yes tonight will be gay

I want to tear you apart.

Every soft, sleepy smile, the way your hands feel on my arm when you’re shy and clinging to my side, the way your face lights up in that sweet little gasp whenever you see something that makes you happy… I don’t know what to do with myself, I can’t take it, I can’t think of anything but how badly I want to wreck you. When you laugh, when you’re talking about something that you love and your eyes light up, that focused look you get on your face when that gorgeous mind is puzzling out some new mystery, a new question to answer- that’s when I want to wrap my hands around your throat and squeeze, let your eyes glaze over. You look so nice when you let me choke you, let me bruise you, let me play with you like a toy. I want to use you, but I can never let myself use you up. I need you just as bad as I need to wreck you, want to end you just as much as I want to cherish you every moment of every day. Sweet boy, my babydoll, my darling, even when I’m screaming to myself in words I can’t repeat, crying over how much it hurts to not be able to kill you every night, I’m happy you keep me in check. I’m happy you don’t give me what I want. Because, in denying me what I want, you’re giving me what I need. Thank you, baby. I love you. I want you. I miss you. Fuck you.

doodle 4 a comic ill never finish

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i guess tumblr didn't let it go through last time. this (sendspace*com/file/8xxtpu) is the 2014 one and this is the summary of the 2015 draft i was talking about (reddit*com/r/stephenking/comments/6mbugy/cary_fukunagas_it_2015_draft_review)

ah yes there’s my gay nighttime stories i shall read tonight



My gay babies are back tonight YES. And that “deep down you’re still my Waverly” killed me 


I’m watching the Loud House and the little boy, Clyde, was heading over to the main character’s house, Lincoln, and he said, “My parents are walking me over.”

Next thing I know, this is the next shot.

He has. Biracial. Gay. Parents.

And they weren’t subtle or in your face about it. The dads were just like, “This is everything he needs, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, here’s a hug since we can’t tuck you in tonight.”

And I was just omg. Yes. Nick. Yes.

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Prompt: Gail and Holly are just friends. Gail is sick of the sight of men, so Holly takes Gail to a gaybar where someone asks Gail to dance and then later, to go home with them.

Thanks for the prompt! I apologise for any errors and for it being long as hell.

“I can’t keep doing this, Holly..”

She looks up from the work on her desk, startled by the Officer lingering in her doorway. She didn’t expect to see her here today, and so she swiftly examines her body, looking for obvious reasons as to why. She soon determines that this visit must not be work related – even though she’s clearly on duty, what with her uniform and all.

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