yes i do need a new book

“When you’re dealing with nonprofessional writers, you have to give them a tremendous amount of encouragement simply to convince them that they can write at all. Lauren Bacall is a perfect example. I knew she could write her own book, and I knew that she would never be satisfied if she had a ghostwriter, but she didn’t know how to do it, so finally we set up a system. She would come into the office every day and write in longhand on yellow pads, and every night little elves would type up what she had written during the day. She kept saying, Is it all right? and I would say, Yes, yes, it’s fine. You write it, I’ll edit it. And it was fine. Of course, it needed standard editorial work, but it was her book, it came right out of her. Betty Bacall is a bright Jewish girl from New York—she wasn’t going to write a bad book.” —Robert Gottlieb on working with Lauren Bacall on her book, By Myself.

Pictured: Bacall attends party to launch By Myself at the Palace Theater in New York City on Monday, June 8, 1979. At left is Henry Kissinger and at right is actor Henry Fonda. (AP Photo/Ron Frehm)

if your soul is bruised and torn
if your heart is scarred and hollow

if your blood runs cold
if your sleep comes haunted

if your spine is creaking
if your ribs are caving

if your screams are voiceless
if your skies are starless
if your home is placeless

oh, my love, come back to me

do not lay yourself to a graveyard sleep
do not burn yourself with the pages of the past
do not bury yourself among museum statues

oh, my love, come back to me

no, I will not fix you–
I could not if I tried.

you are not a malfunctioning machine
     in need of new parts and a repairman’s hands
you are not a cracked camera
     hiding faceless demons like blurry photos
you are not a haunted house
     holding shadows of history like ancient ghosts
you are not a beaten book
     missing memories like torn out pages

yes, my love, 
you are battered
              and tattered
                      and shattered
as am I, my love

but tapestries are made of a thousand tiny threads
and mosaics are made of broken glass
and we too are masterpieces made of jagged shards

oh, my love, come back to me

—  oh, my love, come home to me ( j.p. )
Please help???

I just got into a car accident yesterday. Thank God I didn’t get hurt, but I’m pretty sure my car is totalled. On top of that, school starts in a week or two. Not only do I not have a car to get back and forth to class, I don’t even know if I’ll have enough money for my tuition, books, etc. for this upcoming semester. Yes, I do have a job, but after paying all of my bills and such I usually don’t have much money at all for myself, let alone to put towards college and repairing/getting a new car. I’ve never done this before, yall. I feel bad for asking others for anything because I don’t want to be a burden, but I’m struggling so much, man. My life is not going very well right now. I wrecked my car, I need money for college, and my mother is suffering with a crippling lung disease. If any of you will be able to donate money it would be GREATLY appreciated. I don’t have much to give anyone in return, but I can draw and I write poetry. So, if anyone would like some sort of drawing or poem in return for whatever you are able to give I am most definitely willing to do that. I don’t even have an amount that I am trying to reach. Anything will be helpful at this point. I feel really awkward and sad to have to ask this of any of you. Thank you so much in advance to anyone who decides to donate. 😊$SadeShuler$SadeShuler

notidiotproofed submitted:

“Come along, John, don’t want to be late!” says Sherlock, donning his coat and scarf.

“What for?” asks John, looking confused.

“Our appointment at the registry office! We need to book a date for the wedding!”

“Wedding? What wedding? Whose wedding?”

“OUR wedding! Do keep up, John!”

“What the hell are you on about? Since when are we getting married?”

“Since I proposed to you three days ago! I distinctly remember you said ‘yes’!”

“Sherlock… three days ago I was down at Harry’s, helping her build her new Ikea bedroom furniture! I was gone for two days!”

“Oh,” says Sherlock, crestfallen. “It must have been Mind Palace you I proposed to.”

“Seems a shame to waste the appointment, so let’s go, yeah?” says John smiling.

“You mean you want to marry me?” says Sherlock hopefully.

“Of course, you great git! If I said it in your Mind Palace, then I’d probably say it in person, too.”

“Brilliant!” says Sherlock, jumping in glee. “By the way, Mind Palace You also agreed for me to turn your old bedroom into a dissection lab, to bring me a pack of 20 Malboro’s and to provide me samples of all of your bodily fluids for an experiment.”

“I need to have a word with your Mind Palace John!”

PFFT hahahahahahahahaha omg glorious XD I love mindpalaceJohn so hard!!!~♥

Off To The Races Pt. 2 - Stiles Stilinski AU

REQUESTED: Yes, requested by @missconverseshoes ! In all honesty, I kind of wanted to write this second part anyway, but I wanted to see that people were enjoying it before I bothered.

WARNINGS: Swearing, smut (daddy kink, kinda rough)

SUMMARY: So, you made it safely away. You have a new place, a new life. But  not everything’s going to be alright. (Takes place a few months after Pt. 1)

NOTES: Okay, so I’m basically doing a whole tonne of writing today. I’m about a week behind on my NaNoWriMo stuff, so I really need to push on and get past that mid-book crisis I’m having. (The middle is always the worst part of any big story :( )

Also, I have to create a worksheet for my class based off a powerpoint my friend has so kindly created, so that needs to be done.

Anyways, enjoy, and if you want Part 3, then message me! <3

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While the bookhorse is away, the artist will come out to play!

I was commissioned for a thing for the bookhorse tumblr to use while Twilight goes on “a quest”. Several revisions of the art needed to be made to meet the standards of book princess. So here are the ones that didn’t make final. I particularly liked the wing-in-eye one.

Also, if you notice the background, yes. I begrudgingly had to do up Twilight’s new castle interior with a concept for bookshelves in that new mysterious crystal.

So I have a new background to play with. I’m not giving up on the Twibrary, for sure.

I legit used to be known as ‘the Harry Potter girl’ in primary school. I went to a small school and hopped on the Harry Potter band wagon just shy of the rush. (I remember my mum saying 'there’s this book with good reviews, it’s about a boy who finds out he’s a wizard, do you want it?’ And me being like 'yes please’ because getting a new book was my biggest treat as a kid).

Anyway, on world book day the teacher from the class above came into my class like 'is Beth here? We need to know how to spell Azkaban and I haven’t a clue’.

Basically nothing has changed since I was seven. I am still that Harry Potter girl.


Me: I have so much to do, I have cc I’m working on, I have the BB house to finish off finally, I have this other stuff to start organising about the challenge, etc, etc.

Find sim in CAS and screw around making a new model, because really, that’s the one thing I don’t need.

Yes, well. I like her. Mackenzie Spicer is her name and I might keep her and cameo her somewhere. She’s kinda cute and that NOSE. I like sims that aren’t considered ‘text book pretty’. 

“I am in blood
Stepp’d in so far, should I wade no more
Returning were as tedious as go o’er”
—MacBeth, William Shakespeare

The blood.
How do you change
the blood?
My rituals, though borne
from bloodletting,
so honest for that,
were selfish sacraments;
calling on gods
whose slumber was best
not to disturb.

There were prayers.
Yes, so many prayers;
invocations morning, noon and night.
Yet none to spare.
Even though, in the end
you needed them
far more than I,
I jealously hoarded them;
a nest egg of salvation.

Though I long to be different,
the past is a boulder,
weighing me down.
I’ve tried to purge
the man who abandoned you
but deceit runs in my veins.
In the end, it’s always
the blood.
How do you change
the blood?


Max Mundan, Everything’s MacBeth

© David Rutter 2015

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The Darkest Minds Readalong

SO! If you guys don’t know by now, The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken is one of my all time favorite series. I have recently obtained all of the books in the series and because it’s a new year I thought a readalong would be swell. (Did I just say swell? Yes I did.) but I need to know if you guys are interested. Last year I did a The Infernal Devices series readalong with @whispersofthesilentwind and I think we had maybe 8 people including sasha and I. I would like more people to participate. 

Last year we had character asks, parabatai, rune stuff, and some other stuff. 

So here’s my proposal:

Do you have the series but haven’t read it yet? Have you been wanting to read the series but your TBR is piling up and you need incentive to read it? Maybe a readalong will help? Also, when shall we do the thing and who would want to co-lead it with me? 

I need to know who is interested! If this post gets 50 notes I’ll do it! And I hope ya’ll plan on joining me! 

I need your review

Bare with me, just doing a little experiment here.

I’m offering to send a review copy, an ARC of my new book, No Ordinary Star, to W H O E V E R asks. Yes, you read that right. Am I crazy? Probably. Thing is, I’m not crazy, I’m just trusting you guys.

Here are the terms:

Send me an email requesting it at alexandrapen at gmail dot com (also you can send me a tumblr ask)

Please be certain that you can read and review a 120-ish page book within the next FEW WEEKS.

Please read the synopsis here and the first few chapters on my previous blog post, so that you’ll only request it if it’s a genre you GENERALLY READ.

Please don’t be one of those sh***y persons that requests and READS a full book for free and then forgets and/or refuses to post a review to help the author out. I’ve sent about fifteen review copies out, to great personal expense because I don’t live in the US and n o t h i n g. Not even one of them bothered with a rating, let alone a review. Which brings me to you.

Please help me, if you like. There are nearly five thousand people requesting this arc on Goodreads as of now, and I’m offering it to you for free, for whoever asks for it. Just like that. Please don’t take advantage of me.

Thank you so much for reading and (hopefully) reviewing my novel.
To whoever sends me a link of their 4 or 5 star review on goodreads or amazon, I’ll send a print copy.

Let’s see how this goes

Edit: It’s going to be first come first serve from now on, so if you’re still interested please hurry! x

#it’soutinthebigbadworldnow, #review-copies, #arc-request, #no_ordinary_star, #mc_frank

i need an intern!

Okay, I joked about this on Twitter last night, but I really do find myself needing an intern/p.a. to help me stay organized and work through some major projects in 2015. 

Are you:

  • interested in learning about transmedia, new media, and being a working writer firsthand?
  • very organized?
  • good at internet research?
  • good at mundane tasks like booking travel, making lists and spreadsheets, reminding people to do stuff?
  • trustworthy, motivated, and able to complete tasks with minimal guidance?
  • willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement so I can share work in progress with you?
  • free for at least a couple hours every week?

If yes, email me (alexandra.k.edwards at a paragraph about yourself! Who are you, what are you into, what are you looking to learn about, and how can we help each other? (Attached resumes are cool but not necessary.)

I can’t afford to pay at this time, nor can I give class credit, but I can promise cool hands-on experience, a resume or CV line, and my awesome mentorship. I have recommended my previous intern for transmedia work and written recommendation letters, and if we work well together, I’m happy to do the same for you!!

PS you don’t have to be local to me! Anywhere with an internet connection is close enough!

A rather boring party..(closed with lebruitpensant)

“Your french has gotten much better since the last time you came here, miss anju."the duchess smiled a tad at the smaller girl in the kimono

"Thank you ma'am,"She bowed a bit, "I hope New Light will be able to work with you and the rest of france to help those who need it.”

The Duchess nodded, “yes, that would be splendid, I shouldn’t keep you, go, enjoy the party.”

Anju bowed again before going back into the crowd, she was trying not to show it in all honesty, but this crowd was getting to her, she hated big crowds, normally she couldn’t handle more than 25 people… 

reminded her of when she would go do book signings, or when she actually had the guts to do it, other times she would lock herself up in her room.. 

maybe she could find a nice, quiet area to clear her head..

Grabbing a small glass of punch, she opened a door and peeked inside, no one she saw, 

“oh thank god.."she leaned against the door, sipping from the glass, "I don’t think i could’ve stood anymore talking..”

then, she heard the window in the room opening, “…hello?”


Summer is one of the many things a student, like me, always look out for every year. This is (finally!) the time when we can chill with friends and spend quality time with our family. Personally, I am thrilled of this year’s summer vacation because I have 4 months to spend until school starts.

I have not done so much since the start of summer, but I have already been to family adventures and an overnight party with some high school friends. I’m not yet heading to the beach since, but my dad and I are planning to book a trip to Batam. Making this one boring and dull is not even an option, so I decided to make a list of the little things I am intending to do within the scope of my summer vacation.

1. Learn new things.

Probably skateboard? Idk, I just want to learn something new. Asked my best friend if he could teach me over summer and he said yes!! I just need to buy one or he needs to get his board fixed. I freakin want to learn skateboarding!!!

2. Read 10 books.

I have finished Everyday a couple of days ago and starting a new Sophie Kinsella book today called, “Remember Me?”. A great line of books, i.e. Fangirl and Peculiar Children, are still on my iBooks. Yep, I started to torrent ebooks when vacation started because money probs.

3. Avoid chilling alone.

You guys may know that I always - and somehow learned to love - chill alone, and I know that this is one thing I need to change if I want my summer to be really fun and worth all the time. There was actually a time when a barista tried to talk me about it, and asked me that it is actually better if I could bring someone with me. I just smiled and told her that I will try. Well, I will not try, I will do… soon. 

4. Run again, maybe 10 kilo meters a week.

 I am seriously gaining weight for the past few weeks!! I need to start running again and watch what I eat. I’ll be doing a lot of walking in Laguna, so I better get used to it. 

5. Watch all the existing seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

Currently on the 3rd season of Grey’s Anatomy! As I said to my last The Sunday Currently blog post, I’m getting addicted and attached to this series, but it has too much drama and almost every other episodes can make my cry like a baby. I’m learning life and medical lessons.. what more can I ask for, right?

6. Coffee with some bloggers.

Been wanting to meet some bloggers (Hello Amiela, Reuben and Sam!!). Ben and I actually planned to have coffee soon! Blogging has been my great escape since then, but I never expected to have friends over this one thing I am really passionate about, so thank you blogger friends!!

7. Add stamps to my passport.

As the saying goes, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Already booked somewhere for a month, but travelling alone is getting on my nerves.

8. Go on to endless adventures with high school friends.

Pretty sure that the friendships I made on high school did not end after graduation, so I will never take these special relationships for granted through time. I will always try to send texts first, ask how my friends are and plan catch ups. 

9. Find a new place to explore and chill.

Starbucks is starting to get boring, and my money’s asking for help too, hahaha! Maybe try to take a break on coffee shops? I need to be somewhere peaceful.

10. Spend one hour outside everyday.

This is really hard to do especially because it is very easy to just stay in my bed and watch TV shows everyday, right? An hour everyday can do a lot to me, I believe. Bike, watch sunset at the roof or visit my grandma? I don’t know yet, but these little things can mean a lot.

Lastly, I will not forget to blog about my adventures. Anyways, tell me about your summer plans this year, I would be very glad and excited to read it. Also, I might get ideas from you guys and have more things added on the list. Hope you guys had a memorable Holy Week with your family! 

Hurtful - requested

“Babe” Justin called from the bedroom.

“Yes” you said, making your way upstairs to the bedroom. When you arrive, you see Justin standing there with 2 suitcases out.

“As we haven’t seen each other very much these last 2 weeks, I booked us a holiday to the Caribbean so we can have some times to ourselves” he said, smiling

“Babe, that’s so sweet. When do we leave?”


“That’s so soon! I need to buy some new clothes! I can’t go if I have nothing to wear”

“Calm down, we can go now”

“Thanks babe, I love you”

 “What are girls like with clothes, eh?”

“Hey” you said, slapping his arm, “you can’t talk”

“Yes I can”

“In your dreams, Bieber” you shouted, as you went down the stairs, Justin following behind you.

You had been shopping for 2 hours now and had bought some tops, shorts, sunglasses and a new pair of shoes. Justin had of course bought himself some new clothes because, even if he doesn’t admit it, he too cares about the way he looks too.

After grabbing a coffee, you and Justin went to go a get a new bikini.

You strolled around the store and had picked out a few, with Justin putting some very small bikinis in your basket, which you had to remove. As you were walking down an isle, Selena Gomez, Justin’s ex, appeared and gave you a fake smile before walking up to Justin and putting her hand on his arm.

“Hey Jay, how are you? It’s been so long. I have missed you so so so much” she flirted with your boyfriend.

“I have been good, thank you. This is (Y/N), my girlfriend,” He said, giving you an apologetic glance. Selena looked at you and said nothing.

“So, what have you been doing without me?” she asked, moving so she was standing in front of Justin, blocking you from the conversation.

“I have been working on some new music, making a new perfume and looking after my beautiful girlfriend” Justin said, stepping to the side so that Selena was no longer in front of him. Selena turned around to face you.

“So, what is your job” she asked, clearly not wanting to talk to you.

“I am a waitress at a restaurant while I finish collage”

“Oh, Justin, you have lowered your standards a lot” Selena remarked. You were taken aback by her comment and hurt and Justin could read that off your face.

“Hey, don’t be rude, at least she has gone to collage, more than you have ever done” Justin said, standing up for you, which made you happy to see he had actually moved on from her.

“I think he has highered them actually, not dating rude, arrogant sluts anymore” you said. You had always been good at comebacks and Justin just stood there smirking.

“Well, at least I am somebody and not a nobody” she said

“Not everyone needs to be seen to feel important and loved” you said, “You are just a very vain, talentless person who relies on others for fame”

Selena was clearly hurt by your comment and turned to face Justin.

“Well, babe, Ill see you around. You know where I live, just come by any time when this fat witch, who will look awful in that bikini no longer fulfills your short term needs” and with that she left the shop. You were hurt by her comments because you had always been self-conscious about the way you looked and about your weight.

You put down the bikinis and left the shop, Justin calling your name. You walked out to the car, trying to control the tears that were so close to falling. You thought Justin would follow you straight out but he took longer than you hoped. You hated being vulnerable and always had a strong cover but you let those comments get the better of you.

“Justin, open the car!’ you shouted across the car park as he appeared. The car clicked so you got in, slamming the door behind you. Justin got into the drivers seat and turned to face you, before he drove home.

“Why did you leave?”


“Because what?”

“I am fat, ugly and you can clearly do a lot better than me. Just please drive home”

“No, I am not leaving until you realise that you are the most amazing, beautiful, smart girl I have ever met in my life and I love you so much. She was just being rude and is obviously jealous, because look at me, I am pretty perfect” he said, cockily, making you smile and look up at him.

“Now that’s the smile I want to see. You are something else and way better than she will ever be. Okay? I love you and I will never leave you. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I love every second I spend with you. Don’t listen to what anyone says because at the end of the day, they don’t know how beautiful you are, inside and out. Now how about we get home so you can try on the bikinis I bought you so I can see your sexy body.” He said, winking

“I love you babe” you said, leaning over to kiss him “you know exactly what to say to make me feel better”

“I love you too baby, you are seriously the most amazing woman EVER and with these bikinis on, you will just look that much better, I probably wont be able to keep my hands off you” he said, starting the car and driving home. You slapping his chest playfully and laughed. “Thinking about it, I don’t know if I want you wearing them in public, other people looking at you” he said seriously

“Don’t worry baby, I am all yours”

-Sorry it took so long, have been really busy lately. Please continue to send in requests <3-

New Release Spotlight: Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

New Release Spotlight: Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst

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Oh hi, this is a book about princesses in love, and yes, it is super happy. Do you need to know anything else? Yeah, I didn’t think so. If you’ve been waiting for a book that finally pairs with Malinda Lo’s Ash and/or Sara Gaines’ Noble Falling and Noble Persuasion, ta da! Betrothed since childhood to the prince of Mynaria, Princess Dennaleia has always known what her future holds. Her marriage…

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Sunday, 27.11.2016

Today I tried to relax a bit before I started studying. I had a bath and a face mask, and now I made myself some fresh Ice Tea and I really want to finish my 4 pages essay (I need to submit that until Thursday…) I want to study history afterwards because of my upcoming exam (also on Thursday), On the pictures you can see I kinda reorganized my desk, and on the last picture there is one of the new stabilo pastel markers^^ They are SO beautiful! I already passed my first of 6 exams on Friday, I need to stay motivated!Straight White Male will be a good book, I guess I’M going to tell you how good/bad it was in a few weeks, I also need to read my english lecture so… I also listen to A LOT of music in general, here are 2 of my current favs, Marina and The Diamonds and Paloma Faith. (And yes I do own CD’s, I love CD’s. Hope y’all doing fine, I can see y’all working hard to, stay motivated! God bless you.

Gen X 2.0 Thoughts & Musings

So today we got the creative team/roster and mission statement for the new Gen X book. The School has been relocated to Central Park and now features 3 distinct groups of Students: Future X-Men, Future Ambassadors and the “Lovable Losers”/special class. The book will focus on the latter group and will consist of Eye Boy, Nature Girl, Bling!, Benjamin Deeds, a new character named Nathaniel Carver, and Quentin Quire. 

My biggest issue is this: do we really need another “Special Class” book? Yes there are always stories to tell about those who don’t fit in. But at the same time I feel that what the fans want is a team of junior X-Men going out and being X-Men. Its one of the reason why some many of us on the internet sing the praise and preach the gospel of Craig Kyle and Chris Yost’s run. It was teens going out and being X-Men. Those students faced A level threats like Nimrod and the Purifiers and dealt with the soap opera that is X-men personal relationships. Plus you had a diverse group of characters and it felt natural. It didn’t feel like pandering or it was checking off boxes on a diversity list. 

The book could be good. The writer sounds sincere and I get the idea of wanting to write less developed character than risk the wrath of the fans in case you write their favorite character in way that would not align with how they view the character. 

I just kinda wished they didn’t have QQ. He had a great end to his story with the X-Men in Latour’s run on WATXM. He didn’t want the Phoenix and he didn’t want the X-Men. Plus he “graduated”. He went off an ran one of the Hellfire clubs. He would work better as a  recurring guest character than a main cast. Swap QQ out for Indra or say Trance and you got yourself a pretty decent roster. 

And maybe just one day…one day we’ll get the Teen X-Men book we want. We’ll get the Varsity squad: Pixie, Surge, Mercury, Dust, Rockslide, Anole, Hellion, Elixir & X-23/Wolverine. 

anonymous asked:

Okay but I work in ILL at my college library so I'm stuck in the back a lot, so when I see the front people they're normally like 'omg new person pls talk to me' and I'm desperate for human interaction, so imagine front desk Frank always talking to you whenever you need to pass through to pick up books, go get books, whatever, and he always uses cheesy library puns, and eventually the supervisor has to get on both of you bc you're supposed to be working, not flirting.

{When you say ILL do you mean inter-library loans? I work at a library too and I’m familiar with that XD}

BUT YES PLEASE. Or Frank being that cheeky regular who always comes in during your shift.