i was watching the first avenger and wondering how Bucky knew Steve was getting his ass kicked in the back of some random alley behind a movie theatre

like does he just check alleyways whenever he’s walking down a street to see if Steve’s started another fight he can’t finish

the answer is probably yes
Hollywood, It’s Time to Retire the ‘Loveable Misogynist’ Movie Hero
Thanks Max Rockatansky for showing us there can be another way.

I love Mad Max.  The character, that is, and yes I mean the version as portrayed by too-pure-for-this-world precious cinnamon roll Tom Hardy.  This version of Max Rockatansky was a game- changer, a turning point, and it’s not so much because of what he does do in the film (tortured gun-toting loners like Max are common) but what he doesn’t do. And the most important thing Max doesn’t do in Mad Max: Fury Road is be a dick to women.

This is remarkable because Max spends almost his entire movie surrounded by women.  While there is some debate as to who is the protagonist of the piece, Max is the main character as the audience views the story through his lens, the Nick Carraway to Furiosa’s Jay Gatsby.  So in a movie with a male lead, it’s an extreme rarity to see a supporting cast that’s even half female, let alone mostly female.  And the most revolutionary element in Fury Road isn’t necessarily the quantity of female characters (though that is certainly extremely noteworthy, considering the relative paucity in most other movies that aren’t romantic comedies), but that gender doesn’t inform character interaction.  Max doesn’t alter his language or actions when he’s interacting with any of the women.  He doesn’t need to remark on girls doing non-girl things like shooting or punching, he doesn’t need to second guess anyone’s abilities and his ego isn’t bruised when Furiosa is his better at certain skillsets.  Here’s a male lead who isn’t driven by insecurity about his masculinity.

Why is that so rare?

The release of Jurassic World several weeks later, and the subsequent eye-rolling at the dull, played-out Beavis and Butt-head-level way that Chris Pratt’s character treated his female co-lead was placed into even more stark contrast by how people embraced Hardy’s Max.  Loveable wink-wink, nudge-nudge misogyny in your male lead isn’t a problem unto itself.  The problem is sheer volume.  It seems like with tentpoles and franchise properties that aren’t aimed at children, the lovable misogynist is a handy stock character if you want your protagonist to be flawed but relatable.  After all, if the Hollywood bro-club presumes the audience doesn’t respect women, why the hell should your protagonist?

These things seem to come and go in waves, but it’s nothing new.

“Lovable misogyny rarely furthers a narrative or builds interesting characters; it’s just there because it’s normalized.  And, again, this is not an issue of volume, it’s an issue of the pervasiveness for that being the go-to Thing when you want to give your male lead a character arc.  It usually doesn’t add anything (I’m looking at you, Age of Ultron “prima nocta” joke that everyone hated), it’s just set dressing that’s placed there for no reason other than the assumption that the drooling caveman audience will get confused at its absence.  It’s 2015, it’s not weird for women to have jobs and fix cars and punch faces anymore, move on!“


This phenomenally awesome Godzilla cosplay was created by lifelong Godzilla fan Sean Sumagaysay from Puerto Rico. Yes, there is a person inside this amazing homemade suit and, if you watch this costume test video (shot on a rooftop so it looks like he’s as tall as the nearby buildings), you’ll find that it moves just like the big guy does in the movies. Sean named his cosplay project “Project Nautilus” after the working title of the new Godzilla film which came out just last month. He debuted his lumbering creation at the 2014 Puerto Rico ComicCon.

Visit the Project: NAUTILUS Facebook page for additional photos.

[via Fashionably Geek and Kotaku]

One serving size of...

Television: Walking zombies and sashaying drag queens.

Miraculous Ladybug makes an astounding appearance at No. 1.
Fear the Walking Dead debuts because of The 100. Seriously. Be on the look out for Elyza Lex.
RuPaul’s Drag Race skids into No. 13.

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Movies: Maybe he’s John Notsogoodman in this one.

Captain America: Civil War returns to No. 1 after our heroes participate in an Answer Time.
10 Cloverfield Lane debuts at 19. Or does it? It does. Or does it?. Yes.

Music: When Grandes go big and Wests go South.

Ariana Grande channels pop stars past and present on SNL, jumps to No. 3.
⬇︎ Kanye West goes south, drops to No. 20.

Celebrities: #TeamBoyega, tbh.

Kim Kardashian is back at No. 2 after preaching self-love for the entire internet to see.
John Boyega is #TeamCap and No. 7, if you’re wondering.
⬇︎ Gigi Hadid may live a blessed life we can only dream of, but she still fell to No. 16.

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Games: Is it possible to win Neko Atsume?

☆ Indie game Stardew Valley debuts at No. 11.
☆ Blizzard’s newest game, Overwatch, storms in at No. 16.
⬇︎ Neko Atsume falls to No. 15. Fear not, cat games have 9 lives.

Web stuff: Hey, friends are nice. Let’s all be like Edd Gould’s friends.

Eddsworld debuts at No. 14 after creator Edd Gould’s friends followed through with their promise to continue his series after he passed.
Critical Role rolls a natural No. 20. It’s not that great in this case.

Friendly reminder

In the spanish version of wikipedia, when you look for the characters of fairy tail, you find facts about natsu and lucy, read below:

According to the own Hiro Mashima, in an interview during the premiere of the movie Fairy Tail: Hoo no Miko, Natsu sees Lucy as more than a friend, but he thinks she does not feel the same for him.

She is the closest person to Natsu, that’s how the girls from guild discussed it. Lately, both the manga and the anime, Lucy has shown some interest in him.


Yes natsu, she feels the same for you.

you lil fool

Plus, if you have some doubt about this, GO CHECK OUT :

voltron+food headcanons!!! bc why not!!!!!:::

  • hunk is seen as the most ‘food’ centred character bc yes he does love food but a huge factor for him is the experience of food!! he likes the act of setting up communal meals and bonding over making food and getting snacks to watch movies with or going to lunch with someone he just really loves how it brings people together nd it always has positive connotations for him tbh !!
  • lance fairly enjoys food and the food/socializing combo that hunk does except lance is. just. So Distracted by people he’ll walk around talking to someone with a sandwich in his hand for like 40 minutes and the other person will be side-eyein like u gonna….eat that or……and at meals shiro CONSTANTLY has to be like ‘lance sit back down’ and lance will be like ‘oh yeah, yeah, cool’ and then TEN MINS LATER shiro will be like ‘lance finish your food’ bc hes FORGOT AGAIN and h o n e s t l y
  • pidge is still in that Super Picky phase that younger kids kinda go through. she’ll be grateful for food but she’ll play with it for 20 mins rather than say anything and shiro will be like ‘pidge whats up?’ and pidge’ll be like ‘oh! nothin, nothin….’ and shiro will be like ‘……….’ and pidge is like ‘just uh…whats this. Green Stuff. on the side’ and shiros like ‘its vegetables and its good for you’ and pidge is like wrinkling her nose and shiro is like :))) you literally ate them yesterday why are ppl :))) testing :))) him :)))
  • the team is collectively sure keith has like. zero taste buds. did the sand wither them away. is it an adaptive mutation. no one knows?? like he will literally eat Anything you place in front of him ANYTHING and eat it with a straight face like ‘yo thanks for the food’ and everyones staring at him like……surely not….surely he jests……the team thinks this is in equal parts hilarious and disturbing so they give him increasingly questionably edible stuff until one day they give him something like lol guys wanna watch keith eat this weird rock flower i found and he does but it makes him INCREDIBLY sick for like a week and shiro has to intervene like ‘keith is the equivalent of a dog that will eat what u give it bc it doesnt know any better. is it entertaining to watch the dog eat chocolate toffees bc it cant chew them? yes. yes it is. but we are Responsible pet owners.’
  • the team learns the hard way shiro is fiercely protective of his food. he doesnt mind sharing at all as long as you ask or he offers. if u steal chips from his plate tho. boi………wyd………shiro HATES himself for doin this he just really really cant help it ?? in a way that makes him kind of panicky like he just needs space when he eats and hes fine its fine okay!!
Gather round, children. It’s time for...

Television: When a spin-off beats the original.

The Walking Dead is still killing it, hanging out at No. 5.
☆ Gunter returns to Adventure Time and Adventure Time returns to Fandometrics at No. 14.
The Flash returns at No. 12, beating out the show it’s derived from, Arrow (No. 17).

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Movies: People steal real cars all of the time, of course they would download one.

⬆ You wouldn’t download a car, but would you download the leaked Star Wars: The Force Awakens (No. 3)?
⬆ Can’t we all get along? Batman v Superman moves up three to No. 3.
☆ Our favorite little wild child is getting a reboot. The Jungle Book debuts at No. 8.

Music: Beyoncé’s promotion is a self-perpetuating machine.

☆ If a Zayn drops an album, does it make a noise? Yes. He debuts at No. 2.
Beyoncé moves up to No. 6 as we all hope and plead that the rumors of a new album are true.

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Celebrities: It’s pronounced GIF.

Daisy Ridley returns to No. 6 because of all the new, wonderful GIFs you beautiful kids are making.
☆ Cheer up, Ben Affleck. That sad little meme has you sitting pretty at No. 19.
⬇︎ Yo. The people are asking to hear his voice, but Lin-Manuel Miranda still drops nine to No. 20.

Games: Set out that sashimi, gotta catch ‘em all.

Neko Atsume (No. 5) releases new cats, new houses, but Tubbs will not be deterred.
☆ Good news: Pokémon GO (No. 12) has a release date! Bad news: it’s at the end of the year.
⬇︎ Kingdom Hearts are breaking, it fell four to No. 18.

Web stuff: The AmazingEffect of appearing in a video with AmazingPhil.

Caspar Lee the friendly vlogger returns to No. 11 after appearing in a video with AmazingPhil (No.2).
Zoella returns to No. 18 after Victoria’s Secret names her Sexiest Beauty Star. She’s very talented, too.

How they propose
  • 707: He ends you on a cute little hunt around the house. A piece of paper with clues to find the next page. Once you get to the end, you see Seven sitting on your bed with a heart shaped card with a quickly drawn ring on it. All he does is smile and you immediately say yes.
  • Jumin: Remember how much he loves Elizabeth 3rd? He decided to place the ring around a bow and place it on Elly. Jumin tells you to grab Elly since she 'has a vet appointment'. Once she is picked up, you notice the little bow on her and question Jumin about it. He states how much he loves you and asks if you would like to be his one and only.
  • Zen: He used clips from his movies and got Seven to help him piece them all together to create a small message to you. It was a little hard at first, but he found a way to show it to you. He told you about an upcoming film he was starring in and wanted your opinion on some of the clips he was allowed to show. When you finshed watching the clips, you started to cry as you said yes.
  • Jaehee: She asked Mr. Han to take the day off work so she could prepare some things. She decided to do something sweet and basic. So she recreated your first date together. The only difference was, instead of being served a desert you were given a ring. You of course, said yes.
  • Yoosung: Yoosung had the cutest way of proposing to you. With the help of Jumin and Seven, he was able to collect together a bunch of photos and memories the two of you had together. He put them all into a photo album and decided to give it to you on your birthday. He was so nervous when he handed it to you, he was practically shaking!! Once you had reached the end of the photo album, there was a picture slot that had a note in it. The note said 'I want to make more memories with you. As my wife. Will you do me that honour?' Tears were streaming down both of your faces after that
Pride & Prejudice (2005) Sentence Starters

“Good heavens…. People.
“Have you no compassion for my poor nerves?”
“If every man in the room does not end the evening in love with you, then I’m no judge of beauty.”
“How can you tease me so?”
“One of these days, someone will catch your eye, and then you’ll have to watch your tongue.”
“Miserable he may be, but poor he most certainly is not.”
“Count your blessings. If he liked you, you’d have to talk with him.”
“I wouldn’t dance with him for all of _, let alone the miserable half.”
“Do you like to dance?”
“I thought poetry was the food of love.”
“What do you recommend to encourage affection?”
“No, men are far too easy to judge.”
“Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony, which is why I will end up an old maid.” 
“Her Ladyship demands it.”

“You’ve liked many a stupider person.”
“All the world is good and agreeable in your eyes.”
”So which one of these painted peacocks is _?”
“I could more easily forgive his vanity had he not wounded mine.”
“Your skills in the art of matchmaking are positively occult.”
“I’m no longer surprised at your knowing accomplished women, I rather wonder at your knowing any.”
“Our surest way of disappointing him will be to ask him nothing about it.”
“Would you find pride a fault or a virtue?”
“No excellence can be acquired without constant practice.”

“My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.”
“How happy for you, _, to possess the talent for flattering with such…delicacy.

“What a shame, for I dearly love to laugh.”
“Believe me, no one would suspect your manners to be rehearsed.”
“Dear, oh dear. You must be the shame of the regiment.”
“Oh, _, do you never think ill of anybody?”
“These are the kind of delicate little compliments that are always acceptable to the ladies.”

“It is my intention, if I may be so bold, to remain close to you throughout the evening.”
“It would be most inconvenient, since I have sworn to loathe him for all eternity.”
“Please advise me on what you would like most to hear.”
“Oh no, I prefer to be unsociable and taciturn.”
“I hear such different accounts of you as puzzle me exceedingly.”
“I hope to afford you more clarity in the future.” 
“She’s just shy and modest.”
“Men are eaten up with either arrogance or stupidity.”

“There are few of us secure enough to be really in love without proper encouragement.”
“We are all fools in love.”
“I will not and I certainly never shall.”

“He does not know her character as we do.”
“I am perfectly serious!”
“There are few people who have more true enjoyment of music than myself.”

“You give your opinion very decidedly for so young a person.”
“With 5000 a year, it would not matter if he had warts and a leer.”
“You know perfectly well I do not believe marriage should be driven by a lot of money.”
“Only a man truly confident in himself would admit to that.”
“Can’t help but feel at any point someone’s going to produce a piglet and make us chase it.”
“You have insulted me in every possible, and can now have nothing to say.”
“Headstrong, foolish child!”
“If they are amiable, they are so easily led that they have no minds of their own whatsoever.”
“You’re free to go off and be jilted yourself.”
”Please understand, I cannot accept you.”
“Oh, for heaven’s sake, _, don’t look at me like that.”
“Not all of us can afford to be romantic.”
”I think that’s the most unforgiving speech you’ve ever made.”
“I must confess, the view from where I sit has been rather grey.”
“I’m well enough acquainted with you to know that I cannot alarm you even should I wish it.”
“I do not have the talent of conversing easily with people I have never met before.”
“What on earth have you done to poor _?”

“I have struggled in vain and can bear it no longer.”
“I love you… Most ardently.”
”I am very sorry to have caused you pain.”
“Is that your opinion of me?”
“Take care, that savors strongly of bitterness.”
“Can you die of happiness?”
“You may ask a question, I may choose not to answer it.”

“What are men compared to rocks and mountains?”
“Do you not think him handsome?”
“How can I ever make amends for such behavior?”

“You must know… surely you must know it was all for you.”
“One word from you will silence me forever.”
“You have bewitched me, body and soul.”
“Your hands are cold.”

Don't trust anyone who tries to argue that Tony Stark is the villain in Civil War

1) If you hate him for trying to kill Bucky, how would you feel if you were face to face with the person who killed your parents and one of your closest friends kept that hidden from you. Brainwashed or not, I’d be pissed too. Regardless of your opinion of Steve, he was in the wrong. Tony deserved to know.

2) The villain is ZEMO. He’s the one who actively goes after the Avengers. Everything Tony does in the movie is actually just damage control because of Zemo and Steve’s actions.

3) Also regardless of your opinion on superhero oversight, Tony gave valid reasons in favor of registration. Yes, the Avengers saved the world several times. But I’d be afraid too if there was a group like this acting without supervision. Tony’s side might be controversial but it’s not necessarily unfounded.

4) Spiderman is a fucking superhero who’s taken down bigger foes, it’s not like Tony’s bringing some random kid with a gun into the fight. Besides, the plan wasn’t to kill Steve and Bucky, it was just to bring them in. Tony was NOT trying to push for a fight, it just spiraled into one because Steve is a hardheaded jackass. Also, hypocrite much? It’s okay for Deadpool to bring Negasonic Teenage Warhead into a fight but it’s wrong for Tony to bring Peter in? I see you Tumblr.

5) Lastly, if you are going to villainize Tony, you also have to admit Steve was being a jackass as well. Bucky was a victim, yes, but was he really worth all of that chaos? Getting Rhodey paralyzed, blowing up the airport, splitting the team apart. Say what you will about Tony but the man was trying DESPERATELY to keep the team together while Steve didn’t mind if the group splintered. He even says at the end that the Avengers didn’t matter as much to him as they did to Tony. So please, don’t act like Steve was this shining paragon of truth in this movie.

For the record, Steve is my favorite Avenger but he didn’t come out clean in this movie. Also, even though Tony is my least favorite Avenger, he felt more like the hero of the movie than Steve did to be honest.

Things dex definitely said in the haus

○ this couch looks like it’s been through a threesome
○ have you guys seen (old movie everyone’s seen but he obviously hasn’t)
○ when ever he runs into anyone he probably make a little “ohps” noise like every rurally raised kid does
○ guys, I don’t only eat lobster.
○ yes, I’m sure.
○ okay, I fixed the dryer. NO ONE TOUCH IT NO ONE LOOK AT IT WEIRD NO ONE BREATH ON IT. You’re welcome.

hello yes marvel for christmas i would like a

• black widow movie announcement

• also more screen time for clint barton

• also natasha romanoff pls and thank

• more marvel ladies kicking ass

• leo fitz take care of him pls he’s a precious sunshine child

• jemma simmons her too

• avengers meeting coulson again that would be fab

pls and thank

Twitter chat with Lukas Podolski
  • Fans: Who's the funniest player in training?
  • Poldi: Difficult...I think It´s me:-)
  • Fans: Who is your football hero? :)
  • Poldi: We call him Il Fenomeno.
  • Fans: What is your favorite movie?
  • Poldi: Blood Diamond, Rambo...I like the Bud Spencer movies...Transporter..Hangover. and many more..
  • Fans: If you could be a character from a video game for a day, who would you be?
  • Poldi: Hulk.
  • Fans: Tea or coffee?
  • Poldi: Tea, we're in Britain.
  • Fans: Barca or Madrid?
  • Poldi: Everybody knows I like Barca :-)
  • Fans: Are you friends with Draxler?
  • Poldi: Yes, a good friend and great talent.
  • Fans: How long does Giroud take to do his hair before a game?
  • Poldi: I can tell you that he needs more time than many players...
  • Fans: Schweinsteiger or Mertesacker as a roommate?
  • Poldi: Rather alone... One is too big, and the other one I've had enough after ten years. :-)
  • Fans: If you had a choice would you rather play for Tottenham or retire?
  • Poldi: Retire.
  • Fans: Can I marry you?
  • Poldi: Sorry I´m happy to have a fantastic family.:-)
Avengers Chatroom: Movie Night

Wanda has created a chatroom.

Wanda has invited Y/N, Nat, Steve, Clint, Vision.

Wanda: Do any of you want to watch a movie tonight?

Vision: Yes, I would like to.

Y/N: What Vision means: YEEEEEEESSSSSSS. Also, hell yeah.

Steve: What about the others?

Nat: Are you having Bucky withdrawal symptoms?

Y/N: I think he is.

Steve: I am not. It would be rude to not invite them. But, my answer is yes.

Clint: Sameeee. What movie are we going to watch?

Odin has joined the chat.

Odin: I heard Loki has an 8 pack. That he’s shredded.

Y/N: we know it’s you loki

Wanda: What did I just witness?


Odin has left the chat.

Steve: Why does he keep joining our chatrooms?

Nat: We should ban him.

Vision: I agree. He is dangerous.

Wanda: He is fun though

Vision: I am fun.

Vision: I mean, we are more fun.

Y/N: What do we have here?

Nat: Adorable.

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: I sensed my brother.

Y/N: He was here, but he left.

Wanda: Want to join our movie night?

Thor: I accept!

Loki has joined the chat.

Loki: Why does HE get to stay?

Nat: Because he isn’t responsible for the New York incident.





Vision has removed Loki.

Vision has removed Thor.

Y/N: I was enjoying that …

Wanda: Yeah! Beats any movie.

Clint: Do you think they’re really fighting

Y/N: I hear thunder

Nat: Okay, grab your umbrellas. Steve, get the popcorn.

Nat has left the chat.

Y/N: This is going to be amazing.

Y/N has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Steve: Do we really need to watch Asgardians fight?

Clint: YES.

Clint has left the chat.

Steve: Everyone is going to catch a cold!

Steve has left the chat.

Vision: I must analyze Loki’s fight pattern for future reference.

Vision has left the chat.

A/N: I would like to thank Matt, the radar technician for the Starkiller base (also Kylo Ren’s biggest fan), for the inspiration.

  • “Does this shirt look okay on me?”
  • “Yes, that shirt looks very nice on you.”
  • Hugs from behind
  • Side hugs
  • Hugs, lots of hugs
  • Shy kisses at first that escalate into a full scale makeout session
  • Small public displays of affection everyone picks up on
  • Teasing each other
  • You messing up his hair and making him pout so in retaliation he doesn’t let you wear your favorite hoodie of his
  • Stealing his hoodies
  • Cheesy movie marathons
  • Shy sex at first
  • Sex where he lets you ride him
  • Michael and Calum teasing the two of you and Ashton scolding them for teasing
  • Ashton calling your relationship “puppy love”
  • Michael calling it nauseating
  • All of the boys being 110% supportive

Zootopia Love #60

“What is your problem?  Does seeing me fail somehow make you feel better about your own sad, miserable life?”

 "It does, 100%.“

Love this little exchange.  While Nick responds in his typical glib fashion, the truth is slipping out here. It’s the culmination of the evidence from his very specific ‘let me dash your dreams’ speech earlier pointing out that yes, indeed, Nick is trying to ruin Judy’s success.  It’s him trying to not remind himself that he has, indeed, given up.  That little Junior Ranger, who wears a shirt that reminds him of home, who still carries around his Junior Ranger scarf, that fox is still there, but it’s hiding from the world behind a slick and sarcastic shell. To keep him safe from that ever happening again.  The mechanism is trying to be right by proving Judy wrong and making her fail.  

It’s that shell that responds to Judy’s question.

It’s that shell, however, that starts getting disrupted on the platform in the Rainforest District.

It’s the real Nick who shows up under the bridge.


GINTAMA: favourite relationships[Sa-chan + Otae]

↳ S: Just so you know, my darling is super hot!
Of course, since he’s CG.