yes yes you are lukas

Valtr headcanons of mine:

  • he has ekbom’s syndrome
  • he’s really like, physically affectionate even to people he feels platonically towards
  • he genuinely _Deeply_ cares for the wellbeing (mental and physical) of every confederate and will talk it out w/ them if them seeing vermin everywhere due to being a confederate is too much
  • on a similar note he feels extremely guilty because of what happened to the Madaras twins
  • as much as he cares for his confederates, he’s very bad about neglecting his own well-being, hence his scruffy appearance.
  • He has PTSD from watching his fellow confederates be devoured by a beast all those years ago. He still feels his revenge wasn’t enough, and that he could’ve done more. The title of “Beast Eater” isn’t something he’s very proud of as it reminds him of those events. He doesn’t take well to being called it.

Baylee & Luka playlist, inspired by Infini by Krista & Becca Ritchie

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here or on Youtube here.

I’d personally recommend you to listen to the playlist in order since it follows the timeline of the book a little bit, but it works either way.