yes you are rude

  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> Without ugly, nothing in this world would be beautiful!
  • Keith: Thank you for your sacrifice.<p/><b>Lance:</b> 😭<p/></p>
Talking Proxies

At a meeting with INTP’s two friends (ENTP and INFJ) and their friends whom INTP is meeting for the first time (ENFP, ISFJ, and ENTJ).

ENFP: you’re so quiet, INTP!

INTP: I suppose…

ENTJ: do you ever like… get angry?

ISFJ: what are you talking about, she wouldn’t be human if she didn’t.

ENTJ: no, I mean, do you ever shout or yell?

ISFJ: oh, no. She couldn’t. Doesn’t have the voice for it.

ENFP: nah, I’m pretty sure she could!

ENTJ: she seems to be the kind to implode quietly rather than explode extravagantly.

ENFP: try shouting, INTP. You can have ENTJ as a target for any undisclosed anger.

ENTJ: she doesn’t want to.

ENFP: I think she does. Come on, INTP!

ISFJ: ENFP, you’re being rude!

ENFP: I’m not.

ISFJ: yes, you are. You’re annoying INTP.

ENFP: ENTP, am I being rude?

ENTP: nope, that’s being inquisitive, ISFJ.

INFJ: but maybe it would be more polite if you actually let INTP answer the questions herself.

INTP: *eating french-fries* I’m actually quite enjoying talking vicariously. 


BTS AU Series #4 - 2Seok/Hackers

“Important question. Did you hack that Russian mobster bank account?”
“Yes. He was rude to me. More important question. Did you drink my last Red Bull?”
“Hoseok, this is serious. You could go to jail, or get shot.”
Or I could end up falling asleep at the peak of hack time because you drank my last Red Bull. Seriously, were you raised in a zoo or something.  Replace what you take.”
“…You better hope your Russian prison cellmate is as patient as I am.”

Sorry you ignored me.

“I’d like to get a #9 just the sandwich.”
Me: ok was that going to be it for you?
“Uh no thanks.”
Me: I’m sorry was that going to be it for you?


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (#・∀・)

Just finished watching Doctor Strange...

…and I feel like I consumed some mushrooms. Or some of that really strong weed from when we were in Amsterdam.

Hannibal, it is reassuring to me that you barely change even as you move across fandoms (eye makeup notwithstanding; don’t worry, Will loves you even in cosplay). Yes, death is an insult; that is why you deliver it to the rude, it makes so much sense.

Sherlock, did you not say NO to John’s manstache? Is this you trying to show him how it’s done? No. It’s still a no. Even to you.


Here’s an unpopular opinion for all of you: Leave SE Hinton alone!!!

This harassment really needs to stop!!! Let’s really think about this for a second.This would not have escalated so badly if you would not bother and annoy her about what she says her OWN CHARACTERS are like. She’s responding rudely because y’all are annoying her half to death. When people are annoyed, they may not be so polite!!!! I totally get where she’s coming from because all this is getting on my last freaking nerve too!!! She wrote the book 50 YEARS AGO. She’s not going to suddenly change her characters’ personalities because some rude shippers want it their way. Yes I said rude, because that’s what a lot of you are being!!!

Ever heard of NOtps? Like when you even see something mentioned about your NOtps, you’re just like eeeww? I’ve never had so many NOtps in one fandom, and it must be even worse when you’re the one who created those characters. The Outsiders isn’t even about romance, it’s about brothers!!! “But in the book it says this!” Yeah, well you read it wrong! It’s called a platonic relationship. I mean honestly, according to you loons, two characters apparently can’t care about each other without being in love??? That’s not how things are!

 Maybe some of you are going to unfollow because I’m defending SE Hinton and I’m coming of as rude too, but I’m really annoyed. If you’re a shipper that is rude to other fans and especially the actual author thinking of your ship as their NOtp, then go ahead and even block me if you want. I’m personally a fan of canon as stated by the author, because The Outsiders is such a wonderful book about  7 brothers who are great characters that I’ve been crazy about for more than 5 years. And if the book was actually the way some of you say it is, I would not have liked it.

Just a reminder:

Just about ANYTHING can trigger an ED. Just because it’s not something that caused you extreme self-loathing, fear, etc. doesn’t mean it can’t cause others to feel that way. 

Acknowledging an event that may have triggered an ED or ED behaviours is not the same as blaming the event on your ED. 

In fact, acknowledging what may have triggered your ED can often be helpful in the recovery process. 

And yes, rude anon, this message is for you. Because in truth, your message was pathetic. 

- Trelawney

me: hey introvert posts where you call people stupid for talking loudly are rude and dumb

you: yes, they are, but on the other hand, have you considered maybe introverts might actually be rebelling against a cult?

me: ???????????????


“Hey, Severus?” You asked lightly, gripping your potions book tighter in your hand out of nervousness.

He glanced up at you from his seat, his expression neutral as he arched an eyebrow, prompting you to continue. 

You had the second highest marks in Potions which constantly rivaled those of Severus’. You were never rude to him, however. Yes, he was extremely talented at the subject but rather than resent him for being smart, you kind of admired it. He was quiet, and didn’t talk very much but you knew there was something under the surface with him.

“Do you mind if we work together for this potion?”

“You want to work with me?” He drawled.

“If you don’t mind. It’s just this is a particularly hard potion and I know you’ll probably be brilliant at it so I was wondering whether you’d like to work together?” Your tone went higher at the end and you cringed internally.

Severus’ eyebrows furrowed, almost as if he was confused by the idea that someone would like to work with him.

“Its completely alright if you don’t want to.” You reassured, stepping back as you went to turn and sit in your normal seat.

“No.” He stopped you, holding out his hand slightly as if to grab your arm. He let it drop when you turned around and his eyes were softer as he replied, “Yeah, we should work together.”

You smiled brightly at him, dropping your book next to his as you sat down beside him. As you opened up your book and took out your quill, you missed the way Snape smiled briefly to himself as he glanced at you.

Louis Garrel as Severus Snape



A Different Kind of Social Worker 

by reddit user KMApok

“Good evening! I’ve been waiting for you!

Welcome to Hell!

Let’s take a look at your file….oh my….

Murder….rape….arson…quite the profile you have here! It’s gruesome….but hardly original.

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