Does the after life have wifi?”
  • “For being someone so obsessed with soles you’d think they wouldn’t leave their shoes unguarded”
  • “I read that as McToenails”
  • “The bublé plague”
  • “Every child starts swearing at the age of 8″
  • “You don’t play a tape player.”
  • “Smother me in varying forms of acknowledging my existence”
  • “I am currently being destroyed by a poptart box”
  • “Oh yes let me practically make out with my phone to take a picture”
  • “I call him lice man cause I’m too lazy to remember how to properly spell his name”
  • “I have a big butt fork”
  • “Tfw the world is ending but you just wanna tell puns”
  • “I said CLAM DOWN”
  • “That looks like the time I had a bloody nose and sneezed”
  • “Flour bags the ultimate weapon”
  • “I mean if you were really determined, you can drive through the ocean”
  • *[X] combusts into flames*
  • *a cat yowls out from the depths of the void in response to the screams*
  • “The existence of figs alone make me scream”
  • “And then the balloon popped. there goes all that hot air.”
  • “Okay so like what if your SO gave you a candybox painted like box Mettaton. Would you wife them?”
  • “Cleanup chart”
  • “My tabs are as dirty as my room”
  • “Some are weird and covered in cinnamon”
  • “Because you are literally posting pictures of a toilet.”
  • “You didn’t even say a swear and you’re getting the delux treatment!”
  • “Secondly, have you ever seen a blue bagel before? Probably not.”
  • “Hello the angry, still-wants-to-fight smol hath returned”
  • “These are the kind if dreams I want to have”
  • “My minecraft is being fifty shades of what the fuck right now”
  • “I’m about 50% alive, so i’m fine.”
  • “As I dramatically crash into a random guy’s house.”

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Imagine going on a date with Harry and he gives you a kiss at the end of it which sends chill down your spine but then you wake up from ur dream to see him going down on you and he's proper licking your slit and you're moaning and he looks up at you "hmm you're awake"


Also, yes please. Lick you awake and give you a nice, long, slow, lazy morning fuck, with languid kisses and wandering hands and slow thrusts that stroke deep and slow so you can feel every single inch of him, every detail of him and everything is so sudden and so overwhelming you can’t help but cum quicker than usual but he’s not satisfied so he keeps going, just a little longer, fingers pressing to your clit so he can get another orgasm out of you… 😩

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Headcanon for ame because it's her day and yeah. Okay so she loves her s/o playing with her hair when they're being lazy

Originally posted by themysteryoftheunknownuniverse

YES!! Amethyst’s hair is so long and beautiful, I want to run my hands through it sooooo bad. I bet she teases her s/o by making her hair short, then really long while they play with it, until they’re just in a blanket of hair.

Omg. Guys. I am having an argument about feminism. With a man. And let me tell you how hilarious it is.

Firstly he used the dreaded ALL LIVES MATTER for his equal rights argument and I shot that down real quick. But what a good segue into the point I am trying to make, sir.

THEN he used the “Well then why can’t I call it meninism” which I didn’t even think happened in real life.

THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN he said “I’m all for equal rights between men and women, that doesn’t make me a feminist though”

And I was like JHKADJKAJDIODSDJHJSFGKFHJ YES IT DOES!!)!!)!*(@!*(@*!(*@(!*!!!!!!!!!

Also added a quick “Fyi the word menisit is an instant crotch dryer and synonymous with douchbaggery”

Oooooooooooo I should screencap all of this but I’m just so lazy

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Kuniyachi pleaseeee

DuDE YES! You Anons seem to like Yachi ships, which is cool because I am going to use this space to promote Yachi Week starting September 4th! Go to @yachiweek to see the prompts and FAQ! :D

  • who proposed: Yachi. Mah gurl Yachi
  • how they proposed: She was a bit nervous, but if she waited for Kunimi to ask, then they would never be officially married (he would just be content by being together) So she bought him a ring and bent on one knee and asked for his hand. Kunimi was just so thrown off, and this was the first time Yachi has ever seen him unable to form a sentence together. Naturally, he accepted. He also went out and bought Yachi a matching engagement ring.
  • who stressed more over wedding planning: THEY ELOPED OMG THEY ELOPED! Kunimi and Yachi hated the thought of planning and having a ceremony (Kunimi bc he is lazy, Yachi because think of all that stress), so they went down to the nearest goverment building, signed the marriage license and BOOM married. 
  • who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party: Naturally all their friends were shocked at the sudden elopement, but none more so than Kindaichi who was like “bruh no, I’m throwing you a reception.” Thus Kindaichi “Best Wedding Planner” Yutarou is born.
  • who freaked out before the wedding: Yachi didn’t want to cause trouble for Kindaichi, but he was adement about doing this for them. He told Yachi just to tell him what she wants and he will make it happen. Yachi was like “I might divoirce Akira and marry Kindaichi instead. It was a joke, but Kunimi was like “Well, I’LL make my own wedding reception thank you very much.” And this the story of how Kindaichi got Kunimi motivated starts.
  • best man/maid of honor” Obviously Kindaichi, but KageHina, also wanting to do something for Yachi, helped out in making the best party for them ever. KageHina were the ones that went wedding dress shopping with Yachi. 
  • where they got married: The ritzy-est reception hall in all of Tokyo. Yachi asked for a star theme, naturally, and Kindaichi delivered by making it into a whole star shower on the inside. Yachi was in tears. 
  • if/what they wrote in their vows: You are lucky Kunimi made a speech at the reception. 
  • who cried at the wedding: Kindaichi, Oikawa, all of Aoba Johsai basically. 
  • which song they had their first dance to: Kunimi doesn’t dance, but this was the one thing that Yachi really wanted to do (she watched a lot of American movies) and thus they danced to I’m Yours by Jason MrazBut I won’t hesitate/No more, no more./It cannot wait,/I’m yours.
  • where they went on their honeymoon: Everybody at the receiption surpriised the couple by giving them a paid vacation to a ski resort. 
  • what they did on their honeymoon: Kunimi may not want to move when he doesn’t have to, but he loves when Yachi gets starry-eyed for him and he is not a bad snowboarder. Yachi is clumsy at it, but Kunimi is always willing to teach her. Besides, he loves kissing her nose that turned red from the cold.

I’m Moving!

Not physically moving but virtually moving.

Yes, I am moving to a new blog called @simsogram .

Don’t get mad at me I just felt like a needed to start over :-(

I will still be doing the Sims 4 story that I named Something New. I will be reuploading the past episodes that have released. But I will be starting everything new

@boxaholic . @stargirl-sims @sunflower-sim @joshsimmer @lazy-simmer

Please, please, PLEASE! Anyone following me now PLEASE! go there! Please. I hope you respect my decision. Please don’t unfollow this blog.

I’m still blocked by the person non binary argument I had, but here is my response. Even though we actually agree, in the end, it’s still childish to block anyone. I don’t remember their @ and am too lazy to find it

We can BOTH agree this is definitely not something we know all the details on. I’m literally talking currently. Science does not respect it as real, right now, and yes, when we are talking scientifically, science IS everything. I, too, have a neurotically logical brain. Looking at this, I think I actually AGREE with practically everything you just said. However, I only have said nonbinary is not a SCIENTIFIC gender. I am not the person, and I know there are many, to onto peoples selfies and the caption is (they/them) and be like “cept you are a girl, kekekekek.” I find that harassment. However, if someone is going to argue something as FACT it needs to be FACT. And right now, scientifically and PURELY scientifically, it is not based in fact. I purely am looking at gender by scientific basis and by fact. Exclusively. You can look at it however you choose, but when I discuss gender as any sort of argument, more often than not I am talking purely on science. Gender expression is non-binary (TECHNICALLY), case in point, masculine females or feminine males. Yet this is still dependent ON a binary. Either way this is not gender itself, by a scientific standpoint. Sorry if the format is shit, mobile tumblr is shit.

WIP, yes i realize after uploading there’s no backside of the dagger holder. experimental seishyun; trying to incorporate backgrounds more and do more than just a portrait. this (unsurprisingly) took over 2 hours. haven’t done much lighting/highlights and much detailing yet but it’ll be done…. eventually

Boracay in less than 30 minutes? yup, it’s possible! 

Last July, my blogger buddies and I were invited over to the beautiful island of Boracay by the cool folks of the Rieseling BoracayYes, that instaworthy island sanctuary that’s been gracing my instagram feed lately. Although, as eager as I am to write about our relaxing getaway and why I find the people there cool, let me just share to you my unforgettable experience with the guys that brought us there. 

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1st year of college: I don’t like this but this is better than middle and high school and I’m learning I guess. idfk what I’m going to study but since a certain required class and my advisor is telling me I have to pick a major, I guess atmospheric science/physics or something idfk

2nd year of college: I don’t like this but I’ll transfer out next year come on you can do this for one more year. I guess I’m learning stuff. Most of it is unnecessary for what I’m studying so really this is just a waste of my time but there’s nothing I can do about it.

3rd year of college: I hate this I hate this with all my life and it turns out I learned nothing at community college. However I’m starting to get this and yes I am doing better and I am smarter than EVERYBODY. I’m surrounded by lazy idiots and people who want to learn and can’t because the professors are using wrong wrong WRONG methods and teaching it stupid and making 10x more difficult than it should be without giving any kind of explanations this is bad shit ❌ bad shit would not recommend ❌ bad shit do NOT sign me the fuck up ❌ mmmmm mmm BAD ❌ SHIT.

4th year, which will start next week: I know absolutely nothing and I’m a Complete Failure™ and I’m going to have a mental breakdown scheduled for March 12th, 2017 at 3:23 PM.

5th year: I’m probably already dead or at least more mentally broken than before and I still haven’t achieved the bare minimum my advisor/professors are expecting.

Grad school: Same thing as above, except with a useless B.S. in physics. Hehe, bs. It’s literally in the acronym.

Okay but honestly, Yoongi talking about his mental health struggles is so so important. Not only does he get it out there in a cathartic manner, it also provides visibility and validation for everyone else who has gone through or is going through something similar. Yes, it’s lit and we all were not prepared for the fire that is Agust D but I am just so proud of him for revealing what he has gone through. Those are dark times in his life, experiences that seriously stuck with him, and it must have been so uncomfortable to remember them, let alone talk and write about them. He honestly didn’t even need to, but that’s why he’s such a pure, legitimate artist. He bares out his soul and struggles for us. He became a voice for everyone who has struggled in a similar way, and that’s why his mixtape is such a real, raw, “human” experience that we connect with. It took him years to give us this, I can’t imagine how much time he spent re-recording and re-mixing because he wasn’t satisfied with how it came out. He is so dedicated.

I just put a home made pizza in the oven


This Pizza is so easy that you will wonder why you ever went out and bought one from the store!  This recipe scales up beautifully.  Makes a 6” personal Pizza.


If you want to make your own, just follow the link and BONE APPETITE!!

Yes, I KNOW that ain’t how is is supposed be spelled!  Joke, OK?

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

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1. Currently reading? (Fic or otherwise)

i gotta get back to reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but it’s probably packed up like all the other books i am bringing with me to college

2. The lyric that is currently stuck in your head?

not a lyrics, but

Athena: a healthy body is-

Winston: -a healthy mind. that’s why i have this *gestures with banana*

3. What’s your go-to comfort food?

ice cream sandwiches, deli meat, blueberries

4. City lights or starlight?

starlight most of the time/under most circumstances

5. How long have you lived where you are living now?

just over 4 years, soon to be leaving though bc cool leg

6. Have you ever been horribly disappointed by the show/book/manga/etc you love?

ye. there are deaths in Stranger Things with which I am malcontented. also, a ton of stuff abt Harry Potter

7. Favorite lazy Saturday afternoon past time?


8. Have you ever done something you said you wouldn’t?

i am sure i have but i can think of fewer instances of it than likely exist

9. Tell us a funny story?

first i’d have to remember one

10. Time travel or space travel

i cannot choose

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