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19—Playful Kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It feels as though a mountain cliff drops on his bed and before long Solas is scrambling. In the night, colored only by waning candlelight slipping beneath the door, blue eyes blink down at him.

“Hello,” Ellana says.

It takes him a moment, then two, in the end even three, before enough clarity returns to assess the situation.

“Are you having trouble sleeping, vhenan?” he asks, voice still coming as if through a fog as his hands idly crawl up her sides.

She shrugs, evasive, and in the darkness a brief second of life is breathed into warm embers.

“What are you holding?” he asks.

She answers with a chuckle that fails to escape. As if she’s holding all the air in, as if her lungs are too greedy. Arms bracket the sides of his head and there is a crackling warmth by his ear—something that doesn’t nearly matter as much as the swell of her breasts pressed so tightly against him and the inquisitive tip of her nose, too busy mapping his cheek in an awkward nuzzle.

The brush of her lips is but a lingering touch at first, but she beckons him to open with a quick lick, a little nip, and her tongue is too willful—delightful—pleasant to deny as it slips into his mouth.

She laughs and the kiss turns sloppy.

Slowly, she pecks the corner of his mouth, a gesture he knows well, before devouring him again.

But this time she does not kiss. She blows and smoke rushes from her lungs, whistles past her teeth, and races down his throat without ceremony.

He coughs and hacks and even buries his face into her shoulder for she’s sprawled herself along him, willowy frame shaken by graceless laughter.

Ellana snorts somewhere next to his ear.

“I found a pipe,” she whispers. “And so much elfroot.”

“Yes, I understood that,” he says.

“Why do we only have five pots?” she mutters.

“That truly is an injustice,” Solas agrees.

“I can blow a dragon,” she reveals, sitting back on her haunches, one hand braced against his chest as she blows a cloud of impressive nothing into the air above him.

“I should fetch my staff,” he says, the taste of smoked elfroot heavy on his tongue. “Skyhold is surely in danger.”

She stares at him for a moment, the picture of contemplation. Then, with the pipe lodged solidly between her teeth and hips grinding sinuously into his own, “Nah, no need. I think I found it.”

“Ellana,” he begins, breathless, before a pinch to the thigh cuts him off.

His sudden gasp is less than stately. The pipe travels from her mouth to his and she bumps him on the nose, approving, as her surprisingly nimble fingers busy themselves with fastenings down below.

“I’ll kiss it for good luck,” she affirms, resting her chin on his stomach for but a minute while gazing up at him.

He releases a puff of smoke, allowing a faint spark of magic to shape it into a legitimate dragon.

Ellana rolls her eyes.

“Now you’re just showing off,” she says.


I’m at Disney/about to head home sO HAVE SOME ANIMALS FROM THE SAFARI RIDE AKA MY H O M E

That feeling when you send your work crush an email asking a work-related question (hoping he will agree to do something with you), and he replies with a generic response, and you reply with a semi-joking answer, and he replies with a little more interest (but directed at your whole department, not you specifically), and you reply with a couple paragraphs you spent too long writing in an effort to make him smile and get him to take you up on the offer (not that it is really his call–his boss and your boss have to make that decision), and he doesn’t reply, and two days later you are still hoping he will reply, or if that doesn’t happen you’re at least hoping he will surprise you by showing up for your work thing anyway, so then you can at least imagine that maybe he chose to work with you because he likes you too.

Anyone? Just me?

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I have another theory why Steve & Bucky do not hug. For Bucky, possibly, Pierce had been pretending to be Steve for years. In Bucky's confused mind, he still see "the Steve" who had him tortured. He is still confused between the real Steve and Pierce's Steve.

wow… that is a very dark and very twisted way of seeing things my friend… i like it

i guess i could see how when bucky starts getting pieces of his memories back pierce wouldve have realised and like everything else, he wouldve used this too as a tool to further manipulate him 

but then i remember sebastian saying that buck’s thoughts, his memories, are the only thing keeping him sane which is why he’s holding onto them so tightly, writing them down in his notebooks that goddamn backpack makes me so emo trying to remember everything… and the thought that pierce used that part of him too just to abuse him makes my heart ache oh my god why must you do this to me

help i started watching parks & rec and then leslie and ann went on a practice date 

so obviously they should go on a real date and also make out


Full Name: Sophie Victoria Hughes.
Pronunciation: SO-fee vik-TAWR-ee-ə.
Meaning: Wisdom, Victory.
Reasoning: Sophie was the name of her birth mother and Victoria is the name of her adoptive grandmother.
Nickname(s): Soph (only by family), Tori, Tor.
Preferred Name(s): Tori.
Birth Date: May 23rd.
Age: Nineteen.
Zodiac: Gemini.
Gender: Cis Female.
Pronouns: She/her.
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Nationality: American.
Ethnicity: French (mother) and Scottish, Irish (father).
Current Location: Empire State University.

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