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Missing Pages (Part 17)

Summary: You had three rules 1. Don’t fall in love with your patient 2. Don’t fall in love with your patient and 3. Do not fall in love with your patient but you weren’t very good at following rules.

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: swearing, angst, kidnapping, 

A/N: so in a week I’m going to hawaii and i can’t promise that I’ll update during that time but I will probably work some fics that i have rolling around

Part 16

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Perfection (Harrison Wells/Reader)

Imagine being pulled into STAR labs at the beginning by your old friend Harrison Wells and trying to bury the feelings you still harbor for him from college…

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It wasn’t rocket science…it was love.

And it hurt…

He was happy with someone else…somewhere else…

You blinked standing in he lobby of STAR labs. That had been years go and Harrison Wells was a different man now.

“Y/N.” He smiled at you walking over with his hand extended to you, “It’s been a long time.”

“Only since college.” You smiled taking his hand, “How are you?”

“I’m holding up.” He gave you a half hearted smile.

You frowned, “I’m so, sorry for your loss. Tess…she’ll be greatly missed.” 

“She is.” He took a deep breath in, “And I appreciate a friend saying so…but you’re not here for that. You’re here for a job.”

“Yes…I have a resume and references should you desire them.” You started to open your bag.

“There’s a great many things in life that I desire, and seeing those unnecessary documents is not one of them.” He smiled at you guiding your around the lab, “I know you Y/N, I know your work. You’re perfect for this project and I want you.”

Your cheeks flushed, “I see…I didn’t realize this was a job offer.”

“I wouldn’t have called if I didn’t want your help with this project.” He smiled at you still, “So what do you say, be my second in command on this project.”

You stood there looking down at the construction below. You took a deep breath before nodding, “Of course, how could I say no to my friend.”


Corgi puppy Friday! There’s always been a running joke about Tess which is - well, no matter what was going on, I’d turn around and find her just sitting and staring at me. I admit, for a while I was like “um, that’s a little disconcerting, puppy.” (Okay, a lot disconcerting, haha. Everyone else would be romping and playing and I’d turn around and – nope. Still staring!) 

When we put together all the pictures for the puppy books, N. handed me Tess’s book and apologized. She was like “There just doesn’t seem to be many pictures of her…" 

I laughed my head off and said, "She’s got just as many pictures as the rest of them, N. They’re just all the same ‘she’s staring at me’ pose. XD 

So… here, have a year of Tess. Hi Tess. Yep, you win. You decided I needed to go home with you and went, "I want THAT human. I have decided it should be mine, yes. I promise I will feed it and walk it every day, groom it, teach it tricks, and also take it to dog shows and the beach." 


the signs as texts i’ve received from my best friend


taurus: “my 5th grade teacher was sleeping with the special ed teacher and he’d always bring her lean cuisines”

gemini: “i can’t kiss but i can deliver a firm handshake that’s all i need in life”

cancer: “what if he’s named every strand of pubic hair and can’t deal with letting them go”

leo: “i should donate my pubes to locks of love”

virgo: “rip out the pens bitches love stationary”

libra: “I’m pooping but i thought you should know that its a good 7 inches”

scorpio: “if i’m not a milf i’m selling my kid”

sagittarius: “#YesAllTesticles”

capricorn: “…must make stalin proud”

aquarius: “#elsanna”

pisces: “it’s 2015 can’t we accept bestiality already”