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Fun ways to study Japanese (Part One)

Hello everyone!

We all know that using text books and listening to speaking can help us study a new language, but the best way to learn is sometimes the fun way! Sure, a text book will help you gain knowledge, but sometimes it’s easier to retain information if you have fun with it!

Here’s part one of our ‘Fun Ways to Study in Japanese’ post!

Shiritori しりとり

Our favourite game to play in the car (yes, more than ‘I Spy’) is a game called ‘Shiritori’ しりとり which literally means ‘taking the end’. It;s a fun word game that will help you practice your knowledge and memory of words in Japanese. Get a friend (or friends) who is also studying Japanese, or someone who knows Japanese fluently, and play this game together!

How to play ‘Shiritori’:

1. The person who decides to go first says ‘shiritori’.

2. The second person will say a word beginning with ‘ri’ (eg. Ringo りんご- Apple).

3. The first (or next) player will say something beginning with go (eg. Gorira ゴリラ- Gorilla).

Each person will take turns saying a word beginning with the last character. If a word like ‘jitensha’ (bicycle) is used, always use the last character of the word, which in this case is ya (や).

The main rule of Shiritori is to make sure you don’t say words ending with ‘n’ (ん). 

Another fun way of studying Japanese is by watching children’s shows! Although watching anime can help a bit with learning phrases and words, you’ll be surprised by how much more you can pick up by watching a show designed for children! It helps you practice your listening skills, as well as hear simple phrases and words.

Here are a few shows that we both recommend:

Juppon Anime  じゅっぽん あにめ

This show is a silly short show about 10 sticks (yes, sticks) who go on adventures. Although that may sound a little boring at first, this show has funny little skits that will make you giggle. It’s a fun show to watch when you have a little bit of spare time.

Hotch Potch Station ハッチポッチステーション

This show is a very similar to Sesame Street. It’s a show with lots of songs and music. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn, and how you’ll end up getting the catchy theme song stuck in your head!

Yatter Man やったーまん

Although this show did get a revamp in 2008, the 1977 original anime is amazing and has simple Japanese to help with your studies. It’s a crime fighting anime so it’s always exciting!

Chi’s Sweet Home チーズスイートホーム

I’m sure most of you know about this adorable anime! Chi’s Sweet Home is all about the adventures of a little kitten named Chi. Prepare for many ‘aww’ moments and cuteness! 

(All pictures from Google).

You can also find episodes of The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants and other shows dubbed in Japanese! You know the shows well, and if you know an episode off by heart, watch it in Japanese and see how well you remember it! You may even pick up a few phrases and handy words.

That’s it for this blog post! Stay tuned for part two next week!

As usual, we’re here to answer any questions you have. Happy studying!

Clare and Yu.


Joker x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Well, well if it isn’t the infamous (Y/N) Wayne… looks like Daddy isn’t here so we can have some fun.” The Joker chuckled and watched you carefully, frowning slightly when you didn’t flinch or do more than eye the men around him with a nervous flick of your eyes.


“Are people going to get hurt?” You asked quietly and he burst into peals of laughter.


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anonymous asked:

Why is it that no one seems to care about us Ravenclaws? I don't know any celebrities who are Ravenclaws, and the other houses have their tropes: G: the "do it for the vine" house; H: the sensitive nice ones/I AM HUFFLEPUFF HEAR ME ROAR; S: badass mofos/in defense of slytherin house; R: "the smart one" THAT'S IT. We're the smart ones. I have a lot of feelings about this.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Yes hey, hi, hello. I care! And dude, who CARES what everyone thinks? Like you don’t have to live your life according to some nickname the world’s given you. We might be the “smart ones” according to people who don’t wanna look further, but you and I both know we’re so much more than that. The fun part about being a Ravenclaw is that we make our own paths, no matter what people say and think, right? So make your own path.

 PLUS I know for a fact that there are plenty of other people from other houses that hate getting stereotyped too. Don’t you think Amy’s sick of hearing “oh you’re in Hufflepuff?? Do you love food? Are you a pushover who is always sweet?” Or that Justin’s tired of being called evil all the time (well actually, I don’t know about that one). What I’m saying is that stereotypes are for lazy people that don’t feel like opening their minds up. Don’t pay attention to them and make your own path. 

(Also as far as celebrities go, we have [arguably] the best character in our house, so)

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)


Imagine being Raphael’s girlfriend and a Shadowhunter and the others are happy for you but scared at the same time. 

Clary: Where were you yesterday? We missed you.
Izzy: Yeah, it was a bit boring without you.
Y/N: Oh, I am sorry, guys. I was out with Raphael.
Alec: Did you just say ‘Raphael’?  
Y/N: Yes. We had a date.
Alec: *fakes a smile* Cool. Did it make fun?
Y/N: More than that! We- *phone rings* *looks at their phone* Oh, I have to get that. Sorry.
Izzy: No problem.
Y/N: *smiles* *leaves*
Clary: Who else doesn’t like that?
Izzy: Well, I mean… I am happy for them.
Clary: I am too, but I am also-
Alec: Afraid.
Clary: Yes, afraid for her.

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No I get you! That is exactly my opinion on Snape. And yes, James was a shitty teenager. But he grew and learned from his mistakes. It just makes me so upset how he treats his students. He literally made fun of Hermione multiple times. And Neville is my favorite character, Snape treated him like crap. It makes me so upset. I'm so glad we agree!

I’m glad we agree as well!! My mom really likes Snape (though I think her love is more for Alan Rickman than the character…) and I have to be careful how vocal I am with my opinion of him [Snape] around her. But I think most of the fandom is in agreement that he was a total asshole.

the gotham girl gang has a white board on the front of their apartment that can’t stay the same for more than 24 hours. some classics:

-the bad dads club
-tim drake’s early onset ulcer
-the real housewives of crime alley
-team chicks before dicks (that means you grayson)
-being invisible to batman just makes us sneakier
-here, top-tier and incredibly queer
-Kidz BoP
-cullen’s angels
-the #keepharperawayfromartilery initiative
-plz leave if u don’t have cereal ❤️ cass
-yes, damian we are available to gossip
-babs’ bitches
-who needs funding when you have a 2 bags of pretzels and the neighbors unlocked wifi???
-the team gotham doesn’t need but sure as shit deserves

A Dream Coming True (a Jared Leto oneshot)

“Did you know that these poor animals weren’t even killed humanely? The standards these animals were living in were and are just as bad as the way they are killed. Billions and billions animals are killed brutally each year just to feed us while we have enough opportunities. If I and million others didn’t die, you won’t either. I’m vegan and healthy more than ever. You like pizza? Eat it without pepperoni. You like burgers? Eat a vegan burger. Don’t give shitty excuses like your health either. Are you really comfortable with these poor animals dying just for our fun?”

“Yes I am! They taste good and they don’t even have emotions. So what?” a man shouted from the crowd.

This was my first time making a speech alone on a street. Why should people be assholes?

“At least they have a brain unlike you!” I was really mad. I couldn’t stand ignorant and idiot people. Was he even real?

“Boo-hoo! I’m going to cry now.”

“I want a soy latte please. For y/n.” I was trying to relax after my stressful speech. Why was it just so hard for people to understand the truth? People were just too selfish to see it.

“It’s 4.70 ma’am.”

As I was reaching for my purse, I heard a voice. It was soft but hot.

“It’s on me.” I looked behind me where the voice was coming. I saw a handsome man. His hair was short and brown with blond tips . He had style… And sunglasses.

“And you are?”

“I’m Jared. I listened to your speech. It was amazing. Oh and and an espresso shot for me.” he said to the cashier after talking to me.

“Thanks. I’m happy that someone really listened to me.”

“That one dude annoyed me really much though. I was almost going to go and slap him personally.”

We giggled. We rushed out after getting our drinks to find somewhere to sit. He asked politely if he could join me.

“Yeah, of course. Thanks for the coffee Jared. It’s really nice seeing people who actually care. I thought there was no hope.”

“It was nice hearing you too.” as he took his sunglasses off, I saw the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I have ever seen. He continued:

“And your name is?”

“y/n. My name is y/n.”

“It’s a pleasure y/n.” he was a true gentleman. He was conscious, handsome and nice but I didn’t want to be affected too quickly.

“So you are a vegan either Jared?”

“Activist, vegan, singer, Jared Leto… That’s me.”

“Wow so you sing? Is there something you can’t do?”

“I can’t draw?” 

“And that’s my thing I guess.” I chuckled.

“So you can draw… I guess we are completing each other.”

“If you want to impress me, you’ll have to find a better one J.” He smiled and looked down.

“I don’t need to try hard.” I looked at him raising my eyebrows. We both laughed. He actually had a point but I wasn’t going to admit that.

It had been around five months since I had met Jared and my life had changed a lot already. There was something going on between us but I was not sure what that was. I felt really good when I was with Jared and when he was away… I was starting to feel weird without him. I was not good at going on with people but he… He was making me happy

He had invited me to his mansion-like house which I had only seen from the outside once. I was actually feeling that something huge was going to happen and the first time in my life, I felt like I had to look good for a man. He was going to take me at 8.00 pm. so it was almost time. I put my nude lipstick on before I sprayed on my fave cruelty-free perfume. I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t felt so beautiful in a long time. As I was checking if everything was okay, I heard my door ringing. I had to chill for real. 

A heavenly smell hit me as I opened the door. When I came back to the real world, I saw him. He had casual clothes on but it was so hot. Especially his hat and white shirt. His bracelets, jeans, shoes… Everything was combined so good. His stubble was looking so sexy.

“Damn girl you lookin’ fine.” We both let out a laugh. I felt that my cheeks were warming up. 

“You too Mr. Leto but I prefer keeping it formal.” 

“Oh, sorry ma’am. I meant you look one fine lady. I was wondering if you would mind if I accompanied you to my car.” He leaned down as he put his one arm behind his back and one hand in front of me like a real gentleman wanting me to hold it. This guy… How could I say no? I held his hand as I closed my door with my other hand. 

After a car ride full of laughter, we arrived to his house. It was 8.38 pm so we had a plenty of time. I was actually pretty sure that he was going to insist that I stayed the night so I didn’t really worry about the time. As he opened the door, I saw a fuckhuge living. It was mostly black. So elegant… We heard footsteps when we stepped inside. As I raised my head, I saw another handsome man which was probably Jared’s brother Shannon. Jared was always talking about him. They were caring for each other and that was really cute.

“It’s really nice finally meeting you y/n. Jared just won’t stop talking about you. I’m almost sure he is in love with you.” WTF? I wanted to dance but all I could do was laughing and looking at Jared. His eyes were huge and he was looking at Shannon. I wanted to change the subject.

“So you told me that you were good at singing J. I’d like to hear you sing.”

“Ohh I totally forgot about that. But I need to talk to Shannon first. Suit yourself. It won’t take long.” Shannon looked at him trying to figure out what he was going to tell.

“Mmkay then. I’m here.” 

As soon as they went upstairs and closed the door, I got curious. And curiousity is one of my weak spots. I had to hear what they were talking about. I got upstairs trying my best to be silent. I put my ear on the door they were in.

“-Why would you even say that! I didn’t want her to know that until I made sure that she feels the same for me. Thank you really much Shan!”

“Bro chill. She will just think that I was joking. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t even take it seriously. No way she will understand that you like her.”

“I don’t like her…” My world broke down but I kept listening.

“I love her.” My eyes popped. This was even more shocking.

“Love is a strong word brother. Are you sure that it’s love?”

“I mean… I never felt like this before. I feel extremely sad when I don’t see her. My feelings for her gets stronger and stronger everyday.” I had heard enough. I couldn’t risk getting caught so I rushed down as quiet as I can. I sat back at the black sofa where I was already sitting before. I heard the door open. Shannon was the first to get out.

“It was nice meeting you y/n but I need to go.” He winked as he was opening the door.

“It was nice meeting you too Shannon.” I smiled. He smiled back before he closed the door. I’m pretty sure he didn’t need to go but he just wanted to leave us alone.

“So I guess now you want to hear me sing.” 

“I want to talk to you Jared.” He seemed worried now. 

“Yeah, of course.” He sat next to me.

We were so close. We didn’t say anything for about a minute before I broke the silence.

“Jared you know. If you want to tell me something, do it.” He didn’t get what I meant first but then…

“Oh shit. You heard us didn’t you. Look, If you don’t feel the same it’s not impo-” I didn’t let him finish his words and with a reflex, I pressed my lips on his. His eyes popped open before closing them and he started kissing me harder. He was holding my face while I was moving my hands on his muscled back.

“I…Love…You…Too” I was trying to talk between every kiss. Things were getting hot. I slipped my hand into his shirt feeling his abs as he was leaving kisses on my neck. He held my hand as he brought me to the bedroom which was always going to have a place in my mind.

“You make me happy y/n.”

“I feel complete when I’m with you Jared…”

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EXO Reaction when they realize how strong you are

Love you all, Admin A~

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“Let’s fight.. yes like this!” *Thinks it again* “No no.. I’m alright like this… I’ll fight with myself”


“I don’t think you are stronger than me.. no… because I’m Superman!” *Total denial*


“I better get rough then…” *No more words needed*


*GIF* “eeeeeek… Panda retreat!”


“Yaz!! My girlfriend has it all! We are going to have so much fun.. training…”


Are you really sure? Do you want to test your strength with me? I’m sure I’ll win…” *Still has hope*


*Trying to avoid wrestling with you*


“I don’t think you can beat this Y/N! I’m your manly man after all!”


“But you don’t need to be strong with me… all you need is love~” *Well he is a puppy*


“You know what my super power is right?” *No one beats him but you can be a super couple*


*Starts to train more to become stronger* “Am I doing it right Y/N??”


“I’m still not fighting you! I have my heavy bag! No matter how strong you are, you are my princess!”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

I think to us Swiftie’s Taylor is more than just a person that gets up on a stage and sings a song. She makes her fans feel like we are apart of her family. I think that she makes us feel like we can tell her our problems or accomplishments. I feel like I can trust her and tell her anything and I haven’t even meet her yet. She is a huge role model to me and she probably doesn’t know how much of an impact she has on my life. I absolutely hate it when people make fun of her by saying she writes ab her boyfriends and that’s it because to us fans its way more than that, her music is helping us get through problems that we have in our everyday life’s. For someone who gives her all and takes time to write songs and cares ab her fans you would think people would talk great things about her. Yes she is a woman so she will have boyfriends and breakups and I think that’s normal and people talk about her for it? I’m tried of hearing that she’s fake when she pours out her heart to her fans. I think people are jealous and that makes them say mean things. I think there’s more to her music then a song ab her boyfriends. I am a very proud swiftie and love Taylor!💕💕 @taylorswift @taylornation

✧ ♥ ٩(˶ ´・◡・`˶ )۶♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY racyue !!!! ♥٩(˶ ㅎ.ㅎ˶ )و ♥ ✧

Dear Rachel or my queen of fluff ;) 

It’s more than a year now we met and I always think how much I’m happy to be friend with a sweetie pie like you <3333 Being with you brings me always so much cuteness and fun and I’m sure everyone feels the same around you :) So thank you all for your kindness, and to have killed me so many times by MH cuteness overdose (bcs yes I’m a maso x) ). I am impatient to see you again and give you lot of real hugs <33333

And for you future, I wish you more and more Makoharu to ruin your life ahah

       ∩    ∩         ∩    ∩
✧ (=ㅎДㅎ=) (= ´ω` = ) ✧ Love you ♥♥♥♥ !!!!


Whoever made the new Magic Mike XXL trailer is having way more fun than you.

“Listen, our first trailer for Magic Mike XXL was heavy on the fan service, but I really think our innuendo-to-seconds ratio was way too low.”

“But… we had ‘Pony. We literally had a possessed Channing Tatum start doing construction synced up to Ginuwine’s masterpiece.”

“That’s fun, and that’s fan service, but dammit we need more!”

“Hm. What if I use suggestive text?”

“OK, I like where this is going.”

“… and then I’ll break up the sentences…”

“Yes, yes, yes?”

“… in such a way that makes it sound even more… oh what’s the word I’m looking for…”

“Yes, yes, yes?”





“Oh! And at one point Channing Tatum says it’s one last ride — just like Fast and Furious.

“YES! YES! YES! Now, do we have any catchphrases we can use? Preferably something with a rhyming scheme.”

“Hm, let’s see… 'it’s not bro time, it’s show time.’”


“And…. hashtag #comeagain”


No brand girls
  • No brand girls
  • μ's
(Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Advance as one! Fly as one!)
(Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! We won't lose, you know?)

It's frustrating that we're still no-names
Just no-names that no one knows
But no matter what, we'll still have our passion

We're having fun, but we're still no-names (Do you know?)
We're trying our best, but we're still no-names (Do you know?)
So come here, this is where we'll meet (Yes, I know!)

We're reaching for great heights
They're higher than we are now (How much more?)
Opportunity only knocks once
So don't let go
Hold on tight
(Oh yeah!) We'll cross the rainbow of miracles

Walls are meant to be broken; they're meant to be overcome
Bring out your inner strength!
Walls are meant to be broken; they're meant to be overcome
Light the way to the future with your courage
(Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Yeah, we won't lose!)

(Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!)

anonymous asked:

hate how there's negativity on white feminists. Its supposed to be about equality not race. I get that some white feminists are ya know but when I see jokes about how white girls aren't really feminist it's like I can't stand up for what I believe in

While I think that making fun of other people (like white feminists) isn’t fair, it’s important to understand why that material exists. Certain branches of feminism, like white feminism, have a history of ignoring the needs of WoC all around them and if you are a WoC I can’t imagine how frustrating that would be. To have someone be fighting for your rights as a woman, but not as a woman of color. So yes, mkaing fun of white girls and judging them, that’s not fair, but there is a lot more than just making fun of people, it is being tired of not being heard. We need to make our feminism inclusive for everyone and stand up for everyone. No questions asked. Thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist

Dearest Taylor,

I hope you are having a whale (YES WHALE!––Oh god, did I just do that?) of a time on tour. I know Sarah (enchantswift) and I had the most ecstatic time in Glasgow and Manchester - we made so many new friends and finally got to meet so many internet friends. 

It was honestly like an all-out Swift convention - a Swift-vention if you will - like, your concerts were such fun before, but this has been a whole new level of fun. There is such a feeling of unity and friendship this time, so much more than before, so thanks for that. Also - please tell your mum a huge thank you for coming directly to get us as the show started in Glasgow and letting us hang in the soundstage all night. That was honestly the most incredible experience of my life. You rocked it, and I got to see it right up close thanks to her. 

Mostly, I just want to say a giant thank you for all you have done for me. Over the years you were the person who cheered me up after a day of being pushed to the ground on the playground because I was the weird disabled girl who liked to read; or after finding out that my so-called friends were all having parties without me, or, most recently, after I discovered the only guy I have ever fancied never really wanted me and that he’d been telling all my friends I was “crazy” and “obsessed with him”, when all I was was excited someone finally liked me…

I write a lot of songs (thanks to your inspiration), but I had never felt like songwriting was such a lifetime until the above happened. I wrote a great many songs about it, and the ability to do so basically saved me from drowning in the self-doubt his rejection caused. (I wrote them all out and complied them into songwriting journal along with some of my best tumblr graphics and gave it to Erica in Glasgow, because I wanted to show you just how influential you have been in allowing me to find a hobby that really does keep me afloat. I don’t know if you got it, but I really hope so. It took about three weeks to complete.) 

You have been there time and time again, letting me know I’m not alone, being the soundtrack to my blindly optimistic, romantic daydreams about what love should be - and then - to top it all off - you followed my blog and defended me from an anon trying to tell me that you don’t love me, (and correcting their grammar. I will laugh about that for the rest of my days - and tell my grandchildren, make no mistake). 

Thank you so much for all you do. I hope you know I will be by your side long after the lights and cameras are gone. You have been in my life nine years and so, as silly as it may be, I feel like you’re an older sister/agony aunt that I just happen to have never met. Hopefully one day we can change that, because I owe you one bloody massive hug. 

I love you, SO much. 

All my love, 

your (usually hysterical) friend,
India Rose xoxoxox


How often do you suddenly look around at everyone around you and realize that you don’t really fit in? Is it all in your head? Is it real? So often I hear that little voice deep inside that says “They don’t want you here. They would have more fun without you. They only invited you to be nice. You don’t belong here.” 

It seems that while on this earth we Christians are always having a bit of an identity crisis. How much should we be a part of the world? How much should we be set apart from the world? As Christians we are called to be different from the world. We are called to believe that Heaven is our home rather than earth. So yes, in a sense we don’t belong here. I mean don’t go isolate yourself in a cave away from everyone else, but do realize that you are called to leave for eternity and not for the “right now” of our culture today.

A beautiful illustration of belonging is the process of adoption. My family adopted my youngest brother several years ago. Last Sunday he showed through his baptism that he has been twice adopted. Once by the Peterson family, and once by God. Now that Joshua is in our family, does he still belong to his biological family? No, he does not. He belongs to our family and ours alone. In the same way, he no longer belongs to the kingdom of sin. He has been set apart for something more.

This picture of belonging is seen in scripture too shocking, I know in Daniel chapter 1. Basically the Israelites were disobeying typical and the Babylonians were being used by God to discipline them also typical. Some of the nobility were taken to Babylon to be assimilated to the culture of Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were among these youths taken to Babylon. 

They were given new names (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego should sound familiar), a new diet, and new gods to worship, yet the 4 faithful men rejected the new culture. They set themselves apart from this new culture in their diets by eating only vegetables and drinking only water rather than defiling themselves with food and wine from the king’s table. God gave them success for their faith and they were healthier and wiser than all the other youth. They were more. They were set apart. They faced lions and fires, yet they looked Babylon in the eye and said “We do not belong to you; We belong to something more.”

So I want you to look in the mirror. I want you to look past your appearance that you may hate or love, that doesn’t matter right now. I want you to look at the perfect juxtaposition of your human soul. The debtor forgiven. The lost redeemed. The broken healed. The ordinary set apart. The sinner saved. No matter what you may be going through or what is happening in your life, say to yourself “I am more than this. I do not belong to this world. I am set apart. I am saved. I belong.”

And you do. You belong. You belong to God and you always will….

Now live like it.

- 31Women (Beth)

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned (Chapter 2) (Kellic)

Read the first chapter HERE

Okay, starting this story up again! It’s still gonna be about 5 chapters long. And yes, some parts will be ridiculous and messed up and we’re all probably going to hell, but if you don’t like it, don’t read it! If you do…have fun! And I’ll see you in hell!!

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A little Too Far Away- Michael

Requested: Yes

Content Warning: A make out scene

Author: Trish

We should make a rule where Admis can’t request stuff. Ange always manages to break my heart with her requests and I absolutely hate it.
I also like it though.

michael wants to be more than friends but you’re too innocent so he gets mad. Have fun Trish -AF (I hate you Angelee Falcon)

As always I was laying on the floor of Michael’s house with a lot of papers around me trying to write myself a song. Michael had been a friend of mine for so long now, it almost seemed like a blur how we met, we barely remembered anymore. He placed a glass of orange juice in my line of sight, leading me to take it. I sight and crossed my legs as he sat next to me, sipping his own juice, and looking over the papers.

He stared at the mess for a while longer and than turning to me “You need a system” I groaned and placed the glass on the floor next to me “I don’t need a system, I don’t want a system, this works fine Mikey!” I turned and placed both my hands on his shoulders dramatically “Help me!” He smiled and rolled his eyes playfully taking a sip of his juice.

“I told you Y/N, you need a system,” he took a paper and placed it on my lap “writing isn’t just about spilling things on paper, and you know that, I learned from you” I sight and looked and the amount of papers I had “It’s just a mess” I nodded reluctantly and turned back to him smiling a small smile and standing up to sit on the couch. My right leg under me.

“Songs are the world to you, right?” I laughed and nodded. He handed me the juice I had left on the floor and he sat on the table before me “Than go for it, what have you got to lose?, if it doesn’t work go back to the clutter” I smiled and sipped the remaining juice and handed it to him. He placed it next to him and moved to sit next to me on the couch.

He gets closer and closer to me by the second and kisses my lips shyly. I freeze not knowing what to do and kiss back. The feeling on his lips on mine overtaking me.

After a while he got comfortable with the situation and he got more heated. Running his hands over my body with a need I didn’t know. The kiss got tougher and rougher and more exited. Lips on neck, shoulders and ear hands on legs Nd the inside shirts. At this point I was in his lap kissing him shirtless and he was exploring my body carefully. I moan on his lips and he sat me on my back on the couch starting to unbutton my jeans.
For some reason that move of his snapped me out of the situation. Hurriedly I stood up and looked at him surprised, my mouth was wide open and I was confused. What the hell did I just do?

“What’s wrong Y/N?” He sounded edgy, maybe annoyed? “Nothing Michael, I just,” I looked around the room and back to him “I can’t do it, you know I can’t, not with you” he stood up and walked over to me. I took a step back and that seemed to be the last move for him. His breathing was quick and strained and he was getting red, angry red, and that was never good with Michael.

“You don’t want to be with me?” I gaped until I found the words “Michael you’re my best friend, you know I’ve never done this…” He knew what I meant, I was a virgin. He knew it well, more than anyone.

“Y/N,” his voiced turned dark so fast I almost got scared. No wait, I did get sacred “I’m trying to help you, you trust me don’t you?” I nodded but took a step back anyways, the fear taking me over. That seemed to make him even worse “Really? I’m that unbearable for you?” I stared as he stood waiting for an answer, he took the glass from the table and threw it to the wall. I covered my face scares, tears threatening to spill “I’m that terrible?” He got loud and he took a picture of us in the table and through it too, making me cry loudly “Don’t cry Y/N, we’re just talking” the voice was soft but he was cruel sounding, hateful even.

“I didn’t think that you’d be the one to make me feel like this Y/N!” I knew what he meant, he wasn’t just angry at the rejection, he was angry for letting himself go, at me, at us. He walked over at the kitchen table still very angry, when I saw he took a vase from the table I sucked to the floor before he through it at me. I turned to look at it and I stood up quickly, grabbing my stuff, shirt, beans and all leaving the house fast “Don’t come back!” I heard the door slam.

When I got to my car I put my shirt on and held the staring wheel still shaking. I closed my eyes as tears fell quickly down my face. I sight as I continued crying, driving away to my house.

I lost a song and a rhythm, both of them my best friend.