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Here’s something cute for once hehe-

And no I didn’t forget the designs I just wanted to try new one since I was getting bored-

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Fell!Palette and Palette belongs to @angexci


Looks like the plan to find out Ladybug’s identity didn’t pan out ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Lady Wifi


*messes with gif because that could never go wrong*

*is surprised when gif goes wrong*

He’s so happy to be doing sit-ups on the ceiling…wtf is wrong with me…?

  • Seven: How dare you steal it!
  • Yoosung: Wait, what? What did I steal?
  • Seven: My heart!
  • Yoosung: What are you talking about?
  • Seven: *whispers* Check your back jean pocket.
  • Yoosung: *checks jean pocket to find a badly drawn heart with the letters U + I in it*
  • Yoosung: *looks away and blushes*

So I’ve only just got enough WIFI to upload photos, but I went to the National Space Centre this time last week for The FAB World of Gerry Anderson event with @little-smartass, @eireniart, @quakeroates and @tpoross and it was completely incredible! Was really nice to meet Matt Zimmerman, Dee Anderson and Liz Morgan and ask them questions. They’re really genuine and funny irl its amazing. Also yelled a whole lot about space bc spaceeeeeeeeeeeee and bumped into some of the TAG fam inc: the truly lovely IRstars, Tiylaya, Quiller and there was that one hilarious encounter with @thunderbirds-are-fab in which she knew who I was and I was awkward and ridiculous and just kept grinning at her for no good reason except she’s hella cute and seemed really familiar ??? XD

Sorry to pester you with this again but it just hit me: what if various aliens, mostly the Galra, also get the Voltron crew’s stream sessions? Like legit paladin discourse among the Galra:

  • “Alright men, we need to destroy the paladins but keep the yellow one alive because he’s the reason the food in the mess hall is getting better.”
  • “The blue one just chugged an entire bottle of capsaicin and claims that his family eats it all the time. We must approach him with caution.”
  • “The small green one is a genius with robotics. Maybe we could recruit her?” “We literally tortured her brother and have lost track of her father.”
  • “What about the red one? He’s part Galra already! He should be living with us and not the humans.” “Yes, let’s kidnap someone the Champion views as family what a swell idea.”
  • “I have not seen my family for half a decathebe I am starting to relate to the paladins and their need for parents.”
  • Zarkon getting tired of anonymous petitions coming from various soldiers to “adopt the paladins” instead of destroying them. He is starting to hate media as a whole.
  • Sal having a framed picture of Hunk at his food stand with a plaque under it saying “Creator of the Vrepit Special”.
  • Everyone stopping whatever they are doing because the stream is starting.
  • The Voltron Force have official codenames that they are referred to in mission reports: Champion, Galra Red, Yellow Chef, Blue Sharpshooter, Green Child, Princess, and Various Titles Man.
  • Soldiers asking to be interviewed in the middle of combat so they can give a shout out to their families.
  • “We’re going to attack cruiser PX-157.” “Haha I feel sorry for those losers.” “…Hey everyone that’s our ship!”
  • “That short video that was posted cannot be seven ticks long. How does someone fit so much into a video that short?”
  • “Do I want to know that happened this time?” “The latest stream had the Champion state that if he were to perish, Galra Red would take over as the black paladin. Everyone is either in agreement or trying to argue that someone else should lead Voltron. My money is on the Princess.”

littlemulletboy  asked:

Tomorrow is the birthday of our blue paladin. Hooray \(^ヮ^)/


A little sketch of Tom Payne and Jennifer Akerman. Didn’t have WiFi, but found this pic on my PC, so here you go 😊wanted to draw her for a long time now, finally did it. ❤️This is traditional with a ballpoint pen, sooooo excuse the little mistakes–once drawn, there’s no going back anymore xD that’s why I kinda love drawing with ballpoint pen, it forces me to concentrate more ✨ 

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@BtsAmryAfrica on Twitter wanted to share this post with fans to talk about some misconceptions of Africa, especially after BTS said they would like to go there for their next trip. Please read what they have to say and maybe even share this post with others.