I don’t know if this has been said before or not but I really do believe that one of the reasons why Yato likes Hiyori so much is that he sees so much of Sakura in her. 

Look at their features: 

While we can point out the obvious that, yes, both girls have brown eyes and hair, they also have similar facial features. W/o context and w/o knowledge of Noragami I could ask someone if they thought Hiyori and Sakura were related and they would likely say yes. They’ve also helped Yato see the wrong in his ways. I don’t feel like going into too much detail w/ this but we can all agree that Yato definitely likes Hiyori. That’s just easy to tell by the way he speaks of her. It’s also evident that Yato really loved Sakura as well. Hiyori even expressed this while talking to Father in ch 48: 

So, while he still thinks about Sakura, he looks at Hiyori and sees that she’s just like her. A lot of people will argue that the reason why Yato likes Hiyori so much is because of all the times she’s been there for him. This does play a huge part but I really, really, really think it’s because he feels like he has Sakura again when he’s around Hiyori and that thought makes me happy that he feels almost like she never left just because of Hiyori’s existence. Sakura was a light in the dark when he was a young god and now Hiyori is like a light in the dark for him. This is just a small thought of mine but I truly believe it. 

Jaclyn Glenn vs. Onision Debate: A Summary
  • Onision: You made a video about all the reasons you hate me
  • Jaclyn: No I didn't
  • Onision: I didn't watch it
  • Jaclyn: Then how do you know what I said?
  • Onision: I never said you said that
  • ----
  • Onision: I have more views, therefore I'm right
  • Jaclyn: Yes but have you considered--
  • Onision: I have more views
  • ----
  • Onision: We should take turns lol, we keep interrupting each other
  • Onision:
  • Onision:
  • Onision:
  • Onision: *interrupts*
  • ----
  • Jaclyn: Valid poi--
  • Onision: BUT WAIT
  • Jaclyn: Well it's--
  • Onision: NO
  • Jaclyn: w--
  • Onision: WRONG
  • Jaclyn: --
  • Jaclyn: Vali--
  • Onision: STOOOOP
  • ----
  • Onision: *flips his hair*
  • Onision: *gazes at himself in the webcam*
  • Onision: *flexes his muscles*
  • Onision: *makes distracting hand gestures while Jaclyn is talking*
  • Onision: *accepts a call from his wife in the middle of the debate*
  • ----
  • Onision: *moves the goalposts*
  • Onision: *brings up an unrelated fact*
  • Onision: *makes a faulty comparison*
  • Onision: *misrepresents data*
  • Onision: *purposely misinterprets opinion*
  • Onision: *changes the subject*
  • Jaclyn: Okay this is getting dumb, all we're doing is going in circles.
  • Onision: But have you considered THIS?
  • Onision: *moves the goalposts*
Batfam and finals

Well when this dreaded time comes up it all goes to hell.

Dick is the type to be the one who is the good snark know it all student who everyone thinks doesn’t need to study because of how smart he is. But when it comes down to it Dick stresses super bad and studies nonstop.

Jason well Jason would probably be the one where he thinks oh I gotta study a few weeks before and never does when finals weeks comes he regrets not studying and results to cramming.

Tim. Ah my good nerdy cute lil timmy. Well he is the one that studies only for a bit of review weeks before. don’t get me wrong when Finals week hits he’s studying nonstop worrying over if hell pass or not.

Damian. Although he gives off the I don’t care I’m to good for this vibe he to does worry about Studying. Of course he studies complaining how he knows all this already.

Stephanie. This girl is smart. Yes despite her blond hair she does study. Every other night. She not to worried she’s more laid back but the worry is still there.

Barbra. Ah yes. Our favorite little Brainiac. She of course studies using flash cards quizzlets ect. She is confident in herself because she studied.

Only a Sidegirl Would Know

In which you have your period and everyone takes care of you.

Requested? Yes

Originally posted by taylorkrulicki

‘Ugh,’ I groaned as I walked into the kitchen, clutching my stomach. My hair looked a mess, and I was walking around in just a massive SDMN hoodie and nothing else. I woke up and mother nature decided to gift me: I got my period.

And it was overnight as well. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but that shit gets messy when you weren’t expecting it this early.

'What’s wrong, Y-N?’ Josh asked, who was already in the kitchen. Josh, Simon and I usually woke up around the same time. 'What’s the Sidegirl up to today?’

'Nothing,’ I grumbled and plopped down on one of the kitchen island stools. I put my elbow on the table and held my head up with my hand, and frowned.

'Can I get you something?’ He asked kindly, gesturing to the empty glass he had in his hand.


'Are you sure you’re ok–’ He started to say but Simon cut him off.

'Good morning, everybody!’ He chirped, hopping down the stairs with a giddy smile on his face.

'Hi,’ Josh said and giggled. I said nothing.

'Ooh, someone’s not in a good mood.’ Simon nudged me as he walked past, going to get himself a glass.

'Fuck you,’ I told him and let my eyes fall closed.

Simon turned around, gave me a weird look, and then looked at Josh with a raised eyebrow. Josh stepped towards him and leaned in, whispering in his ear.

'I think it’s that time of the month again,’ I could clearly hear what he said, so I cleared my throat to let him know.

Simon nodded and then grabbed a second glass. He held it under the tap, filling it with cold water. He placed it down on the counter and then rummaged in the cabinets underneath, pulling back out some pills.

'Here,’ Simon said, placing the glass of water in front of me. He took my hand in his and dropped the pill in it.

'Swallow this and drink some water, and you’ll feel a lot better.’ He told me. Knowing Simon, I wasn’t going to get away with not taking the pill.

I stared into his blue eyes and he stared right back into mine, as if he dared me not to do it. With a sigh, I threw the pill in my mouth and quickly downed it with water. I squeezed my eyes shut as I swallowed it. No matter how much water I drank afterwards, it wouldn’t wash away the bitter aftertaste of the pill.

'I hate pills,’ I pulled a disgusted face, setting the now empty glass back down on the island.

'Your body will appreciate it, though.’ Josh said. He walked up to me from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his shoulder on my neck. 'Right, how about we do something fun, today?’ He asked, swaying me from side to side. Being held like this made me smile, it was rare for the boys to act motherly like this.

'Oh, I know, we can watch her favourite movie!’ Simon said, sticking his index finger in the air. He was obviously proud of his idea; his chest was puffed out.

'We can’t watch a movie without building a pillow fort first,’ Vik reasoned as he made his way down the stairs. He woke up late today. I smiled at his idea.

'If we call Ethan, I’m sure he and Emily would be up for baking a cake or something.’ JJ suddenly appeared, too.

'Is that a fat joke?’ Simon questioned him and we all burst out laughing.

'Mm, I love Emily’s cooking.’ I hummed contently. Josh was still hugging me, and squeezed me when I spoke.

'So that’s sorted then,’ Vik said.

'But what about Tobi and Harry? We need the whole crew here,’ Josh told everyone and everyone nodded.

Within an hour, Vik and JJ were working on building their pillow fort in the living room. They were disagreeing a lot, to the point where they were both raising their voices at each other, so Simon had to come and help them out.

Ethan and Emily had also arrived, and soon the entire house smelled of freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

'Right, now who’s on their period?’ Harry stepped into the house, standing still with his chin lifted up and both hands planted on his waist. He looked like Superman coming to the rescue.

Everyone laughed.

'Well, there’s only one Sidegirl.’ Josh replied.

'But I have my period sometimes, too.’ Harry said in an upset tone, almost as if he was offended by Josh’s remark.

'Oh, that explains all the mood swings,’ I laughed, walking past him and heading into the living room, where the fort was finally finished.

'Oi, look who’s talking!’ Harry shot back.

'She knows stuff only a Sidegirl would know, Harry, so if I were you I’d shut up.’ JJ giggled loudly.

We finally got the movie rolling, and we all sat together in the fort.

'Dibs next to Y-N!’ Simon called and dived onto the pillows next to me.

'Dibs on the other side!’ Vik giggled and dived on my other side, too.

'Wow, I didn’t know I was that popular. Or that you guys were this clingy,’ I smiled.

'Fuck you, man.’ Simon scolded jokingly and punched my arm.

'Are you okay? Is your stomach hurting? Do you want me to heat up one of those sac things so that you can rest it on your stomach?’ Vik asked.

I laughed at how badly he wanted to take care of me. I was surprised we even had one of those sac things in the house.

Before I had time to reply to him, Simon curled up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He rested his head on my stomach.

'There, now your belly will stay nice and warm and I’m comfortable.’ He said and I could tell he was smiling from ear to ear.

'Thanks, Simon,’ I said and pat his head.

'Shut up! The movie is starting!’ Ethan and Emily rushed in and sat down in front of everyone at the very bottom.

And like that, I might have possibly had the best day of my life. Man, I wish I had periods more often.

Thanks to the anon telling me I’m beautiful and that I hope I get better soon because I have my period and I feel sick :)) She was inspired by my post for this 😂 I loved the idea so I just had to write it straight away

Mel xx

Dating Alex Summers Would Include

•Him being very over protective of you all the time
-He always has to have a hand somewhere on you all the time. On your shoulder, waist, holding your hand anywhere.
-Never wanting you to go out on your own
-always checking up on you
•He can get very jealous
-“What’s wrong?” You’d ask “He’s been staring at you all night!” He’d sulk trying to hold his anger “Calm down you know how Peter can be.” “I don’t like him looking at what’s mine.” “Yes I am yours now relax ok?” “Fine”
- his jealously can only be calmed by you pulling him on top of you and running your hands through his hair humming softly till he falls asleep on you.
•He can be scared of hurting you with his powers
-always cuddle you very softy
-giving you forehead kisses while hugging you
-always gives you butterfly and Eskimo kisses
•He has cute nicknames for you that melt you instantly
-pretty girl
-baby girl
-doll face
-little one
•He has the biggest daddy kink he’s the ultimate daddy Dom
-“come here princess sit on daddy’s lap for a while.”
-“ what did I say little one? Do you want daddy to punish?”
-“ don’t you look beautiful baby girl.” “All for you daddy.” You’d say and he’d let out a low moan that sounded almost like a growl. “That’s right kitten.”
-during sex he does his hip swivel that leaves you a moaning/screaming mess In general he loves you unconditionally and that’s all that matters to you.

Christmas in Fiore (And Alvarez) - Fairy Tail Christmas Oneshot

25th December. It’s Christmas everywhere in Fiore. Houses and streets are decorated with colorful decorations. But, In Alvarez, some people celebrate Christmas too.

- Merry Christmas, Empress - said Eileen to a woman with brown hair.

- Oh, Merry Christmas, Eileen.

- It’s something wrong?

- Have you seen Tamashi? He wasn’t here when I woke up.

- He was talking with Invel yesterday. I can’t remember about what they were talking.

- Oh… Thanks, Eileen.

- Empress…

- Yes?

- When this corpse you’re using started to decompose?

- Few days ago. Why?

- You need to be careful.

- I know. I’ve been careful for thousands of years.

Meanwhile, Carlomagno entered in another room.

- Merry Christmas, guys.

- Merry Christmas, Magno - answered Georg, Jack and Marcos.

- Over? What are you doing?

- Hacking the communications - answered Over, who was using archive magic in a lacrima.

- Are you planning to call your brother?

- He needs it.

- Can I call my mom?

- No. I only call my brother. Alvarez could discover this if we made too many calls, or one long call.

- Can I tell him to send regards to my mom?

- Of course. Oh, it finished.

Over took the lacrima and marked a number. In Fiore, another lacrima rang. His owner, who was still sleeping and totally covered with the blankets, answered.

- Yes…?

- Did I woke up you, Larcade? - asked Over at the other side of the lacrima.

- Nii-san! I was awake.

- Liar. You had your sleepy voice when you answered.

- Maybe I was a little sleepy…

- No, I know you. You were sleeping.

- Ok, you caught me.

- Merry Christmas, brother.

- It’s today!?

- Yes.

- Merry Christmas to you too, Nii-san.

- Oh, fuck! - said Magno in the background -. My mother doesn’t know I’m here, closed like a rat!

- Don’t worry. I’ll tell her.

- You will? - asked Over.

- She’ll probably show up tomorrow, asking for him.

- Oh, well. Problem solved. Send regards to the family from all of us.

- With family… You mean all of that crazy guys? Including the dragons?

- Of course. And give Elementia a hug from Georg.

- I’ll do it. You have to end the call?

- You noticed. If I keep it longer, they can discover us.

- I see… See you soon, Nii-san.

- Later, Larcade.

The call ended, and some tears appeared in Larcade’s eyes. That was the second time he talked with his brother. Even if they where in the same place for 25 years, they never talked to each other in person.

- Who was, Larcade? - asked Zeref, who was at the door looking at him.

- Over nii-san - answered Larcade, looking at the lacrima.

- What happened?

- Nothing. He only wanted to say “Merry Christmas” to me.

- I don’t understand.

- What?

- You two are identical. How you can’t read each other’s mind?

- You can?

- I can read Natsu’s mind. And he can read my mind.

- Probably those with human blood can do it.

- Dragons twins can do it too.

- Why we can’t?

- Maybe I sealed it when I sealed your power.

- You’re the worst father.

Larcade covered himself again with the blankets.

- Larcade… - Zeref sat at the bed, next to Larcade.

- Leave me alone!

- I needed to do it. If I let you true power flow, Anastascia would take your body and drop me somewhere.

- Why she would do it?

- Because you and Over are stronger than me. And your power is special. Also… You two are directly linked to the Fairy Heart Mavis’ created.

- Is that all? Our power? That’s the only important for you?

- I’ll never forgive myself if I let her touch you. I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t want to lose my family again.

Larcade uncovered his face and saw his father’s tears.

- Dad…

- I lost my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my uncles, my aunt, my cousins… Even myself. All lost because of her. I didn’t want to lose you. You were so tiny. I had to protect you, even if I make you hate me.

Larcade hugged his father. He started to cry.

- We are here now, dad. Every single one of us. And she’s not here.

- I know, but I was 400 years alone. I still need to realize this is not a dream. That you and Mavis are here with me, Natsu is cooking crêpes for breakfast, Morgana was born and she’s alive, mom and dad find each other after 400 years, uncle Azrael resurrected, my grandfathers are some kind of brothers, and…

- Dad, I understand.

- I was possessed for 400 years by a dark fairy, and your brother is not here because of her.

- But he called, and give me regards for all the family.

- Dragons included?

- What’s with the dragons in this family?

- They are like some kind of uncles and aunts to us.

- Zeref! Larcade! Breakfast is ready! - said Natsu, who was in the kitchen.

- We’re coming! - answered Zeref.

Both ran to the kitchen, made the same jump to sat at the table and waited in the same position. Mavis laughed.

- Let’s see… Blueberries for Zeref, cocoa for Larcade - said Natsu, giving them the crêpes. Zeref and Larcade started to eat -, fish for Happy, strawberries and chocolate for Mavis, apple for me, and this one for Lucy.

- You made one for Lucy? - asked Happy.

- Yes.

- You liiike herrr…

Natsu only smiled. Zeref and Larcade, tired of eating slowly their crêpes, made a roll with them and put it into their mouths.

- Eh!? What I missed!? - asked Happy, confused.

- You don’t need to know - answered Natsu, taking his and Lucy’s crêpes.

- Tell me, Natsu…

- I won’t tell you.

Natsu left the house. Happy tried to follow him, but Mavis catched the Exceed.

- It’s better if you don’t follow him, Happy - said Mavis.

- But I need to know… - said Happy, with tears in his eyes.

- He told us to keep it like a secret for you.

- Why? I want to know!

- I think your crêpe is salmon.

- Salmon!

Happy flew to the table and ate his crêpe. Mavis sat at the table and noticed her boys staring at her crêpe.

- You want a little? - asked Mavis. Both nooded -. But that’s mine!

- Please… - said both, making puppy eyes.

- But it’s my crêpe… Don’t eat it…

Mavis made puppy eyes. The boys blushed.

- She’s too cute… - whispered both at the same time they stopped staring at her.

- I win!

- That’s not a competition… - said Happy looking at the scene.

Meanwhile, Natsu entered at Lucy’s house through the window, left the crêpes on the desk and kissed Lucy’s cheek, waking up her.

- Good morning, Natsu… - said Lucy when she woke up and saw him.

- Merry Christmas, Lucy.

- What’s that smell?

- Crêpes. And Brandish?

- Probably in Fairy Hills. The girls made a party last night. It was fun.

- You need to take a shower?

- Yes.

- Go, I’ll wait here.

- You don’t want to come?

- Can I?

- Of course.

Natsu followed Lucy inside the bathroom. Meanwhile, Neinhart was sleeping in his apartment.

- Papa! Woke up! - yelled a little boy with purple hair while jumping on the bed.

- Don’t jump, Genos - said Neinhart to the little boy. The kid stopped his jumping.

- Good morning, papa.

- Good morning. And Wahl?

- Dad woke up early and went to Fairy Tail.

- It’s true. He was between the ones Mirajane called to decorate the guild for tonight’s party.

- I’m hungry…

- Let’s go to get something for breakfast.

- Yay!

Meanwhile, in Fairy Tail, Wahl was using a pair of flying boots to change some lightbulbs.

- This is the last one - said Wahl when he put the last lightbulb.

- Thank you, Wahl - said Mirajane.

- What happened last year if you have to change practically all the lightbulbs?

- Nothing. It hasn’t been used for eight years.

- Why?

- It’s a long story.

- The guild lost his reputation for seven years, and the last one was dissolved - explained Laxus.

- Those decorations where in Fairy Hills and they’re not damaged.

- Fairy Tail has a more interesting story than Alvarez - said Wahl.

- And nobody explained you when Phantom Lord attacked us - added Laxus.

- I want to listen that story.

Suddenly, an explosion came from the kitchen. When they entered in it, they found Gray staring at a part of the kitchen who was completely black.

- Gray! - yelled Laxus -. What happened!?

- I don’t know… - answered Gray, still scared -. It just… Blow up… All was black…

- How we made the lunch for the ones who will come? - asked Mirajane, worried.

- Three hours - said Wahl suddenly -. Give me three hours and I’ll repair this. And don’t enter in the kitchen in all this time.

- I’ll leave it to you - answered Laxus. Wahl nooded.

Laxus took Gray and left the kitchen with Mirajane, leaving Wahl alone. During the next three hours, no one entered in the kitchen, as he requested. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail members, and Natsu and Zeref’s family, arrived at the guild.

- Hello! - said a blond man, entering at the guild -. We’re here!

- Hello Ezequiel-san! - answered Mirajane -. I’m sorry, but Gray destroyed our kitchen.

- Really? What he did?

- I don’t know… Wahl is working in fixing it.

- I finished - announced Wahl, behind Mirajane -. And I cleaned it. You can use them.

- Great! - said the black haired man who was with Ezequiel -. Let’s go, Ezel!

- Your son will come, Lucifer?

- Probably. Why?

- Remember who he is.

- Don’t worry. He will come with his wife and his daughter to see his twins and his grandson.

- He won’t do a thing - explained Ezequiel -. He relaxed after recovering his family.

- Are you sure? - asked Laxus.

- We know our son very well. And we have work to do. Let’s go, Lucy!

Ezequiel and Lucifer went to the kitchen and closed themselves in it. All the other members of Fairy Tail arrived while they were cooking. Then, the dragons, the royal family of Rubial and the fairies royal family.

- And dad? - asked Zeref to the fairy queen.

- He doesn’t want to come - answered the fairy queen -. Now everyone knows who is he.

- Female Acnologia… - whispered everyone in Fairy Tail while they saw the fairy princess.

- Any problem with that!? - said the fairy princess, angry.

- No, princess!

- Good.

- Morgana, don’t scare our friends - said Zeref.

- You know I don’t like when people talks about how bad and deadly is Acnologia, Zeref-nii.

- I know. I don’t like it too. But it was like this for 400 years. People needs to know the true Acnologia.

- Dad isn’t coming? - asked Natsu.

- Grandpa won’t come!? - asked Larcade, surprised.

- He will come - answered the dragon queen -, just give him time.

- He always does it when he’s uncomfortable - added the king of Rubial.

- You know better my husband than me - said the fairy queen.

- I was with him when all started. He was always uncomfortable when there was too many people around.

- I can understand why. I didn’t want people around when I woke up after the comma. Then, Morgana was born and I didn’t let the other fairies touch her.

- You were lucky to have Morgana with you.

- And Raziel was lucky to find you two. Raios, Shadow, thank you for taking care of him for twenty years.

- That’s not the first time you say this.

- I won’t say it enough times.

Both laughed. Meanwhile, Morgana approached to Mavis and Larcade.

- Mavis and Larcade, I suppose - said Morgana.

- Who are you? - asked Mavis.

- I’m Morgana, Natsu and Zeref’s little sister.

- You are Morgana!? The Acnologia with fairy wings!?

- That’s my dragon form.

- Thank you for your help in the war!

Mavis made a reverence while saying that. Morgana laughed.

- The fairy kingdom is hidden in Fiore. That’s why Anastascia attacked you. She wanted to find our kingdom.

- You’re my aunt? - asked Larcade.

- I am.

Larcade hugged Morgana, and cried. She returned the hug.

- Are you happy to meet your family, Larcade? - asked Morgana.

- Of course he is - answered Mavis -. I’m happy to meet you too.

- Well, we’re family. I hope my father come here today.

- You mean… Acnologia?

- Who else?

- I want to meet him.

- I know.

The Dragneel family sat together. Raios, and the rest of the Rubial’s royal family sat with Gajeel. The dragons sat in random free seats. But there was one reserved for the fairy king.

While everyone was eating, someone entered in the guild. Everyone freeze when they saw Acnologia in his human form.

- Dad! - yelled Natsu and Zeref while running on the table. Then, they jumped and hugged Acnologia, making him fall on the ground.

- My kids. My boys. My twins. My babies - said Acnologia at the same time he was crying, and returning the hug to the boys.

Natsu and Zeref took Acnologia with them and made him sit next to the fairy queen. The fairy queen kissed him. The others asked the dragons what happened exactly.

- The apocaliptic dragon has been reunited with his family - answered the dragons.

During the lunch, the Dragneel family was talking. Lucy, Larcade and Mavis finally meet all the family. Lucy didn’t expect how the true Acnologia was. He was very supportive with his children, and the kind of person you can tell anything.

When they finished eating everything, they noticed that was snowing outside.

- It will get worst - said one of the dragons, the one with iced hair.

- Are you sure, Iceberg? - asked Acnologia.

- I’m the ice dragon. Of course I’m sure.

- Well - said Laxus -, it’s better if everyone goes home now. We don’t know how worst will be.

Everyone went to their homes. As Iceberg said, the storm was getting worst.

- Can I play with the snow tomorrow? - asked Genos to his dads.

- Of course you can - answered Neinhart.

- Yay!

That night, in Alvarez, Invel entered at the stables.

- Merry Christmas Zeref 1, Zeref 2, Zeref 3…

The next morning, the other Spriggans found him sleeping surrounded by goats.

- Where did those goats come from? - asked Dimaria.

- I could say the same about you knives - answered Ajeel.

- Zeref 3482… - whispered Invel while sleeping.

- How many goats are inside this tiny stable? - asked Eileen.

- They are not all there - said the Empress -. The goats are in all the stables of the castle.

- What we do with them?

- Free them, but don’t let them cross the limits of the castle.

The Spriggans released all the goats. They where everywhere.

Meanwhile, in Magnolia, the first one who woke up was Larcade. And the first he did was look through the window.

- SNOW! - yelled Larcade.

He ran outside the house and jumped into the snow. In pajamas.

- It’s cold! - said Larcade when he feel the snow in his skin.

Suddenly, a snowball hit his head. When Larcade turned, Zeref was at the door preparing another snowball. And a snowball war started, with Larcade and Zeref in pajamas. Meanwhile, Wahl and Neinhart were making an snowman with Genos.

- Dad, you’re not cold? - asked Genos.

- I can’t feel the external temperatures yet - answered Wahl -. I’m working on it.

- You can’t feel nothing when I hug you? - asked Neinhart, surprised.

- I didn’t say that. It’s the first thing I modified.

- I love you, Wahl.

- I love you too, Nein.

At the same time, in Lucy’s house, Brandish threw snow on Natsu and Lucy.

- It’s cold! - yelled Lucy, waking up -. Brandish, why did you do that?

- Well, there’s snow everywhere - answered Brandish -, and doesn’t snow too often in Alvarez.

- You took the opportunity, right?

- Yes, but I don’t understand why people think this is fun.

- It’s because you did it in the wrong way - answered Natsu -. You have to make a ball and throw it to someone. But it’s better if you do it outside.

- Why?

- You can made the snowballs you need. Snowball battle, girls?

- Of course! - answered Lucy.

The three dressed up with winter clothes and made a snowball fight.

Two hours later, Larcade and Zeref where covered with blankets. Both catched a cold.

- What I have to do with you two? - asked Mavis.

- Take care of us? - answered both.

- Mavis, there’s someone at the door who wants to see you - announced Happy, entering at the room.

- I’ll go to see who is. Happy, take care of them for a while.

Mavis left the room and both catched Happy.

- You will take care of us, will you? - asked both.

- You’re scaring me! - yelled Happy, scared.

- You two catched a cold? - asked someone -. And what I do with that week I have here?

The three of them looked at the one who entered in the room. That person smiled.

- Over! - yelled Zeref and Larcade. Then, they hugged Over.

- We finally meet in person, dad, Larcade.

- You only have a week?

- It’s the best I could get since Alvarez isolated.

- We will enjoy this week.

- I know. But you two have to recover.

- Will you take care of us?

- What are you? Twins? You’re doing exactly the same. Of course I will take care of you.

Both smiled, making Over smile. Mavis looked at them from the door with Happy, who could free himself when Over appeared.

- Merry Christmas, dad, Larcade.

- Merry Christmas, Over.

- Merry Christmas, boys.

The three smiled looking at her. That day, Over cooked something for his father and brother, who became koalas in his back.

/!\ Don’t get me wrong /!\

But when Jung Hoseok’s black hair will make its comeback?

Last year, I made a petition on tumblr “I WANT JHOPE BLACK HAIR BACK”, 

and I hope my wish come true in the next comeback in Feb - nothing against the hair stylist or hopie’s hair styles nowdays - , but I just miss this ^^ *sigh*

I want all of who doesn’t know hopie’s charms to CRY in regret!!! 3:)
*yes I’m an evil bich*

Poe-Blowjob Blurb

I still have no idea how to write him, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I hope this is okay!

Poe Dameron Blowjobs:

Yes,Poe is a gentleman but doesn’t mean he can’t be absolutely filthy behind clothes doors. Once those doors shut and he had you on your knees, you did whatever he said went.

He would have your hair gathering in his hand in a tight enough grip that he had complete control over the direction of your head, of course losing his grip if you said so.

Poe is very vocal especially  when it comes to getting head. During sex he had somewhat control over how much noise he made or didn’t make but  when you had him in your mouth, he was a panting mess. Poe was very articulate while having control over how he decided to make you feel, often making you come without even putting his hands down your pants but he was speechless when it came to this. His head would be back against the wall or pillow, his mouth open letting out moans and groans, calling you a good girl while stroking your hair with his free hand.

When you finally look up at him, desperate to see what you had brought him too, he loses whatever control over himself he had. Everything he had been feeling up until that point just breaks and he comes;and he comes hard. Throwing his head back, his jaw would go slack and he’d let out a strangled moan that sounded like your name. His hand on your hair would pull tighter,  and that’s when his body would tense up. Muscles all tight, jaw clenched and eyes screwed shut before finally letting go of himself. His body would then relax as he finally said you name clearly, letting go of your hair while you finished him off.

He’d then lie back or lean lazily as you zipped his suit back up, kissing your way back to his lip. Poe would lazily smile at you running his hand through your messy hair before kiss you not caring that you had just sucked him off. Kissing you after you did that if the least he could do.

Idiotic (Jelena One Shot)

Idiotic (Jelena One Shot)

Request: Is there a chance you could write a one shot on this? Like maybe jb being jealous/immature and childish to the media and Selena gets mad and confronts him or something?

Third Person’s POV

“Well hello to you too.” Justin muttered sarcastically as he shut the door behind Selena who just barged in angrily.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” She yelled.

“You know, the polite thing to do is greet the person who’s house you just entered, not yell at them.”

“I’m not playing Justin! What is your problem?”

“My problem?”

“Yes your problem! Are you hard of hearing now?” Her eyes were burning with rage, her hair flying madly all over the place.

He stayed silent, confused. What did he do?

“What? Can’t answer now? You didn’t have a problem speaking last night!”

Last night?

Oh. Last night.

“Is this about what I said?” He asked in shock.

“What else would it be about Justin?” She snarled. “You just had to say something!”

“I don’t get it. Why are you so pissed off? It was a fucking joke!” His own temper began to rise.

“Do I look like I’m laughing to you? This isn’t funny!”

“What’s so wrong about what I said?”

She scoffed. “Stop being an ass.”

“An ass?” He fumed. He still didn’t understand why she was so angry.

“Yes. You’re being an ass. A jealous, immature, idiotic ass.”

“I still don’t understand why the fuck you’re so pissed off. You knew I was joking when I said that guy in your music video was a chump. What’s so different now?”

“The fact that he did nothing to deserve you saying those things about him!”

“Oh give me a break. I just said I can’t listen to his music and that it was wack. Everyone knows it’s a joke, everyone except you apparently.”

He walked away from her, going into the kitchen.

“It’s not a joke Justin! That’s the headlines everywhere I look.”

He rolled his eyes. Did he care? No.

He poured himself a small drink, placing a glass in front of her and gesturing towards the bottle.

She gaped at him.

“Well if I’m supposed to survive you yelling at me for shit, I need a drink. Maybe you should take one too. Realize just how much you’re overreacting.”

Her eyes flashed. “Overreacting? I’m overreacting?!”

He slammed his glass onto the counter, ignoring the liquid that spilled out.

“Yes! Yes you’re fucking overreacting!”

She stepped back at the unexpected rise in his voice.

“What exactly do you want me to do huh? Say I’m sorry? Why? Did I hurt your little boyfriend’s feelings?” He snapped.

“Is that what you came here for? Because I’m not! I said what I said and I’m not taking it back. It wasn’t exactly a lie. I’m not going to be listening to anything to do with him anytime soon. So if that’s all, you can leave now.”

Okay, maybe he was a little hurt.

Did she really just come to yell at him because she was defending her new boyfriend.

What ever happened to ignoring what people said? That’s what she used to tell him to do.

She wouldn’t even answer his calls but she had time to come yell at him on behalf of that imbecile.

His temper spiked.

“Answer me Goddammit! You can’t answer my calls or texts but you suddenly have enough time to yell at me on his behalf?!”

He was angry and hurt.

He just wanted her. That’s all he ever wanted.

By now she wasn’t angry anymore and she realized what was going on.

“Justin, it’s not like that. I was on my way here anyways. I felt bad about brushing you off for a while and I was coming over to spend time with you but then I heard what you said and it pissed me off. What you did was plain idiotic. I just want to know what you were thinking. Why wouldn’t you just stay quiet. Why say it?” She asked softly and his shoulders slumped defeated.

“You know why.”

“No I don’t. Talk to me, tell me what’s going through your head.” She stepped closer to him.

“I was jealous okay? I was jealous.” He admitted. “I saw the pictures and you were smiling and laughing and hugging him and….kissing him…” He shuddered.

“It hurt. You looked so happy with him and I can’t make you happy anymore and I was upset. I thought I was doing good, that if I could clean up my act properly this time then I would still have a chance then those pictures came out and suddenly I didn’t. So when the pap asked, jealousy got the best of me and I said it. I didn’t meant to but I did and I just kind of played it off like a joke. I’m sorry.”

He refused to look at her.

“Justin look at me.”

She used her hands to tilt his head upwards so she was eye to eye with him.

“He’s a great guy but we aren’t serious. We’re just having fun. I’m not his type and he’s not mine. He’s into the partying and the drugs and stuff and I’m more into staying home and watching Netflix. This isn’t going to go far. It’s just a fling. We both know that. You don’t have anything to worry about, you’re still the only guy with my heart and as long as you have it..well I can’t exactly give it way can I?” She smiled.

He returned her gesture and she pulled him into a hug.

“You’re still an idiot. You know that right?” She teased affectionately and he laughed.

“I know. But this idiot still has a chance.”

“Oh Justin, what am I going to do with you?”

“Love me?”

“I already do.” She gently brushed her thumb across his cheek. “My idiotic guy.”

“Okay, now I can listen to his music again and Starboy is a fucking bop.”





Was it good enough anon?

Yes I have a beard

Yes I shave my face.
Women who suffer from excessive facial hair growth, all I can say is don’t be ashamed of it! It can be embarrassing, but it’s not your fault you have it.
Don’t be ashamed if you shave your face every morning. Don’t be ashamed if someone touches your face and feels prickles. Seriously, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. You’re beautiful and so strong for even being able to deal with it. A lot of girls wouldn’t even know what to do if they woke up with face stubbles.
We’re beautiful even with the occasional five o'clock shadow 😘

anonymous asked:

Yall ok. My lil Cousin. She is a pale ass blonde girl with blue blue blueeee eyes. She is hispanic. 100%. Neither of her parents even have the blonde and blue genetics. Its possible they were recessive. But just like. Learn about other cultures, FROM other cultures dont judge books by their covers. 2nd grade i moved to chicago and all of a sudden, i was the object of ridicule. I remember one kid called me a "dirty Mexican" and then i beat him up. If a little girl beats ur ass u know u did wrong

yes (i p sure but if i’m wrong i know my science friend is gonna correct me lol) if both parents have the recessive gene then it’s possible for two brown haired people to have a blonde child— like my parents did! 

also i’m glad you beat him up tbh more people need they asses kicked

4x06 spoilers

- awe dr.suess jasper
- STOP hurting raven 2017 honestly
- Eliza is so gorgeous thank god they resurrected her hair this season
- niylah is so sweet like I’m a hardcore bellarke shipper but I wouldn’t completely be against them together as long as bellamy is happy
- and Bob is still so gorgeous
- Bellamy is literally the loml
- how often does Clarke tell people they can’t go with them on trips, especially chancellors???
- “I’ll send her love” “yes, please do that” SWEETHEARTS
- THE HUG yes aw my babies
- we have the hottest cast wtf
- stop no Octavia
- I’m literally tearing up that hurt me so much
- Clarke knowing something is wrong with bellamy is my aesthetic
- license plate guy is back
- oh shit raven
- I love them both so much, they are all under so much stress I want another happy scene like the delinquents floating jaha
- yes sea mechanic honestly I’m here for it
- “darkness can kiss my worthless ass” aw Murphy
- “what is she doing?” “Being Clarke” loves of my life
- I thought they where going to kill the kid like stop
- they have so many problems like this is just a thing you know
- okay but bellamy still not fully trusting roan and wanting to make sure Clarke doesn’t kill herself or him so pure
- a horny mistake are you serious Murphy 😂
- Luna can read people so well my love
- sassy characters are the best
- Niylah is much better than I thought she was im
- octavia has logic but she has abused bellamy so much
- bell be a bad ass babe and save your soul mate
- is this where bell shoots the sky?
- bellamy has his gun back, the one Clarke used love
- bellamy thought the person was Clarke and you could see on his face he wouldn’t know what to do if it was
- sorry bro you aren’t as good as inspirational speeches and Bellamy and Clarke<br>
- Monty Green is a sweetheart let me here you say it again
- “all due respect but your son would be ashamed of you”
- “sorry- luna?”
- fly it yourself, I love him
- “they’ve taken Clarke”
- i stg if they did something to Clarke imma murder someone
- poor iilan he thought he wanted to do what he thought as right
- no stop that can’t be the end of his ark
- “you’ve got to be kidding me” he is my favorite
- knife goes to Clarke she thought and bellamy freaks out
- bad ass roan lord yes
- I don’t like octavia but I loved Lincoln and that whole scene was cruel
- stop hurting raven 2017
- bob Morley is so gorgeous

look I know what a big issue Eurocentric beauty is but people need to recognise one insidious element of this is not just the denigration of people whose features don’t adhere to that- but how specific features are always seen as belonging only to people of European ancestry. 

it’s so annoying. no i didn’t have to use eyelid tape to get my eyes like that, i was born with my eyelids like that, yes some east asians have monolids but not all do, do you think we are clones???? how the hell should i know why my hair curls the way it does?? it just does! and the usual bs my sister gets about her nose and how european it looks, which will then be followed up by the usual, “you aren’t really chinese right, are you part white”…wow! you’d think only Europeans have prominent noses!!! the most annoying part is not people getting my ethnicity wrong because yes I get that my family is a bit weird but when they just refuse to believe you when you tell them…this all basically saying Europeans have a monopoly on these features. 

it’s endlessly irritating how people question your authenticity all the time. like, why should we be subject to this, especially when you contrast to how people are more willing to accept that Europeans have a wide diversity of features??? Asia covers an even bigger land area than Europe and yet we’re supposed to adhere to a narrow palette of features. 

I am so disappointed in Netflix. How you gonna rain blessings down on me with The Get Down then feed me this Deathnote trash??? Why does this Light “Turner” look like he hasn’t showered in a month? Why did that trailer look so grunge? The feel is completely wrong. I don’t even know why whitewashing surprises me anymore but fuck, it does. Every time. I’ll never understand how a group of people can sit around a table and take a property that has been celebrated and is loved by millions still to this day and think yes, this is what the people will want, some whiter than white emo dude with bad hair. I don’t really buy this interpreting for an American audience. First off, your audience already exist and if they like that shit they’re gonna let people know. And this ain’t the movies, it’s netflix. If it’s any consolation at least we know what happens at the end. It could be captivating television to see a white guy raise himself so high only to fall lol. If they don’t change anything that is. Which they most likely will. 😂😂

(I agree though about Willem Defoe. He gonna kill it. Do it for Ryuk.)


I always wondered, how much time does women spend doing hair like Nadine have.. I adore her hairstyle, it really suits her. I thought about this and imagined Nadine with wet hair hah ;) 

Recently I read a lot of fanfiction, RafexReader mainly so.. YEAH. That’s what I do! Draw stuff like this and read fanfiction most of my time! ;>

*by the way.. first time i use english idioms.. yes i am completly moron, i don’t know english well so forgive me if i wrote something wrong xd

Supernatural Be Like
  • Season 1: Holy shit, this is scary! But it's well written...and shit these dudes are hot.
  • Season 2: This is a bit depressing. Once they get the yellow-eyed demon, then what happens? Do they retire? Does Sam go back to college?
  • Season 3: Oh my god, my babies! Sam, what did you do to your hair! Just cut it, please for the love of all that is holy!
  • Season 4: Heeheeheehee....Destiel....
  • Season 5: I don't know who's right or wrong! They're all just doing the best they can!!!
  • Season 6: Yes, Sam is back! Yes, he has his soul! Yes,...oh shit...Sam!!! Cas!!! Bobby!!! *Cries in corner* My babies!!!
  • Season 7: Oh my god, they're literally fighting Wallstreet now. They are fighting the Donald Trump of the monsters. I fucking love this show.
  • #Also Garth looks like Martin Freeman