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Show us a picture of you in a dress!!! Or put one on!


// Pretty sure you just signed your death sentence



blue neighbourhood || troye sivan 

  • Regina: Hey Emma...
  • Emma *confused*: What are you doing here?
  • Regina: Nice to see you too Regina, yes darling I love you so much and you brighten my day...
  • Emma *rolling her eyes*: Yes that...I just meant...normally it's me coming to surprise you.
  • Regina *smiling*: I know...maybe I felt like breaking you out early for a change.
  • Emma: Really? Wait...this isn't a trick or a prank right?
  • Regina: No.
  • Emma: Then why?
  • Regina *grinning*: Because it's Saturday and it's not your shift.

some female stuff


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ayato gives subaru some old games too bc he secretly wants to be nice. of course he says something like "i already beat them but i doubt you can" bc he can't be too nice

YES so in-character jhdsfghdsafj thats my brotp!!!

it’s just like when ayato played air hockey with subaru over and over again cuz he could tell that subaru really wanted to play :D a good big brother!!!


*points to Haikyuu* this series will be my next victim for my dumb doodles.

Another comic from piyocchi’s idea, who still have more ideas up her sleeves and keep feeding me with prompts. Sort of Valentine-ish thing I guess?

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Ello how are you and how is your day going btw your like the best smut writer ever like bless (just making sure your okay and shit)

you guys are so nice to me today, thank you!! yes, i’m doing fine, thank you, you’re too nice :*

I’m at Diamond City for the first time and after talking to Piper, Dogmeat runs off. I follow him only to find him sniffing at a Diamond City guard that looks oddly familiar (Fucking Deacon). Now it’s spawned a headcanon that, while Deacon was watching the entrance to Vault 111 (There’s a railroad watch post on the ledge to the left as you come out) Dogmeat came and said hello. So now, weeks later at Diamond city, it’s just like;

Deacon: *whispering* “Yes, yes. Hello again”

“Yes, it’s nice to see you too.”

“Please leave.”

“Dog, please.”

“Come on, man! You gotta-*Sole appears. Deacon pretends to act cool by lighting a cigarette* Hey. What’s up?”

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As the anon who's confessed their crush on you three times, I am slightly hurt! But shoot I'm a girl too so damn... also I'm not British... im French.. does that count?

Oh no!!! I’m sorry, my love! Your crush is noted and appreciated 😘😘😘 tbh I have so little self-confidence and can not comprehend that someone (let alone multiple someone’s) would actually have a crush on me, so I have always just assumed you were just being nice! But yes, French is good too and I love you lots!!!! ❤❤❤ (please don’t hate me!)


Feu et Sang - Part 1
ASOIAF French Revolution AU

A Family History

The fourteenth Compte de Targaryen was a man of great excess and little conscience. He delighted in wine and cards, the overindulgence of the former often leading to fits of paranoia and violence.

The Compte was fifteen when he wed Rhaella, a princess of the blood and his own lady cousin. The Comptess was a gentle lady, and thought a beauty by many, but was treated with the same contempt and cruelty that her husband showed to his tenants.

She bore two living sons:

The elder, the Vicompte Rhaegar, was a youth of great feeling, though he shared none of his father tendency towards caprice. While both an accomplished rider and swordsman, the Vicompte preferred quieter pursuits and spent much of his time away from court (and his father) in the family’s country chateau.

The younger, the Vicompte Viserys, was the Comptess’s first child to survive infancy after more than a decade of stillbirths, sickness, and disappointment, and thus was much beloved by his lady mother.

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✨ Congrats on 2k! Well my week has been okay so far :) I have to write a class tests in social studies tomorrow and I'm taking a break rn from studying~ I hope you had a nice day too!

yes yes yes. good luck with that test! and keep on taking breaks; they’re important~

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omg it feels like just yesterday u were still a new smol studyblr starting to get involved in the community; keep it up babe!!

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Deepika & Varun at Screen Awards 2015