Yes I have a beard

Yes I shave my face.
Women who suffer from excessive facial hair growth, all I can say is don’t be ashamed of it! It can be embarrassing, but it’s not your fault you have it.
Don’t be ashamed if you shave your face every morning. Don’t be ashamed if someone touches your face and feels prickles. Seriously, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. You’re beautiful and so strong for even being able to deal with it. A lot of girls wouldn’t even know what to do if they woke up with face stubbles.
We’re beautiful even with the occasional five o'clock shadow 😘


aladdin crossover anybody

Yes,hi,hello. This is my first CC ever so pardon if it’s not that good.
Um, I like ombres so if you have any you would like me to do just hit me up.

PS:This was supposed to be done using Rusty’s ombres but it didn’t work our that way, I edited he textures myself, so it’s just inspired by Rusty’s textures.

Anyway, you need the original mesh here, and my recolor here.
Let me know if there is anything wrong, and tag your pictures with gdmsims so I can see it! Or don’t idk



Do you think Jenny’s right?” I asked later. “Do men really want to come back inside? Is that why you make love to us?” A breath of laughter stirred the hair by my ear.

“Well, it’s no usually the first thing in my mind when I take ye to bed, Sassenach. Far from it. But then…” His hands cupped my breasts softly, and his lips closed on one nipple. “I’d no just say she was completely wrong either. Sometimes…aye, sometimes it would be good, to be inside again, safe and…one. Knowing we cannot, I suppose, is what makes us want to beget. If we cannot go back ourselves, the best we can do is to give that precious gift to our sons, at least for a little while…” He shook himself suddenly, like a dog flinging water from its coat.

“Pay me no mind, Sassenach,” he murmured. “I get verra maudlin, drinking elderberry wine.”

honestly i hate “yes means yes” and i hate seeing it everywhere. Like i know not everyone who says it has bad intentions or horrible beliefs, or even understands what’s wrong with it, but i can guarantee that the first person who took “no means no” and made it “yes means yes” was a misogynist trying to excuse pedophilia, coercion, or violent male sexual practices. 

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The sex scene in 2x04 Claire is cradling Jamie against her chest like a mother does and she's rubbing his hair and kissing him. It was perfect and beautiful, Jamie needs his wife's tenderness

Oh this scene. So gorgeous - it put to screen some of my very favorite passages from Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber - without either Jamie or Claire saying a word:


“Do you think Jenny’s right?” I asked later. “Do men really want to come back inside? Is that why you make love to us?” A breath of laughter stirred the hair by my ear.

“Well, it’s no usually the first thing in my mind when I take ye to bed, Sassenach. Far from it. But then…” His hands cupped my breasts softly, and his lips closed on one nipple. “I’d no just say she was completely wrong either. Sometimes… aye, sometimes it would be good, to be inside again, safe and… one. Knowing we cannot, I suppose, is what makes us want to beget. If we cannot go back ourselves, the best we can do is to give that precious gift to our
sons, at least for a little while…”

- Outlander, Chapter 30, “Conversations By The Hearth”


We bashed into some piece of furniture and both lay still. Jamie’s hands were locked on my breasts, fingers digging bruisingly into the flesh. I felt the plop of dampness on my face, sweat or tears, I couldn’t tell, but opened my eyes to see. Jamie was looking down at me, face blank in the moonlight, eyes wide, unfocused. His hands relaxed. One finger gently traced the outline of my breast, from slope to tip, over and over. His hand moved to cup the breast, fingers spread like a starfish, soft as the grip of a nursing child.

“M-mother?” he said. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. It was the high, pure voice of a young boy. “Mother?”

The cold air laved us, whirling the unhealthy smoke away in a drift of snowflakes. I reached up and laid the palm of my hand along his cold cheek.
“Jamie, love,” I said, whispering through a bruised throat, “Come then, come lay your head, man.”

The mask trembled then and broke, and I held the big body hard against me, the two of us shaking with the force of his sobbing.

- Outlander, Chapter 39, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”


“Were ye afraid for me?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “I thought it was too soon.”

He laughed softly in the dark. “It was; I almost killed myself. Aye, I was afraid too. But I woke with my hand painin’ me and couldna go back to sleep. I was tossing about, feeling lonely for ye. The more I thought about ye, the more I wanted ye, and I was halfway down the corridor before I thought to worry about what I was going to do when I got here. And once I thought…” He paused, stroking my cheek. “Well, I’m no verra good, Sassenach, but I’m maybe not a coward, after all.”

- Outlander, Chapter 40, “Absolution”


“And yet"—he turned me toward him, hand closing gently over one breast—"yet when I think of you wi’ my child at your breast… then I feel as though I’ve gone hollow as a soap bubble, and perhaps I shall burst with joy.”

He pressed me tight against his chest, and I hugged him with all my might.

“Oh, Claire, ye do break my heart wi’ loving you.”

- Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 6, “Making Waves”


“Sometimes I want to ride you like a wild horse, and bring you to the taming—did you know that? I can do it, you know I can. Drag you over the edge and drain you to a gasping husk. I can drive you to the edge of collapse and sometimes I delight in it, Jamie, I do! And yet so often I want"—my voice broke suddenly and I had to swallow hard before continuing—"I want… to hold your head against my breast and cradle you like a child and comfort you to sleep.”

- Dragonfly in Amber, Chapter 17, “Possession”


“And sometimes,” I whispered to him, “I wish it could be you inside me. That I could take you into me and keep you safe always.”

His hand, large and warm, lifted slowly from the bed and cupped the small round swell of my belly, sheltering and caressing.

“You do, my own,” he said. “You do.”

- Chapter 17, “Possession”

Seventeen Reaction - Your Confession

“Of course you like me!” gives you a smug smile and then puts his hand on your shoulder “Should we kiss now?”

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*Flips hair* “Is it because…I’m worth it?”(bad joke sorry guys)

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*blush* I like you too, and he ends the confession with a handshake cos’ he awkward af

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you’d probably already’ve gotten the idea that he liked you, he’ll say “so you finally admit your feelings for me?” with a cheeky smile on his face before he kisses you swiftly

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Can’t contain his smile and just blushes and grins and giggles all day I mean this is probably the first time everyone seen him so quite but yeah you can see that’s a ‘yes’ to your confession

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Blushes and looks down because he doesn’t know what to say until he mumbles “bruh…” then you get pissed but don’t take it the wrong becaus- oh look he’s leaning in to kiss you (bonus points if he has to go on his tippy toes)

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Gulps I mean you can actually hear him and he starts stuttering and you made him so nervous he gets a stomach ache and kinda farts and tries to run away (run after him and give this smol child a hug)

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Smiles, he can’t believe it at first! He starts cheering straight away and everyones like wtf happened  “I like you too, shortcake” and he plants one on your forehead

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Runs home asap and tells everyone you like him, the neighbours nearly call the popo because he’s disturbing the peace of the public (omg lmfao)

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Seems shy but minghao is actually smooth af so he’ll gently kiss your forehead and pull you in for a hug

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Takes his sunglasses off, looks up at the sun (nearly blinds him that dumbass but oh weLLS), turns to you with his eyes watery from the stinging of ultraviolet rays and makes the most of this by making a dramatic movie style reply to your confession

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His eyes widen and he just stands there frozen (come on boi), you sigh but then you feel a sweaty hand reach for yours aww

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He just giggles I mean at first he’s so shy but this boy has flaming charisma so he’s gonna go straight for it and kiss you on the cheek before running off

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Every time I see you in les mis I wonder this; How do you jump off the set, I think it's after 'stars' when you sing 'cosette, now i remember', and you see marius and jump off and run around the set, so.. well? I know that I would get my foot stuck in it or something! Just little things like that, like when you put your hair back up after 'on my own' I would do it wrong and get a beard from my hair sticking out or something embarrassing, you do it so /fast/. Yes I think about these things... xxx

Practice! I haven’t yet tripped over but I’m definitely waiting for the day I do! I’ve often slipped down the stairs into the sewers just after that moment though. But yeah, doing it every night means I’ve just become better and better at it and I can do it fairly quickly now! :) 



So I just saw this post from some uncle Ruckus about weaves and how it is what’s wrong with the black woman nowadays.
Here’s my point as an african woman.

You probably don’t know that hairdressing has been for centuries an important and traditional act in most african countries. Yes it is african culture. We’ve been braiding, putting pearls, feathers and yes hair extensions too in our hair before your white savior came. Like you’re straight up going to tell me that you’ve never seen a movie where egyptians were wearing wigs? It’s cultural even if some of you and some of us tend to have forgotten about it. Do you really think that before slavery we where walking with our bushy hair in the wild without doing anything to it?

I’ve heard many times from people of my country that hair was half of a woman’s beauty. It doesn’t have anything to do with the caucasian world. Our hairstyles have meanings, they’re meant to show something and I understand that this knowledge might have had lost but stop thinking that it’s bad when it’s just cultural. We do our hair the way we want, weave, braids or whatever and it is black pride. This link may help you:

I always wondered, how much time does women spend doing hair like Nadine have.. I adore her hairstyle, it really suits her. I thought about this and imagined Nadine with wet hair hah ;) 

Recently I read a lot of fanfiction, RafexReader mainly so.. YEAH. That’s what I do! Draw stuff like this and read fanfiction most of my time! ;>

*by the way.. first time i use english idioms.. yes i am completly moron, i don’t know english well so forgive me if i wrote something wrong xd

Poe-Blowjob Blurb

I still have no idea how to write him, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I hope this is okay!

Poe Dameron Blowjobs:

Yes,Poe is a gentleman but doesn’t mean he can’t be absolutely filthy behind clothes doors. Once those doors shut and he had you on your knees, you did whatever he said went.

He would have your hair gathering in his hand in a tight enough grip that he had complete control over the direction of your head, of course losing his grip if you said so.

Poe is very vocal especially  when it comes to getting head. During sex he had somewhat control over how much noise he made or didn’t make but  when you had him in your mouth, he was a panting mess. Poe was very articulate while having control over how he decided to make you feel, often making you come without even putting his hands down your pants but he was speechless when it came to this. His head would be back against the wall or pillow, his mouth open letting out moans and groans, calling you a good girl while stroking your hair with his free hand.

When you finally look up at him, desperate to see what you had brought him too, he loses whatever control over himself he had. Everything he had been feeling up until that point just breaks and he comes;and he comes hard. Throwing his head back, his jaw would go slack and he’d let out a strangled moan that sounded like your name. His hand on your hair would pull tighter,  and that’s when his body would tense up. Muscles all tight, jaw clenched and eyes screwed shut before finally letting go of himself. His body would then relax as he finally said you name clearly, letting go of your hair while you finished him off.

He’d then lie back or lean lazily as you zipped his suit back up, kissing your way back to his lip. Poe would lazily smile at you running his hand through your messy hair before kiss you not caring that you had just sucked him off. Kissing you after you did that if the least he could do.

Dating Alex Summers Would Include

•Him being very over protective of you all the time
-He always has to have a hand somewhere on you all the time. On your shoulder, waist, holding your hand anywhere.
-Never wanting you to go out on your own
-always checking up on you
•He can get very jealous
-“What’s wrong?” You’d ask “He’s been staring at you all night!” He’d sulk trying to hold his anger “Calm down you know how Peter can be.” “I don’t like him looking at what’s mine.” “Yes I am yours now relax ok?” “Fine”
- his jealously can only be calmed by you pulling him on top of you and running your hands through his hair humming softly till he falls asleep on you.
•He can be scared of hurting you with his powers
-always cuddle you very softy
-giving you forehead kisses while hugging you
-always gives you butterfly and Eskimo kisses
•He has cute nicknames for you that melt you instantly
-pretty girl
-baby girl
-doll face
-little one
•He has the biggest daddy kink he’s the ultimate daddy Dom
-“come here princess sit on daddy’s lap for a while.”
-“ what did I say little one? Do you want daddy to punish?”
-“ don’t you look beautiful baby girl.” “All for you daddy.” You’d say and he’d let out a low moan that sounded almost like a growl. “That’s right kitten.”
-during sex he does his hip swivel that leaves you a moaning/screaming mess In general he loves you unconditionally and that’s all that matters to you.



also i had a bunch of new screen tones i wanted to try and a whole damn lot of free time so yay some pretty simple stuff (open them in a new tab to properly see them as usual yes thank you) I’ve got another three or four sketches but maybe those im going to color I dont know have these for now

A/N: Hello, yes, I’d like a dose of Dark Swan manipulating love to her advantage, thanks.


Touch me, baby, tainted love.


It’s wrong.

Everything is wrong.

The sparkle in her eye, the leather about her shoulders, the still air around them. He wants there to be chaos (he wants it to be like it was, really) her eyes should be as dark as her title, the wind dishevelling her hair, whipping the golden locks like the whipping of his heart. Killian’s heart beats with whip-cracks, each snap one snap too many. The slow, winding lashes of his pulse until the final crack and pound against its cage had once been a sign of hope – and of her – all wrapped up in gentle touches.

But now?

She somehow looks free, and light and that in itself adds a gravity to her presence, as contradictory and strange as it may sound. The harsh lines of her jaw and her cheeks once were soft beneath his worn hand, and now they shine in the dim, dim night stillness making her seem cold and cruel. They are harder than they should be, golden shade and rigid skin around the round of her eyes and their brows.

The curse has been cruel with her, so she is being cruel with it.

Cruel isn’t quite the right word, she looks like Emma – is Emma – and that in itself refutes the word, but – it’s wrong and the problem all at once. She only half looks callous, still looks - and is - far too much like Emma.

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