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“Beauty and the Beast” sentence meme

Send one for my muse’s reaction

  • “Think of the one thing that you’ve always wanted. Now find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart.”
  • “I want so much more than they’ve got planned!”
  • “Hello? Who said that?”
  • “What are you reading?”
  • “I am NOT a beast!”
  • “My room? But I thought…”
  • “Once this door closes, it will never open again!”
  • “Have you really read every one of these books?”
  • “As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating!”
  • “I never thanked you for saving my life.”
  • “It just occurred to me that I’m illiterate and I’ve never actually had to spell it out loud before…”
  • “You’ll join me for dinner. That’s not a request.”
  • “Oh, you are very strong! This is a great quality!”
  • “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.”
  • “You are the wildest, most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen! Nobody deserves you…”
  • “It’s more than I can bear.”
  • “You have to help me. You have to stand.”
  • “Hello! Pleased to meet you! Wanna see me do a trick?”
  • “Come into the light.”
  • “Oh, I’m not a princess…”
  • “You’ve taken me as your prisoner, and now you want to have dinner with me? Are you insane?”
  • “There must be something there that wasn’t there before.”
  • “Do you realize what you could have done? You could have damned us all!”
  • “Just a little change, small to say the least.”
  • “I will escape, I promise!”
  • “How lovely to make your acquaintance!”
  • “When we return to the village, you will marry me.”
  • “Pretty eyes, proud face, perfect canvas! Yes! I will find you something worthy of a princess!”
  • “Are there any other tasteless demands you would like to make on my artistry?”
  • “I was the one who had it all.”
zach dempsey: can i kiss you?

Request: “I want a zach dempsey x reader one. Fluffy, and I want them to kiss.”

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Warning(s): Fluffy and cute.

Word Count: 632

Gif: @joeck (Gee, no surprise.)

A/N: I didn’t really know where I was going, so bear with me.

“No, Zach, it’s not rocket science,” you exhale. “It’s just biology.”

You had the glorious opportunity to tutor the great Zach Dempsey. Yes, he’s attractive and ambitious, but he’s also incredibly thick.

Zach dropped his pen on the table and leaned back. He let a sigh escape his lips; which moved the piece of hair that laid upon his forehead. You hung your head on your shoulder, watching him close his eyes. You wouldn’t be telling the truth if you said you weren’t attracted to Zach Dempsey.

Tutoring Zach Dempsey isn’t the hardest job in the word, but it also ain’t the easiest. You couldn’t understand it- he was always getting good remarks in biology. But spending an extra hour with the heartthrob of Liberty was definitely worth it.

“So, what exactly do the nonkinetochores do?” You asked, trying to focus him back on the worksheet.

He sighed once more, moving the paper into his sight. “Uh, they elongate the cell for replication.”

You nodded, acknowledging his correct answer. “And why the cell elongates, it starts to…?”

“Create cell cleavage?” He questioned. You smiled and he took that as a result of getting the right answer.
“See, you understand,” you chuckled. You checked your phone for the time: 3:45. “And right on time. We gotta go.”

You both packed up and left the library. It was raining heavily, which you did not expect as you had not coat or jacket. Zach took off his varsity jacket and wrapped it around you when he saw you rub your biceps.

“Do you want me to drive you home?” Zach asked. His car was across the lot.

“Uh,” you paused. You checked your phone and saw that your dad couldn’t pick you up. “Please?”

He grinned and nodded. “No problem.”

Zach took his jacket off your shoulders and held it above your head. You two started speed walking to his car. When you were walking, Zach dropped his binder. You stopped to pick it up, but so did Zach. You both had turned into each other.

“Oh,” you exhaled. You were not soaking wet from the rain.

You looked up at Zach as he looked down at you. The water dripped off his forehead to his nose, then down to his lips. His mouth was slightly parted, which explained his heavy breathing.

He gentle moved a string of wet hair from the front of your face. He left his hand to hold the side of your head.

“Can I,” he breathed. “Can I kiss you?”

The corners of your lips curved up and your cheeks became rosy. Zach imitated the features.

“Please,” you whispered.

Without hesitation, Zach leaned forward. You pressed your hands against his chest to stabilize yourself to tippy toe higher. You felt his lips hover over your bottom. He nibbled slightly and pulled away.

You gripped the collar of his shirt and pulled him back for another kiss. You felt his smile form when he wrapped his arms around your waist. You released your grip to connect your hands about the crook of his neck.

His tongue slipped into your mouth, forcing him to crouch slightly to get a better angle. You sighed in the comfortable position. You pulled away, keeping your eyes closed.

“Get out of the rain! You’ll get sick!” the custodian shouted from the library.

Zach snapped his head to the man, then tilted his head. He picked up his binder then took your hand. Together, you both walked over to his car.

“Let’s get you home.” Zach opened your car door, letting you in first. He jumped into the driver’s seat.

With one hand on the steering wheel and the other in your hand, he drove out of the lot.

“Tutoring got all the more interesting,” Zach laughed.


Giveaway prize for the lovely @victorialee-93, who requested aged-up Yurabek (Otayuri? Otario? This ship has so many names…) in a pose from this video, with character designs based on adult!ice illustrations by @istehlurvz.

BTS reaction to you killing your cactus by watering it too much


Hysterical laughther. 

“A- *laughter* A Cactus? How the hell  did you manage *laughter* to KILL a c- *laugther* a CACTUS?”


He’d be a bit too serious about the situation, trying to comfort you about your loss.

“It’s okay… It happens to the best of us, Jayiga,” he’d say, patting you back. “Next time we could get you… a… rock..?”

Originally posted by cyyphr


The mochi would want to make you feel better. He’d attempt to distract you.

“Who needs a cactus when you have a boyfriend as cute as me?”

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves


He would drag you to the nearest florist to get you a new one.

“Let’s take care of it together! We’ll be its parents, and it will grow happy, and have a long, fulfilled life! What shall we name it?”


He would stare at you intently.

“I feel like this is a great metaphor about human nature…”

Bonus - God of Destruction

“I think we’re soulmates.” 

Originally posted by sweetness-of-life


Sarcasm mode: ON

“Y/N… Let’s not have children.”

Afterwards he’d feel bad about his comment and buy you dinner or something


He’d let out short chuckle, but would attempt to stay serious and comfort you.

“It’s alright, Jagiya! You take care of me pretty well, and that’s what counts, right?”

Originally posted by xingorjin

Is this inspired by a real life experience? 

Yes. Her name was Hermione and I loved her T.T

PS: Requests are still open!

"Hot Girl"

[Context - My little brother admires my dad’s DM skills so he wanted to do his own. He’s still learning the ropes so our rules are simplified. I’m playing as a Dragonborn Fighter named Goldbarr, and my mom is playing a Hag Witch named Harriet. My dad is watching over and stepping in when my little brother needs help.
Setting - We stumble upon a staircase that leads us up into the heavens, and we end up in a castle in the clouds which holds The Elementals, who rule over and control each element (water, earth, etc.) like Gods. The fire Elemental, Fireball, a woman made of flame greets us and requests our help. We get the quest and are about to leave.]

Fireball: Come back when you’ve defeated the monster.
Goldbarr: Is there any way we can keep in contact in case we need guidance?
Fireball: Actually yes, good idea. 
*She goes and retrieves two mossy objects shaped vaguely like walkie-talkies*
Here. It’s a little old, but it should work just fine. We’ll use the other one.
Goldbarr: Great, thanks–
*I turn to Harriet*
*everyone is silent*
Goldbarr, OOC (Me): And yes, that is the only reason I asked that, if you were wondering.

jeff atkins: is that a yes?

Request: “Hi! Please say that you will do a part 2 of Jeff imagine. I love this one soo much” - @newsameoldmistakes

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 231

Gif: @kingofrecovery

A/N: There is a third part, so enjoy this so far! [ Read pt. 1 ] [ Ready pt 3 ]

“Hey Jensen,” someone called from behind you. You turned, seeing Jeff Atkins jogging down the hall. You suspected he was looking for Clay, so you carried on walking.

“Wait, no!” A hand gripped your swinging one causing you to stop in your tracks. The famous baseball player, Jeff Atkins. “Y/n Jensen- not Clay Jensen.”

“Oh, hi Jeff,” you smiled in confusion. “Clay’s stuck in history, if you’re looking for him.”

“I actually wasn’t,” Jeff blushed. His thumb smoothed over your hand that he was still holding.

You tucked a hair behind your ear, looking at your feet to keep from him noticing your rouge.

You cleared your throat. “What is it you want?” He smiled warmly at you.

“A date,” he grinned. “With you. At the movies. This Friday.”

“Oh,” you bit your lip. His cheekbones accented his smile perfectly, making you weak in the knees.

Jeff softly squeezed your hand. “Is that a yes?” He tried to keep the idea of being rejected out of his head, but your delayed response provoked the thought.

You always thought Jeff was handsome and awfully kind. I mean, he was your nerdy brother’s best friend. He was the eye candy of the school. How could you deny him a date?

“Yes, Jeff,” you nodded. “I’d love to.”

His smile became brighter and his eyes shrunk. He bit the corner of his mouth.

“Great! Friday it is.”

marauders + quidditch commentating

Request: Hi, I love your blog. Could you make some headcanons about funny things at Quidditch games from the Marauders or 2nd Gen? If you could include some funny commentating that’d be great too. Thank you so much if the answer is yes.

I thought this could be fun :D

  • so we know sirius is on the team but if he’s injured he resides to commentating
  • “oh look potter has the quaffle again, what a fucking surprise! you’re not cool, potter!” “fuck you, black!”
  • “that was a foul… or not.” *pretending to cover the mic* “Hey, prof McGee, can we claim that was bias?”
  • “oh sit down Ravenclaws! no one gives a bloody fuck about your team, you’re at the bottom anyway.”
  • sirius, when he actually plays, always goes to the commentators after the game to give his report
  • something like “yeah it was a pretty tough game, the slytherins played a good game, except for maybe Malfoy and the rest of the team. bastards.”
  • *screaming as he runs away from them*
  • “pretty sure potter only joined the team to impress lily” “SIRIUS”
  • random commentators being too scared of sirius to really say anything during the game
  • “Um, Black has the quaffle… his pass is terrible and Wright manages to catch it, uh sorry Sirius”
  • Lily getting sick of it and doing it herself
  • “In an obvious display of foul play, Black kicks Wright in the face. Yes, I’m talking about you, Sirius. Yes, you did! Everyone saw it!”
  • “Potter scores a goal, again. Maybe let the rest of the team have it?’
  • “Potter stop giving the quaffle to Black he keeps losing it! James!”
  • “Potter scores again! Woooo!”
  • “Black is making rude gestures with his broomstick. Sirius, stop it, there are children watching this.”
  • “McGonagall would like it to be known that Black now has a detention. Not my fault, Black.”
  • “Remus is turning red. Not that that has anything to do with this game…”
  • “Hahahaha Potter almost fell off his broom” *trying to cover the mic* “Can someone go see if he’s okay?”
  • “Oh look at that, Ravenclaw is actually winning! What a time to be alive people! Oh shut up, Jacob, you’re the worst one on the team…” “Miss Evans!”
  • *covering the mic* “Jacob, I’m not going on a date with you.” *loudly* “Potter stopped, allowing Reign to get the ball! Potter, what’s wrong with you?”
  • when lily and james are together:
  • “And Potter gets the ball! Come on, James!”
  • “Nice ass, Evans!” “Nice face, Potter!”
  • “Without really considering his actions, Potter ‘accidentally’ hits Lamb where the sun dont shine after shouting some considerably crude comments at the commentators box.” 
panic attacks and p orbitals -peter parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Suffering from panic attacks is no unfamiliar action to Y/N, luckily Peter is there to hold her breath.

Requested: Yes @justsomeweirdfan

Warning: talks of panic attack, none

Words: 1862

@justsomeweirdfan requested this, I hope you like it!! Requests are open so send me some! I will be posting a new prompt list tomorrow!:) love u all<33



Another day of studying, another wave of stress hitting you like a bus. Your eyes scattered across the pages of your Chemistry book in horror, each word slamming into your brain with such great confusion your head was spinning. Nothing made sense, and it still hadn’t after six months of sitting in that class. It was as if your brain couldn’t comprehend anything related to orbitals, or atoms in general. You were utterly clueless on the matter.

It wasn’t that you had waited ‘til the utter last minute to study for your test tomorrow, you started studying three days ago. Your teacher had informed the class three days in advance to make sure you all had an advantage. You silently thanked her for the help as you watched the rest of your class roll their eyes and look off into the distance, not caring that your helpful teacher was guiding your mere urge to study in the right direction. Surprised, you had turned to your friend, Peter who was sitting in the row next to you and widened your eyes at him, signaling for him to help you out starting that day.

Peter yawned as his eyes met your sudden gaze and he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and leaned over towards you to whisper, “We’ve got this. I’ll help you out, don’t worry,” he muttered, a small and hopeful smile spread across his face as he realized your nervous state.

You turned your lips up into a weary smile and sighed heavily at his easing manner and turned to face the front of the classroom. Peter was of course at ease. excelling in absolutely every subject in the book, especially Chemistry. You would quickly shoot him a text about a homework question and within two minutes, he had explained it perfectly to you, your brain suddenly becoming one with his skill. It was as if you needed Peter to explain everything that your teacher could, but couldn’t get past the wall of confusion you had up in your mind. But, just to help you, he would come over that night, and the next, and then the final night before the test to help you study for the subject you were confused on.

The final night had approached as you continued to listen to Peter tutor you the different types of orbitals the electrons could be and how the P orbital was this and the D orbital was that. Your eyes flashed to his bright brown orbs and back to where his pencil was pointing in the book, your attention snapping from thing to another.

“Okay, remember when Ms. Robins had said that the 2p, 3p, 4p can each hold six electrons because they each have three orbitals?” Peter asked you, his thin eyebrows raised in your direction, eyes scanning yours for any sign of understanding.

God no, Peter. How can you remember what Ms. Robins had said that day when all you were trying to focus on was how badly you were gonna fail this test.

Your brain searched for any memory or knowledge on the subject. You got nothing, as usual and bit your lip as a sign of hard thinking to please Peter before muttering how badly you were lost, “Uhh, not really?” you slightly questioned yourself and Peter’s eyes shifted downward in defeat as he flipped to the page and explained it all over again.

As Peter was explaining the previous lesson over again to you, his phone rang. His attention snapped before shooting you an apologetic look, reaching over and grabbing his phone off your desk.

“Oh shit, it’s May. I forgot to tell her I was here, I’ll be right back,” he mutters, getting up and making his way to the door to give you some quiet and privacy.

He points at you jokingly and then back to the book, “Study that, I’ll be right back!”

You throw him a thumbs up and a weak smile before he smiles and leaves you to read the complex work by yourself. You deeply sighed and moved the book to completely in front of you, your eyes focusing on the words and examples to try and make everything seem whole for once. Minutes went by as the slight sound of Peter discussing his antics with May muffled through your bedroom door and your mind was seen in different places. One focused on absolutely nothing, the other part attempting to scan the meaning of the words across your textbook.

The words ran together as your pulse suddenly began to slightly quicken, your mind rushing over the text in a daze. You instantly felt your body become heavy and your thoughts become agile and evident.

You can’t do this. This test is going to ruin your GPA and you’ll be fucked. You’ll never understand anything, you’re going to fail Studying is going to make it worse, because you’ll never figure it out. You’re a failure,  you’re a failure,  you’re a failure,  you’re a failure,  you’re a failure.

The antagonizing thoughts hurried through your clouded judgement and your body seemed to shut down on everything around you. You almost couldn’t describe it, this had never happened to you. Your nerves and confusion had never taken such a toll on your being. Your brain shutting out any noise that could possibly disrupt your thinking, you began to fall into a void of disorientation. Your mind couldn’t put the words together that hooked to the solution of the question. The words across the page became one huge blur of black ink as you felt your heart beat quicken to a rapid measure. Veins pumping with nerves and your stomach felt heavy, almost clouded with futile air.

Your pink lips became chapped and dry as the puffs of air that released from your mouth hit the space around you heavily. Nothing was a clear indicator of anything anymore, the room around you clouded with swerves of energy and countless thoughts of failure as your Y/E/C glazed over with an elusive gaze. Your chest felt as if someone had pushed a boulder on top of it, and refusing to move it for the slightest second. Your right hand flew up to your chest in a manner to attempt and stop the horrendous sense that had escalated throughout your body.

You flung yourself out of your chair and hit hard on the carpeted floor beneath you, your mind whisking away knowledgeable thoughts as your grasping hand flew over and pushed the near object across your room, hitting your wall loudly. Your breathing was definitely evident, just not wanted in any sort of way. Panic was all you could feel, think, or hear in your manner.

Everything was blurry, Peter’s figure opening the door ferociously to see you gasping for help on the floor in front of his eyes. His fuzzy body ran over to your weak one. Breaths became heavier between you two and your body felt heavier and heavier.


Peter’s eyes were filled with fear as he scanned your helpless body on the floor, heavy breaths emitting from your terrified body. He flew to his knees as close to you as possible,hands instantly resting themselves on top of your hand that was placed on your chest.

“Y/N you’re having a panic attack! I need you to slow down for me!” he yelled breathless at you, with little knowledge of what to do in this type of situation. His eyes scanned your huge Y/E/C ones and he felt every horrid emotion flood his body once again.

Everything happening so fast Peter’s mind wracked for a solution, his time running out as he began to look around the room for some kind of quick solution. His heart dip flips and his stomach somersaults, his love for you being so evident that his concern was was overdone.

“You’re gonna be okay. I promise you, I promise,” Peter rushed out, your anxiety hitting him like a truck, his words attempting to calm your hyped demeanor and flood your ears in hope of your state dropping to a placid state.

You need to stall her breathing.

The solution switched to the front of his mind and his eyes flashed with nerves and concern all at once as he looked at you once more, your eyes wide with terror and bewilderment. His thoughts ran with pictures of you and ways to help you stop the attack.


“I need to stall your breathing!” Peter fumbled out to you, his figure limp with concern as you felt your mind slowly begin to shut out everything around you.

You shook your slightly in any way to communicate with him. Your captivating eyes slowly began to shut as the attack worsened second by second. Peter witnessed your daze slowly turn from a wide eyed one to a dreary eyed, almost unconscious one. His hand reached forward and grabbed your face and brought you close to his, eyes fanning over yours for some sign of click back to reality.

He bit his pink lip anxiously before whispering against your dry, chapped lips in a fumbling manner, “Y/N..” he mumbled as his thumbs rapidly ran over your cheeks in a soft yet distressed way before practically flying over and smashing his lips against your open mouth.

As his lips hit yours, the breath that was lodged in the back of your throat skipped backwards, a “zip” type noise emit from your occupied lips. The near closed setting around flashed back to soothing and calm once again, your heart beginning to storm back to the normal and erratic beat it always had whenever you were with Peter. The blood in your veins slowed, your brain opening back up to a suddenly quiet state as the thoughts that had been swirling around in your mind and the breaths emitting from your mouth for the past minutes had diminished to their accurate ways.

Peter felt his heart drop into his stomach as the sound of your uneven breathing was paced back to normal and the feeling of your lips on his filled his thoughts. The sparks that hit him danced up and down his veins, and the sparks of stopping your panic had hit your heart in several ways.

His breath sucked in tightly before slowly pulling back, savoring the last few moments his lips were barely grazing yours. Both pairs of eyes fluttered open and were hit with a matching pair of captivating stares. Your mouth remained open and his closed tightly at the sight of your surprised yet delighted sudden demeanor. Nerves jumbled through his mind while admiration and affection danced around you at the sight of the boy before you.

“Y-You stalled my breathing. You stopped it,” you gently let out, your voice sweet and soft as it filled his ears.

His face turned rose red as he looked down at the floor and the then back up to meet your loving gaze, “Y-Yeah,” was all he could mumble out.

His nerves proved upon his face, your normal breathing reminding you that Peter had graciously stopped your horrid and nerve-wracking panic attack. Your mouth dared to mutter three words as they arrived at the front of your mind.

“Do it again.”

illumickeynati  asked:

Hi Daisy! Hope you're doing great!😄 I was wondering if may request your headcanon for a Jaspvid proposal or wedding? 💖I can totally see Max as their ringbearer(is that what is called?), acting like he was pretty much forced to do it but secretely loves it

David cries for a long time, then says yes!! 

And Max is totally the ring bearer and he swears he didn’t cry at the wedding he totally did


Request: hellllloooo, i love your writing and i have a request. can you make something with reader X steve with this chat: “x1: wait, how do you know that steve is great in bed?” “x2: we share a wall, so either he’s amazing in bed or y/n just likes to agree with him a lot.” “x2: loudly, and a lot.” - Anon

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Word Count: 1,160

Warning: Fluff(?), SMUT! (First one, be nice), Cursing, Unprotected sex (If you really love her, wear a cover)

(A/N): Okay, this is my first ever posted Smut on Tumblr, so, BE NICE, PLEASE. 


Originally posted by yalica

You had been out for two weeks on a mission and Steve missed your hands tugging his hair, he missed your scent, he missed cuddling you, he missed your soft moans and kisses.

He missed you.

“Why are you so grumpy, old man?” Sam teased, looking at you behind Steve. He didn’t noticed you following him to the kitchen; your boyfriend shrugged his shoulders, bowing on the kitchen’s counter and resting his chin on his hand.

“I miss my girl; it’s hard to sleep without her.” Smiling sweetly, you shooed Sam away with your hand, glaring at him when he rolled his eyes and backed away.

“Good evening, Captain.” You purred into his neck, hugging his back and sliding your hands to his abdomen. Steve jumped in surprise and turned to you, eyes shining in joy as he lifted you from the ground – making you wrap his hips with your legs.

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arandomgirliam  asked:

Hey Taryn! Could you draw your favourite ft character? I would love to see that! Have a day as beautiful as your drawings ♡

I told myself I wasn’t going to draw Lucy again but before I knew it, it was already done aaahhhh! But here you go! I drew a little farmer Lucy because ive been playing Stardew valley again and im addicted. 

Thank you for the request! You are as always very sweet, I hope you have a great day yourself!  

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe draw a picture for that one Robin, Jinx, and Red X headcanon? I know you're probably really busy, but if you could, I'd be very grateful.

This one?

Anyway, instead of video games, they all hang out on some abandoned lighthouse where no one can see them together.

Fate is a bitch - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warning : I was drunk when I wrote this, just coming back from a friend place…I drunk two beers, and that’s enough for me to get drunk, how weak am I right ? It’s because I never drink…Anyway, that’s why this fic is shittier than usually blahblahblah it’s all fun and game until blahblahblah I thought about not writing this and posting it, but then I promised two stories for tonight so still did it and I’m an idiot yes thank you very much. Look how great Bruce looks down there. Damn hottie. DAAAAAAMN HOTTIE. 

Decided to group two requests, because the two together inspired me. So here for a shy reader, newly a Justice League member, intimidated by the Bat. As usual, feedbacks are very welcome, hope you’ll like it :


(My masterlist blog here :



You strongly believed in Destiny. 

No matter what people could say, how many arguments against it they had, and how much they were sceptic about it…it wouldn’t change your mind. You strongly believed in Destiny.

Because it was impossible only coincidences brought you were you were now…in the Justice League’s headquarters ! 

It wasn’t a coincidence that your path crossed Billy Batson’s, aka Shazam, one of the most powerful superhero in the World (though he was barely ten years old), and that you ended up adopting him.

It wasn’t a coincidence that you so happen to be a meta-human too, being able to manipulate the four elements. 

It wasn’t a coincidence that your son got noticed by the Justice League, nor was it a coincidence either that soon, the leaguers discovered he was only a ten year old boy in the body of a grown ass man (when he used his powers) and therefor, discovered that he had a mom…you. Who almost grilled Superman because you thought he wanted to hurt your boy. 

You believe strongly in Destiny, because hell, if all those chain of events were just coincidental, then wow…It just didn’t make sense. It was just too good to be true you know ? From your first meeting with four years old Billy to now, sitting in the League’s headquarter, in fucking Space ! 

The first one you met was Batman, and damn that guy was intimidating…But when he spoke to you, and when he congratulated you to have raised such a good boy as Billy, something weird happened in your heart. 

At first, you pegged it for a stupid teenage like crush. Like the slight infatuation you’d have on the most popular boy in school, or on a teacher, knowing damn well you’d never have a chance with them. But then…Then it was more than that. The more you saw and talked to him, the more you had…feelings stirring in your belly and such. 

Destiny. You strongly believed in it. 

So, when you started to fall for the Bat, you decided it was also Destiny…Only, sometimes fate could be a bitch, and would destin you to be a sad miserable human being. Because there was absolutely NO chance that you’d ever get with a guy like Batman, he was way out of your league. 

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The Next Step

Prompt: The readers apartment complex was bought out by a different company and rent is being raised too high for them to afford - Clark invites them to move in with him, fluff ensues!

Prompt Request # 25: Requested by my babe @floral-and-fine - “Move in with me?”

Pairing: Clark Kent X Reader

Warnings: Nothing - Absolutely the purest fluff I’ve ever written

Originally posted by supescavilll

“That’s awful mean of them.” Clark grumbled, the worried burrow on his brow took over his normally sweet expression. “Surely can’t be legal either.. I could probably do some snooping, post a little piece with the paper and make sure they don’t gouge your purse.”

A smile crept onto your lips as the man spoke, he had such a kind heart. You were currently in a bit of a predicament. Your current land-lord sold the apartment complex you lived in to a cooperation. They were going to be doing some major renovations and rent was going to make an incredibly high jump. A jump you most certainly weren’t comfortable making.

In the mindset of making a bad night better, you had called up your loving boyfriend and told him you were coming over. So not only were you greeted at his front door by that gorgeous smile and curly locks of hair but also by the smell of freshly baked cookies. It was hard to figure out which one was sweeter, the cookies or Clark? Clark.. definitely Clark.

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BTS reaction: seeing their crush in bikini for the first time.

angie-imnida requested:

Hi! I really love your blog and you have now a new follower~ I have a request btw! How BTS would react if they saw their crush in bikini for the first time ?


Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

Jin would blush so hard that he won’t be able to look at you. He would start giggling to himself, confusing you because you had no idea why he was giggling. But after he gets over his initial shyness he wouldn’t be able to stop stealing glances at you.

“Oh my gosh…” he mumbled to himself and started giggling as he felt his face get warmer.


Originally posted by jeonbase

He wouldn’t make a big deal out of it at first but after that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from looking at you. He wouldn’t even try to hide the obvious way in which he was starting at your legs.

“Yoongi, why are you staring at me?”

“Because you look incredibly hot in bikini.” He smirked at you.


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Hope would be extremely flirty during the entire day. Constantly winking at you, sticking out his tongue at random moments, complimenting you, biting his lip, sicking on his finger and overall just being seductive.

“Hope, did you get something in your eye?” Namjoon asked after the 20th time Jhope had winked at you that day. 

“No,” he answered smiling before turning to you again and giving you another wink.


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Namjoon absolutely loves your curves. So seeing you in just your bikini would drive him crazy. He would be staring at your ass and legs without even realizing it, and licking his lip at the sight of it. 

“Namjoon were you just staring at my ass?” You asked.



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He would really enjoy it (obviously), but most of all he would be overprotective of other people looking at you, even if the two of you weren’t dating (yet). If you were at the beach or a public pool he would walk everywhere with you and if anyone even just dares to look at you he would give them the “glare of death”. 

“Y/N let’s go. I don’t like the way that dude’s looking at you!”


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Tae would be extremely touchy with you the entire day. It would start of as hugs, but each time he hugs you his hands would travel all over your body. Later he would start putting his hand in your thigh. And then he would initiate a tickle fight his fingers tickling you on a lot of…personal places.

“Tae are you tickling the inside of my thigh?”

“Yes, I’m sorry…But just tell me if you want me to continue.” He winked at you and started laughing.


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Completely shook! He wouldn’t even be able to say a word to you without stuttering. But would still try to act natural. 

“H-h-hey [Y/N]! Y-y-y-you look g-g-great!”