• Marco: OOF, things...things got crazy in there.
  • Rich: Agreed, Star planned a perfect party, I FINANCED a perfect party, and then...a centuries old racist gatecrasher.
  • Marco: Also racist cops.
  • Rich: AND racist constables, just an uncomfortable night. I have half a mind to donate to EVERY monster charity out of Mewman guilt.
  • Marco: I got 650 bucks you can have for that. Also I'm PRETTY SURE Eclipsa is gonna be...pretty mad once she learns her daughter was brainwashed for hundreds of years.
  • Tom: Well if we're all venting-
  • Marco: No-one cares horndog.
  • Tom: AW COME ON-you to?!
  • Marco: I'm not just Star's squire, I'm also her best FRIEND! Be a gentlemen.
  • Rich: Absolutely shameful.
  • Tom: *SIGH* Your right...would you accept a check for that charity?
  • Rich: Yes I would.

Cheating - Soryu (Chapter. 9)

  1. So, with this story coming to an end, I will suggest two endings: one where the mc gets back with Soryu, or one where she independently is by herself :)
  2. If no one responds, I’ll do a random draw and see what happens from there!
  3. Have fun reading, feedback is always helpful! (*´꒳`*)

1 2 3…50…87..Time had started to tick away as Soryu’s lip were shut to my question. His eyes still peeled away from any part of my body as he looked down at his hand which held Lily’s. He finally lifted his head up and stared at me, his eyes still tainted with the same hatred as it was minutes ago.

“Yes. If I knew you would become something like this, I wish we never met.” His words danced around in my ears, making me grip my leggings harder. Soon, there was a flash of a coat that barely made to my eyes, and a sudden grunting of Soryu that made my head slip up. Eisuke had twisted his fury and anger into Soryu’s gut and he squatted on his knees, gasping for air.

“‘If I knew you would become something like this’? How far have you fallen, prick? You always say you never lie. Hah. Never lie my ass. You know damn well as I do Yuki had no ill intentions when she was asking Lily. You’re just blinded by something you call love.”

“And what do you know about love?” Soryu gasped every ounce of air in his lungs to make out a few words.

“Obviously more than you.”

“You’re much colder than me. I wouldn’t be talking here, Eisuke. When all this dies down, you’ll treat her like the maid you always do. What? Do you love her?” Bickering went on between them, nothing in the friendly. My eyes shifted to Lily who had suddenly vanished. But, her golden hair was slipped behind a building as she made her way into an alleyway. Where is she going? My thoughts raced into the possibilities of her destination in a time like this. I couldn’t leave Eisuke and Soryu arguing, but I needed to sneak out of the grasp and follow her. Taking my heels off to muffle the sound of my steps, I quickly tip toed my way in her direction, trying to be unnoticeable as possible. As I carefully trotted down an alley way, a bullet had just passed my face.

“I told you to kill the girl. And you just kept taunting her.” The woman’s voice that was once there before at the cellar had now come back.

“M-Mistress, I-”

“Shut up you fool.” From afar, the shadow of her figure seemed to have dug her heel into the man, making him wriggle in pain and terror.

“My lady! Please forgive me-”

“Didn’t I say to shut up!?” Another gunshot terrorized my ears, making me wince and cry out in surprise.

“Who’s there?!” Her head whipped around and her steps became louder as they came near me. I had to go. I had to go fast. I sprinted my way down the way I took, feeling the rocks and pavement scrap my feet and bruise them as I ran faster.

“You won’t be getting away!” Gunshots rung in my ear, and suddenly I tripped on my own leg which had a crucial pain throbbing up and down and blood seeping through.

“I knew it.” She chuckled, smirking a smile I had seen too many times. When she stepped into the light, her face was clearly lighted.

“Y-You!” My voice hoarsely rang out as my eyes furiously glared at the girl in front of me. She crouched down, lifting my head with her gun and smiled.

“I didn’t know Soryu’s old chew toy still had a squeak to her.” She snickered, the laugh menacing and cold to the bone.

“Lily, why are you doing this? Who do you want to kil-”


“..What…” My eyes started to shrink in fear and the sudden cars passing by were quiet to me.

“I need to kill you in order for Soryu to be mine.” She stared down at me, her eyes tinting and glowing in the dark night.

“And if I need to kill you myself, I’ll do it.”

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What happened with your PMV "Boys don't cry"? Would you repost it?

I accidentally put the vid twice in a playlist when i try to remove it, i accidentally deleted it. And ye
Idk if i would upload it again.
But thank god its still with me the video 😢😢😢

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hello!! just a random question— do you think people would join if i hosted a zen week? like, when someone hosted jumin week? i'm not really sure if someone's already done it but i'd like to host one for zen.


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So, as much as you'd like to become pregnant, is it something you think you'd enjoy constantly? Like, would you like to be a surrogate for someone else and just do the pregnancy constantly?

Yes, I would love to be able to play that role


Anya lives, hangs around Raven in Arkadia till she recovers from the non-fatal gunshot wound and is a distraction and safety hazard - Let Raven put the soldering iron away first ffs, someones going to get hurt DX

Eighth Year au

  • Draco and Harry end up as roommates
  • Neither of them really know how it happens, but they just sort of naturally fall into being friends
  • At some point in the year Pansy asks Draco for help wooing Hermione: “You’re smart, yeah? And so is Granger. So educate me, make me smart too so I can talk to her.”
  • He grudgingly agrees to help her, but inside he’s like “Why me”
  • Harry finds it hilarious
  • Draco is relieved when Pansy and Hermione get together
  • Until it happens again- this time, it’s Blaise who needs help with Neville
  • Draco shares what he knows about Herbology from the gardening his mother forced him to do (because ‘it builds character’)
  • And then, after Blaise and Neville are united, what do you know, it happens again- Daphne Greengrass wants Draco to teach her wizard’s chess so she can impress Ron
  • Draco’s flabbergasted by all these odd pairings, but also struggling with his confusing (and very gay) feelings for Harry
  • Luna is the last to ask for his help, and she wants to be able to play Quidditch (for Ginny, but she doesn’t tell Draco that) and Draco obliges
  • Once Luna’s got the hang of it, he asks her why she wanted to learn
  • “Well, my girlfriend loves Quidditch, and I wanted to surprise her.” “Who’s your girlfriend?” “Ginny Weasley, of course.”
  • And Draco’s like what? WHat in the name Of SalAZar SlythERin makes these wackos think that I’m some expert in wooing GRyfFinDORS?
  • So he asks Luna, “How come people keep coming to me for help with their romances with Gryffindors?”
  • And Luna smiles at him knowingly and answers, “Well, you got Harry, didn’t you?”
  • But poor Draco doesn’t understand “What do you mean I ‘got Harry’? I haven’t ‘got’ him! We’re just friends!”
  • Luna shrugs and then runs off to Ginny, who has, along with Harry, been watching the two blondes fly from the stands
  • And then Harry joins Draco-who’s still reeling from Luna’s words-on the Quidditch pitch
  • Draco asks him shakily, “I haven’t got you, have I? I mean, it’s not like you’re mine or anything, right?”
  • Harry blushes slightly and shrugs. “I could be, if you wanted me to be.” He takes Draco’s hands in his own. It feels right.
  • “Oh.” Draco turns pink. “Okay. I th- I think I might want that. You being mine. Sounds… nice. I’d like to be yours as well.”
  • “Really? You want to be my boyfriend?” Harry’s smiling now, widely. He steps closer to Draco.
  • “Well, yes. I doubt anyone else would be up for the job, considering how much of a prat you can be-”
  • Harry shuts him up with a firm kiss.

when I started drawing I intend to have angst in it cuz If i have to watch this heartbreaking music video then so do you but here take my Ohmtoonz trash