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  • what i say: i’M FINE
  • what i mean: i’m crying because i noticed how, in guardians of the galaxy 2, during the scene where they all find out about ego’s plans gamora tackles and holds up mantis in a chokehold and the first thing mantis manages to get out is: ‘you’re scared’ and i started to think ‘yes of course gamora is scared she’s worried and doesn’t know what’s happening’ and then i saw the next scene with gamora how horrified she looked and she was looking at her hands and saying in such a terrified tone ‘what did you do to me’ and it made me wonder how often, or even if ever, gamora acknowledged her fears, if she ever faced them head-on because she grew up under thanos; she’s the last of her race and was raised by it’s murderer and when being trained and beaten to become a weapon she’s had to suppress that part of her so much just to be where she is today, she had to become ruthless and terrifying all for the sake of being thanos’ daughter and being his weapon, she had to suppress her rage and fear and grief because if she made one false move, she was dead and as a result she never had the chance to come to terms with herself and everything she’s experienced and had to become.