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for my dearest @frogspears who had a bad day. have this semi-finished dad!Bran and parents!Arya x Gendry AU that is all about Bran’s kid

Winterfell in the spring was a sight to behold, green covered the ground as the snow once did. The air still crisp as ever but somehow warmer now that the earth slowly rebuilt itself. Laughter and joyfulness filled the halls of the Great Keep once more and although there was still rubble to clear, there was no doubt that Winterfell was still as prestigious as before. The people loved their King, but it was his daughter that they adored. Or more importantly, it was their blacksmith that would falter with one of her little smiles.

Presently, that little princess was currently running around the courtyard in the hopes to escape the burly giant that was chasing her.

“Oh Gods help me, I think I’ve misplaced the princess. Where ever could she possibly be?”

The little girl giggled as the blacksmith continued to search the courtyard. She was hiding beside the pig pen by the tower and muffled her laughter when she caught sight of her favorite aunt.

But the blacksmith’s voice brought her attention back to the game. “Well looks like I’ll just have to give these lemoncakes to the boys then. What a pity, these are just scrumptious.”

Little Larissa gasped as the voice came from right behind her.


Larissa yelped as the giant picked her up. “Uncle Gendry! You found me!”

“I sure did sweetling.”

Larissa heard a snort from across the yard, Lady Arya Stark stood with her hands on her hips.

“You wouldn’t have found her if I hadn’t pointed you in the right direction, Gendry.”

Gendry sighed as he carried Larissa over to Arya. “You can never let me have one, can you m'lady?”

“Never.” Arya chuckled before her smirk became a scowl. “And don’t call me that.”

Gendry was contemplating a retort when Bran interrupted their bickering with a rather amused expression. Then again, anything that involved his sister and her blacksmith was always worth the interruption.

“Ah! There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you young lady!”


Bran opened his arms as his daughter barreled straight into him. “Have you been skipping your lessons with Maester Sam again?”


Bran cocked an eyebrow.

“Mayhaps…but Maester Sam excused me from my lessons today because we’d already learned about Queen Nymeria and about grumpkins and snarks.” Larissa stared up at her father with large green eyes and a tiny pout. “Jojen and Edwyn stayed behind to learn more about the Age of Heroes and how Bran the Builder helped build the Wall.”

“Well, either way, your mother’s been waiting for you in her solar.”

Larissa looked at her father in confusion. “Why?”

“Why don’t we go see?” Bran replied warmly.

Arya and Gendry watched as the King of Winterfell and their princess strode towards the Great Keep. They were halfway across the yard when Larissa suddenly stopped and ran back towards her aunt and uncle.

“Uncle Gendry! I almost forgot.” Carefully, Larissa handed him a wrapped piece of cloth. Curious, Gendry peeled away to find another piece of cloth. This time the cloth was more delicate and precisely folded. When he unfolded the handkerchief, Gendry sputtered before smiling and embracing his niece.

“It’s lovely. Thank you, little one.”

The princess grinned big and bright when he winked and gave her the coveted lemon cakes before running back to her father. Gendry stared at the handkerchief long after Larissa left.


As Bran wheeled his chair towards his wife’s solar, Larissa regaled her father about her activities of the day. His daughter smiled brightly and her green eyes sparkled as she told him how she was excited to learn more about the Doom of Valyria and how she couldn’t wait for Aunt Arya to show how to Water Dance.

“Aunt Arya said that mayhaps in three moons after the babe is born, I could learn to dance like her!”

“I’m sure you are sweet girl. But how about you learn to shoot a bow like your mother first?”

“But mother can’t teach me and nurse little Jo at the same time! Besides no one will ever be as good as mother.”

Bran chuckled. “Aye.”

They had almost approached Queen Meera’s solar when his daughter grew strangely quiet. Summer whined quietly and nudged Bran. He waited until Larissa looked up at him.



“Can a person be brave even when they’re most scared?”

Bran felt as if he was a child again asking the same question. His eyes watered for a second before smiling and placing a hand under her chin.

“We are most brave when we are scared. Now what’s brought this on?”

Larissa sniffled. “Sometimes I have these dreams….and sometimes they come true. Like when Aunt Arya married Uncle Gendry and when Nymeria had pups.”

The green sight, Bran thought.

“And those dreams scare you?”

“Only the bad ones. Like when Aunt Sansa had a fall.”

Bran knew what it felt to be in her place and promised to never let her fear get the better of her.

“You are a Stark of Winterfell but you are most like your Uncle Jojen. He too had dreams that came true.”

“Was he ever frightened of them?”

Bran thought back to Jojen and his dreams.
“Ask your mother. But to me he was the bravest person I knew.”

He smiled and slowly so did she.

“I can be brave. I can be as brave as him too.”

Yes, Bran thought as his daughter embraced him, yes you can.

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I'm going through a lot right now and I was just wondering if you can be non-binary and still be bi?

Hi, BB! Mama Ivy is in your corner. I won’t get into all the ins and outs- there are hundreds of resources that all say the same thing- but YES, I absolutely think you can. I believe that how you experience gender can be totally separate from how you experience sexual attraction (or don’t experience it). You don’t need to be a cloud to be in the sky, and you don’t have to have a particular gender identity to have a particular sexual identity.

You do you- no one who argues with how you feel is worth your time.

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Remember how I said I was going to a 50sstuck meet??

Welllllll here are some pics that were taken, and bruh, I had a blast hanging with my peeps up north.

Being jane was super awesome too and I felt pretty cute in my dress and makeup uvu

(Read the tags bc friends)

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。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。grace can i have a hug i kinda dk what to do about jimin and his weight loss things like;;;; i do want him to be happy and healthy but i'm also relieved he spoke about it and he looks happier now???!! i'm so conflicted but like i just hope he has everything he desires bc he deserves it and;;;;;;; ohmygod let's cry im sorry for the cringey mail (´・ω・`)

Yes bb ofc you can have a hug. I just want him to be happy too…. 


DS9, 2.15: Paradise

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Hello! firstly I love your blog, and secondly I was just wondering if you have any or can direct me to any Zayn master posts (like why he is people's favourite band member of like gifs of him being funny/nice or whatever) because though Harry is probably my favourite I think Zayn is beautiful but feel like I don't really know that much about him??? Hope this wasn't too much of a weird rambling post and also sorry if this is an effort!!! Thank you :) xx

thanks, bb !! anddd yes i can provide you some links hehe <3

well i have a zayn alphabet which might interest you and i also have a i love zayn tag which is mostly just me rambling about why i love zayn lol 

this gifset is important to me. and this one. and this one that lana made is sooooooo important. AND ALSO THIS ONE SHE MADE RECENTLY !!

gonna link you to lana’s masterpost tag and patricia’s masterpost tag because they’re all zayn specific masterposts :)))

a masterpost of the boys talking about/complimenting zayn

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patricia’s quotes tag includes zayn quotes and quotes about zayn. and her ‘with fans’ tag is good tooooooo for all fan interactions/pics/etc :) and her zayn with celebs tag (includes celebs talking about zayn + interactions)

and if you wanna just appreciate his extreme beauty then i’d recommend clicking here and here (i’m basically just linking to all of patricia’s blog at this point lmao)

hopefully all this helps !!! :)


Emily Deschanel as Cassie Germaine [3/?]