yes i do need a new book

Zodiacs and phrases.
  • Aries: "When I am so angry I can destroy this world"
  • Taurus: "I feel so bad,I want to be with my boyfriend all the time"
  • Gemini: "Hey,Do you want to drink tea with me? Or,maybe,with my dog?"
  • Cancer: "Can I help you?"
  • Leo: "I always do what I want. Whatever what others say." or "I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT" (believe me,they always want something)
  • Virgo: " I want to go home,sleep,eat and play The Sims 4"
  • Libra: "OHHHH"
  • Scorpio: "Yes,and after that we went to that bar and she was so drunk,but,whatever,I bought the new Cigarettes "
  • Sagittarius: "WHAT. THE. FUCK. ????!"
  • Capricorn: "Oh,no,sorry. I need to do A L0t. Maybe,in the nearest future we will see each other. :)"
  • Aquarius: they don't like talking too much,so that's why they are reading a book,when you see them.
  • Pisces: "I Believe in Santa!!!! I hope,I will see him soon!!! Omg!!! I am so excited!!"
  • +Bonus:
  • Pisces: "I want to see santa!!"
  • Virgo: "Do you know,It's spring now...??"
  • Pisces: "wAt nO I lOvE $aNta!! AnD WhAtEvEr What u SayiD !!! If you hate him it doesn't matter for me!!" *go away*
  • Virgo:
  • Virgo: what did I hear now

February’s Featured Game: Aria’s Story

GENRE: Horror, Puzzle, Exploration
WARNINGS:  Blood, minor jumpscares
SUMMARY: Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and always spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out… In that moment she becomes the protagonist of her own story.

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Feed the Belly

Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re pregnant and Dean’s being super caring. Sadly, this also means he’s cooking healthy, nutritious food for you and the baby. All the healthy food, for months. Until you’ve had enough. 

Word Count: 1100+

Munch. Munch. Munch.

You were stuffing your face with cookies, and ice cream, and pizza. Yes, all three of those. Yes, at the same time.

Sure, a few months ago you would have judged something like this as disgusting, super unhealthy, a great recipe for a heart disease… But, after countless weeks of kale, cabbage, spinach, carrots, lean meat, and lentils… you just didn’t care anymore. You wanted all the junk food, now.

The pregnancy book was staring at you from the table, and you stared back, glared even as your lips wrapped around a spoon of chocolate ice-cream. Take this, you stupid book.

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ENTP to any Introverted Type

ENTP: *scootches chair over* heyyyyyyy

ENTP: *continues to get closer* heyyyyyyYYYY

Ixxx: ….

ENTP: Why you no talk to me

Ixxx: ….

ENTP: hey

Ixxx: ….

ENTP: Well imma keep talking until you say something


ENTP: You ever heard about the theory that we can’t understand other dimensions simply because we haven’t send them? Like, if we saw the fourth dimension, we could probably understand all dimensions! I mean it’s kinda hard to fathom, but-

Ixxx: *is more intensely quiet*

ENTP: Did you hear about that time that someone dared me to lick peanut butter off of my friend’s sock?

Ixxx: ….

ENTP: What type of music do you like????? I honestly prefer-

Ixxx: *slight stare*

ENTP: K, well what do you do in your free time??

Ixxx: …. I like to read books.

ENTP: no wAY ME TOO!!!! What type of books do you like?!? Sci-Fi? Fantasy? Romance??

Ixxx: *pulls out book*

ENTP: NO WAY I READ THAT TOO!!!! Such a shame that the main character was so horribly underwritten, I mean, they could’ve done so much more!

Ixxx:…you think so too?

ENTP: Yes!!!! Hey, if you like that book, you should read this one! You can borrow it if you want!

Ixxx: That would be nice. Thanks.

ENTP: No problem! If you ever need a new book, I know how to break into the library so you can read them for free

Ixxx: …isn’t that what libraries do anyway?

ENTP: *whispers*That’s what the government wants you to think….

Ixxx: *smiles slightly at the dork*

Aaaaand that’s how the ENTP makes friends. Annoy them into submission.

The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.

  • Client: Yes, we're just here for the rabies shot.
  • Me: Ok. Everything looks great on exam, let's get the vaccine and then you can go.
  • Client: Oh. Can you cut her nails?
  • Me: Sure. We can do that.
  • Client: What about the vomiting?
  • Me: I'm sorry?
  • Client: She vomits. Every day at least 3 times.
  • Me: oh, you didn't mention that-
  • Client: Also she's itchy. She scratches her ears all the time. I think she has a food allergy because she gets hives after she eats.
  • Me: We definitely need to address those things. Let's book you a longer appointment slot because-
  • Client: Were getting a new puppy so actually we need all of her vaccines done. I can't come back, the puppy flies in tomorrow. I need it now.
  • Me: There is no way we can address everything today, I'm sorry. And if she's ill we shouldn't vaccinate her.
  • Client: Doesn't matter. I have to pick my son up from lacrosse in 10 minutes so we'll just have to come back. So we didn't really do anything today so it's no charge?
Visualization in Witchcraft: The Basics

I’ve gotten many, many requests for more information for beginning witches or those who are just curious, and I’ve decided it’s time I start writing and posting such things more often. This article will be (one of) the first in a series where I’ll talk about common beginner issues an techniques for those just starting out, skills that I personally found useful early on, and anything else that comes up. My plan is mostly to write based on questions I receive, and address topics as needed. Here we go.

Today, I’ll be writing about visualization, and I’ll just be explaining the basics as I see them. I recently got a message from someone interested in studying witchcraft who was concerned about how to begin practicing without having to buy things. This is a common sentiment, and I get questions about it a lot. There’s not too many authors who address it, except in passing. The books that do talk about practicing witchcraft without tools often suggest learning to astrally project and creating a sort of sacred space in the astral realm containing all the tools you might need. This never seemed practical to me, as many people who are just starting out won’t necessarily be able to fully project, and heck, even many experienced witches never quite pick up the skill. 

A far better approach than trying to astrally project right away would be to study visualization and develop it as a skill. Visualization is the art of manipulating your own imagination in order to create vivid experiences within your own mind. This practice sharpens your intuition and magical acuity. Even many rituals and spells in books (with or without suggesting tools) will call for the witch to visualize, though they may not call it that, and sometimes say “imagine” instead. 

It’s perhaps best explained by way of examples, and can take many forms with varying levels of complexity. Sometimes, you might want to visualize something as existing within your physical space. In other words, you would want to strongly imagine it appearing to you as if it were physically in front of you. In one particular ritual I used to perform regularly (it was for banishing), part of it entailed my strongly imagining a pentagram in a particular color left in the wake of my ritual actions. That’s a form of visualization. This may sound like a simple thing, but it does take practice. 

After a while, though, I got to the point where yes, I could “see” the pentagrams surrounding me in the ritual, though I knew it was actually a visualization sprung from my imagination rather than a physical object hanging in the air. Techniques like that are pretty common, and they aren’t a new thing - books written in the Victorian era and earlier will often recommend doing this, though the word visualization itself wasn’t often used. 

Many witches and magicians incorporate visualization into simple symbol and sigil magick. In the image below, I’ve listed the planetary symbols and associated colors. While many people, when working with symbols, would assume they’d need to carve, draw, or sketch the symbol on a physical talisman or something similar, there are other ways.

One technique using visualization would be to trace the symbol in the air with your finger. You would visualize light in a particular color (of your choice, or relevant in some way) flowing from your fingertips and forming the symbol hanging in the air. The length of time you’ll be able to visualize will likely vary based on how long you’ve practiced, as well as whether there’s anything breaking your concentration. In some settings, I can only “hold” the symbol in my mind for a few seconds before it’s interrupted by something in my environment. Conversely, I can think of a ritual I recently did with a partner that involved visualizing symbols. We did this in a quiet room and with much mental preparation, so I was able to “see” the symbols for much longer than in other situations.

All of that, of course, is going to be done with your eyes open, visualizing objects in your physical space. Things can get pretty interesting if you close your eyes, though! Obviously, you wouldn’t be moving around doing a ritual with closed eyes, but it’s possible to work magick while sitting (or even lying down!) with your eyes closed performing an intense visualization. Some people find this easier than open eye visualization, but for others, it’s the reverse. It just depends on the person.

One mistake I made when learning this type of visualization was trying to make my visuals too complex too quickly, not realizing that these things take time, and complicated, immersive scenes are something that has to develop slowly. One way of beginning is to start with, again, symbols, visualizing them projected on the back of your eyelids. 

Simple shapes, like line drawings, are great to begin with, too. Slowly add color and depth, and eventually you’ll be able to build a proper scene inside your mind. This could consist of imagining the workspace you’ve always dreamed of with everything you would need for any kind of spell, but for many witches, the visualization is the spell itself. I find that method more productive than just imagining tools. Experimentation is key, and you’ll find something that works for you, but one common method of using visualization in spellwork would be to visualize the goal of the spell manifesting in an efficacious manner. For example, if I were visualizing as part of a spell to help a friend’s wedding go smoothly with no mishaps or delays, I would visualize exactly that happening.

There is, naturally, a strong connection between visualization and scrying, and usually improving your skills in one will improve your skills in the other. In the image below, I discuss how scrying can often be much more than just seeing images, and that is true of visualization as well - you can experience any sensation or impression via visualization, be it auditory, visual, olfactory, or really anything else.

Hand to Hand Destiel

//anonymous asked:
Sorry about your leviathan situation. :< (ik the feel) Maybe you could write some fluffy blushy awkward hand holding destiel? WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER MAN *hugs*

about: Just a short, fluffly fluff fic about Cas asking to hold hands with Dean for the first time.


Cas and Dean had been officially together for about a year now. Even though everyone knew they already had fallen madly for one another since they first saw each other and Cas had gotten Dean out of Hell, giving him the hand print. Now that the rest of the world went “finally!” when the hunter and angel announced they are together. The two could finally at least have one good thing happen in their lives. The problem was that now they could finally show their feelings for each other in public and in private, it was almost like they didn’t know how after so long of denying themselves both the greatest of pleasures when it comes to having a lover but even more importantly, the simplest of pleasures.

Dean was walking around the library, looking for new books, when out of nowhere, Cas popped up behind Dean, almost causing him to knock over the bookshelf.

“ Whoa! Jesus, Cas! You almost scared the living day lights out of me.”

Cas tilted his head and Dean knew that his little angel was confused.

“ Not literally, Cas.”


A nearby librarian shushed them as Cas whispered softly, earning a glare from her. Dean chuckled then raised his brow at Castiel.

“ So, did you find any new books for the case?”

“ Yes, but that is not what I came over here for.”

“ Then what do you need?”

Cas open and closed his mouth a few times, squinting his eyes as he tried to think of how to explain this to Dean.

“ I wish to do the thing couples do when they are together, to show affection. Skin,on skin contact”

Dean blushed lightly,making his light freckles pop out slightly more as he looked around, making sure no one else heard that.

“ C-Cas, can you at least wait till we get back to the bunker? I mean I want to do that too but we have research to do. “

“ No Dean. I want it now, please. I know we have never done it but as seeing we are now bonded I think it is very much acceptable to do this act in public and in private.”

“ P-Public!?”

“ Shhh!” The librarian said

Dean lowered his voice, running his hand through his short, dirty blonde hair.

“ Man ,Cas, never took you for the kind that could get off in public. I guess you learn something new everyday.”

Cas tilted his head in confusion then he stared blankly at Dean, his tan face slowly becoming a very red shade when he realized what Dean thought he was implying. Cas shook his head then cleared his throat. Making Dean smirk lightly.

“ Dean, I think you don’t understand what I meant. I wish to hold the hands.”

Dean blinked, staring at cas then couldn’t help but laugh as quietly as he could, covering his mouth so that he didn’t make the already mad librarian at more pissed off at them.

“ Cas, I love you honey. You crack me.”

Dean smiled then slowly reached for Castiel’s hand. They slowly intertwined their hands and they both felt their face’s heat up and their heart’s beat fast. Cas smiled wide then leaned up slightly and kissed Dean’s cheek.

“ Thank you Dean.”

“ No problem my Honeybee.”

Dean and Cas spent the rest of the day holding hands in the library. They of course got a few looks from people and a few mumbles but Dean would just shoot them a glare and Cas would gently nuzzle Dean’s shoulder every time. As the two sat across from each other, their arms out stretched so they could continue to hold hands. Dean smiled and looked at cas shyly.

“ T-This is really nice. We need to do this more often.”

Cas only smiled lovingly at Dean and nodded then gently moved Dean’s hand to his lips, kissing the knuckles softly.

// this was so fun and cute to write. <3 so sorry it’s so short. I hope this ok anon!! 

also, thank you everyone for the wonderful requests! I finished them all!

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clemencynothersmallmercies  asked:

dear ana, do you have any podcasts, books, fanfics, poetics, etc to rec in spanish? i need to like immerse myself during the next two weeks (i'm messaging you because other people might appreciate the recs)

Hi! Sorry this took a thousand years, I didn’t have access to a laptop. Yes! I have recs. Buckle up. 


I don’t follow a lot of podcasts in Spanish, but I’ll include here some I’ve heard of or I know:

  • Discos y palos: hockey podcast in Spanish. Fairly new, but pretty consistent in their posting. I don’t always agree with their opinions, but they generally know what they are talking about :)
  • Twin Peaks: Los archivos del agente Cooper: If you like Twin Peaks, these people watched every episode and talked about it.
  • HistoCast: Haven’t listened, but sounds cool. It’s about history, but without trying to be pretentious and stuff.
  • La cabina azul: Doctor Who podcast recorded in my city. Haven’t listened yet.
  • La órbita de Endor: Super nerdy podcast. They discuss comic, films, etc. Haven’t listened yet.
  • Carne cruda: Satirical program where they discuss current affairs.Have only listened to a few of them.



  • 5 Elementos: Webcomic I’ve been following since the beginning. It happens in a world where each person can control and element, some years after a big war that changed the whole world. I seriously love it.
  • El vosque: I haven’t read yet, but I seriously want to. Fantasy comic, with a Terry Pratchett vibe.
  • Check, Please!: Of course, you can always read my own translaton of Check, Please! :)


I read close to no fanfiction in Spanish anymore? But I can rec some stuff written by friends or translated by me :)


Aaand that’s it? Let me know if you want anything else and, of couse, anyone feel free to add to this list to help my friend Clémence work on her Spanish! :)) (from other varieties of Spanish too, since these are all from Spain).

a-court-of-throne-of-glass  asked:

Nessian + "Could you just wait? Please just hold on a second!" (I'm going to keep sending these until it gets annoying also side note all of the prompts I'm sending seem to be very angsty. Hush, it's fine)

I live for the angst my friend, no worries. By the way, I LOVED THIS ONE.


“Illyrian Publishing, how can I help you?”

Nesta rolled her eyes at her own chipper voice, trying to pay attention to the person on the other end of the line.

“I’m sorry ma'am, Spring Court Publishing is no longer in this building … Well Illyrian Publishing bought them out … Yes ma'am.”

Nesta leaned back in her chair and sent a prayer up to whatever deity was listening to save her from this stupid job. It was her first day and this was her eleventh call from someone asking her for Spring Court Publishing.

Did no one read the papers anymore? Illyrian Publishing had bought them out two months ago after a huge scandal between the CEO and some government official.

Which was how Nesta ended up there working as a damn assistant when she had a degree in English.

“Just work your way up to the top, Nesta. They have positions opening all the time, but you have to start somewhere,” her sister Feyre had said.

Feyre’s boyfriend Rhys was best buds with the CEO of Illyrian Publishing, Cassidy, Chase, Connor… some name that started with a C, Nesta really didn’t care. Well when Rhys heard they needed a new assistant because the other one, some girl named Ianthe, got a little handsy with the other employees, Feyre insisted she apply for the position.

So here she was listening to some woman rant about how Spring Court Publishing published some of her favorite author’s books and Illyrian better do the same or she’ll file a complaint and blah blah blah.

“Yes ma'am, I understand … No ma'am, we haven’t gotten rid of any of the authors previously taken care of by Spring Court.”

“Excuse me,” a male voice spoke suddenly over Nesta’s shoulder.“

“Gimme one second,” she told them without turning in her chair. “No ma'am, I can’t give you any information on when that particular author’s next book will come out … Well quite frankly ma'am I highly doubt Spring Court Publishing ever gave out that information either.”

“Excuse me,” the voice repeated.

“Could you just wait? Please just hold on a second,” Nesta snapped back at them, her temper rising. “Ma'am you are not entitled to any of that information but I’m sure if you … Well you know what name-calling isn’t going to get you anywhere!”

The person behind her laughed lowly and she growled at them without turning.

“Look ma'am,” Nesta all but shouted into her headset, “You aren’t going to bully me into finding you any information about when your next werewolf erotica book is coming out, so either send an email to your author specifically or learn to wait, but don’t call back! Thank you, have a nice damn day!”

Nesta ripped her headset off and slammed it down on the desk before putting her head in her hands and groaning.

“Well it looks like you’re having a great first day,” the male voice spoke up again.

Nesta lifted her head and swiveled slowly in her chair with an expression that any sane person would be running away from.

“Can I help you?” She spat, briefly noting that the man leaning casually against her desk was handsome as hell with deep golden brown skin and wavy brown hair that reached the nape of his neck. He was dressed nicely in slacks and a button up with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. His eyes were hazel and bright, matching his shit-eating grin.

“I just wanted to come and say hello,” he said brightly, obviously amused by her annoyance. “I heard it was your first day and thought I’d meet the new girl. The new, very beautiful girl, might I add.”

Nesta’s bitch face did not waver.

“Hi,” she deadpanned.

The stranger only grinned wider.

“So I take it your calls have been less than exciting so far.”

“Wow you’re really observant. You should become a detective.”

“Nah.” He shook his head. “I’ve got the best job in the world.”

“Well lucky you,” she mumbled. “It must be nice to get a degree and actually work in the job you want.”

“Oooo,” he sing-songed. “Do I detect some bitterness?”

Nesta only rolled her eyes.

“So I take it you haven’t dreamed of being a desk secretary all your life.”

“No. I want to write. And edit. And actually have a real job at this damn company but noooo, Feyre says I have to work my way up from the bottom. I had a perfect 4.0 GPA and now I’m at this damn desk answering calls from stupid people and I have to pretend to be chipper all the freaking time!”

Nesta only realized her voice had escalated when she felt everyone’s eyes on her in the lobby. She gulped, only to look back up at the stranger and see him still smiling down at her as if she were the best thing he’d ever seen.

“You know you and Feyre don’t resemble each other all that much,” was all he said.

Nesta blanched.

“You know Feyre?”

“Oh yeah. She’s dating my idiot best friend for some reason.”

Nesta just looked up at him, her eyes widening as the puzzle pieces slowly slipped into place. If he knew Rhys and Feyre, and Rhys said his friend was the CEO of Illyrian Publishing and hence how she got this job, then…

“Oh fuck me.”

“I’d love to. But let me introduce myself first. I’m Cassian.”

Dear journal,

Today I did nothing special. I worked down in the book shop while him and Teddy were working on their motorbikes. Every now and them, between placing two books, I would look throught the window and look at my two boys. Sirius was pointing parts of the bikes while Teddy listened to him carefully. I was waiting for a book delivery today. It was the new chapter of this popular serie that every teenager loved. I was putting price stickers on the back of a few books when a young man in his twenties came in, wearing a post uniform.

“Hi! Are you M. Lupin?” He asked.

“Yes that’s me. Is this my new book delivery?”

“It is! I just need you to sign here… and on there.” The man said, leaving the box on the counter and showing me a paper.

I quickly signed and the man looked down blushing.

“Is this your own book shop?” He asked.

“It is. I started it a few years ago and since then people around here love it!” I said.

“This is great! Are you hum.. doing all this alone?”

“Yes. Even though I get a lot of help from my son and my husband but you could call it a family business!”

“Oh right.. You have a husband.. I was about to ask you out.” The man blushed, chuckling from embarassement.

“Oh.. I’m sorry.” I said, not really knowing what to say.

“It’s okay.. Well i’m glad you have a family that loves you. I have to go and deliver other stuff but it was nice meeting you.” He smiled.

“You too. Have a good day.” I said, trying to make him less sad.

“Thank you.” He smiled, leaving my store.

A few minutes later, 3 teenagers walked in, asking for the new chapter I just recieved. I loved giving books to kids so I could share my passion with them. When I was closing the shop, Sirius walked in and hugged me from behind.

“How was today?” He asked.

“Oh it was good. Sold a few books and got the delivery I was waiting for. And the delivery man flirted with me!” I giggled.


I looked at him weirdely, wondering why he had such a reaction.

“Not that i’m suprised, I just want you all for myself.. I don’t want other man flirting with you!” He said, hugging me thighter.

“You’re so cute when you’re jealous!” I laughed.

“Me? Jealous? Pfff! I just want you all to myself s'all..” He laughed too, kissing my neck.

“Dads? Can we order some pizza?” Teddy asked, from upstairs.

“Oh Yes! I need some pizza after this long day of mechanics!” Sirius said, taking bridal style and carying me to the sofa upstairs to cuddle me.

We had a movie night with pizza and cuddling. My favorite kind of nights.

June 24th 2014

anonymous asked:

Could you do one where The reader is in a bookstore or something and dan sees her and trys to get a convo started with her but isn't really good at it because he's distracted by her cuteness

Dan walked into his favourite bookstore, closing the door behind him and lowering his umbrella. As usual, it was raining in London, and he was happy to find some shelter. He put his umbrella in the assigned area near the door and ran a hand through his hair, hoping it didn’t look too ridiculous from all the moisture in the air. He took a deep breath and enjoyed the lovely scent that always floated around the store and made him feel instantly more relaxed. He walked down the three small steps into the main area and greeted the cashier, a 40-something woman he’d gotten acquainted with over the many months he’d been coming here. He knew the bookstore like the back of his hand and knew exactly where he wanted to go, walking straight to the fantasy corner. He let his fingers run past the back of the books on the shelf until the touched one he hadn’t seen before. He reached to grab it when at that moment another hand reached out for the same book. He let out a soft yelp as he had pretty much gotten jump scared by this sudden hand, and took a few steps back to look at the figure next to him. To his surprise, it was a girl, and a very beautiful one at that. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She said to him, pulling her hand back. Dan felt a blush creep onto his cheeks and he waved her apology off. “Oh no, no need to be sorry, I was not paying attention. We were reaching for the same book huh?” Dan said, taking it from the shelf and handing it to her. “I guess so, yes. It wasn’t here yet when I stopped by last week.” The girl said, stroking the cover with her fingers the way Dan always did when he encountered a new book. “Do you come here often?” She asked, glistening eyes looking up at him, making him blush even more than he already was. “Yeah, I eh… I try. Every Thursday.” Dan nodded, leaning against the shelving unit in an attempt to look cool and relaxed. Judging by her soft giggling, it probably wasn’t as cool as he thought it was. “I come here every Tuesday. Must be why I hadn’t seen you here before. I surely would have remembered you.” The girl said, and she winked at him. Winked. Oh god. Dan felt he started to sweat out from the sudden nerves and he scratched himself on the neck.

“I eh, yeah, I’m sure I would have remembered you as well.” Dan said, nodding to himself, raising his eyebrows as if to say ‘for sure’. The girl chuckled and looked down at the book again, handing it over to him. “You were first I guess, I’ll ask Marlene if she order another one.” She said, giving him another smile and she started to walk towards the cashier. Dan panicked, he wanted the book but he also wanted to know this girl’s name. “No wait, you can have it!” Dan said, quickly running after her and he stopped her in his tracks. “What’s your name?” He asked. “Y/N. What’s yours?” The girl asked, tilting her head to the side slightly. “Dan.” He answered, reaching out his hand and when she took it, he shook her hand. “I’ll buy it for you.” Dan said, a bit surprised by his own offer, and Y/N seemed to be as well. “That’s really nice but I don’t really feel comfortable with a stranger buying me a book.” She said, and as he handed her the book she put it on the counter. “But you can buy me a coffee sometime.” She told him, paying for the book and picked up the bag the cashier had put it in. She took out a pen and wrote her name and number down on the receipt, handing it to him. “I have to rush, but call me, okay?” She smiled at him, saying goodbye to Marlene before leaving the shop, leaving Dan by himself. He looked down at the receipt, noticed she dotted her i’s with hearts, and realized that he was never ever going to throw that receipt away.

Permission Not to Write

There are times when you have nothing to say. You’ve just finished a big project or you’re smarting from a series of rejections. You’ve run dry and that’s perfectly normal. This is your permission not to write anything for a while. It’s also a reminder that you shouldn’t panic if you feel like this goes on for “too long.” Other people may need less time than you do to process. You shouldn’t be looking around, watching other people to determine how much time you need to fill up the creative well again.

If you’ve been doing it right, you should feel like you put everything of yourself into your last book or project. You should feel like you want to hide yourself because you’ve revealed so much. You may feel like you’ve given everything to the project and you’re going to have to reinvent yourself before you have anything new to write. This is all normal and good.

Yes, there are writers who never take a day off. Yes, there are writers who manage to write six books every year. Yes, there are writers who seem to publish like clockwork, never skipping a beat.

There are also wonderful writers who need ten years between books. There are writers who write a book a year for twenty years and then suddenly face a dry spell and don’t know how to deal with it because it never happened before. I imagine most of us fall somewhere in between.

Your editor or agent may try to pressure you to produce something new, but if they’re good, they probably won’t do this. They’ve seen lots of writers who experience lots of reactions to publication. Even if you have a contract for your next book, the best thing to do is to let your heart decide when to start writing again.

The truth is that creativity isn’t a widget. As much as our capitalistic world wants to pretend that it is, a book isn’t a commodity in the way that other things are. For one thing, if a book from author A isn’t available, you can’t just easily replace it with a book from author B. Your fans will be waiting for you.

You can’t pressure your creativity into producing the next great book. You can nudge it and maybe you can learn some tricks to get it going again, but it’s also all right to just say no. You have permission not to write from me. I’ll give you a certificate if you like, and you can hang it on your wall.

anonymous asked:

Oh oh oh how about a scenario where team 7 spies on a training session between kakashi and his s/o and discovers they're together and confront them about it? I think that'd be super cute ^.^

Absolutely! <3

Team 7 Discovering that Kakashi and His S/O are Together

“Ever notice that Kakashi cuts our missions really short?” Sakura asked.

“Hn.” Sasuke grunted. Sasuke was uninterested in Kakashi’s own personal affairs, but even he knew that is was suspicious that their lessons and missions weren’t as long as they should have been.

“I wonder what he does after that….” Naruto thought. His imagination didn’t go any further than thinking of Kakashi sensei looking at those pervy books, but that’s what he was placing whatever money he had on.

“You really need to wonder? He probably just reads those books.” Sakura voiced his thoughts.

“I don’t know. He might be doing something else.” Sasuke was skeptical as he voiced what he thought his sensei was doing. “Probably buying those books.”

“Did you wanna spy on him?” Sakura asked the two boys. If they could pinpoint the reason why Kakashi sensei was always leaving early, it would open a whole new avenue for them to tease him.

“Yes.” Both Naruto and Sasuke responded.

They walked around the village, tearing Naruto away from Ichiraku Ramen and Sakura from the clothing store. The little baked goods shops were testing even Sasuke’s resolve on this mission of sorts. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d be spying on their sensei, but they agreed it wouldn’t be the last.

“Ugh!” Naruto threw his hands up in the air, fed up and frustrated. “There’s no point! We-”

“Oh, wow…” Teal eyes were glued on the training field.

____ landed on their back, feeling Kakashi’s weight against them. Both adults were gasping for air. That sparring match took more than a little bit out of them. Kakashi’s hands wrapped around ____’s wrists, his knees pushing into the dirt next to their hips. Heated breaths exchanged as Kakashi spoke up.

“About time you gave in.” Kakashi’s headband was slipping off his head. He’d never use his Sharingan against ____. He’d never dream of it.

“Like hell…” ____ gasped, taking in a gulp of air before talking again. “I’d give in. Look. I still have… some fight left in me.” ____ struggled against the former Anbu’s weight, trying to free themselves from his grasp.

Kakashi let out a soft chuckle. “Sure. You’re cute when you try so hard.”

____ bit back a blush and looked away, only to see Team 7 approaching from behind, Naruto and Sakura in the lead. Kakashi followed their gaze and let out a tired sigh, though it wasn’t that hard to do it.

“This is why you cut the missions so early!” Naruto shouted.

“Oh, geez…” Kakashi gasped as he got off of ____, helping them up.

“Wait… ____-sensei? Are you and Kakashi-sensei together?” Sakura asked.

____’s face was still firmly holding the same blush as they looked at Kakashi, searching for an answer.

“Oh, hey!” Kakashi retied his headband, keeping it from falling completely off. “There’s something I need to tell you!”

cdngjndfk-deactivated20170612  asked:

wait what did i miss?? confirmation day p2?

Confirmation Day part 1 is when Darren admitted that he had a gf on the radio for the first time and Chirs held hands with W in Disney in France.

Confirmation Day 2: Chris finally after avoiding it for 4 years, confirmed W as his BF on the Sirius XM interview. He did it in the most akward manner. He said he was a screenwriter despite the fact that up until this, he was known as a Producer.  

This interview was taped the same day as the new pick of M&D kissing.

To be honest, I know people are upset. I actually cannot stop laughing. The PR component to this nonsense has never been more clear or more transparent.

Why is this happening? Multiple reasons,. Yes, Darren has a new band and a new show. Chris has a new book and a new show. So that is partially the issue.

But more, a lot of damage control is needed. Mia has a boyfriend.  He’s impossible to ignore.  And Darren has been acting up over and over and over again. And Chris has failed to sell Chill for quite some time.  So strategies were formulated to try and promote the PR relationships. Likely between teams, as they have been doing for years.

But honestly, what i think is really responsible is called pay out.  2 people have been parading around for years as the SOs.  M has a contract, make no mistake about that.  W likely has been offered similar things, likely he has a contract as well.  This is them making sure to cash in on whatever is owned before the end (whenever that may be, I am certainly not making a prediction).  Mia’s is related to music- that was always the goal.  And do not be shocked if she plays a role in Computer Games.  I fully expect it.  Will I am assuming would like an in into the entertainment industry, i guess now as a screenwriter?

The other thing i think is happening. And something Chris does. A LOT. He is taking some of the burden from Darren. They are in this together. Equally. And in the end, I truly believe Chris wants to shoulder equal blame. Now they both have overtly lied. No one can say one is more to blame. 

And honestly, if you blame one more than the other that is a mistake.  What they have done is a choice they have made to protect each other and their relationship.  Chris would not have played along if he was not completely in love. and Chris has as much to loose as Darren when the truth comes out. To ignore that is a mistake.

PR PR PR. This is nothing more than PR. And anyone who isn’t shaking their head and questing everything is doing themselves a disservice.

“AUideas Top 101 AUs”

In no particular order:

  1. “Hades & Persephone AU”: AU in which Character A is the dark God/dess of the Underworld who falls in love with innocent Spring God/dess Character B. Either Character A kidnaps Character B, or Character B is the willing runaway.
  2. “Dystopia Love AU”: A future time when love is illegal/considered a disease. You can only be with the person assigned to you - but two characters fall in love despite the rules.
  3. ”Old Cold Soul AU”: Character A grew up in an environment where they weren’t offered very much affection as a child and now that they’re older, they have a lot of trouble conveying any emotions outside apathy, sarcasm, and being mildly interested in something. But after befriending Character B, an extremely lovey and affectionate person, Character A begins to fall hard for them. Awkward romance shenanigans ensue as Character A gets flustered over hand holding and hugging because affection is relatively alien to them.
  4. Character A has been given one month to find and kill Character B. Character B, however, falls in love with Character A.
  5. “Listen, I love you and all, but can you please stop hiding all the good junk food on the top shelves where I can’t see them?” AU
  6. “Working in the experimental area of the hospital has its merits - but then again, I’m fairly certain that other departments don’t have random outbreaks of deadly diseases or go into lockdown periodically. Honestly, you don’t know how many book club meetings I’ve had to do over Skype because someone opened a tube of small pox again.” AU
  7. Character A works for an orphanage in the mountains that takes in “abandoned” vampires  – meaning they didn’t have a sire/group of experienced vampires to teach them – and teaches them how to function in society. It’s not easy to help a bunch of fresh vampires dampen their natural, predatory instincts.
  8. “This person’s umbrella on the subway is beeping.” AU (Spy AU)
  9. “I’m a mailman, okay? I deliver goods, like letters, packages, and such, but I never asked for this, okay?! I never asked to deliver what was apparently an assault rifle and then be yanked into an FBI van and questioned for two hours straight. I DEMAND TO CALL MY LAWYER.” AU
  10. “I’m a concerned neighbor, so I of course called the police when I heard muffled gunshots from next door. However, the police didn’t arrive next door - rather, someone arrived at MY door, and they certainly weren’t cops.” AU
  11. “We’re both psychology majors, and it’s great and all that we know everything about the topic, but it would be awesome if you could stop diagnosing me with being a dick - it’s unnecessary and definitely not a legitimate condition.” AU
  12. “You have a weird obsession with peanuts, and I’m hella allergic, but I guess we can make it work, as long and you stay way far on your side of the room and just never breath ever again or I will so punch you.” AU
  13. “It turns out that bath salts really were the trigger for the apocalypse, and of course my boyfriend/girlfriend was the primary dealer. Who knew the Supreme Court would still be in session enough to prosecute them?” AU
  14. “I’m a news reporter who got boarded up at the station with my annoying camera man who I suspect has the hots for me, and we’re stuck here for the foreseeable future; me reporting, and them continually asking if I want another protein bar” AU
  15. After fulfilling their dream to become an astronaut, Character A discovers that space is much louder than they originally intended. The stars and bright and beautiful, but more of all, they are dangerous. AU about star spirits and mischievous space creatures.
  16. “I’ve decided to begin a business of sorts - it’s basically a bar, but with MANY different types of hot chocolate, and without any alcohol (of course there isn’t any alcohol, who do you think I am). It’ll hopefully become a gathering place for those without another place to go on a snowy Tuesday night.” AU
  17. “A war has been occurring at work: tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Everyone has been taking sides, making barricades, hanging tea bags, and overall making a bit of an unpleasant work experience.” AU
  18. AU where your character gets teleported into a book - that they have never read. In fact, they’ve never even heard of it before. As the story progresses, they start to realize that they are stuck in a tragedy in which they are almost certainly going to die.
  19. ”Loop Year AU”: It’s December 31st and Character A is stuck in a time loop. Every night, as people ring in the New Year, Character A races against the clock to find and kiss their soulmate at midnight. If they don’t do it in time, Character A is forced to live the day over again. 
  20. “My philosophy teacher and I have had quite the crush on one another for a while. It’s cliché, yes, I know, but I’m not sure how to handle our relationship now that I know they’ve been murdering all of my exes sequentially because he sees what they did to me as morally wrong and that they need to repent in hell” AU
  21. In a world where books are used to predict people’s futures, Character A reads that they’re never going to be in a relationship because they’re aromantic, which explains an awful lot about their confused teenage years, and decides to become a Book Interpreter, helping other people unveil their futures with the help of books.
  22. “So the sky is still raining fire and meteors, and my laptop is running low on battery, but I wanted to say that I like you, a lot. Even though we haven’t ever talked in real life, if this is the end of the world then I’m really happy that I got to meet you.” AU
  23. Star-Crossed Lovers AU: One character is an angel fallen to Earth, the other a demon rewarded with a life Earth. They find each other and fall in love, only to be taken back to their places in heaven and hell.
  24. “You found me crying in Barnes & Noble and thought that I was reading a sad book so you tried to comfort me but really I was just super happy that the dog didn’t die at the end.” AU
  25. “We’ve both studied martial arts in the past, and although I studied Shaolin Kempo, you clearly think that your Jiu Jitsu training is far above my own, so I can only think of one way to settle this.” AU
  26. ”Blood and Sparkles AU”: Magical universe au where Character A is broke and is trying to make ends meet by working as a secretary for a large company. At night, to feel alive and to make some extra cash, Character A participates in an underground fight club against other magic users/magical creatures.
  27. Magical universe AU where Character A is a witch who bakes tarts and miniature pies that do everything from soothing a child’s persistent cough, to helping boost a student’s memory before a big test.
  28. Character A runs a small, locally owned bookstore and somehow gets their hands on this old, cursed book. Interested, Character A takes it home and begins to read it, unknowing of the book’s power. Character B is a mage in search of the book, and stumbles upon Character A’s bookstore. Though, their first interaction is an odd one, Character B is trying to pry the book from Character A’s hands if it will kill them.
  29. Character A works at a rival coffee shop from Character B and they’re both engaged in a passive-aggressive fight with seeing who can create the best sidewalk sign art outside of their coffee shop.
  30. ”Little Light of Mine AU”: Character A works at a candle shop that specializes in aromatherapy, selling candles that are infused with natural oils to help people sleep/keep from stressing out/focus/relieve pain/kick addictions/have sweet dreams. Across the street, Character B works at a LGBTQ+ Center that uses Character A’s candles in their center so that it has a calming aura to it; they sometimes send people home with small tea candles – free, provided by Character A from leftover candle wax – so that they can light one when they’re feeling overwhelmed.
  31. “My favorite part of the season is taking afternoon strolls down this one scenic road - the same one from when I was a kid. The comforting sun leaks through the interwoven mosaic of warm colors, giving everything a hue of safety and homeliness. The narrow road weaves and turns to the extent that it’s difficult to believe that it’s a two way street, with the occasional car passing slowly to take in the breathtaking sights. Tea in one hand and camera at my waist, I love to simply breathe in my surroundings and the crisp autumn air.”
    1. #1: “Although this has always been a special time for my meditation, I’ve found someone that I truly think is worthy of basking in this golden light with me and sharing this wonderful experience.” AU
    2. #2: “Leaning down to snap of photo of a particularly adorable cluster of mushrooms, I saw a shadow dart between the trees.” AU
    3. #3: “It felt wonderful, just strolling on this narrow pathway, feeling the warmth of the sun and the scratch of my scarf. I closed my eyes for a single moment and smiled, only to wake up in a hospital only seconds later. Terrified and confused, a nurse told me that someone had found me on the side of the road, almost fatally wounded… just left there, in a pool of warmth and crimson.” AU
  32. “Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year; it gives even the most shy of us the opportunity to become someone we aren’t. I can be whoever I want to be, so I became (insert video game / movie / television / book character here), of course. However…this year something has gone wrong. Everyone has become who their costumes are. Most people would think ‘but that’s awesome!’, and that’s where they would be wrong. The ‘cool kids’ always group together and choose a specific idea to surround and, well, have you ever heard of that one movie ‘The Purge?’” AU
  33. Character A is a dragon hunter that’s tracking the few remaining dragons on Earth. Character B is a dragon rider that is trying to help the dragons hide from the hunter and find somewhere safe to live.
  34. “What do you mean my kingdom is in danger? I left it like 2 hours ago. Why do I even have advisers?!” AU
  35. Character A, a witch, left their book of spells on the bus and Character B, a non-magic user, finds it. Character B has to read through the book in order to find hints as to who it belongs to.
    1. Bonus: By the time Character B tracks down Character A to return the book, they’re so fascinated with magic that they ask Character A to be their mentor.
  36. After applying for a new reality TV show, Character A finds themselves involved in a scavenger hunt that takes place across the USA. With a GoPro camera, their dog, and their best friend/sibling/significant other/ext. in the passenger seat, Character A has to take one hell of a road trip for a chance to win 1,000,000 dollars.
  37. Character A doesn’t know how to tell all the people commenting on their “cool design” on their key chain is actually a sigil to help them always remember where they put their keys. Especially that really religious looking person wearing the crucifix and holding a bible who keeps asking where they got it.
  38. ”Trust Me Honey, I’m Lying AU”: Character A is a professional con artist, specializing in tricking rich people to take Character A out for fancy dinners, then Character A leaves the other person with a hefty bill. Character B is Character A’s mousy roommate who would rather spend the day playing MMORPGs games on their laptop than interacting with actual humans. When one of Character A’s plans goes horribly awry, Character B is dragged into Character A’s scheme to make Character C (the heir of a major business and Character A’s latest victim) go on several dates with Character B so that Character A can scam Character C for money…the only problem is that Characters B and C are starting to develop real feelings for each other.
  39. ”Grave dating advise AU”: When Character A moves out of their family’s house and into a small apartment, they realize that the apartment is haunted by Character B, a spirit who, after learning that Character A isn’t going to drive them out – it’s pretty cool to have a ghost for a roommate – finds infinite enjoyment in mapping out Character A’s romance life with Characters C, D, and E. Character C is a psychic who feels the “ghostly energy” clinging to Character A almost immediately. When Character D comes over for Netflix and chill, they promptly begin to freak out because “holy shoot who is that on the recliner watching us???” And Character E thinks it’s pretty neat (only a little bit freaky) that Character A is living with a ghost! Cue long nights of Character A and Character B talking about romance and all of the shenanigans that go along with it.
  40. “I’ve been RP-ing with someone for months and months now without fail, and we’ve created a world that is completely beyond belief. It’s almost…too good to be true? (First Ending: the two RP-ers continue to write back and forth for years and years, developing the most complicated and involved story since The Lord of the Rings. The two decide to meet in person in order to edit and revise, and perhaps discuss publishing. It turns out the two have seen each other many times before but never actually addressed each other.) [Second Ending: one of the two RP-ers turns out to be a witch and throws both themselves and their RP friend into the world they’ve created]” AU
  41. “I’ve accidentally broken both of my wrists after falling down the dorm building stairs, so now I need to have a “partner” from the Aid Club whose purpose is to specifically help kids who accidentally break limbs, have difficulty in class, etc. The only issue is that I can’t…exactly…type. I’m a short story major. What in the name of sanity can I do?? It’s not like I can ask this really nice person to type up my homework of 12 pages a night!!……can I?” AU
  42. “Who says that marching band isn’t a sport? We don’t care about the technicalities - we will call our conductor ‘coach’ for as long as we need to in order to be allowed to have a huge cooler of Gatorade on site.” AU
  43. “Someone set fire to the adjoining room by accident and we’re locked into the practice room without a way to escape - no, dude, we are not like the quartet on the Titanic, now help me open this stupid window…blockhead…” AU
  44. Character A is a tattoo artist with the ability to create tattoos that give the wearer mental comfort – lessened dysphoria, better self-esteem, “full” feeling for OCD urges, peace from anxiety, ext.
  45. “Okay, so every time we go out drinking, there is a designated driver. I know that you’re immediately thinking that that’s ‘so responsible,’ but that’s totally not the case - the general rule is that the youngest had to drive. My group of friends hasn’t added anyone in four years. Do you know how long I’ve been sober. Too long.” AU
  46. When Character A accidentally causes a lemon tree to spring up from their dead fish’s grave, it’s revealed that they’re magical…but sort of in an unconventional way. Character A can do magic, but it requires a freshly dead corpse (mammalian is strongest) in order to create a new life (usually plants).
  47. Character A, Character B, and Character C are a team of demonhunters, trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Together, they kill any demons they can and try to preserve humanity.
  48. “Spontaneous AU”: As their New Year’s resolution, Character A is trying to kick their addiction – to substances, adrenaline, shopping, crime, ect. – and every time they feel the need to indulge again, Character A goes out and buys a house plant. Soon Character A’s apartment is filled with plants and they’ve become close friends with Character B, the gardener who has been selling Character A plants and giving them tips on how to take care of the different types.
  49. Character A is the child of a fisher(wo)man who was lost at sea when Character A was young. Being raised in a lighthouse by their highly superstitious grandparent(s), Character A finds themselves alone one night as a pale lilac fog begins to roll in from the ocean, and something wet, nasty, and abdominal starts to push at the lighthouse’s walls. Character A has gone through this before, but there’s a wailing coming from the water, and it’s telling Character A to come outside. 
  50. “Oh…oh. Yep. You just summoned an Elder God on the football field and to be honest I’m not sure that I can even be mad at you right now because this means that I don’t have to take my AP Calculus final tomorrow.” AU 
  51. ”Lifespan AU”: Magical universe au where Character A is a magic user, but they’ve inherited a family curse that drops time off of Character A’s lifespan whenever they use magic. One day, while walking to their job, Character A watches as Character B accidentally steps out in front of a city bus and Character A, acting on reflex, uses a large amount of magic to save them.Character B is also a magic user and coincidentally, the only one who can break Character A’s family curse, but time is quickly running out for Character A. 
  52. “I’m Blind to the Pain AU”: Character A is blind and has been left behind by their parents and siblings during the zombie apocalypse. Upon waking up, they realize that they’re alone and locked in their room. After turning on the news and hearing reports of the apocalyptic spread of zombies, Character A realizes what’s going on. Hurt, but angry more than anything, they contact friends that live nearby and tell them what’s happening. Once they’re broken out, Character A vows to survive and prove their family wrong. Character A wants to show everyone that just because they’re blind, doesn’t mean they’re helpless or should be left to die.
  53. ”Monster Circus AU”: Character A works for a circus that has been dubbed “The Monster Circus” because how all of the employees dress up in hyper realistic monster costumes…except they’re not costumes. Character B is one of the only humans who works at the circus, and they’re constantly having to work with Character A, a monster, to help keep the circus under control. 
  54. ”Fairy Houses AU”: Character A is a solitary artist who likes to use items from nature – shells, bark, sticks, moss, ext – in order to make their sculptures: outdoor fairy houses. Afraid that people will wreck the small houses, Character A posts pictures online of each house, creating an air of mystery around them. Character B is a jogger who uses running to manage their anger. While exploring a new forest trail, Character B accidentally stumbles across Character A’s secret studio in the woods. Slowly, so as to not ‘spook’ them, Character B starts to bring Character A any pretty leaves/pebbles/flowers/ext. that Character B finds on their run.
  55. “My face was injured some time ago, halting my otherwise lucrative and successful theatre career at a young age. It saddened me to leave the stage so quickly, so I have been partaking in the noble part of techie ever since the accident. However, one of the leads got bronchitis and as they were looking for the perfect replacement at the last minute…unfortunately…someone Googled me.” AU
  56. “We were notorious around the cast for being the Romeo and Juliet of the show; not literally, of course, but we represented the two sides of theatre: those in the lights (the actors) and those in the shadows (techies). We would make out relentlessly in between scenes until my techie kissing buddy would practically push me onstage to do my next scene. When the time arose for someone to take the part of my counterpart due to a problem, there was an almost completely unanimous vote that my Romeo in the Shadows would make the perfect replacement since they already knew the entire show by heart. Plus, well, we had already proven that we could kiss.” AU
  57. ”ERROR 404: LIFE NOT FOUND AU”: Character A is an AI inside of a human shaped robot. Upon wakening, it finds that the factory/bomb shelter/workshop/ext where it was built is in complete ruin. Picking its way around its disassembled and ‘dead’ brethren, Character A finds a note stating that its creators, Characters B and C, had abandoned their life's’ work because all hope in rebuilding Earth was lost. Outside, the modern world has died. The air shimmers from the sun’s intense heat, even after it’s dipped below the horizon, and Character A is left to roam the scorched landscape in hope of finding something, anything, that is still alive. 
  58. Character A is an universe hopper – like a time traveler, but with jumping between universes – and due to a drastic miscalculation, Character A and B (the trusty sidekick) find themselves at the execution of Character C, a royal who has been charged for murder. Thinking fast, Character B declares that they’re a detective who’s been sent to look into Character C’s case. It’s up to Character B and Character A (now taking the reluctant role of sidekick) to help clear Character C’s name and to avoid being executed too. 
  59. ”Beauty in Death AU”: Character A doesn’t think that they’re an attractive person – and maybe they’re not – but to Character B, the literal grim reaper, Character A is one of the most beautiful people that they’ve ever seen. Cue Character B purposely going out of their way to extend Character A’s lifespan and to make Character A’s life a little better for them.
  60. ”Kittens AU”: Characters A, B, and C share an apartment together. One afternoon, Character A finds a cat and its litter of kittens abandoned behind the dumpster. Cue Character A and B being total saps and trying to take care of these cats in their small, shared bathroom, while Character C tries to remind them that animals are totally against the apartment rules.
  61. ”Library!AU”: Character A is a librarian at the library that Character B regularly visits. Character A often leaves silly books (on things like pick-up lines or studies on sex positions) on Character B’s favorite chair while they’re browsing for more books. It’s just Character A’s way of flirting. They never say much about them, but Character B always checks out with Character A. After a couple of weeks, Character A remarks that Character B has an unusual taste in literature, jumping from horror to romance to mystery with no notice. Character B just smiles. The next time Character B comes in, they ask Character A to try to figure out their book pattern, only winking then walking out. Character A studies the list of books that Character B has checked out, and eventually realizes that the first letter of each title spells ‘WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME’. The next day Character B comes to the checkout, looking hopeful, but Character A simply scans their book without saying anything, ripping off their receipt and scribbling on the back. Character B walks out to their car, only to find that the back of the receipt has a restaurant, time, & phone number, with the words ‘don’t be late!’.
  62. Character A takes on a villain and almost fails, only to be saved by an unknown entity (Character B) who also nurses them back to health but respects them enough to both not reveal their identities. During the time that A gets back on their feet, the two have small but fiery interactions. A finally leaves in their civilian form, only to come across a strikingly familiar homeless person (secretly B).
  63. Character A is a superhero who tends to disregard damages done to the city. Character B, however, sees these damages as anything but collateral, as they are the ones that have to handle the insurance. In a fit of rage, B sues A without realizing A’s true identity as their crush, and A too is not able to face their accuser. Everything becomes all too real once their eyes meet in the court room.
  64. Character A works in a café with a co-worker, Character B. A notices that B is constantly itching his collar one day. Curiosity overcomes them and they ask what’s wrong - B must avoid the question at all cost as they don’t want A to know that it’s a new detergent they purchased that seems to irritate their skin…specifically the collar of their hidden super suit.
  65. Character A is a psychologist that has many regular patients, but one has always stood out to him in particular: Character B, who is in reality a super hero.Character A is a tailor who has been having quite an uneventful day until a bag appears on their desk the moment they return with the tag “Please Keep This Secret and Safe - I’ll come back tomorrow to retrieve it with pay…sorry for being so cryptic” They, of course, open said bag and are encountered with the last thing they expect - a super suit.
  66. ”Black Friday, Black Coffee AU”: Character A has been working at a retail store during the night/early morning of Black Friday and is so tired, but they need to stay awake so that they can drive home. Character A stops at Character B’s small coffee shop – which opened early in case people came in at 4am – and Character A accidentally falls asleep in a very comfortable chair while waiting on their coffee. Character B lets them sleep and even gets a blanket out of the back room to cover Character A. 
  67. “The Barista and the Bibliophile AU”: Character A is an employee at a quaint little bookstore in their town. Character B is a barista at the café right next door. Every day, Character A goes to the café right before they start work and during their break. Character B always work at the same time as Character A, so whenever A comes in, it’s B who serves them. Because Character A comes in so regularly and orders the same thing every time, Character B and Character A start to bond. After a while, Character B will have Character A’s order ready before they even enter the café. Once getting their order, Character A will sit at the same table right by the window and pull out a book. Every day, it’s a new one. And each day, Character B will sit down with Character A and take a little break to hear A talk about their latest read.
  68. “As a botanist, you could say that I have a slight obsession with magnificent-looking plants; I know you wanted to go to the movie theater for our first date, but I can assure you that one of the most breathtaking sights you’ll ever see is my home in bloom.” AU
  69. After a freak accident involving a bicycle and a flock of geese, Character A wakes up in the hospital to find that their childhood, imaginary friend – who they stopped believing in ages ago – is their significant other. Everyone can see Character B, the ex-imaginary friend, and keeps telling Character A that the two of them have been dating for a long while now, but that doesn’t explain what happened to Character C, Character A’s real significant other before the accident.
  70. ”The Sound of Your Voice AU”: Character A has a hard time with reading – because of their dyslexia/visual impairment/ADHD/etc. – and asks if Character B would mind reading Character A’s assignments aloud to them since Character B has a really, really nice voice.
  71. “”its the sleeping hour” AU”: Character A lives a few time zones away from Character B and is notorious for staying up later than they are supposed to. In order to make sure Character A gets enough sleep, Character B always messages them “its the sleeping hour” at midnight every night in the hope that Character A will take better care of themself. Possible Ways to Continue: 1.) An accident causes a lack of messages from Character B, causing Character A to panic and become more insomnia-ridden than ever, 2.) Romance ensues, 3.) Character B always tells Character A to go to bed, only to stay up with them because they enjoy the other’s company so much.
  72. “These are my final words of warning to all other illegal hackers before whoever is outside my apartment door breaks their way in and drags me off.” AU 
  73. One-shot story telling how Character A’s marching band went to the 24-hour Wal-Mart after a competition and how Character B almost got left behind because they fell asleep on a display chair, and how Character C bought the drum line a jug of chocolate milk, and how Character D was that one kid who bought all the half-priced doughnuts and only shared them with the flutes…ext.
  74. ”Survivors AU”: Zombie apocalypse au where Characters A, B, C, and D have formed a small group together and are slowly trying to make their way to a safer home. Everything is going okay, until Character C begins to note that the group is being followed by one very stubborn zombie. 
  75. ”Strike Me Down AU”: Character A is caught in a rogue thunderstorm and is struck by lightning. In a final attempt to save themself, they call 911 and are found by the first paramedic to make it on the scene, Character B. The bolt leaves Character A with an incredibly intricate scar running down their shoulder, to their arm, back, and side of their neck. Characters A & B keep in touch after Character A pulls through, but both are astonished to find that Character B has scars slowly appearing precisely the same pattern as Character A but on the opposite side of their body.
  76. Characters A and B rented an apartment across the hall from Characters C and D. Through a series of miscellaneous and hilarious antics, most of which involve cooking food, the four of them begin to intermingle in the others’ lives, somehow making a family out of their mess.
  77. ”Roommate AU”: As a chance to break out of their social bubble, Character A decided to go with a potluck roommate for their freshman year of college. At first, Character A feels like they got the cream of the crop with Character B as a roommate, but everything starts to change after their third month rooming together. Character A could have handled Character B coming back from parties at weird hours of the night, but when Character B starts developing strange habits - anxiety around mirrors, eating a lot of raw sushi, sleepwalking, keeping their nails short, ext - Character A starts to wonder if there isn’t something more supernatural to their potluck roommate.
  78. ”Being Tailed AU”: Character A is going to a local tailor / seamstress to get their suit / dress tailored to their specific measurements since it seems that it isn’t fitting quite right. They meet the store’s expert, Character B, and begin getting their measurements done until they feel a pin prick the side of their neck. Soon after they collapse and Character B, someone who actually followed them there and posed as the tailor, takes them away.
  79. Character A is a ghost who haunts the dorms at Character B’s college. Not insanely happy that they’re rooted to a college dorm for the rest of their spirit’s existence, but Character A enjoys the shenanigans and always makes sure that everyone in Character B’s dorm is doing okay. 
  80. ”The Dragon Child AU”: Character A is something of an abnormality, even in a world of magic. Hatched from a stone egg – typical of magical lizards – Character A is half-human and half-dragon, with sharp teeth, membrane thin wings for arms, and fiery red eyes. After overhearing news that a dragon had been spotted flying over a town/village/city/metropolis/ext. Character A thinks that by meeting a real dragon, they may find something about themselves, maybe having a chance to meet others like them. With Character B, Character A’s childhood friend who has a ‘knack’ for telling the future, and Character C, a thief who’s running from the law, Character A sets off to find out who they really are, where they came from, and if they’re alone in the world. 
  81. Time travel has been invented, and to be able to do so, characters must get a time visa, a glowing tattoo that eventually expires. Each time they travel to a different time, the visa will take something from the characters.. (Personally, I used part of the soul.) When your visa expires, the warm yellow glow becomes a harsh red tint. They can be jailed for continuing to travel without renewing visas.
  82. “I voice act for a Video Game company, and one of their newest and most raved-about RP games will be released in about a month or so, and we only finished about half of my script before I came down with a severe case of bronchitis that disallowed me from continuing. There is one other option that would save the game and the company, but I really don’t know if I’m strong enough in every way to contact my identical twin to ask for help - especially after what happened.” AU
  83. Character A goes to the local technology store to get a new phone, only to walk out finding that they already have a number of texts from an unknown number, consisting of nonsensical series of numbers. Frightened, they reenter the store and ask the attendant who had helped them load the phone, Character B, for help. B is surprised, as the number was brand new and should not be available. The two attempt to find what the numbers mean.
  84. This is a classic coffeeshop story: Character A is a barista in a café, while Character B is the smitten customer who is thrilled that they were lucky enough to get Character A’s phone number written on their coffee cup. Later that evening, they waited for Character A to answer their phone in anticipation, only to be greeted by a… sex hotline? (Character A could either be wanting to mess with Character B or Character A legitimately works for the hotline to get some extra cash)
  85. “Home Is Where I’m With You AU”: When Character A’s spouse files for a divorce, they suddenly find themselves struggling to keep their family of three financially afloat as a single parent. It’s not long before Character A has to move to smaller, more affordable housing, which is where they meet their neighbor, Character B, who is also single parent. Soon, Character A’s kids start referring to Character B as their “other parent,” and their kid(s) as their “sibling(s).” As Character A and Character B’s kids grow closer, so do they. Between picking the three kids up from school, to taking the other’s child to ballet/soccer/sports practice, something like romance begins to form.
  86. ”Herbs and Sigils AU”: Character A is a witch who has recently moved from the countryside – where they were able to collect most of their ingredients from nature – to the bustling city. Character A has to adjust to finding somewhere that sells sage, thorns, and hemlock. (Hint: it’s a lot harder than you would think.) Character B is a small business owner that’s runs a struggling apothecary next to a coffee shop, which is run by the charismatic and flirty Character C. At this coffee shop, Character C runs their store like a typical coffee place with add-ins like espresso shots or caramel syrup, but after meeting Character B and becoming business partners – better servicing the magical community = $$$ – Character C has started to offer add-ins like confidence, charisma, or intelligence. While Character A adjusts to their new life in the city, Character B and Character C take it upon themselves to start teaching Character A about how to not seem like a wide-eyed tourist; Characters A and B try to teach Character C more about the magic using community. 
  87. “In our world, people who lie are few and far between. Because we are so technologically advanced, we have a way of tracking those who do: through brands. With each lie told, a single brand is scorched onto every pant leg a person owns, giving them the name of ‘Burnt Prides.’ The fewer brands, the more revered you are…almost as if you’re a virgin. If you’re covered in brands…the more feared you are, and the more wanted you are by the authorities” AU
  88. ”Across Oceans AU”: In high school, Character A set a goal for themselves to become fluent in another language after a relative of theirs comment about how “American children are too dumb to learn another language.” In Character A’s third year of foreign language classes, they’re paired up with an overseas pen pal, Character B. Now, after talking over Skype, email, and traditional letters for years, Character A has saved up enough money to spend a month in Character B’s country while they act as their tour guide to Character A. Shenanigans ensue. 
  89. “Not Quite Imaginary AU”: Characters A and B are twins who were involved in an accident that left Character A with limited use of their voice/hands/feet/eyes/ext and without their other sibling. To deal with the loss, Character A ‘fabricates’ another version of their sibling as an imaginary friend; however, as they grow older, Character A realizes that this imaginary sibling isn’t going away with age, and will often act on it’s own accord, almost like a ghost. Through the story, Character A is constantly caught wondering if Character B simply something that they made up as a kid to deal with grief, or if Character A is really being haunted by the ghost of their deceased sibling. 
  90. ”Fault in the Dark AU”: Character A tries to fix the television but accidentally short circuits the entire neighborhood - left in the dark, they and Character B must try and find a few flashlights and candles, all while stumbling around the house (future blanket fort / pillow fort optional).
  91. ”Eradicated AU”: Character A trained at an Academy for the Gifted from a young age, where they were eventually admitted to a program exclusive to Future Hired Assassins. After a few years in the business, they are confronted by the government who threaten them with a death sentence unless they kill one last person (Character B) that would in turn absolve them of any previous crimes they committed. Character B is the unfortunate civilian who is mistaken for a criminal mastermind planning to dismantle sectors of the military, leading to the demise of many. Character A has no idea that Character B is innocent.
  92. ”Living Shadows AU”: Character A lives in a world in which shadows are these beasts that threaten the lives of every human, they kill off by injecting venom into humans that either ends in a terrible death, or resulting into them turning into a shadow themselves. A has been selected to this program that has recently started know as “Shadow Hunter,” where certain humans are sent off based on traits they show to fight the shadows. A meets Character B, and they become a shadow hunting duo. The best of the best, they think they can never be toppled from their point at the top. What will happen when the shadows learn their tricks? (Bonus points if: A/B gets injected with venom, slowly starts turning into a shadow. The other must kill them off.)
  93. “There’s an old legend in the circus industry of how putting your heart and soul truly into the show would bring it incredible success…who knew that this group would take it so literally.” AU
  94. ”Dry Roses AU”: Character A doesn’t have what you would call a ‘normal job.’ Because they were kicked out of their house at the age of 16, they have had to find a way to live and survive in the streets of Savannah, GA. The city has been forgiving in some aspects, allowing them to sell their own goods in more than one busy location for pedestrians. One day, they are selling and folding palm leaf roses by the shoreline early in the morning, when Character B finds them, looking very tired, and asks them for a rose. A offers them a deal: either they can have their rose right now for the regular price, or they can come back in exactly 13 minutes with a coffee and five dollars for something very special. B, suspicious but willing to play along, returns, coffee and bill in hand, only to find a large bouquet of palm leaf roses exactly where B was seated with the note “please find me again.” Recommended sad ending: A and B date for a while until one day B is hit by a bus, leaving A alone in their life. A’s palm leaf roses always cover B’s grave completely, never wilting, never dying.
  95. Character A is a musician who has played with their eyes closed for years and years yet is able to hit every single note; upon being interviewed by Character B of this strange habit, A tell them that they’ll only tell them upon a few conditions (specified by author). Later, Character B learns that A has synesthesia, and this form allows them to be bombarded with colors among the unimaginable with each and every note they play, but only with their eyes closed: “I have to sacrifice accuracy in order to truly feel - I would make the same trade with the devil any damn day.”
  96. ”Just a Paper Cut AU”: As the school’s library intern, Character A has some fairly uneventful days, filled with the Dewey Decimal System and shushing rowdy students from shelves and shelves away, but what with the amount of books the library carries, it normally keeps them busy. Character B is studying for their Med Final when they accidentally procure a particularly nasty paper cut. For the average person, this would not be an issue, but for a person with a strangely low pain tolerance…it’s a completely different story. 
  97. “”I’ll Save You” AU”: Character A is with a group of their friends in the zombie apocalypse. They’re bitten, but in this situation, the bite doesn’t turn the one who is bitten into a zombie for a few days. They will experience weakness, pains, and sickness during these days, however. Character B is a friend of Character A’s in the group, and they’re immune. They’d hidden this fact, knowing that they would be horribly experimented on until death if it was found out. But upon seeing Character A in suffering, Character B sneaks away and offers to be experimented on by the government to find a cure. Character A and their friends hear of the cure a couple days later and rejoice, until they see a picture of “the brave soul who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the world.”
  98. “There is a legend that says that if you remove a doll’s eyes, they will watch you for the remainder of your life and decide upon your worthiness of having children or not. Depending on your actions, you may not have children, you may have children, or…you may wish you never had children.” AU
  99. Characters A, B, C, and D are avid video gamers who make up the after school club, League of Gamers. When school is threatened by budget cuts and their club (along with many other unfunded clubs) is disbanded for not having enough members, it’s up to group to call on the other geeky clubs – cosplay club, anime club, D&D club, LOTR club, ext – to band together and make the ultimate geek club.
  100. “When the elevator opened, you can bet your ass that the last thing I was expecting was you on your knees with a ring and a mariachi band. Who even are you and why would you propose like this???” AU
  101. And, of course (at the request of many): “your character wakes up in the desert wearing a cowboy hat yeehaw what the hell happened here.”
The One That Got Away [Chapter Two]

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Chapter 2 of The One That Got Away

Chapter 1

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Warnings: Adult Content

You stood outside the dorm, waiting to go in, trying to figure out how you were going actually break up with the love of your life.

You pulled out your phone out and took a deep breath as it rang.

“Ah, Y/N. It’s nice to hear from you.” you heard JYP say on the other end. “Did you think about what I said?”

“Yes. I’ll do it, for Jaebum”.

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for auld lang syne, my dear

Otayuri Week Day 2:  Social Media or Celebrations

Words: 1.7K

Featuring: a group chat, an inconsolable instagram fandom, and a new year’s engagement

AO3 link

Skating Gays

–10 Dec, 14:32–

Christophe: So what’s everyone doing for new year?

Katsudon: …why?

Christophe: I’m going to London and wondered if any of you wanted to join me


Katsudon: We will?

Victor: I’m booking plane tickets now so yes, pack a bag

Phichit: This is going to make for some great Instagrams I can see it now

Phichit: I’m in

Kazakhstan’s Hero: I’ll go if Yuri goes

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