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Hey uh.. not to bother you by any means.. but can I get a link to those tips for drawing people crying you did once?? I looked through all the tags and couldn't find it myself, sorry..

Oh, it’s no bother! 

But honestly, I’m not actually too happy with those anymore. They’re pretty old. I still sort of hold the same value when I draw them, but here’s some more updated tips, if that’s alright. 

One of the biggest complaints I got with those tips was that just a single tear is good enough. Well yes and no. Tears are just a helpful tool, and of course not everyone cries the same, so yes, a single tear can be just as impactful, as long as your emotion and context carries the message. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s heavy crying. And this can take many forms. Again, the face has to carry the intensity of the emotion; the tears are just there to emphasize it. More intensity, (for some people) does tend to include more liquids and leaking. 

And of course none of it has to be perfect or even. As I love to touch on, crying is messy and ugly. It brings out the most strained emotions. So none of it has to be symmetrical to get the point across- if anything, it gives it more movement. 

I of course draw in a more cartoony fashion, so if you did want to go on the more realistic end of the spectrum, you can focus on the actual physics of tears and how they act and react on the face. More realistically, they come from the inner eye, and are much smaller. They tend to fall in wayward paths, slowly, but  sperraticly, and in droplets or thin streams. You can also add streak marks and flush up the face, depending on the subject. 

I’m glad you liked my old tips, and I hope these new ones help! 


Alright, so for the past few months, I’ve been noticing a lot of talk about the whole “diamond spending” thing with PB. And before I get into the details, I’m just gonna say that all of you are 110% right. It is unfair that many of us can’t afford to unlock special items or scenes with our favorite characters because a lot of the times, we can’t do anything about it. We’re not all rich and capable like some other fortunate people are and while we think it may not affect us in the story, it actually prevents us from accessing other things that could help us like the dossiers in ES or the Adventurer outfits. I’m not saying PB has done nothing in regards to making us happy and having fun because believe me, they have❤️ But none of us want to deal with this issue anymore and it needs to be resolved.

So luckily, @cartoonfanforlife and I have taken the liberty to start a petition in changing this. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. How are we gonna make PB aware about this? Well, that’s why we decided we need backup. @hollyashton has been a HUGE part of the fandom since the beginning and while we believe she’ll be a big influence on getting our point across, she’ll also help take “the gold home.” So what do you guys think?? We won’t make further decisions on this until a majority of us agree to pitch in and work together. But until then, thanks for listening guys!! And spread the word if u can. It would be so awesome to make this real😊💯😊💯😊💯 Thanks again!!

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Your eyes stole all my words away…

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undertale belongs to toby fox

when you find out about your friends weird egg hobbies

I’m not in the ml fandom bUT @illustraice ‘s Sun/Moon au has me h o o k e d.  Now, I’m no artist so I can’t draw for it (believe me I just tried drawing Mari and I spent more time outlining muscles than anything so that was a lost cause), and because I’m not in the ml fandom and I have no grasp on Mari and Adrien’s characters, I can’t write for it, either.  Buuuuut, given what I’ve read for this AU, I can certainly devise a playlist for it.  Because music is universal.

She is the Sunlight Trading Yesterday | May I Trading Yesterday | Run Leona Lewis | Drop in the Ocean Ron Pope | Little Do You Know Alex & Sierra | Losing Your Memory Ryan Star | Echo Jason Walker | Infinity One Direction | California King Bed Rihanna | Battlefield Jordin Sparks | Bleeding Love Leona Lewis | Listen To Your Heart DHT | Truly, Madly, Deeply Savage Garden | Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s | Saware Arijit Singh


Tattoo Removal Was A Success 💉

It only required a few sessions to get it all taken off, but I finally getting more pieces added to my body as well. I’m happy wit how it’s coming out, ya’ll. Also this diet/workout has been goin real good so I’m lw proud of myself haha. Reason why I had to post this thirsty ass pic. Lmao let me flex just one time. As long as no one brings meat lover’s pizza, I think these abs will stay😂

My dear karamels

I love you but can you STOP calling antis heterophobic or misandrist or white racists? Because I swear you’re getting your ass blocked faster that you can say Quidditch. Like seriously it makes me cringe SO FUCKING HARD my skin crawls!

Those things do not exist and never have. While racism, homophobia and sexism were indeed created by privileged groups to oppress anyone non-white, non-straight and non-male. So no, YOU CANNOT BE DISCRIMINATORY AGAINST A PRIVILEGED GROUP! Sure antis are PREJUDICED against Mon-El for being a straight white guy but THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PREJUDICE AND DISCRIMINATION. Guess which one gets you killed irl?

Someone calling Mon-El a white bread IS NOT DISCRIMINATION! It just makes them annoying for only having that excuse to hate on him. Block them. No need to prove them right about their assumptions about us supposedly being uneducated.

And before you go pissing me off by saying ‘but google says sexism and racism are just being mean to people different than you!’ (In what grade are you? Kindergarten?) I suggest finding a more reliable source than google…like oh I don’t know a fucking social dictionary or a damn book discussing those matters in depth!

To sum it up, here is a quote by Robert Jensen ‘Toxic masculinity hurts men, but there’s a big difference between women dealing with the constant threat of being raped, beaten, and killed by the men in their lives, and men not being able to cry.’

Like seriously I’ve got antis to block for misusing terms like abuse I don’t need to block more ignorant Taylor Swift Divas especially since we need to stay together. I see that shit on my dash and you’re getting unfollowed and blocked.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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Finrod + Nargothrond ⟶ requested by @sunshinemage

“The largest kingdom of Noldor Elves in Beleriand during the First Age was that controlled by Finrod Felagund from his fortress city of Nargothrond. This was a powerful underground fortress carved in the caverns of the Narog River and from it Finrod ruled most of West Beleriand.”

all the yukamitsus *Q* which one is your fav?

Haechan ; 4 (Drabble challenge)

Haechan Scenario 

Prompt: “Did you just hiss at me?” - “Are you judging me?”

Words: 282

   You sat on the couch with your eyes trained not the tv.  Wrapped up in multiple blankets you were as comfortable as you could be. A bowl filled with warm buttery popcorn sat on your lap. You had everything you need in life right in front of you, well almost everything. There was a certain someone you were waiting for. You felt a thump in the couch next to you and saw Haechan sitting next to you. Now you had everything you need. You continued to watch tv until you felt a shift and saw Haechan reaching for the popcorn, quickly you jerked the bowl away and hissed.

  “Did you just hiss at me?” Haechan asks slightly confused but mostly weirded out.

  “Are you judging me?” you respond.

  “Yes, I am judging you because who in their right mind hisses at people. Last time I checked you were a human being and not a freaking cat. Like are you possessed by some sort of cat spirit, should I go get help. You know what I should go get help if even if you’re not possessed because you are crazy!” Haechan rants.

  “Wow, is today national judge (Y/N) day because honestly, that’s what it feels like right now,” you respond

  “I don’t know (Y/N), is it national hiss at Haechan day?” he retorts, “Now can I have some popcorn without getting hissed at.

  “Here,”you say holding out the popcorn “But there’s no guarantee that I won’t hiss, for all we know I might be possessed by a cat spirit.”

  “You know, normal couples don’t through this,” Haechan says with eating a handful of popcorn.

  “We’re not normal people Haechan, what did you expect?”

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