yes yes i will call you baby

Calling them ‘Baby Boy’ (BTS)

Requested: @babybouille

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 Jin: Jin would be surprised at first and maybe even look uncomfortable. He didn’t really seem into it so you dropped it for the night and didn’t do it again until the next weekend. He wasn’t fazed by it but he also didn’t stop you. After testing the waters, Baby Boy became his new nickname, but only for you.

Yoongi: Nope, Yoongi isn’t in to this type of play. Although you could possibly pass this off as him just being him and not showing emotion, he made it clear he didn’t enjoy name calling. He honestly isn’t into much talking at all; he likes to get straight to business.

Hoseok: Did this boy just laugh at you? Why yes, yes he did. You came all the way out of your comfort zone to be laughed at, but you knew he didn’t mean it personally. Hoseok loved, loved to tease you, and this was no exception. “I’m your baby boy? Prove it, then.”

Namjoon: Namjoon wouldn’t like it for the sole purpose of him wanting to be dominate. He always wanted to be the one to make you flustered, not the other way around. Namjoon just doesn’t need names and words to show how much he loves you.

Jimin: Jimin is just like Hoseok in the fact that he’d laugh and tease you. This boy would even tell all of the members when you guys are at dinner. But nonetheless, he would still prove how much of a baby he is, or isn’t.

Taehyung: Tae wouldn’t fully get the understanding of it; at least that’s what he played into. “I’m not a baby, I’m 20.” He’d like being called baby boy though; it showed you cared enough to give him a name. However, not all the time did he like it, “If I’m your boy, show me.”

Jungkook: WE ALL KNOW THAT THIS BOY HAS A BABY KINK. Although having it, he’d still be dominate when it came to the bedroom. He’d want to make sure it become a reoccurring scene to hear you call him that. “Would a baby do this to you?”


In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)

Reaction (Twice): When their girlfriend proposes on stage after they win.

Jihyo: “ Aw don’t look so nervous babe of course I will become your wife!”

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Tzuyu: “Well how can I say no to that!?”

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Dahyun: “ Ah I’m blushing I cant wait to call you my wife.”

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Sana: “Um of course I will marry you omg.”

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Momo: “Omg I’m about to faint, yes I will marry you!!

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Mina: *Cute giggling smiley Mina* “Yess!!!!!!!!!”

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Chaeyoung: “Yes I will marry you, omg our wedding is going to be so cute we need to start planning it asap.”

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Nayeon: Aw did the other girls help you plan this? How cute yes I will marry you.”

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Jungyeon: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes yes yes I would love nothing more then to marry you baby.”

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~Admin N

I want you to need me the way I need you. As if I am the air you breathe and you could not continue life without my presence. As if I am the only water to drink in the midst of the desert. As if I am the source of fire in the kernel of winter. As if I am the pen you need to ink your words. As if I am the silence you needed the calm your clamorous thoughts.

I want you to want me the way I want you. The thought of a day without me in your life, your heart gets crumpled like a paper. The thought of me leaving you will make a vast difference in your life because you are so used to my presence you forgot I can leave whenever I felt scared, lost or empty. The thought of me being happy with somebody else will broke your heart into tiny microscopic bits and you would want to win me back because you need me, you love me.

I want you to love me the way I love you. When you are sad, all you could ever want is talk to me because I am the source of your euphoria. When things got worse, you will want to hug me because I am your refuge in this chaotic world. When things get screwed up and messed up, all you want to do is to remind me that you love me and that I will be your one and only. When you become scared that I might leave you, you would utter things you did not think you could be able to speak. You would cross mountains of fear, swim oceans of doubts, walk a whole continent of dilemmas and yet, you would still want me to stay. In times of weakness, you will want to hold my hand tight because you want us to conquer anything that will stumble in the road we are taking.

I want to be a necessity— your necessity. I want you to think that I will be the only girl in the world for you and that you deserve me so much you would not want any man to interfere us. I want you to think that I am made for the best and best I am pertaining to, is you. I want you to think that no other man can love me the way you do because you are the only man capable of loving me so much more than himself. I want you to think that I will be the last lady you will love because we want that reality, we just have to vanquish all the catastrophes we are about to encounter.

Tickle Teases that CAN and WILL slay me!

• “Tickle-tickle-tickle-tickle~!” (Can be said as MANY TIMES as desired!)

• Calling yourself the Tickle Monster (NOT SURE IF I WANNA BE SCARED OR GIGGLY ‘N’ SHIT???)

• “Hm? What’s that? You want ‘more tickles’? ;3” (WAIT WHAT NO I SAID “STOP” WTF!?!)

• “I’m gonna getchu! Oooh, I’m gonna getchu! Heeere I come!” (Nooooo you’re not!)


• FrEaKiNg BaBy TaLk!?!

• “Aawww, who’s a tickwish wittle girl/man? You are! Yes you are, yes you are~! (girl/man depends on the gender of the Lee. Or it could be something else like “Kitty” or “Puppy” or something like that.)

• *When the Ler has stopped tickling but the Lee can’t stop giggling like a little kid* “Hehehe. Ssshh… Calm down, [nickname/pet name]. I’m not tickling you anymore. Why are you still giggling? ;3” (You know damn well why I’m still giggling you little shit. XD)

• *Lee trash talks to Ler* “*Gasp!* Ooh, that’s it! *TICKLE ATTACK!* You’re gonna regret that! >:3” (SO WORTH IT THO!)

#65- “How long is the flight delayed for?” & #91- “When we’re married...” WWE Prompt

From @balorstyles4eva - “ Heyy!! Love you stories. Can i asked for a Finn Balor request. #65 and #91 please and thank you.”

Tag list- @allgirlswrestlingclub @nickysmum1909

Finn walks into the kitchen and opens his laptop. He pulls up Skype just as he receives a call. He clicks accept and the face of his smiling girlfriend pops up.

“Hey baby!!”

Hey der Y/n, how are ye sweetie?”

Good. Missing you of course.”

Finn smiles at her.

“I miss ye too. When are ye supposed to be back?

Y/n sighs slightly causing Finn to raise an eyebrow.

My flight is delayed…again.”

How long is the flight delayed for?”

3 more hours. Like i could have been home with you by now had my flight not gotten delayed twice now!”

Y/n puts her hand on her cheek and stares into the screen and Finn does the same. He picks up his coffee cup and tips it slightly to y/n. She smiles and picks up her Starbucks, tipping it to Finn.

“Ye know, when we’re married-”

This causes Y/n to spit out her drink slightly and starts coughing.

“Babe, are ye okay?”

Y/n coughs a few more times before looking in the screen.

I’m sorry, did you just say when we’re married?”

Finn nods as if nothing is unusual about that, causing Y/n’s eyes to widen in shock.

“Like i was saying, when we’re married, no more flights unless we are wit each other. Because I miss that beautiful face and need to be wit ya.”

Y/n smiles big at her boyfriend, eyes getting glossy.

I’m sorry. I’m not over the fact that you said married. Like you really mean that Finn? You want to get married?

Finn smiles and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small black box, He opens it and shows the camera. Inside, a small diamond ring.

“I was gonna wait till ye got back, but since I let it slip already. I know this ins’t as romantic as ye would like, but Y/n, me love, me heart, me partner forever. Will ye marry me?”

Y/n starts crying, causing a few people around her to look. She smiles while she wipes away her happy tears, shaking her head.

Yes! One hundred million times yes Finn! And it is the perfect amount of romance. Wait until I get home and we can celebrate more properly.”

Finn chuckles slightly as he places the box on the table, smiling at his now fiance. 

“Now i really can’t wait till ye come home.”

I can’t either. You know what, screw it. I can get a car and be there before I even get on this damn plane. I’m gonna call a car right now and I’ll text you when I am close to home baby. I’ll see you soon. I love you Finn.”

I love ye too y/n. I’ll see ye soon.”

They each blow a kiss, smile and wave goodbye as they each end the call. Finn stands up and his mind starts racing.

“Now i gotta get this place in order for my fiance.”

He smiles at his words as he starts to clean up the apartment, patiently waiting for y/n. 


This may not be the best drabble, but I wanted to make a super fluffly, sappy Finn.

I am so thankful for all of you guys, my followers, and people who just like or even read my work. As a writer, it means the world to me and hope you all know that <3

So back to the task at hand. For the Prompts: WWE- give me a wrestler and a number and anything you want included and I will do it (unless the number has already been taken). Writing- Give me any character, any fandom, number and whatever you would like in it (unless the number is already taken). Inbox, or message me your ideas. I would love to hear them :)

If anyone wants tagged in any upcoming drabble, please let me know! Even if you didn’t see them on the previous list, just let me know the superstar and i’ll let you know if I have one lined up for them. Also, should I start calling these imagines?? Or stick to drabbles? Please, Please let me know!

Feel free to talk to me too! I love a good conversation and I love meeting new people!

See you guys very soon for the next drabble/imagine!

Ciao loves <333

Big Bang Reaction: Sarcastically calling them Daddy when they’re being bossy

anon asked: Big bang and block b reaction to you sarcastically call them daddy when they are being a little bossy.

Jiyong: “You need to start calling me that more often princess.”

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Seunghyun: *can’t stop laughing* “I…I honestly don’t know how I feel about this”

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Taeyang: “ooh, yes Baby Girl?” *turned on*

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Daesung: *gif* inner thoughts: “AM I TURNED ON BY THAT?? I THINK I’M TURNED ON BY THAT. WTF?”

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Seungri: *exited* “YES YOU FINALLY SAID IT!! YES!!”

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Shu Headcanon (Ohhh..Daddy Edition)

Shu had you pinned beneath him.
‘Ohh..daddy..’ You were groaning at the feel of his fingers teasing you.
'Good girl.’ He whispers in your ear.
You were pregnant and had gotten onto the subject of having to call Shu 'daddy’ when the baby arrived.
The only thing was; when you said it, it turned him on.
'You want more?’ His fingers were inside you, moving fast.
'Yes! Yes please!’
'Yes daddy! I want more!!’ You groan.
He added another finger and bit into your neck.
You gasped and felt so good.
He drank your blood, he was hungry and wanted more. He removed his fingers and slid easily inside you. His cock felt so hard and good.
'Damn you’re so tight.’ He growled.
His movements became fast and hard
'Ah! Fuck! Harder! Please Daddy! More!’
You cried out, he was pounded hard into you and you were already so close to coming.
He let out a low growl and fucked you harder, the bed slammed against the wall with his last thrust, he watched you cum beneath him. Your hips rolled and you shudder in pleasure.
He came inside you and kissed you hard.
'I think we best wait and see how 'daddy’ goes when the baby gets here.’

How Got7 would react when you call them daddy during sex

Mark: “I think I can get used to that name baby.” he’d say and you could tell he was turned on by it.

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Jaebum: “Why did you take so long to call me that? Bend over and let daddy punish you.” he would say getting into full daddy mode.

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Jackson: “Yes baby, say it again and I’d fuck you like never before.” he’d say looking at you sexily.

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Jinyoung: “Yes baby, yes, please call me that more often.” he would say biting his lips.

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Youngjae: “What? Me? But I’m not your father.” he would say confused.

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Bambam: “Yes baby, I want you to call me that and only that from now on.” he would say cockily.

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Yugyeom: He wouldn’t say anything but you could tell from the way he looked at you and how he grabbed at you harder that he liked it.

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Do you think J talks dirty to Harley ? If yes what kind of thing would he say?

Hi, saucy anon! 

Yes, I think he would. Remember that this is a dominate/submissive relationship. Joker being the dominate, obviously. So him saying things like “You’re mine” or “You’re my little baby girl” or “Daddy loves when his Harley makes those noises”, Harley would love stuff like that. Remember also that they both have a huge daddy kink so anything with Joker calling himself daddy or Harley calling him daddy will get them to the ‘o’ zone quicker. You know what I’m saying? 


breaking the signs stereotypes

don’t take this too literally, you know what I mean

aries expectative: WHAT THE FUCK IM GONNA FIGHT YOU BITCH YOURE DEAD *kills someone*
aries reality: how many orion rings can I eat within an hour

taurus reality: idk man I just want to listen to britney spears

gemini reality: je ne speak pas francés obrigado you

cancer reality: why tf is my zodiac sign called like that

leo reality: *pushes door instead of pulling it*

virgo reality: *uses french fries as fangs* look hehe im a walrus

libra reality: i want to pee

scorpio reality: *wears fuzzy socks* *owns 57 pairs of crocs*

sagittarius reality: *has an entire family of cats through their house and some chicken soup from 2 weeks ago on their fridge* yasss the sweet life man

capricorn reality: what the fuck is guatemala

aquarius reality: *fades into bed* aww man I just love spongebob so much

pisces expectative: DREAMY DREAMY FISHY FISHY
pisces: *gets high off gummy bears*

oh dude we’re all so lame
VIXX reaction : When you call them daddy during sexy time

Here is the reaction, hope you’ll like it :3. Don’t hesitate to request if you want :3
(Gifs are not mine crédits to owner)

N : « How did you just call me, princess ? » *smirking*

HongBin : « Yes baby girl, Daddy’s tongue will make you see stars »

Leo : *you calls him daddy right at the end of sexy time* « Heeell yes ! Be ready for another round ! »

Ravi «Well, i think i could get used to this nickname, can you tell that again ? »

Ken : « My lord, did you just know in what you did right now ? » *beast mode on*

Hyuk : « Okay princess, you wanna play ? Get on your knees for me »

To The Weasley Family - Fred Weasley Imagine

A fred imagine where after the second war he survived and you learn you are pregnant of fred the day angelina give birth to george kid ? Ty if you do it❤️

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Freddie!” I screamed at the top of my lunges so that he can here me from all the way downstairs “Yes honey?!” Fred yelled back “are you ready yet?! I wanna go see the baby already!” I whined “almost done!” He yelled. Earlier this morning, we got a very exciting phone call from George and Angelina, Angelina just had her baby today! Fred was so happy he spilled his cup of coffee on the ground. “Fred! Were just going to see the baby! You don’t have to dress all fancy!” I said loudly. “Yes I do! I’m finally an uncle and I want to look my best holding my first nephew!” He chuckled walking down the stairs. I rolled my eyes as he grabbed both my hands locking our fingers together “How do I look?” He asked smirking “Hot and handsome as always” I giggled “I knew you’d say that” he kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly as I did the same. “Maybe soon we’ll have our own little family” he whispered “hopefully soon” I whispered kissing his cheek “I can just see them already pulling pranks on everybody and playing quidditch on a toy broom” he laughed. “And they’ll have the best dad in the world to teach them” I giggled pulling back from the hug but still keeping my arms around his neck. “That’s right” he chuckled “Now let’s go see our little nephew shall we?” Fred asked bowing lowly his hand out ready for me to grab. I laughed lightly grabbing his hand “we shall” I said royally “hang on tight!” He said excitedly as we both got swallowed into pure darkness. It was only a few seconds before I felt bare ground again.

We apparated in a crowded hall but, merely made it through all the people towards the counter where a witch was talking to another person. Once she was done talking to the person she turned to us with a wide smile “Hello! Welcome to St Mungos how may I help you?” She asked “Hi! I was just wondering if you can direct us to Angelina Weasley’s room please?” I asked “let me check” she said looking through a list of papers “She’s on the Fifth floor in room 286” she said sweetly “thank you” I said before heading off to the elevators with Fred. Fred tightened his grip on my hand so we wouldn’t be separated by the huge crowd. Once we got on the fifth floor we started to walk quickly trying to find room 286. We looked side to side looking for the number… 284… 285… 286… “Fred! I found it!” I yelled trying to get his attention from the end of the hall. He ran up to me “I can’t wait anymore” he said excitedly, knocking rapidly on the door “Come in” Angelina and George said calmly. We walked in to see Angelina holding the baby snugly in her arms as George sat in a chair next to the bed. “Congratulations!” Me and Fred screeched as we hugged both of them then turned our attention to the baby. “This must be the little troublemaker” I smiled placing the baby boy in my arms as Fred came closer to look at the baby. “What’s his name?” I asked, Angelina and George looked at each other “Well we haven’t thought of a name yet” they said together laughing. I giggled as the baby put it’s arm up trying to reach my nose, then I felt a sharp pain in my lower stomach area and something about to come out.

I handed Fred the baby “Will you excuse me? I have to go to the bathroom really quickly” I said quickly; they nodded but Fred looked worried. I ran out of the room to the nearest girl’s bathroom, luckily nobody was in there. I locked myself into a stall and started to puke into the toilet, I sat beside the toilet thinking “I’ve never had this kind of sickness before! Is it the flu? No it can’t be I’ve never puked when I was on the flu! What if I’m… I’m Pregnant? Fred and I just did it about two weeks ago!” I looked down at my aching stomach and rubbed it for a little before standing and leaving the restroom. I went inside the little gift shop that was on the same floor and bought myself three pregnancy tests just to make sure if the first one wasn’t right. I went inside the bathroom again and took the first test when, I looked down it was Positive! My eyes widened but I just shook my head “there must be some mistake” I told myself opening up another test to use.
I opened the other one…
I cried sinking to the floor with the three tests in my hand “What am I going to do? I don’t know if I can take care of a baby! How’s Fred gonna react? We didn’t even plan this!” I thought which made me cry even more. I was crying so loud I didn’t even hear the door open. “(Y/n)? Baby? Is that you?” I heard Fred’s voice whisper from the other side of the door. “Yeah. It’s me.” I sniffled opening the door slowly.

Once I was out if the stall, I felt his arms wrap around me tightly as he peppered kisses all over my face “Are you okay? Why are you crying?” He asked looking down at me. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes I felt as if I did I would cry again, he picked my chin up so that our eyes would lock. I felt tears fall rapidly out of my eyes “I-I’m s-sorry!” I sobbed, he hugged me tightly stroking my hair “Shh, what are you sorry about?” He asked soothingly in my ear. I pulled back from his hug and took out the three pregnancy tests that were in my small handbag. I handed him the tests “Are these…?” Fred swallowed, and looked at them more closely. “They’re positive. All of them are.“ I thought he sounded scared, or upset, but then a wide smile appeared on his face. “They’re all positive!” He said excitedly, He looked at you with the brightest smile you had ever seen and picked you up in his arms, twirling you around while laughing joyfully. “Your not mad?” I asked surprised “Why would I be mad? Starting a family with you is the best thing that’ll ever happen to me except there’s one thing that topped it off a little” he smirked “oh yeah? What was it?” I smiled placing my arms on his shoulders “meeting you was the best thing that can ever happen to me” he smiled widely “I remembered when we first met, it was our 3rd year-” he laughed as I giggled remembering the beautiful day “I accidentally pulled a prank on you and I ended up bring you to the kitchens to get whatever you want” he inhaled “and from that day onward that’s when I knew I found the one” he smiled “oh Fred..” I cried, Fred always knew what to say to make me feel loved. He held my face in his hands pulling me closer for our lips to connect.

I moved my head to the side to deepen the kiss but Fred pulled back “I think we should tell Georgie and Angie the exciting news” he smiled a huge look of happiness on his face. “I think we should” I smiled giving him a quick peck on the lips before grabbing his hand and leading him outside the bathroom. When we were outside the door of 286 we heard loud voices coming from inside the hospital room. “The whole family’s here!” Fred said joyfully, I smiled at him Fred always looked like a little child when he was excited. Fred turned the knob of the door and entered with me by his side, everyone was there Mr. And Mrs. Weasley; Bill and Fleur; Ron and Hermione; Ginny and Harry; even Percy and Audrey. My eyes were till red and puffy from earlier and I rubbed them to make them less noticeable. When we entered the room they all turned around and stared at us “(Y/n)! What’s wrong my dear? Why are you crying?” Mrs. Weasley asked hugging me then pulling back to look at her son for an explanation. “I’m…. I’m Pregnant” I whispered “what? I didn’t her you dear” Mrs. Weasley said turning back to me “I’m Pregnant!” I yelled smiling widely at Fred as he did the same.

He pecked my cheek lovingly as the girls screamed with excitement and the boys came up to pat Fred on the back “I love you and our soon to be child too and I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world for having both of you in my life” he smiled pecking my lips then bending low to put light kisses around my stomach. “I love you and the baby more than you think” I laughed hugging Fred as he rubbed my back. “Okay! Since were expecting another baby to come into the Weasley Family! I think this calls for a toast!” George said as Bill started to pass around goblets of red wine. When everyone took one they raised them in the air as George said a few words “This toast belongs to my beautiful child and amazing wife and I’m just blessed to have them both, and I can tell Fred what’s to say something too!” Everyone laughed lightly as they turned to Fred “I would like to say that I’m thankful for having the most beautiful person in the world to guide me throughout the hard times, and I’m also happy for the little ginger growing in her stomach! I love you!” He said happily “I love you too Freddie” I cried. “To The Weasley Family!” Fred yelled clanking his cup with mines as everyone gulped down their goblet of wine and enjoyed the rest of the day talking and spending time with their loved ones.


✨'But Were Not Stupid - We Know We’re Called Gred And Forge!’ ~ Weasley Twins✨

Shane McMahon

Request by Anon: Anything hot and horny with Shane McMahon please, maybe a bit of dom with me being the sub.
Shane was sitting at his desk doing some paperwork when he phone started vibrating. “I need your cock daddy.” The text says. Before he has a chance to respond, his phone vibrates again and a picture pops up.

Shane feels his cock getting hard so he texts back, “Daddy will be home soon baby girl, but don’t touch yourself. You know the consequences if you do.” “I won’t daddy, I’m going to be a good girl and wait for you.”

Shane leans over to his phone and calls his assistant. “Yes Mr. McMahon?” She asks into the phone. “I have to leave a little early today to tend to some really important business, so can you take all of the phone calls and let everybody know not to bother me unless it’s life or death?” He asks. “Yes sir.” She says hanging up.
He stands up and walks out of the door. When he gets in his car, he hooks his phone up to the Bluetooth and calls you. “Hello Daddy.” You say. “Hey baby girl, what are you doing?” He asks. “Laying on the bed waiting for you to get home.” You tell him. “I hope you’re in the correct position when I get there, Daddy would hate to punish you.” He says. “I’ve been in position since I texted you earlier Daddy.” You say moaning a little bit.

“You must really want Daddy’s cock, well you’re about to get it baby girl because I’m pulling in the drive way now. I’ll be up in a second baby.” He says. You moan in response as he hangs the phone up. You hear a door open a close and someone walking up the steps. The bedroom door opens and you hear Shane groan at the sight of you. “You look so sexy on you hands and knees baby girl, I can’t wait to be inside you.” He says throwing his shirt and tie to the side.

He walks over to you and places his hands on your ass and rubs over your cheeks. You let out a moan and he says, “I’m so glad you haven’t disobeyed Daddy baby, so proud of you.” He slides his hands down to your pussy and says, “You’re so wet for me and I haven’t even done anything yet.” He slides a finger between your lips and you let out a loud moan. “Tell me what you want baby.” He says kissing your thighs.

“I want you to use your fingers and tongue on me and fuck me hard with your big cock Daddy.” You say trying to hold back a moan. “Lay down on your back and hold your legs.” He says. You do what he says and he leans down to kiss you. You feel his fingers sliding down your stomach and over your lips. He slips two fingers inside you and you moan arching your back up. His other arm pushes you back down and he starts trailing down your body kissing everywhere.
He kisses the insides of your thighs and says, “Don’t move too much baby girl, I would hate to tie you down.” He kisses around your womanhood and pulls his fingers out. His arms wrap around your legs and he plunges his tongue inside you.

You moan loudly as he’s eating you out and you ask, “D-Daddy can I touch your hair?” He stops briefly and says, “Yes you can baby.” He goes back to tongue fucking you and your hands run through his hair.

“I’m about to come Daddy.” You moan. “Let it go baby, come in my mouth.” He says. His words pushed you over the edge and you release all over his mouth.

He pulls his head up and wipes his mouth. You look down to see his bulge trying to escape his pants so you grab him by the belt and pull him closer.

You unbuckle his belt and slide his pants and underwear down to the floor. His member pops out and he says, “Go ahead and suck it baby girl.” You obey him and put your mouth on his head and start easing your head down on his cock.

Once you get used to it, you start bobbing your head back and forth faster and Shane starts moaning loudly. He starts thrusting and you feel his cock go deeper in your throat. “You’re so good at taking me baby, I’m going to fuck you so good and hard since you’re being such a good girl.” He says pulling the hair out of your face.

You can tell he’s getting close but he pulls out and lays you on your stomach and plunges his dick inside you. You let out a pornographic moan and he starts pounding into you.

“You’re such a good girl, taking my cock so well. Want me to come in your tight little pussy or in your mouth?” He asks grabbing your arms and pulling you up towards him.

“Please come in my pussy Daddy, want to feel it inside me.” You say throwing your head back. His thrusts start becoming sloppy you feel a tingly feeling in your stomach. You come again as soon as he releases his seed inside you and he sets you back on your stomach and pulls out.

“You were so good for Daddy baby, I’m so glad I didn’t have to punish you.” He says kissing your back. You feel his come slipping out of your pussy while you’re trying to catch your breath, but you feel his hand go down there and he slides his finger up so his come is on his finger.

He puts the finger in front of your mouth and you suck on it so he won’t get mad at you. “I love you baby girl, thank you for being so good for Daddy.” He says. “I love you too Daddy.

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What do you mean you like ks? I thought you are against homophobes and abuse

Yes I am against it. I like reading it because the story is interessting but I don’t walk around and call Sangwoo “Daddy💖😍🎀🌸” or say “pls do this stuff to me too💞💗💕 I would love be abused by you. Ugh yes👌👌👌✔✔✔💯💯💯”
I don’t fucking fetishize or glorify it!!! I hate Sangwoo and Yoonbum isn’t the sweet innocent baby everyone thinks. He stalked so many other people and broke in even in the house of Sangwoo. I think maybe he even broke in in another house too? I don’t know but I really started to overthink all the stories I like. In These Words is one of my favorite mangas and seriously the story is kind of sick too, but I like it because of the psychologic aspect. I love psychology and so it’s for me pretty normal to read and watch such things. I want to be a psychologist in the future and want to understand why people do something horrible like this.


WARNING: some might be offended please don’t take this seriously thank ;*
WWE Imagine

Appearances: Aj Styles x Reader
Prompt: Aj and you are going to a Halloween party, set in the church theme. Things get heated and you hide in the confession booth.
Word Count:1107
Author’s notes: Yes! Never too soon for Halloween.
Warnings: Could be taken offensively, they are in a church setting let that be known before you read this. Smut, Language.

“Are you almost ready?” Aj called a little agitated through the door to your closet. “Almost baby, are you in costume yet?” you call back, praying he was. “ Yes, I feel a little dirty, are sure this isn’t offensive?” Aj calls back, you can hear him fidgeting with his costume. “It’s a church theme, I’m sure we are fine” You giggle, thinking about Aj in his costume made you bite your lip. “Ok” You say stepping out of the closet.
“What do you think?” You ask turning from front to left, then to your right, then in a slow circle so he could get a full-view of the costume. “Um, You look…Wow” he says, his jaw popping open a little, his teeth catching his bottom lip. “Looking good sister” He laughs after a moment more of staring at you. You giggle, turning pink. You took in Aj’s costume. He wore a pair of black tapered jeans, a black button up shirt and the collar a Father would wear. He looked sexy, in a weird perverse kind of way. You stood in front of him, in 5 inch black stiletto pump heels, a short tight pencil skirt that came about mid-thigh, black stockings that you could clearly see were attached to a black garter, a tucked in black short sleeve button up with the top three buttons undone and a nun’s cap. You held a wooden ruler.

“Ready? We’re going to be late!” You hit him in the arm with the ruler playfully, walking past him.
“Yep let’s go!” He laughs, picking you up bridal style as he passes, making you giggle and scream. “To the car!” You laugh pointing the ruler towards the sky.


“You look great!” Becky nearly runs to meet you at the door, you blush, “Thanks, I’ve been working out super hard to feel good in this!” You laugh taking in her outfit. She was dressed in a pair of short blue, high waisted sailor shorts, a white and blue pin stripped shirt tucked in to them, and her hair was in curled pig-tail. “Beck..Are you a alter boy?” You giggle “Yeah! Like it?” She beams, “Yes” You laugh, suddenly feeling a arm wrap around you, you turn and it’s Aj. “Wow, nice costume” he says to Becky. “Thank you Father” Becky laughs in her ever beautiful accent. “Becky?” A familiar voice calls from behind Aj, You all turn and see Xavier walking towards you, in what looks to be a Jesus costume. “Hey!” Becky smiles nearly jumping into his arms. “You look great!” She smiles at him. Aj leans in and whispers in your ear softly so only you can hear. “ I think I have a confession” You stiffen. “Shall we?” You smile evilly up at him. He nods, a lop sided-grin spreading across his face.

“We are going to get a drink” Aj says smoothly in his sweet southern voice. “I trust I’m leaving you in capable hands?” You smile at Becky and nod towards Jesus. “I think I can manage” she giggles looking at Xavier. Aj smiles at Xavier, “Thank God right?” You all giggle and laugh. “Drinks” You laugh pushing Aj and his dad jokes towards the confession both. “In a hurry?” He chuckles, as you both slip in a booth without being seen.

“Aj” You moan kissing him deeply, his hand roaming up your thigh he stops at your panties, rubbing you softly threw them. “Please?” You beg, grinding into him. You reach down and grope him through his pants, “Woah! We are in a church little lady!” Aj moans into your neck, softly kissing you and looking at you with fake shock on his face, “Forgive me father for I have sinned” You moan into his neck as his fingers sink into you. “Oh you are a dirty girl!” Aj’s voice is husky in your ear, “Besides, I don’t want you to call me father, I want you to call me Daddy” His eyes smolder as he looks you in the face, a shiver running through you. He yanks down your panties, the his pants quickly, positioning himself in front of you, and putting your legs on either on of his shoulders, forcing you to lean back against the bench seat in the booth.
“Aj! Why are you putting my feet like that?” You ask as he pins your feet to his shoulders when you try to move them. “I figure it’s only right that one of us go heels to Jesus” He laughs as he plunges into you. You stifle a loud moan, as Aj slams into you over and over, your hips meeting. “Aj” you whimper, your voice low, “Just a little more baby, we got to be quick” His voice is thick, his breathing husky as he thrusts deeper and deeper into you. “Aj I’m going to cum!” You breath, biting your lip to stifle the moan. “Cum for Daddy baby girl!” He growls as he pushes harder into you. You cum hard, and it takes everything you have not to scream. “I’m close!” He grunts, releasing your legs. You giggle quietly and sink forward to your knees, taking him in your mouth. “God Yes!” He hisses, his hand on your cheek. “Right there baby!” He groans, thrusting his cock into your mouth as you swirl your tongue around the tip. “I’m going to cum” he moans, pushing as far as he can into your mouth. You swallow his load and stand, adjusting yourself. “Do I look presentable father?” You giggle standing in font of him, “Yes ma’am you do, but I don’t think you’re getting into heaven with those lips” He points at the corner of your mouth. You smile and lick the last of him of your mouth and adjust his collar. “That was fun” You muss, peeking out of the booth to make sure no one was looking. You both exit quickly. Aj leans into your hair as you walk and whispers “ Ma’am, I hate to say this, But your Holy is showing” As he pulls the back of your skirt down where it was hitched before anyone can see your rear. You giggle, “Well thank you” you smile giving him a quick kiss.


I was over at my boyfriend Freezys and his friends flat filming a video. Freezy and I were half way done filming a Q&A when the questions became…sexual. Let’s just say I am glad that this video is almost over.
“Who tops and who bottoms?” Cal said reading out the question.
“He tops.” I mumbled and blushed.
“Is Y/N good in bed? Yes there’s no questions about it.”
I grabbed the phone and asked,“Does Cal like being called daddy? Yes daddy does like it.”
He glared at me and finished up the video. I guess telling his fans that he likes being called daddy was a bad idea. Once he turned the camera off he pulled me onto his lap and kissed me.
“You shouldn’t have told them that baby girl.” He growled.
“Then punish me daddy.” I mumbled.
He smirked and connected our lips once more. We kept our lips connected until we pulled away needing air. He pulled off both of our shirts along with my bra and threw it on the floor. He started kissing my neck,creating small hickeys all around my neck.
“Cal.” I moaned causing him to pull away.
“Don’t call me Cal.” He growled.
“I’m sorry daddy.”
“That’s better baby girl.”
I wrapped my legs around his waist and he picked me up and laid me on the bed. He got on top of me and pulled down my shorts and panties. Our lips connected once again and slipped his fingers into me.
“Daddy.” I moaned as he started sliding his fingers in and out.
He kept thrusting his fingers in and out until I came all over his fingers. He disconnected our lips and put his fingers near my mouth. I opened my mouth and he put his fingers in and I sucked my juices off of his fingers. Once all of the juices were gone he took his fingers out of my mouth and kissed me. I pulled down his sweats and boxers and he kicked them onto the ground. He then slammed into me giving me no time to adjust.
“DADDY!” I screams as he thrusted harder and faster, hitting my g-spot with every thrust.
“Baby girl.” He moaned as he came close to his orgasm.
That sent me over the edge causing me to cum. He thrusted a couple more times until he came. We rode out our orgasms and he buried his head into my neck. He pulled out and handed me his shirt and my panties which I put on. He pulled his boxers back on and laid beside me.
“FREEZY YOU GUYS DONE YET?” Harry yelled from the other room.
“I forgot they were still here.” I mumbled.
“I don’t give a shit.” He said as he rapped his arms around my waist and pulled me on top of him and cuddled with me.
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