yes *u*

with @roxeterawr like it’s nbd 😎
also, i was “am gay” 😂

why!! do healthy people insist on judging how a chronically ill person looks every single time they see them, it is not necessary to tell me i look terrible, pale, lost too much weight and tell me to go outside and get some sun and it is not necessary to tell me i look better than the last time you saw me it is not necessary to comment on our looks every single time you see us just because you know we are ill, it doesn’t give you the right to act like you know a thing and understand what’s up or comment on things you normally wouldn’t comment on

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what are grapenuts?

when ppl send questions like this i have a hard time believing they don’t immediately type ‘grape-nuts’ into google afterwards bc…why would you not, especially when it takes me approximately 12 years to answer most of the time lol

but in case you are still sitting there, dying to know, thinking to yourself…is it a grape? is it a nut? any combination of the two? ur answer: none of the above. it is…. a cereal….looks like this:

….an acquired taste… brother calls me old n gross for eating them…. idk about that but do not believe this article bc ….they make both u a Real Man and Gay…..i can vouch for that

have it with some vanilla yogurt, a lil peanut butter…the usual cereal deal…and ur golden my friend

Hey Dudes im not gonna go by lynn anymore because honestly i dont like it and i feel like it doesnt suit me. like maybe it suited me with my white hair but No longer…idk. and i only chose it bc it was close to my birth name. anyways im gonna go by charlie now bc its cute & Ambiguous and rolls off the tongue way nicer than lynn. kinda close to my middle name? whatever. i was gonna go by Charlotte but thats a ~*~*ladies*~*~ name and still too like, elegant for me? idk people have always held me up to this expectation of being Elegant and Graceful and thats not really how i feel! im annoying and very ungraceful for the most part 😎 so yes..thank u

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❤ ^♡^


You are like the definition of BAD ASS I tell you! Can you write? Frickin yes and it’s amazing and has made me tear up on at least two seperate occasions

Can you cook? of fuggin COURSE like IT IS WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING and it is so inspiring to see you living out what you’ve wanted to do :’D

CAN U SING YES YOU CAN LIKE DAMN THOSE PIPES MY DUDE I always feel like I need to pay some cover charge to watch you do karaoke bc byeeee

I’M SO GLAD I GET TO KNOW YOU like you don’t even know! Always be a bad ass and let’s keep sharing yuri on junk with each other k thank :’D

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i wrote my first joshler thing a few days ago?? so ye man i hope u guys like

Summary: It’s Tyler’s first ever show. Every show should be celebrated by an elbow in the face from a stranger, right?

Words: 1648

u owe other people greater clarity (read: unambiguity) than u owe urself. people generally want to hear decisive statements, true or false, yes or no… u cant give voice to all the contradictions within u. our language isn’t so well equipped for that. i used to resent so much the way my mother would trail off in the middle of sentences… if u start a sentence, complete it. subject, verb, object. so i owe people explanations, and somehow i provide them. while i am in complete confusion, and my mind is lost in fragments of ideas, i manage to speak some sentence, and u take it as the contents of me. anyhow just some stuff i was thinking about as i sit alone in the cafeteria getting oatmeal on my pants leg

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does hanzo 'whine'?

im still on mobile but holy fuck yes he does thank u for reminding me he basically makes a lot of noises when: pensive, frustrated, focused and fidgeting, or wanting of attention.


Daisuga - Jealousy

Edited: Gif version fixed LIKE SERIOUSLY╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ グッ !

Edited 2: Random dialogues, OH WELL  ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
I swear i’ve never edited a post so frequently like this before

full offence I’m so tired of YA making girls end up with their childhood crush (who only recently even noticed them) rather than someone who actually suits/compliments their current ! day ! self !