yes we have no bananas

Your random history bit for today:

“Yes, We Have No Bananas” became a protest song in Ireland in 1932, because it was one of the few times that Catholics and Protestants were protesting the same thing, and it was one of the few songs both sides knew that wasn’t about how much better their side was/how much they hated the other side.

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“Yes, We Have No Bananas” was written by Leon Trotsky’s nephew

The famous music hall tune “Yes, We Have No Bananas” was wildly popular when it debuted in 1922, selling 25,000 copies of its sheet music sold per day, and spawning a craze of dancing the Charleston on banana peel-covered floors. The song was written by a nephew of Russian Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.

Stuart Davis created New York Mural in response to a 1932 invitation from the Museum of Modern Art to design a work on the theme of post–World War I life for an exhibition of American mural designs. In his painting, Davis adapted the flat, bold style of advertising to depict images associated with New York politics—specifically those related to Alfred Smith, New York’s four-term governor and the 1928 Democratic presidential candidate, whose opposition to Prohibition Davis applauded. Visible here are Smith’s trademark brown derby hat and bow tie; the Empire State Building, for which the governor served as publicist; a banana, alluding to his campaign’s adaptation of the popular tune “Yes! We Have No Bananas”; an upturned champagne glass, referencing his support for Prohibition’s repeal; and a tiger’s head and tail, symbols of New York’s Democratic Tammany Hall political machine, with which Smith was affiliated.

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Stuart Davis (1892–1964), New York Mural, 1932. Oil on canvas, 84 × 48 in. (213.4 × 122 cm). Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida; purchase, R. H. Norton Trust. © Estate of Stuart Davis/Licensed by VAGA, New York


Swedish is truly a beautiful language.


How to make a banana split.


Roaring Twenties: Sam Lanin - Yes! We Have No Bananas, 1923 (by 240252)


Screen Songs - Yes! We have no bananas.(1930)

A series of cartoons based on songs. One of the first animated musicvideo’s.

A banana-themed playlist for all your banana party needs 

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