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Sleep time

Big plus of being a drawin person is that u can draw yourself whatever you want to see atm. I wanted to draw this scene.


request for: anon

pairing: Reader x Sherlock

word count: 364


You bent down, near the body on the floor and snapped a few more pictures. When you could no longer take staring at the young girl’s body, you stood up and stepped back.

“Shame isn’t it.” You jumped at the sound of a man’s voice. He unbuttoned his long coat, continuing to scan the room for clues. “Sherlock Holmes.”

“What?” You asked, snapping back into reality.

“My name is Sherlock Holmes and judging by the way you’ve been flashing back and forth between reality, I’d say you didn’t sleep well last night.” He stopped looking around the room and stared at you. The man- Sherlock- walked up to you and touched a strand of your misplaced hair. “One strand out of place. My guess is that you were up all night fighting with your boyfriend.”

“Ex.” You corrected.

A small smile crept onto his face. “I was right. Of course I was I’m always right.”

“And arrogant.” You cut in.

“I didn’t catch your name.” He muttered.

“That’s because I didn’t give it to you.” I retorted. With a smile, you continued. “I’m Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.”

He spun around and faced the crime scene. “Y/N, I’m missing something. What am I missing?”

“You mean besides a couple screws?” You asked.

“Was that supposed to be a joke?” Sherlock asked. “It was funny.”

“Thanks for laughing.” You muttered, sarcastically.

“You’re welcome. Now what am I missing?” He continued.

You looked around the room. Everything seemed to be in place. Everything except for the the small wrinkle in the rug.

“There.” You pointed. “The rug.”

“Yes, but what does it mean?” Sherlock asked.

“Isn’t that what you’re here for?” You asked.

You grabbed your phone from your pocket as it started vibrating. “I have to go.”

“Where?” Sherlock asked.

“There’s been another murder.” You told him, giving him a small smile. “It was nice meeting you.”

“Y/N.” Sherlock stopped you on your way out.

“Yeah?” You turned around.

“Let’s be friends.” He suggested.

You grinned. “I’ll meet you at the restaurant across the street in an hour.”

Sherlock gave you a small nod and a smile. “I’ll see you there.”


Please help me pick a primary for my new dragon, Matoya! Yes, she’s a geode but i couldnt help but try other primaries and…well, i dont know baout you but my top picks are Skink, Jaguar and Poison but Speckle, Jupiter and Giraffe look good too ;-;

Thanks to @snastle for hooking me up with such a kizthetic babe! I love her, orange is so good <3 She’s Slate/Sunshine/Slate!

The One With A Little Cut

Pairing: Yousef Acar x Reader

Summary: Yousef has a small accident and you take care of him, in which time he admits he has feelings for you despite you being Mikael’s sister

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Yousef stares at you with the same concerned eyes he always does, “You need any help?”

You shake your head, though not visibly, from behind your pile of books that towered over you. You set them down on your brother’s desk and then turn to face him, slightly out of breath.

“You shouldn’t have to clean up after Mikael,” he laughs.

Unfortunately, being Mikael’s sister meant you did.

“He’s always leaving his crap in my room,” you grumble.

“Well, we find your room is more comfortable,” he admits.

’We’?” you raise a brow, “You’ve been in my room?”

“Uhhh,” he stammers, a smile appearing on his lips, “Maybe. A little.”

“A little? What does that mean?” you laugh, “Have you sat at my desk?”

“Yes,” he nods quickly.

“On my rug?”

“Yes, very fluffy.”

You pause, inhaling sharply, “In my bed?”

He smirks, “I may have taken a nap there once or twice. It’s really soft and your pillow smells like you,” he says softly.

“How the fuck do you know what my sister smells like?” Mikael scoffs, blowing a raspberry as he walks in. His voice sounded playful but his face held a certain amount of disdain over Yousef flirting with you.

Yousef straightens up, his face paling, “You know – her perfume. Can’t you smell it from here? It’s really strong!” he laughs nervously. You try to stifle your own laughter.

Mikael inhales deeply and then shakes his head, “Weirdo,” he mumbles, “Oh, you moved my stuff,” he says, pointing to the pile of book snow on his desk.

“I won’t do it again. Next time I’ll burn it,” you say, faking politeness.

“You’ll burn your room down with it,” he sneers.

“I have to do that anyway now that I know you guys have been in it,” you retort. Yousef laughs, earning a scowl form Mikael. He hides a smile, smirking at you as he follows Mikael into the kitchen.

Just as you’re about to slink back into your room, you hear Mikael calling for you. He wasn’t into gender stereotypes or anything, but he was useless and incapable of doing anything himself since your parents were always coddling him.

“What?” you groan, walking into the kitchen.

He points to Yousef whose hand was covered in blood, dripping all over the floor.

“Where’s the first aid kit?” Mikael asks.

“What did you do?” you frown deeply, walking over to Yousef and turning his wrist slightly to get a better look at that cut, “Shit.”

“It’s fine,” he reassures you, wincing ever so slightly, “I was just cutting an apple. I wasn’t paying attention and put the knife through with too much force.”

You turn to Mikael who was taking a bite out of the apple. You pick up a towel from the counter and toss it at him forcefully, “Stop being so fucking useless and go buy some antiseptic from the store,” you growl at him.

He grumbles something under his breath and then swipes the keys off the counter, slamming the door on his way out.

“I saw antiseptic in the cupboard before,” Yousef says, nodding behind you.

“I know,” you roll your eyes, “He’s just so useless I can’t even look at him sometimes,” you laugh, “Eating his stupid apple while you’re bleeding.”

Yousef chuckles, “Are you sure you didn’t just want him out of the house?”

You raise a brow, crossing your arms over your chest, “Did you? Last I checked, you knew there was antiseptic and didn’t stop him from walking out.”

Yousef’s eyes widen slightly and he clears his throat, changing the subject, “Do you have bandages?” he asks, examining his hand. There was a pool of blood on the floor now. You open the cupboard and slide the first aid kit out, before setting it down on the counter and beginning to clean and bandage the cut up.

He winces hard when you tighten it at the end.

“Sorry,” you mumble, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. Yousef studies you intently, “You’re good at this stuff.”

“Cleaning up blood?” you ask, “It’s not very hard to stick a bandage over something.”

“Taking care of people I mean,” he says, “I remember last year when I was sick and I crashed here you made me food and hot chocolate and gave me all my meds on time.”

I don’t just do that for anyone,” you say, regretting the words as soon as they leave your lips. You had an enormous crush on Yousef and you were pretty sure he felt the same way, but you always had to tip toe around those feelings because you were Mikael’s sister.

You expect him to ask for some sort of elaboration but he just smiles widely, “Neither would I,” he promises you, “But I’d do it for you so…” he trails off.

So… are you telling me I should get sick?” you laugh.

“I’m telling you I’ll take care of you,” he states, watching you with all his concentration. You hated when he looked at you like that, like you were the only person in the world. Like he was in love with you. Some part of you hoped that he was, because you were definitely in love with him.

“If I was sick?” you ask for clarification. You swallow hard at his response.

He shakes his head, “I’ll take care of you… no matter what,” he says, pausing on each word as he he inches toward you. He taps the end of your nose and you scrunch it up.

“It’s really hard being around you, you know?” he sighs wistfully, running his fingers through his hair, “Mikael would kill me if he found out how much I like you.”

He says it so casually and yet your heart skips a beat, just the way his had when you told him you don’t just help anyone. You were special to each other and you both knew it, it was just hard to talk about with your brother always around.

“Well, then, we don’t let him find out,” you smirk.  

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full offense but why are you sleepin on captain rex???? hes got the looks and the actions and everythin my boy is a hero

OHHH my god. Listen I love Rex LITERALLY from the bottom of my soul?? But he is not a man who can be called “cute”. “Handsome” yes. “Rugged” even. “Bootylicious”? Absolutely. But “cute” implies something which Rex is not. The closest he gets is endearingly awkward.

There are too many Muslims struggling with suicidal ideation. How can we help each other? How can we as a community support each other. How can we provide services that help the individual and their family? Why do we continue to ignore this? & how can we shed light into depression? How do we make it okay to talk about? How do we incorporate that in our approaches to bettering the Muslim community? Ignoring these issues will not make them go away.

It’s 2015 guys. Why are we still trying to label Makoto as abusive and Makoharu as unhealthy?

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Not attempting to be a shit stirrer & this doesn't have to be published, but it just always surprises me how people seem surprised that there is a difference between how we keep horses in Australia & how they're kept overseas. Yes we rug more than they do (some more than others, I'll put my hand up & own that I rug reasonably heavily) but that's because they're also exposed to days/weeks of 40-45+ temps. Like let us Aussies do it our way and people in the northern hemisphere can do it their way

I definitely see what you’re saying. I mean i take note of how hot he is and if he’s shivering, blah blah. I’ve never found him remotely sweaty under a rug in winter. And he lost a huge amount of weight growing his winter coat in the quickest time I’d ever seen while on holidays in march cos no one was putting rugs on him, like his coat growth last year was so much more gradual and he lost no weight. But anyway.

One Step Ahead

based on the request I got from iamironman87. I really hope this is what you wanted it to be and that you’ll like it. The focus here lies on Carl and the prank war rather than on DarylxReader but I hope you’ll like it anyway.  <D

You and Carl have a little prank war going on and in an attempt to finally end the prank war in his favor Carl tries to steal your journal. When you and Daryl return home Carl has to hide under the bed.

word count: 1636

„Yeah, you really got me this time, Carl”, I grumbled under my breath soaking wet from the little shower I just got. Probably the oldest prank ever played on someone, but still really effective and quite funny, I had to admit that much. “You better watch out, boy, you got a big storm coming!”

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