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People can post snippets and headcanons and theories however they want, but to me the cutest thing about Kit and Ty is that Ty is interested in Kit not for being a Herondale or a secret shadowhunter, no. He admires the Rook part of him, the criminal aptitude that he thinks fits into his Sherlock thing. He could probably see Kit pickpocket someone or pick locks to break into a car, and think it was the coolest thing ever.

He likes Kit for who he is, not who he thinks he’s supposed to be.

I think that’s majorly important. 

Kitty Fic: kyknophobia

kit and ty take a walk in the park - read on ao3

wrote a drabble and im super nervous but for my fav boys i defeated my fear

(warning for discussion on death/grief, los spoilers and swans)

please enjoy if you decide to read!!

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character posters: tyzula (avatar the last airbender) 

maybe I just said it because I was a little… jealous.

what? you’re jealous of me? but you’re the most beautiful, smartest, perfect girl in the world! 

the2nightwings  asked:

can you draw messiah more I love his the looks of it please???

SURE I LOVE MESSIAH he like my fav persona other than Orpheus.There fangirl arsene and izanagi wink wonk.

“The Man Behind The Mask”

One could say that one hour and an half (which sounds familiar) can’t be that special if spent at home. But this is an evening made of a different stuff. The same stuff people of older generations used to build their hopes with. Tonight I listened to a voice that doesn’t speak my language, but actually, it does indeed. Even just in the sound of it, it was pretty clear. I could always sing and whistle and just dream at the sound of every track, but now there’s a name out there, which most of us already knew, of course, but it didn’t seem legitimate to use ‘til now. I have a name to thank, because for once I’m like those before us, who adored idols on a stage, singing, jumping and screaming. And there’s a person behind the name who is full human. Who has depths, and layers, so many layers, and a Story, a man who was so kind to share it with us.

Out of any context, and as another human being, I just want to say “I’m proud of you”. As a sister of the same race, one who loves to create, I can say I’m proud of this human being, who pours his heart out in spite of all barriers, in spite of this era, an era that is trying to cut us all out of art and communication… I’m proud of you.

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll, eh? You did it. You did it. YOU DID IT!

The magic is not gone. You are the man behind the mask, and I know, and I’m happy with it.

breaking news: elderly war hero (pictured here in 1943) is the most bisexual bi to have ever existed and he wants the world to know. his exact words were: lmao I’ve never been straight a day in my life, btw have you met my bf bucky? he’s pretty, right? can you even believe it, can’t keep my hands off him. man we don’t even rest and he sleeps naked lol


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