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//Thank you everyone for joining the OPzzz2k17 <33 It was a lot of fun, hope I can catch you all at another event sometime ! 26-08-17

[ With @ask-deadbones-brook @ask-captain-kid @askhildon @askdoffy ]

  • Luffy: *pops up in front of Sanji* You're my cook now.
  • Sanji: What - no! I don't even know who you are. Plus, I work for the Baratie.
  • Zeff: *throws suitcase* Get out, you've been disowned. Get a job.
  • Sanji: But this is my job?!?!
  • Zeff: You're fired. *slams door shut*
  • Luffy: *handcuffs them together*
  • Sanji: *swallows thickly*
  • Luffy: *whispers* We're friends now
  • -bonus-
  • Sanji: He got you too?
  • Zoro: *nods dejectedly*