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i just watched wonder woman a few days ago and i want to live on themyscira because: 1. yas an island full of gorgeous warriow women dAMN 2. i want general antiope to crush me with her thighs please

hm yes. i would love to live on an island with strong powerful women to protect me. 

I was texting with Nats guy earlier today and he was like “is it March of 2018 yet?” (aka WHEN WE’RE GOING TO PYEONGCHANG!!!!!) So I’m like “I know I’m so impatient for it already! But we still have 250+ days!” And he goes “We should just Ted Williams ourselves until then.” And it took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about but BRUUHHHHH who knew I’m so attracted to obscure baseball references being made in conjunction with the Paralympics!

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Grandma...what are you planning?

Aaah! Yes! I would like to know!

My first reaction was “so this is who Tarvek takes after” because… wow… memories of Sturmhalten. Convincingly be on everyone’s side, presumably be on someone’s somehow.

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Are you going to translate the two guidebooks (Go Yuri Go and Yuri On Life) as well?

I got a few questions like this. I would like to say “yes” but I would also like to say “it will probably take time”… But I guess no one is in a hurry since all the “juicy bits” are already being posted around.

By the way, so far I have read all the interviews with Yamamoto/Kubo/both of them that are on the books (even reading them took time because they’re long). Some parts of the interviews with Yamamoto come from the Febri one but there’s a lot of new material too. And actually, the interview on S (the magazine with the Midsummer Night’s Dream cover) is very interesting too but that’s another long-ass one… Weirdly enough I see no one talking about that, maybe because it’s almost all about figure skating and lots of people seem to be more interested in other aspects of the story… Though I think it’s about time we get some figure skating talk by Yamamoto.

Also, regarding the “story commentary” written for every episode in the fan book, the parts by Kubo are 95% taken from her commentary appeared on 2 issues of Pash!, which I have previously translated (and I mean that they’re exactly copy-pasted, so it’s the same material). The parts by Yamamoto are new. In a way this would probably be the fastest part to translate since the new stuff is not so much… However, there’s an interview I want to post first, which I’ve been meaning to translate ages ago, and I would also like to continue the BD contents… Someone teach me how to create a clone of myself.

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Are you ready for Linn Friday!!!?! Sidenote: you are so good at expressing yourself. You seem like such an intelligent person who understands the value of critical thinking. I think you'll do well in IB system; You seem more than capable. Good luck!!

AHHH your side note caught my attention first sorry but thank you SO MUCH I’m so relieved that you think so I’ve been really nervous ab IB because I don’t feel smart enough. Thank you thank you for saying this.

AND HONESTKY YES I would love if Linn had today’s day. I’m very curious. Will we have another day today????? What will happen?? And IS LINN OK? Did she get the toilet paper?

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What if Abel's mix tapes, kissland and starboy didn't exist and his only discography and first album was BBTM, would you be a fan?

well the reason I personally became such a huge fan was because his music in 2011-12 was so dark and I was going through a rough time in my life back then so I could relate so much. BBTM is not a bad album at all, but obviously not his best. Regardless of him exploring the music realm and experimenting with different types of sounds for his last two albums, it STILL doesn’t sound like any of the music on the radio or any other music some other artist is putting out. So I can say that yes I would still become a fan and be interested in further music he had to offer, but maybe I wouldn’t immediately stan him like I had done.

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If you could have the dark power again, would you?

Yes!! Without hesitating, I would! And if I am getting it again, I will not be losing it this time. I will cling to it like a baby clings to candy. Fawful will keep his mind clear, will not be confounded or controlled…… Fawful will tame this power, it will not tame me!! 

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Even if you're vegan you should still eat honey. The bees are dying off and bee keeping isn't harmful to them, in fact, its probably the only thing that's going to keep them alive. As a vegan most of your diet comes from plants that bees pollinate and that would die off without them, so if you liked honey before you should continue to buy it.

Bee keeping is often harmful for them, they’re killed, occasionally drugged. Sometimes in the winter it’s too expensive to keep them so they’re just left to die. If I knew the source (one of my co workers just took up bee keeping) then yes I would consider honey, but like all animals, we don’t need to keep them alive just for our selfish needs, they can live without humans farming them if we just stop using so many chemicals. I’m really not as against honey as other things for that exact reason, but I choose to avoid it for now. I’d like to grow a garden though for the little babies <3 


Anya lives, hangs around Raven in Arkadia till she recovers from the non-fatal gunshot wound and is a distraction and safety hazard - Let Raven put the soldering iron away first ffs, someones going to get hurt DX

This magnificent art is by @yomi-gaeru. Posted with permission to translate.
Sakura’s shirt says: “Back off! This girl has a man now! And it’s this boss right here!” (An enjoyable exercise in colloquial translation for me.)

What is the best part of this picture? Is it:
A: Sakura’s thousand yard stare? (“You shouldn’t have… really…”)
B: Madara’s face of glee?
C: That apparently this is Madara taking a selfie?
D: Madara’s decision to be shirtless for this “me and my girl in her new custom shirt” selfie?
E: Madara’s custom graphic design skills?
F: Madara’s choice of what pictures of himself to best intimidate potential rivals?
G: Madara in general?

I’m sorry, the correct answer was H: all of the above.