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NiGHTS: I’m not going to be a puppet to Wizeman. I won’t do as he commands so to prove that, I won’t need my persona.

NiGHTS to NiGHTS, in Helen’s dream: Wear it anyway

Where Is My Mind

Literally the titles of all my phanfics are just gonna be of my favorite songs/albums or similar to the names.
Ok here is some smut from 2016 ]:)
I wanted to write angst but I can’t emotionally handle it so yeah- ok sry go on and read it now. (Fluffy yay)

Dan has been in love with Phil since they first started talking, Phil didn’t seem to notice though, or want to notice anyway, because even if he loved Dan back, he wouldn’t want to mess anything up. Dan hadn’t told him straight forward, (he would never want to ruin their friendship with something so stupid) but he had hinted at it. Phil never picked up on it, so Dan gave up. They both enjoyed the fact they could ‘platonically’ be cuddly and do most things that a couple would, like watch a movie on Phil’s laptop together and fall asleep in the same bed. Or watch the whole season five of Buffy in one night while sitting close on the couch. Dan loved those days, and so did Phil. Neither of them had been in a relationship for so long, they were basically dating. Just- they weren’t.
Dan was home alone, finally, and had a boner from the night before when he woke up from a dream where Phil was sucking his cock. He couldn’t take care of it, though, because he knew Phil was awake from the sound of crunching cereal. Dan just laughed and walked into the kitchen, waiting for Phil to realize he was watching. Once Phil did, he jumped and dropped the box of cereal, guilt plastered on his face. “Phil.” Dan stated with a smile. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry ok? I have a problem and we both know it.” “Will you go to the shop and get me some more?” Dan asked. “Why can’t you just call-” “No it’s payback for eating my cereal. You have to go get it,” Dan replied with a smirk. “Fine,” Phil gave in and walked into his bedroom. Dan listened as Phil pulled on his t-shirt and jeans, he definitely should not be able to hear that clearly from a different room. “Ok Dan, I’m leaving to go pick up your cereal.” “Thanks Phil!” Dan shouted from his room. The second he heard the front door click Dan pulled down his pajama pants.
Dan began stroking his cock, not even needing porn. The dream was so real, Dan loved it, even though he felt a little guilty thinking about his best friend that way. Somewhere deep down Dan knew Phil loved him back, he just couldn’t accept it that him himself would be good enough for Phil. But all he was thinking now was Phil. Phil dominating him and kissing him, how he’d softly bite his neck and work his way down Dan’s chest. Phil looking up at Dan with those blue eyes and smiling as he wraps his pink lips around Dan’s dick, the warm feeling of Phil’s mouth, the moaning coming from Phil as Dan tugged on his hair vibrating his cock. Oh the dream was so real, and Dan was so turned on, so he stroked faster. “Ooh fuck.” He groaned as he closed his eyes, seeing Phil from the dream once again. “Mmmm… Oh please Phil… Ohh please.” Dan was so caught up in the pleasure, so caught up with the dream, that he didn’t hear the front door unlock again.
“Phil. Ohh Philll! Oh god yes. Yes yes yes please don’t stop ohhh…” Dan moaned, Phil entered the flat. “Dan? I forgot my money-” “Ohhh fuck…” Phil stopped in his tracks. ‘Shit I should go’ Phil thought. He rushed to the door and then stopped again after hearing a long moan, it was clearly Dan stating Phil’s name. “Phil mmm yes, oh my god phillll!” Phil was already hard, and he stopped to think for a moment. He knew he should leave, but he knew he loved Dan, and he couldn’t handle the fact that the younger boy was moaning his name. Phil palmed himself through his pants a bit, and walked over to Dan’s door. He took a sharp breath as he saw Dan’s body, bending on the bed from pleasure. ‘Dan’s face is so beautiful when he moans’ Phil thought. “Ohh yes! Ohhhhh mmm fuck! I’m gonna cum- oh my god don’t stop don’t-” “Dan?” Phil said and Dan immediately stopped in his tracks. Neither of them really knew what to do, Dan just took his hand off his dick and placed it by his side, he was having a full body cringe attack. Dan finally moved, and awkwardly pulled up his bedsheets. He didn’t want Phil to see him like this, with his raging hard on after being so close to an orgasm. Then realization hit as Dan realized Phil heard everything. “Fuck…” He whispered. Phil just stood there, and then he smirked. He was trying to let go of the awkwardness and help Dan get over it too, it’d be better for both of them, so Phil walked in. “Phil, I’m sorry it’s just-” “You don’t have to be sorry Dan,” Phil glanced down at his own boner, “I kinda feel the same way I guess…” Dan paused. “Oh… Ohh…” He looked into Phil’s eyes. “You didn’t cum, did you Dan?” “No, I-I didn’t…” Phil noticed how hesitant Dan still was. “Dan. You don’t have to feel awkward. I love you, okay? I have loved you… And I’ve had dreams about you as well. It’s okay.” “You-I-… Phil…” Phil saw Dan’s smile. “You don’t have to talk now.” Phil walked the rest of the way to Dan’s bed. He quickly straddled Dan and leaned down. Their lips gently made contact, Dan’s being slightly swollen from biting, Phil’s being soft and warm. Dan moaned into the kiss, pushing his pelvis upwards, Phil ground back down onto Dan. After they separated from the kiss, Phil threw the blanket off of the brown haired boy, looking lustfully at his erect cock. “Mm baby, you got hard for me didn’t you?” Phil asked seductively. “Yes…” Dan could barely talk, his breathing was so uneven and fast paced. Phil kept grinding and leaned back down, pulling Dan into another kiss, this time trailing his hands across Dan’s chest and back, slowly removing his shirt. Phil got up and quickly got undressed as well, now just being in boxers, he got back on top of Dan and went straight for his neck. Dan moaned and moved his head so Phil had more access. Slowly but surely Phil kissed his way down Dan’s body towards his dick. “Oh god…” Dan moaned. Phil looked up at him from his waist and, just like in the dream, took Dan’s length into his mouth. He bopped up and down, having experience in sucking dick. Phil gently moved his hands up and down Dan’s soft body, feeling him shake. Dan tangled his fingers in Phil’s hair and the vibrations coming from Phil drove Dan crazy. “Oh god Phil- I-I can’t take it… Ohhhh… I’m going to-” and Phil stopped. “We can’t have you coming so soon, can we baby?” “Phillll… No, don’t stop…” Dan whined. “Dan, have you ever fingered yourself? Knowing you-” “Yes. I do it about once a week.” Phil chuckled. “Of course you do… Do it to the thought of me fucking you? Don’t you Dan?” “Yeah… Yeah I do…” Dan was in such a trance. “I’m gonna stretch you out, okay baby?” “Yes…Ph-Phil.” Dan was still hesitant. “It’s alright Dan, I love you. Don’t be nervous with me, ok?” “Okay.”
Phil slowly stuck a finger into Dan’s ass, pumping in and out, then adding a second, and a third, scissoring his fingers and quickly penetrating Dan. “It’ll be a bit of a stretch… But I think you can do it.” They both chuckled. Phil pulled down his boxers and lined up his tip to Dan’s hole. “’M ready.” Dan slurred a bit. Phil slowly pushed in and Dan moaned, it burned at first, but Phil was gentle and it felt so good. Phil pulled all the way in and Dan said, “okay, you can move,” so Phil did. He came almost all the way out and went back in again, starting a slow paced rhythm. “Fuck… Mm… Phil please fuck me faster uhhhh…” Dan let out a groan. Phil leaned forwards and began going faster, the sound of skin slapping skin filling the room, along with moans from both boys. “You like this? You like being my beautiful little baby?” “Yes… Yes Phil oohhh…” Phil began going harder, he started hitting Dan’s prostate with every thrust. He saw Dan reach for his cock, so he pinned Dan’s arms. “No touching yourself, baby.” “But Phil… I need to…” Dan breathed. “No baby, you won’t need to touch your dick after I’m done fucking you.” “Mmmmm…” Dan shut his eyes tight. “Oh fuck… Phil I-I’m close… S-So close… Ugh uhh ugh…” Dan’s moans started to get louder, his face contorted in such beauty, such pleasure. And then Phil stopped. “Phil. What the fuck.” Phil laughed. “We aren’t done yet, Dan.” Dan bit his lip at Phil’s sexy tone, he almost came just from that voice… He was so turned on. “Please… Phil just please… Fuck me more… Make me cum.. Cum inside me…” Phil groaned at Dan’s dirty talk, “mmm baby… Soon, don’t worry. Oh god you’re so pretty Dan…” Phil sat Dan up and flipped them over. Dan was now straddling Phil. “Go on baby, you said to fuck you more. I think you’ll love this.” Dan eagerly sat on his dick, not wasting anytime. He flew back in pleasure. Phil loved looking at Dan like this, head back, legs around Phil’s waist. Dan started moving up and down and Phil used his hips to push up to get farther into Dan. He was slamming against his prostate every time Dan came down. “Oh fuck!” Dan screamed. “Ohhhhh…” Phil moaned. “Please don’t stop this time- but I’m gonna cum…” Dan moaned out. “It’s okay baby… Mmmm fuck I’m going to cum too…” Phil stated. Dan came all over Phil’s chest and Phil filled Dan with his warm liquid. They both groaned and rode out their orgasms together. Dan leaned forwards and passionately kissed Phil again. “I love you Dan. I have since we first met seven years ago…” Phil whispered as they cuddled. “I love you too…”

I never thought..

My triumphant return to school following taking a year off (you might have seen me in the national tour of Hair or as Gaston this summer at Disney on Ice) would include my attending McKinley. No matter, every legend has obstacles to overcome, and this setback will make for a riveting chapter in my memoirs.