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Can u draw Adrien agreste as hawkmoth

@snowybowey this was fun tbh, i took some liberties with the design tho, hope that was ok.

also tagging @thescuttlebugg because i liked their kwami swap au and may or may not have more sketches about said au

Do some people not realize that Dan and Phil are humans who need money to buy food and afford their apartment and clothes and doing YouTube and writing books and going on tour is how they make that money? Plus, at least they’re doing it in a way that gives US something to enjoy and not just them money?? Guys they are NOT SELLOUTS. They didn’t have to write a book, they didn’t have to leave their damn home for 11 weeks to come meet us all, they didn’t have to make a documentary about tatinof for all the people around the WORLD who didn’t get a chance to see it live for much cheaper than the actual tickets, and they didn’t have to create a photobook (one that involved them picking out about 2,000 pictures out of fucking 15,000, a lot of which our going to feature actual members of the phandom at the meet and greets!). Everything Dan and Phil do is not for selfish, money driven reasons. Yes, money is obviously a factor, but everything they do is with US in mind. Don’t forget that.

I know I shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we even see the episode but something is rotten in the city of Paris.

Adrien’s mom disappeared less than a year ago, yes?

So she had been there for the last shitty birthdays and the no party rule and the no going out rule and so on, but Adrien still looked happy with her, given the pictures from Jackady. I feel like we are missing  something in here.


Starting November 10, 2016 you can read all main stories, epilogues, sequels, and substories from games SIMILAR to these pictured above for FREE!!!

OK let me explain a bit about what I mean.

Voltage inc has made a series of game adaptions intended for overseas users VERY similar to these. Everything from the plots, to the characters resemble the original. Yes, there are some differences but considering that you will be able to soon play them for free I think that it’s a small sacrifice to make.


Voltage will soon be removing these selected game adaptions from their database on December 31, 2016 and they decided to make all the content from these selected games free to those that have the games already installed on their mobile devices. (They are going to remove them from the Google play store and itunes (I think that’s what it’s called) on November 7, 2016 so you have to hurry and download them now).

Here is a list of the voltage games above and their Voltage Entertainment USA adaptions;

-Office Secrets -> Intimate Business

-Seduced in the Sleepless City -> Glass Stilettos in Manhattan

-10 Days with my Devil -> My Killer Romance

- A Knight’s Devotion -> Knight of my Heart

-Love Letter from Theif X -> My Lover’s a Theif

-My Sweet Bodyguard -> To Love and Protect

- My Forged Wedding -> White Lies and Sweet Nothings

Now remember, if you want to play these classics all you have to do is

1) Download the apk’s from your mobile device’s app market now before they disappear on November 7th

2) Wait until November 10th

3) Play all the title’s content for free in these select games until December 31st


Voltage policies STILL apply to these titles which means that even though it’s 100℅ free, you are not allowed to record the stories or share them with other people. I know it’s tempting to want to keep these stories forever when they are going to be shut down so soon but please refrain from doing so. Instead, support the game by buying the original story from the original title where you can read it again and again.

The last thing I want to say is that I have all the android APKs files saved and because I know I made this post so late I will be happy to share them with you until the 10th. So if they are gone from Google play store you can just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to send them to you in an email.

Have fun playing! :)


Honestly guys, I really don’t want to sound rude here in any way but I think we should all just calm down about Arzaylea. It’s not breaking news that her and Luke are dating and yes she is allowed to post pictures with him. She is his girlfriend. You’re all honestly just exhausting yourselves so please just calm down about it. Luke’s not in trouble and for how long they’ve been together I seriously don’t think she’s ‘using him’. Do I stand for everything she says and does? No. But you guys are only exhausting yourselves by hating on her 24/7. Just calm down.

Here’s a thing. A thought. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves?

I don’t mean us. We won’t have seen pictures of any of the MACUSA founders, not really. I mean the witches and wizards, the ones that live in the magical world, the ones that work with Graves and pass him in the corridors and share that awkward silence when he happens to get in the same lift. Them. Have they ever seen a picture of Gondulphus Graves? Have they ever seen a photograph of Percival Graves?

The answer is yes, to the first, because there is one hidden away on some wood panelled wall among the other dour and scowling founders. The answer is no, to the second, because Graves is a lot more cautious with his face now that everything is recorded in photographs. But perhaps then the more pressing question is:

Does anyone think about the fact that Gondulphus Graves and his many generations removed grandson look the same? The hair is different, the clothes have moved with the times, but nothing else has changed.

Now. Let’s do away with Grindelwald, because for this story, I don’t want him here. Let’s take Credence and change his nature, slightly, because there are obscurials and there are vampires and really, there’s nothing to stop me swapping things over. Mary Lou Barebone decries demons and witches and unholy ghosts, and the blood-drinking undead are pretty high on her list, no matter if they were born that way or not. No matter how hard they try to keep the fangs at bay, bury it and bury it and walk the hallowed halls of the church with the skin burning over their bones -

Sometimes, Credence can’t bury it any more. He slips up one too many times and leaves one too many drained and bloodless corpses, and Graves finds him. But that’s ok. There’s no Grindelwald in this story, just a Graves who is teaching Credence control. After all, Graves has centuries of it to spare.

And into this, let’s throw Newt. Newt who sees Credence and recognises him, Newt who tries to help. Newt whose creatures are cowering from the old magic threading through the town, Newt who struggles to reassure his thunderbird that he’s fine, that Credence is no danger to him –

Graves melts out of the shadows and his teeth, when he smiles, are a hair too sharp. His eyes, when he fixes them on Newt, glitter the darkest shade of red.

“Credence,” he purrs in a voice like velvet wine. “You made a friend.”

Newt stills. His heart beats fast but he tries to quell it, lore and legend both warning him how far out his depth he’s swum. He holds his case close and gathers his magic to apparate.

“Can we keep him?” Credence asks, deceptively light and innocent. Newt shouldn’t have interfered in vampire business, he knows this now, but he’d thought Credence needed help. He was only trying to help.

Graves’ hand reaches out, sliding up the side of Newt’s neck and raking sharp claws over the base of his skull. He tugs on Newt’s hair, tipping his head back and up, and lifts his other hand to run a finger up the front of Newt’s throat.

“Yes,” he says, and Newt’s magic crumbles out of his control. Graves smiles, hungry and slow, and curls his icy grip around Newt’s pulse. “I think we can manage that.”

Introducing Youkael

Hi!! alright so obviously- this isn’t quite evak. Instead, i was rolling with the tidal wave of movement we got yesterday and decided to introduce myself (and maybe some followers of mine?) to youkael! Who’s pictures are super cute and i am here for it! But obviously, i am probably wrong about everything regarding this ship so i apologize. 

but enjoy in the mean time!


“Do we want to do Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty?”

Mikael glanced in between the two games, weighing the pros and cons of each. “Car chases or blowing shit up. Decisions, decisions.”

There was no responding scoff- no derisive snort saying come on Mikael let’s play something that doesn’t involve death and destruction. 

Which, like, Mikael would then respond with it’s 2017 dude. What? You want to paint each other’s nails instead?

It was a tried and true conversation. One so familiar that Mikael already had the retort on the tip of his tongue, ready to spout out without missing a beat as if his and Yousef’s conversations had been choreographed for a millennia. 

But there was no response.

Mikael looked over his shoulder and frowned. Yousef had apparently fled the room in the .02 seconds it had taken for Mikael to look through his games.

“Yousef,” he calls out, “Where’d you go, man?”

There was a hum of voice outside of his room, and then a hand waving distractedly in the doorway. Mikael got the hint and shut up, shrugging before returning to the matter at hand.

Several seconds pass in relative silence before Mikael turns around again and sighs. 

Yousef is at the doorway, leaning against the grainy wood with nothing but a long white towel secured around his waist. And Mikael is only human alright? He can’t help but let his eyes trail down for just half a second, tracing the natural lines of his best friend’s chest. Or noting smooth dark skin and-

Mikael chuckles and pulls a strand of floppy hair away from his face, turning back towards the games, “Which one? And why don’t you put some clothes. Shower time is over.”

Yousef shrugs and waves his hand. The iphone in it blinks awake, showcasing for only a millisecond a picture of the two of them. Of Yousef and Mikael sitting together on the wooden picnic tables at Bakka. Of Yousef leaning to him, looking all the more the lazy bad boy Mikael knew him to be.

He blinks at the brief flash in his eyes; that afternoon, laughing and relaxing in the afternoon sun- just the three of them. 

“So one of my cousins goes to Nissen, right?” Yousef pushes off the wall and makes his way to the edge of the bed where Mikael had been sitting. At his gentle nudging, he fell back, rolling his eyes when Yousef contorted himself to an odd angle that allowed half his body on his bed, and the other half dangling oddly off.

But his head was now pillowed firmly on Mikael’s stomach, so he couldn’t complain. 

“I don’t know if you’ve ever met her. She’s only a second year.”

“What about her?”

Yousef turns a bit, cheek sliding against the fabric of Mikael’s shirt and heating up the skin below, “She knows Even.”

And that’s just. Mikael swallows and tries to release the tension that had suddenly spasmed up in his muscles (in his very core) “Oh… how uh- how is he?”

“Apparently he’s been spending a lot of time with a boy in her year.”

Mikael’s face twists, “I’m sure Sonja loves that.”

“Mikael,” And that’s Yousef’s calm voice, his quiet ‘i am so wise beyond my years’ voice. He had always been the calmest of the three of them. While Even and Mikael had run off to film wacky stunts and adventures, Yousef had tagged along with a quiet smile and enough money to bail the two of them out of trouble. “You should call him.”

“I tried that,” Mikael cuts in sharply, and hates himself a bit for the way Yousef flinches. He lowers his voice, “I tried it and he didn’t respond. Not once. Not after- what happened.”

“Maybe its time to try again.”

The silence that lapsed was uneasy- but not oppressive. Never oppressive with Yousef. Sometimes filled with heat, with the weight of unspoken words and hard glances, and whispers to remind Mikael of Yousef’s limitations and fears regarding his family, his religion, and why they-

Well. That’s a story for another time.

“Who’s the boy with him? Did your cousin mention anything more about that? Is he…”

“She didn’t mention it. And she wouldn’t have.”

“The plot thickens,” he tries to joke, “I um- let me think about texting him. I just need a bit more time. He just- he left, Yous. Just had his thing and left without a word. Who does that?”

“Okay,” Yousef responds easily enough and then heaves himself up, “So what are we doing? Video games? Come on, Mikael, can’t we play something that doesn’t involve death and destruction?”

Mikael can’t help the grin that twitches at the corner of his mouth. 

Some people have noticed that my blog is no longer viewable unless they are logged in, this is not a glitch, this is intentional. I am keeping everything hidden until tumblr deals with the sexual predator reblogging my selfies.

To those telling me just to block them, yes, I have. I also removed a lot of content from my blog. But blocking only stops them from viewing and reblogging the rest of my content, it does not prevent them from keeping their reblog of my pictures on their blog, and continually reblogging them alongside naked images of underage minors.

Yea. That’s what we’re dealing with here. Staff have been notified and I’m waiting on an update. Until then apologies for any inconvenience regarding sharing content with people not on tumblr. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.

In the meantime everyone should go into their settings and block (warning do not click if you don’t want to see naked images that are labeled as minors) to ensure you are protected from them.

Stay safe.

When we say you should keep your romantic/sexual shipping in private, we don’t mean that you can’t write fics, or make fanart, or fanmade videos about these ships. Because that’s great, that’s cute, and I can appreciate all that because it takes some talent and hard work to make all of that.

However, you don’t have to send/show erotic fanart/fics/vids about your ship to your ship. Seriously, that’s disgusting….

Yesterday Baekhyun wrote a really cute birthday message to Chanyeol on his ig using a picture of his lips. Sure you can write how you think it’s cute and that you love their friendly affection for each other. BUT DON’T WRITE SEXUAL COMMENTS ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIAS INVOLVING YOUR SHIP!!!!

Also for the love of god, don’t make everything about your ship…. I have a pure dislike for kaisoo because of the oh so many delusional shippers…. Where one is, the other is always brought up. Yes I am talking about you too baekyeol shippers:)))

You can have a ship, but don’t be a dick <3

Dear Journal,

Sirius and I tried to build our chest of drawers. I took us years to figure out the instructions. We weren’t very good at it! But we did it! We decided to have two drawers each. I found my boxes of clothes from home and started unpacking and folding everything. Could you picture Sirius and I sitting on the floor with all of our clothes around us? I had to put many of Sirius’ shirts in the washing machine because they smelt bad. He laughed about it a lot. I was putting soap in the washing machine when I heard Sirius call my name.

“Babe?.. are those yours?”

I walked to our room to see him holding my old boxer briefs. Yes, the ones that look like girls underwear. My mom got them for me a few years ago but they are my favorite… they have baby wolves on them.

“Tell me they are yours! These are so cute!” He said laughing.

“It’s not funny..” i pouted.

“Babe.. it is slightly funny.. How come I’ve never seen them on you?” He smirked.

“Because.. i knew you would laugh.. it’s not really masculine..” i looked down, blushing.

“Baby.. they are really cute. I want you to wear them tonight!” He laughed.

I sat back down and layed all my underwear in my drawer. Sirius pulled me down on the bed and started tickling me.

“S-Stop it..” I laughed.

“Tell me you love me!” He said.

“I-I love y-You!!” I almost yelled.

“If I pulg the TV in, do you want to watch a muggle movie?” Sirius asked me, smiling.

“Okay. I’ll be down in the library. I have to go check the books!” I said.

I walked down the dusty spiral staircase. The lights were off but small sunshines could be seen from the covered windows. It smelt like the air was there since I was born. I turned on the lights and saw hundreds of dusty books. I smiled to myslef, running my fingers on the book spines. My smile couldn’t leave my face. There was so many books that I never read! I removed the newspapers from the windows and the sun shone on the bookshelves. I guess it was time for me to wash of the dust! I opened the windows and started cleaning up. I had to clean every single book. I wanted to put them in order but I’ll do that tommorow. After an hour, Sirius came down the stairs with a snack.

“I got canddles. To help with the smell. It’s not really fresh here!” He giggled.

“Yeah. Thank you. How does it look?” I asked him.

“It looks good! Better than before! When will you be able to open it?” He asked, handing me a glass of lemonade.

“In a week. I’ll make a list of the books and put them in order. I can’t wait to open it.” I smiled.

“I’m glad you can do something you love.” He said, kissing my lips.

“Is the TV ready?” I asked.

“It is! How about you take a break and come cuddle your boyfriend?” He smirked.

“Great idea.”

March 24th 1978

Soldier76: I got you now, Sombra!
Sombra: Is that so, Jack? Or perhaps I should refer to you as your full name– John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Morrison? Wouldn’t want a certain edgy loser knowing that, now do we?
Soldier76: How did you…
Sombra: I know everything. Jesse thought Woody from Toy Story was his real dad until he was 10 and Amelie is not even French. She’s from the bumfucks backwaters of Ohio. I got the receipts on everyone. Including you, Jack.
Soldier76: Do you know about–
Sombra: About your dream journal filled with pictures of Gabe’s thighs? Oh yes.

a day out with the fam, a.k.a. i am a meme but so are my parents
  • dad, about to get on the train home: “ok, take care, be nice”
    me: “to anyone?”
    dad: “well yes you should always be nice”
    me: “are you telling me to be nice to my oppressors? thats not very punk rock”

  • me, showing mother a picture of p.g. wodehouse: “i trust him”

  • dad, speaking of oscar wilde’s early death: “yeah you know with all that absynthe…”
    mother: “but they sell absynthe now too, it’s not that terrible”
    dad, wistfully: “absynthe is not the same as it used to be………”

  • dad: “everything should be made of jeans”
    me: “shirts! pants! underwear! jackets!”
    mother: “TABLECLOTHS”
    me and mother: “……….jEANS GHOSTS

  • me, out of nowhere: “do you prefer cuttlefish or octopi”
    dad: “octopi, no doubt. [starts listing at least 16 reasons why they are clearly superior], and then they like shiny things they obviously have a sense of style”

  • dad: “and by the way why did you ask that”
    me: “im thinking about writing my dissertation on it”
    dad: “ok but like how are you going to gather data”

  • me: “all time low make pop punk, you know, pizza and skateboards and hating your town… me minus the skateboard”
    my parents: “yeah you but on foot”
Clone Wars But With Blogs

Anakin: those really negative text posts like “yes i have mental problems, no i dont work on them, yes theyre probably gonna ruin my life someday” “highkey wanna die but lowkey want a milkshake so idk” also robotics nerd stuff and reposted XKCD comics

Obi-Wan: 200% the most hipster aesthetic blog. Waterfalls. Incredibly attractive people in purple lighting. Pictures of sunsets. *~*~follow for more pastel inner peace~*~*

Ahsoka: shitposting and only semi-ironic “reblog this if ur a true 90s kid” she sends anakin the entire bee movie script at least once a month

Padme: SJW hell and maybe some puns once in a while. those posts where somebody says a shitty thing and like six other users just pile onto the post and drag the shit out of them.

Rex: like three text posts complaining about how the site works, all made two years ago

Satine: SJW hell and those posts that are like “you assholes BETTER not have put 6 PS1s down a toilet for The Aesthetic” followed by the picture of 6 PS1s down a toilet captioned with “GODDAMMIT”

anonymous asked:

I have a feeling Helix is gonna be tied with Felicity's dad. His work as the Calculator was brokering in information. He gathered it; he sold it. I think, maybe, he's an absentee founder of the organization & they're still in league with Talia as one of her resources. I can also see this is as a way for Papa Smoak to reach out to his daughter again after everything last year. "Wasn't it so much fun hacking together? Look what more we can do! The family that hacks together stays together!"


Yes, I love this theory so much! And it fits with what we’ve heard from Amell about Oliver and Felicity going head-to-head (him leading Team Arrow and her “leading” Team Helix). This would also bring him back into the picture and pick up all those damn loose ends from Season 4 that we were left with when Donna told Felicity what really happened when she left Noah.


viphalo  asked:

IF I MET YOU probs we'd like go to Aesthetic™ cafes and take Aesthetic™ candid pictures of each other AND like TRY to get work done but nothing would actually get accomplished we'd just be on tumblr scrolling and be like LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF JIMIN (idk if ur into bts i hope u are) and cackling and drinking tea lattes and just being a general Mess™ and it'd be awesome and then we'd go to ANOTHER coffee shop to take more pics and it'd be SO GRAND

CHEY I JUST YELLED OUT LOUD THIS IS SO GOOD!!! WOOOOOOOW I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS and dude yES of course i’m into bts!! (jungkook + tae are my faves though 💕💓💘💗) u know what im going to fly out to seattle so we can make!! this!! a!!! reality!!!

send me an “if i met you”! 🍑✨

Favorite Mother/Child Pairings

I’d like to share some of my favorite mother/child pairings and interactions that I’ve found so far in Fire Emblem Fates. If you consider this a spoiler, don’t read it I guess haha.

Oboro & Asugi/Saizo/Gaius

I don’t have a picture of it here, but when they both make their frowning face they look extremely similar, too!

Orochi & Dwyer

Orochi’s mothering goes well with Dwyer’s personality and supports. Not to mention she is the only support I have found with Jakob where he’s not a jerk (besides his supports with Corrin) and she actually manipulates him which is a nice change of pace.

Camilla & Velouria

I love everything about this family!! Camilla doesn’t take Flannel’s (yes I keep thinking of him in his Japanese name since it’s cuter) shit and makes him come out and say the things he needs to. Not to mention Velouria is a cuddle monster and so is Camilla so it’s a perfect match! Velouria’s eyes also resemble Camilla’s so they’ve got the parent/child resemblance going on. Camilla’s ending with Flannel in Conquest is also quite cute.

Azura & Selkie 

Azura’s supports with Kaden are the only ones I have found so far that have made her look cute. If you find anymore, please comment because it’s like digging for gold <_<.


Here’s a little nugget I found that I’m sure is a coincidence but also hilariously goes with Orochi!Dwyer

i like to think that i’ll age gracefully

like, i don’t think i have that insecurity about growing older because i’m already like “aw ye i can’t wait til i’m a hot mom and then after that i’ll still be a cute old lady so everything works out”. i’m not obsessed with staying young or young-looking. i don’t think i had that same thought before i realized i was trans. i couldn’t even picture myself as a person in their 30s.