yes you do sam

Amelia: Cool!
Sam: “Cool” ?! Nice weekend?!
Amelia: I’m not out of the house: I opened the boxes!
Addison: You’re there for three months!
Amelia: I’m methodical!
Violet: You should get out and do things that make you feel better!
Cooper: We have just saying goodbye “cool”!
Amelia: Thanks Cooper!
Addison: Have you met some neighbor?!
Amelia: I am committed to my recovery!
Violet: Socializing is an integral part of your recovery, have you ever tried to go out with a man?!
Amelia: To see how much it takes to escape the other way?!
Violet: Oh, come on! We are all doctors, doctors who do not scare easily. I would be willing to go out with someone chosen by us?!
Amelia: If I say no you do stories !
Sam: Yes!
Addison: Yes ..
Amelia: All right! But do not make me regret it!

- Private Practice 6x11

After School Special - Part 3

Word Count: 2461

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, spn stuff

A/N: 3 updates in one day…I know, right!

Series Rewrite Masterlist 

You sat between Sam and Dean in Mr. McGregor’s living room, fidgeting just a bit. Dean put his hand on your knee in a futile attempt to stop it from bouncing up and down while you questioned the man. “So…you were friends with Dirk?” Mr. McGregor asked. You averted your gaze to the floor, letting Sam do the talking for you.

“Yes, sir.” Sam answered. “In high school.”

“I don’t recall Dirk having many friends at Truman.” Mr. McGregor leaned back in his chair and looked at the three of you with slight shock on his face.

“When did…” Dean looked at you and cleared his throat, “uh…when did Dirk pass?”

“He was 18.” Mr. McGregor said, voice breaking. “First there was the drinking, then drugs, and then too many drugs…and then he just slipped through my fingers.” He choked back tears. “It was my fault. I should have seen it coming, you know? Dirk…he had his troubles.”

“What kind of troubles?” You questioned, finally finding your voice.

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“You know Y/N, he is doing this on purpose.” Sam told you as your fists clenched.

“I know, and he knows it is working too.” You said as Dean looked at you with a slight smirk.

You rolled your eyes over dramatically the second time he looked at you, causing him to chuckle slightly as he continued talking to the girl.

“God I hate him.”

I Thought You Were Different (Part 35-FINAL CHAPTER) (Avengers x reader)

It’s been a great run guys, and I can’t thank you enough for the support with this story!

Part 34

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Mrs. Moose- Sam Winchester

This one is for the other writer Beth, we realized no one has asked for a Sam imagine yet and we feel the moose needs love. 

“I don’t want to see Crowley” you groan laying on the couch in the bunker, flicking through the channels. You were bored but not bored enough to go see him.

“Why not?” Sam chuckled trying to pull you off the couch. You’d been best friends with the brothers since you were younger but one drunken night he had admitted feelings and you’d been together since.

“He is annoying.” You try to quickly make up an excuse, “He gives you stupid nicknames and I don’t have one” you cross your arms across your chest in a huff.

“I don’t have a nickname?” Castiel says from the other side of the room.

“Yes you do. He calls you wings” you sigh, “Dean is squirrel and Sam is Moose. You don’t even look like a moose, it’s stupid.”

“Yes he does.” Dean shouted from the kitchen with his head in the fridge. His cheeks packed with food as his words where muffled. Well he was right about him being Squirrel by the way he stuffs his face.

“Fine common then.” You grumble and follow them to the Impala.


As you walk in you see the king of hell in all his smug glory.

“Look who is it, Moose and Mrs. Moose” Crowley grinned as you and Sam made your way towards him. 

“That would only work if we were married Crowley” you said, rolling your eyes as you folded your arms. 

“Well then you better hurry up and get married because I’m not changing the nickname” he chuckled, “I thought of it by myself, wasted half an hour of my precious time.”

“M-married?” Sam sputtered and blushed making Dean chuckle.


The bunker was quiet when you got home. The deal with Crowley had gone well but his constant chatting made you tired.

You laid in bed, the duck feather pillows supporting your head like a cloud as your eyes close sleepily. A strong arm comes around your torso and holds you close to his firm chest. “Mmm hey you.” You mutter happily.

Sam nuzzled into the back of your neck and moved his hair from his eyes, tying it into a small ponytail quickly. “So I was thinking…” He mumbled almost nervously.

You hum for him to carry on as he paused for such a long time.

“W-would you like to be Mrs. Moose?” he blushed as you turned to face him.

“Did you just propose calling me Mrs. Moose?” you chuckle and kiss him passionately. “Of course I will moose boy.”

He smiled widely and pulled you into the tightest hug ever. Screw bear hugs, moose hugs are better.


  • *Dean and Cas are sitting in the bunker, drinking beer with nothing better to do*
  • Dean:What do you want to do Cas?
  • Cas:I don't know...Do you want to 'Netflix and chill' with me?
  • Dran:*choking on his drink* Cas, do you know what that means?
  • Cas:Yes. Sam informed me that it involved watching Netflix and relaxing.
  • Dean:No, Cas, it means watching Netflix and having sex.
  • Cas:...
  • Dean:...
  • Cas:...My offer still stands.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OC
Words: 1392
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader is from a very wealthy family, but left the life long ago. She, Dean, and Sam return to go to her cousin’s wedding and she’s reminded that she made the right decision.

“Y/N, do we really have to go?” Dean whined from the main room, getting dressed in his suit.

           “Yes, you do,” you said.

           “Why are you making me go?” Sam whined as well, “Dean’s your boyfriend. He should be the only one to suffer.”

           “I am making you go for moral support for the poor sap,” you giggled, “Besides, I need both of my guys to get through this one.”

           “You’re scaring me a little bit, Babe,” Dean said.

           “Well, you don’t know my family,” you said, slipping into the light pink dress. You hair was curled as perfectly as you could get it, and you were pleased with how you had done your make-up. You had to look good for your cousin’s wedding. Your entire family would be staring at you to see if they could find a flaw.

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Cas looks at Sam. He’s seen Dean do it with girls. He just doesn’t know if Sam likes him back.

“Cas? What’s up? You okay?” Sam asks.

“Yeah I’m good. Can I ask you something?” He replies nervously.

“You just di- yeah of course.” Sam answers.

“When you like someone a lot you kiss them right?” He questions with his signature head tilt that Sam has grown to love.

“Yes. Who do you like?”

Cas answers by kissing Sam. He finally did it. Sam kisses back. It was just how Castiel wanted it to be.

“Did you mean it?”

Sam blinks into the darkness, turning to face Dean in bed.

“Mean what?” He whispers.

He’s glad its dark, he’s having trouble looking Dean in the eye lately. His stomach rolls and he bites at his lip when he tries.

“What you said earlier. In the cabin,” Dean swallows, his voice shot.

What? That Sam can’t lose him? Can’t go on knowing Dean is a demon again, that he failed again?

“Yes. You know I did, I do,” Sam whispers back, his long fingers finding their way to his brothers scruffy face.

He feels Dean close his eyes slowly, letting Sam map out the strong jaw, his lips, his eyes.

“I know you doubt yourself, Dean. I doubt myself. I understand,” Sam says softly.

Dean grunts in embarrassment but only pulls Sam close with an arm around his waist so he can shove his face into his little brothers neck.

“I just need you to believe in me, in us,” he sighs and wraps his arms around Dean’s head, carding fingers into soft hair.

“I do. I do believe in us. I’m just…I don’t trust all these spell books and people who say they can help me. It’ll all back fire, baby,” Dean murmurs into his neck.

Sam thinks about his plan. What he’s about to do tomorrow. Who he’s going to go see.

“I don’t either but we have to figure this out. So we can have our feet in the sand, Dean,” Sam breathes.

Dean sucks in a shuddering breath, rolling Sam onto his back. Sam spreads his legs, knowing this is comfort.

“Please don’t do anythin’ stupid, Sammy. I can’t lose you either, baby boy,” Dean begs, mouth opening against Sam’s neck.

Sam opens up to Dean’s mouth, both of them breathing hard and desperate.

“We gotta get our feet in that sand, Sammy,” Dean huffs against his mouth, one hand to Sam’s face and another cradling the back of his head.

“Yeah, yeah, Dean. I know, I’m gonna get us there,” Sam gasps, Dean pressing his lips to his neck as they press against one another in fearful need.

Sam’s gonna get them to that beach.