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It’s been a great week - part South Africa

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Sunday, March 12

A quiet Sunday.

caitrionabalfe  Cape Town Sucks ….. #postproductionmeeting #we‘renotinCumbernauldanymore @samheughan @nightmaril #Karin

OMG!! Sam and Cait! Is this photo real? Did Cait honestly just post this!! Also, where can I find those sunglasses?



Monday, March 13

Filming has begun!

Tuesday, March 14

Steven Cree announces his kickstarter campaign.

Sam’s like on Instagram. Seems like a familiar couple that I’ve seen before. Maybe it reminds Sam of someone he knows.

Wednesday, March 15

The one year anniversary of the London Fan Event that so many here were able to attend. And the day some of the best interviews were filmed.

Also the 2 year anniversary of the LA Marathon.


Steven Cree now understands exactly what that means.

Sam tweets his support for Cait and confirms that he is still her biggest cheerleader. The man can’t help himself!

@abreathofsnowandashes notices something that we can’t stop laughing at.

Thursday, March 16

Everyone is heading to South Africa. Looks like Cesar is leaving soon.

And then this happened. Huge thank you to @surana17 for tweeting this to Sam. He NEEDED to see it!

And to top it all off Cait’s Instagram like:

Friday, March 17

And more twitter banter

Also Cesar and Lauren are in the air and on their way to South Africa! Cannot wait for Fersali!

Eagle eyes @sherrigamblin notices that the inflight entertainment unit appears similar to a photo Sam posted on the weekend of Cait’s birthday trip to Paris. Add it to the pile of receipts.

Saturday, March 18



We deserve this!

Sunday, March 18

Outlander goes hiking! All the love to Cesar and Lauren for sharing this adventure. See sharing can be fun!

Hai Cait! Love your necklace!

Oh just for good measure, here’s another fan photo of Sam and Cait out at the mall on Saturday, since they do things like that together.

One final shout out to all of our writers this week. We have been given so many drabbles and amazing fics this week.  THANK YOU!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

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And hopefully we still have more goodness today and I have to update this…

You got that swag, boy ~ ᕦ(▀̿-̿-▀̿  )┐

If anyone’s looking for me, I’m over in that corner, lamenting my existence.

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anonymous asked:

Hes wearing glasses in the first lady pic on instagram

oh! yes those are sunglasses they just look like regular glasses because of the shadow on his face, he was wearing them when they got to the venue yesterday

Bleach characters visit Renji’s new sunglasses shop (after he retires)

As requested by anon. :)

Renji has retired! In this future, in which all deceased Bleach characters are magically still alive and the ending doesn’t matter, Renji has also opened his own sunglasses shop, just like the sixth lieutenant who came before. When Bleach characters visit, what do they think?

1. Iba

Iba: Abarai! Your shop!

Iba: So much beauty! So much manliness! Such a magnificent haven for all that is good in the world!

Renji: Are you…crying?


2. Hiyori


Renji: Um, hi?

Hioyri: Retired? You RETIRED?

Hiyori: I was told that there is no retirement! Only the Maggot’s Nest!

Renji: Huh? But the last sixth lieutenant retired too. He also opened a sunglasses shop. It’s kinda a tradition!

Renji: Who told you we couldn’t retire?

Hiyori: Urahara!

Renji: He does….lie a lot?

Hiyori: …


3. Ichigo

Ichigo: Dude, I thought when you got your sideburns that you couldn’t get any cooler.

Ichigo: But now you have tattoos, sideburns, AND a sunglasses shop? Man! I just can’t compete!

Renji: …you saved the world like five times.

Ichigo: Maybe I should grow a mustache or something.

4. Matsumoto

Matsumoto: Abarai! Pretty cool shop!

Renji: Thanks!

Matsumoto: You know, if you need advertising, I bet the WSRA would model these sunglasses for you!

Renji: R-really?!

Matsumoto: Sure! We’d just need a bulk discount for our next beach trip!

Renji: Done!

Matsumoto: …should have asked for free.

5. Ikkaku

Ikakku: So this is what you’re doing now, Abarai?

Ikkaku: What ever happened to catching your captain? Wasn’t that your dream?

Renji: Oh! Well, turns out that overtaking Captain Kuchiki was mostly about getting Rukia back in my life and since I succeeded at that…

Renji: I figured, why not pursue my OTHER dream?

Ikkaku: You can have more than one dream?

6. Rukia


Renji: Of course I did! The Chappy Sunglasses are selling extremely well!

Rukia: Well of course they are! They are the cutest design possible!

7. Komamura

Komamura: Do you have any sunglasses that fit giant anthropomorphic wolves?

Renji: Of course! 

Renji: Our sizes range from “child (or adult who looks like child)” all the way up to “giant (or sometimes giant)”!

Komamura: Amazing!

Renji: Well, I know my clientele. 

8. Yoruichi

Yoruichi: I require kitty-sized sunglasses!

Yoruichi: Once I take a video of myself in kitty form wearing sunglasses, I will break the internet!

Renji: Here you go! This is why I do what I do.

Yoruichi: To help your customers?

Renji: And get free advertising through kitty videos!

Yoruichi: That works too!

9. Urahara

Urahara: Wowie! Abarai!

Urahara: Such a nice shop!

Urahara: I guess all that time you spent doing chores in my shop really taught you a lot!

Renji: Huh? 

Urahara: I am basically Mr. Miyagi!


10. Byakuya

Byakuya: Renji, are those sunglasses…named after me?

Renji: Y-yes! I hope you are honored!

Byakuya: They are very…sparkly. And heart-shaped.

Renji: They are based on the ones I brought you from the world of the living! Remember?

Byakuya: The ones that I did not want?

Renji: …

Renji: I thought maybe you secretly wanted them? 

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: Some things never change, I see. 

fandomestic  asked:

are you going to enter anything in the contest for Chuck's official shirt?

Anonymous said:

Did you see that Creation Stands is having a contest where you can design an official SPN t shirt with your artwork and Rob Benedict is the one who chooses the winner?


i have a couple ideas in mind, so i’ll definitely be doing something for this after gishweek!! (i’m not feeling super well and i’m having a rough time concentrating, so i’m super happy there’s still nearly 2 weeks left to do this;;;)

Anonymous said:

Wait, did I misread your tiny Amara or are you coming to Minncon this year??? Because if I read it correctly, I’m going to Minncon (hopefully) and it’ll be really really exciting to meet you in person because I absolutely /love/ your art and you seem like a really cool person!!

YES MINNCON IS GO!! and likewise!! make sure you are wearing those distinguishable sunglasses so i recognize you