yes yes and remembrance day i know

When my grandmother was in Auschwitz, she used to sneak out of the barracks at night to forage in the garbage for potato skins to eat, because the Nazis barely fed the prisoners enough not to starve.

One night, as she was sneaking back, she came across a Nazi soldier. She looked at him. He looked at her. She figured that was the end; he was about to shoot her.

But he didn’t. She kept walking. He let her go.

I don’t know why. It’s not what he was supposed to do, trained to do, brainwashed to do. He’d be punished if it were to be found out he didn’t. He had no particular reason to discover some humanity in that moment, but he did.

And because of that choice – I’m here. I’m alive. I exist.

I’m here posting loon pictures and spicy goblin discourse and Jewish holiday stuff and cat pictures and lik-the-bred-memes and headcanons and the Fantastic Beasts version of My Immortal.  I’m here posting about resistance and social justice and trying to figure out how to make the world a better place.

I don’t know where he is now, or even if he’s still alive. But I know I’m alive, because one person made one choice in one moment to do what was right.

I really really need a book about foreshadowing, name meanings, paralles etc. by Ishida.

 It’s just funny to read once again that there’s a ship with the name “Mutsuki-class destroyer”  or that it can be related to moon phases because it means January. Do you know the quote Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth’?…. Yes, I need the truth ;D!

But that’s not the reason why I am writing this. I read a post today where somebody mentioned Kuramoto Itou’s birthday and I looked it up because I wanted to know the date. It’s:

In case you think I’m going to talk about  Remembrance Day or that this is the day the Auction Arc took place then you will be disappointed because no, there’s something else. It’s crack (theory?) time again.

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anonymous asked:

ummm....i just noticed there's checkered tiles in ch 14 p3 and juuzou seems to be unaffected by the fact that he's going to face with his former "mama" and i think that the nutcracker arc is going to be an important arc because of what sasaki said(if i dont want anything to be taken from me i have to take instead) and eto appearing in ch14 one thing i noticed is the november 11 thing isnt it 11/11?is there any symbolism for this?(and juuzou's hot)

I was thinking that the checkered pattern on the floor was because it was a reference to how Yoshitoki and 29 Matsuri have contrasting personalities.

And yes, I definitely think something big is going to happen in the following chapters!

As far as I know, 11/11 is:

  • Singles Awareness Day (mostly commemorated in China only though)
  • Pocky Day
  • Remembrance Day

The first two are probably not what the author intended hahaha

(and yes juuzou is as amazing as usual *v*)