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It occurs to me having watched that Rumple and Regina scene in 7x08 like ten times now, that Rumple wasn’t lying to Regina. He was trying to tell her “yes, I’m awake, but chill the fuck out because we can’t do anything yet.” And whatever that reason is, it’s probably not safe to tell her. Rumple’s expression, the way he didn’t act like “Roni” was completely mad and instead made obvious jokes while looking very pointedly at her, was masterfully done. 

They could have played that in a way where it really seemed like Rumple was still cursed, but they specifically didn’t. Regina is just not getting the message, or she thinks Rumple is fucking with her like old times. But he isn’t at all. He’s protecting her from something. This is also demonstrates their different styles of dealing with things. Regina’s is immediate, impulsive, and likely to include throwing a fireball. Rumple’s is a long game of patience, being prepared, and striking when it’s least expected.

While I do understand lg people pointing out to trans people that “bisexuals exist” when talking about dating and sex I also do not like the idea that bisexuals dont care about the “gender” or sex of their partner. I mean, I get it, we are the closest thing to validation that they will ever get (if we dont open our mouths). But we arent some mediator between sex and gender that will vaguely validate those who want validation. No, I will acknowledge the reality of who I am dating and if they cant do that then they are not a viable partner.

Yes bisexuals do exist, but just because we can choose between the two sexes doesn’t mean we have to or want to.


Luke’s gum falling out of his mouth like the 3 year old he is

anyone: Near is a pure and innocent child tiny cotton sheep and he doesnt even know what sex is uwuwu



please look at my art

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Do I really have to exist

i am not god; i sometimes think about how much doesn’t have to exist, myself included. it’s a problem i find a lot. i don’t feel necessary.

but then, neither is my dog. he is a sheepdog with no sheep. he has nightmares a lot. his purpose is moot.

one of my cats only eats bugs. he won’t catch mice. for an obligate carnivore, he loves moths.

is it required that i or you or anyone else exists. maybe not. but i kind of think of it as a small miracle. you do exist. despite how scientifically improbable it was for you to be created, you were. and something in that is beautiful, you know? the universe needed eyes to watch all these unnecessary things it created. you don’t spend hours on your sim house just to put no people in it. does a house require people to exist? no. but it does require people to be a home.

i know the world demands you Fulfill Thine Divine Purpose. i think that’s kind of bogus. you don’t have to be useful or valuable or exceptional to be worth something. my dog is worth so much to me. the idea that he’s not necessary is silly to me.

yes, i know. life goes on when people leave. true, and true indeed. i think about that a lot. but i also know that my sister’s cat goes to check to see if she’s home every night, and she’s been gone for months. 

grand scheme? who knows. but the truth is that other people need you because you help them feel like they exist with purpose. maybe you haven’t met the right people yet. i felt strongly in senior year of high school that nothing i did mattered - after all, i had no friends. i was bullied. if i died, it would make zero difference. and maybe it would have. maybe the gap would have filled after me. maybe my cat would learn that i was gone, that nobody was coming. maybe my mom would foster a new daughter. who knows. i’m not god.

but i do know if i didn’t exist. if i had taken myself off the table because i didn’t have to exist…. i wouldn’t be here talking to you and all of my new friends here. i wouldn’t tell you that, since you’re here, you might as well enjoy the rest of the things that shouldn’t exist. televisions are sound and image boxes. music and art and dance and writing don’t have to exist, but they do because they bring us joy, fill us with harmony. airplanes are godless flight machines and if god wanted us off the ground he would have given us wings.

airplanes were someone saying “this doesn’t have to exist, but i want it to.”  and i want you to exist because it’s worth it. it’s worth it for the dog you might adopt or the tattoo you might get or skinny dipping or writing songs or planting a garden. all things in life that won’t exist without you, that won’t happen without you around to make them happen. that need you to exist so they can exist too. 

please stay on this earth. i can’t force you, i can’t offer you a promise that the world ever stops hurting. but i can say that somewhere, to someone, you matter. and you matter to me, because you exist, because you reached out to me, because you have a question that i ask myself daily. 

here’s my suggestion. when i’m at the point that the rope has a stronger pull than the art of the world, i make myself count the things that are good, and didn’t have to exist, but do. libraries. books. bath bombs. me and you. because i know we can be a force for good, you and i. somewhere on some level we can help others or just help ourselves and that’s…. good. and i think, really, in this universe that loves entropy, yes, absolutely, we need you. we need the good you can do. and we need you. or, at least: i do.

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lol how do you think aliens would react to finding out about identical twins?

Okay so at first I was like… human diversity in looks is pretty unique (to my knowledge with the exception of species we’ve tampered with i.e pigeons) and speaks to our historical lack of serious predators. But then I thought about aliens knowing this but then huMaNS SUDDENLY LOOK THE SAME?!?!?!

Followed by the human twins in question just going off on the standard answers with a sigh.
“Yes we’re twins, yes we’re identical, no we can not feel each other’s pain, yes we do argue occasionally, no we do not have psychic powers-” at which point the alien just cuts them off because wtf some humans havE PSYCHIC POWERS!?!? Clearly some do, seeing as these humans are so used to being asked if they’re one of them. And there have been accounts of it in written form - the various YA novels descriptions come to mind. A human once said these were written lies, but with so many accounts of it, that sounds less likely than it just being something they want to keep secret.

Identically looking human psychics are quickly added as point number 492 to The Grand List of Reason NOT to Mess With Humans.


Their first and last mission together.

When did “I’d rather die than go anywhere with this guy” turn into “I’ll go anywhere with this guy even if it means I can die”?

my tablet was broken for like a week but! im back! and i drew nina as a princess because thats basically what she is already

also! i tried to record this as a speedpaint and i kinda messed up but you can watch it here if you’d like !

“We can’t do anything about gun violence in America.”

Yes, we can. And we need to. Take a look at other country’s gun laws and statistics:


Getting a gun in Japan is one of the hardest things to do. In order to legally own a firearm, you must:

  • take a class on gun ownership
  • pass a written exam
  • undergo a thorough mental evaluation
  • take a skill test at a shooting range
  • pass a drug test

Types of guns you can own are very limited. Police rely on martial arts to defend themselves.

guns owned per 100 citizens: 0.6

firearm-related deaths per 100,000: 0.06


Obtaining a gun in England (especially the UK) isn’t easy either. You must go through the following:

  • an interview (sometimes more than one)
  • undergo visits to the person’s property
  • pass criminal record checks
  • get reliable references from friends and family
  • go to a general practitioner or get your current practitioner to confirm your stability

Types of firearms you can legally own are extremely limited.

guns owned per 100 citizens: 6.2

firearm-related deaths per 100,000 0.23


Poland has strict gun laws. To purchase a gun, you have to:

  • undergo a psychological examination
  • pass an exam appropriate for your gun ownership reasons
  • have a clear criminal record

Very few types of guns are legally ownable.

guns owned per 100 citizens: 1.3

firearm-related deaths per 100,000: 0.26


How easy is it, really, to get a gun in America? To own a gun in the US, you have to:

  • go to a store and buy one

The only type of gun you can’t own is anything fully automatic. You can own semi-automatic firearms.

guns owned per 100 citizens: 88.8

firearm-related deaths per 100,000: 10.54

Do you see how strict gun control laws directly impact gun-related deaths? We need to fix America’s gun problem. And we need to do it soon.

can we talk about shawn’s lips

first of all - their size. look how full they are. I bet his lips would engulf yours during sloppy kisses exchanged in heated moments. 

and imagine everything they could do to you. all of you. is there anything they couldn’t do??

and that pout?!? I just wanna kiss that lil pout and make him smile but it’s also the most beautiful pout that has ever existed??

the colour. you know what they say about the colour of a person’s lips.

the softest shade of pink. look how it runs so perfectly along that beautiful, beautiful cupid’s bow and those soft corners at the ends of his lips

on the topic of soft corners…look at these beautiful corners

these smooth corners are actually called oral commissures

in conclusion, Shawn’s lips are wonderful and deserve to be kissed with love and tenderness, but also with heat and teeth when required

and finally, a special one to end this post:

Toothless is literally in Hiccup’s lap. 

Toothless does not care about dignity. He’s a badass and right now he wants to be super close to you, Hiccup. He wants cuddles.

Also… you’re gonna need a bigger throne. 


Jeffmads+Sofissa part 11

It’s kind of amusing to hear all this talk about humans being an apex predator species - I mean, I love it, but technically, by our own standards of rating predators, we aren’t, because we still have animals around on Earth that will munch us down if push comes to shove. We’re not like bears or wolves or any of the really big members of the big cat family - yes, we can and do hunt, but as often as not we foraged.

Heck, we still do that in many ways, even in the urban environments we have made for ourselves. We are the species that will stare you in the eye as we steal the food off your plate, then add insult to injury by checking to make sure it’s clean enough, get everywhere we’re not supposed to because we are cunning little buggers that are hard to keep out, will hoard shiny things even though we know they aren’t useful because they are shiny, okay, and then we’ll go and do something adorable so that you love us anyway, at least until you notice that we’ve just scuttled off with half your wiring because we needed it for something important.

Humans aren’t the wolves or tigers or bears of the universe.

We’re the raccoons.

Imagine Tony going up and hanging with the Guardians for a while after Civil War and during his stay, he picks up a few of their,, like,, unusual alien mannerisms and stuff and so Rhodey and Peter are Super Freaked Out when he gets back home and starts greeting them by touching their noses and then sliding it up across their head like he was shown how to do on a planet he stayed at for a month, or how he had to be reminded that yes Tony you can eat your food warm that is how we do it on Earth remember, because for the past few weeks him and the guardians had had to eat their food icy cold.

And Tony can’t even be annoyed because holy fuck he’s literally been on other planets and overcome his worst fears and made some brilliant new friends and he’s just too fucking happy to care that he accidentally slapped Rhodey across the face in greeting yesterday because that’s just what you do on Morag, damn it, I’m sorry Rhodey-Bear please don’t hit me back your punches hurt-

I pull back his ribs
and plunge my hands inside
the wealth of maize,

his blood pools in the crook of my elbows,
ichor drawn in a moonlit arc;
when his hands curl around my armbone
as if it is a hummingbird’s neck,
I do not feel fear.

he smiles his new moon smile,
all jagged teeth;
and in the ashes on his tongue
I glimpse stars.
“it will cost you; this rebirth.”
“only a heart.”


      // death & the seeker

      ғʏᴇᴀʜᴍʏᴛʜs sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ ᴍʏᴛʜ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ
        ❥ ᴅᴀʏ ᴏɴᴇ  :  ᴀ ɴᴏʀᴛʜ ᴀᴍᴇʀɪᴄᴀɴ ᴅᴇɪᴛʏ

      lianna schreiber,  17 july 2017.