yes yes ohh yes

sketch: confirmed plot of x men apocalypse (x)

“what the fuck did i recruit you for magneto”

watching josh's timh drumline for firefly
  • me: ohh yES josh,,
  • me: yES jawsh !!
  • me: oh yes wORK dem legs jishwa
  • me: oh yes
  • me: YASSSS
  • me: *whispering intensely* kingkingkingkingking
  • me: ahhhhhhhhh
  • me: YES JOSH
  • me: YES JOSH
  • me: YES JOSH
  • me: *blows a kiss towards heaven* THANK YOU FOR CREATING JOSH DUN
  • me: *single tear* nono josh don't stop with the you better get back there...
  • me: no...
  • me: josh...

they think she is SAD and she is yes, but she is also angry and this anger she feels, is driving her mad, it feels like the anger is burning cho alive till nothing is left of her but ASHES and sometimes, that is what she whises to happen.
on most days she doesn’t feel like talking to people, because all they do is ask and claim to understand her, but she doesn’t need ther PITY, this is not what she wants. however, there is one person who does not treat cho differentely after cedric died.  luna lovegood, treats her the same way, she did before cedric’s death and cho is very thankful for that. luna reminds her of her faviorite book, ALICE IN WONDERLAND. it is her hair she finds —-it is the long blonde hair, but if cho is  being honest it is so much more.
there are days, when it is hard for her to get out of bed, to shower and eat breakast even.  the good thing is, cho chang is AMBITIOUS  and that is what  get’s her out of bed in the end . silently and very tired she walks down the great hall, which is  already filled with students of all four houses . as the girl is walking down the rawenclaw table, she notices that there is only one  free place and her HEART jumps happily inside her chest, when she sees the only free place  belongs to luna. who, so cho guesses , holds the place for her and this is the cause for her managing a smile on her tired feautures. good morning luna, did you sleep well?” cho greets the blonde with a friendly smile. @wrackspxrts liked for a starter <3