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The video

With permission from Andy @softhie​, I’m posting the video of the convo between her and the person who falsely accused me of grooming her on an anonymous blog on friday 11/17/2017. Since this person named me as the co-writer of fic with her and it’s no secret as to who I’ve co-written with in the past, I will name her blogs here:


For context, as soon as the accusation of grooming was out, Andy came forward with screenshots of the conversation because she knew first hand this person was lying.

This conversation happened on june 7th 2017. (see the date at the top of the convo). In the video, this person admits I had no knowledge about her age from day one until the day we parted ways in january.

The conversation happened 4 months after our falling out because I made this post (the day I found out she was 17).  

I’m posting the video because Andy has been accused of faking these screenshots. my accusor, herself denied that the screenshots are real and reblogged an ask disputing the veracity of the convo and saying it happened in 2014 before tumblr messaging, implying Andy was lying. 

(yes she’s talking about herself in the third person and goes by harper now since her accusatory post was “anonymous”), she has now deleted all these blogs.

 I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Since she’s been caught in a lie, AGAIN. That begs the question, if she lied about the convo being real, if she lied about her age, what else has she been lying about?

I hope everyone of her supporters sees this. I hope everyone who still tags me in their hate sees this. I hope that every person who reblogged that horrible post sees this. Most of all I hope that person realizes how damaging her actions have been.

Since I’m a better person than she is, I won’t name her current blog, because I firmly believe she doesn’t need hate, she needs therapy.




Steve and Tony looked at each other and tried not to smile at the sound of a frantic Wade yelling for his boyfriend.

Ugh. Wade. Peter could do so much better. Peter is an honor student, he’s top of his class, he has a bright future full of opportunity, and he’s Tony’s son, dammit. And Tony doesn’t want his beautiful, perfect child in a relationship with a mercenary. Is that so wrong? Wouldn’t Peter rather date someone with more potential? A doctor maybe? No matter, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. As of now, Tony is just going to watch as his brilliant plan folds out.

Steve answers the door and narrowly misses getting punched in the face by Wade’s aggressive knocking.

“Oh, hi, Wade, it’s nice to see you today,” Steve feigned innocence, “Peter is in his room. Can I get you a snack or something to drink?”

“I’m good, Mr. Captain. Thanks.”, Wade grumbled as he walked past Steve and straight into Peter’s room, slamming the door behind him.

Steve and Tony froze and looked at each other in anticipation then scrambled to press an ear to Peter’s door when they heard muffled yelling.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about, baby!”, Peter yelled back, sounding confused and exasperated.

“Oh, don’t ‘baby’ me! You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! HASHTAG SINGLE?!?! THAT’S how you’re gonna break up with me?!”

“Wade, I haven’t even posted in, like, a week. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”




Steve and Tony ran across the room and tried to look like they’ve been busy in the kitchen this whole time as Wade stormed out of Peter’s room and out of the tower. They decided to wait a few minutes before checking on Peter. So far, everything has gone according to plan and Tony is very happy about it.

After about 5 minutes, Steve gently knocked on Peter’s door,

“Hey hun, can I come in?”

Steve opened the door upon hearing Peter’s automatic lock slide open and found him curled up on the bed, furiously wiping his eyes. Steve smiled sympathetically and sat down on the edge of the bed,

“Hey, big guy. What happened?”

Peter tried not to cry as he rehashed the conversation he had with Wade while Steve pretended he wasn’t listening at the door and heard every word.

“I just don’t understand,” Peter said tearfully, “I never posted that picture. That picture isn’t even of me, that’s not even our bathroom! But Wade wouldn’t listen so now the love of my life hates me.”

“That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?”, Steve chuckled and Peter couldn’t help but crack a half smile at his dad. Steve tried his best to cheer Peter up, but he couldn’t shake the guilt he was feeling. Peter wouldn’t need cheering up if it wasn’t for him. Sure, Wade is a jackass but he’s Peter’s jackass. If Wade makes Peter happy, who is he to keep them apart? He’s gotta talk to Tony about this, Steve can’t stand lying to his son.

                             ~                                                          ~                                                          ~

“Absolutely not.”

“But Tony-“

“Steve. Honey. If we tell Peter then we’re the bad guys. Peter will never trust us again! Let him be sad for now, he’ll bounce back soon enough and it’s like it never happened. It’s for his own good.”

Steve sighed thoughtfully as Tony continued tinkering with whatever the heck he was working on at the moment.

“Look, Tony, I know how much you dislike-“

“I hate him.”

“…I know you have strong feelings towards Wade, but I can’t live with myself after what we did to Peter!”

“Wait. What?”, Steve flinched when he heard Peter behind him.

Tony shut his eyes tight and cursed under his breath before dropping his tools and turning around to face his son.

“What did you do to Peter?”, Peter asked, narrowing his eyes at his parents.

“Nobody did anything to Peter. Go to your room.”, Tony snapped.

Peter turned his attention to Steve, “Pops, what did you guys do?”

“Steve, don’t do it. Be strong.”, Tony murmured.

But contrary to popular belief, Steve was not strong. At least when it came to Peter, that is. His son could give him that look with the puppy dog eyes that say “I trusted you and you betrayed me” and it’s all over. Any willpower Steve has will just vanish.

“We. Um. We sort of… shopped? For your photo?”

“Photoshop, Steve.”, Tony said as he rubbed his temples. He loves his husband and son but man, could they give him a headache.

“Yes, photoshopped. We photoshopped your face to another person’s body. Well, Tony did. And then we… hacked?”

“Yes, Steve.”

“We ‘hacked’ into your account and posted the picture for Wade to see. Well, Tony did. And we made sure the words under the picture would make Wade mad so he you guys would get in a fight… Well, Tony did.”

“Steve. We get the picture, dammit.”

Peter looked at his feet and took a second to process this. His own parents were trying to sabotage his relationship?

“Why? Why would you guys do that?”, he asked.

“We’re really sorry sweetheart”, Steve placed a hand on the side of Peter’s face, “We thought it was for the best. I think now we see that we were wrong, don’t we Tony?”

“Hm? Oh. Uh… yeah. Totally wrong. Won’t try this again anytime soon.”

“You mean that, Dad?”, Peter asked Tony.


Peter smirked. He had his Dad in a box right now and they both knew it. He might as well take advantage of this opportunity and embarrass him.

“Then would you mind calling Wade for me and explaining all of this to him? I’d like my boyfriend back.”

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I haven’t seen any art yet of Robert wearing that shirt he and your dad character get after the tour, so here’s what I kind of imagined it looks like!

(and below is a better look at the template I made. If you wanna use it feel free, just please credit me if you do! <3 )

randomchange-deactivated2017091  asked:

Hey, big fan here with a question. I've read somewhere that you used to make your own books. Is this true? And if so how did you do it?

Hi! Yes, I used to make all my books from scratch. Posting pics below of my limited edition book Charlie’s Widow. (Tim Burton has one in his collection.) You can see pictures of my other hand made books here

I started when I was a kid and learned mainly from online tutorials. I also took some book binding lessons in Sydney. I would spend hours taking books apart and stitching them back together. I was absolutely fascinated with books, not just in the fictional world they held, but also the mechanics. The different binding techniques, the type setting, the paper stock. I am totally book crazy. When you’re passionate about something you’ll gravitate toward it. You’ll naturally want to learn and experiment. And you’ll make up your own little systems as you go. 

How to take care of your spirit companion?

@starryskywitch asked: “In a recent ask you mentioned that spirits need to eat, could you explain how that works? And also maybe the basics of taking care of a spirit if you’d be so kind? C: “

I’ve been meaning to write a post on this for a long time. Then I saw someone did it already xD  ( @magic-for-the-masses ) But I still decided to go ahead and write my own.

I think a good way to look at this is by taking into account the pyramid of needs. By the way, I’m no psychologist, so I don’t know if this is severely outdated or not, but I think it’s a good basis. (For further reading into this, you can look up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.)

So the base is physiological needs. Food, water, warmth, rest. Or in the case of your spirit, whatever they need to drink/eat so they don’t starve, whatever weather and environment they need (if any is fine, okay. Mr.Dragon doesn’t *need* a lava river, but he’s definitely happy in one.), and time to rest. (I go deeper on what they eat here: )

But then you think “But Scholar! I *have* to build wards around me and my companion for them to be safe! That’s vital!” And yes, but not physiological. Apparently this person first stated there are basic needs, and then made subdivisions. The wards fall into safety needs. A secured astral place, or well, your own home, with wards and barriers around it. The security of knowing they won’t be eaten up by a bigger, badder spirit at any moment. Even if you’re not into witchcraft, you should learn methods of spiritual/psychic protection, in order to take better care of your spirits. (Stating this since I usually see spiritual protection being talked about in the context of witchcraft.)

After that there come the psychological needs: first, feeling loved and like you belong. Then, the self esteem.

If you’re skilled at spirit communication, and a demonstrative person, you’ll make them feel loved easily, if you actually like them. If you have trouble showing love, or communicating with spirits, someways to show them they’re loved are:

-Offerings, in every shape or form.

-Daydreaming about them. Thinking about them. Seeing something and go ‘I bet Betsy would like this.’ They can feel it. They know.

-If you have an altar dedicated to them, or part of an altar, keep it clean, neat, re-design it, play with it… It’s a space in your life you’ve dedicated to them. By taking care of it, you’re taking care of them.

Then, the self esteem. Feelings of accomplishment and prestige. For the accomplishment thing, it’s good to ‘assign them tasks’, or ask them for help with certain stuff. X spirit will act as your body guard. Y spirit will help you with your self esteem and pick cute outfits. J spirit will give your food extra flavor and help maintain a clean house. They get to do stuff with you and for you, and get praised in return (you should praise and thank them!), making them feel accomplished.

For the prestige thing… I’m not sure if what I’m thinking of falls in this category. In other pyramids, I’ve seen clothes and shelter listed in the basic needs. And it’s somewhat true. Clothes and shelter makes it so a person doesn’t die of hypothermia, for example. But just really basic sheltering and clothing fulfills that need. IMO, clothes and shelter give them prestige… In their own eyes. Those are things that can elevate their self esteem. A big house filled with toys made my kid spirits really happy. Changing their old, outdated clothes for new, modern clothes (and leather jackets!) makes them feel badass, and good about themselves. Even my cat spirit asked for clothes (and we designed it from scratch and came up with the most disgusting piece of cat clothing ever and we destroyed it and swore to never do that again).

The peak of the pyramid is about self actualization and self fulfillment, including creative endeavors.

Some of my spirit companions, after watching me doing it for so long, got into tabletop roleplaying xD It’s a creative endeavor that makes them really happy. I just leave RPG books on my altar, and Mr.GuardianAngel learns the game and acts as the dungeon master for the other spirits. I wanted to tell this because it’s very endearing <3 And so you remember the spirits actually go and do things in their own.

But some ways you can directly involve yourself in fulfilling these last needs are:

-Watch informative videos and documentaries with them, on themes of their interest. For some time Mr.Dragon got really curious about how other humans were, and we watched videos of people reading their old diaries for like a week.

-If you write or draw, tell them they can influence your creation, and let them create with you.

-If they feel like they can write/draw on their own, let them, and show interest when they show it to you. My companions tell me about the stories they write/roleplay through tarot cards. I just pull all the cards I feel I need and through reading them I get to know the story.

-If you astral travel, travel with them to locations neither of you know (with safety measures please!) so you can learn together.

To anyone who has read this far, thanks for reading. I hope this is useful for you.

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do u think its ok for a complete beginner artist to learn and practice by copying other artist's sketches and then slowly developing their own style? because thats what ive been doing for drawing people and faces but im not sure if thats morally right

oh yes anon it’s completely fine. In fact that’s how I started out

I used to copy a lot of burdge’s artwork, i just never posted it and kept all those drawings with myself. I’ll admit even I felt guilty over doing it but it’s really just another method of learning and it’s not wrong unless you start claiming you made those drawings all by yourself 

so yeah! copying work is fine, especially if you’re a beginner, it’s a great way to build a foundation to develop your own work/style 


i asked you nicely but you continue acting like an asshole. ok.

so just for my followers and all tomb raider fandom here:

this is my post with my gifs

and yes i made those gifs, i spent my time and my skills, even if they are not so impressive for you, yet you preferred to steal my work and not make your own, better than mine of course

before my coloring

after my coloring

and btw how i prefer make MY gifs is non of your business, with scratches or not and how i coloring it. go make your own gifs. but i guess you can only steal other’s work and be rude

I cannot believe “the main goal of trans people IS to be cis” is a genuine statement somebody on here made

a second EDIT:

this post was made in response to what i saw a transmed say on here. a transmed. that has reblogged this post to add the context of their post and my post. “real trans people want to be cis.”

i utterly and completely disagree with this and seeing the OG post where they said this, I made the vague post. this post wasn’t meant to be a clever political gotcha or anything, and again, w/o context, people don’t understand what this post is about and i don’t blame them.

but people are sharing their own experiences on the notes of this reblog and YES that’s the point.

that trans people are going to experience being trans differently.

(aka, it’s not a MAIN GOAL FOR ALL.)

not every trans person has the same goals (bcuz of differing beliefs and such) but that doesn’t make trans people with differing goals… not trans.

As the warmer weather keeps coming and the rain dies down I wanted to post about something that is very near and dear to my heart - piggybacks. I loved receiving them (still do) and giving them.

As my profession is working with children these types of rides are often in demand and so I wanted to speak about piggybacks and the all-important concept of consent. I love the posts that are going around that share the obvious fact that a person owns their body regardless of age and any type of touching should be made clear too both parties.

In my own experience there are three types of piggybacks you can do providing the weight, skill (yes, there is a skill component on the child’s end) and duration of the ride.

The first being that the child has their foot in your hand much like a stirrup and arms around your neck – this one I fondly call “The Horse”.

Secondly, the “classic” that your arms around looped up around the thighs and the child hold onto you

Thirdly “the seat” where by you create a seat with your hands behind your back where they sit on it. The last one generally provides more comfort to the child due to higher security and less fatigue for you as the back portion of the piggy.

With each of these please make sure you ask the child which one the child wants and reconfirm if they are comfortable with where your hands are. We hold a lot of power over little ones and we want them to have a safe, enjoyable and consent filled happy ride on their own personal giant.


Official #BlackoutDay Masterpost (Created: March 29, 2015. Updated: March 6th, 2017)

Welcome to the official #BlackoutDay / #TheBlackout Masterpost.

This post was originally hosted on WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow and is now on @theblackoutofficial.

In this post you’ll find the history of the movement, including important changes to the team and format, and FAQ. 

 Let’s get started…

(Click on “Read More” to read the full post)

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Be With You

Originally posted by weasleytwins101

Pairing: Oliver Wood x Hufflepuff!Reader

Words: 871

Forever Tag List: @missmotherhen

Request: Hey i love all your imagines, i was wondering if you could make a Oliver Wood x Hufflepuff reader. Btw sorry english is not my first language - @tomlinsonholland

Author’s Note: Thank you so much! Your English is amazing, trust me! Also, this isn’t very long but I hope you like it. – Haley xx

The quidditch pitch was packed as the first game of the season started. It was my house, Hufflepuff, against Gryffindor, my boyfriend’s house. We lost to Gryffindor for two straight years now, but it was now our time to get revenge. I was squished between two upper classmen as I watched my team and Gryffindor’s file out onto the field.

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If you’re an ARMY and you’re telling other ARMYs to “vote straight or go home”

NUMBER ONE, BTS is not the only talented and hardworking group out there. Blasphemy? No, it’s reality. And some groups out there who actually DO deserve to win never get their chance because it’s all turned into a fanwar. Do I think BTS deserves to win in ALL categories they’re nominated in? Hell yes. But fans of other artists also think their idols should win, and they have every right to think as they please. Even if and ESPECIALLY IF they’re multifandom.

And so NUMBER TWO, everyone has a right to vote for whoever they think deserves to win, and you’re a horrible human if you can’t even respect that. No buts or excuses for this one.

NUMBER THREE, BTS started from the bottom too. They worked hard and eventually made it to the top. You see those groups at the bottom right now? A lot of them are mighty talented, and there’s nothing bad with giving them the votes they deserve. If nobody had given BTS the recognition they deserved back in their early days, they wouldn’t be where they are now. Give other artists, especially those who deserve it, a chance to get recognition too.

NUMBER FOUR, just because a group is from a big company, doesn’t mean they don’t work their asses off. In fact, some if not many of the bigger companies are known to work their idols down to the bone, or give them crazy restrictions and rules. Oftentimes idols are forced to work despite being sick or injured, and this is regardless of whether they’re from a big company or not. You can’t disregard all that hard work and sacrifice just because they’re from a big company, or from the big 3.

NUMBER FIVE, you’re only stressing yourself and everyone else out. BTS racking up trophies at MAMA is not the meaning of life. BTS may be “larger than life” to you, but again, so are other groups for their fans. Going back to the point, the boys didn’t work hard to release a beautiful mini album so you could spread hate and animosity between fandoms or between the ARMYs, and they certainly didn’t call it LOVE YOURSELF so you could be wasting away your time in negativity. Yes, vote all you want (I’m voting like crazy myself), but please don’t join in any of that negativity and bullshit. You don’t need any of that in you life. No one does.

Again, let others vote for who they want to. No need to be salty or bitter. Wish everyone else the best of luck, and just give what you can for the boys.

by clicking HERE you will be redirected to 125 ( 80x80 ) gif icons of FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI from youtube videos & instagram. each & every gif was made from scratch by yours truly will be updated the more i gif ! pls don’t put in other hunts, redistribute, or claim as your own in any way, thank you ! a like/reblog would be appreciated if you find this useful !

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I saw the post in which you mention Jungkook's ideal type. I can confirm what you said if its the same in reverse (my Venus is in Aries and 7th House Cusp in Libra). I don't think I would want someone who is necessarily active, but I definitely want someone moderately energetic and rather (read: very) assertive. I never knew I'd be able to read my 3-7th houses as I don't have any planets in them, that post made me re-evaluate those houses in my own chart. I love all of your posts, thank you.

that’s really neat how even though your signs are the reverse of his you still relate to him! but yes, the sign that lies on a house’s cusp is very influential. i get a lot of messages asking what to do when there’s no planet in a house and that’s the answer: check the sign, it most sometimes reveals a lot more than you’d think 🌱

"YouTube Recommendation Masterpost" Masterpost

You know that one post about YouTubers to watch instead of Jontron that some people have put on my dashboard and complained about? Jon is shitty, but some of the people on the list like Markiplier and the Nostalgia Critic (what fucking year is it) aren’t any better, not just because I don’t like their content, but because they’ve done some things that are morally JonTron-esque that make them unqualified. Looks and production value do not equal morality.

So before you add another content creator to your masterpost, do some research and ask yourself the following questions.

- Have they made ANY questionable statements (racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/you know the drill)?

- If yes, how long ago were the statements made and how questionable are they?

- Do they like improving themselves/pointing out their own mistakes?

- Are said mistakes actually valid mistakes?

- Have they ever apologized for anything?

- If yes, have they stopped/attempted to stop doing the thing they apologized for?

- Are they a good boi?

#wearethecrankycrew: Community Meetup Event!

Hey everyone, guess what? The crankgameplays community meetup is officially underway!!! :D

And before I get out the info out I just want to say that not only without Ethan this wouldn’t be happening, but all the support you guys brought out to help me with this is so amazing. Thank you all so much!

Alright so I don’t have the biggest plan for this for today but let’s make the most of it while we are all here :)

This is a celebration for not only Ethan closely reaching 300k subscribers (even though it’s most likely happening next week haha whoops..)

But it’s just an all around celebration for this awesome community over here on tumblr! This is going on from Friday through Sunday like I said in my last few posts. I got different things planned for everyone to join in so hope you guys enjoy that!

[[I could go on with this but I got limited time right now unfortunately to actually be here. I’m not disappearing but there’s a chance I will not be available for the next hour or two ;-; I might have to ask for admins to check out the tag so nobody is missed btw.]]

Anyways let’s do this!

So, first thing today is post a picture of yourself or make a post with fan art you have made or any edits that you would like to use to introduce yourself!
Remember to use the tag #wearethecrankycrew so I (and any admins) can see it!

Add your name, when you joined the community, how long you have been watching Ethan, etc. And make this post your own!!

Hope that’s enough to do for the rest of the day, and feel free to tag me in the post as well!

Thank you for reading an boosting this, let’s have some fun. <3

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I really liked your yandere Papyrus head canons. I'm not who sent that one but now I wanna see what you think of yandere Sans. Ut,Us,Uf,Sf. Please and thank you :) <3

Of course dear~

(TW: Violence in all of them. They’re yanderes what do you expect) 

Undertale Sans

  • If anyone hurts you, he will end them
  • Sans is the least dangerous yandere skele
  • He’s fine with you hanging out with other people, but the slightest thing will set him off. 
  • Like if a waiter accidentally spills hot coffee on you, that waiter isn’t waking up in the morning
  • blood flecks under his clothes everywhere because he’s too lazy to wash them off. 
  • His favorite weapon is his bone attack because it’s quick, efficient, and leaves little evidence. 

Underfell Sans (TW: Graphic violence and suicide) 

  • Hehehhehehe just….die already will you? 
  • Yandere Red is similar to Horrortale Sans
  • He’ll keep you locked up in the basement and force you to love him
  • But when you do “love” him, he’ll hit you, scream at you, and attack you for being so foolish, how could you love a piece of trash like him. 
  • If anyone goes into basement, he’ll kill them, even if it’s own brother
  • If Red does kill his brother because of you, he’ll take Fell’s dust and shove them in your face 
  • “Look at what you made me do. I killed my brother for you. Doesn’t that show how much i love you? I love you I love you I love you, don’t you love me back?” 
  • Love him or not, Red will kill you when he’s reached his breaking point, then kill himself

Underswap Sans

  • Ahh yes. The most famous yandere skele
  • Honestly, this post would describe him better than I ever could
  • He’s the classic, classic visage of a yandere
    • He puts Gasai Yuno to shame
  • His love is sweet and cute at first, but becomes overbearing and clingy
    • He wants to know where you are 24/7 and who you’re hanging out with
  • If someone is taking too much of your time, like a boss, a friend, a family member, he’ll kill them in cold blood
  • No one ever suspects him. 
  • You never know if he’s angry or not until he reveals it. 
  • Favorite weapon: hatchet 

Swapfell Sans

  • He’s sooo cute, even as he’s chopping off you arm
  • Black is 10x more clingy than Blue
  • He wants your attention 24/7 and doesn’t let you talk to anyone else
  • Say goodbye to your freedom because he’s kidnapping you
  • He will turn on you too. If you do anything he doesn’t like, like using fowl language, be distasteful, be anything than the perfect being he imagines you to be, then he’ll hurt you
  • Favorite weapon: Sword
Dear Cassandra Clare,


I am writing this letter in hopes that you find it and are able to read it. Even if these efforts fail, maybe it will bring inspiration to others.

My name is Kaylee, I’m 15 and in the 10th grade. I started reading your books in middle school, and you’ve been my favorite author ever since. Alec, Jace, Clary, Isabelle, and the rest of the gang became my best friends when I had none. They became as real to me as normal people. Reading was my therapy when my world felt like it was crumbling. When I would pick up one of your books, everything melted away and I was in my own world.

I saw your post that you made about haters and those trying to discount women’s work in the creative field. I can’t count how many times I went “Yes!” while reading it. I am so sorry that parts of the fandom I am in thinks it’s okay to say such nasty things. Even if the lie that has been spreading around that you were going to kill off Alec was true, which I know its not, when did those people decide they were authors of The Mortal Instruments series? Your creation is your creation, not anyone else’s. And even though the series is near and dear to my heart, it is fiction after all. So why is it that people think they have even the remote right to call you things, that aren’t even true, about things that are just make believe? If they don’t like how you make your stories, then that’s their problem. If the haters feel so strongly about it, then they should go and make their own story with their own ending, not try to alter yours. No one should ever be forced to feel guilty, ashamed, or in the slightest that they did something wrong when it comes to creating art. Art is made as enjoyment for the creator.

As I have grown older, I’ve begun to write on my own, wanting to give others the ability to create worlds all their own.  And while the job of the writer is to create a world for others to experience, and while that is also the job of the reader, it is okay for both worlds to be different. Words mean different things to different people.


A Regular Jackson Pollock

Summary:  Emma and Killian do home improvement projects to the house when she gets back from the wish realm. A day of painting leads to some…extracurricular activities.

Rating: E (obvs) 

Word Count: ~1950

Author’s Note: Hello, darlings! Miss me? ;) I “did the thing again.” I just needed to get the juices flowing again, so to speak ;). Home improvement projects + paint fights + shower fun. I mean…what more could you ask from me? ;) Tags at the end, as usual. 

It had been a week and a half since Emma and Regina had returned from the wish realm, and things around town were getting back to normal—normal for Storybrooke, anyways. It had calmed down so much that Emma had taken the time to start a list of home improvement project to the house. Their house. Her and Killian’s. (Damn, she would never be over it). Little did she know that for every task that she had listed to undertake, Killian found a way to not only excel at it, but also found a new ways to excite and arouse Emma.

She knew he would be adept at woodwork, considering the amount of times he must have repaired any damage the Jolly had endured. But seeing him in action—as well as in just a simple plain white t-shirt that her father had loaned while doing so—had her wanting to quench his thirst, and not just with a tall glass of water. The way the sweat glistened off of his brow as he hammered away at the wood on the patio…let’s just say Emma needed a cold shower after watching that for longer than was appropriate.

Then, when they built the bookshelf for the living room, he was able to use his hook to help secure all other nuts and bolts into the appropriate slots, as well as the wrenches and screwdrivers. And yet again, he donned the plain white t-shirt. His muscles bulged from underneath the cotton, and she was able to see his chest hair through the fabric. It made her want to forget the task at hand and have him hammer something else entirely. That simple t-shirt began to creep into her dreams, causing her to awaken in the middle of the night to relieve her ache while Killian slept beside her, blissfully unaware of her actions.

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TRANSLATION TAKE 2: One-sensei’s interview with Young Sunday (excerpts in detail)

Thanks to the lovely and talented @isasm, we’ve been blessed with a Japanese transcript recording excerpts from One’s interview with Young Sunday. Even though I already summarized the interview, I thought you all might be interested in reading some passages in greater detail (plus whoever put the excerpts together focused on different parts than I did, so it’s like looking at the interview from another angle). I hope you all enjoy it. Especially everyone over at @one-blog!

(P.S. I’m so exhausted I did this all at work today I’m gonna get fired someone help me aaaaahhh :P)

EDIT: Here’s a link to the summary, which I’ve tweaked to fix a couple mistakes I made before I had access to the transcript. :)

Submitting to Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine everyone longs to be part of

YAMADA: Hey, you know the student council president from Mob Psycho 100? That page is really intense, where the whole page is that scene with the monologue about the pressure he gets from his parents? And it was like, suddenly it’s gone all Yoshiharu Tsuge (TN: A famous Japanese cartoonist and essayist).

OKKUN: Tsuge and Kazuo Umezu (TN: Horror manga author).

YAMADA: That guy’s style is totally Garo (TN: Avant-garde manga anthology magazine).

OKKUN: For real! It’s so Goya (TN: The painter I guess? Or the Spanish film awards? I’m not sure; the literal translation is “So it’s Goya,” which is so vague I give up aaaah).

YAMADA: (while pointing at Okkun) We better watch it! We’ll get drawn into the darkness of artistic criticism. We’ve gotta handle this like they do on Sawako no Asa (TN: A Japanese talk show).

OKKUN: (to ONE) So you were painstakingly drawing in secret, you created a homepage, did you ever submit your work?

ONE: I submitted something in my first year of college, it was a 19-page gag manga I drew and took over to Weekly Shonen Jump, which of course is the venue everyone aspires to.

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