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As artists, we can often feel like we’ve plateaued on our progress because of lack of time, or resources. Not every artist has the time to go to art classes, and not every artist has the money to attend art-school and receive a proper critique. 

That’s why I’ve created this blog! Introducing the… 

The Redline Station is a blog that is dedicated to helping artists. If an artist is struggling with anatomy, or would like a critique on their art, they can submit the art using the SUBMIT YOUR ART button. Then, one of our moderator artists will pick up their piece and do a redline of it to help them better see the places that need fixing.

What’s a redline?

Good question!  A redline is when an artist will draw directly over a piece of art in order to show what the mistakes in anatomy are. By seeing the comparison of the art itself (at a lower opacity) and of the more accurate anatomical example, the artist can more quickly improve their drawing.

Our artists will take your submitted drawing and give you a redline. They will then post it to the blog alongside the original to help you compare the two and easily see what needs to be done. It’ll look somewhat like this!

Q: Can I submit anything? 

A: Yes! Any type of art, human or animal is okay! The only thing that’s not okay is gore and pornography. The posts will need to be PG-13. (Kissing and suggestive scenes are okay, however.)

Q: Will you redline if the drawing is in my style? 

A: Yes! Anime style, cartoony style drawings are also okay. The idea isn’t to fix the drawing to look more like ‘realism’, but to fix it to make it look more believable within the frame of style it’s already in.

Q: How many drawings can I submit for redlining?

A: For the time being, I’m the only one running the blog… In order to keep my sanity, I will accept only one submission per person and only keep submissions open for a limited time until I get more help. Which brings us to our next point… 

Do you want to help me?! GOOD! Then please read the next post. 

Mod applications are now open!

Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.

On Starting Law School & Elle Woods

In Legally Blonde, Elle says the famous words, “what, like it’s hard?”

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It’s become some sort of a mantra for female students applying to and starting law school. As kickass as this moment was in the movie, however, there’s something very important to note here.

She says these words in reference to getting into law school, not actually attending law school, which, as you recall, she immediately struggles with.

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Getting into law school is deceptively simple. There are no prerequisites. Elle’s undergrad had nothing to do with law, or anything even in the humanities. Her focus was in fashion.

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All it takes to get into a law school is to have gone through undergrad and to have taken the LSAT. There is no “passing” score on the LSAT, and you will be able to find a law school that accepts you somewhere in the USA if you have taken it at all. It won’t be a good law school, but it will be a law school.

Getting into a good law school, like Harvard, requires a good GPA and LSAT score. If you have a 3.9 GPA and 175+ LSAT, you’re almost guaranteed to get into Harvard Law. 

I will not downplay what an impressive feat this is, but you still need to realize that both a high undergrad GPA and a high LSAT score are things that to some, come easily. We all know those kids in college who got straight A’s without trying, and kids who did well on standardized tests (like the SAT) without really trying.

Originally posted by a-bundle-of-contradictions

Elle had a 4.0 GPA (so yes, she’s smart), and yes she struggled with increasing her LSAT practice score but she still got a 179 (a score I actually never heard of in real life) on the first try. Meaning, she’s a great test taker

This has very little to do with how one feels while in law school.

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At most law schools, you do not have any exams until the finals. Instead you are expected to only keep taking in information, without being tested on them in any formal manner, and you need to do this in ridiculous volume and speed. You need to be reading cases for 4, 5 classes that all meet nearly everyday, and retaining all this information. It’s not easy. It’s not designed to be easy. 

Originally posted by educafe

The film made this as clear as it could. Elle’s struggles with getting into Harvard were not even half the battle. It was a cute, fun montage of her studying for the LSAT and putting together a video essay. Once law school starts, she initially crashes and burns, in more ways than one. And then she realizes she really needs to get her shit together.

Originally posted by queenc-x

It can be very discouraging for these hopeful Elle Woodses to start law school and then realize how difficult it is in comparison to everything they’ve done before. But it’s important to remember that their heroine, Elle Woods, struggled, too. You can do it. You can get through it. Just remember:

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Psychic Exercises✨

things to do to increase psychic abilities. these are what i personally do as a claircognizant empath to enhance my knowledge of the world around me 🌻🌎💫

  • pull a daily tarot card, rune, or other divination device
  • sit down and paint something impressionistic. “but Mason!” you say, “I’m not an artist!!” well, bullshit. you don’t needa be artistic for this one, kiddos. i just use an index card and a small brush, then pick whatever colors im feeling that day. is it swirly? edgy? scattered? dark? light? interpret this, then reflect later to see if it was correct
  • think of a person you’re gonna see in the upcoming day. what outfit are they wearing? is their hair different? is there something in their teeth? write these things down, then see later if they are correct
  • meditate. yes yes i know, the dreaded tip. if you have adhd like me, or you just can’t sit still, do it while stretching, walking, cleaning, showering, or doing any monotonous work. even if it’s only for 3 minutes. just focus on what you hear, see, smell, feel, etc. it helps, trust me
  • keep a dream journal (yea i know, another dreaded tip)
  • write down every little thing that could maybe possibly be considered psychic. get a call from someone you were just thinking about? guessed what song would be next on shuffle? write it down
  • speaking of song guessing on shuffle, do it!! it’s simple and fun, even if you don’t get it right every time
  • spend more time with your divination tools, even if you aren’t actively using them. put them near your pillow (okay no lie this tip reeeeaaaallyyy helps), take them to work, put them next to your bath, whatever works for you
  • raise your vibration. and i know this can mean a lot of things for different people, and it also sounds rly hippy, but listen. what i mean is, constantly check yourself- your surroundings, your random thoughts, your emotions, etc. set an alarm to remind you to be more aware, if you gotta. if you are aware of what’s going on externally and within, you will be more prone to noticing your psychic tendencies
  • make your own sigils. this is one of the easiest form of magick, and can be done by anyone. make sigils for everything- “i am psychic,” “i am confident,” “i am suspected of secretly being Godzilla,” honestly everything. the point isn’t to make sigils that necessarily work, it’s just to sit down and put an intention into physical form. this is kinda like the painting one, except instead of thinking abt what could happen, you’re stating what will/is happening, which is important.
  • place a piece of amethyst on your forehead for a few seconds every night while laying in bed. doesn’t have to be too long, just long enough to let your muscles relax and let out all the tension from the day

and thats it! feel free to add more if you can think of something i didn’t put

-Mason Lane

Love Retreat (Part 1)

Summary: When you’re invited to a couples’ retreat at work, you say yes to avoid further embarrassment, despite being tragically single. When you tell your friends about the situation you’re stuck in, Bucky comes to the rescue, offering to pretend to be your boyfriend and also have himself a free vacation to the Cayman Islands. (Fake Dating AU)

Word Count: 2,150

Warnings: None.

A/N: I had to. The idea popped up randomly and I had to get it all down!

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There was a sharp knock to the door of your office, knocking you out of your work daze and you looked up from your laptop, startled. Thor’s beautiful smile greeted you.


You shook your head, swallowing thickly as a beaming grin appeared on your lips. “No—No! Come in? What’s up? Something wrong?”

Thor shook his head and stepped inside, followed by the head of your division, Maria Hill. Your expression fell.

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Being Noah’s Girlfriend:

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

  • he’s a huge romantic
  • or at least that’s what he tells us in every interview
  • so I have a feeling noah would spoil you a lot
  • flowers?
  • yes
  • late night dates?
  • hell yes
  • early morning dates?
  • depends on the day
  • lazy dates?
  • who doesn’t love that?
  • noah also likes to go on hikes
  • (according to an interview, i think?)
  • so that’s obviously a thing you two will do
  • that pocket thing he does in tatlilb
  • yep, he does that to you too
  • if you’re short
  • the height difference would be freaking adorable
  • noah would often like to put things on high shelves so you can’t reach them
  • piggyback rides i feel like are a must
  • lifting you up to kiss you
  • you’re like a freaking monkey, i swear
  • and he loves it
  • but if you’re tall
  • boy would love you long ass legs
  • he would love it when you wore his clothes.
  • noah would still give you piggyback rides
  • fight me on that
  • you would also probably still be all over him
  • i’m short so I don’t know what tall life is like
  • I’m sorry
  • but you’re all still cute!
  • anyways back to noah
  • you two would probably get an animal together
  • like a dog or cat or something
  • but probably a dog since he loves those
  • and honestly so do i
  • he would 100% take a million pictures of you
  • and you’d be stupid if you didn’t do the same
  • he would be your wallpaper on the phone
  • and you would be his
  • sleepy noah
  • fancy noah
  • cuddly boy noah
  • you get to see all that plus more
  • being close with his friends, coworkers, and family
  • being protective of each other
  • he gets jealous easily, i think
  • i know i would if my boy looked like him
  • but it’s never a ‘possesive’ relationship
  • there’s a huge difference between the two
  • noah likes to get frisky
  • i don’t usually like to do smut about actors
  • but i get a dom/sub feeling about him
  • like, he is both a top and a bottom
  • fight me on this
  • anyways, let’s get back to the less smutty stuff
  • your family would adore him
  • who doesn’t?
  • if you don’t like working out, like me, he would try his hardest to get you to work out with him
  • but if you already work out
  • you guys definitely go together sometimes
  • noah likes reading
  • so do you
  • or at least i do
  • so i have a good feeling you two would spend days just reading or sleeping
  • cuddling is a must if you’re dating him
  • there’s no denying that
  • you would go with him to premieres
  • watch all of the stuff he’s in
  • be incredibly proud of all he’s accomplished so far
  • you would steal his many hoodies and t-shirts
  • noah would love that so much
  • boys (and girls) love when people do that
  • plus I love hoodies so i will take whatever i see
  • sarcasm is a strong key to your relationship
  • watching movies together
  • sleeping together
  • he will be a big spoon
  • and a little spoon
  • depends on the day
  • just as long as he can hold you
  • or just be near you
  • so many flirty comments
  • noah would be incredibly proud of you too
  • he’d be one of your biggest fans tbh
  • there will be a lot of inside jokes
  • listening to music a lot
  • especially in the car
  • it’s like a concert in the vehicle
  • you two would be that cliche couple that matches sometimes
  • especially matching pj’s for christmas/ winter
  • match hoodies during the fall
  • costumes that go with the other during halloween
  • etc
  • his smile always makes you happy
  • even during the rough days
  • noah would tease you often
  • both sexual and not
  • living together
  • eventually
  • he will sometimes make dinner
  • sometimes you do
  • somedays you do it together
  • baking together
  • sometimes it ends up in a fight
  • or a makeout session
  • depends on the day
  • honestly
  • this boy is just boyfriend material
  • looks and personality
  • he’s literally what i look for in a guy
  • whoever dates him/ marries him
  • is going to be so freaking lucky


Imagine the fans shipping you with Chris, others with Robert and others with Tom, so you just tease them and play along as well. Unknown to them is that you are actually interested in one and all three are intereted in you.

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“So I wanted to ask (Y/n) this question.” the fan said and after a small giggle, you grabbed Robert’s glasses and put them on.

“Go right ahead.” you said with a grin as Chris laughed and said something to Robert about it. You glanced at your costars, that you were sitting between, and casually shrugged.

“What? They totally look better on me!” you laughed before taking them off and placing them on top of your head “I’m listening.”

The fan himself laughed before nodding “So in the movie there is a scene where we see (Y/c/n) have some sort of vision-nightmare concerning the infinity stones and Asgard, which results in her waking up almost distraught and- and calls out for Loki-” he paused for a second when the crowd cheered at the mention of their favorite villain and that characteristic scene that broke the internet at the premiere of your movie. You giggled, playing with your microphone, as Chris and Robert visibly groaned and pretended to be jealous.

“So I wanted to ask: Was it because she was surprised to find out he is alive, considering what we know of her powers be, or because of the infinity stones part? Thank you.” he finished and you nodded your head with a smile.

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Untangling a Demigod | Loki Laufeyson One Shot

Originally posted by deathcrusher1349

“Imagine being Loki’s only friend in the Avengers Tower and getting caught braiding his hair.”

requested by: anon

You were hungry. You had tried persuading your stomach that it was two o’clock in the morning, hardly the time for a nacho craving. But your stomach had stubbornly refused to listen, so you climbed out of bed and headed for the kitchen. As you rummaged through the fridge, trying to find the salsa, you thought you heard a voice coming from the connected room. Nachos suddenly forgotten, you closed the fridge and went to investigate.

Cautiously, you poked your head into the adjacent room. This room had a rather large dining tables at one end, and a huge television set surrounded by comfy couches and armchairs at the other. Seated on one of these couches, with his back to you, was none other than the God of Mischief himself.

You and Loki had unexpectedly bonded since taking up residence in Avenger Tower. The demigod was fairly antisocial, but always seemed to open up a bit for you. That didn’t mean, however, that you weren’t still a little intimidated by him. So, you approached quietly, trying to figure out what he was doing without alerting him to your presence. Your stealth failed, though, as you were so focused on Loki that you failed to notice one of the dining chairs wasn’t pushed in, and you tripped over it.

Loki swore and leapt to his feet, spinning to see the source of the commotion, then chuckled at the sight of you trying to extricate yourself from the chair. He waited, politely amused, for you to straighten up before he asked, one eyebrow raised, “What exactly were you trying to do?”

You scratched at the back of your neck, trying to hide your nervousness, but getting the strange, sinking feeling that the Asgardian could see right through you.

“I was just… getting a snack. What about you?”

“Getting a snack involved attacking the furniture, did it?”

“Well… no,” you admitted, fidgeting with the hem of your shirt now.

“It’s not a good idea to sneak up on me, you know,” Loki informed you, not coldly, but matter-of-factly, before turning and sitting on the couch again.

You took this as an invitation, and came and sat at one end of the couch, far enough away to give Loki his space, but close enough that you could see what he had been doing. On the coffee table was a mirror, propped up against a tissue box, and a rather large pair of scissors. On the floor at Loki’s feet was a thin lock of black hair, which he reached for now.

“Were you–” you began, but he cut you off.

“I was trying to cut my hair,” Loki spat. “It’s getting most unruly, and I’m beginning to tire of it.”

“I see,” you said gently. You couldn’t help but wonder if he wasn’t also trying to match his brother’s new style, even if just subconsciously. You decided not to press the issue. Loki was kind to you, yes, even friendly, but you weren’t sure how far his patience would extend. You thought for a moment, a rather uneasy silence hanging over the pair of you. “Would you like some help?” you asked finally, edging a bit closer to the demigod.

Loki looked up from the lock of hair in his hands, a look of genuine surprise on his face.

“Yes,” he said, after some consideration. “Yes, I suppose that would be all right.” he picked up the scissors and began to hand them to you. But then he hesitated, biting his lip.

“Yes?” you prompted. It was clear he was battling with himself. Summoning up your courage, you scooted even closer, and reached out to take both of Loki’s hands in your own. You gently pulled the scissors from his hand and set them aside. “Perhaps,” you suggested, “you should sleep on it before you go cutting your hair off.”

“Perhaps,” he agreed, not taking his hands away. The silence that fell now was much more comfortable. Loki’s eyes searched yours for a while, and then he gently squeezed your hands before murmuring, “Thank you.”

“Of course,” you said. “That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?”

Loki nodded thoughtfully, his eyes growing somewhat distant.

“Now how about I help you find another way to tame your hair?” you said, injecting a little more cheer into the mood of the room. You gently directed Loki to sit on the floor in front of you, giving you access to his hair. “How do you feel about braids?”

“I’m not sure,” Loki admitted.

You grinned.

“Let’s give them a try.”

You began running your fingers through the demigod’s long black hair, gently working the tangles out. Loki closed his eyes and sighed, apparently rather enjoying your touch. Once the tangles were gone, you set to work on a neat French braid that would keep Loki’s hair from his face.

Lost again in concentration, you both jumped as someone spoke behind you.

“I can’t believe you guys are having a slumber party without me,” Tony Stark quipped, swirling a drink with one hand and using a dish towel to wipe grease from his face with the other. “I don’t have enough hair for braids, obviously, but we could do pedicures, if you’re game.”

You finished wrapping your hair tie around the end of Loki’s braid and stood up.

“Actually, I was just about to head back to bed,” you said, making your exit and leaving Loki staring after you with a puzzled expression on his face.

Tony didn’t stop teasing you about it for months.

written by: brooke

Lovesick Niffler

Originally posted by secretly-a-wizard

Summary: Can a Niffler help Newt meet the one?

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Warning: none.

“Where did that little bugger run off to this time?” Newt muttered as he scowered the crowded streets of Paris in search of his Niffler.

Many gasp and exclamations of distress were uttered from everyone he bumped into in a rush to find the cleptomaniac.

The sounds and commotion of the streets didn’t deter him from his goal until he heard a soft feminine voice coming from a table at a sidewalk cafe.

“No, Niffler.” Your voice was firm but still held a gentleness in your tone.

Newt halted crashing into a few gentlemen. He apologized profusely and then turned trying to spot the woman probably being robbed by his Niffler.

What he saw outstanded him. Sitting on a small table was a young woman and on top of the table was Niffler. He had built a small pile of jewels in front of the woman and kept taking out more treasures from his pouch and pushing them towards the lady.

Newt aproached carefully curious about what was going on. Niffler was behaving like never before.

“Niffler, I don’t want jewelry.” You said with a soft giggle when the tiny creature kept giving you rings, earrings and necklaces.

The Niffler stopped and turned his head in contemplation. He reached into his pouch and started putting gold coins on the table.

Your harmonious laughter carried through the streets. “I don’t want money either. I’m alright.”

The Niffler looked about as confused as anyone could look.

“Excuse me, miss.” Newt finally announced his presence startling both you and the Niffler.

“Oh, this has a very resonable explanation.” You said pushing the pile of jewels and money towards the creature who began quickly stuffing them back in his pouch.

“Oh, I know.” Newt answered giving an awkward laugh. He made brief eye contact with you and froze. Your eyes looked like beautiful (Y/E/C) gems. Niffler noticed the interaction between you two and quickly stood. He marched up to you and gently placed his paws on your cheeks, turning your shiny eyes back to him.

You laughed and petted Niffler.

“So he’s your Niffler?” You asked.

“Yes, he keeps escaping. Any excuse to get his hands on something shiny.” He said and took a few steps closer. The Niffler glared at him.

“Well he was giving stuff away this time.” You said gently and in a joking tone.

“Yes, I noticed. It was rather odd behavior. I didn’t understand until-” he cut himself off embarrassed of his own theory.

“Until what?” You asked curiously turning your gaze towards him and setting the Niffler on your lap when you saw he was going to protest.

“Until I saw your eyes.” He said and stared at his feet which were shifting uncomfortably.

You smiled and blinked a few times intending to tease him. “What about my eyes?” You asked.

You shifted your gaze down to the creature in your lap. “Do you like my eyes?” You asked it in a cute voice. Like you’d speak to a baby. The Niffler quickly stood and nodded reaching up towards your face.

You laughed happily.

“Are my eyes shiny then?” You asked the strange man before you.

“They actually resemble precious gems.” He answered looking up but avoiding your gaze again when he saw the very gems he spoke of.

You analized him before extending your hand towards him. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” you waited for him to take your delicate hand.

Newt nodded and quickly shook your hand. “Newt Scamander.” He said and startled when you gasped.

“You’re…you’re the author!” You exclaimed, excited.

“Uh..yes. I am.” He said and ran his fingers through his hair in the nervous habit he had.

You quickly reached into your purse and pulled out said book. “I haven’t finished it but it has been fantastic so far.” You gushed excitedly.

“You’re reading it? Wow. I’m…I’m glad you like it.” He was amazed that someone so quickly liked his book. He’d been hoping to teach and sensibilize he’s fellow wizards but he thought it’d take time.

“Can I…I’m sorry…I just…would you sign my book?” You asked shyly your cheeks tinting red.

“Oh! Of course.” He said and searched his pockets for a quill.

You noticed him coming up empty so you turned your dazzling smile towards Niffler. “Sweetheart, do you have a pen?” You asked while mimicking the movement of writing.

The niffler searched in his pouch and produced a solid gold pen.

“Uh! Brilliant taste, sweetheart.” You complemented and patted his head. You passed the pen and book towards Newt.

Your fingers brushed as you exchanged the materials and both felt sparks run up and down your spines.

“To Y/N, the Niffler whisperer. Thank you for making my night. Much care, Newt Scamander.” He whispered as he wrote. “There!” He said and handed it back to you.

You read it and laughed. “Thank you, Mr. Scamander.” You said and batted your eyes at him making his knees go weak and his mouth dry.

He cleared his throat and pulled on his shirt collar. “It’s not a problem at all.”

You turned back around to the Niffler and kissed his beak. “It’s time for you to go back with Mr. Scamander.” You told him.

The Niffler protested and reached for your face. You let him touch it and stare at your eyes.

“It’s alright, sweetheart.” You said smiling. Newt took a step and pried the depressed Niffler from the table and then put him back in the case.

“It was nice to meet you, Ms. Y/L/N.” He said fixing his coat.

“Likewise, Mr. Scamander.” You replied sweetly.

You looked at each other for a few seconds before Newt nodded and walked away. Your eyes followed him till the crowd enveloped him and he was nowhere to be found.

***a few days later***

“Surprise!!” Newt was startled by the greeting.

He turned to see his old friends standing inside his suitcase. He was most surprised to see Jacob.

“How?…” he tried to formulate his question.

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BTS / Drunk confessions

REQUEST: hi~~ can you do a bts reaction on their s/o drunk confessing their love to them when in reality they were already a couple and they have been dating for a while already. thanks!            

Thank you for this request! I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

It was supposed to only be a couple of drinks with your best friends. You had no idea how you ended up so intoxicated, you could barely move. One of the bartenders ended up having to call Jin (because his number was called last on your phone) to take you home.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this drunk,” was the first thing Jin said when your equally as drunk best friends passed you over to your boyfriend.

“What do you know?” you replied, slurring your words. “You’re not my boyfriend.”

Jin stared at you for a good minute. “I kind of am, though.”

“You are? Really?” you squinted your eyes. “Jin?”

“Yes, Y/n,” Jin said, not hiding his amusement at your drunken behavior. “Let’s go home, okay?”

“Okay,” you said, not conscious enough to put up a fight.

As soon as he placed you in the passenger seat and tied a seatbelt on you, you leaned your head against the window, grinning happily. When Jin sat down behind the wheel, he glanced at you and, noticing your cheerful expression, smiled as well.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t get it,” you said, trying to wave your hand to dismiss the topic, but you ended up hitting the dashboard in the process.

“Try me,” Jin said, starting the car.

“Okay, but don’t tell anyone,” you warned, leaning in to whisper to his ear as if it was a top secret. “I love my boyfriend very much. He’s the best boyfriend ever. He’s probably sleeping at home right now but I’ll tell him I love him when he wakes up.”

Shaking his head, Jin turned to look at you. “Don’t worry. I’m sure he loves you very much, too. Even when you don’t recognize him.”


Originally posted by seokjins-wings

You and Yoongi started to go out after spending three years of being just friends. In your opinion, it was only natural that sometimes you tended to forget that he was no longer just a best friend to you.

Sometimes, you woke up in the morning next to him and gasped in horror until you remembered that you weren’t just friends anymore. In fact, you’ve been in a relationship for almost six months now.

Other times, you got too drunk to remember your relationship status. And since you never drank alone, Yoongi was always there, enduring your drunken blabbering.

“What you don’t know, Yoongi,” you said one night after the two of you had gone clubbing. Yoongi may have looked away for just five minutes and you’ve already consumed five cocktails and were starting your sixth. “Is that I have a crush on you. That’s right.”

Although he’s seen you forget your relationship before, Yoongi still bit his lip to prevent himself from laughing as he listened to you. “Do you, now?”

“Yes,” you repeated, sighing dramatically. “It’s so sad to know you’ll never feel the same way. About me, I mean. Because I have a crush on you. I really do.”

“What if I told you we were actually dating?” he asked.

“I’d say you’re lying,” you replied with a hiccup, “And then I’d ask,” another hiccup, “why are you lying, Yoongi? Don’t play with my,” hiccup, “feelings.”

Biting his lip even harder, he got up from the bar stool to gather you in his arms.

“Come on, Y/n,” he said. “You’ve had too much to drink. Let me take you home.”

“Okay,” you said. “I love you, Yoongi.”

He finally laughed at this, kissing your cheek as the two of you made your way towards the exit of the club. “I love you, too, Y/n.”


Originally posted by jinful

Nor you, nor Hoseok liked to drink particularly much, which is why both of you were extremely lightweight. It seemed as if you’ve just taken a sip of champagne, and you were already so drunk, you could barely stand on your feet.

“You’re really beautiful,” you told Hoseok, drunkenly placing a hand on his face while he laughed loudly. “Are you single?”

“I don’t know,” Hoseok shrugged his shoulders. He was just as drunk as you were. “Probably not.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” you said, removing your hand from his face. “Will you go on a date with me sometime, though?”

“I’ll ask my girlfriend,” Hoseok said, deep in his mind realizing that he wasn’t single, but not being sober enough to remember that you were his girlfriend. “I love her a lot, you know.”

“Is she pretty?” you asked, leaning on the bar.

“I think so,” he nodded. “And she has this really nice… what’s it called when you talk?”


“Yeah, that!” Hoseok said excitedly. “She has a nice voice. And she always finishes my sentences for me.”

“She sounds really nice,” you sighed.

Both of you took another sip of your drinks and then stared at each other for a moment.

“So,” you started, completely forgetting about the conversation you’ve just had with him. “Will you go on a date with me sometime?”


Originally posted by jinkooks

“I would like to make a toast!” you announced to the group of your friends that have gathered at your house to celebrate your and Namjoon’s engagement.

“Babe, uh, aren’t the guests supposed to be making toasts?” Namjoon, considerably less drunk than you, asked you quietly.

“No, shh, hold on,” you shook your head at him and turned to look at your friends again. “I would like to make a toast to Namjoon! He’s the greatest man who has ever walked this Earth! I love him very much and don’t laugh at me when I say I’ll marry him one day because I will!”

Your friends exchanged glances, giggling quietly at your obvious intoxication, but then they clinked their glasses, toasting nevertheless.

“Y/n,” you heard Namjoon address you quietly. “How drunk are you right now?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged your shoulders, finishing your glass of champagne. “I only had one glass.”

“One bottle is more like it,” he said with a sigh.

“You know, Namjoon,” you said dreamily. “We’ll get married one day. Just you wait and see.”

He cleared his throat. “That’s kind of the point, Y/n. That’s why I gave you this ring.”

“What ring?”

“The engagement ring on your finger?”

“I’m engaged?!” you gasped, looking at your hand. “How will I get married to Namjoon if I’m engaged to someone?!”

“Oh, God,” Namjoon sighed, knowing that he was in for a long night until you sobered up enough to remember that he was the one that you were engaged to.


Originally posted by parkjmzl

He was the ridiculous drunk in your relationship, not you. And yet, somehow, one night the tables turned. Jimin was still relatively sober, while you were drunk out of your mind. At first, he found this funny, but then you told the bartender you were going to flirt with the guy at the end of the bar, and made your way towards Jimin, while he watched you with confused eyes.

“Hi there,” you told him, trying to wink, but ending up just blinking both of your eyes.

“Hey,” Jimin replied awkwardly.

“You here alone?”

He decided to play along. “Yeah. Why?”

“I’m just wondering what a cute guy like you is doing at a bar alone…” you said, daring to place a hand on his thigh.

Jimin had never in his life heard you flirt like that, so needless to say, he was very amused, albeit a little scared.

“Well, believe it or not, I came to this bar to watch my own girlfriend flirt with me,” he confessed.

“I thought you said you were single,” you said.

“Are you?” Jimin countered.

You were about to reply but then stopped yourself. Your mind cleared a little.

“You know what?” you said. “I’m actually not. I came here with my boyfriend. He should be here somewhere. Light hair, big brown eyes, plump lips that I would really love to kiss right now.”

He bit his lip as he listened to you describe him, and then jumped off the barstool, taking your hand in his.

“Let’s go home, babe,” he said. “So you can kiss your boyfriend.”


Originally posted by berry852

Taehyung could hold liquor very well. You were the absolute opposite, which is why you didn’t enjoy drinking very much. However, tonight was a special night. The boys were hosting an award after-party, and you were invited along with their other friends.

A few hours into the party, you were already too drunk to walk properly, so you just settled on the armchair and listened to Yoongi drunkenly explain to you what the thought the real meaning of Go Go was.

“And that is why they sing “yolo yolo” in the chorus,” he concluded while you nodded enthusiastically.

“That makes so much sense, I—”

“Hey, babe,” Taehyung sat down on the handrest of the armchair next to you, distracting you from Yoongi, who stood up and walked away to share his deep insights with someone else. “How are you?”

“Um,” you scooted away from him. “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

Taehyung frowned. “Yeah, I know.”

“Okay,” you said, standing up. “So, I’m going to go.”

“Wait, what?” he stood up after you. “Where?”

“To find my boyfriend. He wouldn’t like me talking to other guys.”

Taehyung chose to put his confusion aside when he heard you say this. “He doesn’t? What would he do if he found out you were talking to some guy?”

“He would probably try to beat the guy up,” you admitted, almost losing your balance, and having to lean against a wall. “But he’s not violent. He’s just very jealous.”

“Very jealous, huh?” he smirked, suddenly starting to enjoy when you talked about him to him, without realizing.

“Yeah,” you shrugged your shoulders, smiling suddenly. “But I love him.”

“You love him.”

“Yes. So, excuse me, but I can’t be here. I need to find my boyfriend,” you said and began to stumble your way down the room

“Y/n!” Taehyung called out after you, smiling teasingly. “Tell your boyfriend I said hi!”


Originally posted by jkguks

You and Jungkook have arrived at the party together, but somehow, you got separated. You were drinking by the bar and chatting with a few of your friends, while Jungkook was playing pool at the other part of the house.

He came to find you a few hours later so the two of you could head home. What he hasn’t realized, however, that you got really drunk while he wasn’t with you.

“You know, Jook… I meant, Jungkook,” you hiccuped, “I have probably never told you this, but I’m honestly in love with you.”

He stopped walking. “Y/n, we’ve been in a relationship for two years now.”

You opened your eyes wider. “We have?! That’s incredible!”

A little concerned now, Jungkook placed a hand on your waist to guide you to the taxi that was waiting for you two outside.

“I spent the entire night trying to come up with a way to tell you I loved you,” you told him. “But it turns out we’re dating! How cool is that?”

“Yes, Y/n. It’s very cool.”

“Can you kiss me?” you asked, stopping to touch his face and almost poking his eye out. “To prove that you’re not lying to me.”

“I’ll do that when you’re sober, okay?” Jungkook said.

You pouted. “But I’m sober now.”

He almost laughed at this. “You’re the furthest thing from sober. Let’s go home.”

“Wait… we live together?”

“Yes,” Jungkook sighed. “I don’t know how you’d find home if I weren’t here. You’re never drinking alone.”

“This night is the best night ever!” you announced cheerfully, almost falling over, but Jungkook caught you. “What else is new? Do we have any pets?”

“Yeah. A dragon in your backyard,” he said half-jokingly to hide the fact that he was starting to get annoyed you didn’t remember him.

“A dragon?!” you squealed. “We’re the best couple on the planet! I’m so happy!”

He turned to look at your joyful face and couldn’t help but smile. “How did I get so lucky to fall in love with a girl who is capable of drinking so much, she forgets all about me?”

Me. You. What Do You Think? [Peter Kavinsky x Reader]

AN: Yes. I got inspired by that interview, okay! Sue me.

Word Count: 600+

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

It was the smoothest move that any has ever pulled and till this day, you were still reeling at how it happened. Every time you think about that time Peter Kavinsky swept you off your feet, your cheeks would flare up and your chest would get warm. Never in a million years, would you expect the lacrosse player from high school, the most popular boy who dated the most popular girls, to even know you much less have an interest in you. But one day, he proved you wrong.

The coffee shop was quiet that evening despite it being the weekend, but you didn’t really mind. It more peaceful and it gave you less distraction from the book you had in your hands. Not that many could, you were at the best part of the story.

Until someone slid into the chair in front of you.

“Hey, do you mind helping me with something?”

You took your time looking up from your book. The gold-speckled brown eyes before you were alight, expectant, unlike your shocked wide ones. Peter Kavinsky is no doubt attractive, other than his soulful eyes and perfectly mussed dark hair, his lopsided smile and the endearing scar on his chin are huge plusses in your book. To some they were flaws. Not to you.

You blinked to get your mind back on track and cleared your throat. You looked around, trying to find the reason the boy you had a crush on since middle school was talking to you and not anyone else. “Umm… okay? What’s wrong?”

“There’s someone in here I kinda like. But I don’t know what to say.”

At this you raised an eyebrow. “Wait. Peter Kavinsky, you’re asking me for advice to talk to a…crush? Aren’t you like Casanova?”

Peter scoffed and rolled his eyes. “She’s different alright! I mean, I’ve liked her for a while now but she doesn’t seem to see me.”

You gotta admit, your heart sank a bit at his confession. And you wondered, how could someone not notice him. He’s a handsome young man, a damn good lacrosse player with a great personality to boot. You always notice him. Though you pretend not to.

“Come on!” He prodded, still grinning like an excited little puppy. “You read a lot. Don’t you have good pick up lines?” He reached over for the book you placed on the table. He held it out of your reach before you can grab it back.

You huffed and sat back in your seat as you watched him flip through your copy of The Scorpio Races. “Well, in my opinion, you should just go up to her, tell her how you feel.” You suggested.


“Just make it simple, casual. Say something short, maybe something like, "Hey! Me. You. What do you think?”“

He thought about it, his lips pursing and distracting you. "Just like that?”

“Yeah.” You held out your hand for your book. “Just like that.”

He handed it to you. “Okay.”

And then, silence. You had thought that he’d moved on, got up from the seat and approached whatever girl that caught his eye. You didn’t want to witness that. It’s personal and you didn’t want to get any more disappointed.

But then,


Again you looked up at Peter who not only had stayed where he was, but was leaning further across the table. “Huh?”

The lopsided smile you loved so much made another appearance. “Me. You. What do you think?”

And the whole world froze.

“Who. Me?” You scoffed, but betrayed by your own body as a smile threatened to tug at your lips. It was highly impossible, but you couldn’t help the shred of hope that was blossoming in your heart.

“Yeah,” Peter’s grin grew wider. “You. What do you think?”

What do you think? Uhh, hell yes!!

The Truth About INFPs

It bugs me when I read online forums created by other INFPs and the first thing they do is apologize for being an INFP!

I get that we’re known as the daydreamers. The crybabies. The cinnamon rolls. The overly sensitive ones. But these are only stereotypes. It’s especially bad on Tumblr, where I’ve noticed some MBTI blogs clearly don’t bother to do their research.

INFPs are the most underestimated type. Yes, we are kind and empathic. Yes, we care about people and humanity and the environment - as should everyone?

Most people see ‘INFP’ and think we’ve got our head in the clouds and we’re never present in the moment. They think we don’t have the aptitude for science or math and can’t be intelligent. They think we’re clueless and let emotions guide us completely, as if we never use logic.

I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong they are.

INFPs are powerful. When threatened, we fight back so fiercely it’s unexpected. When we’re passionate, we get shit done. We become crusaders for our causes. We spearhead entire movements. We can be so surprisingly analytical, you’d think you’re talking to an INTJ. We’re witty like ENTPs. Charming like ENFJs. We can be so outgoing you’d mistake us for an ENFP. We can be as cutthroat as INTPs and you’d never expect such a thing from us because we’re mostly merciful. But everyone has their own quirks, some INFPs are passive while others are more confrontational. Some will keep quiet while others will attack you for your ignorance. And because the INFP can also be as observant as ISFPs, our verbal assaults are hurtful and strike the heart - the more we know about you the better we can exploit your weaknesses. And we will, if we’re really pissed off.

A lot of people seemed surprised when they figure out that INFPs aren’t as sensitive or as reserved as they thought they were. That’s probably because they only know us by our stereotypes. I really want to fix that.

INFPs are gentle hurricanes. We are lovely roses whose thorns can draw blood. We’re the snow that sparkles like crushed diamonds but will leave you with blistering frostbite.

What I’m trying to say is that INFPs are not submissive doormats so I’m asking all MBTI blogs to please do their research before giving us degrading stereotypes that makes some people think they must be emotionally weak, or that they’re not intelligent, or they’re prone to slacking off and daydreaming just because their result on the Myers Briggs test was INFP. We are among the most emotionally intelligent and resilient. We understand people’s feelings, thoughts and intentions so naturally and so deeply, we probably know you better than you do. We’re fiercer than you think. We’re more intelligent than you know. We are a force not to be taken so lightly. INFPs should be proud to be who they are.

not just because we’re friends

summary: prompt #14 for @buckyofthemyscira ‘s 4k writing challenge: “we decide on having a movie night together and I accidentally fell asleep on your lap on the couch and I wake up in the middle of the movie to see you carrying me into your bed and woah this feels nice.”

pairing: roommate!bucky x reader

word count: 1842 words

warnings: brush your teeth, you’re gonna get cavities from this sugary fluff

notes: thanks to @whyisbuckyso for giving me motivation for this fic, because I couldn’t give this to sam to beta because of obvious reasons lmao, but yeah, I’m so glad I finally got this fic done (also I know the gif is tj hammond but he is my soft gay baby and he looks so cute I just had to put this in)

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Originally posted by metal-armed-jesus

“Y/N, please? I basically never see you anymore.” Bucky pleads, and you sigh, dropping your bag onto the kitchen island.

“I wonder why.” You reply dryly, crossing your arms as he has the grace to blush a little. You usually stay at your friend’s apartment nowadays, because Bucky has the habit of bringing home different girls each night.

“I’m sorry I-just…I’ve missed you.” He murmurs, storm blue eyes gazing at you, with an expression that he fucking knows you can’t refuse.

You finally nod, his eyes lighting up and his mouth spreading into a wide grin. “Alright, but let me get changed.”

“I’ll get it set up.” He beams, dragging more blankets onto the central couch. His enthusiasm is infectious, and you can feel your heart speed up as you walk to your room. Yes, you hate his womanising habits, and yes, you hate having the most stupidly big crush on him. But he is your best friend, and roommate, and every moment in his company are moments you cherish.

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ego | 02

Originally posted by bts-and-1d-stuff

summary⇢ what’s a girl to do when her sweet, innocent baby lab partner isn’t quite so sweet and innocent? well, he’s a grown-ass man, and you’re about to learn that the hard way.
pairing⇢ jungkook/reader
word count⇢ 8.6k
genre⇢ smut | humor | college!au | fuckboi!au | fratboy!au
warnings⇢ sexual content, dirty talk, namjoon driving, swearing, jungkook being a lil shit, sarcasm, lowkey pining, love triangles

a/n⇢ i was tired of looking at this, so for my sanity, i decided to cut a huge chunk and move it to the next part lol. this song is this chapter’s mood. hope you enjoy!

chapters 01 | 02 | 03 (ongoing)

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Daily Dad Discussions 2

( Bands present - BTS, EXO, SVT, NCT and GOT7)

Seokjin : yes namjoon is great leader, but at the house I have to take care of the children all on my own all the time. With such a hyper bunch the fact that the house isn’t on fire is an achievement really.

Suho : atleast you have a husband. And my lowkey boyfriend is stuck in China. Also have you met the beagle line ? And the brats that are sekai and I don’t know if kyungsoo is planning to murder us all in our sleep or is he just too shy to ask for glasses !!!

Originally posted by lawlliets

Taeyoung : Johnny is a very good dad, but there are 16 of them. 16. And I have no idea when I might get more. There are too many of them. How do I handle 16 children !!!

Originally posted by nctaezen

Jinyoung : at this point I’ve started using the ignorance is bliss technique. I ignore them and hope they don’t manage to get themselves killed.

Seungcheol : yes being a parent is so hard. I have 11 children an-

Seokjin: wait what are you doing here ? Where is jeonghan?

Seungcheol : * chokes * he’s napping so he send me instead. I guess that explains my situation very well.

All : * gulp down a glass of wine *


Guys I’m thinking of turning this into a series which will show interactions of the mothers/ father’s/ different lines ( especially 97line group chat ) of different groups.

If this is something you would like. Pls let me know through comment or ask or message me whatever :)

Also you’re free to give me your suggestions If you wanna add some other groups or want a specific interaction or setting. My ask box is open.

got7 — they break the bed during sex

authors note → request!

rating → smut



he’s a rough dom, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. also, jaebum is in his own world when he’s into it, so he didn’t notice when he broke the bed. you had to start laughing in order to knock him out of his trance. when he noticed the bed was tilted to one side, his cheeks get red and he giggles a little. he makes a joke about how good he is and he just keeps going, not letting this minor setback stop him from getting the job done.

Originally posted by defsouljb


he wouldn’t realize he was being so rough until he heard a crack and the bed shift. he’d get so shy and just lean down into your neck and you’d have to calm him down. he’d want to stop because he feels like he killed the moment and you didn’t oppose because you knew he must’ve been embarrassed even though you thought it was kind of hot. (you’d tell him that later so maybe he’ll have his confidence back and want to try again).

Originally posted by poc7


we all know jackson is rough, i mean…come on. so he’d be going at it and the bed breaks and he honestly just doesn’t acknowledge it. he just smirks like “yeah, i did that…” and keeps going. at first you’re like “dude what the fuck you just broke the bed how are you still going right now?” but he decides it’s better to wait until after to discuss this.

Originally posted by jinyoungot7


jinyoung is a dom we know this. being a bit rough is no surprise when it comes to him. but this would be the first time he’s broken the bed. he’d just have a shocked look on his face like “did i really just break the bed?” and you’d have to laugh and nod to assure him that yes, yes he did. he’d shrug and kiss you while he got back to it.

Originally posted by jingogi


youngjae is a softie so when he goes rough, it’s an experience. him breaking the bed would honestly shock him so much. his eyes would widen, his cheeks get red and he’d smile a little. “i- i- i-“ is all he could say. you’d hush him and pull him back down to kiss you, hopefully not ruining the mood.

Originally posted by seventheavenly


just because he looks weak sometimes doesn’t mean he is. he would probably be dirty talking (because i mean…it’s bambam) whenever the bed decides its had enough and snaps. he’d probably be confused, “did i just break the bed?” and you’d look around as the room was slanted and nod. he’d shrug and kiss your neck “i’m too good, aren’t i?” cocky little bitch.

Originally posted by mochabam


he seems like the type to occasionally be rough but breaking the bed? that’s a first. he’d be going hard not realizing how hard and then snap! there goes the bed. his eyes would grow two sizes and he’d sit up looking around. “i think i just broke the bed…” you’d laugh at his reaction and he’d lean back over you. “so…do you want to continue..or?”

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Married with Benefits (Part 1)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 624

A/N: Behold! My favorite Steve series ever. Yes, I’m reposting.

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

It had all been on a whim, you expecting nothing of the random question you had asked Steve, certainly not expecting for him to actually think about it and say yes. It was a random question, all stemming from the fact that the previous night you had been trying to figure out how you were going to pay the massive amount of money you still owed your new university despite having a scholarship that covered 75% of it.

As you were perusing different scholarship programs, you stumbled upon an unofficial website on which its users told of the various ways they avoided paying out-of-state tuitions. Their stories varied, but one in particular had caught your eye:

Got married to a friend of mine that had already been living on campus for over two years. Automatically got the in-state tuition and my fees went down more than 80%. Not a conventional way to do things, but worked for us! We got a divorce once a year went by and I could get in-state tuition by myself. Good luck, everyone!

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A Starting Path to Spirit Work (but abbreviated)

(Apologies, it’s rather late as I’m writing on this and I have no wifi and I’ve gone past my data limit. I won’t be able to link large resources and such at this moment, and the format could definitely be better. And I could go much more indepth but for the current moment this is what I have on tumblr mobile.)


Okay, this is the most common and I understand repetitive lesson. Protect yourself! Protect your home and your spirit friends! Protect and ward!

There are physical wards where the a physical spell or object is set up as the ward. Like maybe you have a crystal grid that you set up to protect your home. That would be an example of physical protection!

There are astral wards where you simply set them up in the astral (the other plane where spirits generally reside or originate from, not everyone but trying to make a general point on clarifying the difference the physical plane from the astral plane). Like you can build a giant water bubble to protect and enclose yourself!

There are great recipes for wards and protection spells that can work for you, but you don’t need to follow anyone’s recipe to make a ward. You can make one a multitude of ways. Sure, yours doesn’t follow a $25 ingredient list, but that doesn’t make it inherently any less valuable or effective! If you don’t care and make it, it’ll probably be less effective than one of strong intent, of course.

Personally I rely on astral wards more than physical wards, but that’s a personal preference. Wards I make myself are also more efficient than the ones I try to copy from others by directions but personal differences. When I say I made them, I thought about the concept of spicy peppers and I designed three wards off that alone, so intent and direction is what you really need to make wards.

If you prefer following someone else’s recipe to help, there is absolutely no harm in that! Go for it! But don’t feel like you can and have to rely only on the recipes you find on tumblr!

Note: Even if you do not have a companion, you still need wards. I would most definitely recommend it. Even if you have no companion to protect, you should still ward and protect yourself and your space!

Protect yourself and your home. Remember to take care of yourself.

You can set up personal wards that protect the person or being you set them up around like a personal bodyguard or protection. Or you can set it up for an object, place or setting. Like for your space! And you should protect yourself. I’m nagging you for your own safety.

Protect yourself from malicious beings who straight up just wanna fight you, others who might sneak in and just leech off, or those who might decieve you to get in and then harm you. Not every spirit has malicious intent or purpose, and most of them haven’t in my experience, but you should be safe and protect yourself the best you can from those occasions where bad news is knocking on your door.

When you have companions or spirit family, you’ll have more reasons to practice warding and have more wards, but that should not stop you from learning warding and being well protected yourself before then!

You can have wards that serve to protect you from attacks, and others to keep out liars. But you determine your wards, not me.

The thing is, the more the merrier, and the more variety the better! Cover all your bases. Maybe a water ward might keep out more fire-based spirits but water spirits might have an immunity. Or if you had 10+ wards with the same weakness and a malicious spirit finds out how to get past one, they get past all of them since they have the key for the same 10 doors.

You should regularly keep them running, and also do a bigger maintenance. But remember than constant smaller checkups are important too. Do small checkups often, and a big checkup regularly. I do small checkups daily, and weekly big maintenance because it’s important and better safe than well, not safe.


I may have been too long-winded in the protection section and this section is gonna be lacking in comparison but it’s still needed.

You should have a basis in energy work. Learn how to sense energy, like presences, be able to read them, maybe not in a “I can give you a 5 page summary about this person about their energy” but I can tell this spirit has malicious or unsafe intent towards me so I should step away and turn them away. And telling them apart.

Like a spirit comes home, and you should practice how to tell the difference between Sam the kitten spirit and Feraligator the chihuahua spirit. Although you don’t need to be a master of energy work to start in spirit work, but you should have basics or a solid starting ground.

You can completely struggle with this, while going into spirit work but be willing to keep trying. It’s important and a helpful fundamental and can lead into spirit work, but you can definitely go into spirit work without being an expert energy worker or an energy healer.


Without a doubt, you’re gonna want to have a conversation or communicate with spirits in spirit work.

I’m gonna be honest, you will not have 100% clarity when you begin. Minus a few rare exceptions of people. But ignoring those exceptions and miracles, be prepared for the actuality of communication.

You’ll start out with fragmented conversation. You’ll depend and start with divination, like pendulums, dice, and tarot cards to talk.

The start of the road begins with asking the spirits yes or no questions, or whatever maybe the pendulum board or your tools are limited to. Or you’ll use tarot, which is less yes/no but it’s still not a whole conversation like you would expect between two people. But you’ll have to build up and grow from there. You’ll practice and keep going.

Beyond your tools, the next tier to practice is telepathy and astral hearing.

I don’t think they are exactly the same, but you may disagree. I understand and respect that. Telepathy is direct communication through your minds with thoughts (this is off the top of the mind and I am typing this in one sitting. I will check and correct myself, and edit it if I am wrong, don’t worry).

Some spirits only communicate with scattered words, images and emotions. That just may be their preference and method of communication in telepathy, regardless of how well you can hear them.

Others may be able to talk in complete conversations like you’d expect from another human. But they may simplify what they’re saying to you so that you understand, or cooperate other ways because they understand you can’t catch everything they say.

For me, I think astral hearing is different where they speak in the astral out loud and everyone can hear it. But if your hearing is bad, you might not catch it, and that way, I don’t consider it the same as telepathy where they would just send their thoughts straight to your mind. You can improve your astral senses with effort, trying, and exercise.

Either way, you will practice and grow. Keep going, I believe in you.

Even when you get to that point where you can regularly hear astral conversations and use telepathy, you should still remember to keep your tools. They’ll help you double check yourself, and get you through lulls where it’ll get even harder so your senses will be limited.


There are two ways you can find and meet new spirits or strangers. Either you can meet your local spirits or go out into the astral but that’s not a beginner concept. However if you do wanna hear about that more, I’ll discuss that by request.

Okay, let’s talk about local spirits. Meeting and communicating with local spirits is the best way to practice before a committment like companionship or running into the astral blindly.

Nature spirits tend to be much kinder and patient, especially considering you’ll take time to practice and learn. The easiest spirits to bear with you for practice are rock/crystal spirits and your own garden and plant spirits.

Although there are definitely a few that aren’t friendly at all, it’s safer than running into the astral. And as far as I know, most people can go outside much more easily and already know how, over learning from scratch how to astral project and travel and being prepared for everything it has to offer (dangers and otherwise).

Note: You do not need to know how to astral travel or project to work with spirits, and you can hang out with spirits even if you can’t travel all the way to their apartment in the astral. You can chill and watch Netflix in your room together even if you can’t travel.


You’re gonna keep warding and learning protection spells. When I became a mod, I learned that I had to upgrade and add MORE. You’ll need them, you’ll want them, and you’ll appreciate them. Even the failures will become a start to building better and more efficient wards. So keep going. We all nag about protection, but we’re absolutely serious.

You’re gonna keep learning and you’ll have a different path from others. You will hit roadblocks and communication will get harder some days, whether it’s from a lull, or low spoons or anything.

Take a step sideways, yeah, but that’s movement. And it won’t stop you from progress. The worst thing is to not practice honestly and be apathetic.

(It’s honestly quite late here, I’m physically tired and a little sick, so sorry if anything got messy or confusing. If you have anything you want me to talk on, clarify or discuss further, shoot us an ask.)

Disclaimer: I haven’t stopped learning, so there’s much more you can read on, and more others can offer you on the subject, so never be afraid to ask others for help and advice too. And terms may slightly differ from being to being, so there’s also that to account for, and other people may have different answers for you too! So keep on adventuring and gathering knowledge.

-Mod Spark

Horoscope for August 2018

( i write these for a forum full of drum and bass dudes with like maybe five entire women that also participate. it is time to bring these to you, dear Tumblr)

ARIES: you can be such a big baby sometimes despite how headstrong you are. it’s time to start buckling down. put all those ideas in to something tangible. you’ll need to apply yourself with different methods consistently and while that normally sounds like a one way ticket to boredom, have faith that if anyone can keep things fun it’s your silly ram ass. keep an eye on those closest to you and choose your words carefully in august - they’ll need your ability to cut through the bullshit but no one will listen if you’re inconsiderate about it (even when you’re right.) your heart is in the right place; don’t let your mouth cause problems.

TAURUS: wow yall are looking hella fertile this month. if you get it in during august make sure you use reliable birth control.  domestic life and family life might start to feel a bit overwhelming so make sure you take time to pamper yourself. august is a good month for you health wise. it won’t be the most fruitful month monetarily speaking but the rewards from home and work will pay off tremendously. you may come off as reserved or aloof in august so make an extra effort to connect with those you care about. when i tell you to invest in birth control it is not a joke. it is not a drill. it might not be a bad idea to also consider the merits of a new household appliance. oh and that blanket you saw heavily discounted in the summer sale? buy it, you luxurious bull.

GEMINI: much as you love communicating with others and traveling, there really is no place like home and no one like your best friend. your social life continues to be rewarding on a surface level but deep down you seek the stability of your twin and your couch. there’s nothing wrong with this Gemini - sometimes the best thing to do is take stock of what you have and build on that. august is a good time to start looking at any classes or volunteer opportunities you’ve had rolling round the back of your head. your sense of humour is especially fine-tuned in august so don’t hold back (unless it’s spiteful.) the stars are emphasising moving from text based to face-to-face communication. someone needs to hear your voice and see your smile. make it happen Gemini.

CANCER: if you haven’t yet, now is the time to iron out everything with your assets and finances. it may be tempting to ball out this august but if you control yourself your bank account (and those that rely on you) will be glad you didn’t. your intuition has taken a bit of a dip recently so give yourself plenty of time to process things internally. the weather has been so nice that you may feel a little confused (or irritated) by your occasional crabby mood swings. watch your back and go easy on yourself. your stomach might be feeling off: being the cardinal water sign that you are any stomach troubles will be eased with increased water intake and melons. if a deadline is looming then it’s best to tackle the task at hand so you can enjoy your free time. you might typically work better under pressure at the last minute but the stars aren’t seeing that for you in august.

LEO: ah yes. the royal birthday season. yall are feeling yourselves more than usual in august. another year older and, in your mind, another year hotter. yes time has been kind to you Leo, and while it’s all well and good to revel in the birthday attention, try to keep a level head. yes you are wonderful. yes people like you. while you enjoy this well deserved flattery in your birthday month don’t lose sight of who and what matters most to you. your money might look a little funny these first couple of weeks. don’t panic. things are on an upswing so enjoy it. if you feel a wobble coming on, rather than using your pride to mask it, try allowing that crazy thing called “vulnerability” you hide so much to come through. deep down all lions like to be petted by the one they love.

VIRGO: something you’ve secretly been fearful or loathing of is becoming impossible to ignore. you’ve had bouts of insecurity and doubt all your life but this month it’s ramping up and you cannot put your finger on why. this is a good time to sit back and re-evaluate how you intend to move. that doesn’t mean you have to implement everything once you come to conclusions, but staying in analysis paralysis is adding unnecessary strain to your already frayed nerves. tinkering is your fallback method for coping and while that produces external results it doesn’t address the real stuff you’re avoiding - that stuff that’s swallowing you whole. part of you wants to socialise. do it. make the month of august count for something beyond the life-sentence you gave yourself.

LIBRA: you need to hold it down. and by “it” i mean “you.” you’re making new friends and it’s easy to compare these shiny new people favourably to the old dusty dogs that have been loyal to you since day dot. don’t lose sight of the realness certain people have habitually contributed to your life. there’s a strong chance one of your new shiny friends has it out for you and is keeping you near to prevent suspicion. you most likely met this new friend through work or something work-related and they probably fake humility to keep you close and unguarded. don’t give anyone keys to your place and change your passwords, just to be safe. balance your scales in august by clearing anything that clutters your home. give yourself a night on the sofa with some ice cream. you need it.

SCORPIO: this is a wonderful time for you professionally, even if it isn’t immediately obvious. everything you set your hand to work-wise in the month of august will absolutely come back favourably in time.  if you feel the presence of challenges with your partner (or intended love) then august is the time to clarify or solidify feelings. if you’re tight as with your partner (or intended) then capitalise on that and let the energy of your union boost you both forward. trust isn’t something that you give easily Scorpio, but i promise you it feels amazing when you let go and allow love to elevate you. yes what goes up must come down, but you may be surprised to find where you land isn’t anywhere near as awful as previous life experiences led you to believe. staying fully armoured, ready to strike out and sting at a moments notice, could block your blessings.  

SAGITTARIUS: it just figures that as soon as you’ve crossed a few core things off your “responsible living” list you have the strong urge to travel.  it’s almost like the moment everything is set in place as it’s meant to be you’re ready to bounce to the next challenge, preferably somewhere else. rather than travel somewhere and needlessly fuck up your life you worked so hard to get back on track, focus that energy on bettering yourself. modify your eating habits. exercise more. try to establish new routines for better sleep. keep at your creative endeavors. stay connected with family this month - they’ll remind you of how important it is to remain grounded when your flight urge kicks in. if you absolutely have to get away for the sake of your soul try a weekend road trip.

CAPRICORN: being responsible and reliable is something you water-bearers pride yourselves on so what does it matter if you cut loose for a little while? haven’t you earned it? the short answer is: yes. the long answer isn’t as straight-forward: there’s a delicate balance for you when it comes to having fun while you maintain the steadiness you thrive in. others may be encouraging you to step out of monotony and you’re ready to dive in headfirst - the only thing stopping you is concerns about how this will affect your routines. if anybody can meld these two aspects of life it is you Capricorn. don’t take such a huge step back that you don’t bother jumping. just make sure your parachute is sturdy before you leap. this jump will influence your creative work - do it in the name of art since you have a hard time justifying doing fun things for yourself regularly.

AQUARIUS: take off the Vulcan ears and try articulating your feelings, good and not so good. your need to have everything the way you like it (which changes so frequently it gives people whiplash) appears to take precedence over the desires and needs of others. you’re taking the independence thing so far that you’re in danger of isolating the very people that have invested a great deal of their time and energy in to your happiness. don’t take your cheerleaders for granted: they give a lot of themselves to maintain their bond with you and they want to see you succeed. it may be easier to ride with the wind when the urge strikes you, but the easy way isn’t always right and you’d be secretly unhappy to return from your flights of fancy to an empty life.

PISCES: this is a fantastic month for you, little fishies! yes you may feel exhausted and yes people may be testing the living fuck out of your patience but wow, august is going to be so good for you. things on the home front couldn’t be better and you’re feeling much more in tune with the core of what drives your passions. you will feel much less fatigued (and stressed by idiots) if you carve out some extra time for yoga or hiking - anything that realigns you with the planet and keeps your blood moving. any returns on your professional life will be slow incoming but trust that they are indeed coming. your creative energies are going in to hyper-drive and it might feel manic at times. hold on tight and let it flow through you.