Carver:   *thinking*  Do NOT let him fluster you, Carver.  You’ve got this.  Yes, every other time you’ve spoken to the man you’ve turned into a gibbering idiot, but THIS TIME you’ve really got it.  Say something intelligent.  BE the Inquisitor.  Just… don’t fuck this up.

Dorian:  While I’ll admit looking at me is one of my favorite hobbies as well, I am going to assume you are actually here on business, yes?  After all, I’ve watched you chat up the locals all morning as if you were trying to gain their approval.  I simply cannot wait to hear how you intend to woo me.

Dorian:  Unless of course you intended to save the flowery words and cut directly to the matter of my research.  While you have been charming every nug wrangler and chamber pot handler in the name of goodwill and such rubbish, I have been spending my waking hours researching our enemy.

Dorian:  I’m certain you realize that the South does not have a firm grasp on Tevinter culture.  “Seen one magister, seen ‘em all.”  Yes, yes, they’re all big and scary and likely to devour toddlers with their gaping maws or whatever tales they’re peddling about us this week.  “But, Dorian,” you will say after you compliment my good looks and ample talent.  “They’ll look at you and realize that some magisters are not complete arse hats.”  True…  But then I’ll remind you that I’m an altus and thank you bitterly for not listening to me ever when I talk about myself.  And then I’ll pout.

Dorian:  But– oddly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever said this before– I tire of hearing myself speak.  You look as though you have something brewing in that seldom used brain of yours.  Dazzle me with your wit.


Carver:  In 5:61 Exalted, a mabari was elected mayor of Lothering.

Dorian:  Was that… an attempt at flirting?

Dorian:  Andraste’s bosom, it WAS!  And how positively Ferelden of you.  My heart is absolutely aflutter at such divine bit of prose you have bestow upon my ears.  What comes next?  A proposal, perhaps?  Do we exchange mabari collars at the wedding?  Or do we have to sniff each other’s crotches?

Carver:   Fuck this.  I’m leaving.  Forever.  I just want you to know that I’ve hated you all.

Solas:  Inquis– AAAGH!

This is probably going to be a very unpopular opinion, but I did enjoy this series. I thought it was really good and was in keeping with what Sherlock is as a show. Yes I wanted Sherlock to admit he was gay, yes I am very disappointed that that has not happened and I understand why so many of you are so angry. But I still enjoyed the show for what it is, a detective show, where you are trying to figure out how the crime has been committed. I really enjoyed watching this series, I found it great to watch all the way though, and I don’t care if that is an unpopular opinion, I will enjoy what I wan’t, and this is something that I will continue to enjoy. 

jasmine villegas & lauren jauregui {dirty imagine} {requested}

“your wearing that on stage?” i ask watching lauren as she zips up her high waisted shorts that make her ass look fabulous.  “yes, is there a problem?” she smiles facing towards the mirror. “umm yes.” i admit walking behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. “your showing a little to much to that crowd.” i smile sliding her hair to one side of her shoulder, kissing her neck softly. my hand glides down her back touching her ass. i reach between her legs leaving it there before going back to her ass. she lets out a small whimper watching me through the mirror. i smile rubbing her ass then smacking it once. “jasmine.” she moans. “is this a little too much ass for you?” she teases moving her ass rubbing it against me. “absolutely not.” i laugh grabbing her hips pushing her more onto me.  reaching around i lock my arms around her as she keeps grinding on me. “damn lauren.” i smile, while she leans against me watching me as i watch her. our lips touch in perfect motion, her tongue slides into my mouth while mine slides into hers. she pulls away gently turning around making our chests smash against each others. “dont you think about me when you dance in front of that crowd while they whistle and shout dirty things to you?” she asks wrapping her arms around me. “of course i do baby.” i smile laying my hands on her ass. “and while they whistle and shout their dirty things i always think about this ass, this pussy…..” i smirk leaning down to kiss her neck once. “this perfect skin, your amazing chest, the way you moan while i eat you out..” i go on making her cling onto me more. “your making me so wet.” she smirks looking down our bodies. “good baby.” i tease. 

i slide my hand between us making the button of her shorts pop open, then with small movements i start to pull her shorts. “jas-” she starts but i pull her lips to my mouth working her shorts down her thighs before she stops me. “i cant.” she says holding my wrists still. “but look at that baby.” i smile looking at her light colored undies that clearly show her wet spot. “we have a little time.” i smile sliding my hand to cup her pussy. a shaky breath passes her lips as she nods her head frantically crashing her lips on mine. i yank her shorts and undies the rest of the way down her thighs. she grips my waist struggling to get my jeans off. “these damn jeans.” she mutters pulling away from our kiss to rip the button from my jeans. “opps.” she giggles sliding them down my legs. “eager lauren.” i laugh pulling off my shirt. “well you saw how wet i am.” she winks taking my hand and leading me to the huge cushion chair in the corner of the room. “sit down jas and take off other panties.” she say in a slow soft voice. i follow her instructions flinging my undies to the floor then taking a seat on the cold leather. lauren sways her hips walking closer to me. she stop when her legs are touching mine. i watch as her hands grip around the him of her shirt lifting it up showing me her toned stomach. my eyes slip down to the place between her legs. “naughty jasmine.” she teases catching me. “can you blame me?” i smile biting down on my lower lip. “iam stripping for you dont you see.” she pouts unhooking her bra. “i see that and i like it, but i see something else i like.” i smirk siting up laying my palms on her hips. she reaches down lifting my shirt over my head. “touch me.” she whispers desperately. i nod slowly tracing my fingertips around her thigh to touch her pussy lips. she hums little tunes as my fingers start slipping inside her. i wait until she looks away then lean forward to lick at her clit. “oh!” she moans startled. “give me your hand and step up.” i say. i pull her up onto the chair, i lean my head back as she stands hovering her pussy over my mouth. “you want a taste?” she teases rocking her hips above me holding onto the wall for balance. “yes give me this pussy.” i demand grabbing her thighs pushing her down onto my tongue. “oh yeah baby.” she moans rolling her hips on my tongue. “thats it.” she whimpers making her clit slide on my tongue. i pay more attention to her clit since i know thats what she likes. “suck my cl- …yes baby!!” she moans while i suck down on her clit reading her mind. her juices drip on my chin while she rocks back and forth. “fuck…… lauren!!” i moan into her pussy. i cant help but let my fingers slide into my own pussy. “are you wet jas?” lauren moans trying to catch her breath. i nod humming right on her clit. she shivers in response. “jasmine iam going to cum!!” she shouts grabbing my hair tugging at it while i suck and lick at her pussy. “oh shit!!” she yelps slapping her hands on the wall, rocking herself down using my tongue as her own personal toy. she lifts her hips to get down but i stop her before she can move anymore. “jas-” she starts but i stop her reconnecting my tongue inside her pussy. “jasmine!!!” she squeals dropping some of her body weight on me. i laugh, wrapping my arms around her thighs wanting as much as her pussy as i can get. “jas wait.” she begs trying to get free. “jasmine!!” she squeals again, reaching down to me. “stop… wait ughhhh oh god!!” she whimpers, her thighs clinch around my head. she curse at me but even then i keep going. i want her to cum one more time before i let her go. my tongue goes over her clit multiple times, i suck down on it. “holy shit!!” she whimpers cumming for a second time taking us both by surprise. she straddles my lap leaning against me while i wipe my chin and lips. “you taste so good you know i had to get another taste.” i smile looking down to her. 

after a moment she reaches down between us sticking two fingers inside her pussy. “mmm” she hums rocking down on her fingers. i watch mesmerized. her body tenses we both know she hit a spot she likes. “oh.” she moans quietly. she pulls her fingers out then pushes them back inside her slowly. “faster.” i mumble keeping my eyes on her. she smiles obeying. “mmmmhm.” she hums, slaps from her juices fill my ears. just as i thought she was going to make herself cum again she pulls her fingers out putting them close to my mouth. i already know what she wants me to do so i bring her fingers into my mouth. she watches batting her eyes at me loving every minute of this. fuck just by the way she looks at me like this i want her back on my tongue. without a sound she gets off my lap and sinks down to her knees. her hands grab my thighs pulling me forwards. “someone else is dripping.” she smiles giving my pussy one long lick. i suck in air wanting much more. her places my legs over her shoulders sliding her face closer to my pussy. “eat me out.” i whimper grabbing the chair arms. “yes princess.” she smiles grabbing my ass licking my hole then shoving her tongue into the wetness of my pussy. “yes lauren.” i yelp grabbing her hair. she hums, moving her tongue around at an incredible speed. my mouth drops open not able to scream or moan. in seconds my back lifts from the leather, my thighs clinch around lauren, i let out a small whimper coming undone under her tongue. i close my eyes breathing heavily relaxing. lauren gets between my legs, laying on me. my legs wrap around her waist as i start to feel my favorite feeling in the entire world. her lips on mine. her kiss is soft and warm against mine. she presses her hips down, moving around until theirs friction against my open core. “lauren.” i moan. our kiss gets heated within seconds, her lips move down to my neck leaving me a small spot near my collarbone. her movement gets rougher against me as her lips get lower wrapping around my nipple. my clit rubs against her. i hold onto her arms as she gets faster. “fuck babe your gunna make me cum again.” i whisper moan bring her lips to mine again. she smiles rolling her hips in small circles. the building up in my lower stomach starts, my breathing gets faster along with my hips moving with laurens. “cum for me baby, thats it jasmine you like me rubbing your clit huh baby?” lauren whispers in my ear biting down on my earlobe. my head throws back as i feel my high taking over. “yes baby girl.” lauren says rocking faster until iam done with my high. “oh shit.” i breath out sitting up with lauren. she smiles sitting on my lap. “that was fun.” she laughs pecking me on the lips. “very fun.” i smile laying me head on her. “told you we had time.” i say. “mmhm.” she hums getting comfy. “oh god!!! the show!!!” she jumps up grabbing for her clothes all over the floor. i laugh forgetting myself that she had a show to do. “three minutes lauren!!” someone shouts from the other side of the door. 

hope you guys dont mind how long with one was lol, hope you liked it, let me know what you think & thanks for reading xx 

Those Bridal Gown Shows

I’m a sucker for the I found my gown and say yes to the dress (both of them) shows. I admit I have never been in the stressful position of looking for a dress with my loved ones. I don’t get loved ones saying what a bride should wear and the bride meekly acquiescing to their demands. So I find myself getting angry for the bride who is usually in tears in the dressing room.

Then there are the moments that my emotions (and hormones) take over, and I need a box of Kleenex. 😃 Tonight I was watching “I found my dress” which is the Vows store where they sell deeply discounted dresses. This poor woman had a beautiful dress, but her apartment flooded in the Sandy hurricane. She only had $150 for a dress. The attendant went to the owners with the woman’s story. The owners give one bride a year a dress. So this woman got a dress free! The attendant was crying, the bride was crying, her daughters were crying. And I was crying. Hormones + acts of kindness = The Ugly Cry. Oh, well. Whatcha gonna do?! lol
(BTW - Lazaro would be my dress designer of choice incase you were wondering. lol)

arosequartz  asked:

Mel you're so cool and yes I'm one of the ones who call you Senpai😊 Don't let the haters get to you they don't know what they're saying! And one question: When did Exo admit they watched porn together???? Did I miss something lmao😂

it was on some show aaaages ago and I never found it but if u scroll down a bit I think the answer is among the asks ^.^

I just started reading this today and wow!! Shonda is so funny! And I think this is the first autobiography I read that sounds really honest, real, and personable. She admits to sometimes being a shitty person and learning from her mistakes, growing as a person! Also, I didn’t realize that I started reading this on Shonda’s birthday (Jan 13th). Happy Birthday Shonda, you’re an amazing person.

ok but like I can’t stand the blorgeys who are saying that we don’t care about lincoln bc he was in a het couple like (a) the couple had interracial representation which is so important (b) lincoln is a person not a ship like I’ve only seen clexa fans talking about trending for ricky and talking about racism and bi/homophobia like I’ve seen upset blorgeys but a lot of the time it’s “so so so upset about lincoln but will continue to watch the show” like no???

I even admit when ricky said he was being bullied I was hesitant to stop watching because I craved representation so much with excuses like “we don’t know the details” or “i’m so upset for ricky he doesn’t deserve that” but I continued to watch the show and this is something I regret and feel sorry about having not spoken up about at the time. Yes, Lexa’s death ignited a passion in me that hadn’t yet been reached, yes I was ignorant of all of the mistreatment of poc and I am truly, deeply sorry. I don’t, however, support this idea that clexa fans only care about lexa like my dash has been filled with lincoln all day and angry rants about jason whereas all I’ve seen on most blorge blogs is a sad post about how they’ll miss him. Clexa fans are boycotting and standing up for what is right. This is happening later than it should have, we know this now but the lack of a similar response by the blarkes is really saying a lot to me.

Just because your show is about survival and is post-apocalyptic doesn’t mean you get a pass as to the social stigma and issues facing the communities you claim to represent. He can’t say “look we have so many poc we are so forward thinking” and then turn around and kill/mistreat said characters under the belief that in his world anybody can die.

Equality and equity are two very different things and in the 100 mistreating their poc is an example of equality in treatment resulting in inequality with regards to social awareness. In America young black kids are growing up right now afraid of the police, who are supposed to be the ones protecting them out of fear of persecution. To any of my poc followers out there, I am truly sorry about Lincoln and I will fight for him as I have with Lexa. To anybody who doesn’t see a problem with this, step the fuck up and realise the racist, queerbaiting undertones of this show before it’s too late.


Okay so Cry For Help aired as well.

And boy oh boy this episode was excellent, I mean the animation was as beautiful as always the writing still flawless. Honestly I could go on for days how much I love Steven Universe it is just such a brilliant show that truly is a gem to watch.

The episode itself had loads of emotion, yes I will admit to having shed some tears especially at the ending with Pearl and Garnet….I can’t get started or I might weep.

Sardonyx is a pretty great character, does her character turn into tragedy yes but still great and definitely a terrific fusion I have been waiting for.

The Story of an Isles (and Rizzoli)

There are a whole lot of very interesting backstage rewriting of events by fans, who have no actual knowledge of any of what is being commented on at the moment.  Yes, I am one of those fans.  No, I don’t know the facts of the situation.

I admit this.

This is simply my take.  Another persepective that lacks the guile and venom and finger pointing blame gaming.

Sasha Alexander is a grown woman who clearly is passionate about her acting.  Her Family.  Her Choices.  It’s that last one I want to focus one - and a touch of the first - her choices.

People are watching her TakeHollywood interview an attributing and unhappiness with the show.  I don’t doubt she isn’t happy with every machnication both behind the scenes and on screen for her character.  You’d be hard pressed to find an actor who is always happy with the situations their characters are written into.

What I do doubt is that she is so in hate with the way she, and by extension Maura, is being treated that she is in an untenable situation.  She made a choice, less than a year ago, to reup her contract on Rizzoli and Isles.  A show that she was in the process of filming the currently most malined season of the show.  You know, the season where a chunk of people think Maura is being treated like shit.

The season where people tend to believe that Angie ascended to the heavens and now is smiting everyone to give her exactly what she wants?  Yeah, that season.  The exact same season where Sasha, who is passionate about acting.  About her career;  who wants to produce something she believes, for the most part, is quality; smack dabbed while filming the season she signed on to film more of the show.

What does that say?  Does it talk to the desperateness of her to be employed?  Well it could, that’s a definate posibility.  But, there is an issue with that.  In the TakeHollywood interview, and other recent ones she has discussed how she only wants to be involved with things that ignite that passion.  They she can explain to her children why she made the choices.

I don’t have a doubt that she hasn’t always been happy with what has happened on Rizzoli and Isles.  I don’t think it’s a Jan Nash problem solely either, Janet Tamaro wasn’t creating an award winning show with fanatastic charcter development, tight writing, or epic continutity.  The show never had that.  Ever.  It’s not a new thing.  Nor is the dumbing down of Maura and her being comic relief. 

Being unhappy doesn’t mean that she is ‘throwing shade’.  Or that she ‘gives no fucks’.  It just means that she is human and doesn’t always like what she has to do.  But acknowledging the issues with long running shows in this interview does what she was intending, offering practical real advice to up and coming actors.

Sasha’s excitement over playing Helene is in no way an insult against her role as Maura.  Actors, generally, like to play new roles.  They like the create new characters and chew on new bones.  This refers back to her passion for acting.  For creating her own world - which is also references in her TakeHollywood interview.

So if she’s passionate about acting, about extending herself etc - and she really thought she was being treated horrendously on R&I?  What does that say?  Does she lack the integrity she says she has - I doubt it.  The simplest solution if often true, and in this case I’d be more likely to assume despite the bad things, she is happy where she is.

And this brings me to the Sasha unfriending Angie situation, and how people believe that it’s evidence of their lack of friendship.  It’s social media people.  It’s not the sole means of communication between individuals.  Are all your friends on the internet?  Do you have them friended on every piece of social media?  If you don’t, dones that mean you secretly hate them?

Irresepective of that, anyone who has spent any time on twitter knows that twitter will unfriend people for you.  Angie may have been a victim of that.  Sasha may not even know she doesn’t follow Angie.

Not everything has to be a drama.

All in all.  Sasha is a grown adult.  If she hated the direction of R&I, hated Angie, felt maligned by Nash etc - as a grown adult with the ability to stand up for herself (she is no shrinking violet), she would have not returned for season 6.  Why don’t we give Sasha credit for making choices and assume they make her happy rather than assume she is an innocent victim who had no choice in anything.

That underestimates the woman.

And that’s not really fair, or warranted.
Faking It: Let’s support the show!

So guys, it’s sad to announce that the show is not going well, but we CAN do somethings to make it go better, such as: 

  • Use trends
  • Watch it live on MTV (if you have the possibility)
  • Watch it her

You can also watch “SUPPORT THIS SHOW!”, a super sweet video made by @makesuscare, and share it! 

I don’t know about you but I would love another season (yes, the show is trash, I know, but gh it’s always nice to watch it), so please, help us 

Plus let’s admit it when and where else are we going to find a tv show like this? 

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RVB PSA Spoilers/Rant

I wasn’t gonna voice my opinion on this but here we go cause I’m getting pissed:

ROOSTER TEETH WAS N O T MAKING FUN OF THE FANS. That’s not even a question. Yes triggers are helpful for people who need them but sometimes they become so out of whack. People will get offended by everything. You can’t protect everyone. Like what if someone’s trigger is “lettuce” or fucking “sandals”. No one has time to list every item in the damn universe so no one gets offended by something. RvB is offensive and that’s how it’s been and it’s how it’s gonna be. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching, but all the characters in RvB are ASSHOLES. I will admit that characters are assholes but that’s what we love about them. And that’s why we’ve stayed. If you get offended so much, DONT WATCH THE SHOW. The end. So everyone just chill the fuck out over a PSA. They can’t censor everything, so just accept and move on. Thanks.


“Hmmm.. I don’t think so. I like to watch cooking shows together with Steve.”

“Yes, because then, he tells me to cook this and that. It is like he is placing orders.”

“And we watch different movies together, recently cartoons. Last Sunday we saw “Hotel Transylvania 2″.”

“It had its funny moments, you have to admit that! You were laughing too! Like, in that scene when Murray fell of Blobby and Frank grabbed the bandage and unwrapped him.”

“Hm. Hey Steve! Blah blah blah!

I do not say blah blah blah!

“That’s who I married.”