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Hot Blooded (M)

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Summary: As the Crown Princess, you are never seen wearing the same dress twice. Many attribute this to your wealth or your status. If only they knew the reason for your constantly changing wardrobe, was the fact that your husband can never keep from literally ripping your clothes off.

Member: Jin

Word Count: 3.4k

Genre: Smut, Fluff

A/N: A continuation of sorts to Blue Blooded, as I was highly amused by Seokjin’s frustration with dresses as well as the revelation that the man has the strength to literally pick up Taehyung and toss him around (courtesy of an ISAC fancam).

Blue Blooded

As the Crown Princess, you are never seen wearing the same dress twice. Many attribute this to your wealth or your status, the styling of your attire always a topic on the lips of the ladies that attend parties at the palace, and sometimes even some men. If only they knew the reason for your constantly changing wardrobe, was the fact that your husband can never keep from literally ripping your clothes off.

“Jin!” You chastise him when you hear the ripping of fabric as a part of your bodice tears, letting your dress loosen enough so that he can slip the garment completely off your body.

“Sorry,” he mutters against the skin of your neck, starting to walk you backwards until the back of your knees hit the bed. You sigh, not really sure how sorry he actually is, considering this is the third time this week this has happened.

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The Last All-Clear (8)

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story is a series following the premise: Imagine if Jamie travelled through the stones, but instead of finding Claire in Boston he found himself having arrived years too early, when the War was still happening and Claire had yet to meet him… What would he do?”
  • A wee bit o’ mixing of showverse and bookverse details, hope ye dinna mind. 


(Part 1) September 17, 1942: A Rusty Nail

(Part 2) December 3, 1942: Comb and Glove

(Part 3) 1943: Blood and Whisky | (Part 4) 1943-1944: Gifts and Ends

(Part 5) June, 1944: The Road | (Part 6) June, 1944: The Ditch  

(Part 7) Samhain, 1946: Inverness |

(8) April 16, 1948: The Hill 

The first time I went through the stones, there had been no sense to it, no words, no meaning. Unprepared as I had been, my mind had stayed four steps behind my body, completely incapable of processing the experience until it was long over, leaving even now only a vague impression, that of hurtling through an insidious, shrieking darkness. That senselessness had been a blessing, I now knew, no matter how terrible the experience itself had been. This time…

This time, it was like one of those horror-story medical cases where the anesthesia doesn’t fully take effect, where—unbeknownst to anyone— the patient is conscious and feels every single agony…. but is unable to move or scream or even blink.  

This time, I could feel everything, see everything as it happened, and yet I was completely powerless to move, to speak as I bled out, was torn apart. This time, there was no distraction, no senseless oblivion, no blessed, rushing current of time to speed the torture. There was only the truth, sharp and vicious, a thousand knife blades tearing through my flesh as I fell: 


Jamie is gone

Jamie is dead

Then the world broke apart, and I was falling through real air toward real grass… and into Jamie’s arms. 

“Oh, thank God,” I moaned. My knees buckled, the crippling blow of sudden relief too much for my body to withstand, but Jamie kept me from falling. Jamie. My fingers scrabbled to hold him tighter, to convince myself he was real. Jamie. Thank — God — !” 

You’re here,” he was gasping back, hands frantic, his cheek wet against my forehead. “You’re—here—You’re you!” 

It hadn’t worked. Praise be to God and all the saints for all of eternity, the stones hadn’t worked. They’d spat me right back out at Jamie’s feet. 

“Jamie ” 

This man—This kind, gentle, powerful, caring man….My husband…

Mo chridhe….” 

Abject relief and even the sensory comfort of him vanished as reality roared back in. “Jamie….Jamie, don’t make me do it!” 

For, I knew it as deeply as I knew my own name that one botched attempt would not be enough to dissuade him from getting me to the safety of the twentieth century. He wouldn’t give in. Well….neither would I. I fisted my hands hard in his coat as I gritted out, “You can’t make me try it again.” 

“’Try’?—What d’ye—?” He stiffened, then squeezed me tighter, his breath fast and shallow against my neck as he said, urgently, “No! Claire, listen! Ye have come—”

“They didn’t work—I can’t get through! You can’t go fight, now—” I was sobbing, completely senseless in my despair. “You CAN’T—You have t—You—Come away with me, Jamie, me and the baby —” 

I pulled myself harder against him, absolutely berserk with determination that he must not die—that I mustn’t leave him. I’d relented once, down below in the cottage; had felt my heart break in two as I agreed to go, because he had begged, and I’d seen no other way.  I’d touched the bloody stones for him, for his child, meaning to go back to my old life for their sake, if not my own; but the stones had had other intentions, thank God, and so now I would do the begging. “Jamie—don’t throw your life away—Come away with me, love—stay with—”

Claire,” he said, louder this time as he cupped my head, kissed it. His voice was cracked but full, radiant, even, with some powerful emotion I couldn’t name. “Mo chridhe, listen, ye dinna understand! You’re—  

“We can run away, ” I whimpered, twining my fingers in his hair, even as I memorized his scent again, greedily clinging to the feel of him for the last time, some part of me knowing the futility of every word. Still, I begged. “I’ll go anywhere—anywhere—Just don’t give yourself up — don’t — DON’T—

“Sassenach, look at me.” This was said more sharply as he tried to pry me away and tilt my face upward. “Lass, l—” 


I wouldn’t yield to this again; I WOULD NOT sit back and submit to  — 

He must have pushed me, for I was reeling backward, clawing at empty air, my eyes so blurred and swollen with tears I could barely discern more than the direction of the sunlight. 

I was screaming his name, so frantic in my disorientation that I thought I’d touched the stone again and that he was gone…Gone…. 

But he was shouting my name, too, near at hand, though the sound seemed muffled, as though I were beneath deep water. I reached blindly for it, but the tone of command in his voice cut through, harsh enough to halt me. I stood, still unable to see, heaving, waiting.  

 “Claire…. mo ghraidh.…”  

So soft, that voice, now. Gentle. Beaming, with —  

“Open your eyes, Claire. Look at me.” 

The 2,557th day 

God, how it broke my heart to see ye, so, standing in the circle, your face so pale and thin. The hollows of your cheek and collarbone stood out so painfully in the gold of the fading sunlight, and I could hardly bear the shame of it, of bringing that suffering upon ye. For all my own struggles and fears in our time apart, I have had seven years of plenty. Even in the worst of my days in this century, I never went to my bed starving, hardly one night in all those years, thanks to the kindness of many a stranger. You, though…. God, Claire, to see ye thus, your back hunched over as though ye would fall at any moment, scarce minutes removed from those wretched months of war and hunger, and with child, no less. Christ, our own wee bairn… 

Still, though my heart was squeezing fit to burst, though I was aching to hold my wife, to have you and the bairn safe in my arms at last…. I confess, the foremost feeling within me was unspeakable joy. Though my bones still seemed to scream from those agonizing hours of waiting, today, of fearing the worst with every minute ye didna arrive, I was all but laughing as I caught ye, held ye, the happiness so visceral and complete that it imbued my limbs, my breath, my tongue. For, the days of fear were gone, those hundreds and thousands of days, banished. You’re here, Claire. My Claire, the one I married. The one who knows my heart, and I, hers. All that remained was for you to look up, to see me, to see my joy and know your own, once ye understood the miracle at hand.

At last, ye did look, peering up, out from that darkness pressing down upon ye. You blinked once, straightened a bit and looked more closely. Another blink. I watched your mouth open as ye tried to speak, the wind blowing your hair about your face, but no sound came forth.   

My own voice scarcely could make itself heard, though I tried to smile as I gestured toward my garments. This isna precisely how ye left me, moments ago, aye?

Between the tears and hunger, the fatigue and the lingering panic, I couldn’t seem to fix my eyes long enough to put words to what I was seeing, to reconcile the contradictory realities before me. 

Jamie Fraser—my Jamie—standing on the other side of the clearing of Craigh na Dun. That was reasonable. He’d been only at the bottom of the hill, after all, when I’d left him. 

But his hair cropped short? 

His face suddenly clean and shaven?

His clothes— his clothes….?

“Ye did come through the stones, mo chridhe,” he was saying, his face alight. “And so did I.” 

“No…” I shook my head and staggered a step back. 

“…..It’s 1948.” He spoke each word slowly and carefully, repeating it. “Nineteen hundred and forty-eight.” 

I swayed, time and reason seeming to pulse and stretch absurdly, like a rubber band. This was a dream. This was nothing more than a bloody fever dream of grief and emotional turmoil and pregnancy, my subconscious soothing me with a fantasy world in which I got to keep both of them, Jamie and our child, forever, in a place of safety. That world isn’t real, Beauchamp. This isn’t real. I squeezed my eyes shut and covered my mouth to keep from screaming. This isn’t real, no matter how much you want it to be.  

“Claire, hear me. Time has passed. It was morning a moment ago, aye?” He was speaking quickly, urgently. “Look about—’Tis sunset, now. This isna the morn of Culloden. It canna be. Ye see how I’m dressed. Ye felt me in your own two hands, just now, did ye not?” He took a step forward. “We’ve come through the stones, both of us. I’m real.” 

I could do nothing but stare and try to stem the flood of yearning before it could break me apart from the inside. I tried to speak, but could only mouth one word: How…? 

“When I saw the redcoat making chase for ye, I followed, running up the hill after him,” he said, moving slowly toward me. 

I had heard footsteps behind me as I ran to the stones…. just minutes ago…

“I crested the hill just as I saw ye vanish,” he said. “I fought him as the sun came up fully, all across the circle floor. At one point, I made a lunge for him but missed, staggered, and threw out my hand to stop my fall, but I fell against the stone by accident…..I passed through.”  

I couldn’t stop staring at those fists, clenching and unclenching at his sides, twitching, then stilling again, just a few feet before me. 

“I’ve been here ever since.” 



"You didn’t fight in the battle?” The words seemed to come from somewhere outside my body as I watched those hands, transfixed, my lips scarcely moving. “You…didn’t die?” 

“No, I didna die,” I heard him murmur with a breath of a laugh, gentle and soft and him. Alive. “I woke up here, in this very spot….. and I’ve been waiting for you, for this day, praying you’d be safely delivered to this year……And here ye are, at last. Claire, I—” His voice broke at that, a grating whisper, and I watched as the fingers began stretching out toward me, trembling. “Mo chridhe…. I’ve missed you so….All th—” He had to stop. When he spoke again, the tears were choking him in good earnest. “—all these years, I’ve— ” 

“Who’s the prime minister?” I heard myself blurt. 

The hands twitched. “…..Beg pardon?” 

“The prime minister,” I snapped, the rush of annoyance somehow momentarily bracing to my fracturing sanity. “I know for a fact I never told you, so tell me right this damned minute who the bloody pr—” 

“The prime minister of the United Kingdom….” I watched as one hand reached out and took mine, warm and confident as his voice. “…. is Clement Attlee.” 

A sob and a gasp escaped my throat at the same time, a wretched pain slicing through me as the other hand raised up to my face. “Dinna fash, my Sassenach,” he said, though tears were pouring down his own cheeks, framing that same crooked smile. “Mr. Attlee’s doing a fine job of it.” 

I must have blacked out for a few moments, for the next thing I knew, my arms were already around his neck, my feet barely touching the ground and my ribs ready to crack as he crushed me to him. We were both crying, sobbing, and I couldn’t seem to hold enough of him at once. Him—Jamie—JAMIE—“You—fucking—bastard!!!” I ground out through gritted teeth against his shoulder (his real, 20th-century shoulder!!). “BASTARD!” 

He laughed, sniffing through the weeping. “I love ye too, Sassenach.” 

“You were going to die!” I snarled, truly and mightily furious, coughing and gasping for air even as my limbs went liquid from relief. “You were going to go to that battlefield— and let yourself be slaughtered— you FUCKING —” 

“I know….” he murmured at once, all levity vanished as he sobered and held me, his hand coming up to twine in my hair and cup my head, hard. “I know….You were so brave, mo ghraidh…Thank ye for doing as as I bade, for the bairn’s sake. It meant everything to me. It means everything.” He kissed me, just below the ear, exhaling, shuddering against my skin. “But now, w—we dinna have to grieve—anymore.” He was crying so heavily he could hardly get the words out. “We’re here…. to—gether.”  

“How long?” I choked out. 

“Forever, mo chridhe—We’ll have all the time in the—”

 “No—” I said, feeling the horror pooling in my gut, enough to make me push back to study his face above the collar of his waxed cotton jacket. All these years, he’d just said. “….How long have you been waiting?” 

He replied, but so quietly I had to ask it again. He cleared his throat and couldn’t look me in the eye as he said, too carefully, “Since— 1941.” 

The sound that issued from me—

It wasn’t possible. If it truly was 1948, then the stones kept time in exact parallel. Jesus H Christ, I had left him mere minutes ago, how could he possibly—POSSIBLY—?

Very gently, he took my hand and turned it over. The letter J carved at the base of my thumb was oozing blood, the scabs having torn off sometime in the last few minutes from grappling with him, I supposed. He laid his own hand palm-up to show the mark I myself had made upon him. I stared. For so very long, I couldn’t do a goddamn thing except stare, my eyes and mouth both moving furiously but without sound. In contrast to the raw, screaming red of my own fresh wound, his C was the barest, faintest crescent of white, so long-healed as to all but have disappeared amid the lines and wrinkles. 

 “…Oh, Jamie…”  I reached up for his face with both my hands, my heart absolutely breaking for him. My eyes were wide and streaming, though I still dared to hope that I’d misunderstood. “…..Seven years?” 

I expected him to make a joke, to tease or try to lighten the mood, but he only nodded and kissed my hands, laying his own atop them on his face as he continued to weep. 

“Oh, my love….” I kissed him, kissed his tears, the devastation of his reality ripping through me as though they were my own years that had been lost; my own heart that had been alone for close to a decade. There were no words, but I couldn’t stop murmuring what I could. I love you….I’m so sorry….It’s alright… It’s over.

I love you,” he repeated back, letting me hold and soothe him, as he had me. “I love you.” 

“But, where did you go?” I whispered at last when the questions became too frenzied to ignore. I tried to search his eyes, my own surely incredulous and horrified. “What….what did you do for all that—” Jesus “—all those years?” 

His eyes flicked open. He took a steadying breath, kissed me, very gently, then released one hand to reach into his pocket. Turning my scarred one over once more, he placed something delicately in my palm. It was still warm from the heat of his body. A smooth pebble of cherrywood, carved with a interlace dragonfly. 


I thought I’d seen ye shocked, already; thought that you had already been overcome to the most extreme point possible by the day’s revelations. I was wrong, for your reaction in that moment, seeing the token in your hand, the one I made for ye, all those years ago—That reaction was something the like of which I’ve never seen on your face, Claire, so visceral and true, it sent waves coursing through me that took my breath from fear and love, both. I hope never to give ye cause to feel such a thing again.   

You studied my face, wild-like, seeking your friend of old, within….and finding him. Ye covered your mouth with both hands to keep from wailing. 

It’s really him, ye wept through your fingers, —really you.

C’est moi, I said, touching your cheek. It’s me. 

One hand dropped to your heart and clutched hard as ye sank to your knees, tears streaming freely over the other. 

It was the only way I kent to live wi’ myself, I said, or something of the like as I knelt beside ye, put my arms around ye. Being near to ye, in some way. 

All along? 

That what ye kept saying. I could see your eyes above your hands, clear and shining and full of love and awe, even as the most terrible sobs wracked your body. 

Aye…all along. 

It was difficult to speak the words, any words, for I, too was being bowled over by the weight of it all, the immensity of release from this last burden, this last secret that had so long been crushing my heart. I felt myself swaying on my knees, the world spinning around us. 

You came to find me? you said, incredulous, broken-hearted. All those years, you watched over me? Helped me?

As best I could, I said. 

You did, you whispered, nodding fiercely as you wept into my chest and pulled me close, tightly enough to bruise. You did. More than you know.

My heart leapt, for I thought surely ye must mean the night in the ditch. Though, when I asked of it, ye didna seem to comprehend that of which I spoke. You stared up at me, trying to fathom what I might possibly could mean. 

Then all at once you jolted as though struck by an electric shock. I saw you remember. 

You were there? you said, again and again. You were there with me…..Jesus Chris, you were there….

Time seems to have juddered out of place, then, for I canna precisely recall how much of it passed. I canna recall how my body was situated, or yours. I canna remember what words we might have spoken, or, for that matter, if we were able to speak at all. I think not, on the whole. All I ken for certain is that I was holding you, all my heart running down my face as I clung to you and to the bairn; that everything was well, that all was clear, at last. 

When the night had fallen, though, and you were asleep against my breast, I carried you here to the campsite and laid you down upon the blankets, tucking you in against the chill of the night. I couldna sleep, myself. Not yet. I watched you, for a time, wept some more (I’m a most damnably fragile man, mo chridhe; I do hope you’ll forgive me) and then turned on the electric torch, that I might write to ye. One more letter, one final letter, before closing this wee book for good. After all, I dinna mean to be spending many days apart from ye, in the lifetime to come, Sassenach; none at all, if I should have my own say in the matter. 

Lord, but what else remains to be written, apart from rejoicing here on this page that we are safe; we are together; we have our child; that we will live, Claire, long and happily; and that, by divine grace, I was able to keep my promise. 

Do you recall it? The one I made near Carryarrick, just after ye told me about that night in the ditch? About the Americans? I promised you that no matter what might come, you would never be alone again; and you weren’t, not for a single moment as ye fell through the stones; not in that darkest, most fearful night of the war. Whatever luck or chance or providence brought it about, guiding my steps, you were protected. You were never alone. 

Aye, that was it:  what I was repeating over and over as we lay there shaking and weeping on the ground before the stones. 

You weren’t ever alone.

[y e s , t h e r e ’s  m o r e]

I was reading OTP prompts and one involved the Black Friday sales

Now I wanna see Jared just knock the FUCK out of a white suburban mom trying to steal his bathbombs

hey…. psst…. I know the suspense in waiting for a video gives a lot of ppl anxiety, and that’s totally valid, but too often I see people getting mad at dnp after posting a video that they “hyped up” when it doesn’t meet expectations, and I just wanted to remind everyone that if this is just a casual video that’s nbd, that’s okay too, we hype things up more than they ever do and then ppl are let down and it makes everyone (including dnp) feel bad. not saying lower your expectations bc it’s always fun to think about what it could be and share headcanons, but don’t blame them if your expectations aren’t met. okay that’s all have a nice day.

we came in peace

Our past was red. A dripping red, it seemed to us, but to all the galaxy, the blood we’d spilt was only a drop. 

We learned, eventually, slowly, how to stop a war before it begins, how to feed everyone’s children and give them a roof and a bed. We learned, and we were alone on our tiny world. But we remembered, like a war-scarred veteran, our past.

And so, when we found out we were not alone in this dark and infinite place, we shared what we had learned.

We come in peace.” Our first words to them. 

Lo and behold they were confused by this greeting. They told us they had no such word in their languages, and for a moment we feared we had stumbled upon a species more bloody and evil than our own. But our fears were unfounded, for this species was the fawn of the galaxy, and ours, the wolf. 

They had never known anything but peace. So deep in it were they (not struggling for it every day, as we must) that they didn’t even know what it was. We taught them how to say “war” in our language, and they spouted the definition but they did not know war. No one was eager to bring war into Eden once again.

They were young, but advanced, unhindered by conflict and destruction. Some say it is a mark of our past that we saw such innocence and anticipated for a time that it might be a ruse. But it was not, and we lived in peace with them.

It was not yet twenty years before we met another. Buoyed by our first meeting in this galaxy, we met them without reserve. We showed them empty palms, and said “We come in peace.”

Our party was slaughtered before they could flinch. And so, we were forced to embrace war again. 

Our friends offered us an alliance, which for a species that had never known war, meant supplies and medics. But even two against one, we were no match. We were not the war mongers of the galaxy we had thought ourselves, not compared to the species who took no prisoners, who had no interest in anything but the riches on our planet. Our friends called them Chaos, for “enemy” was a foreign word.

Not a decade went by before we were on our knees. Our friends? They had never stood a chance. Their planet was taken from them a year into the war. I have not seen one of them since. Our leaders bolster us with false news, but I know. We won’t last the year, but at least we understand. Oh, yes, we understand, for every battle site on Earth’s surface was the site of two things: a victory and a defeat. 

But understanding is a small mercy. Our friends never understood. When death was upon them, they looked their enemy in the eyes and offered them a gesture they were too innocent comprehend. But they saw we were war mongers, and believed our gestures would have meaning to the ones they’d called Chaos. 

“We come in peace.” But the Chaos had no word for peace. They had never known anything but war. So deep in it were they that they didn’t even know what it was.

I don’t think either of them have ever understood. But here our species teeters on the brink of annihilation, and we understand. 

I wish I didn’t. 

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Ok. Guess we'll watch them lose on mwave since big accounts don't want to help.... 😫

Okay. I need to get this off my chest. I am honestly so busy these days (Kristi and the mods of this blog are as well). I hardly get any sleep and have been fighting off a flu for nearly two weeks. I have midterms for the next two weeks and have a lot of things in life to juggle right now and it is quite overwhelming. Please understand that we have our own lives and don’t necessarily have time to type out a tutorial on how to vote on MWAVE. Yes, we understand that voting is important for awards but honestly (this is just my opinion) our fandom has been extremely obsessed with awards since BST era and seem to ignore that we are all just here to enjoy BTS. It honestly sucks the fun out of being a fan when people make everything about awards and guilt trip those who don’t have time to vote or forget to vote? I’m not saying that I don’t vote or I don’t want people to vote, but these kind of messages seem to blame us for the voting results? While voting is supporting BTS, please don’t blame larger accounts (I don’t know if you are implying that we are one of them) for lower vote counts.
- Kylie

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hey idk if you have answered this before, but how can you tell when to use "por" vs. "para"? And do native Spanish speakers typically understand what you mean regardless of which one you use?

They both have different uses, they are very few times interchangeable but mostly not:) And yes, we will understand you if you change them by mistake!:D

“Por” uses:

  • Cause or reason:
    Hago origami por diversión. 
    I do origami for fun.
  • Time period:
    Estudié en UK por tres meses.
    I studied in the UK for 3 months.
  • Approximate place, thereabouts:
    El restaurante está por el centro.
    The restaurant is around downtown.
  • Place to go through:
    El Nilo pasa por Egipto.
    The Nile passes through Egypt.
  • In exchange of something:
    Vendo ropa por dinero.
    I sell clothes for money.
  • Price:
    Te lo vendo por 30€.
    I sell it to you for 30€.
  • In the name of another, substitution:
    No hables por mí. 
    Do not speak for me.
  • Means, way:
    Mándamelo por email.
    Send it to me via email.
  • “In order to find, in order to buy”:
    Pasaré por ti a las 8 de la mañana. 
    I will go pick you up at 8am.
    Voy a por los tomates. 
    I’m going to get the tomatoes.

  • Distribution:
    Una mesa por pareja.
    One table per couple.
  • Velocity:
    El coche va a 70km por hora.
    The car goes at 70km per hour.
  • Part of the day:
    Haré la colada por la noche.
    I will do the laundry at night.
  • About to do an action:
    Estoy por salir ya.
    I’m about to go out now.
  • Passive:
    El conejo ha sido atrapado por el león.
    The rabbit has been caught by the lion.
  • Multiply (math):
    3 por 3 son 9.
    3 by 3 are 9.

“Para” uses:

  • Finality, goals:
    Estudié en UK para aprender inglés.
    I studied at the UK to learn English.
  • Due time:
    Los deberes son para mañana.
    Homework is due tomorrow.
  • Directions:
    Salimos para tu casa.
    We’re going to your house.
  • Destination:
    Esta ropa es para los pobres.
    These clothes are for the poor.
  • Opinion:
    Puede que para ti no importe.
    Maybe for you it doesn’t matter.
  • Inequality expressions, comparison:
    Eres muy lista para ser una niña.
    You’re very smart for being a little girl.
  • Use, purpose:
    El portátil que te compro es para que trabajes.
    The laptop I’m buying you is for you to work.

Im gonna have to be honest, as amazing as being in the pit was and seeing our boys up close, tonight was absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. Yes I understand we are excited to see them, but when it gets to the point where Jungkook and Namjoon noticed and personally had to take the time to tell us to move back ??? Not only did security tell us to move back and chill out multiple times, but our own idols have to tell us too? And we still did not listen. Its unacceptable and embarrassing that we can’t even behave properly infront of them.

Yes i know we are in the pit and people are going to push but I saw so many people faint tonight because of it, and it is terrifying. People were being jabbed in their sides, climbing ontop of each other, shoving, even headbutting to get a closer view.

At one point, the two sides of the pit kept battling to get close to the boys and I actually fell down underneath everyone. i was so scared that i was going to get trampled. Someone had to shout that I fell so that people could make space so I could get up.

So take this as a lesson for all you fans that are going to the upcoming concerts. PLEASE PLEASE try your best to contain yourselves, you may not mean it but you may injure others and yourself. BTS openly expressed that we needed to step back and calm down. We need to listen to them for our own sake. I hope we will not dissappoint them like this again. Thank you.

When I make that first big personal connection with a challenging student.

repeat after me:

Even Bech Næsheim is his own character, his own person, and he exists outside the relationship that is Even and Isak.

He has flaws that make him human and a past that is his past, and he’s got mistakes and regrets but also beautiful memories and huge heart. He’s kind and he’s full of love, and he’s creative and he has dreams. He is Even. He’s all the imperfections and perfections. He’s beautiful - inside and out.

He also doesn’t owe Isak an explanation on what happened in the past because it has nothing to do with Isak, shocking I know. Just like Isak’s past has nothing to do with Even.

If you can’t see Even outside his relationship with Isak, then you might want to question why you are shipping Evak. You don’t have to like Even, but it’s weird if you hate him but still ship him with Isak, and he doesn’t have to be your favorite character, but just understand that he exists outside his relationship with Isak.

Beginning Thoughts of the Fall Anime Season 2017 . . .

Welp, fall is here, and as usual, it is time for me to do my annual first impressions of the season’s anime titles.  My gods if you thought the amount of shows I checked out last season was a lot, this season’s amount is insane.  This season, so far, I have checked out 22 shows thus far and plan for at least 7 more to pick up.  Insane, right?  So how do they stack up so far?   Let’s see.  Also, please keep in mind, that these are solely based off of the first one or two episodes, and are purely my opinion, so if my opinion is different than yours, then I’d love to here it.   Also, I will try to remain as spoiler free as possible.  

Netojuu no Susume:  Studio Signal.MD

Originally posted by thenichibro

Dropped.  Alright, so I feel like I have to mention this.   I’m a serious gamer.  More specifically, I love me some MMOs.  How much you ask?   Well, so much so that I actually met my husband on World of Warcraft.  Insane right?  I mean my god you do not want to see our /played time on that game.  So, needless to say, I am a bit critical on gaming anime because of this, because I know what it’s like.   This anime was just… . cringey.  I found myself sighing every chance I got and by the 20 minute mark, completely turning it off.  Everything about the first episode was just  … bad.  There’s really just no redeeming qualities… well, one line said by the Guild Master which was something along the lines of “you have no idea what her irl gender is.”  I laughed.  It’s accurate.  85% of female toons you see on wow are actually guys. Anyways, moving on.   

Evil or Live:  Haoliners Animation

Dropped.  Mmmm  I had such high hopes.  After reading the summary, I will admit, I was hyped for this show.  On Paper, this show sounds wonderful.  I thought it was going to be some horror psychological thriller that at the end of it left you questioning the very meaning of the world around you or something.  Instead, what happened?   I …don’t even know.  The series starts off with massive amounts of Live Action, which, while being completely unexpected, I didn’t mind so much; the series became an instant drop for me when the MC and Co were clearly showing a break from reality and needed actual mental help, was beaten instead.   It wasn’t “horror” or “edgy” it was just poor writing.  Needless to say, I have dropped it.

Just Because!: Studio Pine Jam

Originally posted by thenichibro

Dropped.  For no other reason that fuck it’s boring.  I fell asleep watching it not once, but twice.  It was that boring.  This series proves that even the prettiest of shows can bore you to death.  

Omiai Aite wa Oshiego Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji:  Studio Seven

Porn.  With Plot.  Alright, so this is an actual hentai series.  Not like Soft-Core either like Hajimete no Gal was last season.  This is an actual hentai series, and if you could believe it, it’s actually more plot focused and semi-interesting than 95% of hentai out there.… Well, as interesting as a hentai series about a female teacher and a student banging and “engaged” can be.  Don’t get me wrong here, it’s totally trash, but hey, each episode is only four minutes, so I’m going to keep watching this trash just a bit longer to see where it goes.  

Sengoku Night Blood:  Typhoon Graphics

Mmmm Still waiting for the day with they make a good anime based off of an Otome Game.  Alright, so here’s the story.  Girl gets sent back into another world and gains a harem.  A vampire harem.  That’s it.  I’ve saved you the trouble of checking this series out.  You’re welcome.  

Urahara:  Studios Emt^2 and Shirogumi

Originally posted by ufotable

Dropped.  Instant Drop.  Jesus Christ that animation is fucking trash.  You have two studios working on this series, and the animation still looks that garbagey?!?!  How?!?!?!  I can’t even with this… Ugh, nope, moving on.  

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara:  Creators in Pack

Yet another series that will probably be dropped halfway through.  Honestly, there’s just nothing that really happens in this series, and I know it’s really hard for anything to happen in a four minute long series, but literally nothing happens.   Wife comes home.  Husband makes her drink.  Wife gets tipsy.  Thank you husband.  I mean the main reason why I’m going to be sticking it out just a bit longer is to keep getting cocktail recipes haha.   

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii:  Sliver Link Studios

Will probably be dropped.  Is it just me or is this series like Silver Link’s answer to A-1′s EroManga Sensei?  Honestly, this show is meh at best so far.  The art is nothing too great, and the story screams EroManga, and since I wasn’t a fan, I really don’t see myself watching more than three episodes.  

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-Bitch na Ken:  Studio Diomedea

I started watching it with hopes of it doing two things.  One, fill the hole in my heart that was left when Hajimete no Gal ended; and two, explain what the hell a Sho-Bitch is.  In all honestly though, this show is probably going to be dropped.  While the art is generic, the characters are bland and too common; I also the comedy too forced at time and repeatable.  Yes, we understand main waifu really just wants to figure out what Haruka likes, and obviously misinterprets everything, but does that really have to be the joke every single time?

Inuyashiki:  Studio MAPPA

Ah, the latest from Studio MAPPA.  I have one question:  MAPPA, what the fuck?  Let me clarify.  The opening few minutes of the first episode made me feel.  Fuck, I almost started crying.  It was depressing and yet the story was just relatable and beautiful all at the same time.  I was feeling feels I didn’t want to feel.  It really kept true to the Drama tag, which I love.  I’m a sucker for some hardcore drama filled series.  Then… .it got weird.  Some weird like mecha space alien thing weird.  So, again, MAPPA, what the fuck?  Don’t get me wrong here.  I will be continuing to watch this solely because despite the series taking that weird turn, in no way did that make the actual tone any less enjoyable.  Plus, the art style is so unique to the show, I’m curious as to where it can go from here.  

Mahoutsukai no Yome:  Wit Studio

Alright, I’m a fan.  This has to be a contender for Anime of the Season, and we aren’t even three episodes into it yet.  It’s wonderful, and not only one of my favorites from this season so far, but my favorite thing Wit Studio has ever done, (and yes, that just brought me a ton of hate from SnK fans haha).   I can see and agree with the hype this series has had.   Honestly, check it out.  It’s good  and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.  

Blend S:  A-1 Pictures

I found my Moe-Blob for the season, and I’m so happy.  I actually really like this series so far.  It was adorable, and literally just what I want in my seasonal moe-blob.  It’s nothing too driven plot wise, and definitely won’t be anime of the season or anything like that; it’s literally just Cute Girls waitressing in this cute cafe.  Regardless, I’m definitely going to continue to watch it for a bit longer at least.  

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou:  Studio White Fox

Keep your eye on this one this season.  It’s probably going to be the Dark Horse of this season.  In all honestly, I became instantly hooked watching the first episode.  The tone at the start was so eerie and grim that I found myself getting literal goosebumps.   Maybe it’s the high I’m on after the Made in Abyss ending, or just wanting to find something to fill the void that series has left me with, but I’m getting serious MiA vibes.  I’m hoping this series is even half as good as MiA was.  Also, I’m a major fan already of how unique the art is for this show.  

Ousama Game The Animation:  Studio Seven

I’m biased.  Period.  I will be watching this show no matter how terrible it could ever get solely because my favorite Seiyuu is the lead.  Mamoru is a God, and I will watch it religiously every week.  That being said, I can tell you that this show is edgy as fuck, and with it being one of two survival game anime out right now this season, this one is definitely the weaker, edgier of the two.  It is a pretty cool concept though, and I’m already a fan of the survival game concept, that I don’t mind watching this one until the end.  I would also like to warn that this one is definitely gory so if you don’t like that than this isn’t for you.    

Konohana Kitan:  Studio Lerche

CUTE LITTLE FOX GIRLS.  I REPEAT, CUTE LITTLE FOX GIRLS.  Having read the summary for the series prior,and seeing both the Seinen and Shoujo Ai tag on it and that it would be done by Lerche, it became an instant check out at least, and I’m glad I did.  This series is the calming pallet cleanser.  It’s the show where you can turn off your mind and just watch the cuteness.  Plus, did I mention cute little fox girls?  What more do you need?   

Black Clover:  Studio Pierrot

Alright, I’m split in two for this.  Part of me wants me to look at this show for what it is:  a stereotypical shounen series, with decent animation, predictable plot and bad voice acting, if you saw the first episode you’d know what I’m talking about.   This show screams Naruto, Fairy Tail and Bleach rip off; and hell, since I hate Naruto, never got into Bleach, and am still VERY pissed at Fairy Tail, combining the three into one really just makes me both cringe and glare at the screen.   Evil Glare.  A glare that if I could, would totally shoot lasers out and everything.  I mean hell, it’s even done by the same studio as Naruto.  Regardless, the tons and tons of shounen I’ve seen makes me just feel like this is repeating it all.   That’s one part of me.  The other part of me enjoys this show, solely for the fact that my husband LOVES the Black Clover manga, so watching it with him makes me at least want to give it a chance.   I do however doubt it will be as big as people hype it up to be, and if it does get big it will be nowhere near as good quality wise as a lot of other shounens, and will take a lot for me to become a fan.  

Juuni Taisen:  Graphinica

Without a doubt, my favorite from this season.  I’m hooked.  This series has it all:  unique character designs, well executed art, and a killer story line, (pun intended).  Mmmmm this story is wonderful.  It hooks you from the start, which is to be expected since the original source is written by the same original writer for the Monogatari Series.  There’s plot twists and betrayals and just epicness.  It also has one of the best openings and closings of the season.  Side Note:  THE PSYCHOTIC LITTLE USAGI BOY IS BEST BOY AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE, AND IF HE DOESN’T WIN I WILL RIOT.  

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru:  Washio Sumi no Shou:  Studio Gokumi

When I first saw that Yuki Yuno was getting another season, I was fucking thrilled.  Yuki Yuno was a magical girl series that I fell in love with not only because of the Madoka Magica vibes it had, but because of the beautiful art and animation and vibrant colors it used.  It’s visually stunning.  So, how is the prequel turning out?  Still just as stunning.  In all honestly, I’m going to love this series provided it stays true to the themes and tones of the first season, and if the opening episodes are anything to say about the rest of the series, then I know it will.  Plus, who isn’t up for Magical Girls this season?

Osomatsu-san 2nd Season:  Studio Pierrot

Originally posted by ninjago904

I actually genuinely missed this show.  My gods this show is a gift.  This has to be one of the underapprieciated comedy gems to come out in the recent years, and it fills me with joy knowing that it still shines just like the first season did.  I enjoy watching the episodic skits of everyone’s favorite sextuplets.  Seriously, why have you not started this show?  

Shokugeki no Soma:  J.C.Staff

DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I’VE WAITED TO SEE MY SON KUGA ANIMATED?!!??!  TOO LONG.  This is hands down the best season of Food Wars yet, and we are barely a couple episodes into it.   I love the pacing of this season, and having being a manga reader, I can confirm for you that it’s completely accurate with the manga thus far.  J.C Staff is clearly showing that they still care about Food Wars and aren’t rushing with the season.  Also, thank the gods for the 24 episode season.  THAT’S MORE EPISODES OF MY PRECIOUS KUGA.  

3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season:  Studio Shaft

Originally posted by just-to-express-not-impress

I cried.  I fucking cried.  Hard.  My god I missed this series.  Everything about the first episode was fantastic.  The music and animation were spot on, but of course nothing out of the ordinary for the phenomenal Studio Shaft, but what did I love most you ask?  Character Development.  MY FUCKING GOD.  Compare Rei to the start of Season one, and you’d never think it’s the same person.  I can’t stress that enough.  If this first episode is a sign on how amazing the rest of this season is going to be then I’m beyond fucking happy.  This is the series I’ve been waiting for since the start of the year.  

Gintama.  Porori-hen:  Bandai Namco Pictures

Has there ever been like a bad season of Gintama?   Like Ever?  All this season has proved to me is: one, life is boring and dull without Gintama.  Two, Gintama is the king of comedy series.  Three, Gintama is without a doubt one of the greatest series of all time.   This season is hilarious and easily makes me burst out laughing from start to finish.  Thank you Gintama, I’ve truly missed you.  

Ballroom e Youkoso:  Production I.G.

Originally posted by anime-trash-for-life

How is the second half of the season you ask?  *Insert Pouting Face Here*  Fuck you, Chi-chan.  Worst Girl 2017.  THERE I SAID IT.  YEAH, I SAID IT.  WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?  #BRINGBACKBESTGIRL2017  Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Tartara has a partner now, but like seriously why her? -.-  Why couldn’t Mako just be his partner forever and they could live happily ever after?  


So, yeah, those are my thoughts so far on the Fall Anime 2017 season.   Let me know yours, and if there is anything I’m not watching, and should be, then please tell me!  I love recommendations, and I already know of a few that I need to pick up… .

our squad rly wanna do some dnd but we can never get together bc studying abroad so we just. fantasize abt it a lot

Im a halfling bard but since I know literally nothing about music I would probably be one that tells stories (ghost stories). a cloak would definitely help with that vibe but no thats too much work no no no

anonymous asked:

tehe ciel phantomhive and sebastian michaelis relationship headcanons?


  • He will undoubtedly protect you with his life and, since he has deemed your value to be so great that he would actually establish a normal relationship with you, chose to protect you over Ciel.
  • Since he’s a demon, he has no knowledge of how to be a proper significant other, so he will have to learn to be the best, just like he did with being a butler.
  • He will cook for you and make sure that you are always taken care of, and healthy.
  • He definitely gets super territorial of you if someone, or something, looks at you in a way he deems more than friendly, and will not even try to hide his jealousy.
  • Like seriously, either he will be holding your hand, or have an arm wrapped around your waist, or you will have a multitude of hickies on your neck. Both are acceptable for Sebastian, so really, the choice is yours.
  • He has to find a perfect balance of being a good significant other and a butler. He would find it much easier for you to stay within the walls of the Phantomhive Manor, so he persuades Ciel into letting you stay.
  • He has a weird way of comprehending emotions other than anger and rage and wrath, so you could do something totally cute, like give him a quick peck on the cheek, and he would just sit there like “Why on earth did you just press your mouth to my face? Were you trying to aim for my mouth and just horribly missed?”
  • “Dove, could you hand me that plate? Ah, thank you,”
  • “Hello Lovely, I’m taking the Young Master his afternoon tea; would you like me to make you something to drink as well? Are you peckish?”
  • Overtime, he grasps the whole relationship lovey-dovey thing and you two always fall victim to PDA and a blushing Ciel
  • “Alright you two, I won’t be having any of this ‘love’ business, so Sebastian, get back to work. S/o, kindly refrain from distracting my butler while he carries on his duties.”
  • Lowkey tho Ciel totally teases Sebastian about you any chance he gets
  • “Ah, Sebastian, the flowers on the dining room table are lovely. (Favorite Color) colored roses. I didn’t think we had those in our garden. I say, does s/o take to liking them as well?”
  • Expect complements from Ciel from time to time; he doesn’t just do this to rile Sebastian up, he just genuinely means them, which further agitates said demon lol
  • “S/o, you’re quite a sight in that dress, it’s positively ravishing. I’ll have to look into purchasing one for Elizabeth,” cue a stuttering s/o and a fuchsia-eyed Sebastian
  • Will give you lots of kisses and you two also share a room, and since demons don’ t really sleep, he just plays with your hair and traces patterns on your skin
  • Will show off for you when engaged in some sort of fight with an enemy. Like yes, we understand that you’re immortal but could you be a little more careful??
  • You will have this demon’s entire heart


  • Oh goodness this boy is b l u s h y
  • He will be unsure about your relationship at first, but then he will open up and be a little more sentimental.
  • This poor boy has a really tough time coming to terms with his emotions, and I’m pretty sure he has emotional and mental damage from his parents’ death and that cult, so please be patient with him and allow him to take his time. If he has shown this much interest in you it already means he thinks you’re enough for him.
  • He will buy you copious amounts of gifts, like yeesh, this bb just showers his s/o in goodies
  • He was just fine breaking off the engagement with Elizabeth and it was actually kind of easy to since he never really held any romantic views towards her, and plus, he has you!
  • Will make you sleep in his bed but when you bring up that fact, he denies it completely.
  • “ No, you’re the one who wanted to sleep here and I’m allowing you to.”
  • Falls asleep in 0.02 seconds, like as soon as his head hits the pillow, he’s out, so don’t be expecting a back scratch or a late night makeout session lol
  • Will take you out shopping but refuses to take you out on missions from the Queen
  • He gets super flustered when y’all do couple-y stuff, so baby steps are necessary, but he’s all for holding your hand and an arm wrapped around your waist.
  • “Hello and Welcome to the Phantomhive Manor. I am the head of the house, Ciel Phantomhive, and this is (Name), my companion.”
  • Pet names!
  • “Love, I don’t want you going on this mission,” “But Ciel, it’s in Paris!” “I don’t care. I’ll take you to Paris whenever you want, but you are not accompanying me this trip and that’s final.”
  • “Darling, that dress looks positively divine on you. I’ll have Sebastian make a trip to the seamstress to purchase another one. Do you have any color preferences?”
  • Will pull you to sit on his lap with a sigh after a super hard day and just hold you there
  • It’s weird to him because he hates it when others touch him but he’s all for being handsy with you, or you being handsy with him lmao
  • Doesn’t tell you about the contract in fear of you running away because you’re scared, but when you figure it out that Sebastian isn’t a human and confront him about it, he comes clean and tells you everything. You cried here and there, but when he told you that in due time Sebastian would devour his soul, you sobbed and claimed that you didn’t want to lose him. He was sad too, seeing you so upset, and also realizing the fact that he would lose you someday when his contract was fulfilled.
  • Kiss his ears he’ll literally turn so damn red
  • Loses his shit when Alois Trancy tries to flirt with you
  • “Although I appreciate your acknowledgement of my s/o’s beauty, I do not take kindly to you putting your filthy hands on them”
  • Your heart drops whenever you hear “Sebastian, this is an order:protect s/o at all costs!” because that means that he isn’t the main focus of safety
In-depth Reflection on Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Spoilers)


After so much waiting, watching new promos and trailers everyday, I watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle today! The sequel to my favorite movie of all time! And BOY, I have so many thoughts. I am going to try to go as in-depth as I can, and as much in order as I can but BEWARE this is nearly a shit post with me pouring all of my feelings into it and will have random points all over the place, but mainly is me trying to process everything, this is A LOT (it’s 3k) and basically a summary of the movie 


Keep reading