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Why did they cancel their show though??? That's mean!And I will make sure to check both them and Samuel out,they must be good when they won hehe.I definitely had some good sleep considering its 1pm here,and I kinda overslept(but I went to bed at 2am so I guess it's not that bad😁).Now I feel like I've been missing out on a lot bcs I didn't watch PD101,but hopefully there will be a next season!And how are you,what are you doing now? -Cupcake anonnie💛

Yes!! Please do check them out!! Sam is younger than me tho. Well Its fine to oversleep. Its 4:35 pm here and am just making some wallpapers and screen savers for the requests.  Well where are you from? if you don’t have any problem sharing me that?

A Starlit Sky

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Title: A Starlit Sky (Part 3 of the What I’m Looking For Series)

Pairing: Reader x ???

Song: A Starlit Sky by the Workday Release

Word Count: 2,954

Warnings: THIS GIF GOSHDANGIT other than that, none.

POV: Second Person Reader

A/N: lets all be honest for a moment, if we were in the same position as the reader, you know you would’ve said yes to both of them, i mean come on… also i’m sorry I took 5ever to post this

Read Part 1 here!

Read Part 2 here!

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Hey sam, how are you and cas getting along?

Sam: Pretty well actually, aside from….y’know….the night times


Sam: Yes you do, you guys are fucking loud.

Gabe: ;D

Sam: Ugh.

M E E T   T H E   M U N

name: Lizard
gender: Female
eye color: blue/green
hair color: neutral brown with honey blonde highlights
relationship status: single
zodiac: Pisces/Aries cusp
favorite color: Blue, purple, green, wine red.
favorite season: Summer
favorite place: the beach
favorite holiday: Easter
favorite video game: Don’t got one.
last show you watched: Turn: Washington Spies….10/10 highly recommend. So good… so obsessed right now.
what’s your honest opinion about your muse?: Sam is a lil shit.
would you date your muse?: That would be risky. I don’t know if I’m ready to die just yet.
what are your favorite kinds of threads: Anything that keeps my muse interested.
are you a selective roleplayer?: Yes
do you have a favorite muse?: Sam demands all my attention…even when he’s being lazy and doesn’t cooperate.
what made you join the fandom?: I borrowed the first season from a friend. Lol I was kind of a chicken to watch it cause I get easily scared. I finally sucked it up, and watched it. Before I knew it I had all the recent seasons on dvd before the new season premiere. I think that was around when season 5 started. I’m pretty desensitized to horror films and shows now because of Spn.
do you see yourself staying with the fandom for a long time?: I’ll be there to the bitter end.

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Are you still taking requests? If yes, can you do a SPN bunker fic with Sam suffering from a stomach bug and throwing up a lot? Bonus points for Dean rubbing his back. Double bonus for Sam having to puke into the sink the first time because he doesn't get to the john. Grossness and self indulgence is very appreciated, and please ignore this if you can't, or don't want to write. Thank you. <3

Hey there, darling! So it’s not that I don’t want to fill this prompt. But I’ve gotta be honest, my interest in writing for SPN has waned over the past two years. I still love the show and the Winchester boys. I just have other characters I’d rather be writing for at the moment. 

I do have a few SPN fics posted on this blog. But I’m gonna go ahead and direct you to my account because it’s 80% Supernatural, (I posted for a solid three years). And Sam is the victim in most of them :) Hope you find some stuff you enjoy!! 

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*i moan louder while you thrust* feels so good, I haven't felt this good in so long *i scratch at your back* babe yes-Sam

*moans as you do, closing my eyes* oh god

You Bet (Sam Drake x Reader)

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Word Count: 417

A/N: SURPRISE! I just wanted to write a little something cause I’m a little rusty. I wanted to apologize for being MIA for so long, but now school’s out and I can write more. As always, I hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.

Warning(s): Angst, Swearing

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“What the hell Sam?!”

Nathan’s arms fell to his thighs and clenched his fists to quench his anger. Sam rested his elbows on his knees and ran his hands through his brown locks that have now have been drenched in sweat. Sam and Y/N have been dating for about 2 years now and they love each other very much. But Sam has to come clean eventually. Sam spoke quietly yet slowly,

“Nathan, you’re the first person I came to. I don’t know what to do.”

Nathan sighed and brung his hand up near his face, and combed through his brunette hair. He placed his hands on his hips and faced Sam. He closed his eyes and his head hung low,

“This has been going on for 2 long years Sam. It’s time for you to tell her the truth.“

“I don’t want to.”

“But you have to. Otherwise, it’ll just get worse.” Nathan argued.

“Damn it.” Sam muttered under his breath. He stood up from the chair and made his way to the door.

“You’re a freaking idiot Sam.”

“I know.”

Sam was shaking, trembling, wondering on what he was gonna do. When he knocks on your door, there’s no turning back. Sam took a long, lasting deep breath and knocked on the door. This was it. Sam was going to tell you everything. Quiet shuffling and a muffled “Coming!” was heard behind the tall, wooden structure. The door opened with a burst of energy and revealed the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen.

“Hey beautiful.”

“Hey Sam, I didn’t know you were coming. I would’ve cleaned the house up more.”

“Y/N, can we talk? There’s something I need to tell you.”

Sam took Y/N’s hand and led her to the couch and sat down. Y/N had a look of confusion and uncertainty.

“Sam, what’s going on?”

“I have something to tell you. 2 years ago, me and Harry made a bet. We were drunk and he bet that I couldn’t ask you out, and so I did and now we’re here.”

“So all of this, our relationship, was fake?”

Sam was silent. Your mouth hung agape and scoffed at him. Your face became hot and tears slowly drizzled down. In a fit of anger, you swung your fist at the closest object near you. The glass shattered as it crashed to the ground.

“Do you even love me?” Y/N asked, fists clenched.

“Yes! Yes! I do-” Sam declared.

“Then why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

When Universes Collide (part 4)

Paring: Avengers, X-Men X Reader

Prompt: In this story, Avengers Universe and X-Men Universe finally collide together during the Avengers’ Civil War.

Warnings: Some swearing

Length: 3,490

A couple of notes before you begin. You’re gonna need Google translator for Romanian, because putting what they were saying in english didn’t look as good. Second, there isn’t a submit in your name box, because weirdly enough I didn’t need to put in (Y/N). Anyways, enjoy! - I.M.

Steve, adorned in his Captain America suit, held open the door open to a rundown apartment in Bucharest, Romania for you as you trotted into the room. You lowered your head and sniffed around the room. You glanced up at him and noticed that he was watching you silently.

“He’s not here. His scent is a couple hours old.” You took a look around the room and Steve walked around you towards the refrigerator.

“Why is she still a dog?” Sam asked through Steve’s earpiece and you rolled your eyes.

‘Because I don’t want to be recognized and taken back to the UN.’ You telepathically answered Sam’s question, because you don’t have an earpiece because you were, you know, a dog.

“Can you tell here to stop doing that? It’s … weird.” Sam asked and Steve demanded, “Focus up, Sam.”

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Out of My Hands - Part Nine

Character: Castiel

Warning: Brief manhandling (good intentions)

Word Count: 1,460

Pairing: Castiel x Reader, Dean x Reader

Prologue - Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six  - Part Seven - Part Eight

Summary: Heaven learns about the reader’s relationship with Dean, but before they can act, Castiel comes to her, begging her to end it.


   Of course they already knew.

   One chance, that’s all he gets. One chance to convince (y/n) to leave Dean behind for good and to never ever see anyone else in a romantic fashion. Maybe she won’t listen to him, but at this point he’s frantic enough to force the decision upon her.

   He only hopes she’ll listen to reason.

*    *    *    *    *

   When Sam and Dean finally leave your house, it feels weird. They’ve been around so long that it feels normal for them to be here, and when Dean announced that he and Sam were planning on checking out a hunt a few towns over, you felt a pang of disappointment. Of course, he tried to convince you to come with them, said that they could use your skills in kick-assery, but you declined. Since your house has become a place you can tolerate being, you don’t really want to leave it.

   Fifteen minutes after the brothers pull out of your driveway, you realize that it’s Dean who feels like home, not your house. It’s too late to go after him now; you wouldn’t want him to turn around and come all the way back just because you’re pining for him. Besides, the hunt isn’t that far away; he should be back in a week. You can call him too, maybe send a flirtatious text though you’d prefer hearing his voice. Your world won’t come crashing down before he gets back, of that you’re sure.

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can i ask for 15 for mreyder?

Things you said with too many miles between us

The life of a Pathfinder was nothing if not unpredictable. One moment Scott was helping to gather some minerals on Elaaden, the next came an urgent summon to the Nexus or a distress call from the resistance on Voeld. Still, even among all this hecticness – or maybe because of it – he found comfort in establishing a small routine, things repeated almost every single day that helped to ground him no matter in which corner of the galaxy he was at the moment: ungodly amounts of cereal for breakfast, the morning hug from Jaal, feeding the Pyjak forbidden snacks behind Lexi’s back. And of course daily calls to Reyes, right before Scott turned in for the night.

It felt nice to see his lover’s face and hear his voice broadcasted through the infinite void, even if that wasn’t nearly enough to fully quench the longing. They always chatted a bit about what interesting happened to them and joked a little, exchanging cheesy lines or bad puns. Sometimes the conversation took a turn into a naughty territory when they hadn’t seen one another for a long time and were itching for a release.

Scott adored their talks, the time devoted to no one else but each other, the comforting assurance that they both were alive and well, which wasn’t a given with the kind of lifestyle they both lead.  

Today Scott needed to see Reyes more than ever.

Lying on the bed in his quarters, one hand under his head, the other with the omni-tool in front of his face, he told SAM to make the call.

“Good evening, Kadara,” he said as soon as his lover’s smiling face appeared on the display. Reyes must have waited for the call because he picked up almost instantly.

“Ryder. How is my favorite Pathfinder doing today?” he asked in an upbeat tone. But the cheerfulness gradually faded from his face the longer he stared at Scott. He could always read him like a book. “Are you okay?” His words were caring, gentle, inspiring confidence and urging Scott to open up. And Scott needed that kind of encouragement to pour his heart out, the certainty that he would be heard.

“No. Not really,” he sighed, using his omni-tool-free hand to rub at his temple. He wondered if he looked as tired and dispirited as he felt.

“What happened?”

Scott took a deep breath and let the words flow.

“I was on Eos today when I heard that some of the people from the outpost went to explore the remnant ruins, even though I told them over and over again that it’s dangerous and they should stay away. I drove there as fast as I could but…” Scott paused, closing his eyes briefly. When he opened them again, they were filled with anguish. “I arrived too late. The remnants tore them all to shreds right in front of me. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t save them. If only I was faster…”

“Scott, stop,” Reyes interrupted him, adamant but still sympathetic. “You can’t blame yourself for their stupidity. What happened wasn’t your fault.”

Scott heaved a sigh. A heavy burden of guilt weighed on his chest, one that he just couldn’t shake off.

“I know. I know, but…” he paused, his mournful eyes telling more than any words could ever do. “I wish you were here with me right now,” he whispered, sounding hopeless and pathetic to his own ears.  

But Reyes looked at him not with scorn, but with tenderness.

“I wish I was.”

The silence that fell between them was full of tension, vibrating with the vastness of space between them, the light years keeping them apart when the only thing they wanted was to be in one another’s arms.

Reyes was first to speak up.


Scott couldn’t hide his surprise when Reyes addresses the AI. Especially when SAM responded.

Yes, Reyes?

“Could you do something for me?”

Yes. As long as it will not go against my programming or against the Pathfinder’s wishes.”

“No, it’s nothing like that. Could you… could you make Scott feel as if I’m holding him? I think he needs that.”


“What? Reye–” Scott gasped when the sensation of being enveloped in a pair of strong arms spread through his body. The pressure against his skin, the warmth, it all felt so real. Scott’s throat clenched as he tried to rein in his emotions. He couldn’t deny though that the weight on his chest became lighter. 

“Better?” Reyes asked.

“Yeah. Thank you.”

“Go to sleep. I’ll watch over you.”

Scott tried to protest, but all it took was a little of gentle coaxing and he finally gave up. He closed his eyes and fell asleep quicker than he would imagine, safe in the imaginary embrace.

Reyes dawdled with ending the call, observing how Scott’s chest moved steadily with every breath he took, the expression on his face peaceful at last.

“SAM?” he asked once again.


“Can you help me with something one more time?”

With what, Reyes?

“Tell me where will you be touching down in the morning.”

* * * 

Of all the things Scott expected to find at the next port, Reyes, who had apparently flown like a madman entire night to get there before him, wasn’t one of them. Surprised, touched and happy, Scott was glad to confirm that no sensory substitute of a hug could compare to the real thing given freely and with love.

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Thanks so much to @dreadpiratedee for commissioning me to write this fic in my househusband!Steve verse! Get more info on commissioning me here. Enjoy the lovey fluff:)

“When I was little I asked my papa why he always held my daddy’s hand.” Sarah smiles, waving her arm in her parents direction. There Papa is, his hand intertwined with Dad’s. Papa’s hair is gray finally. Daddy went gray completely almost decade and a half ago. Sarah remembers them looking younger, but this is just as good.

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Requested by @nervousmemzie (Thank You!)

“Tell the truth.. do you like Sam?” Dean says to you suddenly; on his face he printed smirk.
You immediately blush. You’ve fallen in love with Sam since you met; love at first sight. At least, for you. You’ve always wanted to tell Sam the truth, but you’ve never had the courage.
“It’s not true.”
“C'mon, Y/n! You take him the books, prepare his breakfast, clean his room..”
“Dean, it’s called kindness.”
“So why don’t you do this to me?”
You open your mouth to say something, but the only thing that comes out of your mouth is a long sigh.
“Okay, I like your brother. What do you want me to do, scrap me?”
Dean gets up from the chair he is sitting on, and approaches you, putting your hands on your shoulders. He smiles, and you do the same.
“I just want Sam to be happy, and you too, so when do you tell him that you like him?” asks the hunter while standing in your eyes.
“I can’t Dean!” you say, passing a hand in your hair; you are too afraid to ruin the friendship between you and the boy, and then if he doesn’t feel the same thing you feel for him, the situation becomes embarrassing.
“Yes, Y/n. You can do it. Sam.. I’m sure you liked him, he’s always kind to you, and you should see how embarrassed he is when you’re doing something and you’re in front of him.”
“Do you really think Sam likes me?”
Dean seems to be too convinced, but it’s not about his life, but yours, and you don’t want it to be ruined by your stupid emotions.
“Of course you like him! Come on, who you don’t like!”
You blush once again for the compliment he just did, but you are not convinced.
“I don’t know Dean, I don’t… want to ruin everything. I.. No. I can’t, I’ll not tell Sam.”
“Tell me what?”
You froze; you and Dean turns slowly to see Sam get in the kitchen with his PC in the hands. You and Dean exchanged a look, and you’re trying to get him to say something.
“I have to go to do something. Bye!”
You curse Dean mentally, as Sam approaches you, smiling.
The time to tell the truth has come.

Please, send me an ask, and tell me what you think!
Feedback is always appreciated.

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Can’t Help Falling in Love (Part 15)

Summary: The reader has tried continuously to fall out of love with Sam, however just when she thinks that she’s got it under her belt Sam comes waltzing right back into her life again undoing all of the hard work that you’ve worked toward.

A/N: Sorry guys, the updates are gonna be a little spaced out because of my exams but I already know how this gonna end and where I’m taking it so it will be finished, just at a slow pace, anyway, hope you enjoy, more plotty plot, here, Dean goes into your mind.

Warnings: Language, Mildly graphic descriptions of torture, Angst

Word count: 3880

Sam x Reader

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

Ever since Dean announced his idea that was it, they all hit the books and were researching from dusk till dawn, night and day constantly trying to find something. It had been two days since Lilith had taken over your body and the boys hadn’t heard anything since, Cas and Meg had left to try and find anything from their outside sources but they also weren’t having much luck.

“Dean, you found anything?” Dean looks up from the book he’s currently scanning through, there are several scattered around him, Sam is sat opposite with a book of his own, he looks up at Dean with a hopeless look in his eye.

Dean sighs and closes his book “nope, nothing, honestly I’m starting to wonder if this is just a waste of time.”

Sam shakes his head “it’s not Dean, it can’t be, we just have to keep trying.”

Dean admires Sam’s resilience but is starting to worry that they might be wasting time “I think we should tell dad.”

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50 STATES OF SEX - A Samifer Crackfic

So, this is for @justanothersaltandburn and @brothersonahotelbed writing challenge 50 TOYS IN 50 DAYS . It’s a cool challenge where you choose a state and they send you a sextoy as writing prompt. And to be honest when I get the ask saying my prompt I went…  (。-_-。) What the fuck am I gonna do with that?

So I collected ideas and sent them to @i-bleed-salt so she could tell me what she was thinking about them. And the crack fic won.

And then magic happened and @wearemykingdom draw an adorable illustration you can see here.

And now the fic:
RATING: mature due to the prompt
RELATIONSHIP: samifer (of course)
WORDS: 1130
: Hawaii and anal hook (yes, you read that well)
A/N : it takes place during season 5
TAG : @hardcorefangirlgroupie @samwise-the-true-hero @thanatosdementor @tattooedluci @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @glitchygrin @annechuu

Sam should have known better than to start a sentence with the words “I wish”. They were hunting something that caused the more silly situations, who turned deadly more than once. Dean and him had no clue what they were after, nor who could be the cause of all this mess and it was getting on their nerves to the point that even Sam raised his voice for once. But he surely didn’t expected that.

Dean had made a snarky comment about how Sam should have checked the topic of gnomes more seriously at the library and he wished he was more focused on their hunt because as Lucifer was walking the Earth, they could not afford to spend more time on “minor hunts” like this one.

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