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Story time.

So I saw another post about a mom and I have one too!

When my mom was a young woman (maybe 18 or 19), back in 1950-something, she worked at a now defunct Red Owl Grocery.  Now, bear in mind that my mom is very petite.  And, when she was a teen, she was TINY!  “Smallest waist in the county” so the story goes and she’s something like 5′2″.  All that to say - she looks less than intimidating.

Anyhow, her manager was a real scuzz.  Used to hit on her a LOT.  Every day he’d creep on her and she’d put up with it, like you do - you know?

Anyway, one day he got super handsy - backed her into a corner and stuff.  She managed to get away from him and warned him to back off.  Well, shit head didn’t listen - like, was all “what you gonna do about it?”

So my mom reached over where they had the knives for the deli and grabbed a big-ass butcher knife and winged it right at him.  It slammed into the wall 2 inches from dude’s head and stuck there.

Dude never went near her again.

Mom also said she’s missed.  She was aiming for his head.

And that’s how I learned my mom may have tried to kill someone once.

But he had it coming.


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Theo out here trying to turn everybody against each other and pretend to be all innocent and the pack is like, trusting him??? and confiding in him?? asking him for advice???? Lydia exchanging numbers with him????? inviting him to goddamn pack meetings????? like what are you guys doing????????? LISTEN TO STILES. Meanwhile, Liam and Hayden are over there pretending not to like each other (and it's so adorable) and Mason is doing all kinds of research while meeting up with Brett and it's TOO MUCH.

idk i still can’t believe scott told theo he might not be able to trust kira (ily so much scotty baby but c’mon, bad plan, don’t trust theo). like do you remember watching blues clues or dora or whatever when you were like five and they could see everything else around them but not the thing they were looking for, and cute little five-year-old you would yell at the tv like IT’S RIGHT THERE! that’s me during this episode. scott’s like i can’t tell where the evil is and i’m like scott!!! right!!! there!!!!!!! 

oh god liam and hayden are adorable though, and mason doing research with brett, WHO IS WEARING A SWEATER VEST, will be the death of me