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Custom Bio: Section I

I. Origins

   For centuries the Grimleal cult of the Plegian Theocracy had been attempting to resurrect the Fell Dragon Grima by breeding a human worthy of possessing his power. Generation after generation studied the dark arts, purified their magic, devoted their souls to the grim and the arcane in the hopes of even touching upon so ancient of a power. People became projects of the clergy; councils experimented with bloodlines, selecting pairings every few decades whether through birthright, volunteers, or arranged by force.

   The best they could produce was a vessel worthy, but not strong enough to maintain the connection. Seclusion in castles and dungeons and caves had made the bodies of the chosen too frail to take the form a dragon. The council quietly approached a border town in Regna Ferox known to be a collection of many former champions and lesser khans, some of which had even become Grimleal sympathizers - young veterans disillusioned with their warrior ways. They offered gold and Plegian fineries in exchange for nothing more than a well-built man in want of a wife (who wouldn’t object to a widow who may or may not be happy about him).

   Dark Feroxi skin and thick Feroxi muscle joined the arcane blood and aura of Plegia’s finest, palest sorceress. Validar was born. Stronger of constitution, he progressed through the usual devotions to become a hearty and powerful sorcerer worthy of his heritage. But still not of Grima.

    They were close, they had to be. A focused mind, a strengthened body - the challenge would be spirit next, the council decided. They would move one more step away from magic to create a better balance within the child’s heart.

    High Priestess Aminah offered herself to be Validar’s bride. A protege of the clergy and a woman of the people - one of the few Grimeal not feared by commoners of the land - she spent what time was not in Grima’s devotion helping tend to Plegia’s lost and wounded. In reality, she had been lowborn, all hails to Grima merely an act which gained her sanctuary, respect, and a way to rise into a life of relative luxury - rather than being victim to the very religion’s terror. She deemed marrying into the resurrection project as the ultimate way of ensuring safety and care for herself and her own.

    She never expected, in her lifetime… to see it work.

    (And would prove far more clever than anyone could have predicted upon learning it had.)