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Seriously dafqu

I get that you love and care about Jackson. However his personal​ illnesses and/or medical conditions. Are none of your fucking business. You don’t need to know, you don’t “deserve” to know. Who the hell are you? you are his fan; not his friends, not his family. you like him and support him in his work. that’s great but that doesn’t entitle you to any of his personal private information. Got it!

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Moar little red au  (*ノ º □ º )ノ ♥


Back at it again with commissions!

Hello again long time no post, im in a pickle bc well school is ending soon (in a month) and so does my student allowance which pays my rent and keeps me fed. So while I juggle job hunting and exam study itd be super helpful if I had some extra income!

Heres how this works! Ya give whatever ya wanna pay (min of $6.50 USD) and the price determines what u get (ei $7 might get ya a half body sketch or a chibi, u can ask for examples of what you’ll get if u want). You can send the money to my paypal and then ill do the art.

You can contact me on here, my email (same as paypal) or on twitter as @suwinghalloween 

Please help me out if u can by buying some art or reblogging this post, thank ya kindly!!

Hey @hyeraus, so, hahah, this is what you have been wondering of for that one particular answer of yours!

My religion teacher have moved my assignment to Thursday because there will be a literacy practice on Friday, and my classmates and I also have this package to work on that’s due on next Monday, but I decided to work on the assignment at home today, so on the next day and Thursday, I can just finish my package during class time.

But on to the most important part, yesterday, there was a section in the package with a scripture that talks about how God created the heavens and Earth, and it took seven days for him to make the latter, and at the back, there is an assignment and what we have to do is we have to make a poem with a cinquain style to it about any of God’s creations that is dear to us.

Then instantly after I read the instruction, I wanted to do what associates with you the most, because, to keep this short, but incredibly sweet, I simply wanted to… show my gratitude to you more, than just saying it to you, so I wanted to express them through my work as well, and if it’s doesn’t click to you by now, though I am not exactly too certain that God exists as my personal faith and belief of general deities are all over the place, I am thankful, and forever will be, to God that he made you exist, Cy.


*points to Haikyuu* this series will be my next victim for my dumb doodles.

Another comic from piyocchi’s idea, who still have more ideas up her sleeves and keep feeding me with prompts. Sort of Valentine-ish thing I guess?

Yes, Loki needs a hug. But he also needs a good swat upside the head every now and again.

And every time I hear that Daniel thinks Isaac won’t fit in on the show anymore it breaks my heart because hot dang, if Gerard Argent can fit into the show than so can Isaac Lahey. I mean he could have came back in season 5b when Scott thought lost all his friends and support him and help him get the pack back together (and kick Theo’s ass). There is always room for Isaac as long as Scott and the gang are still on the show and you can’t tell me otherwise.

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Yes, ya dummy! Can't you see it? *takes a deep breath* I'm really sorry you had to hear any of that! I'm so embarrassed. *hides face* ~Missy

[Romeo] C’mon, don’t hide - you don’t gotta be embarrassed! I’m glad I heard it, maybe it’s good… *laughs* Hey, I bet ‘ya folks would wanna kill me if they found out you’s been sneakin’ around to go see Medda’s show with me, right?



okay in my opinion, this was by far the funniest episode. if you haven’t seen it yet, please spare 12 minutes to go witness the boys make fun of each other so much better than we ever could, and experience THE FULL BTS DERP NO CHILL SESSION.

i mean like just look at taetae. y he so extra??

note to self: if you ever forget the choreo for a dance, just over exaggerate your acting and you’ll be good.

and if you ever find that you can’t dance as well as jhope, just use namjoon’s method like yoongi did - dance with your face.

yoongi’s whining face will always slay me. plus he won against hobi so THIS METHOD IS CONFIRMED.

and for those of you who haven’t see this yet, just know that this ep confirmed that jihope is real. i’m more of a yoonmin/jikook shipper but i mean, jhope proposed and jimin said yes so what can ya do right??

but let’s be real, we all saw this coming. i love jimin but i will allow this and give them my blessings :’)

jimin must’ve been super ecstatic after receiving hobi’s proposal because he was just like this the entire episode

congrats to the happy couple??? :’)

ohh? but then what is this?

“jungkook-ahh~ just trust hyung and follow me~”

oh man, he be swerving lanes. and you think hobi just sat back and watched this happen?


hobi’s like “chimchim where do you think you’re going?” *smiles menacingly*

and that smile on jimin’s face isn’t one of happiness. IT’S ONE OF SHEER TERROR OKAY. i think he learned his lesson though.

but we all know jungkook secretly loves jimin and he’s competitive as hell so you think he just sat back and let hobi take his man away? NUH UH I DON’T THINK SO.

so how did he try and win jimin back? OBVIOUSLY THROUGH A MATING CALL DANCE.  

his facial expressions + flexibility = 100% seduction mode.

but then namjoon just had to join and be like AW HELL NAW. #MINJOON4LYFE I’LL SHOW YOU LEMONLOVERS HOW TO TRULY SEDUCE A MAN

and jin’s like “wow that is awfully attractive. maybe i should give this a try so joonie senpai will finally notice me. HERE GOES NOTHING.”

“gdi i think i broke something.”

meanwhile, namjoon realizes he can’t win chimchim over and so he looks to tae, knowing he can trust dongsaeng to love him wholeheartedly 5ever.

and so they perform the bts soul joining ceremony so that their souls can become one, obviously. even jihope decides to show vmon there’s no hard feelings between them by helping them carry out this sacred ceremony.  

ok so they struggle bussed pretty hard trying to help them but they tried their best okay

sidenote: CHIMCHIM HAD TO STAND ON A CHAIR TO GET THE PANTYHOSE ON TAE’S HEAD I’M SCREAMING HE IS SO CUTE okay i’m sorry, my bias must be showing, i’m done.

ANYWAYS, then even jin helps out to show that he’s genuinely happy for vmon. either that or he’s amazed by how gorgeous namjoon looks cuz i mean JUST LOOK AT HIM. HOTDAYUM HE IS FINEEE.

and let’s not forget about handsome prince charming taetae

and so in the end, everyone’s happy, whether they’re single or taken, especially tae who can’t help but celebrate with his own mating call dance.

they all lived happily ever after.


Stanley: “If he was really trying to hide something important, then he did a pretty damn poor job.. Honestly…”

“Also, don’t worry.. They can’t see me.. Everything’s frozen. Literally.

“This is one of my other powers I have that I obtained from the Rift.. I can freeze time, but not rewind or fast-forward.. Too bad. The Doctor would be pretty upset if I had that much time-power to my disposal, so I guess it’s a good thing..”

“Bad enough for him that I can just freeze it..”


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Scott said on Twitter that ref was inspired by all the music industry people who didn’t believe in them.
Let that sink in real quick