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could you do introducing 2d to s/o's kind of judgmental parents? kind of like your murdoc one!

(Here ya go, anon! Hope you like it!)

“Just say it again, ‘ave you told ‘em about me?” 2D asked you for the millionth time, and you sighed, looking out of the window of the car. He had been fidgety all day today and yesterday, and you couldn’t exactly blame him, even now he was tapping the steering wheel like crazy and it drove you insane.

“Yes, Stu, I have told my parents about you. Can you please just take a deep breath?” You replied and looked back at him, his face was slightly pale and he looked quite nauseous if you had to be totally honest. Meeting the parents, every boyfriend’s nightmare. In all honesty, it was a nightmare for you too; your parents were picky and snobby. The fact that you came home with ‘some lad in a band’ was not a pleasant thing for your parents, in fact they were outraged by the thought and when you had called them beforehand, the first question they asked was ‘does he not have a real job?’ It was enough to make you mad and tell them to behave. You snapped out of it and reached to rub his thigh, “Take a deep breath, we’re almost there.”

You took his hand as you knocked on the door and waited. 2D gasped slightly as you could hear footsteps coming closer to the door and you tried calming him down by squeezing his hand. The door opened and everything went just like you expected: Your mother’s eyes went wide as she finally laid her eyes on 2D, who gave a toothy smile and reached out to shake her hand, “Stuart Pot, people just call me 2D, it’s nice to finally meet you.” She eyed you before shaking his hand, forcing a smile. The scene repeated itself when it was your father’s turn but he didn’t even hide his judgemental looks from you.

Now you were eating biscuits and drinking afternoon tea, 2D sitting on the fancy sofa with his ripped, high-waisted jeans and a loose band-tee with you pressed up against him. It was an odd picture indeed since the two of you were complete opposites but oh gosh, you had never been more in love with a guy. Not that it mattered to your parents because each time 2D opened his mouth, they both looked uncomfortable. He smiled nonetheless, and you weren’t really sure if he noticed the looks he was given, “And that’s basically how I met ‘im, Murdoc, and the rest of the band. The two of us though, we met after a concert and the chemistry was spot-on.” You giggled and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek and it caused him to blush and look down into his tea. It was when your mother asked you to follow her into the kitchen that 2D looked at you almost pleadingly, making you feel bad about having to leave him there alone with you father, “I’ll be right back, babe.”

As you entered the kitchen, your mother was already leaning against the kitchen table, looking defeated, “Where on earth did you pick up a guy like that?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” You furrowed your brow, hands on your hips and your mother simply sighed and turned to place her hands flat on the kitchen table, “You know exactly what I mean, look at him and then look at yourself. He isn’t even close to being your type!”

“Mum, look at me,” it made you turn your hands into fists as she looked absolutely disappointed, “You can’t seriously think that it’s okay to talk like that about Stuart?”

“I’m only saying what is true, look at him and the way he talks,” she continued and you felt your heartbeat quicken at the anger you felt but the last straw was what she said next, “Look, dad and I have talked to Catherine, you know, our neighbour. We think you should come to her party next week, she has a really nice boy – about your age.”

“Mum, what the hell? Are you blind? Did you not see that a guy was arriving with me in the car?” You snapped and she crossed her arms across her chest, “We’re just thinking about what is best for you, guys like him rarely stay for lo-“

In the next moment, you stormed through the living room, 2D flying up from his seat at the sight, and went up the stairs, stomping on each step like an angry teenager. Then you slammed the door so hard that the walls shook and sat down on your bed. Everything had been neatly kept like it was when you moved out and it made you quite sick because this was not you anymore. There you sat, in a room that seemed strange to you, crying in anger. There was a knock on the door and you knew instantly that it was your sweet boyfriend, “Come in.” He sat down beside you without saying anything, wrapping an arm around you. You sighed and put your head on his shoulder.

None of you said anything for a while until 2D started laughing quietly, “They really don’t like me, huh?”

“Shut up, Stuart Pot,” you slapped his arm but soon started laughing too, burying your face in his t-shirt. There was a pause and you leaned up to kiss him softly, “Do you wanna get out of here?” He nodded and you took his hand, quietly leaving the house and ignoring the looks on your parents’ face.

After The Banquet

Title: After The Banquet

Character: Loki

Rating: Very M

Description: Loki, your husband, looks incredibly alluring, and you no less to him. So after enduring an entire dinner of staring and imagining, he whisks you back to your chambers to finish the game that you started.

A/N: Yay! I think this is my first Loki fic on this particular tumblr account, so I thought I’d do one for you guys to say thank you for all the new followers!! xxxx Enjoy :)


“No,” he hisses, pushing you off of him as he fixes his formal uniform of green and black leather, with gold detailing.

You pout. “But darling -” “No buts, we’re already late for dinner.” “Oh, I’m sure they won’t mind.” He turns to you, fixing his armour. “Really? I wonder if the Allfather shares your optimistic mindset.”

You sigh, and watch as Loki combs back his hair. “Can’t we just have five minutes?” He turns, looking at you, repeating himself for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight. “No. Come on.”

He takes your hand, and the two of you walk briskly to the palace banquet hall, for a diplomatic dinner with representatives from Alfheim.

Before Loki can push the door open, you pull him aside, grinding your knee into his crotch immediately. Despite trying his best to avoid any sexual contact at present to be even remotely on-time for the dinner, his natural instincts kick in as he groans at your motion.

You can feel him rising slowly beneath your ministrations, and grin triumphantly. He slams you up against the wall as you keep working him, and feel him fully hard as you palm his manhood, not daring to take him out of his black pants, but through them you massage his sizeable bulge.

He begins to thrust against you. “The only reason… I’m giving you…the satisfaction of my reciprocation… right now… is for the sole purpose… ah! Of finishing this little game of yours….before it starts.”

You lean in. “Hmm, you know me too well, dearest.” You rub faster, and he rolls his erection against your hand, desperate now for release. “Just like that… I’m almost ready…” he mumbles. Just then, Thor bursts out of the dining hall.

“Ah, brother!!” Loki’s eyes roll back as he hears his brother call out his name, and you whip your hand away. “Pleasant evening, is it not?” he continues, coming over. “Quite, Thor,” Loki growls, the expression on his face rather murderous. “Well, I came out to look for you two, but it seems I’ve found you!” “Yes,” Loki says in a low voice through gritted teeth, “It seems you have.” As Loki still has his body pressed against you, you can feel his length start to soften again.

You two follow the burly god into the banquet hall, where everyone stands as you enter. “May I present, Prince Loki and his wife, Lady (y/n),” Odin announces to their foreign guests, and they bow in turn as you do.

“We’ll finish this after dinner,” Loki growls in your ear as you sit down, and the promise of later sends shivers of arousal through you.

During dinner, you keep shooting sultry gazes to Loki from the other side of the table, for at formal banquets such as these, one side was for the ladies and one side for the men. Frigga and Sif sat on either side of you. At first, when you and Loki had announced your courtship and you had been introduced, Sif hadn’t taken quite a liking to you, but once she saw how well you could defend yourself, in battle and verbally, she respects you now, and you are good friends.

“How is Loki?” Frigga whispers in your ear, and you nearly sputter your wine. “I-I’m sorry, m’lady?” She looks at you funny. “How is he? Is he well? Is he in good health?” You exhale as you realize her meaning. “Oh… oh, yes, my queen, he is quite well. A very healthy appetite too,” you say, leaving the queen to believe you just meant eating-wise as Sif snickers.

Loki looks at you and meets your gaze from across the large table, watching you closely from his seat between Thor and Fandral. Everything about you seems to get to him tonight, he just can’t explain it. You seemed especially alluring, as did he to you.

“How is she?” Fandral suddenly asks Loki, and he glares. “I beg your pardon?!” Fandral raises his eyebrows. “I was merely wondering, Loki, no need to-” “She is excellent, thank you, ever since the last time you asked, and if you dare ask one more time, I will see to it that you never feel anything again.”

At this, Fandral backed off. Loki knew of his secret crush on you, and while you found it sweet but quite hopeless for him, Loki found it annoying and trying. He had learned to remain calm and tolerant of his occasional asking after you, but tonight, his patience just snapped. It was as if no other man could dream of you- Loki just wouldn’t have it. But then, you didn’t mind. There’s no other man in your life but Loki. Plus, his caring possessiveness pulled at your heartstrings, for you were the first woman in his life he had ever really been devoted to.

The rest of dinner is long and strenuous, full of Odin being diplomatic, Frigga acting hospitable, and them both counting on Loki’s tongue to woo their guests with his abilities of foreign dialect. Loki’s intelligence turns you on beyond belief, and it’s no help tonight with you already aroused beforehand.

“Where’s Jane?” Loki asks Thor, and Thor grumbles through his mouthful of wild boar. “She could not make it. It is most unfortunate.” “Hm, quite,” Loki sympathizes, but inside, he’s grinning, as he knows what’s in store for himself at least.

When it’s over, Loki promptly excuses the two of you, saying his farewells to the guests and everyone else, and you walk back to the room through the vast halls. “What a little tease you are,” Loki growls as you make it to your chambers, grabbing your arm roughly. “Now I’m going to finish what you started, love,” he smirks, a low tone of mischief laced in his voice.

He throws you on the bed, and you wriggle as you grasp the headboards. In the flick of a wrist, your clothes are off, and Loki is eyeing your naked body with a predatory, hungry look.

After a second of him taking you in and licking his lips, you squirm in anticipation. “Fuck me, already,” you whisper, and Loki glowers down at you, dominance swirling around him. “Ask again, sweetling.” You clench your jaw, feeling playfully defiant. “Fuck me, Loki, or I’ll do it myself.”

This ignites something in his gaze, and he opens his mouth a little, eyes clouded with lust. “I’d just love to see that, my love,” he whispers, tracing his finger around your face as he gazes down at your wet sex. “But not tonight. Tonight, my touch shall be the one responsible for your pleasure.”

He lowers onto the bed, capturing your lips in the sweetest kiss you had ever known, and moves lower to stop his mouth at your chest, taking special time to suck gently on each nipple. You arch off the bed, feeling aroused beyond belief, urgent to feel the next level of pleasure you know he can give you.

He moves even lower next, swirling his tongue around your lower belly and stopping at your clit, latching his lips on and sucking roughly. You cry out, a jolt of pleasure shooting through you, and you tangle your fingers into his ink-black hair, tugging on the now messed strands.

His tongue finds your opening, and begins to lap at you. “You taste delicious, love,” he muses. You moan his name loudly, and then, you gulp for proper air. “I… I need you in me,” you manage out, and Loki smirks at you, a devilish smile. “How do you ask, my beauty?” You growl at him, seething at his teasing. “Give me your cock, Loki, I need it, now!”

He flicks his wrist again, and he is naked as well, your eyes running over his glorious body and sending you into another dimension of sheer want.

His erection stands proud and tall against his stomach, twitching in need for you, and no matter how well you know his length, it never ceases to amaze you the sheer size of him. He grabs your shoulders, kissing you again as he positions himself, then thrusts in.

You gasp at the feeling, and wrap yourself around him, clenching tightly. “Love, love, that’s amazing,” he groans, and you grab onto his back, hooking your ankles around his ass and bringing him deeper. “Right there!” you shout, “That’s perfect!” He lets out a long moan as he feels you contract when he hits your g-spot, and you bounce underneath him.

“Harder,” you whisper. “Mmm, feeling commanding, are we?” he asks playfully, and you giggle. He increases the speed of his pounding, and you feel yourself getting closer and closer with every thrust.

“Loki!” you moan, and he pants into your neck. “I can’t hold off for much longer,” he says, his voice wavering, “I need to come. I need to coat you with me, I need you to come for me.” You sigh in pleasure at his words, and he drags his tongue up your middle, stopping at your mouth for another wet, deep kiss. His eyebrows go together, and you feel him, insistent inside of you, hit your spot again and again.

You work yourself around his length, and he moves his hand back down to your clit, massaging perfectly and bringing you to the edge.

“AHH!” you shout as your climax finally hits you, and Loki grips your hips so hard you feel the bruises already form. Despite his ferocious look that he gets when he’s initially horny, you’ve always loved his face during his climax, when his features are so utterly angelic and blissful as he fully joins with you.

He comes inside of you, the force of his seed shooting into you prolonging your orgasm. “You…are… divine…” he murmurs as your head drops back to the pillow.

Loki falls on top of you, the weight of his body creating heat and friction between you two. He finally rolls off after catching his breath, and you turn over. “That was spectacular,” you whisper, nuzzling your head in close to his. “It was, wasn’t it?” he grins deviously. “I bet you were fantasizing about this all through dinner, yes?” You nod with a smile.

He leans in, running a hand up and down your leg. “So was I. Quite a shame Jane couldn’t make it to the banquet- now it’s evident that we had much more fun than Thor will tonight.” You laugh, and kiss him again.

“I don’t think they could ever have as much fun as you and I did tonight,” you grin, and Loki kisses back. 

Roses » Arno Dorian

Pairing: Arno Dorian x Reader 

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed

Words: 656

A/N:  Inspiration From: (they had an AU Prompts thing and I used one of them. c: ) I just wanted to write something for my French baby.

Originally posted by art-and-assassins


   “Okay, I thought visiting France would be fun, but after two weeks here, I’m honestly bored,” you spoke into your cell phone as the female on the other side of the phone laughed.

   “[Name], why don’t you go visit a new museum that just opened a few days ago?” Elise suggested. “One of my closest friends has his paintings displayed there and I think you’ll like it.”

   You thought about it for a second before going along with it, “I guess that sounds okay. When are you getting off work?”

   “In a few hours, but it’ll be closed then. So, just go right now,” she ordered and you let out a sigh.

   “Fine, I’ll talk to you soon,” you disconnected the call and headed out. Elise had texted you the address and it was only a few blocks away, so you decided to walk.

   It didn’t take long before you reached the museum and it was breathtaking. The architecture purposely was made to look like it was built in the Gothic period. It kind of looked like Notre Dame, but a smaller version. You walked towards the front doors, smiling at the man who opened the door for you. You paid twenty euros at the front desk before you began exploring the place.

   Paintings were hung on all of the walls, not a bare spot was seen. Your eyes were drawn to a painting of… well, you didn’t know what it was. Your nose wrinkled at the painting as you tried to figure out what it was displaying. “What the hell?” you mumbled, looking at the painting again.

   “Let me guess, you hate it?” a voice sounded from behind you causing you to jump.

   You glanced back at the man and gave him an awkward smile. “Yes and no.”

   He raised an eyebrow, but the smile never left his face. “What do you mean?”

   “I don’t understand what it’s trying to display so that makes it a really bad painting, but at the same time, it’s really nice.”

   He chuckled, before asking, “What’s your name?”

   “[Full Name],” you answered, giving him a small smile. He was actually quite pleasant to talk to. You already felt comfortable around him.

   “My name is Arno Victor Dorian,” he extended his hand for you to shake.

   “Oh, very ‘frenchy’,” you joked as he took your hand and placed a small kiss on top of it.

   “So, why don’t you check who the art was made by so you could tell him yourself that it sucks?” he suggested and you couldn’t comply faster.

   You walked up to the sign under the painting to read what it said. In small writing, it said: Painted by Paris’ sweetheart, Arno Victor Dorian. Your breathing hitched when you read the name before you began to awkwardly laugh. You looked back at Arno who kept smiling at you.

   “Well?” he asked.

   “Oh my god,” you quickly blurted out. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know that you had painted it!”

   Arno shook his head, softly chuckling, people around the two of you began to stare. “No need, it is a bizarre painting.”

   "Still, I feel bad,” you mumbled.

   “Well,” Arno thought for a second before the perfect idea popped into his head. “I have a cafe a few blocks down. Why don’t we go out for lunch and pretend this never happened?”

   You smiled as you nodded, “That sounds perfect.”

   “Oh, and [Name]?” Arno stopped you in your tracks.


   “Come here,” he said and you slowly walked towards him. He placed his hands on your hips before slowly letting you up. “Look at the painting.”

   You glanced at the painting and you could see it differently now. At first, it was spots of red, green, black and white. Now, you could see a beautiful rose that was fully bloomed and just looked lovely.

   “Oh,” you whispered as Arno placed you down. “It was just a rose.”

Set Spring Ablaze

Requested by the lovely @hades-had-a-ravenclaw-daughter

TOG/ACOTAR CROSSOVER: Aelin accidentally finds herself in the ACOTAR realm and forms a firm friendship with our beloved heroine Feyre. She then proceeds to F*ck Tamlin up. (Set post EoS)

(Will be multi-chapter)


For part one, search the hashtag SSA1.
For part two, search the hashtag SSA2.
And so on so forth. Just replace the number of the part you want at the end of SSA. For example, part three will be SSA3…

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Playing House

Prompt: “I’m sorry I got really into playing house and I kissed you passionately.” (x)

Pairing: aou!Pietro Maximoff x reader (Speedster!verse)

Word count: 1.2k

“Remind me again why we’re doing this?” Pietro murmurs into your ear, a hand low on your back.

“Because it was either me and you, or you and Wanda, and in situations like this couples always look more believable?” You whisper back, smiling sweetly as you survey the crowd. “Plus we’re pretty much the only ones whose faces have yet to appear in the press, so here we are. Mr and Mrs Maximoff, the cutest couple at the ball, obviously.”

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one small thing

Summary: The Doctor loves Saturdays. He’d enjoy this one a lot more if Rose wasn’t being so suspicious.
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Words: 2014
Also On: AO3

A/N: This was written for one of my tumblr award runners up, @dearkuryakin, who requested “something where Rose surprises the Doctor”. I hope you like it, Emily!

Rose was acting weird.

It was Saturday, and for once she hadn’t been needed at Torchwood. They were going to have a quiet day in.

Well, that was the plan, until around 9am when Torchwood called for the Doctor, saying they needed some translating done. Why it couldn’t wait until Monday was never made clear to him, but that was Torchwood for you. Layer upon layer of secrecy.

He didn’t mind, really. The mystery was part of the fun. (He really just wanted to get home to Rose as quickly as possible, so he didn’t ask questions.)

What Rose had gotten up to while he was gone was anyone’s guess, but when she met him at their favorite chippy for lunch at one o’clock, she was being… fidgety. Not the sort of word he’d normally use to describe her, but today it was accurate.

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5SOS Preference - He wants you to come off your birth control pills

Gorgeous anon idea! x

Irwin: You ran down the stairs, frantically trying to find your birth control pills that you had to take. You couldn’t find them where you were sure you’d left them: on your bedside table as per usual. You were sure that you were going insane.

“Ashton!” You called through the house to your boyfriend, who you hadn’t seen all day.

“In here!” He called into his study, where he usually burrowed to write music. You stepped in and wrapped your arms around his shoulders where he was sat, resting your head in the crook of his neck. 

“Have you seen my birth control tablets?” You questioned as his eyes darted to the other side of the room, rather suspiciously.

“No, why would have I seen them?”

“You’re such a bad liar. Where are they? I need to take some!” You demanded, wondering why he’d gone through the trouble of hiding your medication. 

“I don’t want you to take them” he averted his eyes to the ground and you turn round to face him, sitting on the desk in front of him.

“What? Why not?”

“I want us to have a baby” he blushed as if afraid to ask you.


“Yeah, I was afraid to ask…” and your face softened with his words.

“Ashton, all you had to do was communicate with me. I’d love to start a family” you grinned.

“One more question, can we start now? Those jeans are killing me, Y/N” he said, throwing his papers off the desk and laying you down on it.

Hood: You walked in from a long way at work and ran to find your birth control pills when you remembered that you had forgotten to take one this morning. You rushed into the kitchen and into the medicine drawer to find that they’d disappeared.You narrowed your eyes, thinking instantly that your husband, Calum, had hidden them. 

You called him and there was no reply, but a sound coming from the bathroom of foil being broken. You frowned and made your way there to see Calum was bent over the toilet. Thinking he was being sick you rushed over to ask if he was okay, but to see he was breaking your birth pills into the toilet.

“Calum, what the Hell?! You demanded as he spun around to face you, caught red-handed.

"I-I was going to tell you…” he stuttered, unable to form a sentence at the shock of you finding him.

“Why?” You begged him to tell you, your mind a mess of confusion and an array of different explanations.

“I want a baby, Y/N” he declared, his face suddenly sat in a hard gaze, as if determined and convinced.

You sighed in relief, realising that he wanted exactly what you had wanted, but was afraid to say. “So do I” you grinned “I just didn’t want to put any pressure on you, what with everything you have going on” you smirked.

“Well then, it’s settled then?” He wondered, embracing you and letting his hand wander to your backside, where he lightly squeezed. You giggled and nodded as he pressed a kiss to your lips.

Hemmings: You clicked open yet another pack of birth control to take when Luke swooped past and nonchalantly took them from the kitchen side while you were grabbing a glass of water. You rolled your eyes, thinking Luke was probably messing with you again.

You followed the sound of his footsteps upstairs and saw that he was stood in the corner with a pout on his face, the pills clutched in his large hands. 

“What are you doing?” You laughed, thinking he was joking around with you when you saw that he shrugged sadly. “What’s wrong? Tell me” you coaxed, beckoning him to sit next to you on the bed.

“I want to have babies now” he said in a small voice reminding you of a little child himself.

“Are you sure?” You questioned, wanting to know that he was totally in it and not half-and-half. 

“Definitely. Please?” He begged with his big blue abyss eyes.

“Show me how sure you are” you smirked, as he perked up, pushing you down onto the bed.

Clifford: You pulled out more birth control tablets that you had just gotten from the chemist. You took them out of the bag and set them up in order of time. As you finished stacking them, Michael came over and knocked them all off the shelf, standing there with a grin as big as his annoying actions.

“Was there any point in that?” You asked rhetorically. 

“Yes, actually. I want a baby with you. Now.” He almost commanded and you turned to him, a look of pleasant surprise on your face.

“Really?” You couldn’t quite believe that this was what you were hearing. Michael had finally come around after thinking about what you mentioned the other day.

“Yes. I want to have a family with you more than anything. It can be our little unit” he already planned, even though you weren’t pregnant yet. You shrugged, accepting the idea and finally letting it settle in your brain.

“I guess that’s settled then. Michael has spoken” you winked, as you pulled you in and he jumped to wrap your legs around his waist as he carried you to the sofa for a headstart.

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