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Imagine always walking home with Rafael after work

Imagine always walking home with Rafael after work 

“You don’t have to this, Reagan,” Rafael sighed, calling down to you as he came down the steps of the DA’s office to meet you.

“But I actually do, Barbs.” You corrected for the umpteenth time that day yourself, turning in your position at the bottom of the stairs so you could face him, “It’s part of the whole protect and serve thing and you know. My boss told me too,” 

“Still don’t understand why I need a police escort to walk me home,” He commented huffing.

“Might have something to do with those death threats you’ve been getting?” You reminded, “But hey what do I know,”

“From my experience, very little,” He smirked.

“Shall we?” You suggested, giving him a little playful shove forward but ignoring his comment.

“Let’s go” He grinned, walking past you.

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is it weird that i think coran & keith have the potential to have a really nice dynamic?? like, coran can kinda be the fill in dad figure for keith while shiro is gone, and also someone keith knows he can come to to talk or ask for advice, and knows to be quiet when he needs it? and keith to coran can help keep him on track when he goes off on tangents and they can teach eachother bout their planets culture?? idk i just feel like theres a lot of untapped potential there

honestly if you ask me….. coran would probably enable keith’s impulses unknowingly like:

coran: “ah yes, planet specullion, i remember visiting it during the good old days. real nice folks, those little buggers. had a nice blade inventory in their castle, too. i remember this one time i was with the-”

keith: “wait, did you say blade inventory?”

coran: “hm? oh, yes. very, very nice. had every kind of blade you could IMAGINE. and a log to keep track of them, too! real organized, those folks. anyways as i was saying, i remember this one time i was with the royal guard out hunting for-”

and coran would get so caught up in telling his story he doesn’t notice keith slipping out of their conversation and heading into the sweet, sweet blade inventory to do some impulsive reckless shit. them together would be a complete DISASTER, but in a too-nice-and-too-knowledgeable babysitter and trouble-making kid kind of way lmao 

ALLRIGHT been a while since we did one of these, but finally finished Biryu’s character, Allison! Definitely the most complex of our custom sprites so far in terms of different parts, but I think she turned out good! 

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Kat, I'm laughing at how you were concerned about pitchforks for the cliffhanger. And yes, here are some concerns from us, but lbr, you should have been more worried over all of us enabling you over KisAoba, or Kisame/Aoba/Obito. Because Kat-sama, we are parched in Wind Country and we will like a tall drink of water with sunglasses and a cloak to cover our (Uchiha) pale skin. *koffkoff*


Tbh I did expect KisAoba, and was braced for impact because this was totally my way of dragging more people into this hell with me.  💕

Ophie Hunter: the exclusive second lost interview

Interviewer: 3 years of complete silence and now 2 interviews in 2 weeks…

Rachel: For the record, I want it to be perfectly clear that it was not my idea to give this second interview so soon after the first one. I do not need to remind anyone, that I am a shy and private person, who strongly dislikes the spotlight and abhors self-promotion. You can’t even begin to imagine, how difficult it is for someone like me to come forward and be the center of attention again but I was strongly persuaded to do it.

Int: You were? By whom?

Ophie: I will name no names. It is sufficient to say that I received an angry and extremely menacing phone call from a well-known American film producer and film studio executive (he and his brother have been co-chairmen of their own production company, since 2005) you can call him Mr. W.
Mr. W. shouted at me over the phone that in my previous interview I came off as “a self-important snob boasting of her refined tastes and worldliness through language” . I strongly disagree but he was most persistent, that I should retract the statements I made in my previous interview and clean my image.

Int: What was your immediate reaction to his phone call?

Ophie: The avant-garde artist in me immediately saw the potential opera and theatrical narrative of the individual in that phone call and created a moodboard which included the images of the 1781 oil painting “The Nightmare” by the Anglo- Swiss artist Henry Fuseli, and the bloody horse-head scene from the 1972 American crime film “The Godfather” directed by Francis Ford Coppola (based on Mario Puzo’s best-selling novel with the same name).
The whole concept of a ‘mafia theatrical opera’ came to me as a vision and inspired what will be a wonderful work for the operatic stage. I will be seeking to develop a new kind of theatrical event reflecting and profoundly questioning the actualities of my way of looking at the world.

Int: Some people also accused you of being pretentious. Do you think there was some truth in those claims?

Rachel: Pretentious, moi? Don’t be ridiculous. Conflating “foreign”, “artistic”, “intelectual” with “pretence” as you do in the working classes is disquietingly parochial.

Int: Do you care to elaborate on that?

Rachel: People are always suspicious of the unconventional. Experimental literature, avant-garde performances, modernist art, or fashion design are only pretentious for you low and middle classes!
I have never pursued these interests out of affectation! I have an art school degree and decades of experience as an Actress/Opera Director/Playwriter/Avant-Garde Artist/Model-Fashionista/Producer extraordinaire working in the field of Contemporary Art/Indie and Mainstream Cinema/Experimental Theater/Fashion/Opera, so you could say I’ve spent a life embedded in pretension. But you would be wrong.

Int: How is that?

Rachel: I am just one of the crowd really! I get on with my staff (when they do their jobs properly). My sense of sense of humour is very appreciated (amongst people who I have on payroll). I smile a lot and even genuinely (for the paparazzi). I have friends who can vouch just how my salt-of-the-earth credentials are. I am a very likable and emphatic person who is also involved in Charities.

Int: What Charities?

Rachel: I do not like to brag but I am most commited to help people to fulfill their hopes and dreams.
Particularly my close relatives and friends because as mother says ‘Charity begins at home’. Naturally, I understand the overriding demands of taking care of one’s family, before caring for others and I have dozens of close relatives, and friends - each one with his/her own ambitions, dreams- and as God is my witness, I will not rest until Bob helps each and everyone of them to find their way, their ambition and their success in this world!

Int: What were the other reactions to your first interview?

Ophie: As soon as the interview was out I received hundreds of notifications on my phone. Naturally I assumed that the interview had gone viral and I was receiving congratulations and accolades, instead you can imagine my surprise when all I got was worried and stressed messages from my interns reporting to me that I was receiving all sorts of negative reactions on social media. Among other surprising and unfair things, people were accusing me, ME of being a Diva that was putting on airs and graces.

Inter: How did you react to those accusations?

Ophie: I was very upset, obviously! I’ve never done one diva-ish thing in my life. Not a single one! I had a temper-tantrum, then calmed down, collected myself, flipped my hair and proceeded in firing all the members of my in-house staff- who were responsible for managing my online reputation and I left the stage, I mean the meeting room!

Int: You fired everybody? Wasn’t that a bit extreme?

Rachel: No it really wasn’t. My intern’s job’s descriptions were perfectly clear since day one: manage my name domain online, establish a clear, fleshed-out presence on multiple social networking sites, post to each of them at least once a week, blurr my husband’s face in all the photos where I, a celebrity in my own right, was endorsing high profile brands and products such as designer shoes and jewelry, fashion clothes and accessories- while simultaneously tagging his name in order to lure in his fandom, and most importantly keep monitoring the web (particularly the hateful so-called “Skeptics” blogs) for any unflattering photos or mentions of me.
If they did find something negative or unflattering, they had clear orders to do everything in their power to bury them with positive content. They failed on all accounts.

Int: What happened next?

Ophie: My Media Team Management which included my Reputation Manager, my Press representative, my Public relations publicist, my Special publicity consultant, my Unit publicist and my Media Agent resigned in block allegedly because they were “extremely frustrated with me and particularly my perceived interference in the team’s affairs”. The truth was that they promised to make my preferred online profile float to the top of search results in order to boost my personal or corporate brand and instead due to their collective incompetence they failed to achieve my stated target of securing me a place in the Top Celebrities League.

Int: Did you feel people misunderstood you?

Rachel: Yes of course. I want people to understand- because Mr. W. was most insistent about this specific point- that I care hugely about my role. I care hugely about Bob. I care hugely about SM. I think Sunny March is a fantastic organisation full of people who just want to make a difference.
I want people to know that I want to be a tool to Bob, SM and Mr. W- if they really enable me and my people to make a real difference in Bob’s career. I want Mr. W to know that I am extremly commited to help him on this long-term agenda, because I think that this is the opportunity of a life time, and I think I’ll probably look back over the last three years and say, that we helped each other a lot.

Int: Do you intend to give any more interviews in future?

WHM: In the immortal words of mother: Watch this space! You never know.

Int: Thank you Ophie!

Ophie: That’s Mrs. Cumberbatch for you!

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Anna:  After reading the above submission, I feel the need to be very clear:

This is not a real interview by Sophie Hunter.  I repeat.  NOT a real interview.

I just feel it’s imperative I make the distinction, because the snarky Anon who’s getting these imaginary exclusives has managed to capture Weirdo’s spirit so well, I half expect excerpts from it to end up on SHC as quotes.  Having said that, the interns who run SHC haven’t posted anything since the 4th of March, so perhaps I don’t need to be as vigilant…


It was freezing. Harsh winds were blowing, pushing against Kyungsoo’s back as he walked down the sidewalk towards the radio station. He pulled his black pea coast up around his neck, tucking his scarf into his jacket more. Why hadn’t he taken the car all the way here? Ah, yes because he was an idiot and he wanted to think about what he was doing before he got there. Clear his mind as it was. EXO was done. At least for now, they deserved a long break, Xiumin was off to the army soon, and he knew he would be as well. He was about to release a slow jams R&B record and SM was all for promoting him solo. He didn’t want to do any fan meets, and he was lax about doing concerts until record sales hit a certain amount of numbers. All DO really wanted to do was relax. He wanted to be able to wake up, and do what he wanted, when he wanted and not worry about people crowding him. 

Truth be told, since EXO had announced their hiatus, 6 months ago, he went out for the first time in forever, and bought a cup of coffee. No one said anything to him. He opened the door to the radio station, greeted by the people inside. 

They smiled at him and showed him to the floor, he was supposed to go. Coffee was all he wanted, and maybe some snacks. The radio MC came in, shaking his hand. The older gentleman, smiled, his peppered hair messy on his head. 

“Do Kyungsoo, how are you feeling about tonight?”

“Good. A little nervous, but I know that’s normal until I settle into it anyway.” DO stood up, giving a slight bow to the older man. 

“You’ll be fine. I’ve been broadcasting this for like two weeks, and rating have soared. We are going to have a ton of listeners tonight.” The man clapped his shoulder, leaving the small room. 

DO sat, leaning his head back against the wall. They had a list of questions, that he had looked over, but in reality he was comfortable with just about anything. If he didn’t want to answer, he wouldn’t. That simple. A young woman, clipboard in hand opened the door summoning him. 

“The show is on in 10 minutes, let’s get you set up.” She led Kyungsoo to a room, with chairs and mics and headphones. 

He sat down in the chair across from the MC, and she handed him a set of headphones, adjusting a mic in front of him. He set his coffee down, and asked for a refill.

He listened to a few more songs play before the MC, cleared his throat and motioned for him to do the same.

“Hello, listeners, thank you for tuning in tonight. We have our special guest here. EXO member Do Kyungsoo, lead vocals in the group. He is releasing a solo album next week entitled: Castaway Love. How are you DO?”

Kyungsoo coughed a bit. “I’m good, how are you?”

“Fine, thanks for asking. So, EXO is on hiatus. How do you feel?”

One thing that was weird about radio interviews is that even though, DO was sitting right in front of the interviewer, this was live and essentially he was talking to the listeners. “It feels liberating in a way, but it’s also kind of weird. We don’t stay in the dorms so, we are all off and doing our own thing for awhile. It was an adjustment period. Some of us still room together in shared apartments.”

“Really? What about you?” He stared at DO from across the table.

“I live alone. I like my privacy. I like being able to just do what I want and know no one is watching me. I’m an introvert, by nature.” DO chuckled. 

“Being alone, living alone. Is that the kind of atmosphere, that fueled your album?”

DO tapped his fingers on the wood. “I want to say yes, but it was things before that. I think that the privacy enabled me to search within myself, and pull out what I wanted to sing about.” 

The MC nodded his head. “And pull out the emotions you did. I listened to the two tracks you released and my god. This is you pouring out your soul. This is raw emotion. It seems too real.”

DO smiled, shrugging his shoulders. “I mean, I don’t do sub par work. To answer, your question though, it is real.” 

The MC hummed loudly. “So there is a woman at the center of the labyrinth that is Kyungsoo. With the success and worldwide fame of EXO, I would assume so. So, is that what this is about a special lady?”

“Uh, I mean.” DO thought carefully about his next words, rubbing his neck. “I had fun during the EXO time. There were women who caught my eye. I’ve only been in love one time. I’ve only truly loved one woman. So, yea, the album is about her.” 

“Now this is a story in itself! We weren’t even going this far. We have to hear this. Can you share it?”

DO licked his lips, the memories rushing back into his mind. His heart began to thump as her face appeared in his mind. He told himself he wouldn’t think of her anymore. It was over and the past stayed in the past. No time for second chances. He could tell the story though, he could let others know that he was more than just a shell.

“I can tell the story, sure.” He wiped his eyes, and took a sip of his coffee. 

“So, where did you meet this mystery woman? On tour? Fan Meet? Noodle shop?” 

“In America, actually. On my own time. I had some time between comebacks, and I had always wanted to vacation in America. So, I did some research and ended up in North Carolina. Rented a house there and just had fun. I went there because, EXO was never in North Carolina. I had privacy.”

“So an American woman? Korean-American?” The MC asked.

“I’ll get into that.” DO grinned, his finger moving around the rim of his cup. “Basically, I was near the ocean, I was far enough from the big cities to enjoy the night sky. I had a good time and fell in love.” 

DO listened the host talk nonchalantly after that, the show was winding up for the night, and he let the thoughts of her drift in and out of his head, as he listened to some callers and took questions. He knew this would pop up. Some women telling him of their love, and could he fall in love again. Others complaining, that he went to America and found love what was wrong with Korea?

At the end, he stood up and thanked the MC for his time. The older man smiling at him. 

“I’m really interested in hearing this. My whole show is based around lost love, love newly found, and missed connections. Your story sounds like all three! Same time tomorrow? Should I call your manager?”

Do shook his head. “I mostly do my own thing now. I’ll be here.” He exited the building, pulling his coat once more around his neck. 

The car was here this time and he walked the short distance to the door, as ice crystals stung his cheeks. She would have loved this, she liked snow. His hand on the door handle, he heard her soft laugh in his ear. Why did he make himself go down this path again? 

Chapter Two

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what does tethys like most about the tempest? is there anything about the pathfinder quarters that she changes?

“Oh boy. If Kallo were around you know I’d say I love the entire ship too much to choose! But… okay. Being honest. Just between you and me? I spend perhaps an unreasonable amount of time in the galley. It’s not my fault! Vetra keeps getting me these really good cookies. She knows I love them. She’s enabling me, I tell you. I think she thinks my chub is cute.” 

Tethys being adorable. What? I couldn’t help it. Also, yes, I did change her romance to Vetra. As for her quarters, I think she keeps it pretty much the same as how it comes. She likes it. It’s neat.  

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what would a murphamy wedding involve ?

Hope you enjoy!

  • “Murphy, please just come help us do the invitations.” “No. I told Bellamy I would only say yes if I didn’t have to do shit for this.”
  • “Yeah but he told us if we needed help-” “To leave him alone. You wanted to plan this, guys.” “Yeah but we need extra hands, Bellamy.” “Clarke, there’s ten of you.”
  • “Bell, I don’t like them get them out.” “They’re planning our wedding Murphy.” “Don’t care. Come take a shower.”
  • “Ew, what? No, don’t fuck my brother while we’re all here.” “Then leave.” “You’re such a douche, Murphy.” “Bye.”
  • Murphy totally pretending he is not nervous at all around everyone then Raven notices his hands shaking as he tries to tie his bowtie so she kicks everyone out and sits him down
  • “Here, I got it.” “Thanks, nerd.” “You look great, dick.”
  • Emori hiding from Octavia and Clarke in Bellamy’s room
  • “They’ve gone insane. It’s like they’re planning some grand royal wedding.” “Oh god.” “No, no. It’s not that bad. It actually looks pretty nice out there.” “Yeah?” “Yeah.”
  • “Murphy will probably think its lame and complain the whole time.” “I think he’ll love it… but still complain the whole time. He really loves you you know.” “Yeah I know.”
  • The bridesmaids and groomsmen all wear white and Bellamy and Murphy wear fine ass black tuxes
  • Murphy refusing to walk down the aisle so he makes Bellamy do it
  • “Hi.” “Lame.” “You love me.” “Do I?” “Why you standing here then?”
  • “You two know everyone’s staring at you right.” “Let’s just get this the fuck over with.”
  • Bellamy being a total dork and quoting Sappho in his vows
  • “You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us.”
  • Murphy making puns about how much Octavia will be steaming from the ears right now because her brother agreed to marry a psycho like himself
  • “This is the part where I get to kiss you.” “Is it now? I had no fucking idea.” “You’re such a-mmph.”
  • “YOU DID IT!” “Yes Jasper, we did it.” “NO ONE RAN AWAY!” “Yes Mille, no one ran away.” “NO ONE DIED!” “Yes Bryan, no one-wait what?”
  • “PHOTO TIME!” “Please, no.” “We have to do it, Murphy.” “Bell nooooooo.” “Fine, fine. Why don’t you guys just go take some photos?” “Bellamy stop enabling him.”
  • “That was actually kinda fun.” “Murphy, you wouldn’t let Bellamy put you down the whole time.” “The grass was wet.” “You’re impossible. Bellamy tell your husband he’s impossible.” “They’re his dad shoes, Finn.” “Oh…well fuck the grass then.”
  • The reception:
  • “Well fuck me.” “You guys did pretty fucking great.” “Right?” “Clarke and Wells were totally here till 2am yesterday getting this set up.”
  • “First dance.” “O, no.” “FIRST DANCE! FIRST DANCE! FIRST DANCE!” “ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!” “Perfect, I have the song right here.”
  • “Wait Bellamy, what song?” “It was just this stupid thingfrom when we were kids. I didn’t think she was actually listening to me.”
  • The song
  • Murphy dancing with his head buried against Bellamy’s collarbone as Bellamy hums along and they’re both completely pink to their ears
  • Abby dragging Clarke out onto the floor to dance with her like she used to and they end up spinning each other like mad
  • Kane watching on with a ridiculous grin on his face
  • Wells and Jaha getting more than a little drunk together and singing every last classic cheesy song that comes on 
  • Miller and Bryan having a worrying competition to see who can hold onto the inside balcony ledge the longest
  • Raven beating both of their asses
  • Monty and Jasper dancing very very badly until Maya and Harper come over and drag them away from each other
  • Lincoln making Bellamy dance with him and giving Octavia looks till she goes over to Murphy
  • Bellamy giving Murphy the nothing is happening tonight if you reject my sister look till he says yes
  • “I hate you.” “I hate you more.” “I hope your marriage fails.” “I hope Lincoln never proposes.”
  • “See you at Christmas, ass hat.” “You know were technically brother and sister now.” “You’re not that bad.” “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! BELLAMY SHE’S BROKEN!”
  • Everyone drunkenly dancing around but Bellamy and Murphy are just sitting there with their jackets off and bow ties open just staring at each other
  • “Bellamy, what are you doing?” “Nothing. I want you to sit on my lap.” “Fine, what are your hands doing?” “Nothing.” “You’ve had champagne and you want to get out of here?” “Yup.”
  • “Wait…Clarke. Where did the grooms go?” “What? No Raven, they left without saying goodbye?” “You know with the way they’ve been whispering to each other all night can you blame them?” “They left us all a card by the way to say thank you.” “You mean Bellamy did?” “No it was Murphy’s idea.” “Oh…Gross.”
  • “I can’t believe you agreed to that.” “You’re my husband now. I can introduce you to people as my husband.” “You’re a Blake.” “…” “Murphy…Murph? Baby? You okay? John.” “I think I just died a little.” “Are you tearing up?” “Nope.” “Oh my god. You’re tearing up.” “So are you.” “Shut up, Murphy.”

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(my babies I had to I mean imagine that being Bell’s reaction when Murphy agrees to have an actual wedding)

send me in a “what would _____ involve?

  • James: Moony did you finish checking my job application?
  • Remus: Yes...I just have one comment, when you say "it enabled me to go further in life and through great and unique life-changing experiences it allowed me to become the person I am "
  • James: What about it?
  • Remus: You are the cheese of all cheeses. You are too cheesy. You are like ten different cheeses mixed together cheesy.
  • James:
  • James: ...You know mate, you made your point with the first cheese.
I win

So this actually took 1hr20. I had no idea how hard it is to think, write and proofread in an hour! Anyway, the first prompt to come through was simply:

Prompt:angry sex

Warning: SMUT

“We’re back to this, again?” I ask, exasperation oozing out of every syllable I speak. I’m storming across the grass field that leads from my car to his trailer, too angry to turn around and drive home at the moment.

“Yes Amelia, yes we are,” Owen shouts back at me. “You know it’s not you. I trust you, I do. It’s him I don’t trust.” This simple conversation started on our commute home together and took an unfortunate turn when Owen mentioned that he saw me flirting with Riggs earlier this morning.

“You are completely contradicting yourself,” I fight back. We very rarely fight and when we do, I remember how much joy and excitement I get out of it. “Our trust should outweigh any distrust you have towards him. You have got to remove the stick up your ass when it comes to Nathan Riggs.”

“Well, yes Amelia, but then I think back to that time you sat in Joe’s with the guy and fucking accepted a drink from him. He didn’t know, did he?” He’s of course referring to the time Riggs innocently offered me a drink and, unbeknownst to the kind man, enabled my spiral into a relapse.

“Let’s not talk about what fucking led me to being inside the bar, hey?” I counter.

“How many times do I need to tell you, I do not need to talk about it. I don’t want to, I don’t need to, I don’t have to. Why does that annoy you so much?”

“Because you say you trust me and then you can’t even tell me why you hate Riggs. OH- and then you accuse me of cheating on you with him. Argh! You’re being such a child.” I’m practically screaming by the time I reach the decking of the trailer. “Open the door. I’m going to get a water then go.”

“Sure you don’t want a beer?” he sarcastically scowls, walking up the steps and getting his keys out. My eyes spit fire in return. He’s too mad to realise how far he’s pushed my buttons so I show him by slapping him. His face whips back to look at me, slightly shocked. He grunts, yanks the door open and goes inside the trailer, ignoring me. He’s done and because I used violence to get my point across, he now has the moral high ground. If it stops here, he’s won.

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Put Me Back In, Coach

Who knows when this is set…? Happy fluffy Sunday!

He stood in the outfield with his arms crossed, his feet hip-width apart, and a frown on his face as he tried to make out what the other staff members within the diamond were arguing about. He looked to the left of the field to see Arizona and April, both with pigtails poking out from under their blue caps, gossiping whilst surreptitiously sipping some liquid from a flask. He was assuming it wasn’t water for hydrating. To his right, Amelia was fiddling with the mesh fence and occasionally kicking the bottom as if she were a five year old who’d been sent into a time-out. She was sulking about being forced into the game, having announced in that morning’s meeting that she’d much rather be cutting into her own brain before stepping onto the field.

He smiled to himself as he subtly looked her up and down out of the corner of his eye, admiring the view. Due to her reluctance to play, she’d made herself purposefully late and subsequently got the last pick of the team shirts- a large. The size was slightly loose Owen’s broad shoulders, so on her it basically looked like a night-shirt. Peeking out just below the hem of the shirt were her black shorts, revealing her smooth and toned legs that shimmered and shined in the sunlight. Thanks to her tardiness, she had also missed out on the caps branded with the Greys Sloan logo everyone was wearing, allowing him a clear view of her unusually high ponytail sweeping her hair out of her face. He smirked at how oblivious she was to her surroundings as she scowled to the sun for creating such a nice, warm day.

Owen checked the progress of the argument that was taking place at the pitcher’s mound, and as he saw Callie sassily pursing her lips and bobbing her head towards Riggs in an I-told-you-so fashion, he made the executive decision that there was enough time to cross the grass and talk to the lonesome outfielder.

“Hey,” he called as he jogged over.

“Hi,” she smiled briefly, before looking back to the diamond hole her finger was tracing in the fence.

“You really don’t want to be here, huh?”

“Am I making it obvious enough?” she joked, laughing a little.

“Yes… but if you really want seem disinterested you should probably sit down… with a hip flask full of tequila…” he recalled from his memory of the first time he’d coached one of the annual softball rival games.

“You offering? I’d definitely let you enable me right now…” She carried on with the light mood, although refused to look up from the fence.

“Did you just proposition me for sex?” he gasped, feigning shock. He caught a glimpse of her dimple in her smile and a seconds eye contact before she returned her gaze to her fingers on the fence. “Amelia, what’s going on? Why don’t you want to play?”

“Nothing…” she sighed.

“Is it because you can’t catch?” he teased, grimacing to try to make her laugh. It worked.


“Is it because you were always picked last at school? Is it bringing back bad memories?”

“No! I was always captain,” she dismissed.

“Errrrr… is it… do you not like to lose?”

“I hate losing!”

“Oh, we are guaranteed to lose, I can tell you that much,” he laughed, pointing to the argument that now involved every person on the pitch accept the two drunk outfielders and themselves.

“It’s nothing don’t worry. I just don’t wanna be here… Can you drop it please?”

He stared worryingly but agreed with a nod.

As Bailey blew the whistle to end the practice an hour later, a collective sigh of relief was released as the surgical staff of Greys Sloan abandoned their positions and ran for their cars. Owen peered over to her, an instinctive glance that his brain told him to do on regular occasions, to see her hanging back. Going against everything his body was telling him, he walked away and left her alone.

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This is probably the greatest things I've come across on tumblr. I envy the fuck out of you, totally wish I had the means to go off and do some exploring.

Hi, I left home without the means to do it. Nothing separated me from anyone else or enabled me an easier path; it was what I wanted to do so I just left and did it. Yes it was scary at the time and there are still challenges every day, but I didn’t have any guaranteed income or security, just as most of us don’t when facing the path to our goals. Don’t let fear stop you from doing anything. If I can do it, you can do it 10x better. 

Siblings, please listen up!

I am excited to announce that I have reached 100 followers - thank you! So, in celebration, my vessel has volunteered to make this human art form called calligrams using our fallen angel URLs to shape of a version of our angelic wings. This concept of calligrams is actually very beautiful…and, hopefully, so will be the end result.


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jaenadisreal  asked:

Boonies.... I am shocked.... I just read your tag about what happen to Jaejoong's nephew and I really want to curse.... How could they do that to toddler??? Gosh I cant.... *insertallthecurses* And sometimes I wonder if Jaejoong has guts or he just plainly stupid =__=" I thought Yunho's dad will punch him when he talked to him. But glad to see yunho and jaejoong talked. Although it looks awkward? ^^" I just knew yunho was hospitalized, what happen? I hope it's not SME...

Yunho had gastritis and Jaejoong, in true vampire fashion, developed a sun allergy; both received treatment throughout the festival and should recover soon.

As for the shippers. IDK, you guys. I tried, I honestly did try not to comment, but the thing is. You have to. You can’t keep stupidly supporting this kind of toxic behavior.

The Korean military classifies homosexuality as a mental handicap which results in a dishonorable discharge. The military penal code identifies CONSENSUAL relationships between men as reciprocal rape, punishable by imprisonment.

This environment is where these shippers decided to bring their blatant yunjae propaganda. To a military event filled with recruits, soldiers, COMMANDERS. To an event full of family members.

This is not a cute harmless hobby. This is literal harassment at best and endangerment at worst.

The thing about loving someone is: you try your fucking hardest to spare them awkwardness, embarrassment, distress. If you consistently inflict all three upon Yunho and Jaejoong, you’re treating them as objects. You’re dehumanizing them. You’re humiliating them. You’re making them ill. Please understand that’s not love and stop.

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dwstrome  asked:

“its my senior year, and i've created a bucket list of things i want to do before i graduate - one of those things happens to be you.” like just imagine jack and shitty sitting down on the first day of senior year writing bucket list and the it gets to graduation day and jack shows bitty the list ( also how dare you change your side bar and not warn me i was unprepared for this boy feels)

(whoops I totally remodeled the blog and had a good time just because I wanted to add a tags page! Whoops, sorry! Also, I will totally get to the other prompt, but this one got way out of hand and took forever and a half. Also I’m drunk and autocorrect is wonderful but not perfect unfortunately)


Shitty threw his head back, causing him to hit his head on the wall against Jack’s bed. But the new crack in the wall didn’t slow Shitty down in the slightest. 

“Jack, you beautiful Canadian idiot, I wasn’t really suggesting it. I’ve already started mine and I realized how much fun it was, so naturally I felt the need to bring some fun to your life.” 

Jack sighed, and turned away from his laptop. “Shits, I already know what I’m aiming for. I couldn’t make a whole list of things to do. I’m not that interesting.”

And that, that is what activates Shitty’s determination to convince Jack to do this, because bros don’t let their bros get down on themselves (especially not when they are one of the most attractive athletes at school and they are going to be playing professional hockey, and also have a wicked sense of humor, even if it is all hockey-based or history-based humor). 

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann, so help me, if you don’t make a bucket list with me, I will make Bitty withhold pie privileges for a month!” 

Jack gave him a dry look from across the room, “Probably would be best, I need to cut back on sweets to prep for the season.”

“Don’t make me get Lardo involved.” At that, Jack sighed and seemed to give in. 

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