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Nothing Could Compare

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A/N : Sorry guys! I know its been a while since I’ve posted but I was lying in bed and this idea just came to me. I thought it was a good prompt and rushed to write it out for you guys to read so here you go~! I hope you guys like it c: (Please excuse it if it absolutely horrible, I haven’t wrote for Newt in a while)

- Newt is stressed about finishing his book and has been ignoring Y/N by spending more time in his case and with his creatures rather than with her. Y/N was ok with it for a while but soon it becomes too much. -

It’s been a whole two weeks and you were starting to lose faith in your relationship with Newt. The stability you felt was crumbling from underneath your feet as you continued to avoid confronting him about it. 

You knew better than to do so though. You understood that it was no one’s fault other than your own. Communication was one of the most important factors in a relationship and if you were feeling like this way, it was up to you to speak up about it. 

You knew you had to do it but you just wanted to try to figure out why first.
You didn’t know what had happened for him to be acting like this. The only time you’d see him out of the case was to grab something then he’d rush back inside without a single glance or word. You had tried to start dozens of conversations with him either when you’d bring him something to eat or with a cup of his favorite tea but he’d just brush you off and walk in the other direction. 

You knew that you needed to voice your concerns and communicate instead of waiting for something to magically happen but you were scared of what he’d say to you. After pacing around the room for a few more minutes, you came to understand that one of the main reasons you were reluctant to say anything were to spare your feelings.

It hurt seeing your relationship become like this. Your heart basically cracked and crumbled under all the anxiety and stress this was causing you. With every cold shoulder and if you got lucky an emotionless reply, it felt like he was talking another step away from you and soon you’d be alone. 

The flat the two of you shared and started to call home after settling from your travels didn’t give you as much comfort as it was before. It had grown cold without Newt there, smiling and laughing. You tried to keep busy by cleaning up and running errands to keep Newt’s supplies up to stock but your mind would always drift back to him.

You missed him though. You missed seeing him smile, hearing him laugh, and curling your fingers through his soft auburn hair while the two of you lied down on the couch. 

The pacing stopped and you soon found yourself planted on to the floor. Searching through your mind, you looked for anything that may have caused him to act this way but as usual, nothing.

What happened? You seemed to have asked yourself that question dozens of times now. You had to be overlooking something… You continued to beat yourself up until something new popped into your mind. 

What if he lost interest in you? 

The sudden new thought nailed you to the floor. Maybe that was it and he didn’t know how to break it to you. Newt was never the one to express his thoughts or feelings about people if he knew that it would cause a problem or upset them. So perhaps that was why he was avoiding you, to give himself time to think of a way to break it you. 

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Guys, I love Adam Driver/Kylo Ren to death, but please stop saying that the “racist” statements against him are just as bad as the actually debilitating and racist statements made against John Boyega/Finn.

They’re not.

And they never will be.

When you are “racist” against a white person, you hurt their feelings. When you are racist against a black person, you hurt their livelihood.

Young!Sirius Black x Reader Imagine

So here it is, a new Sirius Black imagine.

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You, (Y/N) (Y/L/L) were standing in the middle of the Great Hall staring at your best friend Lily in disbelief. She was saying something now, but you didn’t hear her, you just couldn’t. Your mouth was open a little and your brain was processing the words, sentences, this whole situation that Lily just told you.

It was Monday and it was going as dull as Mondays usually go, but no, not until Lily rushed over to you this morning, angry about that Potter…again.

“Can you believe it, (y/n)?” Lily spoke to you. “That Potter idiot asked me out, yet again!”. You couldn’t help but smile, that boy won’t give up easily. Secretly you knew Lily liked him and she liked the attention he gave her, but she wouldn’t admit that to you, not even to herself. 

“He’s rude and arrogant, but this time he crossed the line.” she said as she tored her toast apart. What could that poor boy possibly say, you thought.

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting Lily?” you chuckled. Lily gave you a serious look and shook her head.

“Wait until you hear this, (y/n). This..this is going to upset you. And that’s okay, because that Black is nothing but a git, just like his friend. I can believe these two-”

“Wait what?” you interrupted her. First she was speaking of James Potter, then suddenly she mentioned Black. As in Sirius Black? The handsomest guy in school? The boy, every girl in Hogwarts dreams about? The one whose smile makes your heart melt and sigh, knowing you will never be able to call him your own? You shook your head, time to return to reality. But, after all the truth was, Sirius Black had every, EVERY girl at his feet. Except for Lily, she was all over James.

“Black? Sirius Black? What did he want?” you ask Lily and begged her to speak more slowly and calmly.

Lily sighed, she was now beginning to tell you what happened, all over again.

“(y/n), this morning James freaking Potter,” she imitated his behaviour, “stopped me in our common room, with his charming best friend, Sirius Black. First Potter was trying to get me bet he’s going to catch the snitch in the next Quidditch game, then the two started asking questions about you. Well, Sirius mostly, but anyway, they were somehow wondering if me and you would go on a double date with them this Friday. To Hogsmeade. Can. You. Believe. It?” she explained, like Peter Pettigrew asked her out. for Godric’s sake, you were screaming inside yourself.

“No.” you breathed out, you still couldn’t believe, The Sirius Black was asking you on a date. Well, on a double date, but that probably meant he wanted to go with you, not Lily, because Lily was James’. You needed to calm down.
“Lily,” you began “are you sure? Did Sirius really say that?”

Lily sighed and shook her head. “I know, I know it’s hard to believe, but unfortunately, yes.”

You smiled to yourself like an idiot. You were in heaven. Yes it was Monday and the weather was boring and you were tired, but the news that Lily told you right now, brightened up your whole day.

“What? Why are you smiling like that? Don’t tell me you want to go?” Lily asked you.

You blushed and said nothing.

“(Y/N)! Did I miss something?”

You placed your hands on your knees and took a deep breath.

“I like him Lily. I really do. He’s sweet, handsome and so funny. I’m sorry if I don’t fulfill your expectations of how I should feel about him, but the truth is, he makes my knees weak, I-I..I think he’s an incredible prankster and his smile..” you sighed.

The redheaded girl looked at you in disbelief.

There was a long silence.

“How come you never told me?” Lily asked quietly.

“Well..I thought it didn’t matter.”

Lily put her head in hands and sighed.

“What’s wrong?” you asked your friend.

“Oh (Y/N), I’m so sorry..I was so dumb. I have no idea how could I..I mean..”

You were confused. Lily was acting really weird. There was something you didn’t know.

As Lily finally looked at you, she started to explain the whole story, the story you were clueless about. A month ago, James Potter came up to her, when she was studying in library. She thought he will ask her out again and rolled her eyes at him, when he approached her.

“Go away Potter, can’t you see I am busy?” She asked the curly boy, while reading her Potions book.

James smiled to the girl, he had crush on since their first grade.

“Don’t worry Lily dear, I won’t bother you with our dates that unfortunately didn’t happen yet.” he spoke.

Lily chuckled. “Oh what a delightful relief. So, what are you here for then?”

James looked around an empty library, wondering if someone’s listening.

“You know Sirius, he..likes this girl and-”

Lily started to laugh. “Really? Which one is his target this week? Marlene McKinnon?”

James gave her a serious look.

“No, he likes your friend - (Y/N) (L/N).”

Now Lily gave him a death glare.

She continued on with the story, how James told her that Sirius likes you and that she didn’t believe that he genuinely likes you, because she flirted and shagged with half of school’s girl population.

“I did a mistake..I told James you hate Sirius.”

Your smile faded and you looked at her with your sad eyes.

“What? Why?”

Lily shook her head. “I thought you did. You I hate James.”

“You don’t hate James, Lily. You like him, as much as he likes you, but you won’t admit that to yourself, because you’re too proud.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “That’s not true!”

You chuckled. “Yes it is, Lils and you know it. But before you assume I hate someone, again, make sure that is true.”

You said before you walked out of the room. You made your way to your dorm and prepared your school belongings. It’s going to be a long day, you thought.

After dinner, you decided to go to read your favorite book in the Gryffindor common room and as you were just about to sit down, someone called your name.

You turned around and saw Hogwarts’s most beautiful face - it was Sirius Black. He smiled at you and stepped closer.

“Yes?” you said with your most calm voice, but it was hard, since his presence gave you shivers down your spine.

He smiled again, revealing his white teeth.

“I hope I don’t interrupt you, I just want to talk to you.” He said politely.

You gave him a smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

Sirius put his hands in his pockets and looked down at you, yes you were a few inches smaller than him. Which made him even more attractive.

“Lily spoke to James this morning.” He began.

You looked away, you knew exactly what that meant. She probably told him that you like Sirius and now you were embarrassed.

Sirius chuckled and said in his low voice “She notified him that you don’t hate me.”

“And that..” he said while leaning closer to you, “made me very happy.”

You smiled. “Why?” was all you could manage to blur out.

“Because I like you. I don’t think that’s a big secret. Everyone seems to know that..except for you.”

He sighed when you said nothing and just stared at you for a couple of minutes.

“…I understand if you don’t feel the same, I just wanted-”

“I do.”


“I said that I do. I do feel the same.”

Sirius’ smile grew wider.

“That’s good to know.” he said.

This one sucks. It really sucks. Maybe I should do part two and fix it? I don’t know. I hope u r not reading this and laughing, because it’s stupid and so bad. I am tired and in a bad mood. sorry

Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 8

A/N: derp (had to keep that line in there)

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As you walked alone, you came to the conclusion that John was overreacting. He just didn’t understand how things worked three hundred years later. This could have been the only explanation.

But why did he have to call you stupid?

You looked around for the store that Alexander disappeared into. You finally came across the place, seeing a crowd inside. Sighing, you walked through.

Could these men stop creating crowds wherever they went?

There was a group of book lovers sitting in the lounge area? They were gathered around the man in the middle, his hair a mess. You sat in the back, listening to Alex read the poetry.

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The signs as Lemony Snicket books

aries: The Hostile Hospital (medical terminology, ballons, bluffing, playing the guitar instead of being helpful, communicating purely through an intercom, anagrams)
taurus: The Reptile Room (actual good person, snakes, science, unfortunate names, poison, throwing lamps at people, never ever ever ever ever ever)
gemini: The Grim Grotto (submarines, mushroom, newspaper articles that somehow survive being submerged in water, diving, strange laughter, hitting people with spaghetti, he or she who hesitates is lost)
cancer: The Miserable Mill (extremely surreal swordfight, feeding people to a woodchipper, manual labour, hypnotism, tights with eyes all over them, the word “inordinate”, being paid in coupons and fed gum)
leo: The Vile Village (people being burnt at the stake, crows, mob psycology, hot air balloons, huge trees, cases of mistaken identity, battering rams, motorcycles, and harpoon guns)
virgo: The Wide Window (unexpectedly justified paranoia, caves, fear of realtors, leeches, grammar pedantary, a fake peg leg concealing a real leg inside of it, cucumber soup)
libra: The Ersatz Elevator (fashion, impossible physical feats, a rope made out of miscellanious objects, empty elevator shafts, auctions, monacles, unreasonably tall buildings, red herrings, two pages of total darkness)
scorpio: The Austere Academy (weird insults, snobbery, strange eating methods, ridiculous study requirements, badly played violins, bags of candy, unnecessary exhaustion, crabs that pinch toes, kidnapping)
sagittarius: The Carniverous Carnival (fortune telling by trickery, secret paperwork, freakshows, people being thrown to the lions, building the suspense, in the belly of the beast, give everyone what they want) 
capricorn: The End (islands cut off from everything else, passive manipulation when necessary, literal clay feet, hoarding random objects, bad disguises, a raft made of books, if you were expecting closure go somewhere else the world is way to complex for that)
aquarius: The Slippery Slope (giant frozen waterfalls, messages in fridges, camping, scouts, gnats, lengthy declarations, auras of menace, big nets, eagles, cooking under difficult circumstances)
pisces: The Penultimate Peril (hotels, bells, completely hectic, mirrored lettering, surprisingly decent support, surprisingly dark backstory, reappearances, justice is blind, smoke signals, sugar bowl) 

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Can I request for a scenario where the bros are turned into frogs during a daemon encounter but ran out of Maiden's Kiss and they panicked. S/O then decided to take the term in a *literal* sense and just picked them up and placed a kiss on their heads. (Cos why the hell not, right? Worth a try! It could be a magic kiss!) Boys then looked dumbfounded when they returned to their normal selves and s/o just smiled sheepishly.

Funfact, I’m afraid of frogs! Like just horrified at them! So you can guess how silly this will be! ~(^з^)-☆


You barely dodged in time as the magic was tossed your way. Turing to laugh at the deamon’s poor aim, only to find that it had turned tail and run while your group was distracted by the magic being tossed. Only to turn as you heard a croak, one of the guys was transformed into a frog!

Turning to the 4 men behind you, you quickly counted and found that it was your boyfriend who was now a frog, and you were out of Maiden’s Kiss, with no money or a town close enough to get some.




“Noct, sweetie.” You cooed, managing to jump on you hopping boyfriend. Clasping the small frog to your chest, as his large blue eyes bounced around turning toward the group, hoping that you were wrong about your currently Maiden’s Kiss problem. “Ignis…”

“I do apologize, y/n, but we are out. We never restocked, my apologies.”

You looked down to the frog in your hands, “I can’t have a frog as a boyfriend. What if I accidentally smush him!”

“Hey think of it this way, at least he’s more charming.” Gladiolus chuckled, as the frog in your hands gave an angry hiss in the shield’s direction. “Don’t get mad at me Frog Prince.”

“That’s it!” Prompto gasped, as everyone turned to him, “Y/N why don’t you kiss him?”

“You think that would work?” You blinked, looking back to the blue eyes staring at you from the dark green skin.

“Worth a try.”

You shrugged, as you held Noctis up, pressing your lips to his head, pulling him back as he stared at you with those large blue eyes. A pout formed on your lips, as you pulled him forward again to your lips, than away to look and see if it worked.  Forward, away, forward, away, each time hoping the man would be back to his normal self.

“Why!” kiss “Isn’t!” kiss “It!” kiss “Working!” kiss

The other 3 stared at you, you must have looked absolutely ridiculous kissing this frog in what was once the middle of a battlefield. Yet you absolutely refuse to cuddle up to a frog for the next few days.

You also didn’t have any flies, and Noctis was already a picky eater, there would be no way that he would eat flies.

“Y/n, I don’t think it’s going to work.” Prompto stated, after your 23rd kiss to your frog/boyfriend.

You turned determined eyes to the blonde, “It’s going to!” Only to gasp at the sudden weight in your hands, only for your body to collapse as Noctis when from frog to man, laughing as you pointed toward Prompto, “Told ya!”

“What just happened?”  Noctis called in confusion.



“You aren’t serious, there’s no way.” You protested, crossing your arms, as Prompto, at least frog Prompto sat on the boulder before you.

“I mean it’s call Maiden’s Kiss.” Noctis stated as you cut your eyes to him.

“That sounds like Prompto reasoning.” You stated before leaning at the waist to the large boulder your small froggy boyfriend perched on. “Are you sure he’s not poisonous?”

“Why would he be poisonous?” Gladiolus asked, arms crossed over his chest as you motioned toward the yellow strip on Prompto’s side. “Just kiss the runt, so we can see if it works.”

You pouted standing up straight as you turned to Noctis, “Well go for it.”

Noctis gave a confused noise, “What, why me?”

“Face it Noct, you’re more maiden than me.”

“I am not!”

You glanced toward the Prince than away, “Tsk, about that….”

“Y/N, kiss Prompto.”

You threw up your hands, leaning over at the waist, “Fine whatever, don’t blame me if he turns into a half man half frog creature because someone didn’t want to kiss their best friend! Pucker up buttercup.”

Froggy Prompto let out a little chirp of a wail, as he lept to his hind legs, placing his little webbed forelimbs against your face as he pressed his face against your lips. Only to quickly poof back into the blonde.

“Well hell, it worked, guess I am a maiden.” You gasped, before turning to Prompto, “Were you poisonous?”





“Oh gods, oh gods! Sweet Astrals above, please!” You cried to the heavens as your large boyfriend, who was sitting before you. Not so much sitting as he was crouching, out of everything it had to have been a stupid frog, and you had just passed through a town and forgot to get Maiden’s Kiss.

“Are you okay?” Prompto asked, as you flailed wildly.

“No, Gladiolus turned to a frog! A frog out of everything!” You cried, as the other three watched you run away from the large frog hopping after you. “Gladdy, baby, I know you’re upset, but you’re so gross right now.”

Noctis scooped up his shield, as you physically had to stop yourself from dry heaving from him touching it, “Doesn’t look any different than normal.”

Prompto agreed, “He actually looks better this way.”

The frog in question glared at the two younger man laughing at his expense, before turning his eyes to you only to find you had seeked shelter behind Ignis, you were never one to run from a fight.

“Ignis, what do we do?” You whined hiding behind the tall man, it wasn’t like you to be playing the cute damsel, but something about frogs…

“Well, should you be without Maiden’s Kiss, an actual Maiden’s kiss should suffice.”

All eyes turned to you as you screamed, “Noooo, please! It’s a frog.”

“What’s so bad about a frog?” Noctis asked, as held Gladiolus toward you.

You turned away from the frog and Prince as if a child turning from food stopping another dry heave, “They’re gross, and slimey.”

“It’s actually mucus.” Ignis stated.

“Not helping!” You cried, as you tried to move further away.

“Just close your eyes, and give him a quick peck.” Prompto cheered.

Closing your eyes, you leaned forward, when something in your body, something made you peek one eye open, and at that exact moment Gladiolus decide to let out the loudest, grossest, croak. A scream escaped you, and you swung down hard, knocking Gladiolus from Noctis’ hold, with the slap.

“Why would you do that! Asshole!” You screamed in horror at the frog on the ground, making a noise you could only perceive as laughter. “Noct, please pick him up again.”

“Are you going to smack him out of my hands again?” Noctis asked, he had only managed to let go of the frog just in time as he saw your upswing.

“No, no I promise, just on the count of 3 push him forward. Ignis count.” You whined closing your eyes, as you puckered your lips.

“1, 2…”

“No! Oh my gods, Ignis stop!” You cried, “You’re counting too fast. Just like give me time.”

“Apologies, 1,”

“3!” Prompto called, as Noctis shoved Gladiolus to your face, the top of his head connecting with your lips.

A scream escaped you, as Gladiolus puffed back into his tall 6 foot 6 form,  “All right, thanks babe.”

“Don’t you ‘Thanks babe’ me, Oh my gods, I kissed a frog. I’m going to get warts!” You shriek, wiping your mouth.

Gladiolus chuckled, “Right you’re afraid of frogs” He barely dodged the rock thrown at him.



It must have been a comical sight to your traveling partners, you crouched over, holding Ignis’ glasses in one hand, currently chasing after a frog and trying to catch it with the other, calling out to it, as if to have a one sided conversation.

“Ignis, Ignis, my love, yes, I know it’s insulting. Darling, I’m sorry, we are unfortunately out of Maiden’s Kiss.”

A croak, just as the lean frog managed to leap out the way of your hands again.

“Please, Iggy, the sooner we get to the car the sooner we can fix this.” Croak, “Ignis, I understand that you’re upset but,” Croak, “Should it make you feel better I can drive, is that fine Noctis?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Noctis called back, still staring at you with the other two, chasing after your boyfriend, trying to convince him to stop jumping around.

“See, it’s just a two day drive to the next,” Ribbit! “I know, I know you don’t want to be a frog for two days, but what other choice do we have?”

Prompto cupped his hands over his mouth, shouting to you further in the field. “You can kiss him.”

“What?” Everyone else inquired, as they turned to the blonde as if his hair actually did become a Chocobo.

Prompto shrugged, “I mean stupider stuff has worked.”

You finally managed to drape your handkerchief over your boyfriend, before picking him up as you knelt on the ground, “We have nothing else to lose, darling.” You replied, before pressing your lips to the man’s head, gasping as he puffed, quickly putting him to the ground.

“Holy shit, it worked!” Prompto gasped.

“Interesting.” Ignis stated checking himself over, making sure all his limbs were there and rightfully intact.

You giggled softly, reaching up to remove your handkerchief from his head, handing him his glasses, “Are you feeling okay, darling?”

Ignis stood, placing his glasses back on, before helping you to stand, “Simply Ribbiting, my dear.”

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Ciel & Alois.

Imagine This [Rated R Version]- (Chris Evans x Reader)

Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

Word Count: 2.1k (I got carried away) 

A/N: Guess who wrote smut for the first time in 2 years? I’m a little rusty, so be nice. I hope this gets your knickers in a twist. Literally. If this man in a tux hasn’t already done it (hello sailor!). Keep those prompts coming in, darlings. If you want to read the PG version of this story, check it out on my blog

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Aging (Bucky x Female!Reader) {AUish}

A/N: This came to me and totally messed me up. So I thought… Why not write it down and share it so everyone else can be messed up like I was.

Summary: Soulmate AU where your soulmate’s first words are tattooed somewhere on your arms. You get your mark between 18 and 21. If you don’t meet, you age slower than average until you meet them. You continue aging at a normal rate once you meet them.

*Disclaimer: Obviously I don’t own anything except the AUish storyline.*

Summary: Y/N had gotten her mark the night before her 21st birthday. She thought she was going to be just like her other family members and meet her soulmate not long after. That wasn’t the case and if she was being truthful with herself… She didn’t want to meet them.

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(Contains spoilers for BnHA2)

You know what I really love about BnHA Season 2? That the tournament match-ups are mixed-gendered. I just get the feeling that this series is taking its female characters seriously, and it’s a trend I’ve started to notice recently in other shounen series, for example Mob Psycho 100 last year.

I mean, I love the BnHA girls but I feel like I’m being actively encouraged by the writers to like them here. Yeah, sure, there was that silly cheerleader scene but that’s not all these girls are - Uraraka has a serious long-term goal she’s actively working towards, we were told last episode about how physically strong and fit Mina is, Yaoyorozu is tough but also allowed to be vulnerable at the same time, such as after her match, and it’s not a problem. My point is, they’re being treated as fully functioning characters, not fanservice, and are just as integral to the plot as say Iida or Todoroki or even main rival Bakugou if you think of what strong, resilient Uraraka brings to the series. I mean, finally!

And, best of all, the Class A girls like each other! They get on, they’re not constantly fighting over love interests or which of them is the most physically attractive. Here we have actual, normal female friendships. And yes I know this shouldn’t be something so remarkable but unfortunately, in fiction, it so often is.

Basically, I really hope this series keeps this up!

“Remember when you said we should take a break?”

“Yes, unfortunately. Why?”

“You know what I wanted to say back then?”

“No idea. Tell me.”

“That I loved you, Elune. And I might be the biggest idiot ever, but I still do. Just please, don’t feel the need to say it back, I just felt I needed to tell you, I don’t expect anything in exchange, y’know.”

Victim Behind the Gun

summary: reader is the daughter and right hand of alexander pierce. little does he know, she is also an undercover agent working for nick fury. faced with her need to protect the winter soldier, she is ready to choose a soviet master assassin over her own father. when steve rogers meets his childhood best friend, she is assigned a rather risky mission which might just involve helping the winter soldier escape from the hands of hydra and handing him over to the government. lucky for bucky, reader was never fond of following orders.  

word count: 14′000+

warnings: ca:tws spoilers?? light swearing?? a little blood?? kinda smutty?? slight inaccuracy in regards to the plot of the film?? really really long??

a/n: this is my first ever avengers fic so don’t shit on me pls 

got the idea from this text post

also i would’ve posted this sooner but i was busy getting one of bucky’s trigger words tattooed so there’s that

kinda tempted to write a part 2 set before and during civil war but idk

you can send me requests or whatever

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"You were their biggest fan & they threw you away". Do you really feel this in your heart of hearts? SC kicked you to the curb? You def have reason to but for all the years I've followed you your praise for these 2 seemed to be for the kind of people they are, or were. Generous, good natured. I guess that can make this situation extra sad looking at it that way. Another way to look at it is you were right about them & we simply don't know why this happened. You followed closely & read about p1:2

P2:2 each & every fan encounter & interview they’ve done & not one of those things in the years you followed them made you second guess your judgement on them except things that are very suspicious & likely to be outside forces. Your judgement all this time couldn’t have been that off could it? I guess we’ll never know which is the maddening part of it all.

Yes unfortunately that is how I feel. I know what you’re saying makes sense, they are good people or at least I thought they were all along. Never doubted it for a second until the last year when I found them showing more and more resentment towards shippers. Now the people I became a fan of don’t exist anymore. It’s like they were strangers all along. Not that I actually knew them personally but I felt I “knew” them as much as I could as a fan. Let’s say we are right and they just don’t like us because we’re too close to the truth, it doesn’t excuse what’s happened. Nothing does. I’ll never be one of those shippers who can put the blame on someone else for all of this. Even if someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes, they still have the option to say how far things can go. 

as long as you keep comin’ round (2/3)

Rated: Mature
Warning(s): Underage
(Read on AO3)

part one + playlist 

“Dude,” Miller huffed, amused at Bellamy’s retelling of the incident. “I wouldn’t believe it, but it’s you.”

“Bellamy Blake, human disaster,” Raven agreed. “Come on. Just because she says she’s got a boyfriend doesn’t mean she actually does; that’s just what girls say. It’s basically an anti-douchebag reflex.”

Miller raised an eyebrow. “Like you’ve ever done it.”

She sighed dramatically. “In a perfect, non-patriarchal society, absolutely not. But some boys won’t take no unless it’s coming from another guy, so…”

“So — to return to the topic at hand, aka my actual crisis — doesn’t the fact that she said she had a boyfriend negate any signals she may or may not have been sending?” Bellamy let his head drop to the diner table. “Why are girls so complicated?”

“Hey,” Raven interjected mildly.

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