yes would bang


Grantaire in oversized sweaters with loose sleeves that hang past his hands with faint paint splatters on them from when he made a mess and forgot to clean it up; with white jeans that are ripped at the knees; with colourful converse; with flowers in his hair. 

Enjolras with blue jeans that are always immaculately clean; with a red and white letterman jacket; with dark combat boots.

Sometimes, Enjolras will wear Grantaire’s sweaters. They’re even bigger on him, and it makes Grantaire smile as bright as the sun, and his eyes reflect the moon. It makes him want to paint the beauty he sees in front of him. 

When Enjolras sees how happy it makes Grantaire, he starts wearing the sweaters more, putting flowers in his hair, being a soft boy- and Grantaire is sad, because Enjolras has stolen his clothes, (but he still is cute) so he steals his letterman jacket.




Also I love the fact that

1)      Syaoran is both ready and immediately willing to break the law to get the feather

2)      And like. LIBRARY laws.

3)      From SYAORAN.

4)      And Mokona actually goes through the effort of explain the deception to Sakura JUST IN CASE SHE DIDN’T GET IT. And I don’t know if this means Sakura is just so pure she wouldn’t realise it was a lie (which is true) or Mokona is just ridiculously proud of Syaoran for succumbing to her brand of chaos (which is also true).

5)      Also is that Kaede?


@lekawaiimelon you said something about wanting to see me in my trench coat?

The first image is from 2014 when I first got the trenchcoat and the other two are from 2017 (aka today). Same clothing in both to show how I’ve grown!

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There's something strange about Jensens teeth and I can't put my finger on it! Like he's still super hot and he still has a smile that lights up a room and 10/10 would bang but for the life of me something is off about that man's chompers and it's driving a gal crazy

So I’m not a dentist and maybe I’m just seeing shit, but I draw Jensen a lot and I have to notice little details like this. I think it might be the angle of his teeth. I mean, he’s no Tom Cruise, rest assured. Jensen’s teeth are like… crazy nice…. but the curvature is quite narrow and his front teeth angle towards and inwards.

See how Jensen’s front teeth alignment go in? A more generic smile looks like this:

Straight up and down. From the side, you can see that most teeth push slightly out, but Jensen’s retreat (bottom right photo in each sets). 

Because Jensen’s teeth are angled it makes his mouth look smaller than his lips make it look, lol. I think? I’m not quite sure what the effect is honestly. It’s just how it looks. But I can see how it might look somehow not right to some people, since it deviates ever so slightly from the norm!

The red line shows the angle of the front face as a whole, the blue lines show how each individual tooth is angled slightly towards the center. If you compare to the above photos again, you’ll see that a generic smile is made up of teeth that are parallel rather than angled this way.

There’s also some weird geometry if you look at the side? (Pardon the weird mustaches)

In short: nice teeth, white and straight, but they sure are unique! 

Also, yes, 10/10 would bang.

I’M GONNA FIND WHOEVER’S RESPONSIBLE FOR PUTTING MARK IN A WHITE V-NECK SHIRT AND I’M GONNA offer them cake, cause my God that shit is gorgeous, 10/10 would play again

Rewatched a couple of episodes of Leverage tonight

I hadn’t forgotten how intensely OT3 “The Rundown Job” is. (I kind of wish Hardison could have kept the sexy spy van.) I *had* forgotten how intensely sexy Nate and Sophie are in “The Frame-Up Job”. While Sterling’s blood pressure is climbing into the danger zone, they’re having hours and hours of foreplay disguised as witty banter. *g*


“ I want to ask about Daryl’s love life. Carol, Beth, maybe he’s gay? Give us a hint of where this is going. [ x ] ”

No but seriously...

Why are the three male leads of “Ripper Street” so attractive? 

Like seriously, 10/10 would do any one of the three. Or two of three. Or all three… 

But it’s not just physical attractiveness either! They’re so beat up on and it just kills me. If this was a game of Fuck/Marry/Kill I’d have to change my third option to “Wrap arms around and rock while promising that it will all be okay.”

So like yes, 10/10 would bang like a screen door in a wind storm… but also 10/10 would love, coddle, and care for.

… this has been a weird 1AM thought, following a 7+ episode binge.

I am not sorry.

Tea Party (Jackson)

jackson x you (more like your daughter); 725 words

summary: where he takes care of your five year old daughter

“Jagi, do you really have to go?” “Umma, must you go?” The two troubles of your life looked at you with identical expressions, lips in a pout, eyes as wide as puss in boots.

You crouched down and ruffled Yoonmi’s hair, “I’m just going to step out for a bit, I’ll bring back chocolate for you okay?” Yoonmi cheered as she threw her tiny arms around your neck.

“And what does her appa get?” Jackson asked you, pouting even harder. 

“What does my dear husband want?” You asked back, pressing a kiss to Jackson’s cheek. Jackson whispered something into your ear which made you blush a bit. “Not in front of Yoonmi!” You gently hit his shoulder.

“Yoonmi take care of your appa for me,” your daughter chimed yes loudly as Jackson widened his eyes dramatically.

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  • Kai stans: you kinda want to cuddle him but at the same time you want to do very inappropriate things with him
  • Tao stans: you're never really sure who to ship him with because there are SO MANY CHOICES. also, second hand embarrassment
  • Sehun stans: 90% of the time you want to smack him in the face
  • Suho stans: MUCH SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. and the occasional UNF moment
  • Lay stans: 90% of them time you want to wrap him in a cocoon of blankets and feed him yummy things
  • D.O stans: confused if he's the spawn of satan or a cute squishy. usually you think he's both (but the spawn of satan is stronger)
  • Kris stans: ULTIMATE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. but also many moments that melt your heart
  • Baekhyun stans: you little turd .____.
  • Chanyeol stans: 50% YES I WOULD BANG 50% OTL
  • Chen stans: much troll. very much like Jongdae. also wants to smack him in the face.
  • Luhan stans: the best at utilizing derp gifs/reactions TBH
  • Xiumin stans: #xiuharem2k15
Calum Hood Imagine - But We're Friends?

Requested: no

Synopsis: Calum goes through a break up and need’s his best friend

Word Count: 2,550

Warnings: sexual content, swearing


Relationship problems spread like wildfire in today’s society. As soon as she tweeted that they were over, it spread all over social media and it didn’t take long for everyone to know about Calum and GF/N (girlfriends name) break up. To say I was happy was an understatement—I was fucking ecstatic. I wasn’t too fond of her, but then again, I’m not usually too fond of Calum’s choice in ladies but I never said anything. I was always a good friend and never expressed my disdain for his lady friends.

Calum was obviously hurt which meant it was time for Luke and myself to intervene and pick up the pieces. I already saw Luke completely slay her on twitter, which was pure gold if I say so myself, but now it’s all about Calum. He needs us.

Calum and I have been friends for ages, long before his music career blew up. We were always together when we were younger but as we grew older things began to change. It seems that you can’t spend so much time with someone of the opposite sex if you’re just friends when you’re 17. There’s always got to be something more beneath the friendship, it’s, and I quote, “impossible for a girl and boy to be just friends”. In my opinion it’s all bullshit. There was nothing to our relationship; we just enjoyed each other’s company. That’s all there was, no lust, no love, just friendship. And as good friends do, we pick each other up when we fall.

The phone rang a few times and I almost gave up. I let it ring and ring until the line clicks and his groggy voice fills the speakers. “Hey.” Was all he said, his voice strained slightly. You could tell he had been crying by the tone of his voice.

“Hey, how are you?" 

"I’m tearing up in the middle of the airport if that tells you anything. God, I feel so stupid.”

“You’re not stupid babe. You may have made a mistake but we all do, you’re only human. It’s not your fault you went out with a complete and utter-”

“Y/N, don’t go there.” Calum warns.

“Sorry. I just never liked her.”

“I know.”

“What? How?”

“You’re not the best at hiding your feelings. You would get this pure look of disgust on your voice whenever she called.” He chuckles.


“Don’t be. You were right. Are you home?”

“Yeah, you finally coming back to Australia Mr. Big shot?” I tease.

“For a bit, yeah. Look my plane’s boarding soon so I’ll call you when I land, pick me up from the airport?”

“I’ll see you then Calum.”

He hangs up with a final goodbye and silence falls around me. I sigh, leaning back onto the headboard. As cliché as it sounds, I did develop a small crush on Calum a while ago, but I made sure to squash it the feelings. There was no way I could have a crush on my best friend. Could you imagine that? Calum and I, dating? That’s hilarious. Either way, I’m definitely not his type as you can tell from his previous relationships. Still, no matter how hard I try to push away my feelings for him there is always a small part of me that wants to just grab him and kiss him really really hard and then possibly punch him in the face for making me feel this way. “Boys are stupid.” I mutter softly, shoving my phone in my pocket. I turn on the TV and wait for Calum to text.

I was asleep when my phone rang, and rang, and rang. I jolted out of bed on the fifth ring to find 15 missed calls and 27 texts—all from Calum. “Shit.” I yank on my shoes and desperately claw for my keys in my pig sty of a bag. My hands clasp onto the cold, metal key and I race out the door.


“I’m so sorry!” I say as I help him load his bags into my car. “I fell asleep and I’m not exactly a light sleeper so I didn’t hear my phone-”

“It’s okay, babe,” He interrupts. “I was only waiting for an hour or so.” He smirks.

“Don’t tease me, Hood. Now, get in the car asshole.”

The car ride was fairly silent and pretty awkward. There was a heavy tension in the air and I could feel it weighing down my shoulders. I wasn’t sure why the air was so tense. And before you even say anything there is no way it is sexual tension. Calum just went through a break up, he’s hurt and we haven’t seen each other in a while. That’s probably why it’s awkward.

I flip the switch of the radio and Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’ pounds through the speakers. How ironic. I let the song play for a while, sneaking glances at Calum every once in a while. He mouths the words of the song as it progresses and I can’t help but smile. He makes me happy.

The radio continues to play and we still don’t speak, it seems as if the radio just added to the awkwardness of the situation.

“Have I ever told you how cute you are?” Calum says, breaking the silence.


“You’re cute. Like, really cute and when you wore that tight black dress on your birthday, oh damn, I almost lost it. You looked so hot.”

“Are you talking to me?” I ask, dumbfounded by his words.

“If I was talking to someone else there would be a problem since you’re the only other person in this car.”

“Oh,” I pause, taking in what he said. “You think I’m hot?” I smirk, a boost of confidence coursing through my body.

He nods his head. “And on Halloween when you wore that little maid’s outfit with the thigh highs and suspenders, holy fuck, it was so difficult to resist the urge to bend you over the table. You looked so perfect.”

I feel myself choke on my own saliva. “What?” I squeak out. “You wanted to what?”

“Did you not hear me the first time?”

“No, no, I heard you. I’m just confused.”

“I wanted you, is it that confusing?”

“Calum,” I warn, “Stop.”

“Why? I thought you liked me.” His voice drops a few octaves at the end of the sentence.

“I do, Calum. I fucking do okay, but I don’t want to be your rebound.”

“Who says you are going to be my rebound? What if I just wanted a quick fuck to get my mind off things?” My knuckles turn white as I tighten my grip on the steering wheel.

“I’m sorry, do you think of me as some sort of slut? A ‘quick fuck’? Is that all I am to you? Am I that disposable?”

“Relax, Y/N. You know I don’t think of you like that. You’re one of my best friends.”

“You should have thought about that before you started speaking.” You snap. 

“Have you ever heard of friends with benefits?”

“Yes.” I mutter, shifting awkwardly in my seat.

“Why don’t we try it?” He suggests and I can feel a new form of tension surround us, this time all it is sexual tension.

“We’ll talk at home, Calum. Just-just be quiet for now, please?” I manage to choke out, feeling the heat between my legs throb slightly.

“Sorry.” He replies casually, leaning back in his seat as if he didn’t do anything.

If I thought it was awkward before, it sure as hell surpassed awkward a while ago. I couldn’t keep my mind off of him. I kept sneaking glances and then mentally cursing myself whenever he catches my eye. He was hot, yes. I would love to bang him, yes. Do I want to risk our friendship for sex? Possibly. 

I was very conflicted. Friends with benefits could be a good thing. Calum and I have a pretty platonic friendship and we can basically do and say whatever we want when we’re together but I’m wondering what would happen after the fact? If we do have sex, or hook up if you may, would it change anything? Would we still be able to maintain our friendship without lust hiding behind each word and action?

After what feels like hours, I park the car into my driveway and without waiting for him, I hop out of the car, open the trunk and run inside my house. “Geez Y/N thanks for the help.” He groans, lugging his suitcase up the stone steps.

“Sorry! Had to use the washroom.” I yell from upstairs. I throw myself down onto my bed, sinking into the soft duvet. I said we’d talk about it when we got home, but I really don’t want too. I’m acting like such a child, avoiding the situation in hopes it will just resolve itself. It is possible for him to forget but I highly doubt he will. Calum is not one to forget things like this.

“Y/N? You coming down?” He calls out from the bottom of the stairs. I mumble a ‘yes’ and slowly exit my room and walk down to meet Calum.

“I was thinking we could watch a movie, order some pizza. You know the usual.” He suggests, plopping down onto the couch.

“Uh-sure.” I respond. “You can pick the movie and I’ll order the pizza?”

“Sure.” He smiles, turning on the TV as he begins to flip through channels.

I move into the kitchen to make the call and I make sure to spend my sweet time describing what we want. I give myself at least 10 minutes before descending back into the living room. “Took you long enough.” He smirks, patting the spot beside him. I reluctantly sit down beside him and on instinct I cuddle into his side, burying my face into his shoulder. I deeply inhale, enjoying the scent of his all-too familiar cologne. “You smell nice.” I whisper and I can see him smile.

“I got a new cologne in L.A.”

“I like it. You should wear it more often.”

“I’ll make note of it.” I divert my attention to the random movie Calum chose although I don’t exactly watch it. I am far more distracted by Calum rubbing small circles on my thigh with his thumb. He was driving me insane. I was aching for him at this point, my wetness spreading along my thighs.

“You want to continue our conversation from earlier?” He suggests, turning to face me, not stopping his actions.

“Uh, s-sure,” I stutter. “Friends with benefits, huh?”

“If you want. You can’t deny the fact that you want me,” He smirks up at me. “I can see it on your face. Remember, you’re not good at hiding your feelings.” He slowly trails his hand up my thigh, rubbing circles on my sensitive skin.

“Calum” I say softly, my voice hitching.

“Just one time baby and if you don’t want to continue I promise you that I will 100% forget about it.”

“I don’t know Calum. I’m scared.”

“Are you a virgin? I won’t judge.”

“What? No. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“It won’t. Our friendship will be as strong as ever, maybe even stronger.”

“You know what, fine. Let’s do this shit.” He smirks at me and immediately pushing me down onto the couch, the movie soon forgotten.

He latches his lips onto mine and we move in harmony. His tongue swipes against my bottom lip and I more than happily give him access, allowing him to explore my mouth. I lift my hips up to meet his and he moans in my mouth. “You like that?” I whisper into the kiss, grinding my crotch into his for a second time but with more force.

“Mmm, baby yes.”

I never liked being on the bottom. I liked having control over things so naturally I took control of Calum and flipped us over, gaining dominance. He didn’t seem too shocked; I’m guessing he’s used to my controlling ways by now. “I like the way you look on top of me.”

“If we continue with our little FWB thing, I promise you it will happen more often.”

I lazily reconnect our lips, slowly grinding my crotch into his. He lets out a whimper and I smirk. “Not so confident now, are we?” I mutter.

“Get off your high horse princess.”

“I’m on top of you, so doesn’t that make you my ‘high horse’? You really want me to get off?”

“You’re hilarious. Get on with it, Y/N.”

I oblige.

My hands trail under his shirt, feeling his defined abs. “I want this off.” 

“Take it off, than.”

I pull his shirt over his head, ruffling his perfect hair in the process. I drag my nails down his chest, feeling him harden underneath me. I leave a trail of sloppy kisses from his collarbone down to the waistline of his pants. He lifts his hips up, allowing me to pull them off of his legs. I slip my fingers under the thin material of his boxers and pull it up slowly, before allowing it to snap back against his body. “Do something.” He mutters through gritted teeth. 

I simply palm him through his boxers and he lets out a moan. “Stop with the teasing, damn.” I shrug my shoulders, yanking his boxers down in one swift motion. I blow air onto his length and he hisses at the contact. I lick a stripe up his dick from the tip down, circling my tongue around his tip slowly before putting the entire thing in my mouth. His hands fly to my head and he pushes me lower, causing me to gag. I deep throat him for as long as I can, hollowing my cheeks to give him more friction.

“Just like that, princess. I’m so close.” He moans. I continue my actions until I can feel him twitch in my mouth, shooting his hot load down my throat. I swallow every last drop, licking him clean.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.” He says, eyeing my fully clothed body. My clothes soon meet his in a pile on the floor, leaving me in my panties alone. He bites his lip at the sight of me. “You’re so hot." 

He reaches up towards me, flipping us over so he has control. He plays with the hem of my panties, rubbing circles on the soft skin underneath. “You’re so soaked.” He mutters, slipping his finger inside my panties, running his digit over my folds. He plunges a finger inside of me, another one soon following. Moans fall from my lips as he moves in and out of my throbbing core. His thumb meets my clit, rubbing figure eights on the sensitive bundle of nerves. 

"I’m not going to be able to last for much longer." 

"It’s okay, baby girl. Come for me.”

I come undone, my orgasm raking through my body. “Fuck.” I moan out, my back arching off of the bed. My body reconnects with the couch and I lay there breathless. 

“Are you ready?” Calum questions and I nod.

He positions himself at my entrance and looks at me for reassurance. 

“Friends?” He asks, looking down at me.


I wrote this for my other blog  and i just changed the names of the characters so if it sounds familiar that’s why