yes you are~

Me: I’m so glad Wonho and Changkyun are getting closer. Their friendship is blooming beautifully!

Also me:

They’re dating.

CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW RELATIONSHIP @ivywolf777 AND @clickstarcookie!!!

So as a gift, here’s a Coovy child for ya: his name’s Rudi!

Hope you like him, but most importantly, I hope you have an amazing, long-lasting, happy relationship!!!

And, now Pharmercy shippers are being blamed by Gency shippers for all of the people posting hate in the Gency tag.

1.) The people saying Gency would be better if Mercy was a man (and Black) also hate Pharmercy too. They’ve also been coming after us.

2.) Stop using us as a scapegoat for all of the hate your ship gets, when this is also your own fault due to your extreme overreactions to Male!Mercy and how most of you went on rants about ‘Fujoshi’ and how people are now ‘okay’ with Gency because ‘Mercy was a man’ in the concept art.

3.) Actually do your research for once, and stop blaming us for all of the problems in your ship.

Hi @taylorswift it’s me Sophie!!! I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of myself in 2+ years bc I’m self conscious™ like that but here’s a photo of me from June this year when I was happy in Barcelona! I miss you and I hope you come back to Australia soon!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the reputation tour ❤️❤️❤️