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( SMS | Sam 😇 ★ ) : You’re honestly one of my best friend’s. I just--
( SMS | Sam 😇 ★ ) : I have no idea who or what I would be without you.
( SMS | Sam 😇 ★ ) : Yes, I do have God by my side, that much is certain. But this town.. even God can’t make it any less lonley that it is.
( SMS | Sam 😇 ★ ) : But with you here.. it makes things so much better.
( SMS | Sam 😇 ★ ) : Always remember I love you.


hungry at the library
  • sam: soo, how is your experience with AmeriCorps so far, Walker?
  • Walker: nearly always rhythmical, usually metaphorical, and often exhibits such formal elements as meter, rhyme, and stanzaic structure
  • sam: Right on. What's on our Utah Bucket list for the last few weeks that we are here?
  • walker: Constant: continuous. Divergent boundaries: when two fault lines pull apart.
  • Sam: Okay mr.Girlmer, last question, do you like pina coladas?
  • Walker: and getting caught in the rain
  • Sam: Yes precisely, do you?
  • walker: absofruitly.
  • Sam: Love it. Beautiful. Good job.
  • *Sam and Dean walk into the bunker to see Cas with an apron standing over a table with 15 different dishes.*
  • Cas: hello.
  • Dean: um what is this?
  • Cas: It's Thanksgiving! I thought it would be best if I made a Thanksgiving dinner. That's what normal friends do, yes?
  • Sam: woah Cas. This is really great. You didn't have to do this
  • Dean: yeah. But Is there-
  • *Dean's eyes widen and rainbows explode everywhere*
  • Cas: Yes. There is pie. Apple. Cherry. Blackberry. Pumpkin-
  • *Dean literally explodes with joy*
Loving the rain

Pairing: Sam x reader.

Type: Drabble.

Word count: 992

„Something tells me it’s raining outside.“, Sam chuckled, leaning back on his chair as he observed me.

I had just came in, my shoes squeaking as I angrily stomped down the stairs, leaving a wet trail in the form of my footprints. My clothes were soaked through and along with my hair, still dripping drops of water as I made my way to Sam, who was sitting on the table with a book wide open in front of him.

Glaring at him, I stopped near the table and he grinned.

„I thought you love rain?“ Sam mused.

„Yes, I do.“, I replied bitterly. „But not when I have to go outside in the middle of a downpour and listen Dean nag the whole way about his damp car seats!“

Sam laughed, even throwing his head back. Usually, my heart would race at the mere sight of his amused expression, with the corners of his mouth tilted upwards and his perfect teeth showing. But it will have to take a lot more to warm up my mood right now.

„Where is he now?“ his eyebrow quirked.

„Wiping off his dearest Baby, of course.“, I rolled my eyes and proceeded to walk towards the hall, so I could get to my room and have a long, hot shower and then-

„Fuck!“ I exclaimed and then sighed, remembering my shower is out of order.

I didn’t realize Sam was so close behind until he spoke. „What is it now?“

„My shower doesn’t work.“, I explained in a whining, but rather exhausted tone, while turning around and raising my head a little to look at him.

„No problem.“, he shrugged and walked in front of me, motioning for me to follow. „You can use the shower in my bedroom.“

I was a little surprised by the offer, but let him guide to his room nevertheless. I’ve never actually been to his room, since I’ve been staying with the Winchesters only for a couple of days until we solve a common case. The guest room was better than the crappy motels in the area, so they invited me over to the bunker.

Well, one of the things that I should pay attention to if I ever hunt with the brothers again; bring more clothes. I had two jeans and two shirts with me and they were now either wet or muddy.

Once I entered his room, I immediately thought how well the decoration fit him. Everything was in order, minimal and practical. Sam gestured towards the bathroom and I hurried in.

„Towels are in the drawer under the sink.“, Sam smiled and exited his room, respecting my privacy and leaving me alone while I shower.

But, by the time I got out, my body wrapped in a towel while my wet and now clean hair was falling down over my shoulders, he was in his room again. He held a few articles of clothing in his arms, neatly folded.

„I got you clean clothes.“, he smiled, his gaze quickly lowering and glancing down my almost naked body.. „I went to get yours, but they were filthy.“

I smiled. „Thank you, Sam. That’s really thoughtful.“

„As for the underwear…“, he spoke awkwardly, but then sniggered. „Maybe I should ask Dean if he could borrow you any panties.“

A laugh escaped my mouth. „Maybe you should.“

„Uh…“, his eyes trailed over my body again. „I’ll leave you to dress.“

He turned around, leaving the room again, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. Sometimes, he was so dorky and awkward, it was hard to imagine he was a strong, badass hunter who’s job is saving the whole wide world along with his brother. It was adorable, actually. That’s one of the main things it made me fall in love with him. And his humor. Dean was the cheeky one, but Sam cracked jokes that were able to make me laugh harder than I thought possible.

In a rush, I put on the clothes he gave me.

They were his, which made this situation a whole lot better.

I had to tighten the waist band around the sweatpants and one of the smallest shirts he could find was still too loose fitted for me, but I absolutely adored it.

With one last curious look around the room, I opened the doors and saw him leaned on the opposite wall, waiting.

„Thanks, Sam. I appreciate this.“, I grinned, showing him how the clothes looked on me, with the sleeves covering my hands and fingers completely.

„This looks good on you.“, he chuckled, standing up and coming a bit closer.

„Not better than on you.“, I winked at with that, walked down the hallway in the direction of my room.

Sam called my name after a mere few seconds and I stopped. He was now peeking from his room, only his head and half of his torso showing.

„I was just about to watch a movie. Wanna tag along?“

I shrugged. „Sure. What are we watching?“

In a few steps I was back in his room again. While he was setting up everything and getting the snacks, I simply got comfortable on his bed and waited. My bones were still a bit chilly, despite the hot, soothing shower, so I was shaking a bit when we started to watch the movie.

„Are you cold?“ Sam noticed, of course.

„A bit.“, I hid my hands in the long sleeves of his shirt again.

„C'mere.“, he spread his arms and grinned.

„Are you asking me to cuddle with you?“

„Maybe I am.“, his dimples were showing. „But, you know… Only because of heat reasons.“

„You little flirt.“, I laughed slightly, moving closer to him and into his arms.

My head was now resting on his torso, our arms around each other.

„So, is it working yet?“ Sam asked in a low voice, a bit unsure.

„Oh, it’s working alright.“, I smiled and he chuckled.


Angels Aren’t Real

Title: Angels Aren’t Real

 Prompt: @joannesblack: Hi, could you write a story where the reader is a hunter and a friend of the Winchesters but denies existence of angels, so they introduce Gabriel to her? Please? Thanks! JSB

 Pairing: Gabriel x Friend!Reader

 Summary: Dean is determined to convince you that angels are real…why else would he call in Gabriel?  

 Warnings: Slight violence


Originally posted by spnfans

“Angels don’t exist!”  You said with a laugh.  You always enjoyed spending time with Sam and Dean Winchester, they were like the brothers you never had.  The three of you would drink and have a few laughs, maybe do a hunt or two together, good times.

“Yes, they do!” Dean exclaimed quickly.  “You know what, I’ll prove it!”  Sam laughed as Dean dramatically cleared his throat.  “I pray to Castiel, angel of the lord, really, a real angel, wings and all…”

“Get on with it, you dork!”  You gave Dean a playful shove as you rolled your eyes.  You had to hand it to him, he was going all out for a little joke.

“Yea, Cas. We need you for a sec.  Could you pop in?”  

You glanced around the bar, seeing if there were any new faces.  “Wow, you showed me…”

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“You know Y/N, he is doing this on purpose.” Sam told you as your fists clenched.

“I know, and he knows it is working too.” You said as Dean looked at you with a slight smirk.

You rolled your eyes over dramatically the second time he looked at you, causing him to chuckle slightly as he continued talking to the girl.

“God I hate him.”

I Thought You Were Different (Part 35-FINAL CHAPTER) (Avengers x reader)

It’s been a great run guys, and I can’t thank you enough for the support with this story!

Part 34

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Mrs. Moose- Sam Winchester

This one is for the other writer Beth, we realized no one has asked for a Sam imagine yet and we feel the moose needs love. 

“I don’t want to see Crowley” you groan laying on the couch in the bunker, flicking through the channels. You were bored but not bored enough to go see him.

“Why not?” Sam chuckled trying to pull you off the couch. You’d been best friends with the brothers since you were younger but one drunken night he had admitted feelings and you’d been together since.

“He is annoying.” You try to quickly make up an excuse, “He gives you stupid nicknames and I don’t have one” you cross your arms across your chest in a huff.

“I don’t have a nickname?” Castiel says from the other side of the room.

“Yes you do. He calls you wings” you sigh, “Dean is squirrel and Sam is Moose. You don’t even look like a moose, it’s stupid.”

“Yes he does.” Dean shouted from the kitchen with his head in the fridge. His cheeks packed with food as his words where muffled. Well he was right about him being Squirrel by the way he stuffs his face.

“Fine common then.” You grumble and follow them to the Impala.


As you walk in you see the king of hell in all his smug glory.

“Look who is it, Moose and Mrs. Moose” Crowley grinned as you and Sam made your way towards him. 

“That would only work if we were married Crowley” you said, rolling your eyes as you folded your arms. 

“Well then you better hurry up and get married because I’m not changing the nickname” he chuckled, “I thought of it by myself, wasted half an hour of my precious time.”

“M-married?” Sam sputtered and blushed making Dean chuckle.


The bunker was quiet when you got home. The deal with Crowley had gone well but his constant chatting made you tired.

You laid in bed, the duck feather pillows supporting your head like a cloud as your eyes close sleepily. A strong arm comes around your torso and holds you close to his firm chest. “Mmm hey you.” You mutter happily.

Sam nuzzled into the back of your neck and moved his hair from his eyes, tying it into a small ponytail quickly. “So I was thinking…” He mumbled almost nervously.

You hum for him to carry on as he paused for such a long time.

“W-would you like to be Mrs. Moose?” he blushed as you turned to face him.

“Did you just propose calling me Mrs. Moose?” you chuckle and kiss him passionately. “Of course I will moose boy.”

He smiled widely and pulled you into the tightest hug ever. Screw bear hugs, moose hugs are better.


  • *Dean and Cas are sitting in the bunker, drinking beer with nothing better to do*
  • Dean: What do you want to do Cas?
  • Cas: I don't know...Do you want to 'Netflix and chill' with me?
  • Dran: *choking on his drink* Cas, do you know what that means?
  • Cas: Yes. Sam informed me that it involved watching Netflix and relaxing.
  • Dean: No, Cas, it means watching Netflix and having sex.
  • Cas: ...
  • Dean: ...
  • Cas: ...My offer still stands.