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Inside Raynham Hall, home of Robert Townsend. Summer 2017.

I keep seeing that “Men talk about things they wish women would do in bed” Reddit thread post going around this morning, and I have to say I am incredibly uncomfortable with the accusatory tone of most of the commenters.

Men can be wholesome, yes. I’m living with one right now. But he’s also pretty exceptional in that regard. Women’s distrust of men isn’t some wacky Tumblr thing. It comes from having interacted with heterosexual men, uhh, ever.

Before I transitioned I grew up around men telling me what they thought of women because they thought I was one of them. And yes, there were plenty of times where men revealed that they wanted intimacy but felt like they couldn’t ask for it because that’s ‘not what men do’. But mostly I heard men talking about wanting to fuck 15 year olds, about shaved pussies, about anal sex, about how to get around using a condom, about how attractive different races were but how they could only ever respect a white woman. I spent my whole summer fighting fire with a company of men who weren’t shy about wanting to “fuck bitches and leave them behind before they got their claws in them”.

That wholesomeness and desire for intimacy can ABSOLUTELY exist alongside abusive misogynist tendencies. I have known far too many men who outwardly talk of wanting to cuddle, of wanting to please their woman, of feeling limited in their ability to get intimacy by toxic masculinity, only to find out later that they were horny abusive fucks to their girlfriends in private. Hell, when I thought I might like men I got abused and gaslighted by one such man! Outwardly the most tender sweetheart fighting against gender norms you could imagine. Inwardly a fucking rapist who smeared my name when I tried to talk about what he did to our mutual friends.

And I’m sorry but women expressing desire for sexual gratification will never be comparable to men doing the same. Men are told from birth that they are owed sex, and women are told that they are a filthy whore if they want sex. It has been statistically PROVEN that straight women get the fewest orgasms out of anyone, while straight men get the most. There are men who want to know how to go down on their girl, yes, and good for them! But the vast majority of men just flat out refuse to engage in foreplay, and are pretty vocal about how disgusting they think vaginas are, yet fellatio is considered a totally normal vanilla, even expected thing to do in bed.

It’s twenty Fucking seventeen, do we REALLY need to play the “not all men!!!!” Game still?

Yes it is important to talk about men being limited by the patriarchy. I care about my brothers the same as everyone else. I love the men in my life just like everyone else and want to see them being the fully emotional intimate vulnerable people they can be. And yes, that was a very cute and necessary thread and I’d love to see more like it! But can we please for the love of Fucking god talk about that WITHOUT shaming women for being wary?

the signs as oscar wilde quotes.
  • aries: “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them” (Dorian Gray; ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’).
  • taurus: “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means” (Miss Prism; ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’).
  • gemini: “Do you really think, Arthur, that it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations that it requires strength, strength and courage, to yield to” (Sir Robert Chiltern; ‘An Ideal Husband’).
  • cancer: “The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death. Love only should one consider” (Salomé; ‘Salomé’).
  • leo: “Be warned in time, James, and remain, as I do, incomprehensible: to be great is to be misunderstood” (letter to James McNeill Whistler, 23rd February 1885).
  • virgo: “Don’t come here. I will come to you. Ever yours” (letter to Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas, August 1894).
  • libra: “The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” (Lord Illingworth; ‘A Woman Of No Importance’).
  • scorpio: “I am so glad you like that strange coloured book of mine: it contains much of me in it. Basil Hallward is what I think I am: Lord Henry is what the world thinks me: Dorian is what I would like to be — in other ages perhaps” (letter to Ralph Payne, 12th February 1894).
  • sagittarius: “Everyone is worthy of love, except him who thinks that he is. Love is a sacrament that should be taken kneeling” (‘De Profundis’; letter to Lord Arthur “Bosie” Douglas, written during Wilde’s incarceration at Reading Gaol).
  • capricorn: “Ideals are dangerous things. Realities are better. They wound, but they’re better” (Mrs. Erlynne; ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’).
  • aquarius: “…we shall have true, beautiful, healthy Individualism. Nobody will waste his life… One will live. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all” (‘The Soul Of Man Under Socialism’).
  • pisces: “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world” (‘The Critic As Artist’).

Inktober 2017: Day 8 - Bats

No Longer Forgotten

Fandom: Marvel (Thor’s movies)

Summary: Based on: “Imagine baking Loki his favourite Midgardian cake for his birthday, and him being deeply surprised because he told you when his birthday is just once and yet you’re the only one that remembered it and made him celebrate it after many years” by @imaginemarveluniverse

Word count: 1,573


Originally posted by lokis-quinn

A gentle humming was lighting up the kitchen bathed in the soft sunlight. You checked the oven, looking proudly at the growing cake you had made by yourself. It seemed to be all right, but you got cautious after your previous attempt at baking, which is cooling down on one of the kitchen counters, completely burnt and inedible.

You sat on one of the chairs, trying to avoid looking at the ungodly mess you have made in the process of baking. Flour was covering the floor with a thin layer that you couldn’t get rid of with the broom. You should probably wash it, but you felt weak at the mere thought of it. You were so tired that you could fall asleep standing. Actually, a quick (but normal) nap was a very tempting thought – your sore legs would rest, and your eyes, which you have rubbed with a dirty hand, almost burning them with flavouring…

No! No rest before you finish. You wouldn’t survive another round of starting everything from scratch. Of course, you would certainly give up after another defeat if the cake was meant just for you, but it wasn’t this time. You had a very special occasion and wanted to make everything perfect…

A knock on the door was as surprising as unusual. You have barely any close friends and none of them lived nearby, so there was no chance they would randomly decide to visit you before speaking to you first. And this couldn’t be the mailman, because you had a letter-box on the other side of the building. No one was visiting you like that. Maybe someone got lost or one of your neighbours wanted to ask you something?

You flattened your hair which you had no time to even brush today, but gave up on trying to cover your war with the kitchen – the only thing that could help your clothes get back to socially acceptable standards was a solid wash.

You opened the door with a light smile to greet…


You said none of your friends would visit you unexpectedly? Well, you have forgotten about the one, now standing right in front of you – the only one that you would be more than happy to see every other day but today – and the one that was supposed to come tomorrow. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if you weren’t preparing him a birthday cake. A kind of surprise. And a present. Which you were supposed to give him on his bloody birthday.

And now he got suspicious. He probably had the right to be, since you froze in the doorway, with your thoughts literally screaming and your heart racing.

“Is everything okay…?” Loki asked slowly, furrowing his eyebrows and peeking in over your shoulder. Your lack of words had worried him.

“Of course!” you said with a totally unnatural, high-pitched voice. And there goes your cover…

“So… May I come in?”

“Yea-… I mean… Nothing is-… Maybe tomorrow, you said tomorrow? Of course I didn’t forget about our tomorrow meeting and neither did you, right?” you rambled, feeling smaller and smaller.

Green eyes looked at you appraisingly.

“If you have a guest, you can just tell me. I just appeared to be around and thought that I may come in, but there is no need to…”

“No! No, no, no!” you almost shouted, but quickly calmed down. The longer you were postponing it, the worse it was becoming. You took a deep breath, moving to the side. “No one is here, I just… had a bad day. Kind of. You are welcome anytime.”

Loki hesitated a bit, but entered your home, looking around suspiciously. He was clearly searching for any signs of what was bothering you, but besides the ungodly mess in the kitchen, nothing has caught his attention. He knew your house well enough to catch any change given the amount of time you two hang out up with there.

“Well, now  at least I think I understand why you didn’t want me to see all this,” Loki gestured to the pile of dirty dishes completely covering the sink.

You shrugged, standing at the doorframe. You had to admit that the tall man in a visibly expensive suit in no way fitted in that room. You were actually surprised that he came inside of it, not afraid of omnipresent mess. Thank God that Loki was your friend and wouldn’t get mad over some stains on his clothes that you were almost sure would appear out of nowhere. Or at least you thought he would. It wasn’t your fault you’d spilled some things. A few times. Because you happened to be a little bit too enthusiastic.

“You still seem to be stressed,” Loki noticed, making himself sit comfortable on one of the chairs. He crossed his long legs, piercing you with his gaze that you had no way to avoid.

“I’ve just had a bad day,” you carefully selected your words, knowing that you were treading on thin ice. You could almost hear it breaking as Loki was working you out openly. “Nothing serious. Tried to keep my mind away from everything, and well, you see what happened.”

“You mean this burning… thing?”

“Yeah, I kind of forgot about it for a bit too long, got distracted. I’ll have to throw it away…”

“I meant the one burning right now.”

“Wha-…? Oh, shit-…!” you rushed to the oven, almost breaking your legs on the way.

You didn’t even bother to look for a dishcloth, hissing over the sting of pain when the temperature kissed your palms. And almost destroyed your cake, apparently. You put it on the table, between empty packages and a sugar container. It didn’t smell that bad, but the obvious black spots on the sides were ruthless. And you were so close… But, after putting some icing that would easily cover them, a very thin layer of icing, maybe of different colours, who knows…

Loki observed the race of emotions on your face. You were like an open book for him after all those years of knowing each other. He had a sarcastic comment on the tip of his tongue, but let it go, seeing how downcast you were.

The man cleared his throat.

“I bet it tastes better than it looks like.”

“It doesn’t look bad. Look there – this is a burnt cake. This one is… just slightly more crispy.”

“Who have you made this for?” Loki asked curiously.

“No one,” you answered a little too quickly for him not to notice.

He smirked wolfishly. You felt a rock forming in your throat. You knew that grin – it meant that Loki would never drop the subject that sparked his interest before getting to know every detail.

“So I may have a piece after it cools down?” he asked innocently.

“No, you can’t,” you said firmly.


“Because I have to decorate it first.”

“Oh, come on,” Loki smirked. “One piece won’t ruin your very necessary decorations.”

“Yes, it will, because this has to be perfect.”

“But you just said you made it for yourself. Since when do you care over the look and not the taste…? It’s so uncommon of you, I am starting to worry about you, you know?”

You groaned loudly, accepting your defeat. He would never stop, and you were too tired to argue with him for hours.

“I hate you,” you muttered, resting your head on the table.

“And you still didn’t answer my…”

“Because it’s for your birthday, maybe?! Okay, I know it’s not today, but you were supposed to come tomorrow. That’s why everything is a mess and I’m completely not prepared… Loki, why are you so pale? I mean, more pale than usual. Is everything okay?”

Loki was indeed frozen, with pure disbelief on his face.

“You did… what? How did you know about my birthday?” he uttered, suddenly in loss for words.

“You told me.”

“But that was ages ago!”

“And I’ve got this thing called a calendar. I just made a note, Loki. There is no need to act so surprised. Besides, you scare me and I’m not sure if you are okay or not… I tried, okay? I’ve just always been a disaster in the kitchen, that’s why I screwed it up…”

“Am I okay?” He repeated your words with raised eyebrows. “Are you actually asking me if I’m okay with my first birthday present in years? Do I look like I hate receiving goods? I’m a god, I love all of them, let’s be honest…”

You stopped him.

“Wait, so you’re saying that no one has celebrated your birthday in…?”

“Exactly. And now let’s move on to the main course, because the more I look at it, the happier I feel,” Loki licked his lips, which earned him a small laugh from you. It was another great thing about that day and it was still early.

He had almost forgotten how enjoyable birthdays could be when celebrated with someone close. He smiled to himself when you were looking for a plates.

So for all the people who read Twilight and wanted :

A) A well written story

B) Actual well rounded protagonists

C) Femslash and lesbians

This is Carmilla.

So you may be thinking great, another queer-baiting show with vampires, except get this.
Almost every character is queer AND female. No baiting, just straight up canon.

Carmilla is a modern web series adaptation of the book Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan de Le Fanu. Basically it’s a college AU.

There’s also the matter of the cast:

This is Tiny Gay Laura:

She has hilarious one liners like this

And this is what she thinks about Twilight

What’s not to like?
Although the series is called Carmilla, it’s really her story.
(above 3 gifs are from carmilla-karnstein)

Let me introduce you to Tall Gay Danny:

Yeah, she’s 6’2. Laura’s 5’2 when she’s having a happy day
I finally understand the appeal of height difference.
We all agree she’s an Amazonian goddess and a total puppy. Except when she’s worried about Laura. Then she basically evolves into a grizzly bear. Think Teddiursa into Ursaring. Yeah. Don’t hurt Laura. Ever. There’s also a few theories out there she might be an Amazon, or a werewolf, or some kind of hunter like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer but we don’t really know yet

(souce for the above goes to danasoupchef)
Also, Laura really is that tiny. There’s a reason her tag is Tiny Gay Laura (other than the gay part. That part’s also true)

This is Sullen Broody Gay Carmilla
She’s a philosophy major and we like to call a useless lesbian because she is.

Carmilla and Laura become roommates after Laura’s old roommate went missing. Plus, there’s Danny, Laura’s cute Lit TA that’s part of an all girl outdoor social club

Tall Gay Danny and Broody Gay Carmilla are both overwhelmed with feels and Tiny Gay Laura doesn’t know what to do about it
There’s also Only Gay for LaF Lola Perry

(credits: tallgaydanny)
She’s basically the mom
Very Gay Lafontaine

(source: @frenchfrysplash)
They’re the other parent (their preferred pronouns are they/them). They are also super protective of Laura and a bio major so Science!. Not to mention they’re always on the know and has some of the best one liners. LaHollis is the BrOTP name and Elise Bauman and Kaitlyn Alexander (Laura and LaFontaine respectively) are our Captains

They is also an old married couple and their ship name is LaFerry.
And yes there is a love triangle but here me out: LESBIANS. Adorable useless lesbians
See also:

hold up,

Yes, Seduction Eyes
Like these:

or these

Also these

And Seduction Gifts (although these are slightly less successful)
(source for above 2 gifs: @neither-saint-nor-sinner)
But the Seduction Smiles are working great
Plus Seduction Touches, but we haven’t gotten into those too much yet.
Although, we’ve kinda started to last episode

Yeah, I’m just gonna leave that there as incentive for you guys to watch the full clip. No, I will not tell you witch episode this is.

Although Danny doesn’t like that very much

(source: stelmarias)
See also: Natasha Negovanlis speaks at least two languages: English and eyebrow. Seriously. Eyebrow game so strong with this one.
Laura thinks that Carmilla wants to eat her.
I would agree. Although my definition may be slightly different than hers.

Laura and Carmilla’s ship name is Stars and Candles (I am going to make it happen if it’s the last thing I do. And considering how long this just took me, this might be). I’ve never really understood the appeal of an OT3 before this show, but now I can say I’ve seen the light. Some people ship Danny x Laura, some Stars and Candles ( :D ), and some even ship Danny and Carmilla. We all ship Perry and Laf. It’s cool, though, there aren’t any ship wars, mostly because we’re all so happy that are ships actually have the possibility of becoming canon

We also have interactive social media. Like the characters Carmilla and Laura both have a tumblr and a twitter and LaFontaine also recently started a twitter (yes, the characters, not the actresses. Although they have twitters too). The actress that portrays Laf, Kaitlyn Alexander (kbearluna) , has a tumblr and is our captain. So does one of the producers hotladypants and one of the writers, anamatics, who sometimes writes non-canon fanfiction for the show. They’re great (albeit they are some of the trolliest trolls to ever troll. Just a little)!

The fandom is great, like there is no fighting and we all ship everything. It’s awesome.

The series is on Vervegirl and updates twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and each episode is only 3-6 minutes so it isn’t all that hard to catch up. They are on Episode 21 and the season is going to have 36 (fingers crossed for renewal!)

So basically, there’s the lesbian vampire and supernatural elements you always wanted from Twilight, except the writing and characters are actually good and it’s all canon. What are you waiting for?

Start watching it here! 

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Do you know any resources where I can learn properly anatomy from since I'm a beginner at art? Thank you for your time!

Ok! yes.

WARNING: all the links are related to human anatomy, hence some have images of internal organs, skeletons and genitalia.

first thing first: anatomy is a fucking nightmare to learn. for me at least. You need to do a lot of boring stuff before getting to the really fun stuff. I can tell you what my own process was because I studied it the long way at school.

The skeleton

While you’re not a medicine student and you don’t really need to know every single name of every single bone it’s good you at least can name the most important ones and where they are and what are their proportions with the bones close to it and ho they attach

You can learn this basically one way: by copying those kind of images:

Is it boring? HELL YES. is it necessary? VERY MUCH SO.

You should copy those while trying to understand from the image those things I told you about. it’s really important to focus on proportions and how bones interact with each other, otherwise it’s just copying and it’s time wasted. 

Where to find those kind of images: I haven’t found a proper online resource for this unfortunately, but something is out there: 

My best advice though it’s this: since it’s a pain in the ass to copy from screen and most of the images you find online are low-res you should go to your local library and look for a book that has this kind of images. look for either medical student books or artist books. You can also find them in a book store but you won’t need those books for long so it’s frankly a waste of money as they tend to be SUPEREXPENSIVE. I never ever ever opened mine after doing those exercises. Avoid buying them on the internet because you never understand what’s inside and you’ll need those specific things to copy:

What to copy:

upper body: front - back - side

an arm: front - back - side

a leg: front - back - side

skull: front - back - side

a full skeleton: front - back - side

This should be it, any more than that and you’ll want to kill yourself.

The muscles

Thankfully you won’t need to learn every single muscle in the human body, just the outer layer. 

The exercise is still the same but there are a lot more resources on this and you need to pay attention to: how they move, how they work, how they attach to the bones underneath it

Still, the advice I had for the skeleton is the same: try your local library for something on paper.

Once you have done the basics copying (upper body, arm, leg, head all in front, back and side. Remember to include the neck and neck muscles in the headshot. ) you can start doing something MUCH MORE INTERESTING: copying real poses.

Do a few exercises like this:

(image from Amenarae

where you look at a pose and then draw the muscles on it. If you have done your studies well (and by well I mean: learning where’s where and how they work) you should be able to do this easily.

Start from this website: (which by the way is the resource the artist of the example used) because they are 3d models that already show the muscles. And do it properly, and by properly I mean: trying to understand anything you see and match it with what you’ve learned of muscles.

But as soon as you can start doing it from photos! Copying is important as I said but even more is actually applying those things you’ve learned. Pixelovely has a ton of photos to copy for this exercise.

And now for something more interesting: life drawing and gesture drawing

QuickPoses is great. it also have a sort of a gamifying system of earning a sort of certificate after tot-hours spent doing it. 

Now, there is a difference between life drawing and gesture drawing. I love gesture drawing much more if you ask me but both are important. 

Avoid using posemaniacs for either of these exercises, as they are 3d models they lack the natural aspect of a real human body and they’ll ALWAYS look fake.

Life drawing is… well, drawing from life, with a model. You should try to find a class in your area that does it, the more you do the better. The poses are long, from 10 minutes to 2 hours each and you focus on drawing the person in front of you in detail and good proportions. if you can’t find a IRL class (you should!) those links I gave you previously (quickposes and pixelovely) are decent substitute. 

Dude. do it. this is one of those exercises that artists keep doing all their lives, because it’s worth it.

(source, these are mine btw)

Gesture Drawing is a bit more different but I love it much more. It’s also scary as fuck because it’s fast and dirty and people find it intimidating but once you’ve done it a bit it’s AMAZING.

It is similar to life drawing but it differentiate in the purpose, in gesture drawing you look at faster poses (usually 1 or 2 minutes each, sometime even just 30 seconds) and you don’t really focus on anatomy and proportions (something you have to do in life drawing) but on gesture and movement. Basically you try to draw the idea of movement of the pose.

these are some of mines:

there are more in my other blog

This is the PERFECT way to learn movement and how to simplify your pencil-strokes. learning how to suggest a pose just with few lines is the most powerful tool you’ll ever have at your disposal.

I spend periods doing it every day, 5 minutes a day, usually 30 seconds or 1 minute each (which means either 10 poses or 5). and it helps SO VERY MUCH. In the months I do this exercise daily I draw so much better than when I don’t.



There was even more like… weird “horror” crap because I was watching horror lets plays… (It’s a really sad excuse for horror though don’t get me wrong)

Also I have no idea what Tim is looking for in The top picture LET YOUR IMAGINATION REIGN FREE

@kimiokana , here’s Erwin with his coffee! He’s tired of the cadets asking him if he “needs a hand” with his work lol, I’m sorry it took so long, I’ve had a busy day. Thank you so much for the request, I haven’t drawn Erwin much (but I need to get used to drawing him with my style I tried so hard not to make him a kawaii school girl or something..) feel free to request any more if you would like to!

Remember to stay safe! Try not to overwhelm yourselves! -Layla

(And yes, the comic sans on the mug is very necessary)

zzxya  asked:

Shieth; Two leaders of rival kingdoms/planets (if you wanna stay closer to canon), can only meet in a hidden garden/planet to be together ^^

“It’s been two weeks.”

He heard a disembodied voice from behind the flora, a large shadow moving into the dim light. Shiro looked the same, but infinitely more tired. Keith could see how much he’d aged in so little time and he had a hard time not reaching out to him. Their boundaries were still a little iffy. Like last time, he could have sworn Shiro would hug him but had only turned away with a sad smile.

Ruling a planet unwillingly was very hard.

“Seems like two years,” Keith answered. He felt a little high at the sight of his companions large shoulders glowing in the light. He’d missed him so much. Had dreamt of the hug that never happened. “You look like you could use some sleep.”

“Couple of years worth,” Shiro agreed. “I’d take a power nap if I could, but Queen Regent Allura is doing her best to keep this planet together.”

“Isn’t that your job?”

“You’d think, right?” He laughed, throwing his white hair out of his eyes. “We all knew though, that she’d be the true ruler. I’m just a face for the people.”

“That’s not true,” Keith sighed and sat on the stone bench hidden in the brush. “You know it’s not.”

“Yeah,” Shiro exhaled harshly as he sat next to him. “I know. But I don’t want to talk about my job or… life right now. How are you? Two weeks is too long.”

Keith felt every atom in his body vibrate at Shiro’s arm next to his own. He was so close. All he had to do was throw out an arm and hold Shiro. He could pass it off as a friendly good-to-see-you hug.

“Lance has been keeping me together, honestly.” Keith didn’t hug him. “But I’ve made a lot of progress. Next month we’re passing a law to cut taxes on the lower class. We’ve found the funding elsewhere.”

Shiro’s smile was as bright as the moon above them. Keith seriously regretted that not-hug.

“That’s amazing! I’m guessing that’s why this truce conference has been called? I was thinking of just coming to visit you anyway if the weeks kept on creeping by.”

He didn’t have anything to say to that. What was there to say? ‘Please visit me. Just stay. Let Allura rule and I’ll let Lance take full control. We’ll take our spaceship and run.’

“I’ve missed you, Keith.” Shiro admitted quietly, looking away and into the moon. “Honestly, those months together during my coronation… I can’t even tell you how much I miss… just… us.”

“You’d think our planets old civil war would have made us less than friends.”

“I don’t think there’s any reason in the galaxy that could make us less than friends.”

‘I can think of a reason to make us more,’ Keith thought wistfully. Shiro laughed suddenly and Keith prayed he hadn’t said it aloud.

“Except if you keep insisting chocolate is better than strawberries.”

“It is!” Keith snorted, desperately trying to keep his heart under control.

“Okay, well how about this?” Shiro curled his arm around Keith’s shoulders, pulling them together. Gesturing to the sky, he said, “Chocolate covered strawberries!”

“You may be onto something,” he admitted. The control was gone, never there. His heart was burning against his ribs, frantic to get closer to Shiro. “You’re smarter than you look.”

“Are you suggesting I look stupid?”

“Ehhhh,” he wiggled his hand in the universal kinda-sorta gestured. Laughing when Shiro looked very offended, Keith dug deeper underneath his arm. A very necessary action. Yes. He knew these things, as a ruler. “Oh come on, you I know I love your stupid face.”

Shiro pulled him closer.

“Yeah. I do.”

Coffee Drabble #3: The Best Part of Waking Up

Lastly! Some of that sweet sweet SeriRei for @dipuc. Thank you kindly!

Reigen let out a long, anguished groan as he trudged heavily down the stairs. It was still dark out, a solid three hours before he would normally get up. He couldn’t believe he had taken on this job, had smiled and nodded when the client had told him that the spirit only appeared just at the cusp of dawn…even the extra ‘morning riser fee’ wasn’t enough to make this worth it.

He slid his shoes on, opened the door…and immediately screamed as he faced a shadowy figure standing on the dark stoop.

The figure screamed back.

“Oh my God, Serizawa!” Reigen gasped, the echoes of their collective freak-out dying slowly down the empty street. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Please forgive me, Reigen-san! I…I didn’t know that you had a job this early until Mob-senpai texted me to let me know last night and then it was too late to contact you to offer my services, so I…” With a deep bow, he held out one of two small paper cups. “I’m very sorry for surprising you, and I hope this makes up for it.”

Reigen straightened his jacket and put his hand on Serizawa’s shoulder, urging him to stand straight. “Really, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. You just startled me, that’s all.” He took the cup and raised it to his nose, sniffing. “What is it?”

“I made you a cappuccino.”

“Oh. Too bad it wasn’t a latte. Or I could have been like…’Thanks a latte!’”

“Would you have preferred a latte?! My apologies! I can make one for you later to make up for it!”

“Seri. I’m just kidding. Come on.”

“Be careful, though, please, Reigen-san. It’s –”



Despite the initial burn, Reigen had to admit that the drink was quite delicious. There was a dash of chocolate powder mixed in, and it married pleasantly with the espresso. And it absolutely woke him up, which was a godsend. In the glow of the streetlights, he could see Serizawa taking small sips from his own cup, now and then glancing at Reigen before immediately averting his gaze. It was…achingly adorable.

“Okay, this is it,” Reigen announced as they appeared in front of an apartment building. “I’ll do the talking, and I’ll…um…” He thought how best to word this. “If I determine that the spirit does not pose a particular challenge, I’ll let you exorcise it. For practice. Sound good?”

“Yes, sir!”

Reigen finished the cappuccino before tossing the paper cup in a nearby receptacle. He was about to open the door, but paused, turning to regard Serizawa fully. “Wow, I just realized…I’m a real jerk. I didn’t actually thank you. For coming out and bringing me coffee and all.”

Serizawa flushed, looking down at his feet and fidgeting slightly, self-consciously tugging at his pocket with his thumb. “Please, Reigen-san, it’s the least I could do. It’s…it’s my pleasure and I want to be useful. To you…I mean, to the agency! And –”

The space between them became silent once more as Reigen leaned in and pressed a kiss to Serizawa’s cheek. His stubble prickled his lips, the fingertips that touched the other side of his face. Serizawa’s mouth hung open, as if the words had gotten stuck on their way out, and Reigen realized he wanted to really kiss him, but…that was something they should probably talk about. Not exactly the best thing to spring on an anxious guy like Serizawa first thing in the morning.

“So. Thank you.” Reigen pulled back after tucking a piece of dark hair behind Serizawa’s ear. He’d be needing another haircut soon.

“You’re…welcome.” Serizawa barely breathed the words, reaching up to touch the spot Reigen had kissed, like he was trapping the sensation in.

“Shall we?”

“Yes, sir!”

“‘Sir’ isn’t necessary…”

“Very well, Arataka.”

Reigen nearly collapsed against the still-closed door.

artekop  asked:

You realise putting a dry noodle in your wacom pen is really bad??????? It ruins not only the pen but the tablet, as it can cause scratches etc, and if it breaks off it'll get stuck in the pen so pls dont do that. (sorry if u were already told this)

The post has 55 000+ notes where of 80% of the comments are “it’s bad and will scratch the surface” and I have made not one, not two but four posts confirming that yes I have IN FACT been informed of this so yes, this message was indeed not very necessary. I have been told this for 48 hours straight. I have grasped the concept.

Troll Romance Analysis

Trolls are a violent race, i’m not saying that they are incapable of feeling joy and love, but as Karkat said: “A WELL BALANCED PERSON IS GOING TO HAVE A GOOD DISTRIBUTION BETWEEN HATE AND THE VARIOUS PITY HUMORS. HAVING A GOOD BALANCE KEEPS ALL THE EMOTIONS SHARPER”. They consider those feelings as variations of pity, and are organized in a system based on Quadrants.

Before we jump into details, you have to understand the differences between them and us. Their reproduction is sexual like ours (as hinted in Openbound), but they use their sexual fluids in a different way: they give those to the Mother Grub who creates the nest generation of trolls.
As none of the trolls engaging a sexual encounter has a “relevant” role in a troll’s birth, they do not have gender differences (although Porrim, an active feminists says this is not true, but we are not getting into that).Karkat didn’t even know what homosexuality was when John said it to him, he said “HUMANS HAVE A WORD FOR THAT?”, they don’t have sexual preferences like a system-breake, these preferences are more like fetishes.
A troll can accept boys and girls, no matter their gender, what is important to them is finding someone that can give them a good experience of the quadrant they would have.

Now we can explain how they develop romance:

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I’m NOT related to him- Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: (This was a request) You are Peter Parker’s twin sister, and you have a huge crush on Bucky.

Word Count: 1899

Warnings: none, enjoy!

“Pete, shove off will ya, don’t you have homework to do or something?” You nipped as Peter laid himself flat over you in his attempt to get the coveted remote.

“Oh shut up, you know you love me,” Your twin argued, reaching even further over you, his chest pressed firmly into your face, making it even harder to breathe. You grunted and shoved your fingers hard into his ribs with one hand and jabbed his sternum with the other, he hissed and rolled off of you and onto the floor.

“Ok was that really necessary [Y/n],” He whined, nursing the bruise starting to form.

“I’m older by three minutes, therefore, I get the remote. And yes, that was very necessary,” You teased, flipping to the channel you wanted, settling into the cushions of the couch, intending to binge watch all day.

“Actually, I get the remote,” A stern voice commanded from behind you. You pivoted your head, wondering who was speaking to you.

“Steve, you don’t even know how to work the remote,” Peter negated, not realizing that it wasn’t Steve talking to you guys.

“Spider boy, you better watch it, this metal arm could decapitate you in a second,” Bucky mused, watching fondly as Peter looked over at him, fear widening his eyes and dropping his jaw.

“Oh sorry Buc- Mr. Barnes, I was just uh… leaving,” Peter stuttered, getting up off the floor and disappearing off into the hallway.

“God he’s annoying, if anybody asks, I’m NOT related to him,” You mused, snuggling deeper under the blanket you had smuggled from your brother’s room.

“Yeah, he is really annoying,” Bucky replied, jumping onto the couch, tucking his legs neatly underneath him. “What are we watching,” Bucky asked.

Your heart galloped against your ribs, and your breathing began to race along with it.

“Uhhhh…. Grey’s Anatomy,” You muttered, completely ignoring the drama unfolding on the screen. You were too busy gawking at the super soldier sitting not a foot away from you. Ever since you had moved into the tower with Peter five years ago, feelings for the older assassin began to creep into your heart, and for five agonizing years, you’ve let these feelings manifest. And this wasn’t usually a problem, unless he talked to you, then you became a rambling, babbling, awkward mess.

“What’s it about,” Bucky asked, watching intently as someone flatlined, a flurry of doctors and beeping machines consuming the screen. Bucky watched wide eyed.

“Oh my gosh! SOMEBODY JUST DIED?!” Bucky yelled, panic dripping over his stoic features.

“No, uh, not really, well… he’s fine, it’s just a show, nobody really uh, died. It’s all fake,” you assured as Bucky chewed on his bottom lip. Your heart fluttered around in your ribcage as he gently untucked his lip from under his teeth. You smiled at his innocence and concern. You stared at the curve of his jaw and the way his nose sloped gently; stubble shadowed his chin and cheeks telling you he hadn’t shaved this morning. Suddenly his head swung around so he was looking right at you. His gaze was intense, and for the first time you noticed that his eyes captured the ocean, vibrant blues and misty greys trapped in his irises and swirling over his pupils. For the longest time, you had just called them blue, but now you knew they were so much more than just blue.

“What, is there something on my face,” Bucky asked, his fingers ghosting over the corners of his mouth in search of forgotten food crumbs. You averted your gaze quickly, busying yourself with picking at your thumbnail.

“No uh… I have to go, I forgot I have uh, homework, yeah I have homework,” You stumbled as you got up off the couch, embarrassment torching your cheeks a deep pink. You strode down the hall, your eyes trained on the ground. You arrived at your room, flopping on the bed, letting your pillow absorb a frustrated groan.

“Hey sis, what was with all the gawking, I could practically see the hearts in your eyes,” Pete taunted from the doorway. You rolled over and sat up, glaring at Peter, your lips turning up into a scowl.

“WHAT? How do you know- why were you- Peter how did you see that,” You asked, anger flaring in your stomach.

“I see everything,” He confessed, wiggling his fingers at you.

“But you left!” you shrieked, embarrassment quickening your pulse even further.

“My spidey senses were tingling,” He implied, walking over and sitting on the bed, poking your blushed cheek as he sat.

“Look at my little sis, so in love,” Peter teased, shooting a web in the shape of the heart onto the wall.

“I’m three minutes older than you,” You pointed out bitterly.

“Hey! What did I say about webs on the walls?” Tony asked as he happened to be walking by as Peter slung another web at the wall.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Mr. Stark,” He apologized, getting up to rip the webbing off the wall.

“No but really, what do you see in that guy, he scares the crap outta me,” Peter asked as he threw the web in the trash can by the desk in the corner.

“Pete, I don’t know! I can’t control my feelings! Leave me alone, I don’t really wanna talk about this right now,” You grumbled, falling back against your pillows, sighing loudly.

“Well, you’ve liked- loved him for like five years now, don’t you think it’s time to either tell him or get over him?” He asked, looking over at you.

“I don’t really think any of those are do-able for me,” You admitted, covering your face with a throw pillow.

“Well if you don’t do something, I will,” Peter threatened, shrugging slightly as if he had no other choice.

“Oh no you won’t,” You declared.

“I just might, I totally ship it,” he warned, backing out of the room slowly. You got up off the bed, preparing to chase down and tackle your brother if he dared to mess with your love life. Peter bolted, sprinting down the hall, laughing all the way.

“Peter you get back here or so help me,” You yelled, swiping out to grab his shirt. He exploded into the living room, to find nothing but an empty couch. He stopped abruptly, causing you to slam into him, sending you both falling forward onto the couch.

“[Y/n]’s IN LOVE WITH-” Peter shouted before you clamped your hand over his mouth tightly. You rolled over on top of him, pinning him to the couch. He struggled, but he couldn’t quite knock you off balance. Suddenly, he swiped his tongue across your palm, leaving a warm wet trail.

“OH, eww gross Peter,” You gagged, wiping your hand on your jeans. With his mouth free Peter took his chance and yelled at the top of his lungs.

“[Y/n]’S IN LOVE WITH- Ow oh god,” Peter groaned as you punched him in the crotch, desperation causing you to act rashly.

“If you say another word I will end you,” You warned as he whined and squirmed under you.

“[Y/n]’s in love with who,” Tony asked, walking into the living room, flanked by Natasha and Steve. You rolled off Peter, sitting innocently on the couch, smiling up at Tony. Peter sat up, still trying to catch his breath.

“Uh, no one, I’m going to be alone forever,” You lied, glancing over at Pete, who was now laying on the floor, his face pressed into the rug.

“Actually we were just talking about her major crush on- oomph,” Peter tried to say, before you tossed a pillow at his face.

“On who,” Steve asked, looking at Peter as he flung the pillow away.


“Peter I’m so gonna kill you,”

“Wait, you like Bucky, like the assassin, the one with the creepy metal arm,” Tony clarified, looking over at you skeptically.

“Uh pfft, no, that’s a lie, Pete is lying, he has no Idea what he’s talking about,” You stammered, a crimson blush giving away your lie.

“What’s going on, what did I miss,” Bucky asked, joining the group, you groaned and fell back on the couch, covering your face with your hands.

“Oh not much, [Y/n] has a huge crush on you,” Steve explained nonchalantly; clapping Bucky on the back as he told him your most crippling secret.

“No I don’t,” You lied, getting up, smacking your twin over the head as you fled from the room. You raced down the hall, evading the shocked stares of the other inhabitants of the tower. You slammed the door, falling on the bed, letting a few tears leak down your cheeks. This was possibly your worst nightmare. You could never show your face in this tower ever again, especially not to Bucky. Oh god, what would Bucky say… You hiccuped, your tears turning to sobs. You sat up and wiped your eyes, deciding you were going to do two things to fix this. First, you were going to kill your brother, and secondly, you were going to flee the country and change your name. You were just about to pack your things when a quick knock sounded at the door.

“Peter, I don’t want to hear your shit apology, you already fucked this up enough,” you growled. You threw open the door, expecting Peter, but who you were confronted with instead nearly stopped your already nervous heart. Bucky stood on the other side of the door, you were tempted to slam the door and jump out of the window, instead you just smiled.

“Hey, what can I do for you,” You asked, wishing you could ignore your heart thudding painfully against your ribs.

“Is it true,” he asked.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” You lied.

“The major crush you have on me that your brother mentioned, is it true?” Bucky wondered.


“Cause I hope it is,” Bucky admitted, smiling lightly.

“Uhhh what?” You blurted.

“Yeah, well I think this might be as good a time as ever to say that I feel the same way, and I have for about three years now,” Bucky confessed, looking over you to gage your reaction. You just stood at the door, gawking at him, none of the thousands of words you wanted to say would come out.

“Yes,” was all you could manage.

“What, yes it’s true? Yes you would go out with me? Yes what?” He asked, wanting clarification.

“Yes to all those things,” You finally managed, regaining your composure.

“I was hoping you’d say that doll,” Bucky breathed, the use of the nickname sending butterflies erupting through your stomach. Bucky smiled, bringing you into a tight embrace, your head tucked perfectly into the crook of his neck, his heart thumped wildly against your ear.

“Hey [Y/n], can I kiss you?” He inquired.

“Please,” You breathed.  He pressed his lips gently to yours, warmth spreading from the pit of your stomach out to the tips of your fingers. You smiled into the kiss, eventually you pulled away, breathless but ecstatic.

“Hey, can we go finish Grey’s Anatomy, I really want to know that happens between Meredith and McDreamy,” Bucky asked, his arms snaking around your waist..

“Yes, definitely,” You assured, happy for once that Pete had let one of your secrets slip from his mouth.