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Customer Service - Marecal

This is my first Red Queen fic, so any feedback would be massively helpful!

Coffee Shop AU

My day could not get any worse.

Arrogant customers had been complaining all day, and often about me. I mean, sorry you had to wait an extra two minutes for your coffee, but maybe you could’ve demanded a less fancy drink. Just a thought.

And a thought I couldn’t even voice, considering I was one wrong order away from being fired. And that, under any circumstances, could not happen.

Not if Gisa needed some money for her dance class, or if I saw something I knew my father would love. Or, you know, if we needed to pay the bills that month.

So instead of telling the customers exactly what I thought of them, I kept quiet, the same fake smile plastered on my face like an unbreakable mask.

Sometimes I really hated this job.

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licagd  asked:

Hi! You are amazing as always! In the documentary AU, how about the crew finding out about lineages in the Jedi? They would be probably surprized, then would probably realize "oh, so that is how they form famillies!". Just to add: maybe they find out that the Count Dooku is tecnically Obi-Wan's Jedi Grandfather.

“And you are Master Plo Koon then.” Cana smiled as best she could to the Kel Dor who bowed lightly to her in return as he moved to a chair. “And this must be Commander Wolffle?” She directed at the stern looking commander with a scar and a milky blue eye.

The clone in question gave a brief, sharp nod, joining his Jedi and settling down, helmet on his lap and face like stone. He looked uncomfortable, like he’d prefer to stand at attention in front of the camera instead of sitting down.

He wasn’t as open as Captain Rex.

Different then his…brother.


Wings fluttering, Cana settled in. “Now Master Kenobi and Knight Skywalker told me that you have command over the Wolfpack Master Koon.”

Chuckling faintly, Plo cocked his head. “More like 104th battalion but the wolfpack is part of it. The wolfpack is the aerial battalion part of it.” He rested his hands on his lap, the man giving of a calm vibe.

“Indeed? So its the pilot part then?” Cana looked at the two. “Commaner Wolffle?”

The clone shifted a bit then nodded firmly. “The wolfpack is the aerial combat division, we engage in dogfights and aerial support, and often guard our General’s tail in the air.” He offered firmly.

Cana blinked. “Tail…” She turned to the Jedi. “Then you fight in the front with them master Koon?”

“Of course, all Jedi General’s fight at the front with their men when we can.” The Kel dor chuckled faintly again. “Unless we are planning or helping the rest of the command that is.”

She blinked slowly.

Helping the rest of the command?

As in people like Wilfur Tarkin?

“I see… is that why there is a decline in Jedi?” She questioned, her voice softer.

Koon seemed to take a deep breath. “…Unfortunately yes. We serve the Republic as we can but unfortunately it… a lot of us have died in the development of this war. Some of the padawan’s are too young to be where they are and… we do not have many choices left.” He seemed to settle on.

She swallowed, a question on the tip of her tongue.

She shouldn’t ask it.

To ask it could be a blow to the hope of the war effort.

But the time for half lies to bolster the strain was over.

She asked it.

“Do you fear the Jedi dying out with this war?”

There was a beat, silence, the twi’lek behind the holocamera pulling away from it to stare at Cana with wide eyes.

Wolffle’s hands tight on his helmet, the creak of armor.

The sound of Koon taking a deep breath.

“…There are less of us then ever.” He finally said. “When this war ends…we will need to rebuild.” A statement that even the infallible Jedi Order was feeling the strain of the war.

Cana wanted to ask more, would have asked more, asked Wolffle about the army, about the wolfpack if it wasn’t for the door suddenly being thrown open, Windu suddenly standing there with a tight look on his face.

“Kenobi and Skywalker went down over Ilysa, we need the aerial support out there, now or we lose them and most of their men. The rest of the wolfpack is already gathered in the hanger.” His face was tightening even as he spoke.

Koon stood smoothly. “Another time Miss Cana.” He walked towards his fellow Jedi with his commander dogging his steps, the trooper pulling his helmet on but not before the holo glimpsed the way the commander’s lips had pulled back in a fearsome snarl.

Cana swallowed heavily, gesturing quickly for her holocrew operator to get a glimpse into the hallway, catching the sight of the Jedi and commander practically jogging away to the hangers.

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so I work at a local dine-in movie theater as a waitress and at the time of the incident I was two weeks from leaving for universe (now I just have 4 more days this weekend and I’m FREE)

Anyway, I was training for the first time so I had my trainee shadowing me. She told me she suffers from low self-confidence and I also believe she has some minor anxiety so we’ve really been working on that and I was honestly afraid for her because people can just be so inconsiderate in customer service. Luckily, most people have been patient and understanding with her and there really weren’t any incidents during her training.

Except for this one woman.

She had ordered a strawberry margarita which we only serve frozen along with our other flavored margaritas. The only ones we serve on the rocks are the classic and our two specialty margaritas. The fact that these margaritas are frozen is clearly stated on the menu, but admittedly this hasn’t always been the case. I worked at this theater last summer and people normally got to decide how they wanted their margarita, but when I came back this year it had been changed to just frozen.

Okay. No big deal. I’ve dealt with a few confused people but haven’t really had any actual problems.

Until this woman comes along. Now, I was taking some food to a table at the top of the theater and my trainee was checking on another table at the bottom. I walk back down and see that she is taking care of it so I go and wait in the hall for her while she finishes up. A minute passes and she comes to me looking a little worried and tells me that this woman is complaining about her margarita.

So I go to the table and ask her what’s wrong. She has an attitude immediately out of the gate.

“I don’t want a frozen margarita. I wanted one on the rocks.”

“I’m sorry, ma'am. Our flavored margaritas only come frozen. We don’t serve them on the rocks anymore.”

She goes on to tell me that’s bullshit and I’m so not in a mood to deal with this so I suggest to take it back and get her something else if she’s unhappy with it. But she’s not ready to let it go just yet.

“I want a strawberry margarita on the rocks!”

“Ma'am we no longer do that. We only serve them frozen”

“No you don’t! I used to work here and I know you serve them on the rocks!”

“Well, yes, we used to serve them on the rocks. I worked here last year and we did that but since I’ve come back we’ve only been serving them frozen”

“How long have you been working here?”

“Well, last year I worked here for seven months -”

She cut me off. “And what about this year? Because I worked here this year but got fired in June and we was still serving it on the rocks.”

“I actually came back around mid-June, in fact”

It basically came down to her finally coming around that we don’t serve them that way anymore, her getting upset because “how was she supposed to know?” (I told her that it’s stated on the menu). Eventually she ordered one of the specialty margaritas on the rocks and calmed down.

I was just irked because she insisted she knew what we did because she “used” to work here like…bitch I work here NOW. Don’t you think I’d know more than you about what we do and don’t do? Businesses change all the time. In the year I was gone they changed the menu so much I almost had to relearn it. Chill the fuck out.

PS: She didn’t even tip -___- You’d think someone who was a server would at least give something

TL;DR - Woman wanted a margarita a certain way even though we don’t do that anymore, insisted we did and that she knows this because she “used” to work here without considering the simple fact that I work here now and would know more than her.

Okay so I work at a pretty big British pub chain (if you’re from the UK you’ll probably be able to guess where I mean)
So for context, there’s three bars over three floors in our particular pub and I was working on the ground floor. I’m serving a customer and a man starts to shout for me. I say “I’ll be right with you, I’m just serving someone else right now” I mean it’s pretty obvious I’m serving someone but whatever. Literally before the change hits the other customer starts screeching at me again.
“Yes sir how can I help you?” Baring in mind there are several people to be served before him???
“This drink is wrong it smells like caramel, smell it!! Taste it!!!”
“Sorry sir I can’t taste it because I’m working, but I agree it smells of caramel. What did you order?”
“I ordered vodka tonic!”
“We don’t serve caramel vodka, we serve vanilla?”
“Yes well I don’t want it, change it”
“What can I get you?”
“Absolut vodka like I bloody asked for!”
“Yes I heard that bit, but what with?”
“Absolut!” He’s getting really pissy by now and I’m getting annoyed too
“What mixer sir? You had a mixer with this drink, what was it?”
So I get him his replacement (while I’m doing that, the girl who served him originally tells me he actually ordered vanilla vodka, watched the order on the screen and said it was fine when she read it back to him??)
I give him it and then he kicks up a fuss about wanting slimline tonic.
“I wanted slimline!!!”
“Sir there are no bottles of slimline on this bar”
Obviously then he cuts me off and hits me with the “oh well you’d better go and search for one then shouldn’t you?”
Why do people feel the need to be so aggressive? All he had to do was explain the drink was wrong without being a prick and I would have got him his drink without the resentment??

Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

Hey guys, so as promised I have a new fic coming you way. I have actually been working on this since right after the finale, but was worried that no one would care about Teddy’s side of this as much as I do. I didn’t touch it for months, but when they announced that Kim Raver was coming back I took it as a sign that people do care about Teddy and finished the chapter. This chapter is very Teddy centric because I was setting things up, but future chapters will focus on Amelia and Owen as well. 

Thanks to @jordan202​ for telling me I wasn’t crazy for writing it, and to @em-m-j​ for proof reading it, and telling me I wasn’t crazy to post it.

Widow. Teddy Altman hated that word. But despite her aversion to it, over the years she had let it define her. It was easy to be the widow. She never had to explain away her sorrow. Prospective dates fled at the mention of it. And that’s what she wanted, wasn’t it? Ever since Henry died she had been living in a haze. She moved to Germany and never looked back. Not having to spend every night it the apartment they shared helped, but sleeping alone had never gotten easier. She threw herself into work and tried to put her husband out of her mind. She kept her head down, didn’t make friends, she poured herself into work. And that had worked for a while, for years actually. She made herself numb to the emotions. She prevented herself from feeling the powerful loss that was always there, on the edge of her subconscious.  Not only had she lost her job on that rainy day in Seattle, but when she made the decision to leave, she lost everything. Her last connection to Henry, her home, her friends. Friends. That part hurt the most, almost as much as losing Henry, because she made the decision to leave them. Of course they tried to keep in touch. At the beginning Arizona called every week, and Callie would send videos of her daughter, letting Teddy see how the little girl was growing. Even Owen, who was never good at communicating would send emails. He let her know what was going on with his life, how Cristina left, how he met someone else, how they were married now. He seemed happy. But all those emails and phone calls from her friends went unanswered. Teddy couldn’t face the fact that they were all happy and moving on with their lives. They all took the curve balls life threw at them with grace and moved on stronger than ever. Teddy couldn’t admit to her friends that she had not. She had spent so much time shutting people out, running from her past, that she forgot what it felt like to have someone there for her. That was until the day her past caught up to her. 

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Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that The Diamond Doll’s Theatre Troupe is back, as a real guild this time! 

The Run-Down

Diamond Dolls plans to remain a relatively small guild, having a healthy handful of each rank. We seek to focus on each individual character and their relationships to others, creating a developing dynamic as this team attempts to create public shows. 

Caterina will train her actors intensively into their art form, creating hyper-realistic scenes to clutch their audience by the heart. She seeks to not only entertain, but intellectually stimulate them. 

We will be performing renditions of powerful real-world plays translated into WoW lore and formatting. The plays seek to express the climatic points of humanity, which we hope to truly capture.

While we are in need of actors and actresses, we also need to fill in several other ranks.

SECURITY, yes, that’s right, you brawlers. We need security! This one rank will serve a similar ordeal to what Caterina observed during her time wrapped around Hudson’s arm. It’s also a necessity. They will protect the actors, escort the audience members to seats, refreshments, outhouses, and such. They, as well, will be subtly handling Caterina’s dirty work. This portion will hold an almost mob-mentality. 

For those of you who enjoy mogging, we need costume designers! Things not so hard to get, that fit the character, and their given circumstances (social status, wealth, what they’re going through in that moment, etc.) 

Engineers are needed, as well! These, ICly, will be considered set and special effect designers in order to keep a good amount of motion on the screen to help audience members engage in. 

You are in no way expected to immediately know how to do anything with in this guild, I am more than happy to help in whatever way I can. This is a fun environment with so much room for growth and experience. 

You can contact me here, on tumblr, or on ‘Caterose’ in game for any questions!
Gajevy Week 2017: Gajeel of the Shinsengumi, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
Some reincarnations are harder than others. Left behind in Kyoto at age five, Levy is a servant-girl in late Edo Japan (1864), at a time when girls are barely taught to write. When the Kyoto police known as the Shinsengumi raid the inn where she lives and works, how will she defend herself and her adopted family? Can she trust a certain black-haired, red-eyed police officer who seems to know magic when he sees it? Words: 2050

Bonus Prompt for January 31: AU (Alternate Universe)

Available at above or below under the image.

Chapter 1—Gajeel of the Shinsengumi

She couldn’t remember having a name other than Levy, and nobody called her that anyway. The first part wasn’t especially surprising, since under the laws of the Shogun, Lord Iemochi Tokugawa, only members of the samurai class were allowed to use a surname. The second part was also simply explained: the family that housed her, and more or less fed her, found the name ‘Levy’ too foreign for either safety or convenience; instead, they called her Aoi, meaning blue, which was the colour of her hair.

Levy remembered the day that her father had brought her to the Ikedaya, a mediocre inn found in the central part of the vast city of Kyoto. She didn’t know his name, because to her he had just been otosan,(1) but she wished he hadn’t left her in this place. He was the only person she’d ever known with hair like hers. Of course, he was probably dead now. It had been a dozen years since he had gone out to meet some friends and never come back. Ikeda-san was now the master of the house, instead of merely the heir. Levy didn’t like him much, but fortunately his mother was still alive and she had been the one to insist on keeping the girl in the first place. It was assumed that Levy’s father had been swallowed up by the dangerous streets of Kyoto like so many others.

The day had started out like many others: she’d gotten up before dawn, started the cooking fire, and taken her mistress her morning tea. At this point, Ikeda Keiko-san was the one person Levy cared about in the household. Keiko-san had been kind to Levy when her father hadn’t returned, and the only member of the family to return the tentative embraces of an affectionate child. There was a lot of gray in the woman’s hair now, but otherwise she wasn’t much changed. She had been stoic when her husband had died, but Levy thought that she was rather lonely, and didn’t approve much of her son’s friends. However, apart from refusing to be parted from Levy, she had acquiesced to all of her son’s orders: after all, he was a man and the head of the family.

“We have special guests arriving today, Aoi-chan,” Keiko remarked as she sipped her tea. “At least, my son thinks they are special, so he will want to have extra food and drink on-hand.”

“Yes, Keiko-san.”

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Old Flames

Rating: General
Characters: Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers
Word Count: 3525
Summary: Peggy runs into an old friend

Read on AO3

Peggy walked directly into a stranger as she rushed through the crowded department store. She’d been hurrying, so there was some force. She bounced off the gentleman, and he grunted.

“I’m so sorry, sir,” she said as she stumbled to catch her balance. “That was entirely my fault—I wasn’t looking. My—”

Her words halted as abruptly as she had.

“Well, I never,” said the man, who wasn’t a stranger at all.

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Bloodlines - Callum “Cal” Lynch/Reader (Assassin’s Creed)

Imagine being one of the escaped assassins from abstergo. Things escalate quickly after a misunderstanding with the newbie…

@writingsofawaywardnerd @superwholockstringpuller This is for you two! I see at least another part to it too!

Originally posted by cherikmcbenderfans

Callum Lynch stepped out onto the balcony looking over New York skyline. He took a deep breath in and let it out. They’d been running non-stop for weeks and finally were able to get in touch with the Creed and they were able to get them here.

He looked back at the few assassins that had traveled with him. Moussa stuck with him, as did Lin. They had grabbed a few others whom they seemed to know very well. 

Most had thanked him for taking such a high power out of the Templar ranks and forgetting them out of Abstergo. He didn’t really know what to say to them.

He did know since his last encounter in the Animus he felt…different. Included…whole even. It seemed everyone there did. A true brotherhood.

Except for one. 

His eyes stared at you across the room. You were quiet the entire time. Taking care of things, like cups, and plates. He crossed his arms watching you as Moussa and Lin came out standing next to him, “What’s her story?”

Moussa followed his gaze seeing you pull your gray shrug around your shoulders, “Y/N…uh…”

“She’s a breeder.” Lin spat out swirling her drink around in her cup.

Cal looked at her as Moussa scowled, “Lin…be kind.”

“What?” Lin looked at Moussa, “She is. Her purpose for the Creed is to pop them out for the order to continue.”

“You could be less rude about it.” Moussa sighed.

“Wait…she just pushes out babies?” Cal looked at them both.

“It’s more then that.” Moussa hushed Lin who rolled her eyes before walking away, “She comes from strong blood like you. At a young age assassin families train their children for the cause, but not all amount to the task. Y/N, was one that didn’t fit in the athletics aspects, which is primarily what we do.” 

“I got that…” Cal looked back over to you, “So, she’s okay with that?”

“I’ve never asked her. She keeps to herself.” Moussa looked at him, “You two would actually be a good match.”

“What?” Cal snapped looking at him.

“Don’t take it the wrong way.” Moussa smiled at him, “You have strong blood dating back centuries…supposedly Y/N dates back further, to Altair. Though she has no legitimate claim.”

“You act like that means anything to me.” Cal smiled at him.

“Altair is one of the greats.” Moussa told him, “Short version is he had many children, but only one family. Y/N’s family was able to trace back far enough to see the relation, though not direct.”

“Again…care? Why?” Cal smirked a little.

“You saw what happened when you were connected to the Animus.” Moussa looked at him, “You saw your ancestors…your mother…”

Cal looked away sighing, “Okay…so bloodlines are important…got it.”

“You’ve a got a lot to learn.” Moussa told him a small smirk forming on his face, “You should talk to Y/N.,,She’s trained for teaching.”

“Why would she help me?” Cal asked as he walked away.

Moussa looked at him and smiled, “You’re part of the brotherhood now, get used of help when you ask.”

Cal made a noise in his throat shaking his head. He’d been on his own for such a long time he wasn’t sure he could just ask for help. His eyes fell on you again picking up everything like a mother.

“What the hell…I could stand for a history lesson or two…” He pushed off the balcony walking over toward you. You looked up at him when he stopped in front of you, “Hey.”

You swallowed brushing a piece of hair behind your ear, “Hello…can I get you something?”

“Uh no…I just…we haven’t really met yet.” He held out his hand, “Cal…Callum Lynch.”

You looked at his hand for a moment before taking it, “Y/N L/N.”

He smiled briefly, “It’s a beautiful name.”

You let go of his hand, “Thank you…if you don’t need anything I need to clean up.”

“Why?” He questioned you, “We’ve been running non-stop, you should relax.”

“Maybe later…” You picked up some dishes and began to move past him.

 He stepped in your way, “Actually…”

“Yes?” You stood there looking at him. He got distracted by your eyes for a moment. So bright compared to the rest of them, compared to his.

“I was told that maybe you could fill me in about…uh…well everything.” He let out a laugh putting his hands in his pockets.

“Oh…I…” You nodded and smiled a little, “Yeah of course, I’ll answer anything I can for you.”

He stood there watching you hold the dishes. Finally he pointed toward the door, “You wanna go for a walk?”

“Oh you want to talk now…” You watched him nod, “Sorry, yeah…”

He chuckled lightly as you put the dishes down turning toward the door. He followed you out and down the stairs to the street. Glancing at you he smiled lightly, “Nice night.”

“Yeah.” You nodded crossing your arms, “So what do you want to know?”

“Uh… “ He scratch his arm walking next you, “I don’t really know…everything I guess. Where would you start?”

“Well…” You smiled at him, “You know the oath…”

“Yes…We live in the dark, to serve the light.”  He nodded slowly looking to you.

“Good, it’s pretty basic after that. We fight Templars and world threats to better humanity.” You explained, “But I think you know that. What I think you want to ask is about life, right?”

He stopped surprised, “I think so…history and life.”

“History is the easy part and my favorite.” You smiled causing him to follow suit, “Life is something you’ll grow accustom to. It’s slightly nomadic, damn near tribal at times…”

“I suppose I’ll just have to wait until we get to home base then.” He nodded walking with you again, “But the history…you’re related to one of the greats right?”

You stopped looking at him then away. You looked a little hurt, “They told you…about my role didn’t they?”

He looked at you sighing feeling he stirred something up he shouldn’t have, “They did but…”

“I’ll do it.” When you looked at him your face so serious. You became business instead of that caregiver he’d seen earlier.

“What?” His face scrunched up in confusion.

“I will have your baby…but you don’t have to be nice to me.” You told him as you turned, “It’s a waste of both our times.”

“Hey…” He stood there watching you walk back toward the hotel, “Hey!”

You stopped when he ran in front of you, “What? You got what you wanted.”

“I didn’t…I wasn’t…” He shut his eyes taking in a deep breath stilling his frustration, “I don’t care about bloodlines…I don’t care about most of this shit. I just…I know I belong here, but I don’t know what the fuck is going on.”

You stared at him for a moment before letting out a big breath, “Okay…I’ll help you.”

“Thank you.” He put his hands on your shoulders. 

“On one condition.” You looked him dead in the eyes.

He was taken back by your seriousness again, “Okay, what?”

“I…” You swallowed your courage faltering, “I need you to…actually…stake claim to me.”

“What?” He let his hands drop as he took a step back, “What does that mean?”

“That no one else could touch me…except you…and I would let you. From the moment the claim is made…I would be yours alone, and only have your children” You told him frowning, “I never wanted this. I don’t want to be…this.”

“And me…claiming you would…do all that?” He raised his eyebrows.

“As it stands right now I belong to everyone…your bloodline allows you a voice that actually stands with brotherhood…” You looked away as if ashamed of your own, “I have two children…from different fathers…and it’s supposed to be acceptable…but…”

He could see how hard this was for you. How much you were struggling, “…I’ll do it.”

You looked back to him, “You will?”

“Yes…what do I have to do?” He let out a heavy sigh.

“When we get home…there’s a small ritual where you leave a brand on my wrist.” You told him as he let out a slightly disgusted noise, “We’re both getting something out of this and I don’t expect you to be just mine.”

He looked to you again exasperated. This is not how he expected today’s events to turn out, “Okay…I just need a teacher, cause I don’t think I’m ever going to remember half of this shit.”

“I will be with you every step of the way.” Your eyes lit up with hope and happiness that he couldn’t help but smile a little.

As you both began to walk back he crossed his arms, “So two kids? Tell me about them.”

“Elijah and Renatta.” You smiled thinking of them, “4 and 3.”

He felt a pit in his stomach as you kept talking. He may have felt this sense of belonging here with these people, but he wasn’t sure if he liked some of their ideals. He had a lot to learn.

Race with the past

Hi merthan fans! I have a little thing for you :) First I want to dedicate it to all my amazing anons who give me strength to write. Thank you for all your messages  :*

Second, Thank you J. for help and input in that story.

Meredith was sitting in one of the exam rooms, she liked finishing the paperwork she had in a quiet place like this. Since her relationship with Nathan grew to “something big and important” she hasn’t had much time for work. They spent their free time together, they brought her kids on the trips, ice cream or just spent time at home, watching TV or cuddling on the sofa. Meredith called it “the honeymoon” even though they weren’t married. She was thinking about the plans for tonight, when the door opened and she saw Nathan.

“Hey, babe!” he walked toward her, “what’s new?”

“I’m catching up, and you?”

“I was thinking about tonight. We have any plans?” he asked, giving her half of his sandwich.

“Nope. Maggie said something about taking the kids to the cinema.” she smiled.

“That means….We have the house to ourselves?” he grinned.

“Yes.” she nodded, “what would you like to do? Cleaning? Maybe we go grocery shopping?” she teased him.

“I love shopping indeed, but I was wondering if we could invite Owen and Amelia to dinner?”

“Don’t say you want to play a good fairy and try to reconcile them.” Mer asked.

“Yes. Look at us! We are happy. I really want Owen and Amelia to be as happy as we are.” he touched her cheek.

“And if they don’t want that?” she asked.

“Let’s try and find out,” Nathan took a step toward her and gave her a sweet kiss.


Nathan sat in front of Amelia in the cafeteria, they were friends and it wasn’t unusual or weird for them to eat together. Amelia looked up from the article she was just reading and smiled at Nathan.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“I want to ask you to dinner.”

“You know that we are in cafeteria. We already ate.”

“Not here. I want to ask you to come to dinner at Mer’s house. Maggie will take the kids to the cinema and we’ll just eat and talk.”

“Yeah and where is the catch?”

“Mer is inviting Owen.”

“I see.” she looked at the article, “I’ll come anyway. I lived there.”

“Great!” Nathan smiled.


“Owen!” Meredith shouted through the ER rush, “Owen!”

Owen turned around, he looked at Meredith, who was standing next to an exam room. She nodded at the room and seconds later she was already waiting for him.

“Hi, Mer! What’s up?”

“I wanted to invite you to dinner. Tonight, 8pm.”

“Me?” he asked, confused. “I mean….ok. Can I bring someone?”

“Yes, if you want to.” she smiled.

“So, we’ll see you at 8pm.”

“Owen,” Meredith said before leaving the room, “Amelia will be there too.”

Owen looked at Meredith’s back when she left the room. He was happy and confused at once and he didn’t know what to think about that “dinner” thing. He took his things and went to an oncall room to take a nap before the feelings messed with his head again.


“Why’d you let him bring someone?”  Nathan asked.

“What could I have said? No, you can’t, because my boyfriend want to be a relationship fairy?”

“Well… Not in those words, but yes.” he said, looking at her, “and if he brings his new girlfriend?”

“I told him Amelia will be here…He won’t do that.”

Meredith took a step toward Nathan. He was cooking a meal for them and the kitchen had never looked so “used”. She stood behind him and hugged him, resting her head on his back. They stood there like that for a moment, and after a couple of minutes, Meredith’s voice broke the silence.

“I’m proud of you…that you want to make everyone happy, but I know that sometimes it’s impossible.”

“I thought that too, before you grabbed my hand when we were leaving the hospital. I realized that everyone can be happy. Sometimes you just need a little push.”

Meredith kissed Nathan and left the room. She was so happy that he was in her life. She grabbed everything she needed to set the table in the dining room. Mer prepared everything, while Nathan was the one who cooked. After a moment, Meredith looked up at Amelia who was walking downstairs. She wore a dark red, laced dress and matching heels. Meredith looked into her eyes and smiled. She realized that Nathan was right, they can make them happy again. After that thought, she heard knocking.

“Hi, Owen! Glad you came.” she took his jacket.

“As I said, I brought someone with me.” he turned around, letting the woman walk in first.

“Hi!” Teddy said quietly, “hope you don’t mind?”

“No! Not at all! I didn’t know you came to Seattle.” Meredith answered.

“Yeah. I’m here for a while.”

“We can sit, my boyfriend is cooking and the dinner will be done any minute.”

All of them walked into the dining room, Owen’s sigh came straight to Amelia, she looked incredibly beautiful and he couldn’t stop looking at her. He sat next to her, trying to clear his mind. Owen brought Teddy with him because he was afraid that he’d screw something up again and he didn’t want that.

“You look amazing.” he whispered to Amelia.

“You look handsome, too.” she whispered back, “Hi! You must be Teddy. We were talking on the phone. I’m Amelia-”

“Owen’s wife! Nice to meet you.” the woman lifted her hand, “I’m Teddy.”

“So, if everyone knows everyone, we can eat.” Mer said, “Nathan, are you coming?”

“Yes, babe.”

Nathan entered the room, carrying full plates of meal, he didn’t look at their guests yet, but he noticed that Owen and Amelia sat next to each other. He lifted his eyes and looked at the woman sitting next to Owen, Nathan looked at her and couldn’t believe that his past found him again.

“Teddy?” he asked, surprised.

“Nathan.” she looked at him with big eyes.

“Do you know each other?” Meredith asked.

“Yes. We-”

“Served together.” Teddy ended.

“Yes.” Nathan nodded, sitting between Meredith and Teddy.


The dinner went well, in Meredith’s opinion very well. Owen and Amelia started to talk which was huge progress. They both left dinner a bit earlier, they wanted to talk in front of the house and it turned out they went for a walk. Meredith didn’t know what to think about Nathan and Teddy. They were acting awkwardly since the dinner started, they didn’t talk much and every time Amelia or Meredith asked about war stories, they acted like it was a big secret. She walked into the kitchen while Nathan was washing dishes, she didn’t say anything, just stood in the door and watched him. After some time, she decided to ask about ‘’the Teddy thing” and she was hoping he would tell her the truth.

“What happened between you and Teddy?” she asked gently.

“Nothing…I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I want to know, Nathan. Is it something that will hurt us all if you tell me?”

“Yes… and  no.”

“Okay then.” she turned back, ready to leave.

“Wait!” he shouted, “I don’t want to have any secrets before you, but if I told you about it…I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Let me decide what hurts me and what doesn’t okay?” Meredith said, touching his cheek.

“Alright.” he sigh, “let’s do this.”


Nathan and Meredith were sitting on the sofa in their cosy living room. The curtains were drawn and the room was lit only by some candles. They sat on the brown sofa, Meredith took Nathan’s hands in hers to give him some courage. She really wanted to know what had happened, but she was also scared it could destroy what they built with such effort. She smiled and, after a moment, Nathan finally spoke.

“We served in the same base. Teddy, Megan and I.” Nathan started, “we had the worst day then, we lost two of ours and we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Megan tried to cheer me up even if she was in bad shape too, but I said that I need a walk. I almost ran from our tent… At war zone… you feel hundred times more than at home. You don’t have a safe place, you have a small space that you share with other guys or girls. You are always with someone.”  

Nathan took a deep breath and looked at Meredith, her blue eyes were looking at him with love he didn’t notice earlier. He held her hands tighter and got back to the story that broke his life for a long time.

“I went to Teddy’s tent. She was there, alone with a bottle of vodka someone gave her. She was damaged, just like me. It was our patient! We kissed and later… Megan saw us having sex in Teddy’s tent. I ran to her, but it was too late. She flew out in that stupid helicopter. That was the last time I saw her. Later, Teddy went back home and I stayed for one more round. I thought I’d find her and bring her back home…”

“You didn’t mean to hurt her… or me.” Meredith said softly, “you are right, there are feelings and emotions that we can’t handle on our own. I’m not saying what you did was right, but I know you hadn’t done it on purpose.”

“I didn’t, but I don’t want Owen to know who was that girl I cheated on Megan with. He and Teddy are good friends and I want it to stay that way.”

“I won’t tell anyone.” Meredith said, kissing him.

“I don’t want to ruin everything we’ve built-” he started.

“You didn’t. I’m here for you, Nathan. We are together and everything that had happened to you before… it’s a part of our history. We can’t change that, but we can help each other get trough this.”

“Since when are you are such a smart woman when it comes to relationships?” he asked, taking her into his arms.

“Since I have a boyfriend who thinks everyone can be happy.” she said, resting her head on his chest.

“He’s a smart guy.” Nathan grinned.

“Yes, but that’s not the only reason I love him.”

“I love you too.” he said, kissing her head. When she giggled softly, he kissed her cheek and then moved south, to the soft skin of her neck. Planting quick kisses on her neck, he inhaled her intoxicating scent. He could recognize it anywhere now. It was so uniquely her. Apricots, cinnamon and something else he could never identify. Getting enveloped in that wonderful scent, Nathan forgot about his playfulness and started pressing open mouthed kisses to Meredith’s neck. Her giggles died down and she let out a quiet moan, which only spurred him on. In a split second, his mouth was on hers, hungry and hot, requesting entrance.

Meredith was getting lost in his fevered kisses, wanting more with every second that passed. Her need was growing rapidly, and soon, she straddled him, wound her fingers in his hair and started rocking her hips on top of him.

Their hands roamed, grabbing at clothes, pushing, pulling, taking them off.

When they felt skin on skin contact in their passionate embrace as he entered her, they both found bliss neither of them had ever expected to find.

✨Lord, give me strength✨

Because holiday hours are about to start. If you are a customer for the holidays, please show some kindness to those working customer service. Yes, we get paid to serve you and shouldn’t complain. But you also should not treat another human being like a slave.

Patience and a few kind words go a long way. If you’re kind I could probably find you a coupon or ask my manager to give you that discount on that item you want that looks a little roughed up.

However, if you’re an asshole that decides to hold up a line of 5+ people to get that dollar savings, or if you start calling me or my coworkers names because we don’t want to lose our jobs bending backwards for you—kindly go fuck yourself with a stapler.

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I hated the scene in acowar when all the courts came together. The crazy drama served little to no purpose. Mor distancing herself from Azriel, Tamlin being a jerk, Autumn court being the way they were... every "consequence" from the meeting could have manifested without that stupid meeting. In writing, everything should serve a function and this scene didn't. Yes we all hate Tamlin but he was very out of character in that scene. All it did was to remind us how badass feysand are *rolls eyes*

BIG MOOD i wouldn’t have minded so much if it wasn’t so built up to and agonized over beforehand. especially since the night court honestly came out looking like the bad guys?? that “no magic/ violence” rule was LAMENTED over and the night court was the only court to break it. multiple times. which was never addressed. “why won’t everyone agree to help me immediately???” maybe it’s because you and your friends all act like laws and morals don’t apply to you and have access to unfettered privilege with no consequences, maybe?

Also, uh, Azriel, a man of color, freaking the fuck out violently on Eris and being basically called to heel by Feyre, a white woman? for whom the moment is Empowering? kind of. not ideal. just saying.

Maguuma Jungle - The Grove - Starbower Nursery
Citizen: What can I do to help you prepare for tomorrow’s meals?
Council Cook: The firstborn have numerous guests, so I appreciate the offer.
Council Cook: There are herbs to chop and meat to marinate.
Citizen: Have the hunters provided you with enough meat?
Council Cook: Yes. They were diligent.
Citizen: What are we serving?
Council Cook: The firstborn love my rosemary chicken and walnut-fenugreek soup. We’ll start there.

Translation: Joker Game Drama CD A Parody Box Full of What-Ifs Part 3

Aaaaaand… this is it, the last track for the latest Joker Game drama CD. I had an attack of the lazies, so this is super late. I deeply apologize for that.

This might be my last (for now) shit post in this fandom. Unless they announce a continuation of this stupid series. lol jk I’ll always be lurking.

Welcome to the D-Agency restaurant. May I take your order?

Warning: Have fun…? Also, as usual, please don’t repost anywhere. Thanks! 

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Edgeworth: “Wright, I fear I owe you yet another debt of gratitude.”

Phoenix: “…………Edgeworth.”

Edgeworth: “We never would have caught him if it weren’t for all of you.”

Phoenix: “Aw, c’mon, Edgeworth! What are you talking about?”

Phoenix: “You’re the ones who have been tracking the phantom all this time.”

Phoenix: “Plus, you were the one who gave Blackquill permission to serve as prosecutor, right?”

Edgeworth: “Yes, well…”

Edgeworth: “We knew the phantom was somewhere nearby.”

Edgeworth: “The police and I were trying to find him, but we never did manage to do so until this trial.”

Phoenix: “Well, we never would’ve won this trial without you.”

Phoenix: “It was your help as chief prosecutor that was the key to its successful conclusion.”

Phoenix: “Besides…………”

Phoenix: “…it was you that saw to it I got my attorney’s badge back, wasn’t it?”

Edgeworth: “…………So you figured it out, did you?”

Phoenix: “Yeah. Getting my license back went just a little too smoothly, you know?”

Phoenix: “It should’ve been much harder after that evidence-forging scandal.”

Edgeworth: “Well, I owned you a few favors.”

Phoenix: “Hey, Edgeworth, think we can finally bring the dark age of the law to an end?”

Edgeworth: “Even the darkest night turns to dawn eventually… Our sun will rise again.”

Edgeworth: “Besides… now that Prosecutor Blackquill has been cleared of all charges…”

Edgeworth: “…a great deal of the mistrust towards the court system should’ve been swept away.”

Phoenix: “You know, you could’ve said that with a bigger smile, Edgeworth. It won’t kill you.”

Phoenix: “Instead, the furrows in that brow if yours just keep getting deeper and deeper.”

Edgeworth: “So I should smile more, huh? ………… I’ll think about it.”

Athena: “Ah, the complicated love-hate relationship between life-long rivals!”


edge of collapse

written for CritRole Rarepair Week, Day 1 - Non-romantic
relationship: Cassandra de Rolo & Allura Vysoren

cr spoilers (for episodes 102-110)
words: 2.2k

definitely the longest thing I’m planning on writing for this week, and it still turned out longer than I planned - I love Cass, and I still need to write something happy for her one of these days

Cassandra waited in the library, the room with the most windows, but against the outside wall, facing the door. Her fingers were clenched tightly around a book she couldn’t find the presence of mind to digest, and she feels like a child again (still?) as she stares at the fine script, unable to comprehend the words.

Normally, when receiving a guest, she would be in her study, but the room was never bright enough, not even on the sunniest of days. And she felt the need for as much light and warmth as she could muster.

After the skies had been painted black in broad strokes of black swathes of cloud, the townspeople had come to her with questions and worries – asking if the Briarwoods were back, or if they had followers who still needed to be driven out. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to tell them yes or no, but fortunately they believed her assurances that things would be all right. They trusted their leaders, even if Cassandra couldn’t help worrying that their trust was misplaced.

She had briefly considered meeting near the ziggurat, but since her brother had returned to tell her that Delilah had come back to life, she’d felt acutely uncomfortable anywhere near the place. Cassandra also wanted magic available to them if something went south.

A knock on the library door jolted Cassandra back to her senses, and she stood, closing the book, and called an invitation to come in.

Allura stepped through the door, and Cassandra stepped forward to meet her, cursing the relief she felt as seeing the arcanist in her familiar blue robes.

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