so a little update on my life since it’s been awhile~

i got an apartment! i signed my lease on friday (the 23rd) but all my stuff is still in colorado so i have an empty apartment right now, haha. but my cousin carlene and i are leaving this friday (the 30th) to make a little weekend trip back to colorado to pick everything up

so i have one long week of ten hour shifts, one long weekend packing, another long week of ten hour shifts + unpacking AND THEN I’M BACK. because i will totally have Internet when i actually get to move into my apartment. so sometime at the beginning of october, i should be making a grand reappearance.

i also am up for a permanent position at work which means i won’t be a temp anymore and i’ll have better hours and benefits and make more money. and basically be able to actually afford my life. and all my supervisors said they said good things about me. so hopefully that works out. my interview for that is tomorrow so send good thoughts my way??

i think that’s about it? I literally have the best friends though. I bought a bottle of sparkling cider and we went to my empty apartment and sat on the floor playing uno. it. was. awesome.

T b h I know that this is kind of beating a dead horse but I feel SO uncomfortable about how tumblr dealt with the whole gamergate issue. I guess “the victim never lies, all abusers are scum and deserve to die” only counts when the abuser is male and the victim female :^)

oooookay - i’ve been productive and gotten replies and things queued to the point where i don’t feel stuck in some vicious cycle SO: fresh starter call!! as always pls feel free to specify which muse you’d like!!

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What's your opinion on Midday Justice (Mcree and Pharah) both as a romantic/sexual relationship and as a relationship in general (since so many people forget that ship was originally just short for "relationship.".)

tl;dr it’s very likely jesse and fareeha never interacted in the original overwatch. in recalled overwatch, i think they’d just be work partners and then maybe friends, but it’s certainly possible that it could become more.

(i’m a little late with this, sorry ;-; but what a great ship name! and as always, read this post before continuing on.)

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Anya lives, hangs around Raven in Arkadia till she recovers from the non-fatal gunshot wound and is a distraction and safety hazard - Let Raven put the soldering iron away first ffs, someones going to get hurt DX

“I’m a middle-aged man now. I mean, someone, not working on the show but around the show, said something to me the other day. And I just said, ‘Well, that might be upsetting to you, but it doesn’t upset me. Just because you don’t want to f*** me any more, it doesn’t upset me.’” - Rupert Graves  (

Oh but you’re wrong Rupert. Oh.So.Wrong!


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)


She runs into him again before the mission is over, tall and broad and wearing a star upon his chest, the same as the one on his shield, the same as the ones on her uniform. (x)