yes we have divisions

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Omg! I just just finished this show and found out about it because I saw gifs of charlie on my dash and I was like 'this is tristan thorn? And he's daredevil?' and I have also seen boardwalk empire. I think if anyone was watching boardwalk they would never imagine casting him as daredevil but he did a really great job!

lol its funny cause charlie mentioned that joe quesada found out about him on boardwalk empire and called jeph loeb to say “he found matt murdock”, here’s a little snippet from jeph’s interview:

“About two years before “Daredevil” had come back from Fox, it was eleven o'clock at night and my phone rings. It’s Joe Quesada. Joe’s in New York, so it’s about two o'clock in the morning. He goes, “I’ve found Matt Murdock!” There’s no “Hello,” nothing. I’m thinking to myself, “He’s found someone who looks like Matt Murdock? Someone he can draw? What’s he talking about?” He says, “When we make the ‘Daredevil’ television show, this guy Charlie Cox is going to play Matt Murdock!” I said, “Joe, let me explain something to you: First, we have to get the rights back from Fox. Then we have to get the motion picture division to say, “Yes, the television division can have this character.” Then we have to find a network that’s willing to put us on with the story we want to tell. If any of those things happen, sure, we’ll bring in your friend Charlie Cox. Hopefully he’s still an actor then!“ I’ve now learned that when Joe goes, “I’ve found–” I just say, “Give me the name.” It saves a lot of time. It was Joe who called it early on. ”