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If the vets would say what they honestly think of themselves using only four words, which ones would they use?

Mike: Yes Yes, Very Good
Erwin: Forever Alone But Successful
Hanji: Sometimes I Am Questionable
Moblit: Fuck My Fucking Life
Levi: No Regrets My Ass

Dennis Traditions- Ch. 1

If you want to view the prologue, scroll through my recent posts before the lucky cat I re-posted. You’re bound to find {Prologue} in there. :) Btw, Sydney was replaced with Celia since I didn’t want any confusion. The Sydney of the previous story only held the first name of a real person but was NOTHING like that person, I assure you. :)))

Luke introduced Jonathan to that handsome Asian with such a smirk sent towards Jonathan that he felt his spine shiver at the thought process Luke was just inching him towards. “This is my younger friend, a close brother-like figure to me, Jonathan Dennis. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Dennis Traditions? The whole state goes after those traditions as laws and guidelines after all.” 

Jonathan felt his face redden as the male smiled, “I’m Evan, pleasure to be of acquaintance.” Jonathan’s blush grew even more as Evan doubled over to properly peck Jonathan’s hand.

“T-The pleasure’s all mine.” Jonathan could hear his heart beat faster, swallowing nervously as Luke winked at him.

“No really, I must insist a delightful dinner at my house tonight. Me and my fiancee would love to cook you a meal for helping our engagement.”

Luke chuckled as Jonathan’s smile fell but quickly came back, “Oh but I must decline, I could never. Please, I’ll be alright with a simple greeting.”

Luke felt himself drop in joy as he noticed the sadness echoing in Jonathan’s eyes. He quickly hopped in before Evan could take notice, “Let’s go do our project, second in hand Fong!”

Jonathan felt his eyes droop even more that he’d lost a chance to be with such second handed power. “Mhm… Yes. I’ll catch you two later.” Jonathan flashed a quick smile and turned away to hide his frown as he headed through the back door.

His mother seemed to be displeased with this outcome, huffing and pouting that her son had lost such a grand chance to be combined with an upper middle class, almost lower high class.


The next day brought depression to Jonathan as he thought back to that gorgeous tanned face and those muscular abs hidden under that tank top with the loose red jacket slung over top.

Luke tried many times to get his best friend from his chambers but to no avail, he stayed inside. As Evan had arrived to work on the project, he came with great news. “Milady and I are to be married officially tomorrow evening and you all are invited!”

Jonathan was eating breakfast at the table at the time. He felt even sadder than he’d ever been before. Why was he so hasty to be married now? Was this what it felt like to be in love at first sight? He had no idea if Evan would leave him in the end anyway. He thought to himself, Give up and forever hold your peace…. break the traditions…

With great dismay, Jonathan trudged out the door to his early study hall group, hoping to distract himself. However…. Evan tagged along.

“What do you like to do, Dennis?”

“I um… I love playing games.” Jonathan smiled at his new friend.

“Oh… You’re a gamer nerd?” Evan seemed disinterested suddenly, as if trying to keep an appearance in front of the oncoming gaggle of girls.

Celia was among them. “Evyyyy! Baby, hey!”

Evan smiled suddenly, “Aw, Celia, my darling.”

Celia leaned up, wrapping her arms around his neck and pecking his cheek. She spread the two apart, walking between Jonathan and Evan. Jonathan swallowed the lump in his throat and walked faster, not knowing Evan followed him with his eyes but thinking  Evan did not want his company as he did not call him back…


From then on, Celia was always with Evan. From between classes, to lunch tables, to free period, even in the hallways. Now, each time Evan came over for dinner with the Dennis family as promised, Celia was there as his wife.

Jonathan spent more and more time hiding in his room thinking only at how unloved he could ever be playing these wretched games all day and all night and getting uglier by the days wasting past him like trash.

But how wrong he was. Evan adored the shorter male. The male had freckles dashingly cute across his nose and cheekbones which settled high on his face. His brunette fluffy hair was adorable and cute and kept Evan’s urge to pet through the strands present.

But Jonathan didn’t know, how was he to know?


Then came the monthly anniversaries. The first month anniversary, Jonathan was invited to come and share cake. He was the cake cutter and the balloon boy, meant to bring cheer to the children around and everyone else per usual Dennis traditions.

However, he never hated his traditional job as much as he did now. A job he’s had since birth, Jonathan finally hated this job more than his love life. He declined the invitation but it did not worst the relationship he and Evan had.

Therefore, Evan invited him to the second month anniversary but yet again received the same response. No…


Jonathan was close to losing all his charm. Luke did not badger around him as much as he used to. Luke bothered with the Fong family who was entangled with the Griffin family. The Patterson’s seemed to give up on the Dennis family after Marie moved in with Luke.

Jonathan felt his father’s annoyance towards him. He was a 23 year old man without a girlfriend, no love life in sight, no future settled. He was breaking the tradition that was set in stone hundreds of years ago.

He could tell his mother was beginning to feel lost towards Jonathan’s future. Would he even invest into his future though?

But he would.

He’s heard from the occasional visits from Luke that the Fong and Griffin family have historical issues. Ethnicity and Racial issues. One side was Italian while the other was Korean.

Evan and Celia would be split up before their three month anniversary. but that had not happened for there was the invitation with a note attached. “Meet me at the park” it read.

Jonathan did, wanting to know who the note was from. It was none other than Evan Fong, a heartbroken man with a desire to hold Jonathan’s hand. “Evan? What have you summoned me for?”

“Celia is gone, my friend. I have left the witch.”

“The witch?” Jonathan asked for confirmation, Evan’s hand taking his own.

“The witch has cheated on me. Jonathan Dennis, have you ever been in love before?”

Jonathan felt his heart hum in his chest as he stalled the minutes by, grasping Evan’s hand. “Yes… I have. It has hurt me.”

“I am sorry… Let me mend it…” Evan muttered, his gaze only dashing across Jonathan’s eyes for assurance.

Jonathan felt heat spread among his cheeks, “Fong… Are you… Are you asking me to take your hand?”

Evan smiled, “That is so.”

Jonathan felt tears brimming his eyes and swiftly launched his arms around his neck, “Yes!! Yes, I shall forever hold your hand with much grace!”

Evan grinned and hugged the lad back, pecking his cheek with pure joy. “Excellent, Dennis. Excellent.”

Jonathan let his tears fly, digging his face into Evan’s neck with great excitement, “I love you… So so much..”

“I shall never let you go then.” Evan smiled softly, wrapping his arms tight around Jonathan’s waist and carefully picking the shorter man up.

Jonathan instantly, as if instincts kicked in suddenly, wrapped his legs around Evan’s midsection and spread small pecks of appreciation across Evan’s cheeks.

The other smiled with soft chuckles, cheerfully making melodies in Jonathan’s ears. The two were combined at last.

Beauty and the beast au - STONY

Once upon a time…

Tony was walking through forest he knew every inch of it. At least he thought he knew. Suddenly fog appeared all over him and he just keep going straight. The fog disappeared and he saw beautiful big castle in front of him he never saw before and it was incredible.

Tony was ‘wow’. How didn’t he noticed it before? Garden was awesome. He went to pick one rose but he stubbed. One drop of blood fell on floor but he didn’t mind, he took the rose. Everything there looked mysterious, but breathtaking. He entered the castle.

Right there was a big empty room, probably for royal ball. As door closed Tony heard footsteps. Someone was there. Okay, he’s just gonna excuse and leave.

“Arghh.” the beast left sound from the top of the stairs. It looked like bear. Or lion. Tony couldn’t think straight. He just go slow leap backwards, not to scare beast. He stepped on puddle and fall bacwards. The beast run as fast as it can and catch Tony on time.

He end up staring at beast’s eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. And he wasn’t scared anymore. The beast was staring too.

“You are not afraid?” the beast asked. Tony shook his head. “My name is Steve.” the beast said. “Tony.” he said still lost in beautiful blue eyes. Steve got him back, standing on his two feet. “You okay?” Steve asked a bit worriedly. Tony nodded but that’s not what he think about. “You can talk?” he asked. “As you see…” Steve said. Tony was still confused from all the events that happened. “You should really go now. I could hurt you.” Steve said. “No. This is beautiful. You have to show me everything in this castle.” Tony said admiring. “Okay. Follow me.” Steve said, “At your own risk.” he added afraid of his own actions.

“Wow.” was all Tony managed to say when he saw big room full of art. “That’s the people that run away when they saw me.” Steve said with sad in his voice “In other words everyone that saw me.” Tony looked at him with sad eyes but still full of hope. The tears formed in his eyes as he approached Steve.

“They didn’t saw your beauty. It’s not outside fake beauty that everyone wants to have.” Tony said and put his hand on Steve’s chest. “It’s inside. And that is why is it so beautiful.” Tony whispered and stand up on his toes to reach Steve’s lips. Steve kissed back with as much passion. Then he turned beautiful outside too. He was all shiny and amazing.

“This is the best day of my life.” Steve said. “I have something for you. I’m not thief so I’m just giving it back to you.” Tony said offering him a rose.

Steve took a rose. “You’ll make me happy if you keep it, but you’ll make the happiest man in the world if we keep it together.” he said.

“Are you asking me to be with you? Because that’s what I want the most in life.” Tony said.

“That’s exactly what I asked you.”

“Then yes. Yes forever.”

And their lips touched again.

And they lived happily ever after.

Septiplier Smut Tie me up and turn me over~

“H-Hey Mark?” Jack hestitately called out his boyfriend’s name. The Korean tore his attention away from the TV and looked Jack in the eyes, clearly sensing something is off about him.

He raised a black eyebrow. “Yeah, babe?” Mark asked in his usual deep and calming voice, god, that man could be a story teller that nobody would get bored of.

Jack shifted and blushed a light pink, squirming about in his seat on the couch. “I-I kind o’ want ta do somethin’ new…” Jack stuttered, casting his eyes to the fluffy carpet on the ground.

Mark got a puzzled look on his face as he slighty shifted his weight. “What are you on about?” Mark asked with a big fat question mark over his head. He tilted his head and Jack blush darkened.

“I-In the bedroom…” He murmured, stealing a glance at Mark. The half Korean’s eyes widened before narrowing with a smirk in a seductive look. He turned fully towards Jack and leaned closer. “You have my attention, baby boy. Go on~”

He urged in an excited half purr. Jack gave a nervous chuckle from his throat. “I want ye t’.. Tie me t’ the bed…” He told him with a nervous smile on his face. Mark shifted again, only this time less noticable.

He gave a deep chuckle which sent shivers down his lover’s pale back. Mark got up and leaned over Jack, holding his head in place by keeping a hand at the back of his neck. Jack could feel Mark’s breath against his ear.

“Is my little boy into some kinky stuff, huh?” Mark whispered with an even deeper tone. Jack trembled but slowly nodded. Mark smirked and picked Jack up bridal style, making the Irishman squeak in surprise and wrap his arms around the red head’s thick neck.

“M-Mark! Where are we going?” Jack asked puzzled as to why Mark had suddenly picked him up. Mark laughed. “You gave me a request and i’m gonna make it come true.” He explained with a grin.

Jack blushed brighter. “N-Now?!” He asked with almost a flinch as Mark was already dashing upstairs with the small Irishman in his arms. Mark laughed and gave a look of determination to Jack.

“Yeah, now.” He told him before slamming the door open and throwing Jack on the bed. Jack was nervous as hell, no doubt about it. But he was just as excited to see what Mark was gonna do to him. Mark stood at the end of the bed, slowly undoing his belt, and sliiiiiiding~ it off.

He had this devilish smirk on his face that meant no going back. “Get undressed, Kitten~” He purred and licked his lips as Jack quickly did as he was asked, soon being in nothing at all. Mark chuckled and crawled up to Jack, littering kisses as he went.

He kissed his jaw and neck three to four times before catching his lips and snaking his tonuge in. Jack whimpered when the Korean pressed his knee up against his naked crotch, sending sparks up his abdomen and making him try and cross his legs. Mark connected their tongues for a short while before pulling away.

He looked down to his knee and Jack was already half hard. He smirked and grabbed his belt again. “Arms over your head, Princess~” Mark told him and Jack did just that. The Korean tied the smaller man’s hands together and stuck to the bed, tightly so he couldn’t undo it.

Mark stood back on his knees, towering over Jack and smirking as he writhed beneath him. “That’s a good look on you, Jack~” Mark purred as he started the teasing. First leaning down to suck and bite at his pink nubs making the Irishman moan. He swirled his tongue around it before slowly going lower.

Jack arched his back as Mark licked over his belly button, making the Korean slightly smirk. He licked over Jack’s erect member, slightly sucking on the head before licking a strip from the base up to the head. Jack moaned louder and arched his back a bit more, pulling at the restraints making the Korean grin.

Mark licked the slit and began swirling his tongue around it. Teasing him, and making him whimper loudly. He whined. “M-Mark! S-Stop teasin’ me and get on with it!” He was already breathless, his voice coming out in ragged breaths causing attention to Mark’s own hard-on. He chuckled and gave a smooch to Jack’s member.

“Nah, don’t really feel like it.” He exclaimed with a smirk and ever-so-slowly jerked Jack off, causing the smaller Irishman to whimper and thrust into his touch, to which Mark took his other hand and pushed his hip back down, holding it in place. Due to the fact that Mark is a lot stronger than Jack, it deemed successful.

Mark took his hand up to his mouth and licked two of his fingers while Jack watched, his heart pounding and cheeks turning darker. Mark chuckled and sucked on them, which had Jack gulping. “Open up, Princess~” Mark said, taking his fingers out and patting his thigh rather harshly.

Jack whined and spread his legs, showing Mark everything. A grin spread across Mark’s face. “Good boy.” He cooed and reached down, prodding him with the first digit, making Jack whimper and tug at the restraints holding his arms captive over his head. He looked up at Mark with pleading eyes, only making the older one grin wider.

He slowly inserted his index finger into Jack, causing the younger one to roll his hips and moan at the sensation. Mark smirked and slowly began thrusting into him, adding another. Jack hissed slightly at the burn, but as Mark kept trusting he eventually got over it and let out a strangled moan.

Mark continued teasing the poor Irishman, grazing his fingertips against his prostate, just enough to not let Jack feel it. Jack whimpered in distress. “M-Mark, p-please…” Jack whispered in a breathy voice, trying to meet Mark’s thrusting to make him stop teasing. It didn’t work as Mark made sure that he would be begging.

He chuckled, lust gleaming in his eyes. “Please what, Jack?~” He purred leaning down to bite harshly on his neck. Jack let out what sounded like the mix between a moan and a whimper. He looked up at Mark. “P-Please Mark! I w-want it! Please give me yer cock…” His words were desperate and got more and more breathless, making Mark let out a groan himself.

“Alright, baby boy. I think you’ve had enough~.” Mark purred as he pulled his fingers out of Jack and wrapped them around his erection, lining his aching cock up with Jack’s entrance and began prodding at it. He used his other hand to grab a pillow and put it right in Jack’s face. “Bite the pillow, baby. I’m going in dry.” Mark warned him with a serious face.

Jack’s eyes widened and he quickly did as he was told, biting into the pillow. Hard. Mark let go of it and instead positioned his hand at Jack’s waist, slowly beginning to enter Jack’s tight heat. Jack whimpered and his eyes began watering as Mark kept pushing in deeper. His grip on the pillow tightened, and salive began coating the fluffy thing.

Mark leaned down and whispered praises in his ear. Things like: “You’re doing great, baby.” “You feel so good…” “There, there~”. It made the pain so much easier to handle. Mark was all the way in and waited for Jack to adjust, wearing a patient expression filled with love and care, even though there was still lust glazed over the chocolate colored orbs.

Jack knew he meant the love that was showing and let go of the pillow. He turned his head, but still kept eye contact with Mark. “Y-Ye can m-move..” He croaked, rolling his hips to make sure. And sure enough, he let out a whimper in need. Mark smiled and slowly pulled out.

Jack moaned as Mark pushed back in, faster than before, causing Jack to arch his back and groan loudly. Mark smirked and bega thrusting harder, leaning over Jack and groaning. Jack was jolting with every thrust, tugging at his restraints and begging Mark to go faster. Mark obliged after hearing his begging, going as fast as he could making Jack scream loudly.

As Mark pulled out again, he grazed Jack’s prostate, causing Jack to arch more and scream in ecstacy. Mark seemed to catch on and aimed his trhusts there to hit it spot on all the time. Jack cried out and tugged violently at the belt wrapped around his wrists. “M-Mark! A-AH!? I-I’m comin’!” Jack cried as he came across his chest painting it white. Mark growled as Jack tightened around him, sending him over the edge as well.

He bit harshly into where Jack’s collar meets his shoulder and buried himself as deep as possible, coming inside of the small Irishman. Jack and Mark panted as they looked each other in the eyes.

 They began chuckling and the Korean rolled over to lay besides the Irishman and cuddle up to him, only undoing the belt to have his wrists not bound to the bed but only to each other.

 He nuzzled into the green hair and smiled, enjoying this. “C-Can ye untie m'now?” Jack asked in a worn out voice chuckling a bit, before coughing.

Mark thought about it for a while.

“Nah. I like this.”

“Maaaaaark.. Fuck ye, ye bastard.”


1.      Consent must be freely given. This means someone should not feel pressured or manipulated into doing something sexual. It is not OK to ask if something was OK half way through.

2.      Consent has to be informed.  This means being honest with your partner about whether you’ve been tested for STDs, what type of contraception you will use, and whether you have other partners.

3.      Consent is something you can take back at any time. It’s OK to stop or change your mind at any time. Saying “yes” once doesn’t mean saying “yes” forever, or “yes” to other sexual activities.

4.      Consent is enthusiastic, meaning both partners enthusiastically agree to have sex. There’s no guessing or reading minds.

Peeta Imagine

for @alfrette

“Adam Brown”

Relief filled your body immediately followed by grief. You were relieved that you didn’t know the two kids standing on the stage but you also felt guilty for being relieved. That was still someone’s friend, sibling, or child. It was still another innocent child being used as a pawn for the Capital’s game, a game that the districts would never truly win. Effie finished her spiel and the crowd started to disperse. Moments later a body crashed into yours and arms wrapped around you.


You hugged him tighter and breathed in his familiar scent, a mixture of fresh bread and firewood.

“Y/n, we made it. We’re safe now. We made it through our last reaping.”

“I hate this feeling. I hate that I’m relieved it wasn’t either of us because did you look at those kids? They won’t survive the first five minutes.”

“I know. If feel the same way.”

You were too drained to continue the conversation so you just let Peeta hold you. He eventually pulled away but grabbed you hand in his. You leaned your head on his shoulder as he led you to your house.

You noticed Peeta slowing down and you looked up at him in confusion, you were still ten minutes from your house.


“I want to ask you something.”

He let out a deep breath and faced you holding both of your hands in his.

“I want to start a life with you. I want build you a house, dance with you in the kitchen, lay with you in bed talking all night, have kids, and grow old together. I want you by my side for the rest of our days.”

You were taken back by his words. Peeta had been your best friend for years. And you loved him more than anyone in the world. But there was so much in the way still. District 12 was no place for a happy ever after.

“Peeta… I love you. And I always will but… what you want doesn’t exist. And why would you want kids? Don’t you see where we live? We raise them just for slaughter at the Capital’s hand or they starve staying here. I don’t want to live like that.”

“I would never bring kids into a world like the one we grew up in. But I don’t want to stay here.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Let’s leave. We both know that fence is just for show. And I’ve heard the talk in the markets. I think District 13 exists and I think we can make it there. We can start a life there. Let’s leave tonight and never look back. We can take your family with and mine won’t miss me, you know that.”

You thought over Peeta’s words. You had heard about District 13 as well but you had never found enough hope to believe it actually existed. But that was one of the things you loved most about Peeta, he always had hope. The pros soon outweighed the cons and you knew you had to try. A life on the run, searching for 13, was better than a life left starving in 12.



A bright smile erupted on your lips and you joyful tone filled your voice.

“I want to run away with you, Peeta Mellark. I want you to build me a home. I want to dance with you and lay with you. I want to have your children and grow old with you. Let’s leave and never look back.”

“There’s one thing I need to do first.”

Peeta bit his lip nervously and pulled a small box from his back pocket. Your eyes went wide as he got down on one knee and gently took your hand in his.

“Y/n, my life was in black and white until I met you. You brought color into my life. You challenge me to be the best man I can be and you love me when I fail. I’ve never known a woman more brilliant than you and I don’t think one exists. You are the best thing that’s ever been mine and I can’t imagine a future without you. Y/n, will you marry me?”

Tears were pooling your eyes and you nodded your head as fast as you could. Peeta smiled up at you and slid the most beautiful ring on your finger as you said ‘yes’.

“Yes, forever and always, yes!”

Once the ring was on your finger he jumped up and grabbed you in his arms. Your feet lifted off the ground as he pulled you into a passionate kiss. Thoughts about the Capital and the games were the farthest thing from your mind as Peeta held you. For once, all you could think about was a future that held more beauty and love than you ever thought possible.

***Just a reminder that I am no longer taking Hunger Games or Divergent requests. I’m just finishing the ones in my inbox. I am only taking the 100, Teen Wolf, or Maze Runner requests from now on. Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading!***

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Because tumblr can’t get enough of my shite taste in music? Caveat: my taste in everything is the worst 

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims.

Runaround Sue (Dion) – auspicious start huh
Resolver (Resolver) – okay?
Disko Partizani (Shantel) – I don’t even know
Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen) – oh hell yes, making me look good shuffle
Alternative Polka (Weird Al) – alright, this is more like it, this is where the embarrassment that is being me can really shine through
Tonight We Fly (Divine Comedy) – nothing else on this list will be this cool, get out while you still can
In My Head (Jason Derulo) – why though
Banditos (The Refreshments) –Captain Picard reference GOOD
Music Box Dancer (Frank Mills) – I’m not going to lie I considered deleting my account rather than sharing this
Sweet Home Alabama (Leningrad Cowboys Red Army Choir) – OH NO MY HEART ;A; rip Red Army Choir
Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins) – *dyes hair black*
Jessie (Joshua Kadison) – hooooo boy
Dream a Little Dream of Me (Mama Cass) – (googles “can you marry a song?”)
Poison (Alice Cooper) – you know what, I’m not gonna be embarrassed so there
This Year (The Mountain Goats) – alright alright
Music, Music, Music (Theresa Brewer) – I…I don’t even know what to say
More Than a Feeling (Boston) – it me
Shine Brighter (DJ Earworm) – it me squared
Weapon of Choice (Fatboy Slim) – WHOA IT MEEEEEEEEEE 

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Consent means to give permission.

It is both people’s responsibility to get consent from their partners. Everyone has the right to decide whether they want to have sex or not. 

Consent is…

·        Freely given — no pressure, no manipulation, and no asking if it was ok to do halfway through or after the fact.

·        Informed — telling them about any STDs they should know about, being honest about using condoms and birth control, and being honest about whether you’re sexually active with other people.

·        Something you can take back — it’s ok to stop or change your mind at any time. Saying “yes” once doesn’t mean saying “yes” forever, or “yes” to other sexual activities.

·        Enthusiastic — being excited about it, not just letting it happen.

When people think about consent, “no means no” often comes to mind. But saying “yes” is really important, too. A straight-up “yes!” means that no one has to guess or assume anything, and you’ll know they’re really into it. 

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  • Do I Follow Them?: To the fucking moon and back–
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: Because its Hajime?? Gundham loves Hajime.
  • Do We Role Play?: YES.
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: RN? YEs. Tomorrow? Yes. Forever?? Yes.
  • A Song For Our Muses: Any Song in my Playlist, on my blog or Spotify. Hit me up.
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: LIKE FEDEX– YES. Forever.
  • What I Think About The Mun: Oml- They are Senpai and tbh I worry about if I annoy them sometimes—
  • Overall Opinion: 

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I don't know if you ship it buuut... 11 for the greed pair?

Pairing: Hyde/Licht
Fandom: Servamp
Rating : SFW with implications

Notes: Fuck, I love my Kuro;;Mahi and you can’t tell me otherwise but yes I am falling for this god damn sexy pairing, fuck it. But I’m not confident with it yet, so we will see how it goes! Also thank you for sending in the prompt, I’m glad you think I’m good enough for your ship!  11: A violent kiss

“My super cool angel-chan always gets way too ahead of himself! You’re a mess!” Hyde teases, bending over his eve who laid upon the ground on their back, panting. “Blood everywhere, that isn’t good at all you know. I am a vampire!” 

Licht’s reaction is swift; expected but Hyde lets it happen. They are two halves of a whole after all. They sing their parts well enough and act upon the words hidden beneath their conversations perfectly. His legs sweep around and Hyde finds himself sprawled upon the ground.

The enemy is gone, dust in their cowardly trails, leading off in directions Licht cares not to follow after. They are defeated and if he has learned anything from that almost angel, it is to not always chase battles. Instead, he focuses his pent up anger on Hyde.

His bloody hands clutch at the torn fabric of Hyde’s shirt, bunching it between the lengths of his fingers and he yanks Hyde in closely. “What did you say, you demonic shit rat? Do you want to die? Here-” He thrusts Hyde down on the broken ground and shoves his foot onto Hyde’s chest.

“-Let me show you just want it means to be an angel fighting the injustice of you devils.” 

Hyde looks absolutely ecstatic to feel the pressure of Licht’s boot constricting his breath. It’s not a particularly important thing to him but to know Licht was here and alive with him, now that was the world to him: Licht’s death would be upon a magnificent stage and Hyde would be his killer.

He would allow nobody else that glorious right and his expression shows it. All mad excitement and fluttering feelings upon a stretched wide grin. Licht tch’s at him and shakes his head. Begins to pull his foot back, but Hyde grabs it and yanks.

It is a testimony to their growing bond that Licht doesn’t end him there. More so that Licht doesn’t react once he lands harshly upon the ground and Hyde swiftly moves on top of him, slapping his palms down either side of Licht’s head.

“Why are you so cool, angel-chan?” 

Their faces are close enough that he can feel the warmth of Licht’s breath fanning his cheeks. It is quite the feeling but doesn’t come close to what happens next in this scene of their improvised play. Licht’s hands reach up between his and they grab harshly at his hair and pull him down.

Hyde bites when he kisses. Licht growls and bites right back. Licht’s fingers dig into the sides of his face and his knee goes right between Licht’s legs and he cherishes the sudden intake Licht makes every time. Even if it gets him a painfully hard knee in his side every time.

Hyde breaks back, gasping with a pained whimper, rubbing at his aching side. He hardly gets a moment to whine before he is on his back once more and Licht’s lips at down on his own. They are not a couple. They are two parts to a whole, fighting for their dominance.

…And night time is when darkness wins most often.

Hyde’s teeth lick and bite once again bu this time, he bites hard and doesn’t release. Licht stills on top of him, a low rumbling of warning but Hyde is a glutton for punishment and this time, he does not allow Licht to hit him. Rather, he grabs the hands that come down to hit him.

Their kiss is not fond nor is it loving but it is real and when Licht’s limbs soften and his body sinks into Hyde’s embrace, Hyde smirks and peppers Licht’s irritated expression with more affectionate kisses and nods right along to Licht threatening him, “stop that or I will kill you, shit rat– slowly.”

“Yes, yes, I will my forever glorious, perfect and the best! Angel-chan!”