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In Regards to Hate: On Victuuri

I don’t know what suddenly happened again but there’s a shitton of hate for Victuuri/Viktuuri(/etc) in the tags lately. People are welcome to feel however they want for a particular ship, but I just wanted to give my two cents by tackling the common complaints I’ve seen. I’ll start from the beginning so I’ll be addressing basically all the arguments against this ship I’ve seen so far. I’ve tried to maintain some sort of order for these, but honestly I just winged it at some point.  A lot of these arguments are also heavily character-based, so keep in mind that I’ll be deconstructing several scenes as well as character motivations as I go.  (As a note, this assumes you’ve seen the whole show. Also, I’m only using canon evidence from the show itself.)

This is like an informal follow-up to my super old post but also not really.

No I’m not avoiding work why would you say that.

WARNING: This is a massive post/wall of text. Grab popcorn.

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LAMP, au where everyone is born with wings distinctive to their personality but can only fly after meeting their soulmate (can be platonic if you want), fluff please!!!

**This got so ridiculously long, and I am so, so ridiculously pleased. This is 2,760 words. How did this happen? 

Warnings: Small amount of swearing, some angst but I couldn’t resist a fluffy ending, lots of tears shed

This is poly sanders, Romantically involved because I’m a sucker for romance**

It happened when Virgil was born. There was a problem with the birth and he had to have surgery done, resulting in the loss of his wings.

“What did they look like?” He used to ask his mother. She’d tell him how soft they were, how dark they were, the color of the night sky dipped in the ocean. How beautiful they could have become. After awhile, he asked less and less sad to hear about what could have been and what would never be, and by the time he was ten he had come to hate the mere mention of his non-existent wings.

All of the adults pitied him, all of the children teased him.

Virgil was teased for it, of course he was, all throughout school. All the other children had wings, all the other children would find their Soulmates.


It was bitter on his tongue.

Another tragedy all the winged beings encompassed themselves with.

Everyone had a Soulmate.

‘You probably don’t even have a Soulmate. That’s why they took your wings away.’

At first, he denied it. He wanted so desperately to fit in. He told them, he did have a Soulmate, and his Soulmate would be the most beautiful person ever. They’d tease him. They’d laugh at him. They’d tell him he was wrong.

He’d never have a Soulmate.

And he grew to hate them, too.

He grew to hate his non-existent Soulmate. The reason he was teased. The reason he was mocked. The reason he was alone.

Virgil would never have a Soulmate.


It was years after he had graduated high school that he met another with very similar thinking to his own.

They had run into each other on the street. An accident, really. Virgil hadn’t been looking where he was walking, hood pulled up and eyes cast down, and had collided with a man as he turned the corner.

Logan, he’d soon learn, hadn’t been watching his steps either; nose buried in some book more important than his steps.

Virgil was sarcastic and bitter, Logan was frozen, frowning at his wings.

“Do I know you?” He asked finally, as Virgil stepped past.


“You sure?”


“It’s just….” He shivered.

“I don’t care.”

Two years later, and they were happily living together as a couple.

Logan had similar thoughts to Virgil when it came to Soulmates.

“I don’t want my love to be determined by “pre-existing forces”. I should be allowed to decide for myself who I live the rest of my life with.”

Semi-similar to Virgil at least- Logan’s view point wasn’t stemmed from years of self-loathing and teasing.

“Good thing you got me then,” Virgil would say, smirking. After all, they loved each other, but Logan couldn’t fly.

He once said that his wings felt odd whenever Anxiety was around. Lighter almost, but said his heart felt that way too and then the conversation would usually lead into the “emotions” territory, which both men were terrible with.

But, they knew they loved each other, and that’s all they needed.


“I…. I met my Soulmate today.”

Virgil immediately dropped his phone to the couch, eyes wide for a split second before falling flat and empty.


“Yeah…. It was… odd. My wings,” He glanced behind him, flexing out the gray feathered appendages so they brushed the ceiling and then folded them back and frowned, “I felt…. they fluttered. All on their own. It was like air was-”

“Yeah, I get it,” Virgil cut him off. Logan snapped his mouth shut.

Virgil didn’t like talking about his own wings, yes, but he seemed to live through Logan. Always asking to feel the otherswings, to groom them. He’d ask for Logan to tell him how they felt in the wind, how it felt to sleep, how it felt to have them pet…. He may not remember having his own wings, but he did seem to miss them.

“I’ll take you flying one day,” Logan told him one night as they curled together in a hammock, his left wing draped over them. “I’ll carry you in the sky with me in the night. Just you and me.”

“If you’re flying you’ll have your Soulmate,” Virgil had pointed out bitterly, a word very accurate to anytime he discussed Soulmates.

“Sure. I’ll find them, but I don’t need a Soulmate. I have you, and you’re all I want.”

“Look, just get on with it already.” Virgil’s words snapped Logan from his thoughts.

“Get on with what?” He asked in confusion, not an emotion he particularly liked, but one he found himself dealing with often when it came to his boyfriend. For someone who didn’t like feelings, Virgil had quite a few of them.

“You’re leaving, right? You’ve discovered your real Soulmate, you’ve realized being with me is foolish and you’re going to go be with them, right?” He wasn’t looking at Logan now, simply staring at his lap. His tone was emotionless.

“Hey,” Logan’s tone was sharp. He immediately walked over and sat beside the other. “Virgil,” He picked up the others hand and got no resistance. “Yes, I’ve found a Soulmate, but that means nothing. I’m interested, I suppose that’s the pull of the soulbond, but I would never, ever leave you. It’s you’ve I’ve fallen in love with Virgil, and it’s you who I’ve chosen to spend the rest of my life with, soulbond be damned.”

Virgil couldn’t stop himself, “Don’t say that.” He sniffled, “I know the power of a soulbond.” He didn’t, obviously, but he had been told, “I know it’s nearly impossible to resist. I don’t…. I don’t want you to hurt, because you’ve ignored them, I-….”

Logan reached out and lifted the others head, his own eyes meeting Virgil’s watery own.

“I just don’t want you to leave me-” His voice cracked at the end, and Logan was holding him then. Whispering soft sweet nothings and promises he would never break.

He would never leave Virgil. He could never leave Virgil.

If he could, he would give his own soul to him.


Through lots of talking, and after many months, Logan began happily dating his Soulmate, Patton. Whom, he’d come to find, was not his only Soulmate.

“Who knew you were so high-maintenance,” Virgil joked when he found out.

“It’s very upsetting,” Logan had frowned.

“How so? We not enough for you now?” It was a joke, but Logan always took Virgil’s self-depreciating humor seriously. Some small part of Virgil was thankful for that.

“You shouldn’t measure yourself out like that. Virgil, you’re greater than you know.” He kissed the others head, “And, I was referring to the fact that I still am unable to carry you through the skies.”

“Hm, well I’m still holding you to that, so get on that “finding your other Soulmate and/or Soulmates” thing.”

Logan smiled.

“Yes dear.”

After about three months of Patton and Logan being together, Virgil finally met the famed “Heart”.

Virgil never understood why Logan referred to him like that. Yes, Logan gushed (though, he wouldn’t admit to it) about the other and his emotional state of every second of every day, and how open he was about his feelings, but the nickname was still out of place.

Then, Virgil saw him.

His wings, large, red, and shimmering, were the shape of a heart when extended to full length. A large extension of the man himself.

It took merely three weeks for Virgil to fall head-over-heels for the other man, but he never said a word. This was Logan’s Soulmate- Virgil didn’t belong anywhere in that mix.

So, he kept his distance. He stayed out of the confusion that was Soulmates. Especially, Soulmates that weren’t his.

Puppy love, he called it. He was sure it’d pass.

It didn’t.

Everyday, it seemed his affections grew, until one day he confessed his feelings to Logan, apologizing over and over about butting in where he doesn’t belong, about getting in the way of his and Patton’s soulbond.

“Virgil,” Logan had said, “Virgil it’s okay. You can’t help who you love, anymore than I can. Love is okay, Virgil. You’re the one who taught me that. It’s okay.”

And a day later, Virgil had more than he could have hoped as he sat inbetween his partner of so many years, and his partner of seven minutes.

Patton had, or so he said, loved Virgil since the day they met.

Virgil said Patton was just being dramatic.

Patton only ruffled his wings in reply.


“Why don’t you understand, I have no control over this?” Logan ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

“You said you did! You said you’d never leave me! That you chose me!” Virgil yelled back, tears streaming down his face.

“I can’t choose who my Soulmates are, it’s not my fault!” Logan shot back, raising his voice in frustration more than anger.

He had met his Soulmate. Apparently, he had only two. He had all but flown (literally, he had to restrain himself) when he had run into a young man hurrying out of the local town hall, the two running hard into each other, but Logan having leaped back (okay, maybe he had kinda flown) so he didn’t fall.

Logan could finally fly.

He had flown home immediately to tell Virgil, who had been ecstatic to learn Logan had found his other Soulmate. Getting to know Patton and understand Soulbond’s better had really opened his mind and allowed him to see past what years of pain had done to him.

A week later, Logan was already dating Roman, and that’s when things got rocky.

Roman was all Logan talked about. Roman was all Logan thought about. Roman was all Logan cared about.

Then Pat.

Patton met Roman.

Lo and behold, Roman was his final Soulmate as well, and he had soared with love, high into the sky.

Roman had a third Soulmate, though, as Virgil had been told he still couldn’t fly.

And now, two months later, Virgil was done. He had been hoping, he had been hoping so hard things could work.

But his love wasn’t even close to enough when it came to soulbonds. They would always be more. They would always be better. And they would always be…. not him.

He knew he loved Logan and Patton. He knew they loved him, too. Though his mind liked to say it was lies, he had put all his faith and hope into their love and he would trust them with it.

It was hard though.

He wanted to believe the others loved him. He wanted to be enough for them. But, it was obvious now that he wasn’t. He’d never compare to their souls. He’d never compare to what they had.

Not him.

Not the wingless, soulless nobody.

Not Virgil.

Which lead to now. When Virgil had declared their relationship over. When he said he was leaving.

“You said you understood that I was with them! If you didn’t like that I was with them, why didn’t you say something?!” Logan fumed.


Virgil screamed, and the tears fell.

Everything was silent.

“Because, I could never, ever make you choose. Because, I know that you could never choose me over your soulbond.”

“What do you know about Soulmates?” The words left his mouth in rage, and died immediately in the battle.

It didn’t matter.

Their damage was done.

Virgil sobbed and covered his mouth with his hand.

“Virgil, I didn’t mean it-”

He was gone. Out the door like lightning, and tears falling like rain.

He wouldn’t know, but Logan immediately called Patton, and both took to the skies to look for him.

Hard to find one man in a city though, however hard they looked.

He managed to make his way towards the center of the city, twisting through streets until he was sure he had to be in another Country, walking for long, long hours he never wanted to end. He didn’t want to go back and face what had happened He didn’t want to face the reality he had been thrust into.

Why couldn’t he just have a soulbond like everyone else? Why couldn’t he have been normal?


He fell backwards as another person collided with him.

He kept his gaze on the ground as the other lept backwards into the air.

Another person to rub it in his face how alone he was.


Suddenly, hands were holding his face, and making him look upwards into the face of one of the handsomest men he knew. Though, to be fair he was, had been, dating the other two.

“You’re- why are you crying? Are you hurt?! Is my first act upon finding my true love only to hurt them?! Oh, how tragic! How dismal! How utterly horrific of me! I must-”

“Let go of me,” He pushed the other off and scrubbed at his eyes with his hands, “you didn’t do nothin’. I’m fine.”

“Well, that’s one relief,” The other sighed, but then he knelt down and was brushing the hair from Virgil’s face, “But, when I find out whoever it was that hurt my Soulmate, they won’t be so happy.”

Virgil chuckled bitterly, the salty tears finding the corners of his lips as if to remind him he needed to be sad.

“Don’t know if you’ve noticed buddy,” He motioned to his back, “But, I’m afraid you have the wrong guy.”

“Nonsense!” He jumped at how loud the other became, “It was your touch that brought me flight, thus it is your final soul that is bound to mine!”

Virgil scowled at the ground, “Look. I don’t have a soul, so it can’t be me. Just leave me alone!”

His pursuer stayed silent. He crouched down in front of Virgil and brushed the hair, once more, from his eyes.

“I don’t know what’s befallen you in life to make the sun so dark in your eyes, and I can’t take those filters away, but allow me to help, and I can brighten the sun tenfold until all you can see is its beauty.”

And it was all Virgil needed.

He had lived, all his life, every waking moment, believing he was soulless. That he couldn’t be anybodies. He couldn’t, wasn’t, like others. And suddenly, this man swoops in and tells him he has a soul. Further yet, that it has a mate.

And he’s sobbing again, and he’s being held and whispered, too. Told that everything would be okay.

He hears, vaguely, the other mention carrying him in flight to Virgil’s home, but he turns him down.

Logan, his first love, currently one of his only, had promised him his first flight. And now, he may never ever get it, but he wouldn’t destroy that promise. He held it dear, closer to his heart than his soul, and he couldn’t give it away.

“Okay, let me call for my others, and they can come help, okay?”

Virgil didn’t understand, but he nodded anyways.

A few short minutes later, he heard it.

A loud clap as shoes met pavement, and then he was being barreled into and pulled from his supposed Soulmate into new arms.

“Virgil, Virge, thank God, thank God,” Someone wept, “I was so worried, so scared, I didn’t- I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

It was Logan.

It was Logan that was holding him.

He clutched tightly to his shirt.

It was Logan who came for him.

Soulbond be damned.

It was Logan he loved.

It was Patton he loved.

His heart wrenched.

….This was it. What he didn’t understand before.

A solebond hurt.

A solebond hurt so much.

He may not love him now, but he knew. He knew he’d love him later.

He knew he’d love his soulmate- this man he had met only an hour earlier.

Had he known, he would have recognized this feeling many years ago, when he first met Logan.


“Thank you.”

He’d say, as he leaned into Logan’s chest, wind ruffling his hair as they flew across the stars.

Roman was twirling through clouds, attempting to be Peter Pan and discovering that clouds are, infact, made of water.

Patton was connecting stars with his flight pattern, creating large dogs, and fluffy cats in the sky.

“I always keep my promises.”

I.    I can vividly recall two things about Kindergarten: one being that my teacher, Mrs. Barker, could never have enough bee-themed decorations in her classroom. The second thing was Delilah.

“II.    Delilah was my best friend in Kindergarten. She had wavy brown hair, beautiful dark brown eyes and skin, and she always wore the same thing: a blue sweater with yellow flowers. I wish I remembered more about her, and about our friendship, but the image of her smiling at me on the hooded blacktop is all I can remember. What strikes me the most about this is that despite however many faces have come and gone in my life, her face, her hair, her eyes, and her sweater are still so clearly-defined in my memory.

“III.    In the first grade, Mrs. Sullivan taught us about butterflies. Her golden blonde hair ended just above her shoulders, and she always smiled as though she was the happiest person in the world. I don’t recall if I ever did, but I hope that at some point, I told her she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I hope I made her smile.

“IV.    When I was in the second grade, I moved to a different elementary school; not long after beginning there, I met a girl named Katie. I don’t remember many details about our friendship; I don’t know what we talked about, what part of the playground we enjoyed the most, or if she liked Littlest Pet Shop toys just as much as I did. What I do remember is falling on the grass, and a moment later, Katie offering me her hand to help me stand again, giggling loudly as she did so. There must have been something very special about Katie that stuck with me, because when I had to move again, I kept a photo of her that she gave me, one where she was positively beaming at the camera. I don’t remember exactly when I lost the photo, but I still remember just how utterly happy she looked.

"V.    For most of the third grade, a girl named Natalie shared a bus seat with me, where we would read the same books together, taking great care not to turn the page until knowing that the other had also finished reading it. When I had to move at the end of the year, she took a bright red colored pencil to the inside cover of her personal copy of ‘Marley and Me’, which was our favorite, and wrote ‘FROM: NATALIE’ in the tidiest letters she possibly could. Before leaving the bus for the last time, she asked me to keep it.

"VI.    In the fourth grade, I had finally settled into a school that I would be staying in, and that was when I met Kaitlynn.

"VII.    Kaitlynn had bright red hair, impeccable fashion, and some of the highest cheekbones I had ever seen. We sat together on the bus rides to and from school every day, shared silly secrets, and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend at the time. Seeing as she was such a beautiful and kind girl, Kaitlynn attracted many other friends, as well as boys in our grade who would gawk at her from afar. Sometime towards the end of fourth grade, her newer friends convinced her to tell me that we couldn’t be friends anymore. I was heartbroken, and after an agonizing forty-five minute recess of me slugging around the playground by myself, the girls took pity on me, and Kaitlynn said we could be friends again.

"VIII.    We remained friends, if not acquaintances, for many years. I think some part of me always cared for her more than a friend would, but after elementary school, we didn’t speak as much. We rarely shared a bus seat anymore, but when we did, she would go on as if our previous conversation had only just finished. I held no resentment for her, and genuinely enjoyed her company, even if it was only when she needed to vent about something or pass the time. I always thought of her as the girl who could never be hurt by anything or anyone, but when she only seemed to share her vulnerable moments with me, I couldn’t help but feel special.

"IX.     I never realized that all the years meant so much to her, because on the last day of seventh grade, the day she had to move across the country, away from all her friends she had made over the years, she sat with me on the bus ride home. She quietly asked me if I knew it was her last day, and when I said yes, she burst into tears. I was surprised, seeing as our last conversation had been so long ago, but I immediately embraced her, gently stroking her hair to calm her down. Though it was difficult through her sobs, I was able to catch a few ‘I’m sorry’s, ‘I’ll miss you’s, and occasionally-coherent thoughts, like how she wished she had been a better friend to me, and that she was so thankful for all the time I spent listening to her, even when she treated me poorly or otherwise ignored me. We hugged one last time before she had to get off the bus, and she managed to look as if nothing had happened by the time her stop had come. As she waved goodbye and smiled brightly to some of the other students on the bus, I desperately wished that she would never leave.

"X.     Now that I understand what all this means, I can hardly keep myself from telling others just how much I love women. The little girl who pined for girl after girl after girl finally gets the validation she deserved but never received so many years ago.

—  “but you’ve never liked girls before,”

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Okay so let's pretend that the RFA were able to talk to their respective MC in a language besides Korean so they've been assuming for the longest time ever that MC can't speak Korean. One day, they come home and hear her singing a song creepily in Korean and once they find her she's just laughing her ass off. How would the RFA react? I'm sorry I just have a sudden urge to see someone write this if your requests aren't open feel free to disregard this~

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long omfg ;A; But I hope I got what you were talking about??? ~Admin 404


               -Since you didn’t start out speaking Korean in the chatroom, he just assumed you couldn’t


               -After the two of you got close, he came home early from his classes one day- not knowing you were in your shared home

               -He was in the middle of changing, shirt halfway over his head, when he noticed singing?

               -It was a standard Korean lullaby, but it was being sung quiet and very slowly


               -Tried to run out of the house, thinking it was a ghost, but ran into the wall- resulting in him falling on his ass

               -You pull the shirt off his head, asking if he was alright

               -“MC WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE, THERE’S A GHOST!!!! A G H O S T!!!”

               -He’s up on his feet, trying to drag you out of the house yoosung what about your shirt

               -“A ghost? What do you mean? What makes you say that?”

               -“I just heard someone sing this lullaby all slow and creepy and we just, WE GOTTA GO”

               -Super confused when you bust out laughing

               -omg you weren’t laughing at the fact he had no shirt on, were you???

               -“That wasn’t a ghost, I was singing!”

               -One second, two seconds, three seconds…. ding! Light bulb!

               -“You learned a Korean lullaby? When did you do that?”

               -“Uh, years ago. When I learned Korean. Didn’t you know that?

               -when you fuckin’ WHAT

               -He is completely mindblown to find out you speak Korean??

               -Though now he’s really embarrassed about just assuming you didn’t know the language

               -Super happy to talk in either language, it makes him feel cool tbh

               -is completely pissed off when he finds out you sent a video of him running into the wall to saeyoung


               -He always asks for an extra copy of his scripts in *insert mc native language here* so you can practice with him!!

               -You never understood why he did that, maybe he was just trying to be nice?

               -But he always did that with you? With everything?

               -Any DVD’s, CD’s, absolutely anything he brings home is in your native language

               -Does he think you’re more comfortable that way?

               -Obviously, you appreciate it but it’s kind of like…..

               -There’s no need to go so out of his way to do all of that for you!

               -One day, you were taking a shower and decided to sing one of the songs from his most recent play

               -You love Zen and love that he’s happy with his career but god daMN THAT SONG IS STUCK IN YOUR HEAD AND YOU ARE BEYOND DONE WITH IT

               -So you made fun of it by singing ridiculously, trying different voices, tones, anything you can think of

               -All of a sudden, the bathroom door is thrown open, slamming against the wall


               -You just poke your head out of the shower to stare at him, watching as he starts to talk to himself about how beautiful his voice must for you to have learned it so quickly

               -“Do you know the meaning??? I can give you a word by word translation!! Do you want that? DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT?”

               -“No? I mean, yeah… You play it all the time… because you’re learning it but I know the words on my own, thanks sweetheart”

               -You??? Knew what the words meant??

               -He just kind of stares at you in disbelief before you roll your eyes and return to taking your shower

               -“Zen? Why are you still here? Go aw-” “YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN”

               -You sigh and agree that yes, you can speak Korean, and you’ve been able to this whole time

               -He starts crying??? What in the world???

               -“I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ABOUT MY LOVE! I’M A TERRIBLE MAN, DON’T LOOK AT ME, MC!” not looking at you anyway, zen, tryna shower here

               -“Save the drama for your play later, sweetheart. It’s alright, I just never said anything about knowing another language”

               -Literally spent most of the rest of the day just pouting and feeling terrible that he never knew. You have to comfort him often because it was something neither of you ever really brought up way to go mc ya broke ya boyfriend


               -After working for Jumin for so long, she’s unfortunately learned to assume if you look foreign, you might not speak other languages

               -So she’s already assumed you speak only your native language, so she automatically accommodates to your needs

               -Though you…. don’t need it??

               -You figured that she wanted to make things easier for you, which you appreciated, but you wanted to make things easy for her too!!

               -What’s funny is that you’ve talked to her late at night, after she’s been up for days, in Korean so that it’s easier for her mind to process what you ask

               -Did she pick up on it? Not at all. poor tired bby, someone help her

               -So despite the fact that you leave notes for her written in Korean, she just… hasn’t…. noticed?

               -Because she still talks to you in your native tongue

               -Seriously, you’ve tried everything to make it blatantly obvious that you could speak Korean

               -The easiest way to tell her that, ‘hey, i don’t need you to translate convos for me, i promise’ is to just straight up tell her

               -Except you didn’t get a chance to?

               -You were sweeping the house one day, belting out one of Zen’s songs from his latest musical

               -Getting into it, you dance with the broom, dipping it dramatically

               -During your dip though, you look up to find Jaehee standing in the doorway, at a loss for words

               -“Oh… so.. you really do speak Korean.. I wasn’t going crazy, then”


               -“I, um, I apologize for just assuming that you-”

               -You cut her off when you pulled her into a quick dance around the living room, singing the previous song all over again

               -With a swift motion, you dipped her like you did the broom

               -A quick peck to her lips sent her over the edge and she burst into giggles

               -“You’re a much better dance partner than the broom” you tell her in Korean, with a wiggle of your eyebrows

               -She pushes you away from her and laughs as she leaves the room, calling over her shoulder

               -“Maybe you should learn a few more songs there, MC”


               -Also guilty of just assuming you only spoke your native language

               -Also never bothered to ask

               -You don’t even bother to tell him though because you’re lowkey salty about it

               -Like??? He didn’t even ask???

               -You love him and all, but it’s been… how long? And he never even bothered to asK YOU IF YOU KNEW HIS LANGUAGE

               - damn mister trustfund kid

               -But it’s actually really funny because he talks to Elizabeth in Korean

               -So he thinks you don’t know how much he’s praising her, or baby-talking her

               -But you KNOW

               -And you’re left wondering why he doesn’t talk to you like that sometimes

               - god damn cat getting all the attention (kiDDING I LOVE U ELLY)

               -But let’s be honest, you love her just as much and do the same exact thing

               -In fact, you love to sing to her! And she loves it too!

               -She turns into a freaking motor box when you sing, she loves it soo much

               -So you sing to her every day, it makes her happy, makes you happy, everyone is happy

               -One day, you were singing to her, but Jumin actually came home early??

               -So he heard you singing too, and just sat down quietly next to you

               -Waited patiently until you finished the song before speaking

               -“So, you sing to Elizabeth?”

               -“Every day, sweetheart! You just happened to catch the show”

               -Immediately thought about asking Saeyoung to install some hidden microphone or something to capture you singing every day

               - that isnt creepy at all, dude

               -With a slight tilt of his head, he looked at you, eyes full of question

               -You had to fight the urge to kiss his cute little face, but it was worth it

               -“So, MC? You can speak Korean? Not just *insert native language here*?”

               -You nodded in agreement, looking down at Elly, petting her with a smile on your face

               -“I’ve known this whole time… *pulls Elly up to face* But SOMEBODY *kisses Elly’s nose* Never bothered asking. Did he? No, no he didn’t! He didn’t, did he Elizabeth??”

               -You shot him a side glare, watching as his face twisted into slight embarrassment and back to a playful one before getting up to leave the room

               -“It’s okay, MC. I’ll test out how well you can pronounce those Korean words later tonight.”


               -He loVED your aCCENT

               -So he spoke to you in your native language just so he could hear it

               -Did he know you could speak Korean?

               -Yeah probably

               -DID HE CARE? I’m hearing “no”

               -Did he remember, a long time later, that you could speak Korean?

               -Again, I am going with no

               -He’s always thinking about god knows what all the damn time so it isn’t surprising that he forgot you spoke Korean all together

               -In fact, you were hoping he did forget you spoke Korean, or your new plan wouldn’t work out how you wanted it to

               -You see, you and Saeyoung like to prank each other like crazy, but his last one really irked you

               -(I mean come on??? Who in the world thinks it’s funny to sneak a permanent marker into your pants pocket when you do laundry??? That rUINS YOUR CLOTHES)

               -So, you decided that revenge was in order, and you wanted nothing more than to scare him to death

               -After a long set up with a creepy life-size doll trapped to an rc car, a couple of speakers hidden, and a ton of hidden cameras, you were ready for him to come home

               -When he got into the room and noticed the girl standing in the corner, he immediately noped the hell out and tried leaving

               -But you locked the door! There is no escaping sweet revenge!

               -You started to sing little kids nursery rhymes through a microphone, it coming through the hidden speakers broken and ominous


               -So you kept singing, stopping only to ask him to come play, in child-like voice


               -You decided to chase him around with the doll, using the wireless controller from the other room

               -You didn’t know he could scream in such a high pitch, I swear to god, dogs from around the world could hear it

               -He was getting out of that room, then and there. He broke down the door. Ran down the hallway and heard you laughing from another room

               -He didn’t even think about why you were laughing, he just jumped onto your lap, and latched onto you, hugging tight and burying his face against you


               -But you couldn’t even reply- you were laughing too hard. He looked around and saw your set up of monitors, wireless controller, and microphone

               -He looked up at you with a ton of mixed emotions

               -First of all he was still a little freaked out?? But he was also kinda pissed off that you scared the hell out of him! But he’s also in awe that you set all this up… and so in love with how hard you’re laughing…

               -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO F E E L

               -Takes a second to think about the situation and suddenly remembers


               -You give him an innocent smile, but based on the look he gave you once he stood up and walked away

               -He was probably going to use that fact against you for his revenge prank, and you weren’t positive you wanted to know what that was going to be


               -Off the bat, he asks which language you’re more comfortable speaking in

               -When you said your own native language, he understood, and tried his best to accommodate for you!

               -Ever since then he’s always making sure he can translate things for you, whether it be signs or casual conversation

               -You knew Korean but didn’t know if you were a strong enough speaker, which is why you initially told him you were comfortable with your first language

               -So, you secretly were testing out your language skills every time the two of you went out!

               -When he translated for you and you had gotten it right in your head, you were so excited!

               -But he didn’t know that ’s what you were doing??

               -He just always saw you light up and smile softly to yourself and it made him weAK

               -Was it because he was translating for you??

               -Didn’t know exactly, but was definitely going to keep doing whatever he was doing because that loOK

               -IT WAS SOOO PRECIOUS

               -But he felt bad that he couldn’t go shopping with you one day because he had some people he had to see

               -What if you couldn’t read the signs?? What if you couldn’t talk to the people?? WhAt If-

               -So he tried to make his meetings go as quickly as possible without being rude

               -And he ran to meet you at your favourite coffee shop, where he knew you’d stop first!

               -As he walked up behind you, getting ready to surprise you and order for you, he took a step back when he heard you ordering perfectly fine in Korean

               -You even made small talk with the barista! In perfect Korean!

               -When you turned around with your coffee, he stared at you in surprise, but he scared the shit out of you! You almost dropped your coffee!

               -“V! Hey! You scared me…. I thought you had to go meet a few people? Did something happen? Are you alright?”

               -You asked. In perfect Korean. Why did you doubt your language skills??

               -“I thought you only knew *your native language of choice*? So I haven’t needed to translate for you this whole time?”

               -You could see the disappointment in his eyes as you quickly shook your head (and hands) in embarrassment

               -“No no no no, you asked me in the beginning if I was more comfortable with my native language, which I am! I know Korean but I was afraid about getting something wrong, so I really appreciated all of your translations! They help me make sure I’m learning and getting it all right!”

               -Explaining it to him was definitely the smart move because you watched as he went from sad puppy to ecstatic pup knowing that he was able to help you learn new things and solidify what you already knew!

               -From then on, he always tries to let you figure it out first, then help you if you need it!

               -Was he embarrassed that he always translated when you didn’t need it? Yes

               -Did he get over it quickly? Also yes. He’s a precious tol bean. He is alright with this revelation.


               -Also knew from the start that you knew Korean

               -He talked to you from the beginning in Korean so he knew afterwards that you’d know

               -Not like you all of a sudden lost your knowledge on a full language….right?

               -That being said he just plain refuses to let you pretend like you can’t speak him language

               -Every time you try to talk to him in your native language he just kind of looks at you with absolutely no emotion

               -“Hi, MC, speak in a language I know please, thanks”

               -Like seriously

               -This man does not let you have any fun with it at all

               -You even tried to fake some sort of amnesia, too

               -To like, pretend you forgot how to speak Korean so he’d have to talk to you in your native language

               -Did it work? No

               -He just stared at you like you were stupid

               -He’s such a jERK


               -You even try to mess with him in public

               -You ask him to order some food for you, asking him in your native language

               -The cashier is confused but Saeran just stares at you

               -He completely understands what you say, despite pretending that he doesn’t

               -Turns back to the cashier and tells them that you’re getting nothing


               -Until the day he slips up and responds to a question you ask him in your language

               -You celebrate, including a victory dance

               -He just curses at himself for messing up and letting you win

               -Though he does think it’s really cute that you’re this excited about winning

               -Maybe he should let you win more often thAT WONT HAPPEN

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new can you tell me what allegedly happened at Leeds and Dallas?

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”LEEDS FESTIVAL

right, so what really happened in leeds.

the leeds festival which both louis and harry, (and only louis and harry) went, started on saturday August 27th, 2011. it is the last public and happy appearance of HarryAndLouis before Louis is allegedly “dating” Eleanor, and this event is the last of Larry before it got closeted.

(this is in chronological order, ignore the time on the tweets because they are screencapped by people from different timezones)

before leeds fest, louis tweeted this. i cannot really say what it means, but it is highly believed that this is the end of larry being openly seen together, and the start of eleanor, because we know too much.

it is believed that, judging by their clothings, they went to leeds together right after the boys filmed this in London on 27th Aug, 2011 morning. (the video is posted on 29th)

here are some updates on that day

right before leeds fest, harry keep tweeting these tags

so after they arrived, of course they are immediately spotted by people, and here are some pics. i didn’t put too much because we already got enough proof they are together, so i’ll juts go straight to the point.

that’s the night on 27th August, then harry tweeted this

thus louis tweeted these

then at the silent disco, we spot the lovebirds

it is said that they shared a yellow tent, god knows what happened there (hence inspired many fanfictions)

here is an interview of harry and louis on Radio 1

noticeable transcript here

Fearne: (…) Right, so talk to us about Leeds Festival, what was your highlight Louis?

Louis: D’you know what it’s… The vibe at Leeds - I’ve been to a few festivals this year- I went for a day at Wireless, and then I went to V festival as well,  but the vibe at Leeds is so much… I don’t know what it is. It’s just like really reallyfun, and everyone’s like friendly and like. For me the highlight was probably Two Door Cinema Club or the Bombay Bicycle Club.


Harry: How are you Fearne, you alright?

Fearne: I’m good are you sleepy tired?

Harry: Good. I’m very tired…

Fearne: Why are you at the gym?

Harry: …I pulled a muscle in my bum as well.

Fearne: IN your bum?

Harry: Yeah.

Fearne: Well at the festival?

Harry: No I did it on Saturday morning before we went.

Fearne: Right. We won’t talk in details about that Harry, let’s just talk musically about Leeds. What was your favorite, Louis was saying Too Door Cinema Club or Bombay. What d’you recon?

Harry: Yeah yeah Too Door Cinema Club were really good actually. I thought Madness were really good. That was really cool. They were like really funny. (mumbling).

Fearne: Did you guys camp. Were you in a tent?

Harry: Yes, yeah. Some of my friends were there so I camped…with my friends.

Fearne: guys were in a tent, no way!

Harry: Yes, Yeah why?

Fearne: Really? Yes way!

Harry: Yes way.

Fearne: Wowzas! Look at you two! Doin it propa, gotta be done! I can’t say the same, but it’s gotta be done. Well done chaps.

(louis also tweeted the one who interviewed them later on)

and then we’re now at the morning of 28th August, 2011, which they’re still at leeds together.

louis tweeted this

after that it is the silent disco night 2 again

the coat on harry is given from louis, as we see here in the morning

and at night

why leeds fest get so many attention, is not merely because louis and harry are seen publicly and happily together, (coz we know they are always together), it’s because this is the very last time they are seen together like this, and because right after leeds fest Elounor is rumoured to be together. it’s so fucking important to us larries because it is what we could never get over with and what we cling on, why we believe larry is closeted. 

this is louis on the day before Elounor news came out, as we may see, he’s still wearing the shirt.

in an interview in Sweden later on, louis is seen doing this. he stared at harry and fumbled at his leeds fest bracelet.

oh, harry had one too.

before it is broken and he replaced it with this tattoo. (I CAN’T CHANGE)

extra: “born me, i can’t change” is a lyric in the song “Make it stop”, which is in the playlist in leeds fest. the song is to support LGBT kids who gets discriminated.


what happened in Dallas is another legend, it’s like wellington which we all have to investigate.

here is what happened.

about dallas, this is so fucking important because we can see the closest to their sex lives, uncut. it’s practically freshly fucked harry and subspace harry, plus a smug louis and sweaty bodies.

first of all, this is what happened in the interview (i believe it’s one of those “genuinely” interviews again). can you see them??? look at zayn’s smirk??? all coupley and cuddly and fucking adorable ahhhh. 

i’m thinking of what things is louis hoarsely murmuring into harry’s ears. call him daddy, would you, lou? oh but maybe harry bottoms this time.

and shortly after what louis has apparently roughly done to harry, we came to this.

so fucking hot???? flushed cheeks???? glassy eyes???? swollen lips????

he is so lost and unfocused and startled like a lost bambi i have enough proofs that i call it he is floating in his pretty little subspace. not sure if he really bottoms, but it’s, like, 99.99%.

conclusion: freshly fucked in the ass. believed more than one orgasm.

louis??? wtf did you do to him?

here we have this smug kid

sweaty body???? glassy eyes??? overall smug face????

be sure your boy can function noramlly okkk?

this is also what happened in the red room.

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”

well i’m not suggesting watersports…but apple juice does resembles, uh, you-know-what

kinky much, huh?

fancy round two, harry?

later on…

GOOD THRUST you got boy!!! now i wanna know what else would you ride???


did you just casually roll up his shirt sleeves??? Harold??? are you biTING YOUR LIPS????

let’s recap

conclusion: i’m done, i’m gonna go write some larry smuts now.

thewesternredcedar  asked:

A birthday that doesn't go as expected

Thanks for the prompt, my dear!  Here you go, @thewesternredcedar.  I hope you like this bit of nonsense.  xo

Summary:  It’s Jack’s surprise 30th birthday party, and the suit on his bed isn’t the only one everyone is going to see him wearing that day.  Also on AO3

Crisse de calice!” Jack yelled as Bitty ran behind him and begged him to stop.

“Happy birthday!” the crowd screamed when Jack entered the living room, and then immediately the cries died as everyone got one giant eyeful of Jack Laurent Zimmermann, naked as the day he was born.

That… was not how Jack expected his birthday to go that morning when he woke up.

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Meant To Be

Request: Anthony and the reader met when they were younger practicing ballet and they were in love, but the reader moves to Chicago or something and, years later, she returns to New York to try out in Ham and she and Anthony meet and it’s just fluff

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Fem!Reader

Word count: 3,767(wtf)

Warning: None

A/N: My first RPF, how exciting! And it’s Ant. Did you guys know I love Ant? Cause I do.  I’d also like to point out that I really don’t know much about Broadway auditions, so a lot of this could be completely wrong. Anywayyy, hope you enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

Could you write Neil waking up and finding Piper sleeping between him and Andrew? 🙏🏼😭

my dear, precious, lovely anon. i was in the process of writing something else when you sent this ask, and let me tell you, i dropped EVERYTHING to write this immediately. thank you. i definitely got carried away with it. also on AO3.

send me prompts :)

Andrew wakes with a small start, silent as always. Memories of hands and teeth are thankfully fading away as he takes in his surroundings, dragging himself back to the present. He hears Neil’s soft breathing to his right, feels Sir’s claws slightly digging into the skin of his leg, sees the blob of fur that is King tucked against Neil’s side.

His heart rate has now returned to normal, but there’s no way he’ll make it back to sleep. Not after that particularly unpleasant dream. He navigates to the edge of the bed without waking Neil and managing to annoy Sir, both of which were on his to-do list. Andrew quietly walks to the door and pulls it open, casting one last glance over his shoulder to make sure everyone is still asleep. Silently congratulating himself for a clean getaway, he steps into the hallway, remembering to leave the door cracked on his way out. It was Neil’s idea, not only leaving the door unlocked but cracking it open as well. Andrew still isn’t completely comfortable with it, but he understands the necessity.

He pads through the apartment, aiming for the kitchen and the glorious distraction of hot chocolate. It has been his go-to comfort for years, and it always makes him miss Bee. He resolves to call her tomorrow to check in. It’s been too long.

Halfway there, he hears a small cry coming from the room at the end of the hall. His steps speed up as he makes his way to the door, knocking tentatively once he’s reached it. There is no answer, but he can still hear the barely-there sounds of distress coming from within.

He slowly opens the door and steps inside, eyes landing on the sleeping little girl fiercely clutching a purple rabbit to her chest. Her face is turned into her pillow, like she was unconsciously trying to muffle her cries. She is shaking, her body tense from head to toe.

Andrew keeps his distance, knowing full well how varied her reactions can be. “Piper,” he says. Then again, louder when he gets no response. “Piper.”

She jolts awake, eyes flitting around the room in fear until they land on him. She breathes out a sigh of relief and flops back down onto her pillow, rabbit tossed aside. “Thanks,” she says, bravely smiling up at him like all is right with the world now. Who she’s trying to convince, Andrew isn’t sure.

He doesn’t reply but moves toward her instead. He silently extends a hand, and she studies it for a moment before reaching out and taking it, letting him pull her from the bed and out of the room.

Andrew leads her into the kitchen, turning around to pick her up and place her on the counter. She starts kicking her legs back and forth, hitting the drawers on every downswing. He absently thinks that this should annoy him. It doesn’t.

He has just put the almond milk on the stove to boil when she says, “Did you know that almond milk was really popular during the Middle Ages?”

Andrew stops. Turns around. Stares at her for a moment. “We’ve been letting you spend way too much time around Kevin,” he says dismissively, putting his attention back to the task at hand.

Without even looking at her, Andrew can feel how hard she rolls her eyes. It reminds him of Neil. “At least Kevin watches stuff other than Exy and Jeopardy.”

Andrew swings back around immediately. “Excuse me? Did I or did I not sit through all eight Harry Potter movies last weekend?”

“Well…” she falters for a moment, then lifts her chin in defiance. “You didn’t like it, though,” she points out. “And the whole time, you were just complaining about how Dad and Harry are basically the same person. Something about an ‘idiot hero complex’.” She’s got him there, and she knows it. Dammit.

He inclines his head in acknowledgement and mutters, “Touché.”

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reticentseiko  asked:

How about a fluff scenario with Ignis finally deciding to get surgery for his eyes (I'm assuming there is a way in this world) with the persuasion of the guys and while he's recovering, he ends up falling for the nurse that is assigned to his room? Even though he can't see her, he is enamored by her personality and the sound of her voice. By the time his eyes have recovered and he can see, albeit blurry at first, just seeing her for the first time is more than what he could have ever asked for.

The Sound of Your Smile

Ignis x F!OC
Word count: 1853

Some Ignis fluff, coming up! This is sort of an AU, I suppose? Under the cut because it’s kinda long. Also, in this one-shot, Noctis is still alive. Enjoy!

Tagging @iinkpools because Ignis. And reasons.

Ignis was certain of most things. He knew that a perfect cup of Ebony took ten minutes to brew. He knew the sound of his friends’ voices distinctly, and the small quirks that gave them away. He also knew that he would never regain his vision.

Or so he thought.

“It’s possible,” the doctor had said, touching the scarring around his eyes. “It’s going to take a little bit of healing magic, and some very delicate corrective surgery, but there’s a chance that this could work.”

Ignis shifted from where he sat on the doctor’s examination table. “What is the percentage of success, doctor?”

“Why does it matter?” Gladio’s voice came from his left. “You’re already blind, what else could possibly happen?”

Ignis heard a smack, and Prompto’s voice rang in his ears. “Dude! A little insensitive, don’t you think?”

“Let’s hear it, Doc,” he then heard Noctis say. “What are the chances this actually works?”

Ignis could tell that the doctor was shifting slightly. Possibly from discomfort.

“About thirty-five to forty per cent.”

There was a pause. “Seems awfully low,” Prompto said, sounding a little nervous.

Ignis shrugged slightly. “We might as well go ahead with the surgery. Gladio’s right, there is nothing at this point that could possibly get worse. If we go through with the surgery, there’s a slim chance that my vision could return, and that is a chance I am willing to take.”

Noctis patted Ignis on the back. “We’ll be here for you no matter what, buddy.”

The surgery was schedule for a week later. The doctor that had done the consultation had offered to do it free of charge because of all Ignis had done for the Crown, as well as his connection with King Noctis as well. Ignis was grateful, albeit nervous.

“You don’t have to worry about a thing,” the doctor told him as he laid down on the surgery bed, covering Ignis’ mouth with a mask to put him to sleep. “When you wake up, everything will be different.”

When Ignis came to, he had bandages wrapped tightly around his eyes. His head was resting against a set of fluffy pillows, unusually soft for a hospital, he thought to himself, and had his blankets tucked up to his waist. He could hear the steady beeping of his heart monitor beside the bed, and felt the clamp that registered his pulse on his left index finger.

“Oh, good, you’re awake,” he heard a voice say. He turned his head slightly in the direction it came from. The voice belonged to a woman, sounding to be in her mid-to-late twenties. It was soft and delicate, the kind of voice that could ease any mind in the room. Ignis gulped.

“Yes, I suppose so,” he replied, mentally kicking himself for sounding so foolish. He cleared his throat, asking the question that was burning in his mind. “How was the surgery?”

“It was successful,” she replied, a smile lilting her voice. “Doctor Masika wanted me to apologize on his behalf for not being present to deliver the news, but he was needed in emergency surgery. I’m going to be your nurse during your recovery. My name is Adeline.”

“Adeline,” Ignis repeated, letting the name roll off his tongue. A faint smile crossed his lips. “It’s nice to meet you, Adeline. My name is Ignis.”

“I know,” she joked. “I read your chart.”

Ignis chuckled, and felt himself blush. When was the last time he’d actually blushed? He felt a little silly, being entranced by just a voice. He shook the thought out of his mind.

“How long will I be in recovery for?”

“Two weeks, perhaps?” Adeline replied, flipping through Ignis’ chart. “It says here that you’re to remain on bedrest for the first few days, and then you’re free to roam the hospital with an escort. We just want to make sure your eyes are fully healed before you try opening them, because it was such a delicate surgery.”

“I’m amazed it worked at all,” Ignis confessed. “Admittedly, I was not expecting for the news to be in any way positive.”

“Doctor Masika is an excellent surgeon,” Adeline agreed. “I’m sure he’ll be around later on to speak with you.”

Adeline changed Ignis’ IV and excused herself from the room, gently placing her hand atop his and giving it a light squeeze before saying goodbye. Ignis didn’t have much time to be alone with his thoughts though, because soon his friends were barrelling in and asking him all sorts of questions.

As the days went on, Ignis got used to the routine at the hospital. Doctor Masika came in and explained the recovery process in greater detail, and his friends would drop by and visit. But as time passed, Ignis came to realize that the person he’d look forward to seeing—so to speak—the most was Adeline.

She was shy at first, and kept things very professional. But the more Ignis spoke to her, the more her personality started to show. She would often sit with him during her lunch break and bring him food that she’d cooked at home so that he wouldn’t have to consume whatever bland meals were served at the hospital. She was a good cook, and promised to share her recipes with him once he regained his vision.

He also learned that she had become a nurse because of the ten years of darkness that had taken over when Noctis was absorbed by the Crystal. She said that she wanted to help people, and that there were so many friends and family members that she had lost to daemons that she never wanted someone else’s loved ones to have to endure that same pain.

The first time he made her laugh, he made a silly pun.

“Damn, I’ve gone and broken my pencil,” Adeline huffed as she was filling out more information on his chart. Ignis couldn’t help himself.

“Writing with a broken pencil is pointless.”

After a moment, Adeline burst out laughing, letting out a bit of a snort, and coughed as if she was embarrassed. He thought her laugh was adorable, and made a mental note to make her laugh more so that he could selfishly hear it again. “Wow, Ignis,” she chuckled, wiping tears from the corners of her eyes. “That was terrible. I needed that.”

Ignis grew to admire her very quickly, and that thought scared him.

Did he only care for her because she was his caretaker? The thought crossed his mind that maybe it was just because she was in close proximity, and that she was kind to him. But he thought about it a little more, and disagreed with the idea. He’d grown to know her over the past few weeks, and she’d shared with him stories that she swore she’d never admitted to anyone before: stories of her past, her deceased parents, her missing friends and her deep-seated fears. He’d told her much of the same, and he realized he hadn’t opened up to anyone like that in…well, his entire life.

Whenever her skin would graze his, he could feel his heart begin to race. He prayed to the Six that the heart monitor didn’t give him away, and he often had to take deep breaths to ensure that his heart rate returned back to normal.

“Only one more day left,” Adeline said, checking his chart on the next to last day of his hospital visit. “Are you excited?”

“I suppose,” Ignis replied, which was half-true. He had a thought on his mind and weighed the consequences of his words before finally answering. “I am excited to see if my vision has truly returned, but…admittedly, I’m afraid that I’m going to miss being around you every day.”

The room was quiet. The soft beeping of the heart monitor was the only sound that pierced the room.


“I understand that I’ve overstepped my bounds,” he said carefully, folding his hands in his lap. “I apologize if I’ve made you uncomfortable.”

He was expecting to hear the door open and shut, leaving him alone with his foolish thoughts. What he didn’t expect was to feel a hand come to rest on his cheek a pair of soft lips gently pressing against his. The kiss was over almost before it began, too quick for Ignis to reciprocate. But when she pulled away, he still found himself breathless.

“I’ve been feeling the same way,” she admitted sheepishly. “I thought I was being stupid for falling for a patient…but I like you. I really do.”

Ignis definitely heard the heart monitor pick up on his racing pulse. Adeline chuckled.

“Let’s get you through your recovery first, yeah? We can figure out the rest later.”

Morning came too soon. Adeline arrived to help Ignis take off his bandages, telling him that the doctor had another emergency surgery to attend to, so it was just the two of them. It was a slow, nerve-wracking process as Adeline unwrapped the bandages from around Ignis’ head. Once they were off, she peeled back the gauze that covered his eyelids.

The heavy scarring was still along his left cheek, but some of it had managed to be scraped away where his eyelid was to allow for it to open properly.

“Open your eyes,” Adeline instructed, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Ignis slowly opened them, his eyelids fluttering as his vision tried to adjust to the sheer amount of light in the room. Everything was blurry at first, and his head throbbed. He knew it was because he hadn’t seen the light of day in years, and so he would need time to adjust.

Eventually, he managed to fully open both eyes, the room slowly coming into view. Ignis felt tears pricking the corners of his vision as things slowly became clearer and clearer. With his heart pounding in his chest, he turned to Adeline to gaze upon her for the first time.

She smiled at him, her hands clasped in front of her as if she was in silent prayer. She had intelligent, almond shaped eyes, a small, round nose and plump lips. Her straight hair was long and dark, pulled up into a bun with a few strands falling in front of her eyes.

“You’re even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined,” he breathed, and she let the tears fall down her face. Ignis reached over and brushed them away, pulling her to him. He sat up in the hospital bed and she hugged him close, stroking the back of his head as they cried together.

She pulled away for just a second, holding his face in her hands.

“Ignis,” she said, her smile growing wide. “Your eyes…they’re green.”

He kissed her right there in that hospital bed, pouring all of his heart and soul into their embrace. He could finally see the world again, and the smile on Adeline’s face was a sight that he never wanted to be without for the rest of his days.

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Could you do one where Reader is in love with Kara, but Kara says she doesn't feel the same about her, so the reader tries to move on and eventually starts dating some girl and Kara can't figure out why she's jealous until someone points it out to her? Happy ending please?

Originally posted by suprcorp

Being rejected by the girl you were head over heels in love with is high on your list of worst feelings ever. 

You never believed in love at first sight. In fact, you use to think the whole concept of seeing someone and instantly falling in love was just ridiculous. However, laying your eyes on Kara for the first time seemed to stir something in you that had never been touched before. 

A year later, you tell her how you feel. After millions of furtive glances, longing stares and small touches, you finally decide to let your emotions come pouring out. Unfortunately, you seem to have an unrequited love for the superhero, and she rejects you. Kara lets you down gently, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. 

It takes you a while to get over her, and even then, you’re not sure if you’re completely over her. But when the cute new girl at the DEO asks you out, you don’t say no. 

You’re chatting with Alex and Kara at the DEO about the latest alien menace when you spot your girlfriend, Sarah, from across the room. She smiles at you, winking seductively as she approaches you. 

“Hey Y/N.” she grins, eyeing you up and down before biting her lip. You stand up, putting her hands in yours. 

“Hey babe.” You give her a quick peck on the lips.

“I love seeing you in your tactical gear,” she says. She leans closer to you and whispers: “It’s really hot.” 

You blush, still not used to being complimented. 

Kara clears her throat behind you. 

“So, um, Y/N, are we still on for tonight?” She seems to be scowling at Sarah, but her expression quickly changes when you look at her. 

“Oh yeah, definitely. Can’t wait. See you then.” You smile at Kara and Alex before walking off, hand in hand with your girlfriend.

Kara doesn’t understand why she’s filled with contempt when she sees Sarah. She doesn’t understand why she feels such irrational hatred for an innocent girl. The blonde tries to hide her unexplainable rage, and she fools everyone, except her sister. 

Alex knows her too well, and picks up on her feelings right away. When she confronts her about it the first couple of times, Kara denies it. But it’s getting harder to pretend that seeing you with Sarah doesn’t make her blood boil. 

“Hey Y/N.” Kara rolls her eyes when your girlfriend approaches, and only Alex notices her sister’s suddenly hostile behavior. 

“Hey babe.” When you two kiss, Alex looks over at Kara, keeping her eyes on her when Sarah comments on your DEO gear, and sees the way the kryptonian’s upper lip curls in disdain. 

After being reminded of the movie night you had planned with the Danvers sisters, you leave. Alex, still focused on Kara, notices how her eyes seem to follow the couple out. 

“You need to stop this and admit to yourself that you have feelings for Y/N.” says Alex. Kara spins around defensively. 

“I do not!” 

“Yes you do.”

“No, I don’t-”

“Then why are you so jealous? What’s with the constant glaring and eye rolling?” 

Kara doesn’t answer, crossing her arms. There’s a moment of silence.

“I rejected her. I rejected her. I don’t deserve her…Shit Alex, I like her so much. Oh Rao, I’m such an idiot.” she whispers. 

Alex pats her on the back. “Anyone would be lucky to have you, Kara. You should tell her how you feel.” 

You were heading back to fetch Sarah’s jacket when you overheard Alex and Kara’s conversation. You hadn’t meant to stop and eavesdrop, but you were out of their sight and within earshot, and you heard your name, so you couldn’t help yourself. 

Hearing Kara say she likes you, really likes you, was extremely shocking and totally unfair. You just got over her, just got into a relationship. Yet, with this new information in your possession, you find your mind wandering to being with Kara, holding her hand, putting your arm around her, kissing her neck…

No. You’re with Sarah now. It doesn’t matter if Kara finally feels the same way. It’s too late. But you can’t stop thinking about what she said. 

Later, at a coffee shop, your girlfriend senses something is wrong and questions you about it.

“It’s Kara, isn’t it?” Sarah’s question startles you. 

“What? Why would you-? How did you-” You spew out, unable to properly formulate a question. 

“It’s okay, Y/N. I’m not mad. I get it. You’re still hung up on her. I can tell when someone is trying to get over someone. The way you look at her, it’s so obvious. And judging by the way she looks at you and glares at me, I’m pretty sure she feels the same way.”

You stare at her in bewilderment, stunned at how not over Kara you are and how supportive Sarah was being. 

“I’m sorry-” She doesn’t let you finish. 

“Don’t be. Go talk to Kara. And hey, if you ever want to give this another shot, I’ll be here.” She smiles warmly at you. You thank her before taking off, heading straight to Kara’s apartment. 

“Y/N? You’re early.” Kara says after she opens the door and finds you standing at the threshold. 

“Yeah, sorry, I, er, needed to talk to you about something.” Kara eyes widen as you step into the apartment. She adjusts her glasses and fidgets before saying:

“Oh, um, I actually needed to tell you something too.” She smiles shyly at you. “You first.”

“Sarah and I broke up.” You notice how her face lights up and how she tries to hide it. “After you rejected me, I tried so hard to get over you. And I thought I was. Over you, that is. But when I heard you tell Alex that you liked me, I was filled with such hope and joy, because dammit, Kara, all I’ve ever wanted was to be with you.”

Kara beams, unable to believe that what you just said was real, and that you returned her feelings, even after everything that happened. 

“I was so stupid…” She trails off, getting lost in your eyes. She puts her arms around your waist, gently pulling you closer. 

“I’m so freaking into you, it drives me crazy. I was such an idiot, Y/N, and I’m never letting you go, ever again.”

And when Kara wraps her arms around you, hugging you tight, you believe her. 

Who else dad is weird like this 🙄
  • *in another world at another time*
  • Me: *gets text*
  • Dad: Hey, who's my favorite daughter?
  • Me: Dad?
  • Dad: Hey there, dear. 😉
  • Dad: Last time I checked I was. 😂
  • Me: *out loud* Oh my god!
  • Roommate: Please stop screaming, I'm in a very intense debate about the merits of socialism with an online friend, and I can't concentrate with you making such a racket.
  • Me: Socialism? Aren't you incredibly rich and vain?
  • Roommate: I'm a Trotskyist, you fool.
  • Me: Who cares! My dad's alive!
  • Roommate: I wasn't aware that your dad was dead?
  • Me: Neither was I. I thought he had just abandoned me and my mom all those years ago. I have quite a story about it. When I was about 14, my dad took me on a road trip to go to IHOP for a delicious breakfast. After we had finished, he got up to use the bathroom and never returned. He left me stranded in a strange IHOP two states over.
  • Roommate: You traveled two states away to go to an IHOP?
  • Me: I mean, it was a road trip.
  • Roommate: How do you know it's your dad?
  • Me: Check my phone, it says dad right there. Of course he's my dad.
  • Roommate: It could be anyone.
  • Me: There's no one else in my contacts with the name dad, other than my dad, ya goober. In fact, with every new phone I've gotten I always added his old phone number to the contacts in case of a moment just like this.
  • Roommate: Even still, don't you think it's suspicious that your father is contacting you via text nearly a decade after he abandoned you?
  • Me: No.
  • Roommate: Not even a bit?
  • Me: No. *buzz* Oh, he texted me again!
  • Dad: Hey, who's my favorite daughter?
  • Me: Me, of course! 😘
  • Dad: No.
  • Me: What?
  • Dad: You're my fifth favorite daughter.
  • Me: I don't understand.
  • Dad: I have six daughters and you're my fifth favorite one. The sixth one died in a scuba diving accident.
  • Me: So I'm your least favorite daughter?
  • Dad: No, don't think of it like that! You're not my least favorite daughter, you're just my least favorite LIVING daughter. 😉
  • Me: That doesn't make me feel better.
  • Dad: Ah, it doesn't matter. You remember me, your dad, the big wacky goofball! 😝
  • Me: I remember you trading my bicycle for coke.
  • Dad: It's a thing of the past, my daughter who I love the least. I don't want to worry about the past, let's meet up and discuss the future.
  • Me: OMG You want to meet up? Where?
  • Dad: IHOP, for old time's sake, but this time let's make it the one in town.
  • Me: *out loud* Oh my god, I'm meeting up with my dad!
  • Roommate: I'm right here, you don't have to yell.
  • Me: I'm so excited. I'm reconnecting with my father. Most girls can only dream of this moment.
  • Roommate: He honestly sounds like a terrible person.
  • Me: People change.
  • Roommate: Yeah, sometimes they become worse.
  • Me: You're just overly pessimistic because you're a goth and also a Trotskyist.
  • Roommate: Eh, I can't deny it.
  • *later at IHOP*
  • Me: *waiting at table* I can't wait to see my dad again. I wonder what he looks like. I bet he's a businessman now. Oh, or maybe he's a priest. *notices commotion at the front of the store* Hmm?
  • Waitress: Sir, please wait to be seated.
  • Disheveled Dude: I'm meeting up with someone, you flighty broad. There's not much time. Get out of my way.
  • Me: *internally* At least that guy isn't my dad.
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh, there she is. *runs and sits at my table* Oh my god, is that my little girl. You've grown up so much. You look way too much like your mom. It's bringing back some really bad memories. I'm sorta regretting. Just joking. Hahaha. WHERE THE FUCK IS OUR WAITRESS, I'M TRYING TO EAT HERE!?
  • Me: What a coincidence it is that the horrible man making a scene at the front of the restaurant is my dad...
  • Disheveled Dude: What's with the distant look on your face? You're acting like you saw a ghost. Haha, maybe you do think I'm a ghost. Hey, sorry about leaving you at the IHOP all those years ago. Kinda got bored of the whole dad thing. JESUS CHRIST, CAN YOU GUYS FUCKING HURRY UP AND GET US A WAITRESS. F-Fuck. *wipes sweat off forehead*
  • Me: Dad?
  • Disheveled Dude: WHAT!?
  • Me: *jumps in seat*
  • Disheveled Dude: Sorry, I've been really on edge recently. *nervously looks over shoulder* Where the fuck are these waitresses?
  • Me: Dad... *gets teary eyed*
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh god, are you gonna start crying on me.
  • Me: *sniffles* I'm sorry, I just missed you so much.
  • Disheveled Dude: Yeah, yeah, I missed you too. Time to move onto the next thing. Inheritance. Uh, I'm gonna die eventually, so you can have all of my money. *put suitcase stuffed with cash on the table and pushes it towards me* You can just have it now, for all I care. I mean, you never know when I'm gonna die.
  • Me: Dad, I don't want your money. I just want to spend time with you.
  • Disheveled Dude: Well, you can spend all the time in the world with me once you accept the fat wads of cash in this suitcase. I just need you to say verbally that you're accepting this money from me as a legitimate form of inheritance.
  • Me: Dad, please. I just want to talk to you.
  • Disheveled Dude: Come on and take the fucking cash, Elizabeth.
  • Me: My name's not Elizabeth.
  • Disheveled Dude: Okay, whatever. Take the money and clearly dictate that you are accepting the entirety of this money as a legitimate form of inheritance from your loving father. You can use it for college, you're college aged right. Or prenatal care. I don't fucking know. What shitty kid doesn't want FREE FUCKING MONEY!?
  • Me: *stands up from seat* Dad! You're the worst ever! I hate you! *runs out of IHOP sobbing*
  • Disheveled Dude: Fuck, I knew that wasn't going to work. *notices how dark it is outside* It's almost here. I wasted so much goddamn time. I'm never going to get rid of this thing. FUCK!
  • Waitress: *nervously* I can help you now, sir.
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh, so now you show up. I'm not so hungry now. In fact, I've lost my entire damn appetite.
  • Waitress: I'm sorry, sir. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry.
  • Disheveled Dude: Which one of those cars outside is yours?
  • Waitress: The red one.
  • Disheveled Dude: That broken down piece of shit?
  • Waitress: Yes.
  • Disheveled Dude: Guess, there's no other choice. It'll have to do. Give me your fucking keys.
  • Waitress: What?
  • Disheveled Dude: *points gun at waiter* GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING KEYS!
  • Waitress: *drops keys on the table*
  • Disheveled Dude: *tosses wads of cash at the waitress* That's easily $200,000. Go buy yourself a better car. You might want to make it quick. *runs out of IHOP*
  • Waitress: *watches disheveled dude speed off* Why is it so dark outside and where did everyone go? I guess it doesn't matter now, though. $200,000. That's a lot of money. I wonder what I'm gonna do with all this? I'm so excited that I'm lightheaded. The future is so bright now.
  • Wall of Darkness: *encroaches*
Yes Sir!

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

A/N:: Military One Shots Series, 41 phrases, first up is KIM TAEHYUNG WITH “Yes SIr!”. I thought this entire series the other day with my friends because we are crazy Eonnies. 

Warning: Military Boot camp talk to my imagination

“Military school?! Are you insane?!” you shrieked at your parents at the dinner table. “I have friends here. Every year it’s a different school and location.” you fuss completely losing your appetite as you push your food away. 

Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all because when you arrived you were met with a hot instructor. Your dad was the Major and you being the military kid met everyone he worked with, leaving you to stare and drool at every officer. Some were old and some looked to young to be an officer but you let it go.

You never knew you would actually be sent to boot camp. The instructor, Kim Taehyung, was so mean. You thought for sure he as the only making your life here was hell. You were drenched in sweat as you tried to do push ups the way he wanted them done. 

“You’re not raping turtles, give me a real push up!” he yelled at you causing you to roll your eyes as you continued your push ups until ordered to be relieved. Oh how much you wanted to put him in his place. But every day it got more and more frustrating because you noticed he would single you out. 

Three days later he had you running laps in the field. He ran beside you but he was always a step ahead. Always. “You want to run slow?” he asked you never slowing down. 

“No sir!” you yell trying to keep up with him.

“Are you sure because you’re slacking off.” he stated as he was riling you up to run faster.

Your heart pounded in your chest as you tried to keep up but he was too fast so you fell behind. You stopped running as you hunched over your knees gasping for air. You clenched your eyes shut. Sweat dripping off of you, you longed for a shower.

He back peddled to you. “I didn’t say you could rest, Let’s go!” He yelled but your body had enough. 

“Tell that to my father. I’m leaving.” you say as you leave your instructor, Kim Taehyung on the field to take a much needed shower.

The hot water was soothing and relaxing to your body. It felt nice as the water ran down your body. For once you finally smell clean and fresh. The steam made it look like a sauna. But then you felt hands push you against the shower wall. 

“I didn’t dismiss you, now you will be punished.” your instructor said to you against your naked body. “What do you say?” 

“Yes Sir!” you grunted out as all the sexual tension finally erupted between the two of you. His hands roamed your naked body until they roamed your core. “T-Tae…” you gasped.

“You don’t get to call me by my name, understood?” he smirked turning you around to look at him. He raised an eyebrow at you as you still didn’t respond to him.

He didn’t undress, instead he turned your water off and took his throbbing cock out of his pants and held you against the wall. Without warning he rammed into you causing you to let out a loud moan. 

“You think you’re high and mighty because your dad is the boss of me?” he grunted as he thrusted in and out of you.

You were a moaning mess. This was so wrong and you both knew the repercussions of this act if you were to ever get caught. You tried to suppress your moans so you bit your lower lip. 

“You are dismissed when I say you are dismissed.” he grunted as his thrusts were harder each time. You clench around him as you pant unevenly.

“I’m-” you try to say but can’t because it just feels so good. You make a ‘M’ sound.

He grins but never slows down. “You’re what?” he asked on purpose.

You wanted to scream. “I’m sorry.” you tell him as quietly as you can.

His thrusts start to become sloppy. “If you are truly sorry, then you will start listening to me. Got it?!” he yelled in his instructor voice.

You nodded furiously but it wasn’t enough.


He smacked your butt as he came undone but kept thrusting. “I can’t hear you!” he yelled again in his instructor voice. 

“Sir yes Sir!” you moaned in a yell. Your legs quivering. Your body shaking. 

“What was that?!” he yelled once more on purpose.

“SIR YES SIR!” You yelled louder.

“Come.” he instructed and come you did. When you came off your high, he set you down so you dried off and got dressed. “Now, be on the field front and center at 0600 hours!” he instructed. 

“Yes sir!” you say at the volume he wanted.

“Dismissed.” he said as he watched you leave.

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Request: RFA+V+Saeran reacting to a heartbroken MC when she delivers the news that she's infertile and can't have children after they have spent MONTHS trying to have a baby. She's so heartbroken that she tries to convince her s/o to leave her.

being infertile, i think, isn’t a tragedy or something to be sad/depressed over unless it’s dangerous to someone’s health or something. idk if i’m being insensitive by stating that. but i just wanna put my opinion out there: a woman being infertile isn’t a travesty. but, let’s get to the reaction prompt!


  • after both of you graduated university, engaged, and settled in, he brought up the idea of kids, albeit awkwardly and adorably
  • so you tried at it. this goes on for an entire year, but no cigar
  • you decided to make an appointment to get some medical advice 
  • a couple of weeks later, the doctor reports you’re infertile
  • you weren’t sure how to react at first. sad? heartbroken? it wasn’t a big deal, you suppose - the rational part of you knew you and yoosung can find other alternatives. but a tiny part of you was scared - scared maybe yoosung might be - disappointed?
  • but you needed to get a hold of yourself! yoosung wasn’t that type of guy to give anybody shit for being infertile
  • you tell him the news, and yoosung’s first concern was if you were infertile because you were hurt or sick. you reassure him quickly, of course, that isn’t the case
  • he wasn’t even initially disappointed, saddened, or upset from this news. what mattered to him in that moment was you
  • see, this is why you were engaged to the cinnamon roll in the first place
  • you two don’t let the news of infertility slow you down, and move on to the option of adoption


  • the first time he brings up kids around you, you go a little quiet. there’s a troubling look on your face, and zen can immediately sense the change of aura from you
  • “babe, what’s wrong?” he questions, putting a hand on your knee
  • you halfway meet his gaze
  • “i don’t think we can do that.” you murmur, hiding behind your hair. he brushes some strands behind your ear, and looks at you. he didn’t need to say anything, not really. he’s here and prepared to listen, even if it takes all night
  • fiddling your fingers, you explain, “when i was younger, i had to get pelvic surgery. and it left, uhm. scar tissues in the fallopian tubes - hope i pronounced that right. so i can’t have kids.” you felt like you had to explain this a dozen times. you hated how your family members talked in secret amongst each other, as if your condition were a disease
  • zen wouldn’t be like that…right?
  • he gives you a huge hug
  • “I’m sorry,” he whispers
  • you kinda pull back and say sharply, “don’t say that. that’s just the way it is.” you shrug, not all that bothered. “look zen, i hope you’re not going to treat me any differently after this. cuz in all honestly, me being infertile isn’t traumatic or anything. life goes on as it is.”
  • zen gives you an apology kiss, assuring there are other options
  • “yes,” you say thoughtfully. a smile stretches on your lip. “we can adopt a cat. won’t that be adorable?”


  • i don’t think jaehee would be into the whole process of baby-making
  • asexual!jaehee for the win, fight me on this
  • if kids ever cross her mind, she’d be the one to suggest adoption 
  • so really, if you happen to be infertile, there won’t be an issue between you two; or you needing to bring up the issue at all
  • you two go crazy with adoption though, adopting mostly older kids, kids w/disabilities, kids from unwanted families 
  • my bad for jaehee’s part being so short, but in all honesty even if she does find out, she won’t make a big deal out of it. hell,  it won’t even matter in the first place

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Do you have any medieval fics or like fantasy medieval fics I can read? I can't find any :(

Yes! We also have a tag. - Anastasia

Originally posted by ourbeautywilldie

Eyes Like Stars by InTheArmsofaThief

(4/4 I 10,889 I General I Sterek)

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said indignantly. “And don’t think you can try anything on me. It won’t work.” Stiles had been attacked by his own kind before. Stiles wasn’t necessarily strong, but unbridled. And nothing ever seemed to really hurt him.

When the Okami stepped out, it wasn’t what Stiles had been expecting. The wolf was an actual wolf. His sleek black fur was hit by rays of the setting sun, his eyes glistened like rubies and his teeth were sharp. Sharp enough Stiles wondered if they could actually damage him.

“Kira said the village lost all its protectors,” Stiles mused. “Yet here you are.” The wolf growled again. Stiles scoffed. “I don’t blame you for abandoning them. Wouldn’t want to protect them either.”

an exaltation of larks by llassah

(1/1 I 25,370 I Explicit I Sterek)

There are times when he feels as if they could fall into bed together, easy as breathing. If Stiles were not highborn, if he were an omega without connections, Derek would be sorely tempted. As it is, he resists. Derek wants, he yearns, but he resists. Still, the sight of Stiles in his cot is enough to test him, even now that it is familiar. At the end of each lambing season, he sleeps for a week, worn down by months of hard work, of relentless struggle. He doesn’t know how he’ll feel by the time Stiles leaves, how he’ll feel after long days and longer nights spent resisting the insistent tug of Stiles’s scent and the inclinations of his own foolish heart.

All Derek wants is to get through the lambing season with his body and spirit intact. He had thought that the blizzards would be the main danger, not a highborn omega with beautiful eyes and a stubborn streak.

Stardust and Sparks by tomcatgirl

(8/? I 37,866 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles, his father, and his cousins Isaac and Erica must flee from their home country, where magic users are being hunted down and murdered by the mad king Gerard and his murderous beasts. They settle in the neighboring country of Beacon, where Stiles struggles to hide his magic while doing what’s best for his family.

And while the Hales seem like a generous and kind royal family, their silence on topics of magic and monsters that howl in the night don’t endear them to Stiles. And if his magic ties him more closely to the royal family than he realizes, that’s no one’s business but his own.

Fur & Steel by TobyRosetta, xxdeejadoodlexx

(11/21 I 98,669 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek is the last of the Hale bloodline, his kingdom burned to the ground from the witch he mistakenly believed to be an angel. Years later he hears many tales of the Crucible and all its violent, fatal glory. He seeks it in hopes that it’ll aid him in ending his lonely existence. Only, he’s really good at it.

A chance meeting has the handsome and alluring Prince Stiles bantering for his attention when no one else dares to venture near him.

Why can’t Derek seem to turn him away? Why can’t Stiles stop himself from trying?

As their relationship deepens, and their lives twist together, they will come to face immeasurable trials and tribulations. At least they can face them together.

This Was How Legends Were Made by Delta_Immortal

(8/8 I 108,501 I Explicit I Sterek)

Caught between the Hales and the Argents in their war, Stiles finds himself a slave of the great Hale pack. Stiles spends each day working hard, hoping to earn his freedom and see his sick father. It also seems each day he’s capturing more and more attention from Derek, the young Hale lord. Stiles tells himself it’s mostly because Derek is merely trying to figure out how to send the annoying, useless slave away- not because of affection, despite the tales coming from the rumor mill.

It doesn’t matter what Derek’s intentions are. Stiles can’t bother with love right now. He’s got to keep his head down and survive long enough to keep his promise to Kate Argent. After all, she’s promised to keep his father safe.

Dangerous Things by rallamajoop

(18/18 I 143,768 I Explicit I Sterek)

“You want me to hold you down while we do this, Stiles?” says the incubus. In one sudden movement it has Stiles’ arm wrenched over his head and pinned it by the wrist below the headboard. “Would that make this easier for you?”

Stiles swallows. “Maybe?” This whole thing where he gets the chance to opt out of having mindblowing sex with a demon of questionable intentions is causing him more unnecessary stress than he wants to deal with. Can’t it just get on with ravishing him already?

“You really think that’s what we do? You think we need to? Ever?” The incubus’ breath ghosts warm against his neck. (Actually, Stiles has half an idea that ‘thinking’ isn’t much of good description of anything that’s gone through his head for a good few minutes. It’s so unfair of it to pick on him for that.)

Son of Saur and Syn by Reena

(8/8 I 148,081 I Explicit I Sterek I MCD)

In the year 995 AN Queen Claudia Stilinski rules in Sylune, the capital of the Holy Kingdom. That year she gives birth to twins, Princes Stuart and Stiles Stilinski, two golden-eyed boys whose fates were bound from the very first second. Queen Claudia is famous for being a just monarch who hatched a very old dragon egg in her youth, thus pushed the extinction of dragons at least a century.

Time passes and in 1013 AN, the Northerners, represented by the Hales; and the southerners, represented by the Argents, compete for influence in court now that the Princes are coming of age. Their rivalry is at its peak in this era, since the dragon’s presence brought the Argent family back to Sylune.


AU: in which BangDae got paired up for the pepero game

Daehyun laughs when he picks Yongguk’s name. He leans forward and looks over to catch Yongguk’s reaction, or lack thereof. The leader is looking straight ahead, a controlled smile on his face as he nods to the camera. Youngjae sitting in the center is already groaning in secondhand embarrassment.

“This will be the worst thing we’ve ever done,” he says.

“This will be the best thing,” Himchan insists.

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hello-tarpon  asked:

Oh my goodness, the latest two alphas was so good, but now I'm just imagining anak in and padma when they find out, or if palpacreep notices when the anchor is removed (I can't decide if I do or don't want him to know because it would make sense that he does, but on the other hand, no warning for when the jedi/skywalker family defense squad finds him)

“It was really bizarre Anakin, he just collapsed mid session. I mean it could be the war taking its toll but with the current calm climate since the suppressor sabotage of the Order, things have been calmer then in three years so it shouldn’t be stress.” Padme offered in puzzlement.

Tucking Jinn up against his shoulder while rubbing the baby’s back, Anakin frowned back in return. “But he was alright? Chancellor Palpatine got up again?” He asked while burping their boy.

“Well yes, but the session was postponed of course so medics could check his health.” Padme sighed, wiggling her feet as she stretched her legs out over a footrest. “Its a worry if our chancellor is growing ill too at the same time. We might need to re-elect someone if he’s not in the best of health, especially if the war is to pick up.” She offered quietly. “After what we found out about him, I wouldn’t strictly mind if he was removed from power but what a time.” The Senator grumbled.

Humming, Anakin sat down beside her. “Perhaps its the best time for it, I mean, you said it, it is the calmest period we’ve had, a re-election might be better now then in the middle of fighting.” The Jedi murmured, cooing when Jinn gave an unhappy hiccup and continued patting the boy’s back.

“True… still can’t quite believe he’d set Obi-Wan and Jinn’s live in danger…what benefit could he have from that.” She reached out and stroked a chubby cheek as almost green eyes peered at her sleepily.

To be honest Jinn’s eyes were blue but flecked with brown in a way that made them come out green.

“I don’t know, I don’t care, all I know is that he’s not getting near either.” Anakin growled faintly then crooned when Jinn whined in distress again.

“I know.” Padme hummed softly, joining her mate in attempting to sooth their son, smiling softly.

The two settled together with their babe, almost drowsing as Jinn calmed down and bubbled lightly at them as they relaxed.

Or they were until Anakin suddenly sat up, staring towards the front door in with a confused frown.

“Love?” Padme murmured.

“Obi-Wan…accompanied by two other Jedi.” Anakin blinked a bit, handing Jinn over to Padme who instantly tucked the babe into her arms as the blond stood to greet their omega and the fellow Jedi.

Both were knights from the sight of it and both were betas.

And Obi-Wan was pale as he moved into Anakin’s arms and tucked himself into him, arms wrapped tight around the blonds waist.

“Obi-Wan?” Anakin questioned before looking at the knights.

“Master Windu told us to escort him straight here and to you. And since then the council has been in meeting Knight Skywalker.” One of the knights offered, a female beige skinned serp hissed out.

The other, a sauvax, clicked her pincers together. “If I may say so, your mate seems upset Knight Skywalker. We arrived right from a medical appointment he had. We were also told to remain here as guards until the council either released us or our shift change came.” They both bowed a bit before both find a comfortable place to settle for the time being that still allowed them to stay out of the small family’s space.

Padme stood slowly with Jinn and moved towards Obi-Wan and Anakin. “Love? Obi?” She called softly.

Taking a deep breath, Obi-Wan raised a weary head. “Healer Che found a drain anchor in me.”

Blinking, both alphas stared at their omegas, obviously confused about the term and the meaning behind the words.

“Drain anchors are things made in the Force.” Obi-Wan took another deep breath. “They’re a dark side ability. A dark sider creates it in someone to… drain them of Force, of strength and power. It could have killed me, it would have killed me had I given birth on Coruscant that doesn’t generate its own Force because its frankly just a world of metal with nothing but sentient Force ability that keeps it revolving.” He quietly got out.

Both alphas stared at him and then Anakin lifted the redhead up without a question and took him to the bedroom, Padme following right behind him with Jinn.

Four seconds later had them all in a nest, curled in together as Obi-Wan curled up on Anakin’s chest with Padme and Jinn beside, able to see all and feel them.

Comfort first, revenge later.

Obi-Wan just basked in the sensation of being safe, stroking Jinn’s back slowly and gently with a little sniff. “Jinn might have died too…” He mumbled.

Anakin tightened his arms around Obi-Wan’s still pregnancy plush body, rubbing his lower back. “You’re alive, he’s alive, we’re here and no one is going to hurt you ever.” He growled.

Padme growled quietly in agreement. “Never.”

han-pan  asked:

oh my god Ieyasu #2 I literally can't get any further into the list because of this need

A request I was happy to fulfill for my beloved thirst lord Han. (Although, there is no smut in this particular piece) Hope you like!)


“After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”

It was one of those days, you thought, staring down the blonde hair of your beloved. Beloved, you mused,  being a loose term at the moment. It was one of those days where nothing went right, and everything seemed against you.

And now this.

Normally his harsh tone, his barbed insults, they rolled off of you like water. You were used to it, at times it was almost endearing, how he felt he had to hide everything behind that cruel shell. Endearing and a little sad, really.

But today was not the day.

From the moment you had woken up, an hour earlier than usual because your lord demanded you come hawking with him this morning. You knew the stars had not aligned for you. You had slipped in the early morning dew on your way to the horses and he had laughed, snickering about how you, the kitchen wench, couldn’t even walk outside of a kitchen.  Had stared at you, snickering, as you hoisted yourself up, feeling the formation of a bruise on your lower back.

Hawking had been interesting, you were clearly mostly there to observe. But once that brief respite was over.

So was your peace.

You had gone back to the kitchens, the only place you were worth anything apparently, only to find out that there were guests coming to the castle, something your lord had failed to mention although he had had all morning, and that you were expected to prepare a feast.

So you had spent the next over six hours on your feet, your sore back screaming for relief, as you tried to get all the food ready.

That is until Ieyasu decided to show his face, peeking in and looking you up and down with almost visible disdain. You were sweating, clearly frazzled and in disarray, and his only words to you  cemented your surety that the gods were out for your head today.

“You look like a demon, even less human than a kitchen wench should, I suggest you go clean yourself up, unless you plan on being absent from the feast.


Oh no.

“I’ll be glad to milord.” You strode up to him, hands on your hips, glare on your face. “Just as soon as you go and clean up your horrible personality, although that might take a while, considering the years you have let it build up.”

Everyone in the kitchen had gone silent.

You two stared at each other, neither one willing to back down

“I see you want to meet the end of my blade tonight.” His hand was on his sword, aggravation clear on his face. “You need to be reminded of your ran-”

“Just shut up!” You huffed, storming past him. “I don’t need to be reminded of anything! I need you to stop being such an insufferable cad!”

And you had left him there, storming back to your room.

It wasn’t until several hours later, after your had bathed, after the feast you hadn’t attended, that the guilt began to eat at you.

Okay, yes. Maybe you had taken out your horrible day on him.

But…But who says that to a person!?

And it wasn’t like this was the first time he had acted this way, this was just your…last straw.

But…You knew you had overreacted, and you knew he just be feeling hurt, right?

You sighed, rising to your feet. You would need to make food for this.

With daifuku in your hands you walked down the dark hall, stopping at Ieyasu’s door. A flickering candlelight let you know he was still awake. You took a breath, reaching up to pull the shoji door open, when it flung itself back.

You hopped back, almost losing your balance, but steadying your feet in time to see Ieyasu’s molten copper eyes reflect surprise at your presence.

“Ieyasu.” You breathed out his name. He looked away from you, a soft blush on his face, like he had been caught doing something embarrassing.

Had he been about to come to you?

“What business do you have here, after your little performance earlier, I would think you’d be packing your bags to go back to your family.” He sneered, his words barbed.

Oh you’d really hurt his feelings huh?

“Let’s talk. Can I come in?” You kept your voice level, hoping he’d make this easy.

“You need to apologize, then maybe I’ll consider it.”

Oh no.

“After everything you did, everything you do, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?” You couldn’t hold it back, all the control you had prided yourself on, told yourself you would have, was out the window. He took a step back and you followed him, all but pushing him into his room, dragging the door closed behind you. You set the daifuku down with a slam.

You were not in the mood.

“If you are so mistreated here, you should go home.” His voice is cold, but you aren’t fooled. No, you know him too well. He is scared, scared you’ll leave him and as much as your heart cries to relent, apologize, pull him into your arms. You won’t.

“I am not leaving you Ieyasu, I am just trying to talk to you!” You jabbed a finger into his chest, glaring up at him. His eyes were colored with uncertainty. This obviously had never happened to him before. “You just don’t seem to understand!”

“What is there to understand? You’re the one who came in here intent to add insult to injury!” He huffed, looking away.

“Insult to injury…” You trailed off. “Ieyasu, You woke me up before the sun rose today, laughed at me when I fell down and then to actually add insult to injury you left me in the kitchens all day and had the gall….the  gall to tell me that I didn’t look good enough to go to your stupid banquet!” You fell silent after that, staring intently at him.

It was up to him, but you weren’t willing to let this go.

Nothing was said, and just as your shoulders began to sag, defeat flowing through you, he moved.

He reached out, tugging you into his arms, one of his hands holding you at the waist and the other buried in your hair. His head dropped down to your neck.

“….sorry” A mumble, you barely heard. You craned your neck a bit. Tokugawa Ieyasu had actually told you sorry. Your body relaxed. For him to apologize. You knew he understood.

“I’m sorry, what did you say milord?”

“I’m not saying it again.”

Oh, but you did love him, didn’t you?

powderseal  asked:

noooooooooooo @ Oliver wanting something indescribably filthy and Connor wanting them to make love with eye contact and praise I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE OF THESE NERDS MAKING ME FEEL THINGS... but also I wonder what Connor thought that Oliver saw/believes his biggest kink to be, because I think if he knew that Oliver saw them making love he would've been really embarrassed and also he doesn't have the greatest self-awareness anyway

(okay. this is going to be a semi continuation of this but i don’t think oliver told connor what he saw)

His soulmate was lying to him. 

Connor watched the play of Oliver’s face as the other man rambled on about having a vision that involved whipped cream and knew–in his heart of hearts–that the man was lying to him. 

Now, Connor wasn’t really sure how he was supposed to feel about that. I mean, yeah they were soulmates and everything but they were also strangers. Complete strangers. 

Media had lied to him for years–for probably his whole life–about just how awkward soulmate meetings were. Rom-coms made the whole exchange seem cute and fun and breezy but the reality was nothing like that. It wasn’t fun to barely exchange first names before having a vision so dirty it made Connor feel like he needed to go to church. Hell, he and Oliver had been making semi-decent headway until their hands had touched. Now, Oliver could barely seem to string two sentences together. 

“You know what?” Connor said, gently interrupting Oliver’s lie. If his soulmate didn’t want to tell him or was too embarrassed or too shocked or whatever, Connor wasn’t going to make him. “Why don’t we take a step back?” 

Oliver swallowed. “A step back?” 

“Yeah.” Connor curled his lips into what he hoped was a reassuring smile. “Let’s just get to know each other a little bit. I mean, I don’t even know your last name.”

Oliver hesitated. “You really don’t want know?” 

I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, Connor thinks. But instead he simply says, “You can tell me later.” 

His soulmate considers before nodding. “Okay.” Then, “It’s Hampton. Oliver Hampton.” 

“Nice to meet you, Oliver Hampton.” When Oliver only raised an eyebrow, Connor was quick to add. “Walsh. Mine’s Walsh.” 

“Connor Walsh.” Oliver smiled. “That’s got a nice ring to it.” 

“I certainly think so.” 

Talk of soulmates and kinks and visions forgotten for the moment, the conversation between them started to flow again and, once again, Connor was back on the best first date of his life.

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anonymous asked:

Spot and Race as soul mates. But when they find out they don't think the other one is their soulmate, they avoid the subject for years until Race is at a doctors office and spots in the room there because Race is terrified of them and the doctor asks if he (insert whatever happens when you find your soulmate or whatever) and Race suddenly can't breathe but he says yes because he can't lie to the doctor and Spot actually PASSES OUT right there from worry because he wants Race to be his soulmate.

They’re both paranoid that the other didn’t have the same feeling. There’s all these horror stories out there of one sided soulmates, Race had thought he’d found his soulmate with his last boyfriend and later found out he was wrong, Spot was pretty skeptical of the soulmate idea in the first place and when he feels it at first he doesn’t believe it and they he thinks Race didn’t get the same thing.

And they don’t talk about it because they both think the other doesn’t want to, while really they both really really want to, and Spot almost says something a few times but always ends up steering the conversation away before it really happens and Race talks about it with himself a few times but can never bring himself to say it out loud to Spot.

And it gets to the point where every time anyone mentions soulmates one or both of them will leave so they can avoid talking about it for a little while longer.

But one day Race has to go to the doctor’s, which he avoids as much as he possibly can, and he makes Spot go with him because he hates the doctor’s so much, and the doctor is asking routine questions and he gets to “have you had your soul experience yet?” and Race remembered why he never had Spot come with him before, it was usually one of his sisters, Davey, Jack, once, and he kind of fearfully looks over at Spot, who’s clenching his fists and looking straight ahead, and Race thinks it’s because he doesn’t want to hear that Race has because he hasn’t, and Spot’s actually because he’s so scared to hear Race say no and learn that he doesn’t get to have Race forever.

So Race, terrified, just kind of whispers it and the doctor has to ask what he said and then the doctor is almost like, do you two need a minute?, because he’s not missing the obvious tension but he just asks again and Race just kind of yells, “Yes, dammit, yes I’ve had my fucking soul experience” and Spot just…goes down. Like, boop, the tiny man is on the ground, he’s breathing but he’s down, what just happened.

So the doctor stops trying to give Race his checkup and is trying to help Spot and Race is kind of hyperventilating because one, his boyfriend is passed out on the ground, and two, now he’s essentially alone in the doctor’s office and he hates the doctor’s office so much and is having a little bit of an anxiety attack and then Spot wakes up and waves the doctor away and closes the door and just…looks at Race and Race is like, dude are you okay, and Spot is helping him calm down and then Spot kisses him and asks, really slowly and completely sincerely, “Was your soul experience with me or not?”

And Race starts breathing hard again, and Spot has to be like, it’s okay if it wasn’t, I just need to know, please. And Race is like yeah, it was, and then Spot is kissing him and laughing, but Race is still worried both from the passing out and because they’re still at the doctor’s office and finally they finish the stupid checkup and leave, and then they don’t have to avoid the topic of soulmates anymore because they know they’re each other’s.

Sad Song-Michael Clifford

I heard this song and knew I had to put it in something…gotta love We The Kings…This is the Mikey version of the 4/4 where management makes you pr date one of the guys….so ya….enjoy!

You were in desperate need of new guitar picks. You were hopeless at being able to keep anything, honestly if your head wasn’t attached to your body you might loose it. You headed to your favorite music store, to get some new picks and see what new guitars they had. You were eyeing this Yamaha acoustic guitar, when you heard a familiar melody. Someone was playing on one of the pianos. It was “Sad Song” by We The Kings, one of your favorites…actually one you used to listen to quite often after you broke up with someone very special to you. Whoever was playing was good. Really good. You decided to find this mystery player. You headed to where the pianos, where a boy with longer blond hair in a red flannel shirt was playing. You were standing behind him, so you couldn’t see his face. But when he started singing, you instantly knew who this boy was.

“You and I, We’re like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the sky.

With you, I’m alive, Like all the missing pieces of my heart, they finally collide.

So stop time right here in the moonlight, ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyes.”

He sang in a deep, raspy voice. Then he proceeded to sing the chorus.

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song. I’m just a sad song…”

He continued to play, and the sight of this boy who used to mean so much of you pulled at your heart. He hadn’t noticed you were there, so it made it easy for you to join in on the next part.

“With you I fall. It’s like I’m leaving all my past in silhouettes upon the wall.

With you I’m a beautiful mess. It’s like we’re standing hand in hand with all our fears upon the edge.

So stop time right here in the moonlight, ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyes.”

He didn’t stop playing, and you saw him smile even before he looked at you. He knew your voice just as well as you knew his, and would recognize it anywhere. You finished the rest of the song together.

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

You’re the perfect melody, The only harmony I wanna hear.

You’re my favorite part of me,

With you standing next to me, I’ve got nothing to fear.”

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.”

“Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.”

“Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song. I’m just a sad song…”

Despite the years apart, you still knew each other well, especially when it came to music. This was probably the best cover the two of you had ever done together. When you finished, there was applause filling the shop.

“Looks like the audience loves us Y/n” The blond boy said.

“They always have Michael” You smiled.

“How’ve you been? It’s been what?”

“Too long. I’m doing good. I’m guessing you are too, from the way your band has took off”

“Yes. It’s been amazing,”

“How are the guys?”

“They’re great. They’d love to see you…I’d like to spend some time with you too…”


“Just dinner or something?”

“Sorry…I just can't…”


“Look Michael. It took me a long time to get over you…I understand why we had to break things off, I mean you had so many people expecting things from you, and management thought I’d be a distraction…but that doesn’t mean that years later, you can just walk into my life again Michael”

“I’m sorry…” Michael said, a pained expression on his face.

“I know Mikey” You said, tears in your eyes. “Take care of yourself ok?”

Before you could turn to go, he pulled your arm to bring you into a tight embrace. You stayed like that for awhile, wrapped in his arms. It felt so nice, brought back so many good memories. But then you pulled away, kissing his cheek.

“Bye Mikey”

“Bye Y/n”

Then you left the store, refusing to loo back. So much for the guitar picks.


Later when you got home, you opened twitter, needing a distraction so you wouldn’t dwell on what just happened.

However the internet was cruel.

As soon as you opened the app you saw that you had gotten over 100 new followers. You were flattered, but knew something had to be up. Sure enough, all over your feed there was a video of you and Michael singing. There were even pictures of you guys hugging and you kissing his cheek. Of course this was all the 5sos fam was talking about.

Who is she?

Oh my gosh its Y/n! Remember when they used to date?

So cute!

Think they’re back together?

These were some of many comments you read. Weird how some fans literally knew everything, you just hoped they were just really old fans who were there from the beginning.

So that was why so many people were following you, and why you were tagged by all these people.

So much for forgetting what happened. You turned off your phone and decided to call it a night, even if it was only 8. You didn’t want to deal with anything now.


The next morning you were woken up by the sound of your phone ringing. You weren’t able to resist last night, and scrolled though everything everyone was saying about you, luckily mostly nice things.

“Hello?” You said groggily. You looked at the clock. 7:30. Who calls so early?

“Miss Y/n?”

“Yes…who is this?”

“My name is Joan. I’m part of the 5sos management?”

This woke you up.

“What? Um…what do you guys want with me?”

“We’d like you to come down and meet with us. We’ll send you the address. Be here in one hour. Believe me, you should come” Then she hung up.

What the hell? Sure enough you received a text message with an address seconds later.

Feeling as though you had no choice, you quickly got dressed and headed down to meet with that goddamn management that you still couldn’t bring yourself to particularly like.


The address was one of those fancy hotels that held a lot of business meetings. Sure enough, the room given to you was a conference room. There was a lady already there, who you were assuming was Joan, and another man you didn’t recognize. Of course management would change, maybe this was a good thing.

“Y/n. So glad you could make it. I’m Joan.” Joan said, standing up to shake your hand then leading you to the table.

“Hello. My name is Mark.” The man shook your hand.

“Hi…so what is this about?” You asked.

“All will be explained in just a bit Y/n. We’re waiting on one more person” Mark smiled.

“Yes and in the meantime, tell us about your former relationship with Michael?” Joan asked calmly, as if she was asking about the weather and not something very personal.

“Me and Michael? Um…we dated for about a year. Then his band started to take off. And people not to different from you thought it would be a good idea for us to break things off. End of story”

Before they could answer, the door burst open and Michael came running in.

“Sorry I’m late! I was-Y/n? What are you doing here?”

“That’s what I’m waiting to find out”

“Michael. Finally. Aright now that we have the both of you together, I’ll get straight to the point. We want the both of you to date”

“Isn’t that our decision” You said while Michael said “Woah”

“For PR purposes of course. We don’t expect you guys to be in a committed relationship based off our request. Listen it will be great for the  both of you. You both used to date before, so news of you guys getting back together will be huge. Already, those pictures from yesterday are all over the place. It will give you both some positive attention. Y/n, you are releasing an album soon are you not? This could give you the perfect opportunity to  gets some publicity-”

“Wait, you’re trying to bribe her? That’s ridiculous! I mean she’d-” Michael practically yelled, but you interrupted him.

“Might just agree. I’m not as famous as you Mikey, and my music is going well, but any attention is kind of needed right now…”

“Very good Y/n-” You also cut Joan off

“Of course I would need to know what exactly this whole “PR relationship” entitle? What do you expect us to do?“

"Everything will be set up of course. Paparazzi sent to the restaurant, they take a few photos. Then of course you guys post some things on social media, make it seem as though you guys are dating. That’s really all there is to it” Mark said.

“So do we have an agreement?” Joan added

You looked at Michael.

“You’re not actually considering this are you?” Michael asked you, completely frazzled.

“Well you wanted to do dinner right? And how bad could it be? I really need this Mikey…”

Michael sighed. “Fine. For you.”

You gave him a hug and he held you tightly.

“Alright. We’ll let you guys know the time and place of your guy’s 'first date’” Joan smiled, seeming pleased.


“Laser tag?” You asked Michael. When they said date, you expected dinner, maybe even a movie, but laser tag? That was the last thing you’d think of

“They may have gave me a say into what we do…” Michael grinned

“You don’t say?” You laughed

“Alright, ready for some fun?” Michael asked while buckling you into one of those heavy jackets.

“I don’t know, ready to get your ass kicked?” You teased

“You wish” Michael said, giving you a wink.

Several hours later, he had two games on you. You couldn’t believe this. And of course, Michael didn’t let you forget it.

“Not so easy to beat am I?” Michael laughed.

“Whatever Mikey…fuck you”

“Why so salty?”

“Shut up. You won, got it. End of story, may we move on?”

“Well I won, so I get a prize don’t I?”

“Prize? What on earth could you-”

You were interrupted when he suddenly smashed his lips against yours, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you close to him as he continued to kiss you so tenderly and passionately…

“That” He said when you both had pulled away. “I think that’s reward enough. I’m starved, you want some pizza?”

You just smiled, grabbing his hand, as you headed towards the food court.


Author’s Note: That was long and ended terribly, I’m sorry. Nevertheless hope you liked it!! -Lydia