yes when my parents go out i tape forks to my hand

Mistletoe (Alexander Hamilton)

Word Count: 1631 (Bleh. If I hadn’t been stabbed by writer’s block, it would be longer, sorry.)

AU: Roommate

Warnings: A very mean portrayal of parents, I don’t think there’s anything else.

A/N- Happy Christmas. Happy Hannukah. Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Boxing Day (sorry if that’s like saying Happy Black Friday or something. I don’t know what I’m doing). Happy St. Stephan’s Day. Happy St. Nicholas Day (However long ago that was. It’s in December, kay?) Happy New Year’s. Happy whatever else you celebrate. Sorry if I didn’t list it. 

Mistletoe Series

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You walked in to find your apartment….Erm…. A new type of interesting. You dropped your stuff and closed the door behind you, your jaw permanently agape. Surrounding you was an astonishing amount of glitter, and too many paper cut out snowflakes to count, each one, well, a “unique snowflake”.

“ALEX!” You yelled, your tone promising a rant.

“Wha- holy shit.” The door opened behind you and you wheeled around to find Alexander walking with several shopping bags in his arms. He walked to the kitchen and when he put down the bags you pushed him to the wall, his shirt curling in your fist.

“Woah. Don’t you think… you’re maybe overreacting a little bit?” He asked.

“No. It’s a mess here. Everywhere. Alex, my parents are coming.” You explained angrily.

“It wasn’t me!” He defended, realizing that you were accusing him if creating the chaos around you.

“Then who was it?” You interrogated, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

“I don’t know! How am I… supposed… to know….” His voice trailed off as his eyes slowly turned upward. You sighed frustratedly at his inability to answer before following his gaze. Above you was an almost perfect ball shape of fake green leaves, small white ‘berries’ poking through in various areas. You let your eyes scan the rest of the ceiling. There wasn’t a place you could stand without being caught under some form of mistletoe. You released your roommate and wandered back into the main room in silence. Again, there was a cluster of mistletoe on every square foot of the ceiling.  Each one was different, some the real plant, others fake. One was just a leaf stuck up there with scotch tape, a red ribbon dangling off of it. Your jaw dropped again.

“Funny how it took us both so long to figu-”

“This will not be awkward.” You interrupted flatly.

“Okay. Cool.” Alexander shrugged.

“So am I cleaning this up myself?” You turned to him,

“Yup. I got work to do.” He deadpanned, lazily opening the door to his room. You groaned and began tearing down all the snowflakes and piling them on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Peggy gasped as you opened the door for her.

“I’m cleaning this up. Somebody made a mess in our apartment and my parents are coming over later so I’m trying to clean it up.” You sighed in response.

“A mess?!” She asked, sounding completely outraged.

“…Yeah.” You replied hesitantly.

“(Y/N), that was me and the guys!” She complained.

“What?” Your eyebrows flew up toward your hairline

“Yeah. I added all the sparkles and snowflakes and stuff and the boys hung up all the mistletoe.” She elaborated.

“And why?” You prompted her to go on,

“Because… well… you and Alex…” She explained.

“I’ve told you so many times, Peggy. We’re just friends and you guys need to stop trying to get us together!” You told her, your voice becoming increasingly loud.

“But you two are so cute!” She protested. “You already act like a couple all the time, I mean, except when you’re pissed at him. But like… you’re adorable, okay? That’s the point.”

“If you made this mess then you’re calling the boys and you all have to help me clean it up before my parents get here.”

“Fine. But first, this is the only reason I came here.” She grumbled, handing you a small box covered in striped wrapping paper.

“Well thank you. Now contact the not-so-gentlemen.” You thanked her, taking the box and setting it on the table to open later.

The boys arrived not long after and you managed to drag Alex away from his writing for a while to help.

“If you weren’t prepared to help clean up, then you shouldn’t have made the mess.” You scolded after several complaints from John, Hercules, and Lafayette.

“It’s Peggy’s fault, she convinced us that the ship needs to be nurtured!” John stated, shooting a glare toward the third Schuyler sister.

“Well it’s doesn’t, and however much you ‘nurture’ it, it will never come to be. Right Alex?” You asked turning to your roommate for confirmation. His response was an incoherent mumble, but enough to confirm what you had said. 

Just as you shoved the last bit of mistletoe into a box, there was a knock at your door. You took a deep breath, preparing yourself for the evening ahead, plastered on a smile and pulled open the door. Immediately you were met with frowns from both your parents.

“Come in, come in, I’m sure you had a long and difficult flight. Sit down.” You told them anyway, keeping your faux smile alive.

“Your friends are here?” Your mother asked as you took her coat.

“Yeah, they we’re just helping me clean up,” You said.

“Sorry Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N), we’ll be leaving soon.” Peggy said politely.

“No. Stay, if you have nothing else to do, we’d love to have you hear to distract from the drabness of this apartment.” Your father offered. “Not much decoration.”

“Nope.” You sighed through clenched teeth. This was going to be nothing short of a hellish evening.

“I don’t have anywhere else to be, I’ll call my sisters and tell them I’m here.” Peggy smiled, setting off for your room to call. The other boys had varying responses but each one promised their presence for the evening. Oh joy.

“Let’s sit down to dinner then?” You suggested once Peggy came back.

“So you still don’t have a boyfriend?” Your mother asked, taking a bite of her turkey. “The turkey’s too dry honey.” She criticized.

“No boyfriend. I’m sorry you feel that way Mom.” You answered, trying to suppress the aggressive tone that threatened to spill from your voice.

“I agree. It’s dry.” Your father added.

“Nice to have your opinion too Dad.” You snapped, letting the tone slip through for a half second.

“Don’t use that tone with us young lady.” Your mother warned.

“Sorry.” You muttered, staring down into your lap. Forks clinked awkwardly against plates as silence drew on at the dinner table.

“Isn’t your friend Angelica married now?” Your father asked.

“Yes. Yes she is.” You answered flatly.

“She got married to a guy named John last summer. Not this John, a different John, they moved to London.” Peggy explained, trying to soften the tension in the room.

“I think it’s time you get your life together honey.” Your mother added, you felt your heart drop. There it was. The end of all the passive insults and small criticisms, straight to the point.You tried to swallow past the knot in your throat and stayed completely silent. You felt a warmth over your hand and turned to Alexander. He was looking at you, recognizing how much pain you were in. The look on his face accompanied by his hand over yours was enough to calm you down enough to reply.

“I think my life’s pretty great.” You deadpanned, turning your hand over to hold onto Alexander’s for a few moments. Taken aback by your sass, your mother cleared her throat and silenced herself. The mild belittlings slowly but surely returned as the dinner progressed.

Finally your parents decided to head back to their hotel room. You sighed with relief as you closed the door behind them.

“Sorry guys.” You told your friends, leaning against the door and shutting your eyes. “That was just as hellish as expected.”

“You grew up with those people?” Hercules asked, sounding extremely alarmed.

“Yup.” You answered, popping the ‘p’.

“I think I’m gonna head home. I’m so tired.” Peggy yawned, dawning her coat.

“Me too.” John agreed hugging you after Peggy.

“Well he’s our ride.” Lafayette stated. “Thank you for dinner.”

“Bye (Y/N).” Hercules called, closing the door behind the line of your friends. You sighed and dragged your hand down your face, beginning to pace the room. Alexander stopped your steps with a hand on your shoulder. He silently pulled you into a hug and you buried your head in his chest.

“They’re coming back tomorrow.” You groaned into his shirt. You pulled out of his arms but he kept his hands on your shoulders and nodded upward. You followed the gesture and looked above you. You laughed at the one leaf taped to the ceiling above you, a tattered scarlet ribbon dangled from where it was tied on the stem. The first time you’d laughed that day was interrupted by Alex pressing his lips to yours. You were stunned by the contact at first, but something inside you was begging you to kiss back. Longing for it to last longer. Pleading for you to contribute. So you did… well, until you didn’t. You cut yourself off, stepping back in shock.
“Sorry.” Alex muttered, running a hand through his hair.

“Umm… no.” You croaked awkwardly.

“What?” He asked, his brow furrowing in confusion.

“I umm… I… don’t be sorry. Please don’t be sorry.” You stumbled over your words, finally meeting his eyes. He still looked confused. Maybe he needed a push. You stepped back toward him, this time providing the initiative for a kiss yourself. You hadn’t realized how much you liked Alex until the moment his lips crashed into yours. You’d been oblivious to your own feelings for months, but looking back on that time. It was just so obvious. You liked Alexander. No, ‘like’ was too small, ‘like’ was too petty to describe what you felt. You pulled your lips away, resting your forehead against his

“A-Alex, I- I think I love you.” You whispered. Too afraid of his reaction for your words to come out in an anywhere near even tone.

“You don’t even know how long I’ve wanted to tell you the same exact thing.” He breathed, shaking his head.