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rorschach makes me frustrated bc some parts of him i admire, and he is my favorite character in watchmen, but he is BAD. he kills without a thought which is fucking scary, he hurts people to further his own quests, he’s SUPER misogynistic and homophobic, and frankly a goddamn hypocrite about MANY THINGS.

but i also admire his sense of justice, i love that he is paranoid, autistic and small, just like me, and is still taken seriously. and his design is pretty cool….

is it possible to have a favorite character that is REALLY GODDAMN FLAWED and also to admire SOME parts of them but be angry at other parts?

okay i know we are all freaking out about the Logicality there was in this video but since my heart is and forever will be owned by analogical i just gotta say 


tfw your partners are hot and buff

for shirt captions below: 
Petra’s shirt: FIGHT ME
Jessie (braids): WORK IT!!
Jessica (ponytails): I’M BI 

birthday prom

“Philip, don’t be mad,” Lukas says, fanning out his stack of fake money.

“I’m not mad.”

“He just thought he was getting better,” Gabe says, giving Lukas a look.

Lukas’s face falls.

“Gabe knows when to let me win,” Helen says, starting to gather up the pieces and put them in the box. “I always give him the eye and then I magically wind up being able to buy Boardwalk.”

Lukas puts his stack of money down and Helen sweeps it up like it was never even there. Philip is still leaning on his fist and Lukas feels like a fucking idiot. He reaches out, grabbing Philip’s hand over the game board. “Baby, you’re not mad I beat you at Monopoly right?”

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It’s been years since he had last seen his Greek cousins, so many that he honestly can’t recall the last time he saw them, but Lukas is surely glad that he has an excuse now to see them. He didn’t know what Megaira would be like now, nor did he really know he well in the times his family did visit Greece, but he is excited to find out. Family has always been a great thing of importance to him, and it makes the decision to reach out to her very easy. Walking into one of the rooms, his face splits into a wide smile at the sight of her. “Megaira!” He calls out to her as he approaches, stopping before her and trying to see how much she had changed. “Cousin. It is so wonderful to see you again. I can’t even remember the last time.”

anonymous asked:

How would you feel if you knew Zeiss bought a ring for you and was waiting for the right time to pop The Question. And then died.

// i normally answer these ic but i think this warrants an ooc answer: since lukas and zeiss haven’t really like Gotten There in terms of ferp-thread progression or whatever, this question wouldn’t really get the kind of reaction that you’re looking for (unless you were looking for confusion and “i don’t think we’re close to marriage at all”). sorry!

discomfort level = 8/10, bc it would compound upon the tragedy of zeiss’ death in lukas’ eyes, even though he couldn’t really reciprocate

if they were further along in their relationship, you better believe that this is a 1000/10 like Zeiss died and ‘we could have been so happy together’. if zeiss dies in bern while lukas is still living in valentia, lukas wouldn’t know and would keep sending in letters and hoping for a response until miredy comes in with all the letters and says “stop it, zeiss is dead, please just stop

me: *sees multiple acquaintances and relatives announcing the sex of their babies in highly gender-stereotyped ways*

me: “Here Chalo, you get the pink Kong, and Priya gets the blue one.”

  • Ya'll: *have no idea what Lukas is going through and have never been in his position*
  • Ya'll: *talk shit anyways*

hi a psa, if you’ve never dealt with internalised homophobia and you’ve never experienced what it’s like to know you’re not straight and hate yourself for it and you’ve never had to deal with the fear that comes with that, then please don’t make comments about Lukas Waldenbeck being “an asshole” or a “bad person”, just bc he’s not immediately okay with his sexuality the way Philip is, thank you for your time


Casual Reminder of that time the German NT went on safari during the 2010 WC and Miro and Lukas were the two troublemakers in the back of the bus being adorable and communing with each other, lions and their cameras.