Is There A Doctor In The Room

So Creampuffs, I’ve got something for ya.

I was working on something for Carmilla Week and then a plot bunny hopped in, sat on my head and refused to leave. Sadly, the idea matched a prompt I’d already finished and that story was a bit more fitting.

However, what with the news of the 13th doctor and all, I did feel like writing this. Consider it an early entry!

“I’m just so excited!” Laura all but squealed, squirming in her seat. She knew she was getting some weird looks from neighbouring tables, but honestly if her relationship with Carmilla had taught her anything it was how to ignore those. They got them a lot, after all.

Sometimes people recognized them from Laura’s videos, sometimes they just recognized Laura from her column and articles at the paper and sometimes they just wondered why the perpetually broody girl glaring at everything was with the smiley ball of sunshine on a sugar rush.

Well, they got other strange looks too, but the sentiment behind those was typically less friendly and the short journalist tried not to think on those too much.

Hell, she wasn’t even paying much attention to anything other than what she was talking about at this point because she was so freaking psyched. “I mean, I really didn’t mind the male doctors or anything. They were so, so great and I became a fan of their versions…well, most of them anyway. But now we finally, finally have a female doctor.”

Across the table, holding Laura’s hand, sat Carmilla. The ex-vampire was giving Laura an indulgent, if slightly bored smile as her girlfriend rambled on and on. “And I get to interview her! Me! I have soooooo many questions.”

Carmilla chuckled and squeezed the honey-blonde reporter’s hand. “Cupcake, I think they want an article that’s more than a confirmation of fan theories.” She teased as she speared a piece of her steak. Carmilla still preferred it  nearly raw and bloody, which Laura half-suspected was just to make a point.

She’d been pushing it around her plate and reluctantly nibbling for most of the evening, though. Odd…and kind of a waste, since this restaurant was ridiculously fancy and expensive.

“I know, I know.” Laura lamented, pouting. “But just think what this can do for female representation! I mean, there’s more female role models now but none are quite as established a character as the doctor, you know?” She stopped talking just long enough to shovel some food into her mouth. “Oh god, what would happen if she met River? That would be really cool for LGBTQ viewers, you know?”

The blonde suddenly stopped and frowned. “Well, I dunno, there’s already a lot of people bitching online so maybe they won’t go that far with it.” She muttered. “They’ll probably make the companion male, just to keep the balance there. I guess people might complain that the whole deal with River would kind of make the doctor gay when really I doubt the doctor has a preference considering-Carm, are you okay?”

Carmilla’s head snapped back to Laura and she gave her a wry smile. “Sorry, Cupcake. I was distracted for a bit.”

“Oh.” Laura muttered. “Crap, am I boring you? I’m sorry Carm it’s just that I saw the announcement at work and then Gemma told me that I’d get to do the interview and I’ve been so excited about all of it that I didn’t even ask about your day and-“

“Whoa, hey, Cupcake no.” Carmilla quickly cut her off. “Laura, I love that you’re excited. Look at you. You look like Christmas and your birthday both came at once.” She chuckled and pressed a kiss to the back of Laura’s hand. “I’m sorry, I’m just a bit distracted.”

Carmilla drained her glass and signalled a waiter before turning back to Laura. “So, I take it you’re bringing your mug to this interview?” She asked with a smirk.

Laura gave her girlfriend an unimpressed look. This matter was not over and they would be talking about it when they got home, but if Carmilla wanted to change the subject back then that was fine for now. “Of course. If I come home without a signed mug I’ll consider the whole thing a failure. Do we still have-“

She stopped when the waitress came by with two glasses of champagne and couldn’t keep herself from glaring. The perky brunette had been perfectly polite all evening, but she had also been giving Carmilla strange smiles.

This was hardly the first time people flirted with Carmilla in front of her, but that didn’t mean Laura had grown to like it any better.

Once the waitress had left, Laura continued where she left off. “Do we still have that marker that Laf tried to enchant?”

“The one that moved by itself and wrote satanic messages that we couldn’t erase?”  Carmilla muttered absently, not really looking at Laura. “I think it’s chained up in my office.”

“Good.” Laura grinned as she grabbed her glass. She really didn’t remember Carmilla ordering this, but she had kind of tuned out once she learned that the restaurant served triple chocolate cake as a desert. Besides, she wasn’t about to turn down champagne. “See, if I can get it to behave, I can still wash my mug after it’s signed.”

She took a healthy drink of champagne and saw Carmilla’s eyes widen in horror just before something cold and sharp lodged in her throat. Immediately she began to cough, retch and choke. Her glass dropped from her fingers and shattered on the floor.

“Laura!” Carmilla shot up and rushed to her side, more panicked than the journalist had ever seen her.

Tears sprung to the blonde’s eyes as she pounded herself in the chest while her throat spasmed around whatever was lodged in it. Finally a particularly sharp blow knocked it loose and with a gross, retching noise a glittering piece of metal shot from Laura’s throat on to her plate.

She took in deep, much needed breaths while her girlfriend hovered nervously at her side, rubbing her back and holding back her hair. “Fuck, Laura. Cupcake, are you okay?”

Laura nodded wordlessly and raised her head to see what she had nearly choked to death on.

A ring. Glinting in candlelight and partially covered in sweet and sour sauce was a gorgeous silver ring with a very big, very pretty ruby. Her heart stopped.

‘A ring. A ring in my champagne glass. I nearly choked on a ring in my champagne glass.’ Her brain replayed those thoughts a few times, before arriving at the next point that seemed important in her oxygen starved state. ‘Wait, why was there a ring in my glass? I could have died!’

She turned to Carmilla and pointed at the deadly weapon on her plate. “What the hell, Carmilla!”

Utterly baffled, the former vampire only blinked at her.

“Why would you do that?” Laura demanded, still pointing at the ring. “I could have died? Are you trying to kill me?”

The dark-haired girl’s eyes narrowed and she crossed her arms. “Well, gee, Cupcake I must be playing the really, really long game if that was the plan.” She drawled sarcastically. “Step one, repeatedly fail to seduce you. Step two, fall in love with you. Step three, relationship drama. Step four, everything literally goes to hell. Step five, everything is fixed. Step six, inexplicable murder. What do you imagine my next step is? World domination? It’s not my fault that you downed $800 champagne like a shot without looking at it!”

“You buy stuff like that all the time!” Laura fired back. More than one argument in the Hollis-Karnstein household had started because Laura had sent Carmilla out for milk and eggs and she returned with six bottles of expensive champagne.

More offended at the snark than at nearly choking to death by this point, Laura returned the glare with one of her own. “Oh ha ha, very clever Carm.” She growled, rubbing her throat. “None of this explains the choking hazard in my champagne!”

Carmilla let out a long groan and covered her face with both hands. “My god, it’s like you’re trying to be the embodiment of all blonde jokes right now.” She sighed. When her hands came down again, she snatched up the ring from Laura’s plate and shoved it in her face. “I’m trying to propose, you unbelievable twit!”

Everything went very quiet.

“Oh.” Laura muttered dumbly, staring at the ring. “I…Sorry. I probably should have realized that.” She muttered as a bright blush began to spread over her cheeks.

The tension drained from Carmilla and she smiled at her girlfriend’s embarrassment. “Ok, let’s try this again.” The pale girl sank to one knee, quickly wiped off the ring and held it out to Laura again.

“Cupcake…Laura…” She began, falteringly. “I love you. Those words feel so inadequate when I think of how I should describe my feelings, but I know by now that if I start waxing poetic you’ll either cry or call me pretentious.”

Laura had to quickly stifle a sob with her hand.

Carmilla chuckled. “I love you when you’re happy and smiling. I love you when you’re sad and all I want to do is make it all go away. I love you when you’re mad and passionate and rambling.” She took Laura’s hand and kissed her knuckles. “I’m mortal now, so until we figure out that immortality thing, I only have so much time and I don’t want to spend a moment of it without you.”

Carmilla cleared her throat, dark eyes shining with tears even as she smiled at her lover. “You see me. You’ve seen every part of me and even the parts that should have made you terrified or should have sent you running…well, they didn’t. It hasn’t been easy, but we made it and each day I wake up happy that you chose me.”

“Carm…” Laura whimpered, thick happy tears freely running down her cheeks now.

“We’re better together, Cupcake.” Carmilla continued, playing with Laura’s fingers. “So I-I hope you’ll marry me and be with me forever.”

“Yes! Yes, yes, of course you idiot!” Laura cried, hauling Carmilla up into a messy, desperate kiss. She was vaguely aware of applause breaking out around them, but who the hell cared? She was kissing Carmilla and she loved her and she was so fucking happy because they were engaged!

They broke the kiss just long enough for Carmilla to slip the ring on Laura’s fingers clumsily before Laura tugged her new fiancée into another kiss. And another, and another.

“Fucking Doctor Who.” Carmilla laughed through her tears between kisses. “Stealing my thunder.”

“This is so much better than the doctor.” Laura sighed, resting her forehead against her fiancée’s. She really wasn’t going to get tired of that word any time soon. “But when we have kids, we’re telling them this whole proposal was way les embarrassing.”

Carmilla laughed into the next kiss and pulled back with a sheepish grin. “That might be hard, because the ginger twins are two tables over, filming everything.”

Laura followed Carmilla’s gaze and sighed when she saw and excited Lafontaine and a teary Perry wave with a camera resting on their table. “Dammit, Carm, you gotta warn a girl.”

Carmilla laughed. “Like when she’s about to ingest an ungodly expensive ring?” She asked with a cheeky grin.

“Stop pretending that was my fault.” Laura pouted. “Maybe I was just expecting you to propose with something less clichéd than a ring in my champagne.”

Carmilla really burst out laughing at that. She kissed Laura one last time and climbed to her feet. “Cupcake, we’re roommates who hated each other at first and then fell desperately in love, spent quite some time pining for each other and got back together after an extremely messy break-up and went on to get married…or engaged at least.”

Carmilla grinned down at her. “The whole vampire thing aside, we’re living proof that a bit of cliché can’t hurt.”

alcor-a5v  asked:

If the vets would say what they honestly think of themselves using only four words, which ones would they use?

Mike: Yes Yes, Very Good
Erwin: Forever Alone But Successful
Hanji: Sometimes I Am Questionable
Moblit: Fuck My Fucking Life
Levi: No Regrets My Ass

The One That Got Away- Jeff Atkins x Reader

  • Warnings: You will need tissues is all i’m saying, i cried writing this
  • Italics means flashbacks

“Please not her, don’t hurt her.”

The words rang in your head as you sat in the open field of soft grass, the autumn breeze blowing gently through your soft curls, your back leaning against a large tree. The words somewhat haunted you, making you feel like you were suffocating in a deep ocean of memories.

The sounds of soft mumbles made you look down in your lap to see your baby boy stirring in his sleep, his lips making a permanent frown, whimpers soon leaving them.

“Mama! Mama!” He cried, rubbing at his eyes. “Shh, its okay my love, it’s just a dream.” You whispered, hugging him into your chest, trying to subside his cries. “Want to tell me what it was about?” You asked.

“There was a bad man and he tried to take you away from me.” His words had no meaning, but it reminded you of the most dreadful night you had ever experienced. The night your love was taken away from you.

“My baby!” Your mother smiled, pulling you into a hug. “Congratulations!” She cheered, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. “Ma, don’t cry, you’ll only make me emotional.” You mumbled with a smile, hugging her back.

“I’m sorry but i’m just so happy for you and Jeff, honey.” She whispered, finally letting the tears fall.

You and Jeff had a small party with friends and family to announce your pregnancy at a local restaurant. All of your friends were excited since they knew both of you would be great parents as well as your family.

“It took four years for Jeff’s pull out game to get weak.” Was the first thing your best friend, Monty, said to you when he came to congratulate you, all your friends laughed at his joke.

“At least it was the best feeling she’s ever felt.” Jeff’s cheeky response made you push him away playfully, only for him to pull you into a hug. He looked you in the eyes and you smiled you at him with so much admiration. “I love you.”

Your heart clenched hearing those words, it felt like he had told you those words for the first time, it always had made your heart skip a beat. Somewhere deep inside, your chest felt like something was wrong, your stomach filled with butterflies and your mind held a small feeling of anxiety, but you pushed it aside, blaming it on feeling overwhelmed with so much happiness.

“I love you, too.”

“It’s okay baby. Nobody is ever gonna take me away from you. Remember what i told you? Daddy will protect us even if he’s not here with us. Why don’t you try to go back to sleep?” You whispered, running your hands through your son’s hair.

“I’m scared when i wake up, the bad man will hurt us. I’m scared, mommy.” He whimpered, clutching your blouse.

“Daddy saved us from a bad man once, he was a hero, he was my hero and now he’s your hero. He’s up in the sky right now, chasing the bad man away from your dreams right now. By the time you go back to sleep, the bad man will be gone and you will see him in your dreams.” Your voice was broken to think about the love of your life, but you had to be strong for your boy. For Jeff.

“Thanks for coming guys.” Jeff was bidding a goodbye to your parents as you helped your friends clean up the restaurant.

“Y/N, you and Jeff go home. We can clean up.” Justin said, stopping you from picking up the cups on the tables. “Yeah girl, go home. You’re exhausted and you need rest. For you and the baby.” Jessica agreed, walking over to you with a stern, motherly look.

“But we held the party, we should clean up after ourselves.” You try and argue with the group, but Hannah shook her head, “No, we will clean and you and your lover will go and rest. It’s okay, we got this.” She reassured you, grabbing the rag out of your hand. “Go.”

You sighed, looking over at Jeff, who nodded, knowing you needed to rest even if you were too stubborn to admit it. “Fine! But next time, i will help clean. Pregnant or not.” You said, making your friends chuckle at your stubbornness. You hugged every single one of them as Jeff grabbed your purse and jacket. “Bye guys, i love y'all.” You hummed, grinning at them. “We love you too, now go and rest for my niece or nephew!” Jessica fussed, opening the door for you.

Your apartment wasn’t far from the restaurant so Jeff and you decided to walk. The both of y'all were giggling and smiling with every step you took, if someone were to look at the two of you they would think y'all were just two kids in love.

“I really freaking love you, y/n. I’ve spent four years of my life with you and it’s been nothing but an amazing journey. Yes, we may have our ups and downs, but i know by the end of the day, i will always be coming home to you, no matter what. You’ve been the most amazing girlfriend i could ever ask for and i am blessed to say you’re mine. This baby is another step in our future, but i’m hoping this is a solid promise to forever between us.”

Jeff stopped walking and you turned confused to why he was suddenly quiet, only to see him down on one knee, looking up at you. The street lights illuminated his face perfectly and the starry night made the scene so perfect. You gasped as he pulled out a small black box.

“Will you, Y/N Y/L/N, do the honors of marrying me and blessing me with the promise of forever?” Tears filled your eyes and you looked at him with a smile.

“Yes! Yes! Forever!” You cried, making him stand up and pull you into a kiss. In that moment, the anxiety came back when you heard the squeals of tires.

When you pulled away, a car pulled up in front of you and two men came out with a gun. “Give me your money!” They yelled, pointing a gun at both you and Jeff. The line was cliche, but it was real.

Jeff being his selfless self, stood in front of you and you clutched tightly onto his arm, fear evident. “I have the money, man. Not her.” One of them grabbed Jeff and threw him on the floor and you cried out for your boyfriend.

“Whatever you do, please not her. Don’t hurt her. Not the mother of my unborn child.” The words seemed to take effect when one of the guys dropped his gun from your head, but he still held a grip on your arm.

“Give me the money!” Was what the guy, who held Jeff down in a kneeling position with the gun pointed to his back, repeated. Jeff looked into your eyes and he mouthed, “I love you, forever.”

Your sobs were hitting harder as you mouthed back, “I love you, forever.” For once, your life flashed before your eyes and soon you heard a gunshot go off. The men were quick to run when they grabbed the ring. In the quick second, you dropped to your knees to catch your boyfriend.

“Jeff!” You cried, holding his head in your lap. “Please, stay with me. Baby, keep your eyes open!”

You studied his face and saw that he wasn’t frowning, but smiled with a soft look. “It’s okay, my love. It doesn’t hurt, i’m not in pain.” He whispered, blood starting come out of his mouth. “Will you tell him? Tell him, i love him.” He asked, knowing he was referring to your baby, you nodded with tears as he held his hand to your cheek, trying to wipe your tears. “It’s going to be a boy, i just know it.” He whispered, coughing up more blood.

“Just stay with me, please. Stay with me, Jeff.” Your voice wavered, trying to find your phone to call an ambulance. “I-i want you to know baby, y-you’re going to be a great mother. I love you. Forever-r, I p-promise.” He stuttered, causing you to cry harder.

“I love you, too, baby. Forever. Please stay with me. Please.” You whimpered, trying to grasp that he was going to leave you. The life felt like it was being sucked out of you with every second passing by. When Jeff’s eyes finally looked up at the starry night, your breath hitched. “No! No! No! Jeff! Oh my god! Someone help me!” You sobbed, frantically trying to get some help.

“Y/N-” Your group of friends not to far from you called out. “O-oh my god, Y/N!” Monty ran faster than everyone else, stopping when he saw his best friend’s body on the ground, lifeless.

“Jess! Call an ambulance.” Justin called out, running to you with a heavy heart by the sight in front of him. You cried into the chest of your lover, broken hearted with nothing left, but the child in you.

You looked down to see your baby asleep with a small smile on his face and you smiled softly. He looked so much like his father. Brown hair, soft blue eyes, dimples.

You looked at the stone in front of you and smiled with watery eyes, “You’re his hero, thank you.” You whispered to Jeff’s grave stone. “I love you, forever. I promise.”

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A Royal Engagement

A Royal Engagement

All rights to Hiro Mashima I do not own Fairy Tail

Dedicated to @beaxnalu  

I hope you like it!


“Lay off.”

“Don’t be like that babe,” He slings his arm around her shoulder causing her to suddenly lurch forward, the glass of wine spilling all over Lucy’s dress. “This is an engagement party right? Just relax and give into me.”, A smirk rests on his lips as he eyes the princess he caught, “I bet you taste delicious.”

A sudden sense of dread crawls up inside of her as she realizes what’s about to happen. But Lucy was never one to show fear and instead glowers at him, “I’m not afraid of you.”

“Oh? Does the kitten have claws?” His hand strokes her shoulder tugging the fabric of her dress before attempting slide it down only to feel a sudden wave of heat slam into him. A claw grabs the roots of his hair and forces him to look up at the attacker only to find a dangerously angry Natsu glaring down at him.

“Somehow, I don’t think she likes you.”

Natsu’s eyes had already turned to slits, ruby red scales decorating his tan skin. The prince of dragons was in mid-transformation and to Lucy’s amazement her attacker wasn’t fazed.

“Back off gecko, I caught her so she’s mine now.”

There was a sharp cry as the man, now bleeding profusely from his face, was thrown across the room. Natsu grabs hold of Lucy and quickly takes her outside to the palace gardens not wanting any man to be near her that night. Because Lucy had recently turned 16, it was decided that she would attend the annual royal engagement ball where royalty from around the country would come in search of a lover. The only requirements to attend the ball was to be 16 yrs old and up, and to have either a high status or royal position. And Lucy being the princess of the heavens, fit the requirements. Natsu was 18 and had gone to the ball twice now, each time returning emptyhanded and bride-less, Lucy could never understand how someone as handsome and kind as Natsu couldn’t seem to land a date but he never liked discussing it.

The location of the ball would change each year to a different kingdom, last year it was held at Fairy Tail and with the Celestial kingdom being Fairy Tail’s neighbor it was only right to have the ball at Lucy’s palace this year.

“Did he hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine really, thanks for helping me back there.”

“That’s good.” Natsu says and his eyes change back to normal, the scales were still there and Lucy could tell that he was agitated so she suggested they go on a walk through the gardens. It was late at night and the moon lit the path quite nicely, he reluctantly agreed and held her hand as the two of them walked along the path.

“Do you remember that one time we played hide and seek? I was searching for you and suddenly you lept from behind a bush and tackled me.”

This earns a laugh from the prince. “I had to Luce it was the perfect opportunity!”

There’s another moment of silence as they continue hand in hand, Natsu still upset with what happened prior and Lucy trying to think of ways to get calm him down. Natsu was always protective of her and although Lucy couldn’t quite place it, the prince often got upset over any man who flirted with her.

“I remember the first day I met you,” Lucy starts, gaining his attention. “It was my tenth birthday and mother took me to Fairy Tail so I could see a dragon for the first time.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you get lost?”

“Haha yeah but you found me and we ended up spending the whole day together.”

A smile rests on his lips, the ruby and garnet like scales finally starting to disappear. “We’ve been friends for six years now.”

She squeezes his hand, “I’m glad I met you back then, you’re really important to me Natsu I hope you know that. “

“Oi Lucy…about that, you’re important to me too.”

“That’s kind of you to say-“

“No. Lucy, you are really important to me.”

Now she was confused, first he was happy but now Natsu was a mix of seriousness and nervousness. Seriously nervous? Nervously serious? Something like that.


“I…hey have you ever wondered why I haven’t, um…found anyone yet?”

“You mean at the engagement ball? I always thought you just hated parties.”

“Well yeah that’s true but…”


“The truth is Luce, I found someone a long time ago. Someone special.”

Now she was even more confused, was he talking about Lisanna or Erza? But Lisanna was in love with someone else wasn’t she? And Erza was in an off and on relationship with Jellal right?

“But she couldn’t come to the ball so I waited for two years, even longer.” He stops walking and takes both her hands in his. Lucy can’t help but look into his rich brown eyes, was Natsu really going to…? Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of that, that tingly light headed feeling that always came when Natsu got close grew inside her.

“I can’t wait anymore Lucy and I know I’m awful at speeches but-“

“Yes.” The answer was immediate and Natsu laughs nervously.

“I haven’t even finished Luce. I-I just…it’s that being with you I can’t help but love everything about you and God I’m sorry I sound so lame saying this. I was going to write a speech but I burnt all the paper thinking about you and then…why are you laughing?”

“Natsu you are absolutely perfect, yes fucking yes. Forever and always.”

“Really?” She can hear the excitement in his voice and now both of them are crying with joy.

“Yes you idiot! A million times yes!”

Not even the stars could shine as bright as their joy that night.

Forget Me Not

Prompt: Drunk Elain and her shenanigans. 

Pairing: Elain x Lucien (Elucien)
Genre: Fluff. I needed Elucien fluff.
Rating: SFW

Author’s note: This is me distracting myself from reaching my word goal for NaNoWriMo lol. I’m planning a part two with drunk Lucien instead. || @alicemoonwonderland

Previous ACOTAR works - Bouquet Full of Loathing || Do the Do || Banned by the Boss || The Sun ||  Till the Darkness Dies || An Ember Among the Shadows ||

Feedback is always welcome :))) 

“I can’t believe you guys let her get drunk. I wasn’t even gone for that long!”

Lucien stared at his sister in-laws in disbelief but the two only gave him sly smiles.

“You were gone long enough and she’s such a lightweight. Do you have any idea how fun it is to watch her drunk?” Feyre said with a snort, taking a sip of her own drink.

Nesta watched Elain with a smirk. “She’s the one who said she could handle it and we shouldn’t worry about her so much.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love your writing!! bless you, i'm going to read all of your works, they are amazing <3 Could you do a genji x reader where reader finds a ring genji had been planning on using to propose to them? :3 may be young!genji or not, it's up to you!!

Thank you sweetie! So glad you’re enjoying it :’) this was so fun to write. I hope it’s okay, I wrote present-day Genji.

Originally posted by gabielreyes

It had been another wonderful and amorous year shared with your lover. Throughout your time together, Genji had been so kind and loving. When you first met him, there was an instant attraction and over time he grew to trust and confide in you. On one unexpected day, he finally unmasked himself, ready to give in to you completely. With the visor finally off, his warm, hazel eyes met with yours and sparks immediately flew. He allowed himself to be completely vulnerable to you and it was one of the single most nerve-wrecking moments of his life, as well as the most precious – that is, until another moment like that would come by.

Some time had passed, and for this particular anniversary, Genji decided to take you to his ancestral home of Hanamura for the first time. Despite its iniquitous past, it still held an important place in his heart. During your visit there, you saw where Genji had grown up during his childhood, living carefree and liberated. He took you to his favorite arcade and restaurant and other places he would visit from time to time.

Nearing the end of the day, the two of you had a quiet, candlelit dinner on a rooftop. It was was such a wondrous sight to see. The building was high enough that it just barely overlooked most of the city. The stars twinkled so brightly, and there was a slight but sweet smell in the breeze that came from the idyllic cherry blossoms.

“You look so beautiful tonight, my love,” Genji whispered in your ear.

The man could barely keep his eyes off you the entire night. He truly looked so smitten and in love with you, you had to ask yourself what forces in the universe had conspired to bring such a perfect being in your life.

“Genji, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me here. It’s so– it’s almost magical. I’m so glad I get to share this with you,” you said as he held your hands in his.

“(Y/N), there is no one else I would rather share this moment with than you,” he smiled.

“I know, baby,” you replied, a slight blush spreading across your cheeks.

“But you know, (Y/N), the night isn’t over,” he smirked.

You raised a brow, “Oh, it’s not?”

The sweet moment was interrupted as a cold breeze passed by, bringing a chill to you as it undulated through the rooftop.

“Ohh ~” you shuddered, “Genji, I’m feeling a bit–”

“Cold?” He cut you off as he held his coat in front of him, smiling.

You nodded, letting him place it on your shoulders. Despite the man being part omnic, the coat felt so warm, his aroma lingering around you. You breathed in his scent. Home.

As you fixed the coat around you, you felt something hard and in the shape of a box in the left pocket. You curiously felt for it and proceeded to take it out.

“Hey, what is th–”

“(Y/N), wait, that’s-” his voice cut off.


But to his disadvantage, it was too late. In your hand, you held a tiny, wooden box.

Your eyes grew wide. Could this be what you thought it was?

You stammered, “Genji! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to- I mean, I hope I didn’t ruin–” your words stopped at the touch of his soft lips brushing against yours.

Genji pulled back, and shook his head with a grin on his face, “You didn’t ruin anything, (Y/N). In fact, I did promise the night wasn’t over…”

He took the wooden box from your hands, eyeing it close. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and stood still for a few moments, as if composing himself. You stood there silently waiting for his next move, the excitement building in your belly. He reopened his eyes and locked them with yours.

“(Y/N), my life has never been steady. I have had to build myself up entirely after being broke down again and again. I felt so lost most of my life and I truly believed things would never get better. But I am a different man now. I am ready for the next chapter in my life, and I want it to begin with you. It is because I love you, that I will never give up on my life again… Well, I mean to say our life. Which is why I must make it my duty to ask…” he stopped briefly and did the unimaginable. He got down on one knee, pulled a beautiful, silver ring out of the box and asked:

“Please, (Y/N), will you give me the honor of marrying you?”

“Yes, Genji. Yes, now and forever. I accept!”

The man had tears welling in his eyes, but he ever so graciously slid the ring onto your finger, grinning from ear to ear. The waterworks overflowed, tears streaming down your face, you felt so overjoyed, your heart so full and bursting.

“Genji, I love you so much.”

He repeated his love proclamation to you, and pulled you in for a deep, passionate kiss, his arms wrapped around you. This moment signified the start of a brand new chapter in your lives as not two beings, but as soon to be one.

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Concept: Lueur constantly teleporting in from nowhere to give Honey things she needs. Hungry? She pops out of the fridge with a honeybun already in her hand. Period? She suddenly appears from the ceiling with tampons. Long day? She crawls out from under Honey's bed, and cuddles with her.


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I cant provide fluff in writing but a Promptio boardwalk date where Prompto really wants to win one of those huge jumbo stuffed animal prizes from the boardwalk games but ends up wasting all his money and not coming even close plus the person in the booth sorta teasing him until Gladio steps in and completely destroys the game, shutting up the rude guy and also winning the jumbo chocobo plush for his bf. Prompto makes sure to cherish the plushie forever



So I’m picturing it as one of those games where you have to knock over a stack of tin bottles or something, because anything involving shooting targets and Prom would own it. Those bottles ones suck because they’re usually rigged not to fall over without a tremendous amount of force. Prompto would try and try, and hit them dead on every time but they would never topple over. 

He’d get so frustrated, and the asshole at the counter (Dino, who else?) would grin and keep saying things like, “Third times a charm, kiddo. Hows about anothah shot?” Prompto would consider punching him, but then groan and hand over another 50 gil. 

By the time Gladio makes his way over, Prom’s pockets are empty and he’s nearly in tears because he tried so damn hard to win that giant chocobo plush, and he wants it soooo bad. Gladio swallows down his mouthful of funnel cake and takes in the situation; his boyfriend sniffling, the blonde jerk working the booth wearing a snide grin, the chocobo doll that looks like it’s at least as tall as Prompto and twice as fluffy. 

He sets the cake on the counter and slams 50 gil down next to it, and then he’s squeezing his massive fist around a rubber ball and lining up his mark. The ball hits the back of the tent with enough force to rip through the canvas (not to mention sending the tin bottles flying every which-way). Gladio laughs. Dino cowers. Prompto brightens up like a child in a candy shop as he pulls the chobobo plush down from it’s hook. 

It’s hard to kiss his boyfriend with the massive yellow floof cradled in his arms, but he manages it anyway. 

Gladio briefly wonders where the hell they’re going to keep that thing in their apartment, but then smiles into the kiss and decides that’s not what matters right now anyway. 


1.      Consent must be freely given. This means someone should not feel pressured or manipulated into doing something sexual. It is not OK to ask if something was OK half way through.

2.      Consent has to be informed.  This means being honest with your partner about whether you’ve been tested for STDs, what type of contraception you will use, and whether you have other partners.

3.      Consent is something you can take back at any time. It’s OK to stop or change your mind at any time. Saying “yes” once doesn’t mean saying “yes” forever, or “yes” to other sexual activities.

4.      Consent is enthusiastic, meaning both partners enthusiastically agree to have sex. There’s no guessing or reading minds.

Dennis Traditions- Ch. 1

If you want to view the prologue, scroll through my recent posts before the lucky cat I re-posted. You’re bound to find {Prologue} in there. :) Btw, Sydney was replaced with Celia since I didn’t want any confusion. The Sydney of the previous story only held the first name of a real person but was NOTHING like that person, I assure you. :)))

Luke introduced Jonathan to that handsome Asian with such a smirk sent towards Jonathan that he felt his spine shiver at the thought process Luke was just inching him towards. “This is my younger friend, a close brother-like figure to me, Jonathan Dennis. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Dennis Traditions? The whole state goes after those traditions as laws and guidelines after all.” 

Jonathan felt his face redden as the male smiled, “I’m Evan, pleasure to be of acquaintance.” Jonathan’s blush grew even more as Evan doubled over to properly peck Jonathan’s hand.

“T-The pleasure’s all mine.” Jonathan could hear his heart beat faster, swallowing nervously as Luke winked at him.

“No really, I must insist a delightful dinner at my house tonight. Me and my fiancee would love to cook you a meal for helping our engagement.”

Luke chuckled as Jonathan’s smile fell but quickly came back, “Oh but I must decline, I could never. Please, I’ll be alright with a simple greeting.”

Luke felt himself drop in joy as he noticed the sadness echoing in Jonathan’s eyes. He quickly hopped in before Evan could take notice, “Let’s go do our project, second in hand Fong!”

Jonathan felt his eyes droop even more that he’d lost a chance to be with such second handed power. “Mhm… Yes. I’ll catch you two later.” Jonathan flashed a quick smile and turned away to hide his frown as he headed through the back door.

His mother seemed to be displeased with this outcome, huffing and pouting that her son had lost such a grand chance to be combined with an upper middle class, almost lower high class.


The next day brought depression to Jonathan as he thought back to that gorgeous tanned face and those muscular abs hidden under that tank top with the loose red jacket slung over top.

Luke tried many times to get his best friend from his chambers but to no avail, he stayed inside. As Evan had arrived to work on the project, he came with great news. “Milady and I are to be married officially tomorrow evening and you all are invited!”

Jonathan was eating breakfast at the table at the time. He felt even sadder than he’d ever been before. Why was he so hasty to be married now? Was this what it felt like to be in love at first sight? He had no idea if Evan would leave him in the end anyway. He thought to himself, Give up and forever hold your peace…. break the traditions…

With great dismay, Jonathan trudged out the door to his early study hall group, hoping to distract himself. However…. Evan tagged along.

“What do you like to do, Dennis?”

“I um… I love playing games.” Jonathan smiled at his new friend.

“Oh… You’re a gamer nerd?” Evan seemed disinterested suddenly, as if trying to keep an appearance in front of the oncoming gaggle of girls.

Celia was among them. “Evyyyy! Baby, hey!”

Evan smiled suddenly, “Aw, Celia, my darling.”

Celia leaned up, wrapping her arms around his neck and pecking his cheek. She spread the two apart, walking between Jonathan and Evan. Jonathan swallowed the lump in his throat and walked faster, not knowing Evan followed him with his eyes but thinking  Evan did not want his company as he did not call him back…


From then on, Celia was always with Evan. From between classes, to lunch tables, to free period, even in the hallways. Now, each time Evan came over for dinner with the Dennis family as promised, Celia was there as his wife.

Jonathan spent more and more time hiding in his room thinking only at how unloved he could ever be playing these wretched games all day and all night and getting uglier by the days wasting past him like trash.

But how wrong he was. Evan adored the shorter male. The male had freckles dashingly cute across his nose and cheekbones which settled high on his face. His brunette fluffy hair was adorable and cute and kept Evan’s urge to pet through the strands present.

But Jonathan didn’t know, how was he to know?


Then came the monthly anniversaries. The first month anniversary, Jonathan was invited to come and share cake. He was the cake cutter and the balloon boy, meant to bring cheer to the children around and everyone else per usual Dennis traditions.

However, he never hated his traditional job as much as he did now. A job he’s had since birth, Jonathan finally hated this job more than his love life. He declined the invitation but it did not worst the relationship he and Evan had.

Therefore, Evan invited him to the second month anniversary but yet again received the same response. No…


Jonathan was close to losing all his charm. Luke did not badger around him as much as he used to. Luke bothered with the Fong family who was entangled with the Griffin family. The Patterson’s seemed to give up on the Dennis family after Marie moved in with Luke.

Jonathan felt his father’s annoyance towards him. He was a 23 year old man without a girlfriend, no love life in sight, no future settled. He was breaking the tradition that was set in stone hundreds of years ago.

He could tell his mother was beginning to feel lost towards Jonathan’s future. Would he even invest into his future though?

But he would.

He’s heard from the occasional visits from Luke that the Fong and Griffin family have historical issues. Ethnicity and Racial issues. One side was Italian while the other was Korean.

Evan and Celia would be split up before their three month anniversary. but that had not happened for there was the invitation with a note attached. “Meet me at the park” it read.

Jonathan did, wanting to know who the note was from. It was none other than Evan Fong, a heartbroken man with a desire to hold Jonathan’s hand. “Evan? What have you summoned me for?”

“Celia is gone, my friend. I have left the witch.”

“The witch?” Jonathan asked for confirmation, Evan’s hand taking his own.

“The witch has cheated on me. Jonathan Dennis, have you ever been in love before?”

Jonathan felt his heart hum in his chest as he stalled the minutes by, grasping Evan’s hand. “Yes… I have. It has hurt me.”

“I am sorry… Let me mend it…” Evan muttered, his gaze only dashing across Jonathan’s eyes for assurance.

Jonathan felt heat spread among his cheeks, “Fong… Are you… Are you asking me to take your hand?”

Evan smiled, “That is so.”

Jonathan felt tears brimming his eyes and swiftly launched his arms around his neck, “Yes!! Yes, I shall forever hold your hand with much grace!”

Evan grinned and hugged the lad back, pecking his cheek with pure joy. “Excellent, Dennis. Excellent.”

Jonathan let his tears fly, digging his face into Evan’s neck with great excitement, “I love you… So so much..”

“I shall never let you go then.” Evan smiled softly, wrapping his arms tight around Jonathan’s waist and carefully picking the shorter man up.

Jonathan instantly, as if instincts kicked in suddenly, wrapped his legs around Evan’s midsection and spread small pecks of appreciation across Evan’s cheeks.

The other smiled with soft chuckles, cheerfully making melodies in Jonathan’s ears. The two were combined at last.