m a r c h  -09-  b p c  ||  book haul (pt. 3)  ||  red to yellow

Love in the Time of Cholera - Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
Half Broke Horses - Jeanette Walls
Shanghai Girls - Lisa See
Beautiful Ruins - Jess Walter
Yes, Chef - Marcus Samuelsson
Then We Came to the End - Joshua Ferris
Total spent: $2.00

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Her reaction is my reaction.

Book cover for Random House Trade Paperbacks  |  Art Director: Robbin Schiff  |  Designer: Anna Bauer  |  Lettering: Chelsea Cardinal  |  Published 2013

Harry Styles business card inspired by Relief Next To Me by Dolce_Piccante (haydolce)

Harry took it out of the box and felt along the bottom. He turned it over in his hand and saw that there was a thin flap of leather folded over the entire top of the wallet, a small capital HS burned into the bottom corner. He used his thumb to push the front of the wallet up, revealing a small stack of white card stock.

“What–” He blinked down at his hand. He glanced at Louis and laughed out, “What is this?”

“Take one out. Have a look.”

Harry took the top card out of the wallet, his head involuntarily shaking side to side.

It was a business card for Harry Styles, Chef. The card was white with raised, matte black lettering, the font simple yet masculine. The card included contact information and a small sketch of a whisk placed off to the bottom right corner.

Instead of his personal information, it listed an unknown mobile number and the email address:, along with the website on the bottom centre of the card.